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Tasty Metamucil Wafers For Fiber

Q. In a recent answer to a laxative addict, you suggested psyllium (Fiberall, Metamucil, Per Diem Fiber, etc.) as an approach to easing constipation. But you left out a patient-friendly solution.  

When you mention Metamucil, most people automatically think of an unpalatable powder mixed with water. But Metamucil also makes wafers that are outstanding. I don't take them for constipation, because I've never had that problem. I eat them on the instructions of the doctor who gave me a colonoscopy. They're delicious (apple-crisp and cinnamon flavors) and I think people would happily get more fiber in their diets if they knew about the wafers.  

A. Thanks for the tip. Metamucil wafers contain as much psyllium as an ordinary dose of psyllium powder. This fiber is not only effective against constipation, but also helps control cholesterol.  

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