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Solutions For Low Sex Drive In Menopausal Women

Q. Is there a solution for menopausal women who have lost their desire for sex? I am 54 and have talked to my OB/GYN about this. Over-the-counter DHEA prohormone tablets were suggested, but they didn’t work.

I could go to bed every night and not even think about sex, but my 60-year-old husband could happily have sex every night. Is this the way the golden years of my life will remain?

A. There is no single solution for this very common problem, but in many cases it can be alleviated. A prescription for testosterone may be helpful if there is a deficiency. Easing vaginal dryness with a small amount of estrogen from Estring, for example, may also help.

We are sending you our Guides to Female Sexuality and Drugs that Affect Sexuality for more details on low libido.

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Hello: I’ve just learned that because of my recent diagnosis of breast cancer and completion of my radiation treatments, I’m not permitted to use any form of estrogen. I was shocked when my Dr. informed me that I’m now into my “second go-around” of Menopause! Sure enough, many of the old side affects have surfaced, e.g., crispy hair, mood swings, “flushes” etc. Do you have any suggestions that might help?

Many thanks and keep up the excellent work you do.

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