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Soap Under the Sheets for RLS, Leg Cramps

The old home remedy of a bar of soap under the sheets for nighttime leg cramps may also give some sufferers of RLS relief.

There is now a prescription drug (Requip) to treat RLS (restless leg syndrome). The only problem is that some people fall asleep during the day. This could be risky if they are behind the wheel. As far as we can tell, there are no side effects to putting soap under the bottom sheet.

Q. Several months ago I went to my neurologist for my yearly physical and told him about a problem I had with my legs “jumping” at night and waking me up. He gave me the technical name for it and wrote me a prescription for Mirapex. I then told him I had read in your column about putting a bar of soap in the bed, so he told me to try the soap and fill the prescription if it didn’t work. I still have the unfilled prescription sitting on my bathroom vanity. When we went on a trip to Yellowstone, I took my soap along and slept fine every night we were gone.

A. This home remedy mystifies us, but we have heard from many readers like you. The risk of unwrapping a fresh bar of soap and putting it under the bottom sheet where the legs will be is almost zero. The cost is far less than a prescription. Positive responses from other readers experimenting with Ivory soap remedy:

“A while back I wrote to complain that the bar of soap under the bottom sheet quit working for my restless legs. (It was great at first.) Then I got to thinking, it worked before, so why not now? That bar of soap had been there for six months, so I replaced it. The result: no more restless legs. A few times that I had symptoms, I put my feet on the soap and the sensations went away in about two minutes.

 “My husband was having severe leg cramps at night. Without telling him, I placed a soap bar under his sheets for two nights before he noticed. It worked! He’s had no more cramps. We still can’t believe it! “

“I have had severe leg cramps for years. When I read about putting a bar of soap in bed, I got a bar of Ivory and put it under the bottom sheet near my legs. It’s been a month since I did that, and I have not had one leg cramp.

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I have been using dial soap under my sheets for several years. A lady friend first told me and I felt like rolling my eyes but was desperate. Having leg cramps and walking the floor at night. Every time I change my sheets I take a knife and shave off the outside of the bar to reactivate the fragrance. Bar lasts a lot longer. Use the shavings on my outside plants in the summer. Keeps bugs off them. A win win.

I tried it for one night, I was up every hour to pee. Never had anything like that happen before. I blame to soap

Awesome, Works Great!!!

This I just heard about and will try this week I also have restless leg and muscle spasms. Praying it works God Bless

Have you ever heard of a treatment for restless leg syndrome for other times, like on planes ?

I wish I knew of something to use on red-eye flights, especially to Europe. The last one my knees felt like they were being squeezed by a vise and alternated with the sensation that my knee caps were being ripped off. As soon as morning came I was fine. Return daytime flight pose no problem.
Once a year I have acupuncture for my restless and it helps a lot. Now I have only a few bad nights a year as opposed to almost nightly, but it still offers no help on the plane.

It just works GREAT!!

Any specific kind of soap? Thanks!

Very well written!
I will immediately grasp your rss as I can’t to find your
e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service.
Do you have any? Please allow me recognize in order that I may subscribe.

I have suffered severe cramps in my legs for over 30 years. Being allergic to Quinine, I thought there was no relief for me but to suffer & pace the floor each night. After being told about the soap in the bed, I didn’t hesitate to try it no matter how bazaar. I’m using a plain old Oatmeal soap under the bottom fitted sheet. I have it placed between my knees & ankles. Been using it now for 3 months & not 1 cramp. I have been told if it stops working, just replace the soap.

I have used all the drugs recommended for RLS. I have had it all my life and I am 68. None of the drugs have helped. I had a side effect of going to sleep during the day – teaching, driving, very embarrassing and very dangerous.

I have tried every cure I can find but nothing helps much. Eating pickles helped some. I drank tonic water. Couldn’t choke down the mustard. Tonight I will be trying the soap cure. Really excited to maybe get some relief. Any other cures you know of I would like to hear about. My son is a chiropractor and has RLS. We are collecting cures to try to find a common thread.

Had suffered with RLS for years on and off. Would go a few weeks or months w/o symptoms but it always came back and lasted days or weeks. When it returned, it was like torture. Definitely knew I wanted no part of a prescription drug for it. Tried creams, herbal supplements etc. Nothing worked. A friend told me about the bar of soap under the sheet and I tried it. It has been several months and NO SYMPTOMS at all. I didn’t even unwrap it!!!

Works for me, ivory also works for pain in general… ie neck etc aromas gone replace put in a sock, tie a knot, use it between my thighs at night.

Is it the contents of the bar or is it the feeling of the small brick?? Was wondering if I melted the soap and put it under the sheet like pieces of soft taffy would you get the same results without the discomfort of hitting a brick as you turn in your sleep.

I have had RLS for years when I read this well I had to try it. It worked I have had the soap under my sheet for about two months and it works I want stop using it because I’m scared of hurting again. Thanks to who ever stated this.

This old home remedy I found about a year ago has changed my life…for 2 years I had RLS so bad that my legs kicked violently and involuntarily when trying to get to sleep at night. A large tablespoon of French’s yellow mustard @ bedtime does the trick. Occasionally I will have to get up and take another spoonful, but it is rare. Don’t ask me why, but only the French’s brand works for me. The RX Gabapentin works but I prefer not to take medication if something else works wonders.

I have had RLS for 30 years, since my late teens, even before they had a name for it. I take Klonopin, I have tried requip and over the counter stuff, this is the only thing that works for me, truly a life saver…

I was told by a co-worker years ago about putting soap in between the mattress.
So I did this and it has now been seven years and I have yet had leg cramps in my bed.
Now, if I fall asleep on the couch or I am at my boy friends I will get leg cramps.
So last month I put a bar of soap in between the mattress at my boy friends and I have yet in the past month had leg cramps.

So here’s an update. I’m on night 3 with no difference. I used dial the first night and both ivory and Irish spring last night. Under the sheets right next to my back where I’m having the muscle spasm. I’ve seen the doctor three times and it is confirmed a muscle spasm. I am going to give it a full week to see a difference before I give up. But not looking promising right now. I’ll keep you posted.

31 year old female. Been having a terrible muscle spasm in my upper back for months now. Got a few shots of localized anesthesia yesterday out of desperation. It only lasted 3 or 4 hours. The pain seemed to come back worse than before. It’s so bad in the mornings, I can barely walk, and the pain is excruciating.
The Dial has not worked for me. I tried it because that’s what we had most of in the house. We have a bar of Irish spring. Going to try that next since it seems to have more of a success rate here. I’ll let you know!

PLEASE TRY acupuncture!! It WORKS!! I can’t recommend this enough. I guarantee it will change your life. Good luck :)

I have suffered from RLS for years in and off (I’m 53) and female. The soap in the bed has been a lifesaver!! I wasn’t sleeping at all and now feel fantastic it has made all the difference, how it works I don’t know but it does work give it a try and see.

3 days is all you gave it???

It works, suffered for over 10 years, RLS bad leg tonight, so got the bar of Ivory. Squiggles and pain gone in approx. 3 minutes. Unreal

Want to learn more about home remedies.

As soon as my muscles start contracting —I reach for my bars of Irish Spring soap. I put it in socks and sleep with it and also just grab a bar and put it on the spot while sitting down. The cramps stop instantly. I may start carrying it in my purse for when I’m away from home.
If your positive results stop —break out a new bar!

I went to bed about 11:00 p.m. and laid there for about 1 hour and my legs started acting up really bad (have had restless legs for about 20 years) so I got up and got back on the internet to look up home remedies for restless legs, I read an article about using soap and I thought it was a crazy idea, I kid you not, I went upstairs and got out a sock and put the bar of soap inside the sock and instantly my legs started to calm down.
Also I recommend taking a very hot bath with hand soap and sitting in the water for about 10 minutes. When you use the hand soap in a sock, change it every so often because I think as time goes by it loses its effectiveness.

Hi Gail, Just wondering if you are having any relief since you have been using the soap in the bed for over a month now. Hope you are having great success. I have been reading a lot of comments this afternoon and am going to try this myself. Good sleeping!!

Hi again, I posted on June 6th that the bar of soap really helped. Well, guess what? Soap no longer works so I’m back to drinking a glass or two of Tonic water (quinine) every day and that seems to work about 95% of the time. Really don’t want to take any drugs. Good to hear that the soap has been helpful for a lot of people.

Does this work for arm cramps?

I have had RLS for almost 2 years, I’m told it’s due to a kidney transplant I had 8 yrs. ago, I’ve had many many nights up crying so exhausted just becuz my legs wont stop jiggling, jumping, throbbing. I’ve tried several meds I’m on 2 now, one reg, and one extended release for over night, and I wont stop them, but i am definitely going to try the soap..i have a few bars of caress..ill let you know how it goes…becuz my legs getso bad ,,i had to go out and buy a twin mattress and put it in the room along with my reg. bed ,,becuz I was constantly kicking and waking my bf up…I’m trying it tonight!!! 6/7/2013…wish me luck..I want to sleep peacefully!!!!

I use a bar of Lever 2000 Citrus Fresh – works like a charm. So nice to be able to sleep after 3 years of leg and foot pain. Tonic water works 75% of the time, soap 100%. thanks so much.

Found this site while looking for answers to tramadol use. My RLS has been off the charts since I started using tramadol for knee replacement surgery pain. A side effect of the drug is restless legs.

My legs were aching badly when I went to bed at night. My brother-in-law told me about the bar of soap under the sheet and I thought, “yeah right.” I did not try it and I continued to have difficulty sleeping due to the aching in my legs. Well, still skeptical, I thought it can’t hurt to try it.
I put the soap under the sheet and after a few nights I realized my legs were no longer aching and I no longer had difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings. Telling several people about this, of course they were also skeptical. A friend told me he thought I was crazy, but because of the pain and difficulty he was having in the mornings not being able to walk for a few minutes he thought he would try it and after a couple of nights he was no longer having the aching and difficulty and when he wakes in the mornings he jumps out of bed without the pain. One of my friends still hasn’t tried it yet because it just sounds weird. Who would you say is weird? He would rather fill his body with the meds than try something as simple as sleeping with a bar of soap. Go Figure!

Try reading all of the comments before you post one. It’s covered.
The article is about things that work, not how they work. Plenty of theories are being floated (in the comments) and many have strong scientific grounds.
To say that a thing is either a joke or magic with no other options sort of indicates a gap in schooling.
Sometimes, throughout history, we know things work but do not find out why until science catches up. All use of medicinal herbs, for example. Vitamin C. Antioxidants. It’s a really long list of things that worked, that were not fully understood, that were not, in fact, magic.
This works for me. If you are suffering in pain and sleeplessness, you can either decide to try it and possibly get better or to not try it, and definitely not get better.
A retired physician mentioned trying to do trials; an interesting experiment would be for people to make homemade soap with differing levels of key ingredients which are thought to have bearing, such as magnesium sulfate, then try to determine if efficacy was affected by the different balances. Perhaps even create some “control soap” that did not actually have the properties of regular soap…..? Grad students?

this is no joke. Although it cannot be explained- you can see by reading 6 plus years of testimonials it is effective. For my use: I place it UNDER my fitted sheet and lay the cramping body part on it. Why does it work? How does it work? I don’t care, I just know it does. My husband was a skeptic- until one night of jumping around to wake the entire house- I slid my bar of soap to his side- guess what? I am so glad to have found this easy remedy. I keep a bar of soap in my suitcase for when I travel. And I recommend it to anyone who will listen! If you surfed to the point of reading about, it can’t hurt to try!

Hold on just one minute.
What is this?
This article doesn’t explain one thing about the concept of putting a bar of soap under your sheet. Either this theory is just a big joke, or if it IS true based on this article it would be because of Magic.
Are you supposed to rest your leg on it? Your feet on it? Does some part of your body have to be touching it? Does it matter what part?
And what would be the difference between a bar of soap and anything else?

I live in the UK.
I don’t know the soaps that are mentioned.
Could someone tell me which soap to use in the UK please.
I do have dove and am sitting here with it under my arm, I have bad rib pain, among other pains.
Thank you

For those of you with the RLS. I just heard about a nurse that uses it for patients with RLS. It is Irish Spring soap that she uses. She won’t use just any bar of soap has to be Irish spring.

I have RLS and have had it for most of my life on and off. In recent years it became a constant happening every night. The neurologist prescribed a low dose of Mirapex which worked wonders. Then, the RLS started before I went to bed and sometimes during the day. More Mirapex. Relief. Not too long later I developed edema, a side affect of the Mirapex. The doctor said I had to cut back on the amount of Mirapex I was taking. So in the morning it was .75MG, late afternoon .75MG and 1.50MG before bedtime.
I thought I read everything in print to find some relief besides the Mirapex. Then I found this site. I tried the soap. About 2 weeks ago I put the bar of soap under the bottom sheet near my legs. I shared this with my girlfriend and we laughed. Today I called her and said “do you remember we talked about the soap in the bed for the RLS” well it works. I stopped taking the Mirapex during the day but I’m still not up to giving it up at bedtime. But I am willing to try it any day now. I can’t wait to show my doctor this article. Good luck everyone.

I was desperate – my RSL comes in waves. Then it will subside and come back after a month or two. The last week it was pure misery. I could not stop that “gnawing & pulling” sensation in my leg muscles. I was ready to try anything. Searched the web and found this suggestion about the bar of soap. Don’t laugh, but last night I put three bars of soap under the sheet where my feet and legs are. WHAT A MIRACLE.
Don’t ask why or how. No one knows. But I can tell you IT TOTALLY WORKED! Slept blissfully. NO MORE RESTLESS LEGS!!! Hooray for whoever it was that figured this out. Simple. Cheap. Safe. And most of all, it works!!!!!!

I read about using the bar of soap to relieve cramps. I have suffered with debilitating foot cramps when relaxing on the couch and when retiring to bed for the last few years. They bring me to tears and the only way to alleviate them until now was to try to “walk it off”. I tried placing a bar of ivory soap at the foot of my bed about two months ago and it worked like magic! No more cramps–you can actually feel the muscles relax.
When my feet cramp up while relaxing on the couch, I get the bar of soap and place my feet on it and the cramps again are gone almost immediately!! THIS IS NO BULL….amazing to find relief in something so simple!

Gotta tell ya, folks, I work in the medical field. RLS is also caused by a low iron level in the blood. Can’t detect the level without an “iron binding” test. When I had someone tell me this a few years ago, I thought they were nuts! I let their info just fall right out of my brain.
Then yesterday, my husband was waiting for me in my office. The receptionist and he happened to talk about it and she recommended the soap thing again. I’m on 3mg of ropinirole (generic Requip). Helps me be sleepy and most always cuts the sensation completely, but sometimes, it’s just not enough.
Last night, when I went to bed, I had my meds on board, but they just weren’t working, so I tried the soap, Irish Spring to be exact (its what we had). It’s the darnedest thing, but it worked. I kept my feet within touching range. If the sensation started, it seemed to just go so far and then dissipate. I woke once, felt the sensation, found the soap, and the sensation went away. Gonna keep trying for the rest of the week and weekend. May start weaning off my ropinirole. I’ll keep you posted!

Just want to add yet another testimony to cured restless legs. I’m 9 months pregnant and have had a bar of Ivory soap under my fitted sheet at the foot of my bed since the RLS started again about 8 weeks ago. (I had it with my first pregnancy and didn’t know what it was so didn’t know to seek relief.. that was misery)
I wish someone would figure out why it works.. it’s so wonderful.

Oh I feel so bad for you. I have gone through the same thing. I am on Mirapex, which doesn’t cure it, but does make it tolerable. Instead of walking, please give a thought to finding something to do which requires standing. Walking seems to make it better, but actually adds to the restlessness. Takes longer to calm down the muscles. Make sure, you have everything done you need to before bed time. Everything! When the urge to try sleeping comes, then go immediately. In a chair, in your clothes, just go.
I make clothes for dolls to give to charity. I have also recently found a wonderful hobby in Lego buildings, cities etc. I can stand, do something interesting, and still not have to walk. If you feel that’s not for you, then try a Christmas village for Christmas. One building at a time. Your friends will think you very clever. But remember, do everything before trying to go to bed. I’ve survived this long, by finding ways to deal. Are your feet sore? Stand on a folded towel or whatever works. Good luck hon. I really do know what you are going through.

thanks Glenna GREAT TIP!

To the person who scraped off the outside of the bar of soap, and it worked again. You could use that excess you were asking about in places you don’t want insects or pests. Like your mailbox. Around your outside entertaining area. My mom used to wash her clothes with remnants but I think in today’s machines, it would gum up the works. Put it in a sock and use it for washing out the sink, bathtub, patio furniture.

I share this tip with anyone who will listen! It is gratifying to see how this is effective for so many people. I have learned that the efficacy of the soap does diminish, we were re-purposing to the shower stall….. until I had so many open boxes of soap (Irish Spring) I thought perhaps scraping the soap to “refresh” whatever it is that does it’s magic would work. I used a fork and scraped the surface and guess what?
Voila! Now I need to come up with a use for the soap shavings! I finally used up the Irish Spring and am just as satisfied with Ivory.

Sam, your anger is unjustified. It doesn’t matter why it works. If it’s in the mind or there is a logical explanation. You’ve obviously not gone 2 or 3 nights in a row with no sleep, or you would be willing to try anything, just for some relief. It’s a lot better than drugs, or poor health from lack of sleep, and if it works on these people, please be happy for them.
Glenna M Canada

The best comment I’ve read so far, that describes me perfectly is from a woman called Kelly.
She wrote OK so RLS and leg cramps are not the same right? Because my RLS is like an awful anxious weird indescribable feeling that I have to keep moving my legs and sometimes arms or an overpowering really crazy electric feeling comes over those areas and it is just unbearable. You HAVE to move and it comes right back. Thanks Kelly.
I brought this in to my doctor. I take Mirapex, and don’t try to go to bed until I have done everything else first, like checking the door, the kids, putting pyjamas etc. The mirapex along with Rivitrol takes about 20 minutes to start working. I do something standing up until I feel a slight woozy feeling, and then I immediately lie down, get comfortable and hope for the best. Betty, if you have it this bad, then be aware that if you have to have a cat scan, or anything you need to be very still for, you’d best ask your doctor either to put you out or a strong sedative, or you won’t make it.
Also, for trips requiring lots of sitting, make sure to allow for lots of rest stops to get out and walk. Also, make sure your clothes are as loose as you can get, especially for the crease between thigh and stomach. This alone will go a long way to helping. Good luck, and you aren’t alone. I feel for you. Many sleepless nights.
Glenna M Canada.

I have severe “rls” not only in my legs but arms as well. I am on medication from my neurologist and it has helped but I find that I still get some jerking in my legs early in the morning with some feeling of the rls syndrome. I am presently trying the soap theory but it has not worked for me even though I now have just a small amount of jerking and currents in the legs. I’ll try anything as this wretched problem can drive anyone crazy. I did not use ivory soap but I will buy today. I have been using dove.

I find I have to have the soap touching my skin for it to work. I have cut the bottom out of a pair of white cotton socks and use the tube part and then cut off a piece of the soap and place it in each sock. Just to be sure I place a piece of soap in the pocket of my tshirt that I sleep in. I also notice that I seem to have to use a fresh bar every 8 to 10 days. No matter, it gives me relief.

I have had RLS before they even had a name for it, suffered for many years. My doctor wanted me to take prescription meds for it I said no because I do not like to put garbage into my body. I had been going to a chiropractor the last few years and that helped me with my RLS, however, since my move out west I have yet to find another one chiropractor. My legs started acting up again and I was curious about home remedies, so I clicked on your website to see what I could find to help me naturally.
Well I have to tell you that the soap is the craziest thing I have ever heard of, but I tried it about a month ago. I just want to say Thank you for posting this. I can now sleep without my legs bothering me. I also told my granddaughter who has this problem. I also have been upping my intake of water each day which helps with the leg cramps.
I don’t believe it really matters what type of bar soap it is, I think it may be the lye in it that helps. Whatever it is, I do thank The Good Lord for this site. Keep up the good work. I will tell anyone who has this problem about this solution.
Thank you again and God Bless.

OK so RLS and leg cramps are not the same right? Because my RLS is like an awful anxious weird indescribable feeling that I have to keep moving my legs and sometimes arms or an overpowering really crazy electric feeling comes over those areas and it is just unbearable. You HAVE to move and it comes right back. Most people on here seem to be complaining of leg cramps which is a whole nother animal. Any thoughts?

I have tried the soap for over a week now and it has done nothing for me I sleep maybe an hour or so every night, nothing works not even tylenol or advil, and the tiger balm does nothing.

My friend just gave me a bar of ivory soap. I dont know yet but I am placing under my sheet and hope it works

Thought this sounded nuts, but tired of suffering with my legs. So I gave it a try – and it really works! My soap is Dove and I just have it under the top sheet around my legs. Unreal!!

For years, I have had painful tingling & numbness in my fingers at nite. I would shake my arms for over an hour to get the feeling back. Now I wear big gloves to bed with a bar of soap inside in palm of hands & I don’t have that tingling anymore. What a relief!! It doesn’t have to be a big bar = one that has been used & down to a sliver works fine. I use Ivory, but I think any kind would work. Need to get the word out about this. My friend had leg cramps at nite, & now has a bar of soap under his sheet & he no longer has the cramps.

I just recently started having RLS andhe last 3 nights were the worst. I had a total of 3 hour’s sleep ina 48 hour span. I got up last night to relieve the sensatio n checked home remedies n saw this article.
Thought it sounded strange but I was desperate to try anything, within minutes after tossing n turning in bed I was sound asleep!
I don’t understand it but hopefully it’ll continue to give a good night’s sleep!! Thanks to whoever shared this!!!!

I had leg cramps for few months. My doctor told me to put soap under my sheets. So i did. After four days my leg cramps were gone. Its been about 6 weeks and i am cramps free. My DOC told me that ivery and irish soap are not working. I read the blog and some people are using this brand and claiming it works.I use LEVER 2000. Pleae try it. Its free and work for me.

I wouldn’t sleep without the soap in my bed. I put two bars at my feet and one between my wife and I at shoulder high. I know of people who put it in their pocket while jogging or walking, put it on any ache or pain and the pain is gone in minutes. try it, it won’t cost a cent. slip it under your belt next to the skin for back pain

I was diagnosed with RLS 2 yrs. ago, and they wanted to put me on oxycodne and some medicine they use to treat Parkinsons, I opted to just suffer, and suffer I did. I would wake up with tingling and cramping so bad every night. I would wake up and be in such pain and spasm that even though it hurt I couldn’t hold still, I would walk for 20-30 min. in terrible pain crying some times. Waiting for it to settle down.
A friend told me about this a couple weeks ago, as silly as it sounded I was desperate and willing to try anything..So happy I did I am totally pain free and no script, just a bar of soap! lol This is great! Also I have a lot of arthritis in my feet really bad they go into spasm and get totally deformed, I do not know if it is mere coincidence or what but hubby noticed it first, said he had not seen me have a bad spell with them since I started doing the soap, and I realized he was right.
So I believe it is also helping with the arthritis! Doing happy dance! Not a believer yet? Try it you will be! What have you got to lose? The cost of a bar of soap, and your pain is all you’ll lose.

It was just last week when I was searching for a home remedy for arthritis in the legs. I was having this severe pain on my both legs after taking an exercise work. I loved the walk and I really wanted to continue it this summer as to be fit, but the pain in my legs will not allow me. In the net I came across an article that talked about this idea of putting a tablet of soap under the sheet.
I was reluctant, but two days after I decided to try it and it worked like magic, within two to five minutes the pain reduced drastically. I am so happy, because for weeks I have not had a good night sleep. I did not think of any particular brand I just bought any one I saw and it worked (The one I bought was imperial leather soap). I am going to introduce my 73 years old mother to it since she is also suffering from severe arthritis pain on her both legs. Thanks for this information it is quite educating, and I sure it will help thousands of people who need this healing.
Edi – Republic of Ireland

Ok…. I have had 2 sleep studies done. On the video.. I not only have RLS, I practically do the “CAN-CAN” in my sleep.
It is AMAZING to see!!!
Tried the magnesium. Tried the potassium and banana’s. Was given the typical prescriptions and refuse to take them. Have you read the side effects of some of those things? I have dove soap tonight. I am giving it a try.
Tomorrow I will get some Ivory. It has been YEARS since I have slept well. If I do tonight… or tomorrow, and it works, I will shout this from the roof tops and then go buy stock in Ivory Soap!!

My 18 year old daughter has been suffering with leg cramps every night for the last 2-3 weeks. She is trying the soap under her sheets for the first time tonight. Wishing her a good nights rest!

Restless legs is far different from leg cramps. Leg cramps hurt like the dickens, but when gone, they are gone and you can sleep. You can also sit, relax, take trips. Restless legs is like worms/bugs crawling just under the skin. With a small electric-like shock running up and down. Not only can you not sleep, you can not lie down or sit down. It can also reach the arms, which is true in my case.
Mirapex has helped from what it used to be. Walking the streets at 3:00 am made me dread bed time. But the Mirapex came after years and years of suffering. The restless legs are winning, but I’m so very glad to have something that helps even a little. I haven’t tried the soap yet. Not because I think it’s silly, but the soap is my last hope for a normal life, and what if it doesn’t work? When it gets so bad I want my legs cut off, then I will try the soap, and hope against hope that it works.

I suffer from RLS. I have not tried soap, but I know that taking 100-200 mg of magnesium about 30 minutes before bed cures it for me every time.

Have suffered with RLS for many years (I am in my late 60’s). I have, over the years, tried many supposed remedies, avoiding formal medication.
2 months ago I finally agreed with my doctor to go on medication. One dose was enough. Although I had a good nights sleep, the side effects were too much.
I again ventured onto the web pages and discovered “the soap “cure. Believe me, I laughed at the notion but went ahead and tried it. It works. I have never slept better for many a year. I change the soap at 4 week intervals.
I have since passed this idea onto a number of my golfing friends (I was amazed at how many suffered). After having a good laugh, twelve out of fourteen have found it works.
Do not use “Dove”. This soap does not work.

I was VERY skeptical of using this, but since having sleep problems for many years didn’t need one more thing. Thought I’d throw it under my sheet, and it couldn’t do any harm. Did NOT expect it to work. It works!!

A friend that is a retired nurse shared this cure with me when I complained about leg cramps. A few times a month I have terrible ‘charley horse’ pain. The last one I had radiated up my back and was painful for days. I have been sleeping with a bar of soap for one month now and have not had a a re-occurrence. I fell asleep on the couch and felt one coming on, so I rushed to my bed and it went away. Definitely worth the try!

I have DDD, herniated lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, acute osteophytes and foraminal narrowing. Through many years of pain management and many different types of medications, I have found that using regular Ivory soap under my top sheet and making sure that my top sheet touches the floor will quell the symptoms virtually every time. I certainly sleep much better and my girlfriend says that my legs have calmed down while I am sleeping. I cannot stress how much better my quality of life is now that I get good sleep almost every night. YAY!

This is the BEST! Since my stem cell transplant for leukemia I have had lots of cramping and twitching of hands, neck, abdomen, legs and feet. One day my leg was bouncing while I was on the net. Did a GOOGLE search and found this ‘cure’. Went to the bathroom, opened a bar of Irish Spring, slapped that bar on my leg and the twitching stopped. STOPPED.
I now sleep with about six bars of soap and move them where I have the spasm and SLEEP. My twelve year old had growing pains so I cut the top off a sweat sock and put the soap next to his leg held in place with the sock top. The next morning his leg felt great. This has also helped my husband with shoulder pain that he has suffered from for YEARS. Plus, you smell so fresh. : )

I have tried the soap and it did not work. True RLS is medically associated with random electrical firings in the brain. If you do the research you will find they are not caused by bug bites. Mine were observed during a sleep study when I was tested for sleep apnea. They did in fact wake me up during the night while I was connected to all the monitoring equipment. I took Requip with some success for about 6 or 7 years. Then my doctor switched me to a low dose of Clonazepam (.5mg) and the difference is amazing. My symptoms totally disappeared. This like Requip is by prescription. I’ve been taking it for about 3 years.

I believe the soap rids the area of ticks, mites, & fleas. The mites especially are very hard to see, so we are not aware of them. That is why one woman said after several months the soap stopped working until she replaced it.
The little biters jerk us awake without knowing why. Dust mites are everywhere, but most notably in our bedding.

I’ve had RLS since my teens and now I’m in my 50s. My condition was getting worse and quite annoying until recently when I have started 3 things that have removed the leg sensations. 1) drinking 72 to 94 ozs water a day. 2) eating a very low carb diet and 3) I’m using a few drops on my lower spine of an herbal oil with rosemary, ginger, lavender and jojoba. If these turn out to not be enough at some point I will start taking 1 regular aspirin and having a bar of soap at my knees in bed, which have helped in the past. I’m so surprised at the complete success of the large amounts of water and low carb for removing my restless leg that I had to share to help others. Good luck!

Oh my gosh it works for me! But I use any kind of soap. Mostly Irish spring. I’m amazed and so happy and can sleep much better. Don’t understand it but it works!!

I used the same bar of Jergens for almost a year until it stopped working and my cramps returned full force. I replaced it with a new bar of Irish Spring and my cramps disappeared again. I’ll venture that any brand works.

Does it have to be ivory soap ? I am allergic to it. But I have terrible leg cramps.

I used Ivory soap

I was having excruciating leg and foot cramps at night. My calves were as hard as rocks and my feet were almost paralyzed. I put a bar of soap under my sheet and have not had any pain or cramp in a week. The soap is the only thing that changed. I can now stop taking Lyrica, thank God.

I put a bar of Ivory down in the bed near my feet. It worked, no more cramps. My RN daughter suggested it was probably the increased calcium I ingested so I took the bar out one night. Guess what, back in the bed the Ivory goes as I had 3 cramps that night, God Bless my Ivory!

Based on some of the comments that I have read it seems that the soap needs to Ivory, is that correct?

Thanks a million to the person who replaced her bar of soap after six months. I had knee surgery a year and a half ago and was having severe leg cramps at night whenever I overdid. I tried the bar of soap trick and voila… they were gone. In the last two weeks they have returned and my sleep (and husband’s) has disintegrated as I have had to jump out of bed several times a night to stamp out charlie horses. This morning I decided to check online to find out if the soap cure was just temporary for anyone else… and read that replacing the bar of soap fixed the issue! I am looking forward to sleeping well again tonight. (Hope it works for me as easily.)

I have been doing this for years and it does work!

I put many pieces of soap under the sheet and they did not help the cramping…but it did smell good….’restless legs’ is another issue and may be helped with magnesium…(however it is spelt!)

I was having severe leg cramps at night and tried a bar of soap in the bed and it has been working well for the past month or so! I am not sure of what is in the soap that triggers the leg cramps to cease but it is fantastic and cheap! I used a bar of Dial soap by the way.

I was experiencing restless legs after eating sulfite-containing food. I tried the soap under the sheet. To my amazement, it really did work.

You re missing the point, Wils. Who in their right mind cares that there’s no “valid medical thought” behind the relief from pain? …The pain is relieved!..with no side effects… at very little cost… That’s the WHOLE point! As for me, I’m hoping that the medical profession will someday get intelligent enough to figure out why it works… I kind of doubt that that will happen because the medical establishment can’t make any money out of the soap-under-the-sheets-cure so they won’t waste their time. In the meantime, the soap-under-the-sheet-system has worked for me for ten years now and I’ll take the relief from pain over the lack of a valid explanation by medical explanation any day.

I heard about this and thought…..what?? no way……..but……yes, yes, yes…….this does really work!
I had been getting really BAD leg cramps at night. The kind that wake you up out of a sound sleep and make you jump out of bed and stretch and cuss and walk around. I have tried everything……..pills, lots of water, exercises….you name it, no luck. Then one of my friends suggested soap……what?! Yea, he says….just try it. Ok, so I go to the bathroom and get a new bar of soap…now I did have to experiment were to put it cause there’s nothing more wrong than rolling over on it in the middle of the night, but I haven’t had ONE leg cramp since in BED. I still get leg cramps all the time, but…not while I’m sleeping…makes NO SENSE to me whatsoever, but it DOES work.

How much of this ‘cure’ is merely the fact that you THINK it will work. There is NO valid medical thought behind it. If I told you that putting a penny in your pocket would alleviate your headaches, you would do that as well, I presume. Wow.

I want to kiss whomever found this myth, the moment I put the bar under my sheets my legs stopped moving, I have no idea how it works but the bar of soap is amazing :)

I never really thought it would work, or that perhaps it was mind over matter, but then, what harm could it do? So I took my dear friends advice, and it worked. I am so grateful, RLS is so frustrating and this easy remedy has worked every time. I just have to remember to bring a bar with me to the theatre and on plane rides!!
Thanks Rosie, for the excellent information!!

Having suffered excruciating leg cramps for years – not just in the calf of my legs but in the large muscles in my thighs, and not wanting to take any more quinine which was prescribed by my doctor, I decided to try the soap cure.
Well it worked for me from the first night I put it in the bed. Just plain ordinary soap from the supermarket. I never took another quinine tablet from then on and the soap is still working after over six months.
I did not suffer from RLS, just cramp.
What a relief – give it a try.

Ok, so I don’t need a week to tell you what happened…
I put the soap in the bed and in between the couch cushions, because he often sleeps on the couch as to not keep me awake with his “shaky legs” throughout the night. He slept fine through the night on the couch. It happens, but it’s rare. So since he works 4 days a week, he was home today and wanted pizza for lunch. He took a nap a few hours later. When he woke up I asked how his legs were. He said he was fine, which he couldn’t understand since eating pizza “guarantees I’ll have shaky legs”. He napped fine and I noticed that he had his knee bent to be touching where the soap was.
But tonight was the real test. We went to his sister’s for movie night. We brought some beer (a trigger) and had some chips (another trigger). His legs were ok for longer than normal, but when I saw him starting to fidget, I asked if it was his legs and he confirmed that it was. I had brought some soap slices with me and stuck them into his socks, not telling him what they were. After about 5 minutes, I asked how his legs were. He was surprised to realize that they were actually calm! I then told him, his sister and her hubby what I had done, and how he had gotten relief having had no idea what I had done!
This is not a mere placebo effect! Stick the soap right against your skin if you must, but it works!! Hubby has gotten relief without even knowing that I had done ANYTHING! If it isn’t working for you, try a different brand, try more bars of soap, or try putting it in your socks. It WORKS!!!

Worked perfectly! My cramps are only occasional, and always come from the front hip flexor. I used a hotel soap which I’ve been washing my hands with, so it’s small with no edges. I wore bike shorts to bed to hold the soap in place against my upper leg where I get the cramps, & slept great!

While I am happy that bananas work for you, they don’t work for everyone. My hubby has RLS and he has found limited success with potassium, both in supplement and food sources. He also supplements B complex, Iron and magnesium, and has had success soaking in epsom salts, which is a transdermal way to get magnesium. Problem is, these are all hit and miss.
He is guaranteed to have RLS if he neglects these things, but even with diligent use, he suffers periods of RLS… the creepy-crawly kind, not leg cramps. I’ve seen him get only 3 hours of sleep in 3 days. Believe me, we’ve tried everything short of pharmaceutical drugs, and we’re getting close to that point.
I don’t know how I haven’t heard about soap before. I’ve been researching remedies for RLS for ages! No matter. If it works, it works. I’m not even going to tell him, because I know he’ll think it’s insane. (and who can blame him?) I’m just going to go out tomorrow and get a bunch of unscented soaps and place them in the bed and couch while he’s at work. He often sleeps on the couch because he knows his kicking will keep me awake, and I often sleep on the couch to let him enjoy the bed. He also gets RLS while sitting at night, so I will just quietly tuck the soap in between the cushions. If I find him improving, then I’ll let him in on it. I also suffer from back pain, so I’ll be curious to see if the soap helps that at all.
RLS is considered to be a nerve disorder, so it is possible that soap works due to its negative charge. This negative charge is also what makes it clean your skin by attracting the dirt and oils. It could also explain why the soap “wears out” after being under the sheet for a while and why some claim to revive their soap by scoring it.
When you consider how the nervous system works, and how resting neurons are in a polarized, negative state, it is theoretically possible that for whatever the reason, RLS and leg cramping are the result of the nerves not being able to achieve this negative state. Considering that the nervous system is electrochemical, it also stands to reason that soap, which gets its negative charge through a chemical reaction that allows oil and water to mix, could have an electrochemical effect on the nervous system through osmosis merely by being close enough to the body. I’m no expert, but when looking for a logical explanation, this is what I come up with. Is it really so far-fetched?
It’s obvious that this is working for a lot of people, including skeptics. Considering pharmaceutical research is where the big bucks get spent, (since it’s where the big bucks get made) it’s no surprise that more research isn’t being done into why some “old wives tales” actually work. This doesn’t stop the ones that do from actually working, thank goodness. ;^) We seem to be rediscovering to these remedies more and more.
I’ll post again in a week or so when I know whether or not it works for hubby. Fingers crossed!

arise ye folks for the real cure has arrived! it works like a gem
and it’s veerryyy cheap to have. not to add “tasty”.
leave the soap in the bathroom where your sheets won’t get soaped up or wake you up when they land under your rib cage in the middle of the night.
I suffered from not sleeping regularly in my own horrid case that my sons dubbed as having “the chigitees” — for lack of “what the heck is happening to mom’s suddenly jumpity-wormy legs!”.
couldn’t sleep so I spent my nights studying the internet without results.
finally………lo and behold! there is nothing to replace the natural way.
guaranteed results within 10 minutes to 30 minutes max after taking just one good bite. in time, your body’s system will have had enough to keep you well but depending on your own quotidian diet habits.
ready??? set??? – gooooooooooo…..
keep bananas in a bowl as we do in mexico where natural cures remain popular.
yes folks, those incredibly cheap full of potassium bananas! a few bites will do. but how, say ye? because your problem is lack of potassium, or your daily diet is not providing enough. sometimes it’s due to overindulgence of ready? wine, brandy,etc. and….in today’s society we often dine at night.
send your check to…..just kidding but the above does work every time. just note that bananas are also……oops…fattening.

I have Fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome also severe arthritis. I tried the soap under my sheets and it really works I was able to get a good nights rest which is very important, without leg cramps. My husband changed the sheets last week and took my bar of soap out and I had cramps three nights straight. When I realized it was removed I put it back, no cramps. It’s great remedy.

Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but a bar of soap at the foot of the bed, under the sheet, stops leg cramps. I placed a bar of Ivory soap in a poly bag, and pinned it to the mattress at the bottom right of my bed, so I could move my legs to touch the soap. I have not had any leg cramps for many years. Just recently I discovered another use for the soap. I use a small bar of soap, like hotel soap, in a poly bag, and apply it to my neck, and arms when I get pains, and within a few minutes, the pains are gone.
Try it, and if you need more information just place in Google, “soap & leg cramps”, and many things will come up about it.
Now, utterly by accident, I have discovered a cure for finger cramps, and locked fingers.
Suddenly a finger would lock on me in an askew position, and when trying to straighten it out with difficulty, would cause pain. I have discovered that by placing a small bar of soap, like hotel soap, between the affected finger, and the one next to it, the finger would revert to normal position in just a few seconds.
I always carry a small bar of soap with me, and also keep a small bar under my pillow at night.
I am wondering why the medical profession is keeping this information a dark secret!
By the way, I have been using the same bar of Ivory soap in my bed for over a year.

This is the first time I have heard of anyone else having this cramp. The soap definitely helps. Wish I could talk with you. I don’t even know how to describe the excruciating pain I had one a couple weeks ago that left my leg sore for a week. The cramp from the groin area going down the inner thigh to the knee is horrendous!

When the Ivory Soap stops working after you have used it for two or three months, you can score the surface with a tool or even with your fingernails, and it will start to work again.

I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for the past 10 or so years. I rarely if ever have leg cramps. Two years ago my sister-in-law who is a nurse told me about putting a bar of Ivory soap between the sheets on my bed. As with most people’s comments I’ve read on this subject, I was very skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose so bought 1 bar and used it that night. I can honestly say that since that time I have rarely suffered RLS again. When I do feel that ‘creepy crawly’ painful march up and down my leg, I just place my foot or leg against the soap and the painful sensations disappear usually within a minute.
Airplane travel was always a problem for me – my last flight to Hawaii (8 hours) was a nightmare. Now I take a bar of Ivory soap cut in half and put half into each of my ankle socks. My flight from start to finish is RLS free – what a relief!
I keep a bar of Ivory in the car, 1 near my TV chair and 1 in my purse as I never know when my legs are going to start hurting. I have told my family (who all used to suffer from RLS), co-workers, and friends about this wonderful, easy fix. I find that over time the bar of Ivory seems to lose its strength so I just replace it with a new bar. I buy my Ivory in packs of 12 so I always have one available. I did not want to take any prescription meds for this problem and am so happy that for a few cents, I am free of RLS. As I said, I don’t have leg cramps so I don’t know how this would work for them, but I for RLS it is simply fabulous!!

My mother suggested I try this and after several conversations about it, finally did it. It worked for me! I have used the soap under the sheets for years – sometimes it doesn’t seem to work as well as others. After much thought (knowing I had to be crazy for it to work), I have decided it works because unconsciously I move the soap around with me feet, therefore relaxing the legs. I have caught myself moving the soap and stretching the feet and legs. Kind of like a baby stroking a soft blanket and it soothing them to sleep …

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