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Statins & Irreversible Muscle Damage, ALS-Like Syndrome and Myositis

Statins, Statin pills and a warning sign,

For decades we have been receiving messages from people who have experienced devastating and debilitating muscle damage from their use of drugs like atorvastatin (Lipitor), rosuvastatin (Crestor) and simvastatin (Zocor). By 2007 we had names for these reactions: ALS-like syndrome, necrotizing myopathy and myositis. Here are just a few stories that barely scratch the surface of the pain and suffering people have described:

“After 4 years on Lipitor, my husband can no longer walk on his own. Two weeks ago I mentioned the possibility of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) to his M.D. She said it was Parkinson’s disease.  After reading your article, I am confused.” C.D., Aug., 2007

“I began taking Lipitor in April 2000 due to a blocked artery. I was 50 years old.

“I started having memory loss after 4 years and took myself off. I got better, but in 2005 my cholesterol was up and the Dr. put me back on, but changed it to Crestor. In 8 months I developed weakness in my legs and couldn’t get up out of a chair, go up/down the stairs etc.

“I went off the Crestor on my own in Jan. 2007. I started exercising more, I had already been using the gym 3-4 times a week. I got stronger, in that I could get up out of a chair without using the chair arms. However, I began to see a loss of thigh muscle and was being diagnosed with osteoporosis.

“I mentioned my leg problems to the rheumatologist. He was concerned and after having electro-muscle probes and a muscle biopsy, I have been diagnosed with the rare Inclusion Body Myositis.

“There is really no treatment for this debilitating disease, but I am trying home injections of methotrexate. I’ve been taking the shots for a month. I’m not sure if I’m any stronger yet. I will continue for a few months and hopefully I will improve. If not, I will stop the shots and there will be nothing else to take.

“There is very little research on this disease since it is so rare. However, I did find an abstract in the Science Direct written in Feb. ’07 that research is linking statins to necrotizing myopathies suggesting statins may initiate an immune-mediated myopathy that may respond to immunosuppressive therapy. So, I’m somewhat hopeful.

“With us baby boomers using these statins to supposedly improve our lives, there may begin to be more cases of these muscle diseases. I personally think the statins, especially Crestor, initiated this disease. I will live with this the rest of my life and unfortunately the prognosis is that in 10-15 years I will be unable to walk without support.” B.A.H., Oct. 30, 2007

“My sister, after taking Lipitor for about a year or so, was diagnosed with ALS.  She lost her speech, ability to swallow, her balance, became totally degenerated and she died 18 months ago.  She was in perfect health and very strong for her age (76) until this dreaded disease struck her.

“It is imperative that people are made aware of this.  Too many of them are taking this medication and the pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune.” A. Nov. 4, 2007

“My father took Lipitor for two weeks. He refused to take it after that because he said his legs bothered him when he took it. He was a perfectly healthy active man before taking Lipitor. Nine months later he was diagnosed with ALS.

“Because he refused statins, the doctor told my mother he was a hard head and didn’t listen. His cholesterol was only slightly elevated; borderline high. I remember him telling his ALS doctor that Lipitor caused his ALS, but the doctor told him that is not possible.

“I find it terrible that doctors refuse to listen to their patients, and to an extent, almost ridicule them, when they try to save themselves from bad advice. I am not sure what is the bigger evil, statins possibly being the cause of my father’s death, or the doctors refusing to listen, possibly allowing more people to die.”  J.M., Nov 5, 2007

“Starting about two years ago, I took simvastatin daily for about three months in an effort to reverse known, but early-stage, coronary-artery disease. I discontinued it because of worsening weakness in my hands.

“Three months later, I agreed to try pravastatin which I took for about 7 months before the symptoms once again worsened. I once again stopped the medication and have not taken any statin drugs since. Nonetheless, my ALS-like symptoms are progressing and spreading.

“I am currently undergoing thorough neurological evaluations. Did the statins serve as a catalyst for a pre-existing condition? Were they simply unfortunate coincidences? Were they responsible for my other symptoms? So far, nobody seems to know.” M.R., Feb. 23, 2009

“I developed muscle weakness soon after starting Lipitor. When I complained to my doctor, he switched me to Vytorin. The muscle weakness continued even after being off the statins for 6 month. I was diagnosed with biopsy proven inclusion body myositis. My muscle strength continues to decline and my neurologist says that there is no effective treatment at this time.” M.K., March 26, 2013

“After taking statin drugs for approximately a year, I developed muscle cramps. I discontinued the drugs, but the muscle cramps and then muscle weakening continued. I was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2013. 
Until the muscle problems started, I had always been very healthy and active.” Dona, Feb. 2, 2014

According to the FDA, such reports are mere coincidence. The agency analyzed data from clinical trials and concluded that:

“FDA Analysis Shows Cholesterol Lowering Medications Do Not Increase the Risk of ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’ Agency recommends no change in prescribing and use of statins”

The trouble with the FDA’s assessment is that it relies on industry-sponsored studies. When patients develop complications during such a clinical trial they may be dropped from the study and their data may disappear without a trace. In addition, there may be a genetic susceptibility that makes some people more vulnerable to this reaction than others. Clinical trials may not detect a signal that affects a relatively small number of people. But given that tens of millions are taking statins, even a relatively low risk can quickly turn into a large number of people.

A New Understanding of the Mechanism Underlying Severe Statin Myopathy

Doctors like mechanisms. In other words, they often don’t believe something unless there is a scientific rationale to explain it. That is why the ALS-like symptoms and myopathy issues have been so controversial. Many doctors have just refused to believe there was a reason for this complication other than simple aging.

Now, an article titled “The Spectrum of Statin Myopathy” published in Current Opinion in Rheumatology (Nov. 2013) reveals a potential cause for irreversible muscle damage triggered by statins.

The authors point out that 5-20 percent of patients “do not tolerate the side effects of statins, resulting in discontinuation of therapy.” Most of the muscle problems disappear after discontinuation of statins. The authors go on to say:

“In these patients, statins are thought to cause a direct toxicity to muscle fibres that is self-limited, here referred to as toxic statin myopathy. In contrast, a small number of patients with concurrent statin use develop a progressive, autoimmune necrotizing myopathy. This disorder is characterized by progressive muscle weakness, elevated muscle enzymes, specific autoantibodies against the target of statins, HMGCR and progression of symptoms and signs despite discontinuation of statins.”

The word “necrotizing” should raise red flags for any physician. It is derived from the Greek word nekros or death. It literally means “causing the death of tissue.” In the case of statins, the death of muscle tissue.

The article goes on to say that statin-induced muscle damage can occur within a week of starting treatment or after four years. In our experience with visitors to this website, it can even occur after more than a decade of use. The higher the dose of statin, the greater the risk, though some people seem to be so vulnerable that even a small dose can trigger severe muscle reactions.

The Bottom Line

Although most people are able to recover muscle function after discontinuing statin therapy, a minority develop an “autoimmune necrotizing myopathy” that continues despite stopping the medication. The authors of the report state that “Anti-HMGCR antibody testing may provide a useful noninvasive test to help diagnose these patients and direct their treatment.” Employing powerful immune-suppressing drugs may help control the progression of this disease, at least temporarily.

Ultimately, the FDA needs to come to terms with the large number of people who are suffering statin side effects. A re-analysis of the many ALS-like and myopathy case reports may lead the agency to reconsider its exoneration of statins. In the meantime, we hope that patients and their families will become more aware of this potential complication and take heed.

Share your own experience with statins below in the comment section. You may also find our book, Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them of interest. We discuss the tunnel vision that has made it hard for so many prescribers to come to terms with a variety of devastating drug side effects.

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My doctor prescribed Liptor to help lower my cholesterol about 21 years ago. As time went by I started to notice that my biceps, triceps, and calf muscles were shrinking. I thought that this was the result of aging but as time continued it got worse. Within 15 years I had what some people refer to as “bat wings” hanging from my arms if I held them out straight. The next time I went to my primary care doctor I told him that I was very concerned over my muscle loss. At that point he changed my Liptor to Simvastatin.

Things have not gotten better with the change. It looks like I have irreversible muscle wasting. After doing some research on my own, I am going to talk to my doctor about the possibility of not taking any statins. They all seem to have bad side effects. I think some of them outweigh the advantages. I’m at an age now that I don’t think, with the years I probably have left, that I will need to continue taking statins. I don’t want any more muscle wasting, and I worry about my heart which is also a muscle.

Several years ago I was prescribed a statin drug for elevated cholesterol. I took it for at least a year, maybe a year and a half and stopped because of constant fasciculations (muscle spasms or twitching without pain) in the arches of my feet. At times, it feels like buzzing like one of those gag things you hold in your palm when you shake someone’s hand. I can feel and see my muscles contracting. The fasciculations began creeping up my body into my calves and even occasionally the front of my thighs. I felt like a twinkling Christmas tree. After I stopped taking the statins, the twitching in my thighs gradually subsided. It’s been 10 years or more, and I still have spasms continuously in my arches and calves.

When I get bored, I watch them. I will never take a statin again.

After reading all the comments about the statins, it sickens me to think I did this to myself. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. It has taken away all my strength in only one leg. Before I figured out which leg it was, I was continuously falling and losing my balance. I couldn’t stand up without crawling to something I could grab on to for help. We have two – TWO – steps to get into our house. I can’t do it without leaning against something. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor, who took me off of it (Atorvastatin) right away, but just ignored the issue from then on. I’ve joined a gym and am trying to gain some of the strength back and had my first treatment with an acupuncturist last week. I hope this is not something that just gets worse as time goes on.

After stent my doc who is a good friend recommended Lipitor as I have family history of heart problems… 5 months later I have a torn knee ligament after weeks of severe back pain and muscle depletion. I gave up the statin after much reading and would recommend Stephanie Seneffs paper of 2010, it explains the biochemistry of this drug very well. I got off statins asap and hope that the muscle damage isn’t permanent. Big Pharma takes advantage of the uneducated

Hello. I’m a 64 yr old NZ male put on atorvastatin mid Nov ’18.
Began noticing startling relatively sudden muscle wastage around 6-8 wks after drug uptake.
Ceased drug use 3 wks ago following side effect research.
No obvious reversal of muscle atrophy to date.
Dr will be informed in due course.

I have been diagnosed with statin-induced recognizing autoimmune myopathy. I took Atoravastin 40 mg for a couple years. My doctor said it was one of the safer drugs. Stopped the Atoravastin over 6 months ago but the progression of the disease has not ended. Can’t do stairs, get out of chairs, and if I fall down I’m in trouble. I am now on methotrexate and prednisone, etc. I am a 65 year-old female who was hoping to hike and bike when I retired. I feel like my life is over. Why can’t we get together and sue these people?

Took Lipitor for several years with no problem except muscle cramps once in a while. Dr. switched me to Crestor and a stronger fish oil After a couple of months I had a lot of swelling in my legs but no pain. I suggested eliminating the new medications but Dr. did not agree so the process of many different test started. Very soon I started having severe pain in my legs (mostly upper), and my muscles seemed to be deteriorating. After approximately six months I stopped taking the fish oil, and after 8-10 days the pain in one leg lessened.

At my next Dr. appointment I told him I wanted to stop Crestor. Although he did not agree with me, he gave me a non-statin drug. Within 8-10 days the severe pain in my legs stopped. I have been off Crestor and fish oil for approximately seven months now, and the severe stabbing pain has stopped. I am still having a lot of pain in my leg muscles. When I walk some distance my legs will hurt, and muscles seem to knot up. When I sit for a couple of hours, getting up and walking is becoming more difficult. When I go to bed, I never know when I will have to get up because my legs will be hurting from the pressure on my muscles.
All the above is affecting my physical and mental body, and I don’t know what to do.
After taking 200mg of Q-10, as some suggested, for two months, it has not helped.

my husband has been going through muscle problems can no longer walk hardly at all cannot get out of chairs, bend over without falling down, dressing himself has become a challenge. He was taking atorvastatin. 10mg. they took him off of it at last. Now they gave him prednisone. After 12 weeks no change. They are taking him off of that. We are going to Cleveland clinic to have them look over everything, in hopes of getting some answers as to what can be done. His original diagnosis was polymiosasis now they are saying it isn’t. That atovastatin is probably what is wrong. Is there someone to hold accountable for this?

I do not have heart disease, but high bo. I have high bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol and really high triglycerides. This runs in my family. Eventhough I am 50 pounds over weight, I had always lived a fairly active life. I rode my bike in the summer, walked a lot.
Anyway, ten years ago started statins. First Zocor, then Crestor, now lipitor. Every time I go on statins, I have flu like symptoms, severe fatigue, muscle weakness and severe joint pain. My doctor(s) have told me my pain is normal aging (i am 55).
What good is living longer if you are in constant pain and want to sleep all the time? I think most doctors just work for big pharma. Went off Lipitor for six months and felt better. Last checkup, my cholesterol was sky high and Dr. insisted I go back on statins.
This sucks.

In 2015 my perfectly healthy 76 year old mother lost the use of her arm and simulataneously went into heart failure from severe calcification of her abortive heart valve. When I found out she was taking statins for 6 years I had her cardiologist take her off the drug. She had an aeortic valve replacement but the neuoryopathy continued to spread. My mother is now paralyzed from the neck down and bedridden. She lives with my family now, and I have had to leave my job to take care of her.

The neurologists have no clue to what this is. They put her in a general category of MND but she does not have ALS as that has been confirmed. Her life is ruined, and our family life has been destroyed. I Know that 6 years of overdosing her with statins destroyed her life. She suffers every second of every minute of everyday! My family is destroyed, as we are witness to this horrific atrocity of men who calll themselves doctors. Statin drugs are nothing short of torture! My focus is to keep her safe and as comfortable as humanly possible. My goal is to expose this human atrocity !!

My husband was on Pravastatin for about 10 years, along with several other drugs. He originally went to the doctor with slightly raised blood pressure. He thought the statins was for that. Over that time he slowly became more infirm and had trouble with pains in hands, arms, feet and legs. He ate a very healthy diet, was extremely active, working usually 7 days a week as a sculptor, painter. Two years before his death in 2017 his pain and infirmity increased, despite exercise, his muscle mass continued to decline.

His GP thought he had Parkinsons, the specialist he was sent to finally confirmed he had not. In the end, he could not feed himself, could not swallow, clear his throat, speak. Got pneumonia. Despite stopping statins it was too late. His cholesterol was very low. He was 88 but had a very poor last two years. In the last week food and drink withheld whilst tests and scans for reasons behind his incapacity continued, with no results. Angry.

I’m a 62 yr young man and was on 3types of statin drugs for 7 yrs. Simvistatin, Pravastatin, and atorvastatin, The side effects were permanent and I was not even told by my v.a. doctor he was putting me on them .I am still to this day disabled.My first symptoms were brain fog and muscle weakness and as time went on I developed joint pain , and severe anxiety attacks plus G.I. disorders, as time went on I developed severe leg sciatica and had to have back surgery and waited 2yrs for it.

While waiting my leg pain got so severe I went into a wheel chair until I got surgery which triggered more symptoms which were food allergies muscle pain in my eyes also my depression got worse, my back surgery was a failure.

I have developed a very short temper and I still have chronic fatigue brain damage food allergies leg cramps back pain of course and a extreme loss of my quality of life. My advice is DO NOT TAKE STATINS YOU COULD LOSE YOUR LIFE!!!!!

A physician assistant put me on Atorvastatin January 2108. I took myself off it after taking it for 5 months. I have been having pain in all my joints and feet for several months and thought I was getting arthritis. After my appointment with the P.A. in June 2108 and him being upset because I had quit taking the drug, I looked up the drug on line and realized my problems are all related to taking Atorvastatin. Is there anything that can be done to reverse the muscle and tendon damage? I am changing doctors and will see my new one August 3, 2018, and hopefully he can give me some advice.

My original doctor ( who retired at a young age a few years ago) originally gave me simvastatin. I developed this hacking cough, so she switched me to something else. Newer doctor of the last several years put me on pravastatin. Slowly, my feet have gotten more numb, and it went up my leg. Had my first numbness attack in the early 2000’s. They did the electrical conduction tests. Everything normal. I had had pre-diabetes at that time which 3 years ago morphed into Diabetes. Had no idea there was a connection between Diabetes and statins. Neither did either one of these doctors mention that I should be alert to any muscle problems.

Went on the annual doctor visit a month or so ago, and she switched me to 20 mg. of Lipitor. Well, I noticed more numbness now in thighs and buttocks with terrible cramps in my hands almost constantly, only intermittently with past statins. Then, another ‘numbness attack’ where I now suddenly cannot get up off the toilet or out of a chair without a major Herculean effort using my arms, etc. This change was, again, very sudden to me.

Stopped the statin immediately and called the doctor who got back to me two days later telling me to get off the statin and that was her only advice, information dispensed through her nurse. I had told her nurse when I called in that I was very frightened about what was happening to me and so much so, that I had ordered assistive devices for my bathroom and a cane, but my doctor has not asked me to come back in to see her.

I am going to call her again today to ask for a referral to a neurologist. I read here that this may progress even without the continued use of statins. Also, have had ‘asthma’ and now possibly COPD developing for the last several years.

Why wasn’t I ever warned about the connection to all of this with statins?

Add me to the list. After having stents put in for a heart blockage, but not a heart attack, I was subsequently on 40 mgs of provalcol for about 4-5 years with no apparent side effects. When my primary doctor moved to the West coast a new doctor (a cardiologist) took over my primary care & after six months said my cholesterol was up slightly & that he was putting me on a more powerful statin and that he was doubling the dose. I took only 29 of the 30 doses of 80 mgs of simvastatin & went in for a refill. Mentioning to the druggist that my legs were a little achy & I felt weaker, he said to tell my doctor. Calling the office, the nurse said to stop taking it.

I still have the “last capsule” of that 7/24/08 first prescription, as well as the full refill, & have never spoken to that cardiologist again. A rheumatologist who had moved from Europe to MA said he suspected the simvastatin would likely be the trigger for my symptoms. After that, test for nerve problems from a MA neurologist turned out negative, but necropsy turned up in a muscle biopsy. A trial of Prednisone to stop the progress had no success. After seeing a number of doctors a respected muscular neurologist in MA. diagnosed my condition as “scapuloperoneal muscular dystrophy,” due to the apparent loss of muscle around my shoulder blades. He said there was no connection to the simvastatin.

Shortly afterward the FDA came out with a declaration that patients “should not” be prescribed 80 mgs of simvastatin unless they had been on it successfully for a long time. Either my timing was unfortunate, and now I’m doomed, or perhaps it was a change of fast food brands that has done me in. On my last visit, the muscular neurologist told his assistant and trainee, that I have managed to figure out how to manipulate my body by pushing on my cane and pulling on other objects at the same time. otherwise a normal person would not be able to get out of a chair.

MY balance is such that the least twig or small variation under foot throws me off, and I can easily fall. I must lock my knees to walk with one or more canes, and the least bend of my knees will cause me to collapse if not holding on to something solid. When I fall, I do not have the strength to get up or shift myself around. There is no upper body strength to get into or out of a normal wheelchair. It’s too late for me, and obviously a great number of others, but at some point I hope the world is made aware of the real effects of the pharmaceutical companies and the profits they make, unhampered by the destruction they leave.

I was put on Lipitor and started getting a pain in my groin, and the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 14. It was horrific. I went to a cardiologist because I thought maybe there was a problem where e\he inserted the stent. She said the stent was put in the other leg. I told her that I caught a cold and had a bad cough and started smoking hoping I would get pneumonia and die. The pain was so bad it kept me up at night, and after being up a couple of nights I did fall asleep but the pain woke me up. I couldn’t roll over. I had to lift my leg out of the car and lift it up on the bed. Sometimes I couldn’t walk. I would wake up in the morning and couldn’t get up to use the bathroom. I told her it started after I had the heart attack. She said maybe it is Sciatica. I said it can’t be Sciatica. That doesn’t start in the groin. I asked her to do a sonogram to see if I had a blocked artery, and blood wasn’t getting down my leg. She did and said I didn’t have any blocked arteries. My cholesterol was 75 and the Lipitor was 80. You are supposed to start on 10 or 20. My friend said it’s 75 that is great. So why was I put on such a high dose?

I read that doctors are supposed to tell you “at the first sign of muscle pain to tell your doctor.” The hospital never warned me; the pharmacy never warned me; the cardiologist I went to see didn’t say a word. Even after I told her it was horrific and out of 1-10, the pain was a 14. I told her I couldn’t live in this kind of pain. I read online that the only hope to reverse it was if it was caught early and to alkalize, that exercising makes the muscles break down faster and taking vitamin D and K. I don’t know if any of these suggestions are true on not. I read that the pain could go away right away after you stop taking it, or in a month or in 6 months, but it could just keep getting worse. Doctors who prescribe it are required to warn you if you have any sign of muscle pain to contact them. I have a problem remembering. I burnt my hand twice and had a blister from it and never remembered it happening.

Finally, after telling my primary doctor she said it was a side effect of the Lipitor. I stopped taking it immediately, I didn’t ask her or tell her. I am not taking a drug that does that to me. She prescribed me a muscle relaxer, but I went home and looked it up and it said that you will go through withdrawals when you stop taking it. I’m not taking that either. She said she didn’t believe in pain medication. I am not taking a drug that says I will go through withdrawals when you stop taking it. It is a nightmare and I pray for everyone going through this. I would rather take a chance on having a heart attack and dying than not being able to move, to be is such outrageous pain and to not be able to do anything. I can hardly straighten up or walk. It is funny they didn’t have a problem giving me that medication, but they have a problem giving me pain medication. I feel like I am 80 years old.

My father died of Lipitor with ALS-like symptoms in Jan 2018. It was a horrible 3 years to experience, and since their generation thinks highly of the “white coat gods,” here we go again. Now my mother is using a walker, with the same muscle and gait issues, and she is declining quickly. We’re waiting for more symptoms like my father’s. Lipitor is the culprit again. Kaiser gives out pills and radiation like it is a rite of passage, and let’s be fair, all “standard of care” in this country (beyond Kaiser) is rigged by Big Pharma, “control studies” favoring the drug companies… I’m livid.

Dr Jason Fung MD (Kidney guy/Ontario, Canada) wrote an article on Evidence Based Medicine and its fiasco of “facts” (evidence).

So now we’re dealing with another big pharma episode in our family. Remember, the black box warning protects the pharma firms from lawsuits. Where is jail time of the CEOs?

I’m going through the same thing but luckily am seeing a pain management clinic.

Exactly one year ago I had a stent inserted in my right coronary artery due to cholesterol buildup which was detected before any heart incident. I was 52 years old in excellent physical condition, have always eaten healthfully and worked out regularly. I’ve always been an excellent health and rarely get sick. The cardiologist started me on 80 mg of Lipitor which I took daily for over 10 months. I had an overnight exposure to cats to which I am allergic and that was followed by progressive muscle cramping, weakness and pain throughout my body especially legs and arms which grew worse.

My primary care doctor guessed that it was a side effect to Lipitor and I traced it back to my weakened immune system following the cat exposure. I stopped taking Lipitor and have refused to take any other Statin for 25 days now. I feel that I have been improving at a rate of 1 to 2% per day, very very slowly. As I write this it’s very hard to squeeze my hand to make a fist.

I also have had a sharp pain in the bottom of one my feet around the ball of my feet that comes and goes. I think it is also a muscle cramp. I should have been warned about these potential side effects and I was not.

I am an 79 year old man. I was prescribed stations approximately 30 years ago because of high cholesterol. Over time l have had to change to many different stations because of itching, forgetfulness, etc,etc. I started symptoms of muscle weakness approximately 8-10 years ago after being previously very fit.

In 2016 after electrical tests and a biopsy, I was diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis AND Myasthenia Gravis, but alas all the GPS will say is neither of these rare conditions are connected to Statins. I took myself off statins approx 3 years ago but please note dear readers, the damage was done.

I am now in a research programme. Once a year my specialist asks me 10 questions, he says thank you and sends me on my way. I can no longer walk unaided, l cannot grip anything and deteriorate weekly. Surely there must be someone out there with some common sense who will ask the right questions before more people have to suffer.

I am 50 y.o. man, diagnosed with ALS last month. I took about 1 year with Crestor/ Lipitor daily until 2/2018, and I’m now repenting my folly. This is the first time to know about problems caused by statin.

Anyone know how to cleanse statins from my body ? is it possible a mimic of ALS caused by statin???

Thanks a lot

I had been tried on statins a number of times in the past with resulting muscle problems. I have geneticly bad colesterol. Recently I had a minor stroke and was put on 80 of lipitor, that was two weeks ago. Thnk goodness no lasting damage. My Dr. said I had to take statins or I would surely have another stroke or heart attack. I’m beginning to think that might not be so bad. I can barely stand up and have muscle cramps all over. I was walking more than 3 miles a day before the drugs. I know the doctor will holler at me but I can’t live this way!

I had a heart attack in Feb 2011, had a stent inserted, and was prescribed simvastatin. I took it for a few weeks, then began to get muscle ache in my arms. Researched and stopped it immediately. I began to lose weight gradually. Was very happy with that especially as I wasn’t even trying. In Feb 2012 I went to Australia for a month and lost half a stone. Then I knew something was wrong. I’ve been losing muscle ever since, and my weight is just under 9st. I also developed a tight band under my boobs which is with me permanently. It’s worse when I eat anything that makes me constipated even slightly, then the band tightens, and I have a burning sensation, fatigue and brain fog. Doctor’s diagnosis, IBS!!!!

Twenty five years ago I was ranked in the top 50 ultra marathoners in the nation.After a blood test I was put on Lipitor and within two weeks my quads hurt so bad I could barely walk.So my doctors tried Crestor with same results.I would stay off statins for awhile and then my high cholesterol would make them try another brand with the same results.I was told that Zetia wasn’t a statin and should be ok but after @ 5 months it did the same thing.So last month I swore off the cholesterol bandwagon forever.My muscles are so ruined that I am able to run less than two minutes before my quads start screaming at me. At 76 years old I still have 6 min. mile speed but can’t carry it more than 2 minutes..Doctors don’t test if your LDL molecules are large harmless pattern A or small dense pattern b.They don’t know that statins lower your COQ10 and up your chance of diabetes by @ 40%.Just believe what big drug companies tell them.

My Dr. recently took me off lovastatin & started me on generic Crestor. I am 76, have O/A, type 2, & hypertension. I take meds for all plus anxiety control and for 20+ years Vicodin ES. I used to exercise daily and kept in diet restrictions mostly. I have survived cancer, stroke, & CABG surgery, all 14 years ago.

I noticed the increased pain & lack of mobility gradually, thinking it was relative to sleeplessness. The MD blew it off. I’m back to taking Vicodin & valium just to do day-to-day chores. I can’t stand for 5 minutes. Walking anywhere is a huge problem. I have bowel & bladder issues too. Real bad ones. Am also diabetic & have neuropathy associated numbness in feet & legs. I can’t feel with my right 3 fingers & thumb. Dr. said it’s carpel tunnel plus major hearing loss.

Am going to stop the statin starting tomorrow. Can’t afford co-payments on anything so wish me luck.

I have posted before about the negative effects of taking a Statin and have been off the drug for two years this month. I still have peripheral myopathy in my legs and assume that this will continue for years. I also lost the cognitive use of my hands to type and pick up and hold onto things that should be a normal function. The Doc has added Lyrica to the mix and this has helped somewhat after one year. He also did not argue against stopping the Statin. Two years ago I was carrying a 3 gal bottle of water in from the garage up three stairs and lost my balance and fell.

Broke the femur and first had a hip pinning that was a failure . The bone did not heal and lost 3/4 inch of length – shortening the right leg the same amount. Las Spring I had a total hip replacement that is working but the Doc. left some non absorb-able sutures along the outside of the hip that have been a major problem. the Doc. that did the two procedures has moved on to Boston and left me in the lurch, Found a new Doc. to see if this could be resolved. An MRI showed some deterioration in the spine and had a cortisone one month ago that really did help with the back pain.

Now, next week he is going to see if he can clean up the suture line outside the hip and allow me to walk upright like a normal person again. Norco only helps for 6 hours and I am only taking one a day. All of this was due to the introduction of Statins and it appears it will be a life time problem. I agree that most Docs. do not follow thru with follow up maintenance with this drug and this is really sad. Considering that I was a Commercial Pilot and after retiring worked with a neighbor in farming. Lost all of this and hope that at least I can continue to drive. John…

Been on astorvastin 3 yrs. Pain ,pain, pain, destroyed muscles, lost 13 lbs. 6 doctors said they didn’t know what was wrong, even the one that put me on it, 80 mg. Too much for a senior, aged 69. Don’t take this drug. Tom

I was put on Lipitor in March 2017 after a mild heart attack w/ stent. Dr. told me I would be on it for the rest of my life. By October my right arm & shoulders were so stiff and weak I had a difficult time getting dressed. At that time my other (alternative) Dr. told me to stop taking it. He said take Niacin, Red yeast Rice & DHA instead. In late January a blood test revealed that my cholesterol is right in the middle. Just fine. In addition, a read a multiple study report in the American Journal Health Systems Pharmacology, 2003;60(11) about policosanol, derived from sugar cane & other plants. It has minimal side effects and lowers cholesterol at a similar rate to statins. This is a safe, inexpensive, OTC nutritional supplement. Doctors should be required to disclose associations, including stock ownership, in pharmaceutical companies. Or better yet, prohibit doctors from practicing if they have any associations with pharma.

I had one episode of high blood pressure 5 months ago when under severe stress. Went to ER and they said I would be fine and just check in with family doctor. Hospitalist said until your BP get around 200/100, you should be OK. Family doctor put me on Losartan. Still had the same problem, high blood pressure in am so he added metoprolol succ ER. No good, still high BP in am. Sent me to a cardiologist who had me double my meds and added on Zetia which was supposed to avoid problem. I went through this for 2 weeks and got so bad with my neck shoulder blades I went off everything 2 weeks ago. The muscle pain is still there. I should never started this and if I can keep my BP down to 156/80 I will never take another one of these dangerous, life threatening pills.

There need to be a large class action suit against big pharma AND the doctors who prescribe this poison.

I had serious reactions to statins that caused muscular failure, dangerous blood pressure rises, lubg inflammation and much more. It nearly killed me. I recently made the mistake of accepting Repatha as a substitute. Within 7 days I developed twitches in my thighs, spasticity in my legs, and weakness. I went of the drug but it takes 3 months to clear your system. I read the Amgen study of its own drug and lo and behold more people died on the drug then the placebo over only 2 years. I suspect they stopped the study because the comparisons will only get worse over time. How these big pharma companies are killing people and getting away with it amazes me. The fda is owned by big pharma. Its all about the money.

I agree 100% about a class action lawsuit. Lipitor has ruined my life. was prescribed Lipitor by my dr. in approximately August of 2017. I have been crippled with pain since November 2017. In December my right knee started to hurt quite badly. By January I could not get up out of a chair or roll over in bed without extreme pain and effort. The pain in my hamstrings and glutes is unbearable. My left knee then joined the party. I have extreme neuropathy in both my feet. My wrists ache with joint pan. By February it hit me that it must be the Lipitor. I immediately stopped the Lipitor. I saw my dr. in March and she agreed it was due to the Lipitor. It is now mid May 2018 and nothing has improved. I have been back to the dr. twice. The dr. now says no way is the Lipitor causing all this and has referred me to both a rheumatologist and neurologist. I know it is the Lipitor and all research leads me to this conclusion. I will not be bounced around from doctor to doctor because my doctor refuses to take responsibility for prescribing me a medication that is well known to cause these side effects. Before all this pain and suffering I was hiking minimum 20-25 miles a week, now I can barely get out of bed let alone hike. I am a 59 year old female. Big Pharma must be stopped. I am so angry and feel my life will never be the same. I am seriously looking into filing a lawsuit. Statins are already included in a class action lawsuit for causing diabetes. It’s time people with these other side effects get their justice


My father took Lipitor for three years starting about 15 years ago and took himself off the medication against his doctor’s wishes after experiencing muscle pain. He swore for years that the Lipitor caused his ever worsening muscle debilitation. He went for numerous tests over the years and all proved nothing conclusive. His family physician only recently conceded that Lipitor was most likely the cause of his symptoms. Six days ago was the first time he could no longer stand up on his own and that evening he tried to take his own life. He is still in the hospital.

I took 10 mg of crestor for 14 days and developed severe pain in my right leg. I stopped the medication and still after 4 weeks I am still suffering and am unable to bend or squat down. The FDA needs to take this horrible drug off the market.. I pray that the residues of this drug will get out of my system and my leg.. and I can hope for repair to my muscles in my leg.

I currently am not taking anything for my cholesterol but it is high. I actually feel fine. Am very leery about taking it, as I saw what it did to my late husband. He ended up with diabetes from the different meds. Actually, it lowered his numbers but not significantly. His glucose reads were always high with the medications, but in the last 2 years he actually was weaned off of some of the meds. Then his levels went down but the damage was already done. Plus, my daughter has friends who have had mothers who have landed in nursing homes from the side effects, so I will try more natural ways. I am not a very big eater and do not eat a lot of cheese or eggs either.

February 2017, after suffering a mild stroke (which was related to family stress issues) the ER doctor said that even though my cholestrol and BP were normal he wanted me to take atorvastatin. He called it preventive medicine. After only two weeks my whole body ached from neck to feet. I stopped taking this med. It is now just over one year, and the statin poisoning is still in my body, and my legs still ache. I now need a cane to walk.

Are there any class action law suits regarding these issues?

Seems only the muscles in arms, legs, feet etc. those that are used outwardly in exercising have been discussed. Have others reported, experienced or wondered about the affects on other body muscles that are more internal e.g. digestive tract muscles, cardiac muscles and on? Any information or directing me to articles discussing this would be appreciated.

After listening to all the comment’s I consider myself fortunate. I was in my early fifties when my Primary Dr. put me on a statin drug, I believe it was simvaststatin. I was on it for about 5 yrs. I had had previous back surgery in 1977. I felt great, full of energy, always strong for a woman, no complaint’s until I started that drug. I complained to my Dr and he dismissed it telling me to not pay attention to the “side effects” put on the paper that comes with the medicine from the pharmacy. Well, I suffered so badly I couldn’t walk around my small house without the pain in my back bringing me to my knees, literally. I began to have trouble holding my bladder and then trouble my bowels!

I thank God for Dr, Mercola’s website (free). He had an extensive report with studies and all regarding statin drugs. I went off it immediately and saw a marked improvement within 3 days. My husband saw the difference in me and he went off his as well. He improved also. Although, I am now 68 and still have major issues with the muscles in my back. Knots as big as a baseball all down my spine on both sides. Just the sight of them freaked out my neurologist.

I had 9 shots in each spasm to try and help me. It lasted 1 week. I’ve been to so many Chiropractor’s I have lost count. Their reaction is the same when they see the spasm’s. The pain is so unbearable! I have been seeing a fantastic neurologist and he at least will provide me with Vicoden. My pain level has excelerated to where I am now on the highest dose. I refuse to take anything stronger for fear my “brain fog” and memory will leave me in a dopey state of mind, which I’ve witnessed happen to others. I was always excellent with doing my finances.

Now, I’m experiencing a feeling of being “overwhelmed” with the easy task, NEVER has this happened to me. I do not know if this is due to the statins but my mind has been being affected within the last 7 yrs. My husband and I have tried to refuse these statins that are being peddled by most doctor’s we’ve seen. We get so much backlash it would seem they are getting a “kick back” off the drug. So, my husband has stopped fighting with them over it and just let’s them “think” they’re in control and just doesn’t refill them. Myself, I tell them straight out, “NO! It’s my body and “I” decide what goes in it, not them.”

I am ridiculed by them and told I’m being foolish because they are only “trying” to save me from a stroke down the road. I am treated rudely when I see them and walk out with chest pains from them stressing me out so much with arguing with me. I do not have a heart problem, my arteries are very clear but I do have a slightly elevated tricgyerides (please excuse the spelling, memory problems). Also, as far as their comment “they are trying to avoid a stroke in the future”, was just a scare tactic. Unbelievable!

My thought’s were, but kept my mouth shut, was this. Cancer runs in my family, does that mean you’ll be sending me for chemo to make sure I AVOID cancer???! It’s the most ridiculous reasoning I’ve ever heard! It just makes no sense to me. Personally, I’m in such horrific pain, which has now left me practically crippled, makes me eager to just die and be at peace. I know where I’m going and it’s much better than here.

Not to mention the embarassment when my bladder lets go in public or my bowel’s! That’s another serious issue all caused with the onset of taking statins! Also, serious lack of energy and fatigue resulted from this drug. Needless to say, I search out “GOOD” doctor’s that don’t force medication’s down our throat and just listen respectively. Agreeing with us that we have right’s when it comes to OUR bodies. That they can “suggest” but the final decision is our’s alone. Peoples Pharmacy is an excellent source of information, as well as, Dr. Mercola’s web site. I’ve learned so much from them!

MI. I was on STATINS for over 20 years. I had muscle aches and pains that were bothersome but not disabling, so I continued taking meds and dealt with the pain. When i later on for no of years I had fatigue exhaustion, lack of energy, difficulty breathing with walking and on physical work. Also had flopping of head, food getting stuck in throat. when I developed severe back pain I stopped the drug and with in days pain almost disappeared and gradually over a few weeks breathing improved, fatigue exhaustion, swallowing problem resolved.

My vocal cords were affected and I could barely speak. All of that has markedly improved or resolved except weakness of large muscles that I can say is only 75% better. What I mean to say is that it had affected many systems including breathing muscles and the rib cage, vocal cords, neck muscles, swallowing due to esophageal muscles and off course major muscles mostly of tha legs and arms and certainly all muscles to some extent. Blood test an muscle biopsy did not show any inflammation at any time.

Seems only the muscles in arms, legs, feet etc. those that are used outwardly in exercising have been discussed. Have others reported, experienced or wondered about the affects on other body muscles that are more internal e.g. digestive tract muscles, cardiac muscles and on? Any information or directing me to articles discussing this would be appreciated.

I had a coronary artery bypass in 2016 and was put on 80 mpg lipitor. Was taken off it for a couple of months then put back on it. Had lots of weakness; my right leg burns all the time; my feet, toes, and hands, have shooting pains and toes and hands; Horrible pain in my right hip joint. Had a couple tests done: x-ray on hip, ultrasound on rt leg, but showed nothing. Also have severe shortness of breath but I used to smoke and have COPD. I quit smoking 17 months ago. I believe lipitor is causing the burning in my leg and the shooting pain in my feet and toes and hands. I am going to try and checked for diabetes and ALS..

The shortness of the breath will get blamed on coronary artery disease and they will keep on focussing on lung and heart , but statins definitely affects respiratory muscles and your lung function will show some restriction along with obstruction., with marked decease in vital capacity.Neuropathy like symptoms can all be due to statins and the whole picture definitely looks like ALS , MS even Myasthenia. rapid disappearance of these symptoms or improvement in days to weeks on stopping the drug.blood test may all be normal and not show any muscle injury.

I have been on livalo for about 2 years. For the last two months my legs are very weak and pain in back severe, it just dawned on me it may be the statin so I discontinued taking it. Have appointment at pain clinic for shots to see if helps i am praying that this can be reversed but reading all the comments I’m getting depressed. I hope I stopped in time to reverse the damage! Don’t take statins!!’

10 years ago I had stents put in, at 47 years old. My cholesterol was low at the time but I was still put on statins. Within the week of the first one, I couldn’t walk, my muscles were so weak. I tried everyone there was, the doctor kept giving me samples to try. I finally got a new cardiologist and got off the statins. Each year I have gotten weaker, from head to toe. If I go walking then I’ll be so weak the next day, I can’t do anything. It’s hard to walk up stairs and sometimes it seems like it’s hard to breath with weak muscles. Sometimes it’s hard to chew my food, I’m so weak. So many tests over the years and medicines and nothing has been found. I researched and found my symptoms are those of ALS so this article is so uplifting. I’m taking this information to my cardiologist and asking for tests. My fear is I’ll be so weak one day as the weakness is progressing, I’ll end up in a wheel chair.

Seventeen years ago I was on this statin. At 50 years old at the time, my shoulders froze. Couldn’t put a coat on by myself. Got cortisone shots at NYU Hospital. The pain disappeared in hours. I went off the statin and that problem never returned. I have been on and off statins ever since because of high cholesterol (280 untreated). Every time I’m on them, I pull or even tear a muscle. I play softball and just pulled a groin muscle after being on Crestor for 3 months. 4 years ago, I tore both groins after going on pravastatin. I feel like an idiot doing the same thing and getting the same result but doctors always insinuate it’s unrelated. It’s NOT coincidental!

I’m 57, pretty active. always working out, hiking, weight training, walking,etc. until about 3 years ago, I started on 10 mg. of pravastatin and experienced some muscle soreness. Nothing I couldn’t handle. I did notice over time (2 years), that I was losing my muscle tone and stamina. I attributed this to my age and not working out as much and not eating right at first so I stepped up my workouts.

Went hiking one day and experienced knee pain and weird electric like sensations running down my legs. The next day, I went grocery shopping and was so unsteady I had to use the cart so I wouldn’t fall. Legs felt rickety. A week prior, I had my best numbers for cholesterol, triglycerides but, felt the worst!

I stopped taking statins that day. It’s a little over a year now and I’m recovering everyday. I don’t feel like my stamina or strength is back to where it used to be but, a lot better than on statins.

I took Atorvastatin for a few years and then started getting horrible leg cramps. I was told that I was dehydrated so drink more. I drank lots of powerade and it got no better. I stopped taking the Atorvastatin and the cramps went away within days. My doctors kept telling me I needed to take something so tried 3 other ones. Each time the cramps returned within a few days. I haven’t taken any for 2 months and never will again. At this point my leg muscles are very weak. I can’t walk very far without my muscles hurting and feeling like they are worn out. I’m hoping it will get better but it has been 2 months and I may be like this the rest of my life or worse. Since my problems started, I have talked to many people that stopped taking statins for similar reasons. They are not good for you. The pharmaceutical industry should be held accountable.

I was fine until my doctor had me double my dose of statin last year, and I’ve been in pain ever since. Both of my brothers have also had bad reactions to the drug. I’m turning 50 this year, but I move like I’m 80. It’s hard to sleep at night because I hurt, and it’s hard to get out of bed every morning. Just walking and climbing stairs hurts. Sometimes it’s my thigh & shoulder muscles, sometimes it’s the joints. I stopped taking it at least 7 months ago. I wish I’d never taken it, because I’m miserable pretty much all the time now. :/

Sorry to hear this. Are you recovering since you stopped with the statins?

I have been taking prevastatin for several years. Am only now experiencing muscle pain and weakness in my legs making it very difficult to get up from a sitting position. I feel leaden when I walk doctor just told me to lay off the statin for a couple of weeks to see if things get better.

Am wondering why, after all these years, I’d have these side effects? AlwYs understood they occur relatively quickly after starting the drug? Am
I wrong?

My husband was diagnosed with necrotizing autoimmune myopathy in May of this year, he took lipitor for a few months after his heart attack in late 2014. He began having difficulty getting in/out of the car in 2015 and his PCP had him discontinue the medication. He is unable to walk on his own, or to get up from a chair, this disease has taken his indendence from him.

A lot comments that are 10 years old. My symptoms started in 2016 and still happening today, is this irreversible ? Treatment is helping a little but the “war” is still raging in my muscles.

My Dr prescribed Crestor for my high cholesterol and I started having night cramps in my thigh’s so bad I would have to jump out of bed in severe pain. I told my Dr and he switched me to another med. But now my thigh muscles are so weak getting up from kneeling without using my arms.

I’m 75 years old and took statins for 15 years and as result my left side of my body has basically become much smaller. Muscles on the left side are smaller. Left wrist is smaller, leg is shorter, foot is smaller. My left arm shakes as I address a golf shot. I’m also experiencing some memory loss. I met with my doctor. He sent me to a nerve doctor with the idea I may have pinched a nerve and proved to be wrong. They sent me to another doctor and his diagnosis was I probably had polio when I was younger. I was a 3 sport all conference athlete. Got a 3 day pass for having one of three highest score among 1700 army troops. Played 3 sports in Army. 4 year college quarterback and was pentathlon athlete. Polio, you got to be kidding me. Statins……….YES.

My father died from taking a statin drug. The doctor put him on a statin. It wasn’t long before he was in and out with pain. Then lost leg function, arm use. By the time they did a muscle biopsy months had past, he was already in the hospital and the damage had been done. His muscles were so compromised he couldn’t breath. I don’t think doctors should be prescribing statins if they don’t have the good sense to watch for adverse effects.

Vytotin (Zi or and Zetia) destroyed me. Short term low dose. Was told cramping was not a symptom. Listed in other countries but not in U.S. it’s been 10 yrs since then. If I push my exercising still get leg cramping, aching, weakness, and severe, annoying fasciculations.

Statins changed my life. I try to make the best of it, but sometimes it’s hard. All of the symptoms and side effects were known but not revealed. The need to take CoQ10 was also not included. It is so unfair that these pharmaceuticals could make millions for stockholders and we live with the painful and ongoing consequences of their greed and the blissful ignorance of the doctors we trusted.

Ihave had what seems to be every bad effect one could have taking statins.i thought i was getting MS i told the Dr. About my symtons and all the pain I was having. She said she would do some tests. She asked me if i thought the p a in was from the statins. I REPLIED I DID NOT KNOW. the pain was insidious.THE DOCTOR GAVE ME ultracet for that it worked.i am still taking it 4 oor 5 years later.

Its hard to tell you everything. I received my first statin at about 50 yrs of age it was zocor 20 mg. Htook them wit some pain but nothing terrible my Dr. Retired. And the next Dr who took over her practice said it was too weak and gave me 40 mg chloesterol was240.I had had a Tia and was sent to a vascular surg.He did carotid artery surgery. I did very well.

She decided actually before the surgery to go to 80mg.Surgeon thought that was too much .i had been having muscle wasting.and actually could not go upstairs . Got out of bed one morning. And fell to the floor.

She said to cut the 40 mg in half.The symptons eased back but still continued i had myopathy in my feet.this continued I retired to Fla to be near my children. My routine had been interrupted at sny rate i decided not to take the statins. My current Dr. Agrees.That was about 1and a half years ago.I am much better but far from my old self.

Still wondering where this will end.It was the oddessy that started when i was 60 a very young golf playing ,2 mile a day power walker.I did Yoga and the gym twice a week.I can do none of this now or for 10 years.

I WAS FOR A LONG TIME CRYING OUT FOR HELP AND THE CLOSEST WE GOT WAS PAIN PILLS AND MASSAGES. DID HELP. HOWEVER I never expect t be well if I knew then what I know now I would never have taken those poison pills. I have read everyything there is on the subject.

I have been taking 40 mg of simvistatin every night for roughly 15 yes now. In Sept 08 I had to have a triple bypass and a valve replacement. In Dec 16 I just has a hemorrhagic stroke and was in a coma for 21 days. I am still taking the simvastatin but after reading all of these complaints of muscle deterioration ( which no health care provider has ever mentioned to me!) I am going to go to my P- C. and see if there has been any damage done to my muscles.
I have felt weakness in my whole body for a long time now but just blamed it on the aging process .But at the age of 54 I shouldn’t feel this weak. So I want to Thank all of you for these horrific stories you have shared with us.

I have taken statins for 8 weeks, but am having to stop them due to extreme bi-lateral foot pain. This pain is so bad that I can barely walk no matter what type of shoes I wear. I feel if I keep taking this medication that I will be in a wheelchair by the end of the year.

I have been on various statins for many years. Due to Dr. changes and medical issues the med was changed a number of times. I am 72 now and at this age you think the pains here and there are just age creeping in. But when you get pains for no reason, not over exercising or using muscles you havn’t used in years you have to wonder and realize it has to be the drugs.

I’ve changed statins a number of times due to unexplained pain. And now once again I and my wife will be stopping Lovastatin, (Mevacor), to see if our ailments go away. The problem will be finding a healthy alternative, again.

Did you seek legal representation and if so with who?

Starting at age 58, I have taken statin drugs off and on for 15 years (various/all name brands) and have had 5-6 major muscle pain and weakness episodes. Recovery can take 3-6 months and not all strength is recovered. The problem I have is that I (and I suspect others) have the pains slowly increase and I do not realize that the pains are caused by the statins until they become extremely painful and damaging. Each episode has affected different parts of my body so there is no pattern. I will not use statins again.

My husband and I are both on statins and we are both having leg weakness. I have fought it for years and my husband looks like an old man when getting out of his chair and starts to walk. He is 52. I really feel they need to do further research on the statins since so many people areaving such problems. I feel at times I will not be able to walk in a few years. This is very alarming!!! Please help!!!!

I lost my right inner ear and thus my balance in 1995. Three years later I suffered a silent heart attack. Three years after that I suffered pain and Cardiologists inserted a stent and started me on Crestor. The weakness became noticeable over a period of years manifesting when I was unable to stand from sitting.

I blamed it on the balance problem which distorted my understanding of what was happening. General muscle weakness continued to develop slowly with a slight problem with swallowing. There was little or no pain. Eventually standing from any sitting position became impossible. I began raising every chair I used including my toilet because at a high enough height I could tilt myself forward and stand. I continued the statins and the loss of muscle mass continued. I’m a writer and my hands became so weak I took a test for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The physical therapist did a electro-nerve test and then immediate set up an appointment with a neurologist because of the results but didn’t tell me what was wrong. I was diagnosed with IBM symptoms without the inclusion bodies after a thigh muscle biopsy . My leg quads are now almost useless and my forearms and hands are severally limited. Ran out of money to buy the Crestor so I quit taking it. My condition seemed to plateau. Then my Drs. demanded I start Crestor again because of my cholesterol numbers. Immediately the massive muscle weakness restarted within four days. The only change was the reintroduction of Crestor.

Wish I knew about this site along time ago ! I’m a female at the time I was put on Simvastatin at age 48 I weighed 151lbs. Right away I started having right shoulder pain and then into my upper right back, told the doctor that I was seeing and she said well we can run some blood tests ? Well they all came back sky high , I had blood in my urine, she kept sending me for blood work every 2 weeks or so and it all came back either very high or very low, she said something was wrong after 9 months she could not help me !!!

The only medication I was on was the Simvastatin!!! Went to another primary care and she tried figuring out what the problem was ! She said she would not give me anything for the pain until she found out what was wrong !!! She fin ally sent me to a Rheumatologist, by this time I weighed 96lbs I’m 5’5″ was very healthy !!! The Rheumatologist did alot of blood work and listened to all my muscle, joint pain, I could not think straight , the pain was so bad all I could do is cry, could barley get out of my bed, my son had to tske me to doctors, well the tests came back and she told me to stop the simvastatin right a way ! She said your alergic to it!

My primary care doctor said the pain will stop the next day of not taking it….the horrid pain never left !!! It been 9 years now and I’m labeled with Fibromyalgia !!! Because the drug companies tell the doctors not to say it’s from the Simvastatin! !! I even called I think it was Merck the drug maker and asked how to reverse this ! He said to read him the 4 letters on my script bottle !!! He said ohhhh that’s Zocor the generic brand ! You have to call TURKEY !!!

I told him it was Simvastatin for the first 2 years of this HORRID PAIN !!! He said I’m sorry I can’t help you and hung up !!! I am 59 now have a hard time walking, can’t even stand holding my new grandson, my upper body is sooo week, and migrains started in 2014 and my Neurologist said that (something attacked my body in 2010 from looking at my records ).

And it took the linings off my nerves !!! He did a biopsy of my left upper leg muscle, but the lab did not know what they were supposed to be looking for. I know this is a long rant but I cannot get any help and I live near Boston Ma. And still cannot find help with this horrid dibilitating pain. No one ever checked my Cholesterol the whole time I was going thru this and lost all that weight….they will kill you before they cure you.

After reading these articles of personal experience with taking statins. I am convinced that my brothers condition is directly related to the Lipitor he was taking for 11 years. Not sure what doctor would of kept him on statins for that long of a period but they did. Last spring he started noticing his muscles getting smaller and started experiencing pain and tingling in his feet, legs and now all over his body. He has been doctoring since July with this growing problem and nothing is showing up in any of his tests.

Numerous blood tests have come back normal, MRI has come back showing no nerve damage. His muscle atrophy has become quite noticeable since Christmas and he is suffering with more pain throughout his whole body. The mystery of all this is he has not lost weight- just muscle loss an increasing pain. He is waiting to go back to his neurologist to see what he thinks and hope he does a muscle and nerve biopsy.

Anybody out there with any suggestions please let me know with any ideas or more tests that should be done. Unfortunately if it is related to lipitor no medical professional is going to state that. Has anyone out there with these same symptoms had there astrogin -1 gene tested. Its a gene that the statins activate and can cause muscle atrophy. I’m not sure how they test that. Any suggestions please reply back to me. Needing to find answers asap.

I also suffer. After reading all the comments, it’s the same way I have felt . I hurt all the time. I can’t get any doctor to even listen to me when I tell them it the statins that causing it they are brain washed by big pharma.

I was put on statins 8 years ago at the age of 52 years, following a stroke. Both Simvastatin and Atorovastin caused chest tightness and a crushing sensation over the sternum after taking for only 10 days!! They also caused muscle wasting that continued for a few weeks after stopping them. My legs became like jelly, my heart felt like it was struggling to beat, my muscles seemed to disappear! I am convinced that I would not be here 8 years later if I had continued to take them, they were causing myopathy and cardiac myopathy. Now I regularly walk 5 miles a day.

I am a 69 year old female who was taking Crestor for 2 yrs. I noticed I was not walking much, after walking about a mile every morning. So I stopped taking Crestor, and I still noticed that my legs are very weak, and now I have pain in my feet.

While I am not an invalid yet, I’m very very unbalanced, and you have pain in my calfs making walking very uncomfortable but now I’ve fallen two times, but my doctor says it’s not the Crestor. I will not take another statin ever again, there’s no other explanation for the leg weakness and foot pain.

My wife was a long-term statin user and now has ALS. When she was diagnosed with ALS her gp took her off the statin. We were too devastated by the ALS news to ask ‘why?’

Now, we can see why this happened. Doctors are worried by the significant link between statins and neuropathy. No individual or research group is going to take on Big Pharma and have their hot shot lawyers destroy their careers.

No one has the guts to take on Big Pharma over the significant association between ALS and statin-use. Not surprising really. Those big shot drug companies are not interested in curing you of anything. They simply want to sell you more drugs.

I had an ischemic stroke and entered the hospital where my resistant hypertension was noted but even though I told the doctors that I was allergic to Lipitor (the only statin I have taken before and had a bad reaction), I was put on lovastatin without my knowledge. Two weeks later and a week after being home, I experienced a muscular-skeletal myopathy that crushed my chest and made it hard to breathe. I stopped the statin right away. Now I can’t sleep lying down at night and the crushing sensation of my rib cage and across my back is present 24/7. I’ve done hours of research because my PCP knows nothing about this problem and I want to help her understand the agony I’m living in. It’s going on two months and of course I fear the stories of this problem lasting longer than just weeks or months. From all my research, there is no known cause or treatment for this debilitating problem. I am a petite female over 70 years of age, a noted prime target for statin side effects. Some of my doctors don’t (won’t) believe me but I’ll keep looking for other victims of statins. I’m taking my CoQ10 capsules, Vitamin D3, sticking to a mostly DASH diet. Where is the cure?


I took a statin for 6 months and was taken off the drug because I developed horrible muscle pain throughout my body. I also noticed the deterioration in muscle mass and weakness in my body. I have a couple of dogs I walk a little over a mile each day and frequently had to stop along the walk because my legs felt like I was doing the hardest workout ever.

I have always been very active and athletic, too, but now I feel clumsy at times and unbalanced, and the muscle soreness keeps me awake at night too. I had a couple more blood tests done this week and the doctor gave me some options to consider, one being to take a muscle relaxant. It made sense to me because the remaining mass of muscles are over worked and cramping, they have been damaged and need to heal. I am taking the RX 3 times a day and I sure can tell when it’s time for another tablet. On the plus side, I can sleep for at least 6 hours.

I had neck surgery c3-c7 and 2 days in the hospital I had a heart attack and a stent was placed I was put on lipitor for months until my cardiologist took me off because of my leg pain. Shortly after I went to my primary care and she put me on livalo and the pain continued and worsen. My cardiologist took me off this and said it’s the statin drug that’s causing the pain. I returned to my primary care and once again informed her of what my cardiologist suggested and took me off. She then decided I take Zettia because I’m a high risk and said it was a cholesterol meds but not a statin. Confused Have anyone taken Zettia and any side effects. ?

I worked out in the hot sun most of the day repairing fence. got to the house ate the evening meal and got what I thought was gastric reflux hurt pretty good it passed. Later we were in town and had another minor pain. we were near the Hospital so I decided maybe I should be checked. I was rushed into ER told I was having a heart attack. Was hooked up to a bunch of tubes and very shortly was air lifted to a major medical center. Next morning was in an operating where with asking or even mentioning they proceed to put a stent in, which by the way IK watched on a monitor. Now over 16 yrs later has not replugged. But the satins they insisted I take have completely ruin me. Can barely walk and can do no work and have a hard time dressing myself.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a year ago at the age of 69. For several months I had noticed tremors in my right hand and the shaking of my right foot when sitting, as the disease progressed I totally lost balance.

Neurologist had me walk down the hall and said I didn’t swing my right arm. I had never noticed! I was in denial for a while as there is no history in my family. I used amantadine, Carbidopa/levodopa and physical therapy to strenghten muscles all failed. In 2016 a friend suggested Newife Heral Clinic who have successful heral treatment for Parkinson’s disease, I contacted the heral clinic via their website and purchased the Parkinson’s disease herbal supplement, I used the herbs for 7 weeks and my symptoms were reveresed. Its been 6 months no sign of parkinson’s disease, contact this herbal clinic via their email (newlifeherbal @ gmail. com) or visit their website (www. newlifeherbalclinic. weebly. com)

Statins should be banned until more thorough research completed, Big Pharma should not offer inducements for the Doctors Etc. to prescribe them.
They are ruining lives including mine.

My doctor put me on Red Rice Yeast, 2x600mg capsules 2 x day and 1-1000mg fish oil 2x day, to treat total cholesterol at 246. About a month into taking RRY, just finishing one bottle or 120/capsules I noticed my lower legs really cramped, worse in evening even kept me up three nights in row. Then it spread to lower back, developed chills, nauseous, agitated, could not think. Off RRY, now for about two weeks.

Still very nauseous, chills, right lower/mid back pain, cant think clearly, dizzy. Worsens late in day after full day work. I work in office so sit a lot and try to get up/down every 30/minutes. Feel horrible most of the day, not myself…trying to work thru this drinking extra water, fish oil, CoQ10, and my regular vitamins. This treatment has really affected me and I hope it calms down soon. I would not wish this on anyone.

At 58 years old my primary doctor finally convinced me to take a statin to reduce my LDL…total cholesterol was 225. I took a low dose of simvastatin for a little over a year and noticed weakness and muscle cramping. I woke up one day with piriformis muscle syndrome and lost the use of my right leg. Prior I was playing racquetball at a championship level. I instinctively stopped taking my meds and started to rehab my leg and am back almost 90%. Walking over a mile 3/4 days a week and making nice progress. WILL NEVER TAKE ANY OF THESE CONVOLUTED DRUGS EVER AGAIN..

First of all, I am a Certified Medical Herbalist. Red rice yeast 600mg x 2 twice a day is way too much. It should be 600mg one in AM and one in PM. The fish oil is too low to do any good at all. That needs to be at least 3000mg X twice a day.

Remember–on fish oil–light color pills are junk cause burps and is not good pure oil. You need darker color fish oil which is more pure. You can take high amounts of fish oil with no problems as it is very good for aches and pains in the body and legs.

Again on Red Rice Yeast, it does have statin properties. Too much causes problems. You also can not eat grapefruit taking this.

Take Lecithin 1200mg three a day to help clean the arteries. A 246 cholesterol is NOT high. The new standard is 200 which is too low. Your body needs cholesterol to function. People with low cholesterol below 220 have triple the rate of heart attacks than people with higher cholesterol.

Eat high good fats, olive oil,coconut oil, avocado oil, almonds, cashews. NO protein bars,they are full of garbage unless they are total GREEN food and less RED meat !!!

I had been on Crestor for 10 years. I had some muscle aches but took Celebrex to fix that. Last year at age 73 I had a heart attack. Drs raised my Crestor from 20mg to 40 mg. Within 3 months I was in the hospital, my kidneys working only 15%! I almost died! I had rhabdo. Muscle breakdown that clogged up my kidneys. I did recover but can never take a statin again. I have inherited high cholesterol so am trying the new drug Repatha although it is so expensive even with insurance so I may not be able to continue. Some minor side effects. We are all guinea pigs for these new meds!

I’d been having trouble with statins, ie muscle stiffening and soreness. I was put on Pravastatins last June and was pleased that none of the above symptoms returned. However I was also walking between 30 and 40 miles a week. Slowly but surely I began to develop a stoop which has got worse. I stopped taking them in June but no improvement. A doctor suggested if it was statins the symptoms would have gone by now. Today I’m seeing a back specialist.

Been on both not good try Immunocal works great

My boss developed IBM after taking Lipitor for less than a year. He was originally diagnosed with ALS about 10 years ago. He went to Philadelphia, but there is nothing they can do. He is presently considering trying a tincture derived from marijuana to try to reduce inflammation. His doctor is skeptical. It is legal in Oregon, so I will update if it helps at all.

Hi I was using statins for about 10 years. Noticed soreness in hips and weakness in my leg muscles. I stopped taking them for 45 days most of my pain went away and strength came back. Decided to try the statin again just to see if the weakness would come back also due to all the hype about strokes when not on statins. Now i cant get out of a chair without using my arms and can not get up from a squat. Im stopping and will not take another statin im 56 years old and have always been very strong.

My husband went to the hospital-his sugar was 1642(not a misprint) and they put him on statins because of his cholesterol.

Today, he is so weak he can’t leave the house-it hasn’t effected his breathing or anything yet. The worst of the pain is in his neck, shoulders and back. He trembles if he has to reach to pick up anything. All of this happened after he took the statins for a year-the pain started almost immediately-but the drs insisted this was something from his diabetes and for him to stay on the statins. He went to a neurologist-but they never even did a muscle biopsy-they just treated him like he was crazy-because statins couldn’t do this to him-right?

I am so angry-I lost my husband 8 years ago-and all there is left is this broken empty shell-and there is nothing I can do for him.

I was on Atorvastatin for three weeks when I found it brought my total cholesterol from 250 down to 125; my BP went from 115/70 to 90/60. I stopped taking the statin immediately upon finding out I had reached my goal of lowering my total cholesterol. In what I had thought was a measure to improve my health, I quickly found out differently when the muscle pain set in. First it was in my back and neck. Once that quit hurting, it was like toxins went from body part to body part. After 10 months, for whatever reason, the pain has settled for months on end now in my right upper arm. The pain is intense and it literally feels like the muscles are being eaten away. I am on CoQ10 and other oils, Fish Oil and curcumin (for inflammation). My C-PR (blood work) is off the chart saying my body has inflammation. I am at a loss of what to do. My family doctor swears it is my thryoid and has me on Synthroid to ease the muscle pain, but I’m not convinced… I know it’s the statins……

My husband went from a strong man of 65 (who chopped his own wood)
and could lift extremely heaving objects. Within a period of 6 weeks he couldn’t lift his arms, couldn’t sleep for the pain in his shoulders. Dr. took him off his Statin drug and the last two months he has lost muscle tone, can’t get out of his recliner by himself. He now has pain in almost every joint.
I put him on coQ10 last week and we are watching and waiting. He is miserable. He had been on his Statin for over 20 years so we fear this is permanent. He is getting blood drawn often to watch his levels of Creatine
and inflammation. Sleep is impossible which makes the fatigue even harder to deal with.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in august 2016, I also have sjogrens syndrome, I only take plaquanil 200 mg and 2 months ago I developed muscle weakness. …I’m only 39 years old. …I don’t know how I developed this…I had a muscle biopsy and still waiting for the results. …I’m currently taking prednisone 80mg…a day…

Took Zocor for short period of time….then Lipitor for 2 1 /2 years… was raised from 10 mg to 20 mg and things began to go wrong. Legs were constantly painful..Dr. removed me from the drug but things have steadily gotten worse…..legs are barely usable, difficulty getting up from a chair, constant pain at night….pain killers seem to do no good. Now, I have pain in the muscles in the back of my neck and lower skull.

Have had muscle in stomach repaired and heart valve replaced. None of which I had a problem with before. Still have Afib. I’ve been going from bad to worse for the last 15 years, all with no relief. Three doctors have said “probably” Lipitor, other 15 look at me like I have a vivid imagination. One Dr. said if I found a cure let him know since his brother-in-law had the same problem….another said she had several patients with the same condition.

Deaths are being reported daily….all listing heart muscle damage in people with no previous heart problems. This is usually the final muscle to give way, being the largest in our bodies. Great things to look forward to in near future. Filed report with FDA….by now, it has probably crumbled into dust.

My father died from Motor Neurone Disease after taking part in a drugs trial and taking Simvastatin for a number of years. Prior to this my father was a fit and healthy man, never smoked, drank to excess, carried no excess weight and played golf all his life at least once a week, He never had an illness in his life until he took a heart attack and started taking these damn drugs. I have always been convinced that the Statins caused his ALS . The medical world is in denial as are the big drugs companies who don’t want people to stop taking them and lining their pockets. My fathers death certificate should read cause of death STATINS.

How maddening to read about the cumulative experiences of folks here, but I have also found solace. I was on Crestor and later simvastatin about ten years ago. Developed muscle pain in my back (like having been struck with a sack of potatoes–not every muscle but multiple spots in my back) and also a lot of chest “fluttering,” which I thought was heart related and resulted in a trip to the ER and lots of cardiac workups with no negative results. But as my pain continued, I got the same comments from physicians. Couldn’t be the statins (which I had stopped), as they would have cleared my system by the time I was reporting the symptoms.

Since stopping the statins years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Most recently, after experiencing numbness in my legs, I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Are these conditions a result of the statin use? My diabetes has been well controlled. Yet, could the neuropathy be caused by the diabetes? Of course, there are no easy answers, but it is more than interesting that these changes occurred, given my previous statin use.

But, as I mention the statin issue to different physicians from my PCP to specialists, I get the sense from them that they don’t share my opinions with respect to any connection of my symptoms to a long discontinued medication. I am sane. I am reasonably educated. I can be articulate at times, even witty. But I may as well be saying to these physicians, my friends, colleagues, etc., “I know that I am having these health issues because of my past experience with alien abductions.”

So, I found this site today as I was pondering what to do next, after a night of cramping and weakness and fluttering muscles. I’m supposed to have another neurology consult regarding my neuropathy. But I am concerned about seeing yet another medical professional who isn’t attuned to the literature on statin side effects. It is a waste of money and resources. But I’m not sure of my next step. I was searching for a list of experts in different areas who might accept referrals, but so far the search has not been fruitful. I believe that Johns Hopkins and another hospital in the NE had research centers for statin myopathy, but I have to consider costs, etc., even if I do find a site that might be helpful. I’ll be pondering for a bit longer, I’m sure.

Thanks for listening. And for further sharing your experiences.

I have been taking statin drug cholesterol lowering medications for years, off and on. I would start having leg cramps and weakness, then stop that one, then the Doc. would put me on a different one. I had a severely clogged artery behind my heart, they put in a stent, put me back on cholesterol. I stayed on this one for 4 years. Then boom, I tried to stand one morning from bed and collapsed. MY LEGS WERE NOT THERE! For 6 months or so. I researched every thing. I stopped the statin drug and My Cardiologist has me on a short term new injection cholesterol drug named, REPATHA sure click. I will find out from this one next month on the follow up to see if it works for me. He did say, ” There is no side effects to this. I ran one of the trails here and there are absolutely no side effects at all, none.” BUT there are; I have sinus pain, thick, sometimes chocking mucus from the back of my nose, into my throat. I haven’t done any in depth research into the REPATHA yet. The damage done to my legs from statin drugs will most likely stay or progress. I am 73 years and “thought” I would be able to be active, but the leg damage has been done. I would love to see a LARGE LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE PHARMA, NOW, while I might can know that the people effected by them and the destruction of health and lives will be STOPPED!

I was put on 40 mg of zocor in 2004 in no time I was not able to get out of recliner, Dr. never told me to take coq10, or anything. Ended up being on it close to 2 yrs. Destroyed livelihood, destroyed my life I am now 67 in 2016 can barely get out of chair, no steps, pain big time!! merck pharm. just gave me a case number, but still cannot find a doctor to help me. husband died shortly before I started zocor our daughter was 14, when I started getting sick she was terrified. I guess I will be going to the ER the next few days, maybe they will put me the hospital and find out what I can do before I die..

After many years of refusing to take any cholesterol medications suggested by my doctor, I finally succumbed and started atorvastatin. In less than 2 months, I was noticeably weaker and was having joint and muscle pains. It was difficult to climb stairs because of hip pains and shortness of breath. I consulted a pharmacist about my reactions and he suggested that I stop the medication immediately and contact the doctor.

I waited another week, but things were getting worse, so I called the doctor, told him I was stopping the drug immediately and they said they would get back to me with another medication soon. Within 30 minutes, they called back with another statin and I said that I would never take a statin drug again. So, after another hour, I got a call with a different type of medication being recommended and I agreed to start it a month later because I wanted to be sure that the effects of the statin would be out of my system before starting something new.

I looked up the new drug and found that the side effects for it were just as bad as for the statins. I am now faced with a decision to try the new drug or just forget the whole mess and stay off of cholesterol drugs all together. I used to be able to walk 18 holes of golf without any problems. Yesterday, I could barely make it off the course after 9 holes of walking. I am really sorry I let the doctor talk me into something that could hurt me this badly. I hope that things will improve over time, but from what I am reading here, I’m not so sure that will happen.

On 3/3/2016I was admitted to ER because my CK level was at 28000. I spent one month in the hospital and confined to wheel chair force more than 3 weeks while I was in a Rahab Hospital. It happened after i stopped taking 20 mg Lipitor. I had experienced pain in my abdomen and elbow was the reason to stop taking Lipitor. My life will be the same like before? I don’t know. I am still in rehab, medicated and IVigs ….
I reported my case to FDA and Pifzer, the drug maker. I am ?

I was put onto Pravastatin after an MCI in 2001 when my Cholesterol was over 8 (Familial Hyperlipidaemia is suspected) In 2013 my GP switched me to Simvastatin as my lipid had crept up to over 5.
I’ve suffered also from Osteo-Arthritis in my extremities for over 25 years, and my knees became painful around 2012.
I’ve now had one knee replaced and was doing well for two months post-op. Suddenly I was aware of an overwhelming feeling of weakness in my legs, accompanied by aching in all the muscles of locomotion. I reported my suspicions to one of the GPs at the surgery and she seemed to agree with me and told me to stop taking Statin. That was in mid-May.
I can report that there has been no relief from my symptoms, and a blood test at the end of June showed no appreciable rise in LDL.
Looking back, I can see now that a progressive reduction in energy levels was also present over the last 3 years.
The warning contained in the Patient Information Leaflet deprives victims of Statin side effects of any legal remedy against either the Pharmaceutical companies or the GPs who peddle – er, I mean, – prescribe these noxious drugs

I have taken lipintil for over 4 years and have gradually got worse with my muscles and legs,I have left work from being healthy footballer and postman to virtually doing nothing,lying around and crying with my muscle pain, to relieve the pain i am now on Tramadol and Gabapentin,after much consideration for my health I have decided to stop my statin medication on 29 th June 2016/I will keep a blog of my fortunes on here on how my muscles are getting on!kind regards Lee Painter.

My doctor put me on Lipitor after test showed high cholesterol. I took half a pill each day for 3 days. The mild upper thigh pain increased to unbearable on third day and worsened as darkness fell. I had a thought it was rhabdo and knew it was muscle tissue dying and kidneys would fail from trying to filter heavy muscle protein.

I forced fluids and walked the floor all night until doctors office opened. I was urinating every 10 minutes from forcing fluids to try to save my kidneys. Doctor said I should have gone to ER, but I hate hospitals so I drank water and walked. Test showed lipitor was almost gone when I got to doctors office.

He gave me gabapentin and some other med, but told me I can never take statins again. Pain was so agonizing in my legs that I was trembling and constantly pounding my upper legs to try to get rid of pain.

I was told if the pain was to be from crestor it would be in both thighs not one. True?

Yes, for me, the pain was extreme in both upper thighs, equal pain. I do not think I suffered permanent damage from lipitor induced rhabdomyolosis and I am thankful.

I wasn’t told anything about pain at all.

10 years ago the Internist suggested taking a Statin as a preventative measure. Then I began a series of problems that no one in the Medical community seemed to recognize or talk about. Sleep disorder – insomnia, foot burning and stinging pain, severe calf and thigh muscle pain and loss of strength. significant pain in the mid back and especially on the left side. Stiff neck and numerous headaches. Peripheral Myopathy in both hands also lost the ability to type. Became a clumsy person since I could not feel anything my hands were touching. Had difficulty staying interested or following thru on most tasks. Significant Vertigo and and found that my memory was clouded and had difficulty with names and events. Thought that the end was in sight. In my previous life I was always on top of the world and this was very unsettling at the least. finally discovered that most of the problems were associated with long term Statin usage and weaned myself of the drug and told the Doctor why. Only been a month and some things are returning somewhat, but after reading the horror stories may have to live with this for the long term. This regimen of using Statins without documenting a real need is not worth becoming a trial lab rat. The first doctor retired and the second is a little bit stuck in the generic program that everything works for everybody. Not the case for a lot of Meds and this is a horrible example. Even the Pharmacist indicated that some people have problems. Certainly wish I had this knowledge up front and would have opted out of the experiment.

This is an addition to my previous comments. Two weeks ago I fell in my garage and broke the top of the Femur bone in the hip. Required surgery and I am really restricted to movement and am enduring significant pain. The primary reason for the fall was the loss of strength and feeling in my hands and legs and was unable to stop the tragic fall. Another result of the loss of strength and feeling in my hands and legs. Long road ahead to hopefully return to something normal. Statin Drugs are dangerous for some people and I am a classic example. John H Iowa…

First off, let me say to all of the Statin-damaged people, I am sorry. I am sorry for your medical problems caused by a drug which was sold to you based on checkbook science from the 1950s when prof Ancel Keys set out to do a 22-country study to prove that Cholesterol causes heart disease. But when his data could not prove anything, he carefully omitted the countries which were causing his pretty graph to not look so pretty, and hence the cholesterol theory was born.

I was disabled since 2002, after taking the statin Lipitor for 3 years. I was a healthy 34 year old Critical Care RN who had a zest for life, was energetic, and LOVED being an RN. I tolerated the Lipitor “well” for about 3.5 years when all of a sudden, life as I knew it no longer existed. I was becoming ill in July 2002, with episodes of unbelievable headaches, the likes of which I’d never known. They would cause me to miss several days of work over the next 3 months. Accompanying the headaches was profound fatigue, which would cause me to sleep up to 17 hours per day.

My wife was becoming concerned. She had taken me to the doctor on one occasion and to the ER on 2 other occasions, as it was on a weekend. My wife took me there because of the disabling headaches, unbelievable fatigue, and periodic bouts of confusion. She asked the doctor, pleaded with the doctor, to do an MRI scan, to which she was told that an MRI was not indicated. And I was discharged home with Imitrex (Injectable Migraine Medicine).

When we got home, my wife discussed this with my sister-in-law, also an RN, who told my wife that she should call my primary doctor at home and ask about an MRI. When she did this, he agreed an MRI should be done and ordered it for the next day. After the MRI, my doctor called my home and told my wife that the MRI showed multiple scattered lesions throughout the white and grey matter of my brain and referred us to a neurologist who opined that I had MS.

We decided to seek a second opinion and went to an MS Specialist at University of Wisconsin, Madison. When we arrived, the doctor said that he did not believe what I had was MS, though he could not say for certain what it was. He sent us home with a follow-up with more testing to be done in a few weeks. Over this time period, my condition was worsening. Missing many more days of work, increased confusion episodes, increased fatigue, and now my wife woke in the middle of the night to find me digging through the kitchen trash, “looking for a glass of milk” and a week later woke to find me walking down the middle of the street in my underwear (what I slept in).

At this episode she phoned UW and spoke to the MS doctor, who suggested that my wife bring me down (3 hour trip), and he would evaluate me in the ER. So we dropped our 2 year-old son off at my parents, for what we thought might be a few days and went to Madison. When we arrived I was seen immediately by the neurologist who gave me a mini mental exam, which I failed miserably. He continued to assess me and admitted me, where I remained in an End-Stage Alzheimer’s like state for the next 3 weeks: confused, disoriented, unable to walk or speak coherently, nor verbalize the need to use the restroom, and therefore wore diapers. I did not know who my wife was, nor my siblings, nor parents. My speech was garbled. I had multiple lab tests done, consistently showing elevated Lactic Acid Levels. I had lumbar punctures which were not consistent with MS. I had a muscle biopsy revealing mitochondrial abnormalities, and finally a brain biopsy which confirmed the Mitochondrial DNA mutation most closely similar to Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke Like Episodes (MELAS) for which there is no cure.

Biopsy also revealed the lesions on my MRI to be Apoptosis (Programmed brain cell death), a normal process in which the body recognizes weak or damaged cells, and automatically allows the cell to die, and replace it with a new one. Only in my case, only the first half of this apoptosis process was being done. (No wonder the headaches). The powers that be were preparing my wife for a transfer to a nursing home where I would live out my days.

Then I was evaluated by a visiting professor from Johns Hopkins, who suggested I start a Mitochondrial Cocktail (essentially a dozen vitamins, amino acids and 1 Key Component COQ10) My wife informs me that it was within 36 hours of starting this cocktail that I became aware of my surroundings. I recognized my wife, parents, siblings, and my 2 year old son. Was up walking with Physical Therapy. I no longer wet and soiled myself and was no longer needing diapers. And the plans for a nursing home changed to discharge home with aggressive rehab.

Ever since Nov 6, 2002, I live with chronic muscle pain, relentless fatigue, which has improved modestly with increased Ubiquinol dose strength. Per Doctor Beatrice Golomb MD, PhD of the UCSD Statin Effects Study I enrolled in after discharge, my use of Lipitor “was the causal contributor to the Mitochondrial Mutations” seen under electron microscopy of my brain biopsy, as well as the holes (apoptosis) seen in my biopsy.

It was after this that I decided I need to pour every ounce of time and energy into researching statin drugs which I discovered were founded on flawed data manipulated by Prof Ancel Keys, when his 22-country study failed to prove the cholesterol causation of heart disease, so he cherry-picked 7 countries which were skewing his data, and “Ta Da!”, the cholesterol=heart disease theory was born. Drug companies ran wild with this “data” and have since boasted unbelievable record-breaking profits from the statin boom.

In spite of taking statins, the absolute risk reduction of heart disease lies somewhere in the range of 1%…yes, a paltry 1%. Hardly what you would expect from a record-breaking drug. But that’s because the statisticians are too smart to use (the accurate) Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR), and use a Relative Risk Reduction (RRR), which is a way to make 1% look like a glorious 40+%. 40% will sell drugs, to the tune of $ hundreds of billions/ year, and that makes stockholders happy. And when they send their army of drug sales reps into doctors’ offices and clinics and hospital emergency rooms, the drug reps know full well to NEVER use the ARRs, because that will not sell drugs. They tout RRR’s, and minimize adverse events. This is why so many physicians, (you know, the people we entrust with our lives) have no idea what statin drugs, or what artificially altering one’s cholesterol levels, will do.

Despite learning the utter importance of Cholesterol in Pre-Med training, when they learned the Mevalonate Pathway which Cholesterol and dozens of other essential molecules are made, such as Vit D, CoQ10, Dolichols, Steroid Hormones, Testosterone, Estrogen, etc etc …how they can forget this is beyond me. It is the source of our ability to produce energy to our cells, and blocking the production of these substances will have disastrous consequences.

Don’t take my word for it. Read “The Truth About Statins: Risks and Alternatives to Cholesterol Lowering Drugs” by Dr Barbara Roberts, MD, a cardiologist of 40+ years who knows all too well that Statins will benefit fewer than 1% of all who take it, leaving the other 99% at risk for devastating adverse effects. Or look to Dr Duane Graveline, MD, who was a NASA Flight Surgeon and a Family Physician, who suffered from Transient Global Amnesia as a Result of his statin use. Or read anything by London Cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra, who knows the statistical contortionism which has led to probably the biggest scam in the history of the world.

I am an administrator in a Statin Effects Facebook group, of which there are 3 Cardiologists including Doctors Roberts and Malhotra, a few well published biochemists, and other experts, but mostly almost 1800 victims of statins from all over the globe, if anyone is interested.

Statin was the results of a biopsy my dermatologist did years ago.Skin was scaling off my feet layers at a time.After seeing two doctors and three specialist finally my dermatologist said we weren’t going to treat this horrifying condition until we find out what we are treating.Who would have thought stain was the reasoning behind my skin condition.Kerotoderma with psoriasis is the diagnosis. Skin has continued to peel off daily for five years and my toes nails have also h decayed and have come off..Like so many I have muscle pain and cramping.I am now diabetic and have preripheral neuropathy in my arms and legs.I was very active walking , swimming, kayaking, hiking,fishing and enjoying activities with family.After I stoped taking Lipitor, Crestor, zocor, and so many others I am walking with great discomfort, struggle getting up and down, very fatigued, have special orthotics and have to address and medicate my feet three times daily.Doctors say there is no cure for my feet and with some uncertainty about reversing all the drastic side effects of statin drugs. I am being advised to see a vascular surgeon and a foot surgeon.Seems like this could be an ongoing journey of experimenting with natural means of stabilizIng what statin has invaded.You need to take charge of your on health, ask lot’s of questions ,do your on research and keep up with what’s new stabilizIng your condition.Always being hopeful, prayers are with you….

Thank you for info, I was put on statins by a Dr at Royal Free, told him I did not wish to take them he only asked 1 question of me “which newspaper did I read?” I said the Telegraph, never said anymore, I took the statins for 5 days had a lot of muscle pain so stopped, my local hospital had in the meantime done a fasting blood test and said normal , no further treatment needed.

I am an almost 74 year old female was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 1995 and had been a research patient for the Royal Free all that time.
Now have muscle pain and unexplained weight loss, I can see and feel muscle loss in tops of arms and thighs, difficulty getting out of chair, and was a golfer and tennis player in the past, difficulty even walking the dog , had to cancel a booked holiday, and had unexplained fall last July and only took the damned drug for 5 days
Kidney problems more recently when taking diaretic, your articles make me realise what is going on in my body.

My family has a history of Auto Immune conditions, my son has secondary progressive MS and I have been his primary carer, what now?
I have seen the video clip of the Merck Man who wanted a drug invented that maximum take up would make maximum profit, where do we go from here.

I took Zocor for 6 months, then Lipitor for 1.5 yrs, then Pravachol for 1.5 yrs, then finally Crestor for 3 months,, all to lower my chlorestorol, before finally refusing to take another statin. I was unaware of the muscle damage these drugs could do. Each time I told my Endocrinologist that I was experiencing muscle pain and discomfort, he would then either lower the dose or the frequency. Never mentioning to me that these medications can cause serious, irreversible muscle damage. Not a word!! Long story short, I now suffer from Polymyositis, a extremely painful and debilitating Auto Immune Disorder. No remission! I suffer daily pain, weakness, even while daily taking one of the strongest pain narcotics available. DO NOT TAKE THESE DRUGS!!

Thank you for your info – I have been on statins for 15 yrs and now have one leg that is so weak I can’t put any weight on it as it tries to collapse – the foot drops and is partially
paralyzed to be able to move upward – I have an appointment tomorrow with a neurologist and wonder why I am going after reading all the info in this site…I am off
atorvastatin as of today and hope to walk again without a walker…this is just 3 months ago. My Dr. has no clue what my problem is after xrays of back MRI of back bone density and heart tests – I think you are more knowledgeable than she is…I have a lot of
pain in my neck and some lower back pain – I just want to be able to dance and get up on the stage and sing again. Blessings to you all with this horrible result of taking a drug that should have been banned long ago….

The large number of letters pointing out the aches & pains coincident with taking statins is scarey and one-sided. I’m 77 and have been taking Lipitor (~10 yrs) and simvastatin (8 yrs) and have not experienced the leg/thigh/general muscle side effects pointed out. I’m losing muscle tone and strength due to age. I walk a mile a day and am in generally good condition. Sounds like an independent study is in order and the health community should address this — not dismiss it. What are the odds of side affects? Harry

I stopped taking statins many years ago , I must have been one of the first people to use them, I took them for about 10 years, suffering from what the Doctors said was Osteoarthritis, my muscles constantly hurting, in 2002 after reading on the internet other people had the same problems I had I stopped taking them, I was finding walking was very painful, my muscles in my legs were atrophying , and even to get out of bed was a problem, as even the small muscles in my ribs hurt when getting out of bed ,I still have the pains after years off of this drug.
I told others who had the problems I had, and they also stopped taking them and are back playing bowls and driving their cars, one person I told (he was walking with two walking sticks, and couldn’t drive)said he told his Doctor, who said he must not stop, but after listening to him went and looked something up, and said that he may indeed be right!He stopped right away.
I feel that if I had continued taking this drug I would have died, I still have pain, but at least I can walk, albeit with pain,I am 80 years old, and have continued taking an interest in the effects of this drug, because I have had many problems that other users seem to experience, I have had both eyes operated for cataracts, walk with difficulty,have awful joint pain, I heard on the Radio a heart specialist say only people with a diagnosed heart problem should take statins, otherwise they are of no use.
My mother and her sisters all lived to a good age, and had never heard of statins, I think I would rather take my chances , the side effects from this drug is too horrendous to take a chance. Do your own research,

I had a heart attack at the age of 53. Even though my cholesterol levels were not high, I exercised regularly and ate healthy, they put me on simvastatin. I was told that this was because my levels needed to be even lower than what the normal level is.

After about a year I had developed mild leg pain. I could still walk, run but my legs were very achy. It progressively got worse. I spoke to my cardiologist and my regular doctor and I was told (in my opinion) that it was all in my head and that I had no choice but to stay on the medication since it would help prevent a 2nd heart attack.

As it worsened I complained more, they took me off the simvastatin and put me on lipitor. Another statin. Pain was getting worse. At this point when I lay in bed it felt like my legs were being beaten by ball bats. It was excruciating. I would cry every day. If I sat for more than 5 minutes I would stiffen up so badly that I could barely stand and walk. Going up stairs got to the point where I would have to physically use my hands to lift my legs.

They took me off the statin for 2 weeks. They put me on a different one and within a week the leg pain was back and getting worse. They finally took me off completely a year ago. The leg pain is so much better. Still achy at times and it still can be tough while walking or exercising but at least I can do it again. My frustration lies with the doctors brushing off the pain and saying it’s in your head. It wasn’t in my head. There were times I was in such excruciating pain I would have welcomed death. My point is if your feeling that kind of pain keep pushing your doctors for other alternatives.

In 2009, the VA doctor,put me on Simvastatin. It only took 21 days to put me in the hospital. I was told to never take a statin, again. It’s now 2016, and I still have the worst cramps in my legs, you can imagine.

I was told by a neurologist, I had a disease call isaacs syndrome. I looked it up and found out there was 200,000 documented cases (in mostly Scotland. and that it was hereditary). Funny thing is, I’m native American and English. The fact of the matter is, Dr.’s either do not know, or will admit nothing.

I will not take any meds, when the side effects, are worse than the problem.

I was told by my Dr. when I quit the statin, the problem would leave to. So much for that brilliant observation. The other fact is, no matter how much information I showed them, all the Dr.’s denied that the statin caused the problem.

So, for anyone who is directed to take a statin, I would do my homework on the drug, first. In 09, I was 60 and running 5 miles a day. Now I’m 67, and can’t walk 5 blocks. If I had been given the choice, or had the side effects explained, I would have declined the meds, and taken my chance without them.

You All have my deepest sympathy. But, don’t give up, maybe, 1 day, a person might find the cure. What really is scary, is that everyone seems to be given all kinds of diagnoses.

I feel for all that are having these problems. I was initially put on Zocor, 40mg then switched to Simvistatin, 80mg. My problems are primarily with left leg. It will cramp, spasm or collapse. Thighs feel like I ran a marathon. I had a biopsy done on calf and have atrophy. Have developed dropped foot.

In one reply it was mentioned about having to pick up leg to get dressed, stairs are a challenge. Lead with right, drag left.

Side note: I have been experiencing bouts of dizziness. My BP spiked and I was admitted.

After reading some of symptoms online one of the neuropathies can cause elevated BP leading to dizziness or lightheaded. Getting this checked out.

If it is caused by this, how do you control it? I took it for a couple of years, argued with doc about causes, discontinued the drug- problems are permanent, not lessoning and may be getting worse with time. I could go on but you get the idea. Luck to all.

Was on simvastatin for 10-15 years. Would occasionally get severe “charlie horse” like cramps around my rib cage and calf cramps. After noticing a increase in the cramps and severity I mentioned it to my Dr who then did a CPK level that came back normal.

A few months later I began getting the severe cramps constantly. So severe they would take me down and if I tried stretching to relieve it I only cause more in other areas. I had a complete thyroidectomy over 10 years ago so they always said it was a side affect of calcium and vit D deficiency.

After repeated testing and normal levels related to all thyroid issues my CPK finally was elevated. They took me off statins immediately. Now 6 weeks later my CPK is normal but my cramps are not. Sometimes I’m afraid to move knowing I will trigger one, sometimes they just come as they please. They are interfering with my everyday life! My body always feels exhausted, my muscles are always sore and always spasming. The neurologist didn’t see any reason at this time to do further testing and my Dr now wants me to see a rheumatologist. Has anyone experienced such severe cramping? Muscle relaxers help a bit but not always. Has anyone had normal CPK levels while still having spasms? I’m so lost… I feel like everyone thinks I’m crazy! But this is horrible and I need some suggestions please!

I have been taking Simvastin for several years, have muscle cramps in my legs and feet, but the worst is, my left leg, cannot lift it without using my hands to put on pants,etc. almost felt like I had a stroke. seriously thinking of stopping them.

I have the same problems after taking different statin types of cholesterol pills. Even though I stopped taking (without the doctor’s approval because I got all kinds of problems with my liver damage, close to diabetes, ringworm, etc), I can’t stretch my body. I got a severe muscle cramps and my lower leg swollen up. I had to take anti inflammatory drugs and ointment for months, but they didn’t seem effective. Now, it has become a permanent issue for me.

I was prescribed Lipitor 20mg with normal cholesterol and increased to 40mg unbeknownst to me because one artery is 50% blocked. The new dosage put me in bed for 11 weeks until my BSN wife told me to quit taking in Oct. Have not been able to walk or make a fist with either hand since. Been in hospital all kinds of specialists lost my job fun fun fun can’t even describe the pain I’m in daily and the doctors prescribe prednisone only which seems to do nothing. Very burned out with the whole experience now pain is in neck and base of skull getting more concerned. If any ideas please comment back.

I have taken many cholesterol meds. All gave me terrible foot and leg cramps. The last one, Crestor, I took for 3 yrs before cramps began. I am now on Livalo. I am experiencing no cramps yet. My cholesterol used to be in the high 300’s. It is now just above 200. I know mine is family-oriented. All my father’s and mother’s family died of heart-related problems or strokes.


Feeling much better after stopping lipitor. One lingering side effect symptom is a section of my mid back that remains numb and inflamed.

What i have read on this is a little scary, so i wont speculate. I just want it to go back to normal.

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