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Statins and ALS-Like Syndrome

Occasionally, people who have taken statins report that they have lost muscle strength and control and developed symptoms of ALS. Did statins trigger ALS?
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We can think of few diseases that are more dreadful than ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Losing muscle control to the point of total paralysis takes an incredible toll on the patient and the family. We speak from personal experience. A beloved member of our family died from ALS many years ago, so this is not an academic exercise for us.

Could Statin Drugs Lead to ALS-Like Symptoms?

Several years ago we started hearing rumors about an association between cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins and ALS. At first we rejected this as gossip, rumor and innuendo. We talked with Duane Graveline, MD, about cases he was collecting (see below) and we talked with Beatrice Golomb, MD, about her own research in this matter. We also interviewed Ralph Edwards, MD, Director of the World Health Organization’s drug-monitoring center in Uppsala, Sweden about a link between statins and ALS-like syndrome. Our radio show with the interview with Dr. Edwards aired August 4, 2007.

Many cardiologists and other physicians were not convinced about this idea. Nevertheless, many patients have reported a connection between taking a statin-type medicine and the development of ALS-like symptoms (see comments below). There is also a publication from Beatrice Golomb, MD, and her colleagues (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-Like Conditions in Possible Association with Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: An Analysis of Patient Reports to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Statin Effects Study, Drug Safety, Aug. 8, 2009)

Are Some People Especially Susceptible?

We suspect that there may be individuals who are highly susceptible to muscle pain and weakness brought on by statins. This could be as many as 10 percent of those who take such drugs. There may be a much smaller group that is susceptible to an even more serious reaction called ALS-like syndrome. One piece of evidence that might corroborate a connection is a report that patients with ALS deteriorate more quickly if they take a statin-type medication (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Aug., 2008).

The FDA has dismissed our concerns and concluded that there is no connection. We certainly hope the FDA is right. If the agency is wrong, however, a terrible tragedy could be unfolding because people in authority have ignored the early warning signals of danger.

Prior Posting July 30, 2007

Duane Graveline, MD, has reported many cases of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) associated with statin-type cholesterol-lowering drugs. Dr. Graveline has had personal experience with Lipitor and TGA (transient global amnesia) and has written about it in his books, “Statin Drugs Side Effects” and “Lipitor, Thief of Memory.” The information is at Within a year of his TGA attacks he noted the gradual onset of pains and weakness in his back and legs subsequently diagnosed as ALS-like. Dr. Graveline now must use a walker full time. To learn more of Dr.Graveline’s Lipitor-associated ALS-like experience see My Statin Story on his website. Recently Dr. Graveline informed us he has received several hundred statin-associated ALS reports.

Although we were aware of muscle problems as well as nerve issues (peripheral neuropathy) associated with statin-type drugs, we had not heard of ALS cases linked to these medications. Then we received an email from a reader of our syndicated newspaper column:

“I read with interest today’s letter from a Lipitor taker. I believe Lipitor triggered my ALS, but had a hard time convincing anyone until this World Health Organization report came out:”

“Statins, neuromuscular degenerative disease and an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-like syndrome: an analysis of individual case safety reports from vigibase.” Edwards IR, Star K, Kiuru A.  Drug Safety 2007;30(6):515-525.

The Wall Street Journal has also written about this research. You can find an article by Avery Johnson on the first page of the July 3, 2007 edition:

If you have an experience you would like to report about statins in general or an ALS-like syndrome in particular, please write about it here or make a report directly to MedWatch. We will pass on your case report to the FDA. We always appreciate you voting for this post at the top of the page.

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My husband was taking Lipitor for 5 years with no muscle problem but in the last 12 months of his life every muscle in his body collapsed. Be aware of this evil drug that they have made millions from.

I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband died at age 74 in April of ALS after having taken statins for a few years. The statins were prescribed for high cholesterol. Ironically, my husband’s mother lived to be 98 and she also had high cholesterol but NEVER took statins.

My husband was put on statin drugs as a “preventive” measure because his cholesterol was at 198. At 70 years old he was in perfect physical condition. The only drug he took was 5mg of Benicar for HBP. Within months he had a terrible time getting out of bed. He was crippled by hamstring pain.

His entire life he was an athlete and at 70 was still playing full court basketball with fellow players twenty years younger. We tried physical therapists, I purchased my own massage table to help his aching muscles and finally contacted the cardiologist who essentially told me to stop interfering. We switched to three brands of statins: Lipitor, Crestor and Simvastatin. I began to notice that he couldn’t follow a story line, be it in a conversation or watching a show. He started mixing up his words. He would look at a little girl and ask,” what’s “his “name”, not seemingly aware of the pink bow in her hair and the dress. A roast beef sandwich was called a rice beef sandwich. He had trouble doing simple things. And this was a man who was in the television/ sports world and ran his own company for 35 years.

Again the doctor felt he was just getting older and working too hard. He had never had one physical problem in his life and was a dedicated athlete until he took statins. Late one night I heard a commercial listing the side effects of statins…” If you are experiencing muscle pain or cognitive impairment or confusion, contact your doctor immediately. “ That was the last day of statin drugs and our next visit was to a top neurologist at Columbia University. The neurologist said that the number one side effect of statins is muscle problems and number two is cognitive impairment. The muscles can repair but the brain doesn’t because the statins cross the blood brain barrier, diminish the cholesterol in the brain and the damage is done.

Three neurologists later, we were told that we are all born with one third of the cholesterol in our body locked in our brains at birth, and that the statins cross the blood brain barrier and destroy the cholesterol that makes up our neural pathways. By this time he was independently diagnosed by all three neurologists with a neurodegenerative disease called Primary Progressive Aphasia. The first neurologist at Columbia said it would develop rapidly, marked his lifespan to ten years and that each system in his brain would fall like dominoes… first speech, then motor , etc. He died at 78, had a terrible time physically and mentally but always could relay his feelings with his emotions intact. One neurologist said that “as ALS is to the body, PPA is to the mind…. you know what you want to say but can’t. You tell your body to walk but the signals get crossed, you want to eat but you can’t.”

I had the pleasure of meeting a cardiologist while in the hospital with my husband towards the end of his life, who told me he doesn’t use statins in his practice except in extreme cases of genetically high cholesterol because his father and sister, both neurologists , have warned him of the serious side effects. During the eight years trying to research any avenue of recovery possible , I had the most amazing opportunity to speak to Dr Stephanie Seneff at MIT, who has written several articles on the negative and dangerous side effects of statin use. You’ll find her vilified by big pharma and praised by every alternative site of value.

I tell everyone I meet about this issue of statins, when given the chance. It is a national disgrace that these stories are swept under the rug and are only aired by the People’s Pharmacy, Dr Mercola and Dr William Davis. There needs to be a new model of medicine in this age of advanced communication. Anecdotal evidence is the way to go. They can have their double blind studies.
Thank you for all of your stories. Maybe if we all keep talking about the negative side effects of statins, the largest selling and most profitable drug of all time will be ultimately banned and thousands of people warned and saved from the havoc they reap. Please contact me if my story can help anyone in any way.

My doctor prescribed statins about fifteen years ago (2003 or so) despite my getting my cholesterol down to 177 from 207 with diet. She claimed she wasn’t satisfied with the ratio of HDL to LDL and insisted that I accept the prescription for Lipitor. She was acting rather strangely.

I complained about pain in my arms on several occasions, but she assumed, without any testing, that I had tendonitis, as my work required hours of computer use. In 2010, I suffered a severe depression and had to be hospitalized. My cholesterol was 134 which was known to be a dangerously low level even back in the early 1990s. Increased weakening of my arms occurred in sync with the deepening depression. I was suicidal and unable to function. While I had experienced depression before, it was never to the point that I stopped eating or couldn’t function. I also developed bruising all over my upper arms and, to my amazement, no one at the psychiatric hospital asked about it, although I looked as if someone had beaten me. I was drugged to the gills with antidepressants and benzos.

I was hospitalized in September of 2010, and it wasn’t until the following May that it dawned on me my symptoms could very well be from Lipitor. I threw it out. Within six weeks the antidepressant became too much, causing hyperactivity, and I had to begin tapering off, another horror story for another time. Meanwhile, my upper arms had deteriorated to the point that I couldn’t lift my arms above waist level without bending them, and even then, I could only get my hands to shoulder height. I remember sitting in the parking lot of the train station crying because my arms were hurting so badly that I was afraid I might not be able to drive home.

I retired at age 65 in September of 2011, and it took years before I worked up the courage to ask my doctor for an MRI and to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, who was astonished that I was able to live independently. He said that my rotator cuffs were completely worn away, and that there was nothing he could do surgically to help without risking further weakness. He agreed that the damage was likely due to Lipitor, adding that the upper arms were the first place the problem starts.

Meanwhile, my PCP is in denial that she did anything to hurt me, and since she’s also in denial about her own very serious weight problem. I’m about to change doctors after twenty years with her because I’m afraid she’s also denying the results of her own bloodwork and therefore denying the same results in her patients to keep her illusions intact. So many times I’ve had to figure out what’s wrong on my own and try to find a way to treat the condition myself. She has also misdiagnosed me several times and therefore prescribed medications that were inappropriate, and if I could get along without someone to write my prescription for blood pressure meds I wouldn’t see a doctor at all.

My thanks to the People’s Pharmacy for bringing this problem and others to light. The public doesn’t find out until many years after clinical trials that a drug is harmful, and meanwhile insurance companies pressure doctors to adhere to a “standard of care” that is many years out of date. It may be hard to believe, but my doctor still suggests that I take a statin drug for my cholesterol, which is a bit over 200, a number which was considered healthy until Pfizer came along and unilaterally set the standard. And guess who makes Lipitor? American medicine is a trainwreck!

Articles like this are of limited use for individuals trying to determine whether statin use is right for them. Does the People’s Pharmacy advocate that the criteria for statin recommendation change? Whether they intend to or not, they are encouraging people to reconsider statin use by publishing this article and all the negative testimonials. Is this likely to be costing more lives from untreated hypercholesterolemia than it saves from ALS-like disorders and irreversible muscle damage? Isn’t it more about weighing the chances of benefit versus the risk of harm? If we can’t trust the FDA to advise us truthfully on that, where do we find more aporopriate advice?

Thinking each of us must trust our mind and body (and practice due diligence online) rather than taking advice on drug use solely on the word of a physician. Our doctors are not experts in pharmacology. The US is rated very low among developed nations in quality of medical care. Respect your inner knowing and wake up to the need to protect oneself proactively. Fight for quality health care as a right of citizenship for all.

Has anyone checked to see if there has been an increase of “diagnosed” ALS in relationship to the usage of statins. Ignore the medical field. All they want to do is prescribe, prescribe, prescribe. Once they prescribe they don’t review your usage — checking to see if it is still necessary.

My husband was prescribed statins for high cholesterol. He had no heart problems. Within a year or so he developed muscle weakness which led to a diagnosis of ALS. He went to three doctors during this time and not one had the decency to tell him to stop the statin drug (Lipitor). I highly suspect this drug may have triggered my husband’s illness. We are in the third year since diagnosis and he is declining significantly. What a tragedy if the FDA has mistakenly ignored signals of a possible connection. There will be more victims of this dreadful disease.

Thank you for telling the sad story of your husband.
I am a retired, Swedish woman with no connection to health care.
I saw suffering of several people on statins and started to look for information on this site and others as well as reading books. Has gone on for years.
I am a great fan of Dr. Malcolm Kendrick and right now he has an article about statins and ALS. I am enclosing a link.

My 41 year old husband has been taking Crestor for a couple of years. He has recently been diagnosed with possible als. I am very concerned about the correlation between statins and als. Why would they give these drugs to anyone with this connection???

Interesting that i am reading all of this now since I read much like it ten years ago, even space- doc (until it disappeared completely). Ten years ago a good friend showed signs much like you’ve been describing and I was seeking answers. The doctors denied any possibilty of a connection with her brief use of Crestor with her symptoms. She died of a variation of ALS in 2016.

I to have been on statins for about three years. I suffered with severe muscle cramps. I complained to my heart doctor and I pooh poohed about it. Then I got slurred speech. I was diagnosed with ALS. When I mentioned about the statins I was again told that there was no way that was possible. I wish I would have read more about statins.

I was Rx Lovastatin and within two weeks I became lost in my own neighborhood, I did not recognize any landmarks within 1/2 miles from my home. I was also all of a sudden not remembering what I was talking about………Well, where there is smoke there is fire……I immediately stopped the Lovastatin and I immediately stopped having memory problems. And, I have not had any since. This has been 2 years ago. My Primary Care Physician causually brushed me off. He had nothing to say.

My husband (46) was put on Statins (Lipitor) and later Simvastatin after having a stent done. He started complaining about muscle cramps and aches but all the doctors we saw said it was normal. He bore with it because after all, the statins recommendation and comments were made by doctors (specialists). He gradually complained about a weakness in his right arm and hand and later leg and started to walk with a limp. After a year and a half on statins we could see that he has lost a lot of weight and his normally muscled arms (he used to lift weights) has lost all its muscles, leaving only skin and bones. We brought it to the attention of a young doctor who finally told him to stop taking statins to monitor his progress. By this time the damage was already done. He would sometimes fall when walking and the hand weakness has progressed to his left side. The doctors have diagnosed him with ALS. He still suffers muscle cramps and weakness in his limbs and has to pull himself up painfully using railings when climbing up the stairs or steps. He finds it difficult to switch on the lights and to pull on his t shirts or zip up or button his jeans. When he was hospitalised two weeks ago to check what was wrong I asked the cardiologist about what I had read online regarding the relationship between statins and ALS ,he pooh-pooh it off and said that it was all rubbish. I asked him about statins and ALS again the next day and he admonished me for believing such nonsense. Upon discharge from the hospital, the doctor supplied my husband with a month’s supply of Lipitor! I felt so disappointed with the cardiologist who I once believed to be a very good one. I also threw out every statin pill in the house. My husband’s cholesterol level is T-4.9 mmol/L, Trig 0.71mmol/L, HDL 1.32 mmol/L, LDL 3.2 mmol/L (He has not been taking any statins for the past 4 months)

About 6 years ago, my doctor put me on Lipitor. I took it for about two weeks, and one morning I could not get out of bed. My husband helped me walk to the bathroom. I was completely bent over; back ached something awful, and my thighs hurt so very bad. I was frantic, crying. He told me it’s got to be the Lipitor. I quit it, and it took a couple of days before I was walking right again. I told my doctor about it, and he had me try Lovistatin. In a few days, I had the thigh pain again, and so I quit Lovistatin, and will never take a Statin drug again. And, to this day, I have some memory problems; hard to think of the right word, and at times, ask my husband what we had for breakfast, or what did we do yesterday. And, I struggle with spelling words I used to know how to spell. Thank God for spell check on my computer. -Cathie P, Springfield, MO

Cathie P; you might try co-Q-10 , it has been known to stop muscle cramps of people on statins. I do not take statins but I have been suffering with neuro muscular problems for awhile, my doctor suggested I take200 mg. Of CO-Q10 I started with 100 mg and felt improvement and then increased to 200. I might add that magnesium also relieves the muscle spasms as well. Statin drugs depletes both co-Q10 and magnesium in our bodies, which may be why people get the muscle problems. I take100mg twice day, I believe you can take up to 400 mg but I would talk to a doctor. I believe magnesium can lower blood pressure and insulin resistance so if on meds be aware. We lose magnesium and co-Q10 as we get older. I hope this gives you something to studie on.

Cheryl you might try co-Q-10 , it has been known to stop muscle cramps of people on statins. I do not take statins but I have been suffering with neuro muscular problems for awhile, my doctor suggested I take200 mg. Of CO-Q10 I started with 100 mg and felt improvement and then increased to 200.

I might add that magnesium also relieves the muscle spasms as well. Statin drugs depletes the magnesium in our bodies, which may be why people get the muscle problems. I take100mg twice day, I believe you can take up to 400 mg but I would talk to a doctor. I believe magnesium can lower blood pressure and insulin resistance so if on meds be aware. We lose magnesium and co-Q10 as we get older. I hope this gives you something to studie on.

Shortly after starting Lipitor several years ago I was experiencing pretty severe muscle cramps and developed an ascending numbness and tingling from my feet to my waist, which lasted for almost a week. I also had ptosis of both eyelids which was recurring and remitting. I took myself off of statins and have not taken them since, despite insistence from my endocrinologist that I try them again. There is an established connection between myasthenia symptoms and statins. My brother, who took statins for over a year, now suffers from myasthenia gravis and almost died from a drug reaction associated with his condition. I don’t consider the small benefit to be worth the risk.

Amazed at all the comments on this subject! I was on Lipitor and my cholesterol kept going up and my dr doubled the dose. I am type 2 diabetic and had read studies that statins increase risk for diabetes. Why would I subject myself to that? I am already struggling with that! I stopped taking Lipitor in Jan this year. I started seeing an acunpunturist/holistic medicine dr in May who is helping me with several issues. Long story short my cholesterol has gone down 20 points since seeing her. My new MD is pushing for a statin again. I am refusing!! There are healthier ways to care for your body! Get out there and find them!!! Good Luck!

My husband, a vibrant, health concious man of 56. He eats fruit, vegetables, some meat and little junk food, if any. (ice cream is his weakness) He works out, lifts weights and hikes. He was put on Lipitor about 25 years ago. Did blood work to check on things and has a yearly physical. In the past six months he has started having muscle twitching in his neck and arm. Leg cramps and back pain. His throat closes at times when he tries to swallow liquid, he chokes. He voice and speech and slurred. He feels healthy in every other way. They say it looks like ALS. I am looking closely at this issue.

I am diabetic and I gladly take statins. They do have some side effects, as mentioned, at first. But they go away as you get used to the statins. I am much more worried about a stroke now, than something else, maybe in the future.

I have very high cholesterol (over 350) which is greatly lowered taking statins. I have been off and on prescribed them for years. After taking them for a while I get a feeling of exhaustion and weakness. I have been on Zetia and pravastatin for 4 months and because I am feeling so bad stopped the Zetia at least. I will be getting another blood test in a few months. Meanwhile I am trying to recover my stamina.

My husband had high dose of Lipitor years ago. He started having severe muscle pain daily and would go to the doctor where they would do ultra sounds and other costly procedures trying to find out what was really wrong with him. I kept telling him I think it’s from your statin as I read where it causes muscle pain. Now wouldn’t you think that’s the first thing a doctor would think of and lower the statin! After my complaining for months he finally listened and the doctor changed him to another statin in lower dose; he has been muscle pain free ever since. My complaint with doctors is they have everyone on such high doses of this stuff (and all other drugs) instead of starting out with the lowest and increase slowly if necessary. I just take 10mg Lovastatin and have no problem, but I would quit on my own if the doctor didn’t listen, as we know our own bodies. Just cause the doctor prescribes something for you doesn’t mean you have to take it – just ask questions until they get it right and you feel right!

Doctors have urged me for years to take something to lower my cholesterol. I have a family history of stroke and diabetes. I can’t get past a friend who took Zocor. She complained of pain in her shoulders and was thinking of seeing a lawyer about suing Zocor’s maker because it was so severe. Before she could do that she started showing signs of dementia. The doctors said they had never seen a case progress so fast. She’s been in a nursing home in a catatonic state for the last three years. It breaks my heart.

I wish I could take turmeric, but unfortunately I get a bad reaction to it, even in very small amounts. (lightheadedness, fatigue, heartburn). Be sure to start out slowly. I hope it works for you. It didn’t for me.

I was already very aware of ALS in the late 1990s, as my dad had previously been diagnosed with ALS and suicided rather than burden his family with the inevitable and horrible death. Shortly after his death I read a memorandum from the World Health Organization warning the medical profession that symptoms of statin-induced rhabdomyalisis were possibly being mistaken for ALS symptoms. Since ALS was, at that time, only diagnosable by the elimination of all other factors that might cause such symptoms and because statins were, at the time, relatively new, the WHO apparently wanted to make sure that such statin-induced symptoms be ruled out before such a deadly diagnosis be made.

That memo disappeared into the digital ethers, never mentioned again, as far as I could find it….. Seems a bit specious that this news is now reappearing as if only just discovered.

As you’ll see from the date on our article, it goes back quite a way. We thought readers who had not seen it before might be interested.

My husband is 75 and took statins for years. I kept telling him about the side effect of memory loss I heard about on NPR and The People’s Pharmacy. When you are 75, everyone has memory lapses here and there and more serious problems are easy to overlook but when he said he could not remember anything about the trip we took to China in 2010 or the trip to Cuba in 2012, he stopped taking Crestor. He is now taking Namenda but his memory is not better and may be worse. He also gets confused and has trouble with what day it is and I have to check to make sure he takes his other medications. We no longer travel because he has a lot of anxiety about going anywhere. My doctor recently suggested I start a statin for high cholesterol and I said, “No way.”

About 15 years ago my friend Sheila was diagnosed with MS. After hearing about the side effects of muscle pain and weakness from statins, I asked her when the MS symptoms first appeared and when she started the statin drug. Both started at the same time! She refused to do anything about it because her doctor said there was no connection and her cholesterol was high. Ten years ago after much degeneration of muscles, Sheila fell into her shower and was unable to move and unable to breathe. She died of suffocation.

My mom passed away two weeks ago after a two year struggle with ALS at the age of 68. As I was digging through her stuff over the weekend I was really surprised to see how many (8) meds she was on prior to being diagnosed. Zocor (simvastatin) was one of them. I found this info in her records from when she had her hip replaced. After her hip replacement, was when the first symptoms appeared, sore muscles and slurred speech, then continuing with something new and worse about every week until she was locked-in & bed ridden. My question is… are there any current studies that research the links between Statin drugs and ALS that I could give my mom’s info to? Unfortunately, she never filled out the correct paperwork to have her body donated to the cause, even though I know she wanted to. She made donations to ALS orgs, and very much would want to do anything possible to help end this horrible disease.

I took statins for years before I had any noticeable problems. I had my blood tested every six months to be sure they weren’t destroying my liver or my muscles, and the tests did not show any damage. One day I went to comb my hair and my arm muscles burned as if I was in the middle of an exercise routine. I realized, over the next few weeks, that all my muscles felt that way so I made an appointment with my doctor. When I told her what my muscles felt like and that I thought it was the statin I was taking, which I would not take any more, she agreed. Seven years later, my muscles still burn like this a lot of the time. It’s ridiculous. These studies keep coming out about how statins help this and that, and maybe everyone should be on them. I don’t think they should be made illegal, but I think doctors should be very careful that when they prescribe a statin, to tell patients the possible side effects, the most likely side effects and to contact the doctor immediately if any of these appear. I will probably suffer this muscle pain for the rest of my life. The little difference the statins may have made in my chances of having a heart attack was absolutely not worth it.

My wife has symptoms like ALS – bulbar. Swallowing and speech are affected. She takes Lipotor.

My husband was on cholesterol medication for 7 years. He didn’t seem to have any problems till about a year ago. I noticed something wasn’t right with his memory. It got so bad I decided to retire. We both were scared to death he had dementia. It continued to get worse at a rapid rate. One day God put in my mind to check out his medications. There it was right before my eyes. He had so many of the side effects. Neurologist diagnosed him with neuropathy. He’s been off the drug for one week & it’s amazing how he is regaining his memory. Praise & glory to God!

There is a wealth of information out there on the side affects that statins
are responsible for, not to mention numerous peoples experience the correlation of statins to AlS, what more proof does the FDA need to take these off the market?
They are even prescribed to people who have reasonable cholesterol levels.
Not to mention the Dr’s seldom tell you that statins also are responsible for removing CO Q 10 from your heart something your heart has to have.
I was asked to take a statin myself and I told my Dr. you will never get me to take any statin especially knowing the side affects and others experience.
The best solution is a simple effective and natural supplement called “Curcumin” which is really the spice tumeric. I have a friend who after taking this 3 months their cholesterol went from 223 to 123 amazing! His Dr questioned him thinking he was taking the statin she prescribed and was amazed when he said he wasn’t taking it!

ALS does not show in the blood test.

Why were the prescribed Statins to begin with? Because they were already having ALS like Symptoms, most likely.

GRD / friends who might happen to read this.
Great to hear you have some relief be it from Cinnamon or Psoas, relief is great after the crippling pain I am persevering with the gentle Psoas exercises I’m capable of doing and still finding I can move around a bit better, and getting up from a sitting position is no longer the excruciating pain that made me cry out.
I find I need to do the exercises that I can manage for the Psoas sometimes twice a day for about 20 minutes, it’s little price to pay for pain relief, with no side effects other than to be pain free for longer.
Any positives after suffering from medically induced pain is all good. Never again will I take any medication to ease a symptom I will investigate it to find what is the cause.
Going to try the Cinnamon as well Thank you for your info about it.
All the very best cheers.

Dear Friends,
I have most of the statin problems mentioned through out these many posts. One of them is the back pain that won’t go away and it has been three years since I quite statins.
I have just started on the psoas muscle exercise so have nothing to report on that but for Heaven sake, some one mentioned that Turmeric/Curcumin is anti-inflammation fighting spice.
I started taking 500mg per day because theory is (and I believe it) is that plaque build up in the arteries is from inflammation and is not from high cholesterol. The body sends cholesterol to the inflammation where it collects to fight the inflammation and becomes plaque; results, heart attack. Lower inflammation and your cholesterol should lower. (I have no medical training you know). I haven’t had mine checked as yet because it has only be three weeks since I started. However, funny things happened, some of my back pain has gone and I can now walk without being bent over and can now get up out of chair with little back pain. Wow, after three years of no relief. My back pain must be in part from inflammation don’t you know.

John I had horrible symptoms from Crestor and kept telling Doctors I was experiencing excruciating pain trying to stand up from a sitting position, walking was painful pain in my thighs and groin, eventually I stopped by myself all medications, was told Id have a stroke or heart attack, that was nearly 4 years ago now, but the amazing thing was I still had the pain in my right thigh and groin, Watching a quiz show I saw a question asked, what part of the body does the PSOAS control, I didn’t know the answer so I looked it up online when I saw the answer was THE SPINE.
After all my research I have concluded on my own that STATINS damaged the PSOAS Muscle and the nearby tendons which caused my unbearable pain for 4 years even after stopping STATINS and all meds .
After lots of reading I discovered the pain points from a contracted Psoas muscle were exactly where I had excruciating pain, so I did the simple exercises shown in some of the Psoas relief articles.
To my surprise and immense relief I was slowly able to stand up from sitting without the worst of the pain . I continued to improve, I don’t say I have eliminated all pain but I have for the first time found some relief ..

Has anyone been able to recover from muscle weakness and drop foot from statins? And if so, how long did it take you and what did you do that helped recovery (besides, of course, stopping taking the statins)?

I have made a discovery that has been a huge Light Bulb moment for me, I suffered with statin damage after taking Crestor 80 mg for only three months, I was left with excruciating pain in my thigh muscle and groin, it did not fully subside after ceasing Crestor, I suffered this pain constantly for over 3 years. It was excruciating to try to stand from a sitting position and to lift my right leg just to step over the shower hob, I had extreme pain in my right thigh muscle and hip all the way to my knee and extreme pain extending to my groin.
Through a TV Quiz programme I became aware of a muscle called a psoas muscle, it is the singularly most important muscle in your body but is almost ignored by doctors, the description and pics in wikipedia showed exactly where the pain is when this muscle is damaged or not working well, it showed exactly where the pain was in my body on the right side, where I had been told by doctors was “referred pain from an arthritic hip” was supposedly causing the excruciation pain for years since ceasing statins.

The information showed the exact pain region I experienced, I followed a few of the easier exercise movements shown to relieve this muscle, and was so amazed to find that the excruciating pain I had been feeling marginally lessened, in a very short time, like 2 days.
I have been referred to a specialist massage therapist to help me work on the psoas muscle and I am now hopeful of at least some comfort being returned to my life, please seek out this information about the psoas muscle to see if it could possibly be of help to those of you who have leg pain from statins.

I believe the crestor statin drug damaged my psoas muscle and the tendons associated with it and I feel I have at least proved it by the relief I have gained just in a few short days after discovering that such a muscle exists. I will be writing again after I have attended professional phisiotherapy, meanwhile I continue to do the simple exercises that have brought me the first relief in over 3 years. good luck.

I am so happy to see that I am not the only person that is experiencing these side affects. I have been on Lipitor for over 5 years and have had problems almost the entire time. The muscle aches, extreme headaches, fogginess, my feet would hurt so badly that I had problems walking at night. I have severe lower back and hip pain. Almost anything could make me feel like I am gonna start crying. I once was a energetic aerobic and weight trainer. This was all more than enough however last month I started experiencing tremors. I was so shaky I could not function.
I went to my Dr and she said it was not the statin but I was anxious and should drink a glass of wine every day or she could give me a script for Xanax. I said no thanks and have been off the Lipitor for almost a month. Within 3 days the tremors disappeared. My upper body pain and weakness is much better. My foot pain is entirely gone. My lower back and hip pain is still with me but I’m hopeful that this too will go away.
I am now 55 years old and I would rather feel well and live less than live in pure hell on the statin. I am sure that my Dr will tell me how I am going to die of a massive heart attack if I don’t start taking the lipitor, as this is what most Drs do. It’s very hard to hear that and not panic but after what I have read here I think I’ll try to lower my cholesterol naturally!!

About two years ago, a good friend died of ALS.
He was 75 years of age, in good health. He was an active, avid tennis player.
His symptoms progressed rapidly and he was dead within a year of being diagnosed with ALS.
I have to note that prior to being diagnosed, he banged his head into an unprotected steel(?) pillar while chasing a tennis ball to return.(The pillars have since been padded.)
I mention this only because of the comments regarding the fact that Lou Gehrig had been “bean-balled” several times in his career.
And, my friend had been taking Lipitor for several years.

I was running 5k’s an playing Hockey in my mid 50s. After a “wellness” program my Cholesterol level was high. I was put on statins the final one was “SIMCOR”. After starting “SIMCOR” I started having 20-30 cramps a day. I started becoming fatigued and started loosing grip in my right hand. Later I lost muscle control in my legs also.. After a second opinion I was diagnosed with ALS by the Cleveland Clinic.

I have ordered and read the Doctors books and given them to my doctors, as they keep insisting I take statins. My husband was on statins for 15 years and had incredibly horrid cramps, has stopped statins now. He has always been very strong and also pastored churches for 30 years, alot of stress. He is 70. He is being tested for ALS for the past 2 years through the V.A. Practically all tests have been run… since he doesn’t have a significant atrophy in the upper mobility, only in the lower, they won’t say the words ALS. They will say MND at this point. He is steadily getting weaker and weaker. Walks extremely slow with a walker, only about 20 feet then has to sit on it and rest. Has a scooter for going places. Has to have a lift chair. He has a lot of twitching in face, arms and upper body. He has never had bad breath and now it is steadily getting worse and some days are really bad. He went to the Dentist and had a teeth cleaning, didn’t change a thing. He even uses a special mouthwash for bad breath. I am wondering if when the breath is real bad – are the nerves dying? Could I get feed back on that?

I read that you took statin medication for about a year and in June 2013 wew diagnosed with ALS. I have had trouble convincing anyone that my symptoms of pain and tendon and muscle wasting are all linked, what tests did you have that confirmed ALS? I hope you can find some relief from this awful condition.
Yours Faithfully Colleen b Australia

I thought I would write to Peoples Pharmacy to update what has been happening, since I last wrote nearly 3 years ago. It has been three years since I stopped all the medication.
I stopped taking all meds because I found that I was experiencing severe pain in my legs eventually I realized the pain was from Crestor. The Dr admitted that it “might” be the cause, this is how I was able to piece my story together, I left that Doctor who had prescribed the pills it took a few months to find another, diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my back I given Mobic, I believe it was because of Mobic I developed high blood pressure, was given Tritace, developed a severe cough, ceased Tritace, was then given Micardis. My feet and lower legs swelled up, my back pain worsened and the cough was severe I found all three problems were a documented “side effect” of Micardis. I developed fluid retention another “side effect” of Micardis was given Lasix. I became overweight because I was not able to move around as I had before.
I was then given Lipitor, my Cholesterol count was not especially high. After a short time developed severe pain in my shoulders the Dr said it could be the Lipitor so he changed it.
I was given Crestor and told it was different to Lipitor. After only 3 months I was barely able to move my legs, getting up from a sitting position was agony. I had become almost disabled and unable to walk even a short distance. Despite the fluid pills the swelling continued so that I was unable to even wear shoes and had to seek out elastic sandals or those with Velcro straps.
After reading about each of the drugs I had been given I concluded that right from the beginning I did not need any of the medications I had been prescribed.
I took myself off all the pills and was told I would have a heart attack or a stroke I should continue with my medications. It took several weeks to realize that I had made the right decision, I lost 10 kg of weight, The cough brought on as a side effect of Micardis ceased, the fluid retention lessened, my Blood pressure became very normal I monitored it daily. There was not a great deal of improvement with the terrible pain in my legs, I believe the Tendons and muscles in my right thigh have been damaged by the Crestor. I take 300mgm of Co_Q-10 every day and find the pain is worse if I forget to take them.
I found a Doctor who was willing to listen to me and I reported to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration the whole story, they have written my story up as a Triple Whammy, Micardis, Mobic. Crestor, Lasix, plus the fact that I was late 60s was a recipe for disaster, I am now 70 years of age, I still monitor my own blood pressure, I take the stored readings to him about once every 2 months.
I still experience severe pain in my thigh at times I am barely able to walk even short distances, he pain seems to have worsened over time and I take Pannadol Osteo daily and I take Tramal on the days when the pain is unbearable. I have continued with daily dose of C0_Q-10 I also take a Magnesium tablet.
I am still here I didn’t have a stroke or a heart attack because I ceased all the medications on the one day, whilst I don’t recommend anyone follows what I did, I have not regretted doing it.

After taking statin drugs for approx a year, I developed muscle cramps. I discontinued the drugs, but the muscle cramps and then muscle weakening continued. I was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2013.
Until the muscle problems started, I had always been very healthy and active.

I would like to know if her symptoms improved or if they were able to find any treatment? My mother has same symptoms.

Hi mk have you tried taking b12? I take b12, b6,vitamin d with calcium and opti-omega3 1,000tg
after suffering badly with my muscles from taking statins 8 months free of statins just taking the above I am feeling 90% better no more statins for me.

I’m 51 years old and started generic Lipitor (atorvastatin)in May, 2013 because my total cholesterol was around 250. Besides mild asthma and allergies, I’m in excellent health. However, my dad had a triple CABG in 2010 and my younger brother died in 2012 at age 47 of a massive heart attack. With this family history, I thought taking a statin was the smart, responsible thing to do.
After about a month on the statin, I noticed some random muscle twitching at the front base of my neck and in my calves. At first, I attributed this to my recovery from bilateral plantar fasciitis (PF) that I acquired the previous year and working on my property, which is one acre.
Then, another month later I noticed subtle skin irritation on my chest, stomach, and upper legs. I’m very allergic to poison ivy and attributed it that.
By August, 2013, my almost resolved PF began really bothering me again and my skin was persistently blotchy, especially after a hot shower. However, I developed bilateral calf muscle twitching and scattered, minor muscle twitching everywhere. In November, my cardiologist’s office took my off the statin for 2 weeks and my primary doc suggested an additional 4 to 6 week statin holiday.
I’ve been off the statin for 5 weeks now. I’m noticing SLOW improvement: instead of constant twitching, I have periods of no twitching but it’s not gone. The intensity of the rash has decreased but it’s still persistent with some intensity flair ups. Also, my knees stopped hurting me and I had thought it was again just normal from my daily activity.
My primary doc, a DO, thinks all of this is statin related and I agree. No more statins for me!!

Just read what the AMA and others came out with yesterday about STATINS, and how more Americans should be taking them. I disagree. I would agree that some may opt for statins in certain cases, but that they are not for everyone. My experience has been Doctors do not pay any attention to individual cases… they are pushing pills, and typically do not take the time to review all the medical history forms they make you fill out before seeing them.
I had spent the entire year 2004, weekends and vacations; working on a piece of land (24 acres) building fences, clearing brush, trimming trees, etc, etc. We did not own a tractor, so did grunt work, sometimes on our knees. We walked everywhere on the place, only hauling heavy tools in a small utility trailer behind our jeep. The point here is that for my age at the time (62) I was the picture of health, and was still employed full time as a design professional.
Early December that year I had a heart attack, at my job. Dec. 8 I had a stent placed in my left anterior descending artery, and by Christmas break was back at the farm working. My energy level was simply stupendous. My Cardiologist placed me on Lipitor, Plavix, aspirin, Niaspan and a blood pressure med. He told me I would be on those drugs for the rest of my life. For the next three years I continued that same routine… and slowly started feeling weaker, experiencing muscle pain and episodes of lower back spasms.
In January 2008 I underwent emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage. Surgeon told me I had adhesions on my small intestines, likely being a birth defect. He also said my internal connective tissue was thin and weak. By May I was back at the farm, continuing my routine. Just 30 days later I noticed a large bulge in my tummy, and discovered I had an incisional hernia where they went in to correct the blockage. That resulted in surgery to insert a large piece of mesh to correct the hernia. In 2009 my wife was diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis, which stopped our working trips to the farm. For me, the smallest chores around the house would result in lower back pain, weak arm strength, shoulder pain and fatigue. My exercise regimen suffered tremendously.
Following my wife’s death in mid 2011, I threw myself back into a “project mode”. The idea was to build my muscle strength back up… and it did help my arm and shoulder strength; but my back was still susceptible to soreness and pain. I also started to notice the beginning of an inguinal hernia in my right groin, and in Jan. 2012 had to have that repaired. The same surgeon performed that surgery and told me again how weak my connective tissue was… basically telling me to stop doing strenuous work.
I was also experiencing memory loss at this time. That did not settle well with me, and by the end of the year had decided to do something about it. A friend of mine told me about a cardiologist in Tyler, Texas who was more of a believer in natural healing than in medicinal drugs. I went to him in January 2013… leas than a year ago. He performed an echo cardiogram (sp) and determined I had weak heart valves. He immediately took me off statins (at this time I waS on two of them) and Niaspan. When I told him my previous cardiologist had taken me off Plavix in 2011, he just shook his head. He said it was ineffective after the first two years. I had been on it for 7 and 1/2 years.
He also put me on 400 mg of COQ10 a day, and kept me on a baby aspirin and 5mg of Amlodipine for blood pressure. That is now the only prescription drug I take. My follow up visit with him this past September was excellent. My echo cardiogram showed heart valves functioning at full strength, and personally my muscle strength in arms and back is much better. My family tells me they also notice my memory is better. Folks, for me, Statins are the devils medicine. I have told my General Practitioner I will not take them ever again. Period. Nine years after my heart attack, I feel 9 years younger than my current age.

MDF, was the Cardiologist you saw in Texas, Dr Peter Langsjoen? He is fantastic, and is one of a rare doctor who does not get his prescribing information from the Pharmaceutical Sales Reps, but researches the data for himself..Im a huge fan of his, as well as Dr Barbara Roberts, a Cardiologist from Rhode Island, and Dr Aseem Malhotra a Cardiologist from London, all of whom are well versed to the minimal benefits offered by these drugs (Statins) and the fact that they offer ZERO benefit to Women, and Zero benefit when used in Primary Prevention (trying to prevent a first heart attack). And the Absolute risk Reduction in people with established heart disease is less than 1-2 percent..hardly worth the horrible risks.

Ive been disabled from my 3 years of lipitor use, since 2002. I was a vibrant Critical Care RN, who was hospitalized for 28 days in 2002, following weeks of constant headaches, profound fatigue, and increasing confusion. In the hospital I was akin to a 95 year old man with end stage Alzheimers disease, (I was 34)..I was waiting for a nursing home placement, following a brain biopsy which revealed Neuronal Apoptosis (programmed cell death), and an electron microscopy revealing a Mitochondrial DNA mutation, similar to Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-Like Episodes (MELAS) when after nearly 4 weeks of being unable to walk, to speak coherently, and wetting and soiling myself…until 36 hours after staring a mitochondrial cocktail, essentially 12 vitamins, amino acids and one key component, CoQ10..when after starting this cocktail, I began to be able to recognize my wife, my siblings and my parents and my 2 year old son.

Update:- I stopped taking simvastatin on the day I posted 31/08/13. So after only two days my headaches have gone and so has my depression. My enthusiasm and motivation has returned. The muscle pain disappeared and I feeling much better. The only remnants are pains in the joints of my wrists, elbows, right shoulder, knees and small of my back.
Today I walked for a few miles and have been feeling energetic all day. I was able to carry heavy shopping bags long distances but was only able to carry my daughter on my shoulders for about 50 yards – in the past I could carry her all day with no problems.
I hope the pains in my joints and the pain in the small of my back goes soon so I can start building up my muscle size and strength to pre-simvastatin levels.
I will post again if there are any further developments good or bad. Seeing GP this week too.

Update:- I stopped taking simvastatin on the day I posted 31/08/13. So after only two days my headaches have gone and so has my depression. My enthusiasm and motivation has returned. The muscle pain disappeared and I feeling much better. The only remnants are pains in the joints of my wrists, elbows, right shoulder, knees and small of my back. Today I walked for a few miles and have been feeling energetic all day. I was able to carry heavy shopping bags long distances but was only able to carry my daughter on my shoulders for about 50 yards – in the past I could carry her all day with no problems. I hope the pains in my joints and the pain in the small of my back goes soon so I can start building up my muscle size and strength to pre simvastatin levels. I will post again if there are any further developments good or bad. Seeing GP this week too. Please stop taking statins if you have the symptoms I had – they were horrific for me and there is too much evidence linking statins to ALS.

After taking 40 mg Lovastatin daily for 10 years, I developed muscle weakness that has progressively worsened over the past year. After many tests that all came back normal (including B12 levels), I have been diagnosed with ALS. I firmly believe that the Lovastatin drug caused this, and my neurologist said I should stop taking it when I was diagnosed. I will gladly help provide records or do anything to get this researched.

has your husbands B12, folate, iron and vitamin D been checked? please do ask for the b12 to be checked,
mine is 276 they say normal but I have read that 450 is the normal and above below and people experience what we are experiencing.
I have started my self on B12and there is a small difference the injections are supposed to be more effective but you need the doc to authorise them please pass this on to people its very interesting this is also very interesting i have just bought this and have lots of questions
also vitamin D
I have all of the above and cannot understand how doctors can still keep saying statins are not to blame

It amazes me that anyone suffering to this extent would continue to take this medication. This is only my personal opinion, but after doing a lot of reading – including Dr. Nortin Hadler’s book “Worried Sick” (heard him on People’s Pharmacy) and taking the time to read some of the articles he referenced in the book (available online) I decided not to continue taking simvastatin (and found a different Dr. who also thinks I should take the medication, but seems a little more reasonable).
I am a woman, so this may make a difference. I am convinced that a healthy, plant based diet is the key to most health problems. Over the past few months, I made changes, not all at once – cut out most, not all cheese, eggs, etc, and all sugar, and refined grain products, and all alcohol. I have not yet had a followup blood test, but I would bet that there is improvement in the numbers.
I am very grateful for the information on the People’s Pharmacy. Best wishes to everyone.

Our prayers are with your and your husband….
Have the Dr. check for ALS Bulbar if he hasn’t already.

Wondering how you are doing now. I have just discovered this site-looking for more information because my husband is having difficulty speaking, eating and his tongue doesn’t work properly. We are doing every test possible to find answers. He started having trouble shortly after starting to take Lipitor in November 2012.

EllaMarie, My husband has these same symptoms. They developed soon after he began to take Lipitor. How are you?

Been on 20mg of Simvastatin for 7-8 weeks now. Almost immediately after starting the drug I had severe pain in the small of my back. Now I have severe pain in my right shoulder and cannot raise my right arm beyond shoulder height. I can’t sit and cuddle my two children because the muscles in my upper arms hurt. I get cramps at night in my legs, spasms in my shoulders all the time.
Had started running with my children but now the pain in my knees prevents me from running. I feel like all the muscles in my body ache as do all my joints especially wrists and elbows. The muscles in my upper arm have already halfed in size. My memory is deteriorating example:- an advert with a well known footballer repeats often on tv but I still can’t recall his name even though i have always known it.
I can’t sleep for long yet I’m tired frequently. I have lost all my enthusiasm and motivation to do anything and lately I am depressed for no reason.
London male aged 54.

Dear Vonnie,
You know how you felt when you were off statins. Doesn’t that tell you something? If you stay on statins you may get much worse and never recover. The doctors will not tell you this. Read some of the other forum posts on statin and you will be enlightened. Read Dr Graveline’s piece or any of his books.
Best wishes

hi, I was on 80mg simvastin for numerous years, I eventually got so depressed by the side effects of mysterious aches and pains that I came off them myself. After about 1 month I felt absolutely great, no aches or pains.
I had to go back to my gp for a cholesterol test and it had gone back up and over the original number of 8.3 to 12.6. Went to see a consultant at the Lipitor clinic and he put me on avortastatin 10mg; they want to put it up to 20mg but I’m in a lot of pain. My left shoulder blade feels like something is torn and I am very forgetful and starting having aches and pains in my feet.
I ordered some q10 enzyme to see if that will help but I really want to come off them for good. I asked the consultant if there was anything other than a statin to put me on and at first he said no, then he said yes but it wouldn’t bring my cholesterol down as much as statins. any answers

So glad I found this site…my husband has lost muscle tone and balance and is on statins and I am trying to get to the bottom of this. Thanks so much for this site. He also has lost a lot of weight, has little appetite.

Did your wife get better after stopping statins?

Hi I am female aged 48 I live in the UK, I am 5 feet 1, 8 stone I was in great health having had 5 children, I don’t smoke or drink and very active.
In 2011 I had raised spots on my knees and elbows a little numbing in my feet that was all went to a specialist and was diagnosed with genetic type 3 hyperlipidemia and told I had to be on statins and fibrates for the rest of my life my cholesterol was 12.1 triglyceride 5 rosuvastatin first, then fenofibrate, simvastatin and last pravastatin. I was told they needed to find the right one, in the meantime I had meloxicam to get rid of swelling that had been brought on from statins.
The side effect I have had swelling to knees ankles and back, very low near depression, feeling useless, very tired, sore bones on elbows and knees, upper arm pain left arm cannot use like before and my thighs have changed shape when I lift my legs the muscle drops.
I questioned my specialist about coq10 he said it was rubbish, and he said the muscle pain I have must be something else I have got and they say I have osteoarthritis as well.
I was concerned so I asked if I could have my vitamin D checked as I heard that statins can bring them down 17 is what it has come back as below the 25 level.
I am pretty fed up with the so called specialists I am going alone now and found intermittent fasting I eat between 11am and 7pm every day and in 2 months my levels from 7.9 to 6.2 and triglyceride 2.9 to 2.5 all I take are opti omega 3 capsules. But my arms and legs are not right so I have just ordered ubiquinol for my bones.
I know lots of older people experiencing the same things as me and I feel so sorry for them but I will do my best to let everyone know that this way is better,

I am stunned at what I have been reading for the past half hour!!! I am 83 yrs. old and am on Crestor. My meds were changed to Crestor from Pravastatin. I had pain in my right arm muscle for some time now and just took it for granted I will have pains and aches at my age. I realize now how mistaken I have been for years.
I had angioplasty in 2003 and have had different types of statins, Lipitor included. I have a tremor in my left had when I pick up a saucer or small dish, lower back pain, dry throat, which I was told was caused by breathing at night with my mouth open. I am always tired and try to get my housework done early in the day or it doesn’t get done. For a long time I walked a mile five days a week now I get too tired after a few blocks. I am always napping.
I really appreciate all the information I have learned from all of you today and hope a solution will soon be found.

My Father-in-Law was on Crestor for 8 years (never having had a cardiac incident merely high cholesterol). It took a number of years on the drug before we began to notice that he was having trouble forming words.
From the point we first noticed his speech began to deteriorate steadily, he sounded drunk, deeply drunk: he slurred his words, couldn’t enunciate. He stopped engaging quite as much as he used to but could still communicate. Over time though he has completely lost the ability to speak.
He has been diagnosed with ALS-type symptoms. He has trouble walking, is losing his fine motor skills and suffers from significant vertigo. He has had every test known to medicine and they can find ‘nothing’ wrong with him. But now he can no longer dress himself.
My husband and I finally found him a doctor who would take him off the Crestor and begin supplementing him to see if he could recover any of his lost muscles. Nothing has worked. The poor man is trapped inside his body. He cannot speak. It takes him ages to write anything down and it is difficult for him. It breaks my heart because he has such a great sense of humour and a quick wit and that is lost to us.
I am a researcher and health care lawyer and all the research I have done on his behalf has convinced me that it is the statin that has done this to him. Of course it will take many people like my Father-in-Law for the courts to play their role in stopping the profligate prescription of these drugs. In the meantime many, many more people will have to suffer.

My website at describes my reaction to Lipitor which triggered a response in me identical to that occurring in your relative. I no longer can walk. Thank the Lord my brain still functions, It has been progressing since 2000 and responds to nothing as if the statin drug trigger some critical mechanism in the body and once it has started it is unstoppable. I have written four books on the subject. I wish I could say I have a secret ingredient but I do not. Had I taken CoQ10 at the beginning I think I would be OK now but once this terrible process starts it is too late. I am so disgusted at Big Pharma and FDA because way back in the mid seventies the adverse reactions to come from statins were known but because of the billions of dollars involved everyone pretended ignorance. A just god would remove their heads with a dull knife.

What does a person do when they have tried two world renowned clinics and can’t get a diagnosis…

I take about ten different medications.
Is there a web site that enables me to type in on all the medications and receive advice on which ones are likely to interact?
Years ago, I was prescribed a certain medication that reacted with another medication that gave me severe double vision. I called my doctor and he said discontinue the meds. I tried to get to the bottom of it by calling the pharmacologist for each of the two meds and was told their med would not cause it..
It is hard for me to believe ten meds would not interact but where do I get expert advise that I can depend on?
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: The best one we know of is

I developed muscle weakness soon after starting Lipitor. When I complained to my doctor, he swithched me to Vytorin. The muscle weakness continued even after being off the statins for 6 month. I was diagnosed with biopsy proven inclusion body myositis. My muscle strength continues to decline and my neurologist says that there is no effective treatment at this time.

50yo male. Good health. Started taking a statin and beta blocker (low dose of both) after developing some angina pain and found some plaque build up. I have a family history of heart disease and so am a candidate for these drugs. I have been no them for about 2 months now. After reading the comments on this site I believe that my soreness in my feet when I wake up could be related to the drugs.
However, the few symptom that I am very curios if anyone else has had are related to tingling in my forehead just above the eyes and nose. It is pretty much centered in my forehead so it does not seem to be related to possible stroke complications. The doctor did not think so either and does not think it is related to the drugs. The other added symptoms lately is that my eyes have become dryer and my vision somewhat more blurry at times.
Anyone else had this experience?

I thought it might be of interest to provide this link ..
“The link with Risk of myopathy and rhabdomyolysis with simvastatin – new dosage recommendations and contraindications.”
It is dated December 2011 Medicines Safety Update Volume 2, Number 6, December 2011 The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.
I find some comfort in the OFFICIAL recognition THAT serious damage is occurring from the use of statins, of course it is of little benefit to those of us who already suffer the crippling effects of statins.

Nov 13,2012
I wonder how many people have to die before the FDA do their jobs and get rid of “Statin” drugs, or at least warn doctors of the ALS or ALS type symptoms that result from their use. I was on them for about 6-7 years. Several different statin drugs because I would have weakness, pain, muscle spasms, feeling of muscle tearing pain would wake me up at night. My Dr would take me off for two weeks or a month and put me on a different one. I was given free Crestor for a couple of years. Then my legs started getting heavier, I could not feel my toes, my fingers quit working right, then my voice changed; became weaker, my tongue felt too big, I was slurring my words and having shortness of breath.
I thought my childhood Asthma was acting up but the inhaler was not really working because I could not really take a deep enough breath and hold it. I started falling. A lot!! By the time I had been to the Dr time and time again it was April and I could not stand on my toes/use my fingers. Legs felt like lead, falling, I would fall in the dark or if I closed my eyes and was standing to meditate. I was taken off work April 18, 2012. Sent to a Physiatrist who sent me to the Neurologist who told me I had a bad case of Polyneuropathy and gave me a pamphlet to read.
He told me I did not has ALS. I have since seen a Neurological Physical Therapist for 20 visits, another Physiatrist who told me I would get better. And finally a Neurological Team who now think I do have ALS or something similar. I have had two EMG’s and literally about 30-40 blood tests, and a Pulmonary Function Test. I may have a lumbar punture soon, but will it help????? I am on Med Neb inhaler treatments, C-Pap at night. Cannot breathe right and am walking with a walker. (I started with a cane) I am expecting delivery of a hospital bed and a wheelchair. I am starting to have a little trouble swallowing.
I did NOT get better and I am sure I am going to die. I reported to the FDA and did not even get a reply. I am positive the Statins are responsible for my condition. I am a Registered Nurse and am unable to work. I was looking forward to retirement and now to my death. I will be 64 years old in January. I am disgusted that the billion dollar drug companies are not letting doctors know about the neurological risks but only muscle risks. This is a living nightmare. Can you notify the FDA? Perhaps someone else will be helped by this. I believe it is already too late for me.

A friend of mine in his late 40’s about 2 years ago began to develop muscle twitches after taking a statin drug to reduce his cholesterol. He was in perfect health prior to taking the statin drug and had none of the symptoms that surfaced after taking the drug. After one month he discontinued the use of the statin drug, but his muscle twitches continued and increased in both frequency and severity.
Today, the only thing he can do is talk. There seems to be a very clear connection here between the statin drug and the onset of his ALS like symptoms. Its obvious to me this is an issue that the drug companies and medical community and their regulators are refusing to face. When they say the benefit outweighs the risk, it rings hollow when its you dying from ALS.

I am nearly 70 years old. I was on statin for high colesterol for about 3 years. I started having bad reaction to it, with weakness on my legs and calves, thinking I had drop foot so I bought support for my drop feet, but no good result.
I suggested to my doctor that it was the statin but my doctor rebuked me and said if I wanted to die I should go ahead and stop taking the medication. I did stop because my pain and weakness on lower limbs became worse. I have not told the doctor because he was cross with me. But I am taking good veg diet and omega 3 in seeds.
I am afraid it is the same story. Doctors do not listen to us and I am sure none of them are on statin. It is a money market and we are all paying for it. Keep off such a poisonous drug. I am a retired nurse and I am sorry I did not know then when I was nursing why so many people were off their legs and they did not know why. They died unnecessarily. Keep campaigning, till they listen.

I too never miss an opportunity to tell what I know of statins, my best friend is only in his early 40s and has had 2 stents put in he is mindful of cholesterol and he too went off Crestor because he was not able to remember things, and he had severe shoulder pain luckily it ceased when he went off the meds, but recently his Doctor told him his cholesterol was high it is only 4.5 he will not take statins again and has chosen to go on a healthy eating plan to control it.. Don’t know why with all the info they have on statin damage they still insist on using it for “preventative” I was Horrified when I also read that the idea was floated to put kids on it, wow what on earth are they trying to do?
I have been off all meds for just over a year and I still don’t have any high blood pressure and I feel much better for not taking the pills.. but.. I still have bad and very bad days with the muscles in my legs , very painful and I didn’t have that before I began statins.. Thank goodness I found a Doctor who agrees with me.. I hope your son can find some relief from his symptoms and it doesn’t lead to messing up his employment all the very best …regards aussiechi

Dear aussiechi,
Your post was most enlightening. I have not seen any adverts here in the U.S. as you have described. We have however, (as I have read in the papers) a push by Big Pharma to test pre-pubescent children for cholesterol. You can guess what they want to do, put children on statins and increase profits. Can you imagine the destruction to children if they succeed.
I for one have been off statins for a year and a half and have still not recovered. My son who has been on statins for about three years tells me he now has trouble remembering names. He is only 52 and if this continues, his job career is over. This after several Transient Global Amnesia episodes and a rotator cup injury even though he did nothing to cause it.
I try to miss no opportunity to tell people about statin dangers and have always pointed them to The People’s Pharmacy web sites for reliable information. Interesting that word of mouth appears to have an affect, as you mentioned, in wising people up to the truth about statins.
My Cardio doctor, I think from our last conversation, has finally realized that statins are not the “miracle drug” that he was first told.

Tami, You are correct about not having to swallow what the Doctor prescribes but it takes for a for a patient to first realize and make the connection that what is happening to their muscles is in fact because of statins, sometimes this takes time, I believe the Doctors have enough evidence now that they should WARN people that the medication may cause pain in muscles and then when it occurs the Patient has an earlier insight into the causes.
I am concerned at a fairly aggressive television advertisement campaign happening on Australian television.. adds depicting a deep sea diver swimming through a narrowing rock channel and likening it to cholesterol forming, the captions say “people have stopped taking their medications, this is dangerous and could cause strokes and even death etc etc, please return to your Doctor and recommence your medication, OR WORDS TO THAT EFFECT! TO ME IT IS A SCARE TACTIC …. LOOKS LIKE FORUMS ABOUT THE DANGER OF STATINS has CAUSED A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO REFUSE TO TAKE THE RISK AND ITS HAVING AN EFFECT ON THE DRUG COMPANIES.. I personally will never take any statin again

I agree with JL–just because the doc says “swallow” doesn’t mean you gotta do it. I met a 65 year old strapping man the other day who told me he was on statins for his slightly elevated cholesterol. HUH? Maybe a slightly elevated cholesterol beats a crippling condition any day of the week. If my 75 year old mother were prescribed statins because she had a 220 cholesterol, I would advise her NOT TO TAKE it and get it under control with diet and exercise — that old mantra that docs used to sing BEFORE Big Pharm took over “health care”.

Update on progress since ceasing ALL MEDICATION 17 SEPT 2011,
continuing with regular doses of Co_Q-10 still finding it lessens the pain slightly, but I still have pain in my thigh muscles and the osteoarthritis has worsened and I am having to take each day as it comes , not very often any days pain free, considering I had NO MUSCLE WEAKNESS OR PAIN BEFORE TAKING THESE STATIN I am absolutely positive crestor cause the worsening of the osteoarthritis and damaged the muscles and tendons, in my legs and feet the onset was swift and now some 12 months later I have not fully regained my normal mobility after ceasing all drugs, with the exception of twice daily pannadol osteo, I see middle aged people, especially women walking through the shopping centers leaning on shopping trolleys and limping, many times I have asked if they are taking statins, without exception I have been told yes and that they had no leg problems prior to beginning this medication, what is going on for goodness sake why are doctors so reluctant to realize that statins are causing terrible damage.
The worst thing is that it is left to the patient themselves to make the co-relation between the onset of pain and mobility problems and the statin medication, doctors do have enough evidence to at least warn patients that they may experience adverse reactions to the statins and to come back for a consultation if they feel pain, but it doesn’t seem that it is happening that way… the packaging in the statin meds still calls the muscle pain and suffering “rare side effects” when it appears that by the numbers of people suffering it is not rare at all..

My brother-in-law was put on high dose Crestor. Since that time he is now unable to get in and out of a tub so they put in a shower instead.
He has many physical problems but I would bet the muscle deterioration is caused by the statin since he had been able to walk and get up okay before they ordered it.
TGA, ALS, possibly diabetes, muscular weakness as possible side effects and physicians not listening so much of the time.
Thank you, People’s Pharmacy for alerting so many to the fact their physical problems could be caused by statins.

Dear Cindy.
If you are close by (southern california) I would invite you and anyone wanting to meet my dad to our house and to hear his story. It’s devastating. He, just like your husband, complained about muscle soreness, vision issues, rashes on face all to have the doctor tell him it is not related to the statin medication. It was!
2 years of pushing the drug, another doctor at Kaiser told my dad he had ‘statin-induced myopathy’. Guess what… my healthy young dad who used to run 5 miles a day with me, play tennis, play golf, work out 6 days a week can no longer use a restroom. He has to have a catheter and 24/7 caretakers. He can no longer speak, he can barely speak and his brain is perfect…. oh and he can’t even walk. we’re lucky if we can get him to stand long enough to transfer him.
This was from statins.
After investigating, I learned natural supplements DO HELP lower cholesterol. However, now they don’t seem to care about his cholesterol anymore so I insisted on a test to find out it is now in perfect levels, he is simply on NO MEDICATION. I refuse all of this for him now.
More investigating… I learned the doctors and the drug companies benefit from the pushing of statins.
It is a scam. If anyone thinks otherwise, they are blind. I have lost my life as I know it as I am 24/7 taking care of my dad with 2 others that work full time. It’s not the life I wanted, all because of the doctors. Then try to sue them… there is no way another doctor stands up to the doctors or the pharm companies.
Sad life we now have. I am sorry for your loss but tell him to get off the meds NOW.
If we can save one life through our own turmoil, I’m happy to help.

Hello all,
I have posted before that I had stopped taking Simvastatin a year and a half ago. I had gone to my cardio-Dr and told him what I was experiencing with statins. He cut me off and said “yea, yea, I know all that but you should be on some kind of statin anyway. He suggested Red Rice Yeast pill. I did not get any for some time but eventually did. (They were on sale).
After taking one tablet a day for only three days, I got such a lower back ache that I could hardly breath or move. Just like I had had two years before. I stopped immediately and my back ache went mostly away in two days. Tells you something about statins. No more for me of any kind.

My husband who is now 48 has been on a bumped up dosage of Lipitor 60mg for nearly 6 months. For the last 3 months hes been complaining about muscles aches in his arms and legs, we got him into our family doctor who sent him for a full range of tests only to tell him that everything was fine! I decided to start researching a natural remedy for his pains and stumbled across this site! I cannot believe that this is happening and we decided that he needs to immediately stop taking this drug! Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, you have truly made a difference!

To Ladyliza,
I too hope my problems are not permanent. After I stopped taking statins 9 months ago I started to get better. I could stand up without help, walk straight, and some of my back pain went away.
Now it all seems to be comming back. Even the bottom of my feet hurt now. I walk bent over and my legs hurt. Now I find I have great trouble remembering names. I remember that in Dr Gravelines book, Statins, thief of memory, that just because you stop taking statins, the symptoms may come back later.
I am so friegtened that it may get even worse and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. I am so angry.
Just in the last few days, the FDA seems to be agreeing that there is a problem with statins but they still say don’t stop taking them.
As I mentioned one other time, I told my Dr. that I would rather risk the small increase probability of heart atack than have the certanity of a life as an invalid. I hope I don’t get both.
As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us every one”.

I was on a statin for 6mos., and my doctor had me on 200mg COQ10 during that period. I still got rolling pains in my legs while putting my legs up after dinner. When I went off the pravastatin, the pain reduced, but to this day I still have muscle weakness in my right leg. I need an arm chair to get up, and when I try to sleep my legs bother me. I sure hope this damage is not permanent.

I have never taken any statins (thank God!). I read through many of these accounts, and the stories are horrifying. Any time I take a drug I have not taken before, which is not often, I monitor myself and make myself aware of how I am feeling. If I notice any adverse symptoms, I discontinue the drug. Period.
I don’t understand the large number of people in these stories I have just read who continued taking the statins even though they felt awful. Wake up, people! It’s your body and your life, not your doctor’s life. If you become an invalid or if you die, do you think it’s going to affect your doctor to the same degree it will affect you and/or your immediate family? The answer is no!
We agree that people must take more personal responsibility for their overall well being and health. We also do not want people stopping their statin medications without first checking with the prescriber. Some people really do get critical benefit from such medications. Others do not experience any side effects at all. Each person must work with his health care provider to determine the best approach.

I was taking pravastatin for cholesterol for about 2 years, I eventually weaned myself off it after getting leg pains every day and foggy memory episodes.
Also I was on Atenalol/noten which has now been banned herein Aus, thankfully I weaned off them as well a couple of years ago, I now only take natural cures for my problems, I am feeling much better now than when I was on medication.

There is no doubt in my mind that Lipitor triggered my ALS. I had been taking Lipitor for around 2 years when I experienced excruciating cramping in my lower extremities. I consulted my doctor. A blood test revealed that my muscle enzymes were in the 5000 range. I was advised to stop taking the Lipitor. From that point forward the cramping moved throughout my entire body. My voice began to change. An ENT doctor noticed fasticulations and decreased volume in my tongue. I was diagnosed with ALS in 2008. As you know my life has changed.
Something has to be done to address this and something done to help people like me who find themselves in this situation. People have to be WARNED.

I was taking slimvastin for 5 yrs. Started getting little flutters in my legs then in my upper thighs started to wake me up at night. Went on the internet and read it could me side effects from statins. Asked my Dr. and she put me on c q 10 witch I should have been n all along!!
Anyhow decided to quit my statins it has taken me 8 weeks for my legs to feel better, and have read niacin 3 times a day 500 mgs. flush free, will help. I have got my blood work done again and my cholesterol is down. No more statins for me, and you buy these at like a gnc or vitamin store statins can be dangerous!!

Update on my progress since ceasing Crestor 10 ..and commencing CO-Q-10.
I continue to have painful right thigh muscles and painful tendons under my left foot, I take 150 MG of CO-Q-10 twice daily and can honestly say that there is a degree of comfort by doing this.. I did stop taking CO-Q-10 for three days to check if it was just imagination, but found that the pain returned and I had difficulty walking, I feel I cannot do with out this most helpful relief..
I am able to walk without a cane because of CO-Q-10, The Doctor who prescribed CRESTOR, along with MOBIC 10mg, LASIX 40,mg MICARDIS 80mg, at least did admit that it was crestor which caused my leg muscle pain, I have since contacted “the adverse drug reaction reporting facility in Australia and have spoken at length to them about my symptoms, this was the first time I had ever heard of “the triple whammy effect” since then I have looked at several places on the net about this combination of drugs reaction and learned such a lot that I am now on a path to loose weight and control blood pressure and never again take chemical drugs that no one knows exactly how any one person will react to. I am currently not taking any drugs except for regular panadol osteo and co-q-10.
The therapeutic drugs administration has issued a warning to doctors about taking great care with the dosage of simvastatin, along with alerts of its reactions with other drugs..
medicines safety update no 2 no 6 December 2011.

That is the exact same symptom I was having on Lipitor! I could barely walk in the mornings as my feet felt as if I was walking on very hard rocks the moment I climbed out of bed. I thought it was just me, but I did stop taking the Lipitor. The pain went away quite rapidly after getting the Lipitor out of my system.

My wife took lipitor 7 months in 2008 her legs began to hurt and she was sleeping more often. She quit taking lipitor but she could not ride to mow grass which she enjoyed. Then first of 2009 she developed ALS. She passed on on Nov. 26 Thanksgiving day 2009. I lost my most precious person of 31 yrs of marriage.
In our area people are getting ALS and not lasting a year. and they have taken statin drugs which some people can not take. They don’t know that they have taken a drug that will kill them. Now I have lost my job because I took care of her. Lost our house. I am living with a friend. She passed on and then I have been dropped in a different world.,,,,,,,,,,, Perry

I am a 63 year old male who was prescribed Lipitor 9 years ago. My dosage eventually reached 80mg/day. About the same time I began experiencing ” footdrop” involving my left foot. It just kind of flapped when I walked. I additional noticed weakness in my right hand grip.
In 2008, after a respiratory virus, I could not lift my right arm nor would my left leg support all my weight. I was hospitalized and after $18,000 worth of tests, was diagnosed with Mononeritis Multiplex. I had a nerve conduction study done and was told that was a correct diagnosis based on demylination of my peripheral motor nreves and there was no treatment.
I found that I had had to do twice the work with my muscles to get half the results and I developed soreness in my muscles after really minimal exertion. My VA primary provider( 3 years later) disagreed with that diagnosis and referred me to a VA neurologist and a neuro-muscular doc.
Another nerve conduction study was done and a new diagnosis of Multifocal Motor Neuropathy was made. A Prednisone trial was unsuccessful and we are now looking at IViG., an antibody infusion which may attack the antibodies on my mylene sheaths relieving the muscle weakness. I have mentioned statins to all the above and none feel that is a cause. I have my suspicions however and will seek cholesterol control without statins. More later.

I had an adverse reaction to Lipitor after only one month on the drug. I began experiencing symptoms almost immediately upon taking the drug but believed that the foot and toe pain I was experiencing was most likely due to new shoes and my new job with a health company that recommended taking a “cholesterol lowering medication.”
The first week it was pain in my big toes, rather severe. The second week I was hobbling on my painful feet. The third week I was in almost constant pain with my feet and legs. Finally in the fourth week, I awoke with such severe weakness in my legs (feet, calves, thighs) in addition to the pain. I also had weakness in my upper extremities. I presented to the ER at my local hospital. Rhabdo was ruled out as well as MS and Lyme disease. 6 months later I am still debilitated by this “adverse drug reaction.” I have no stamina, I am physically exhausted, my memory is poor and the pain and muscle weakness have stolen my previously active life. I don’t know if this would be classified as ALS-like or not.
My physicians while pointing at the statin as the cause of the pain and weakness do not have a clear direction in treatment or course of this adverse reaction. I am no longer able to work (I am an RN) due to the fatigue, weakness and constant pain. If there is more information to be had, then I would like to receive it.

Last year at this time, after taking Simvastatin for approximately 6 weeks, I experienced crippling muscle pain & weakness. I eventually underwent surgery on my right rotator cuff. My surgeon said that “the muscle was torn right off the bone” and that “the muscle looked like a meatball”…… those were his exact words. I did absolutely nothing to injure my shoulder to cause this to happen and it can only be concluded that the cause of this injury was due to statin poisoning along with all of the other muscle pain & weakness I am experiencing. My left rotator cuff is also torn and it’s now a year later and I am still going through painful physical therapy for it.
I tried to file a lawsuit against the drug company due to my injuries but it turns out that since I took the generic form, rather than the brand name of the drug which is Zocor, I am not able to sue. It is currently under appeal in the supreme court. But…… anyone who has insurance or medicare would have taken the generic, not the brand as insurance does not pay for brands if a generic is available. So at this time I have no recourse for the horrible damage this drug has done to my body and my life.
I am an artist who can not even hold a paint brush anymore. The only doctor that has taken me seriously was my surgeon who saw with his own eyes, the damage. The doctor who prescribed the medication just shrugged it off like it was a joke, my neurologist gave me drugs for depression that made me sicker……. it has been the worst year of my life.
This happened to me prior to June 8th when the FDA banned the 80mg dosage of the drug. I took the 40mg dosage…. but it’s not that far of a stretch that if 80mg is toxic, then 40mg is also toxic to some people…….. and if the brand name is toxic…… so is the generic!
I don’t know how they are getting away with it!

I have been on statins – 10 mgs of simvastatin a day – for about 10 years and the results are lower cholesterol, period. Luckily I have not had any of the side effects described by your readers.

GRD Thank you for your reply ,
I am in Australia and there is next to nothing like peoples pharmacy in the Australian pages on the net, I have written letters to every drug administration I can find in Australia, this awful situation must be stopped before these drugs are given to our kids.

Good Lord!
I could not believe what I read in the paper this morning and heard on the news this evening. The headline: “Earlier cholesterol tests urged for kids” from Associated Press.
To quote from the article: “according to wide-ranging new guidelines expected from government appointed experts” children should be tested for cholesterol before puberty.
I can imagine who the “experts” are. Folks who work for “Big Pharma” just as it was years ago.
Can you imagine the damage to our children when they are put on statins at that age considering the damage they are causing now in adults and yet the same experts do nothing in spite of all the evidence.

KB I believe that statins cause more damage than doctors are prepared to admit. I have had a measure of success since taking C0-Q10 75 mg twice a day for about 10 days there after I have taken 1 a day. My painful muscles are responding, I do believe it was result of the Co-Q10, I wish you all the best and hope your husband can find some relief, I am still at war with my doctor about blood pressure medications that have as “rare” side effects such things as backache or fluid retention.
I am in Australia and our Drug Administration seems to take a lead from U.S.A. but I note that there are lawsuits already begun in the U.S.A.

Good luck. My husband is also taking CoQ10, he has not noticed a difference as yet, but we still believe that the statins are the problem.

Update on my progress with co-q10. I am still experiencing improvement and relief from severe thigh pain after taking co-q10 and it is only a matter of days, it is unbelievable that I suffered for months with severe pain to the extent that I would cry out if I tried to step down a step, I am so very happy that several of the writers who spoke about co-q10 on peoples pharmacy influenced me to do some research of my own into co-q10.
Thank goodness co-q10 has so far worked for me. I have taken 1 75mg capsule twice a day..
I hope many more can find some relief for the pain and suffering from the so called “wonder drugs” called statins!
I will never again take any medications with so called “rare” side effects that appear on the information leaflet inside the packaging of statin drugs or any other drug.. the “rare side effects” are rapidly looking like they are not rare but very common if one reads the stories of people who are driven to write on forums like this one and many others.

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