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Side Effects of Generic Wellbutrin

Q. I have taken Wellbutrin XL for two years and it has taken care of my depression beautifully. In January my insurance company switched me to the generic called Budeprion XL. I didn’t think twice about it. I just assumed it was as good as Wellbutrin XL.

After a few months thinking I was losing my mind and that Wellbutrin just wasn’t working anymore, it finally dawned on me that I was no longer taking WELLBUTRIN! (I honestly hadn’t even thought about the generic.)

I have been very depressed, crying and irritable with no energy or ambition. While I am not suicidal, it sure doesn’t sound like a bad plan most days. I will stop Budeprion XL immediately even though I will have to pay full price for Wellbutrin XL.

A. More than a dozen people have contacted us regarding experiences strikingly similar to yours. Some of them reported nausea or dizziness as side effects of Budeprion XL; all of them said their symptoms of depression had returned.

We have no scientific evidence that there is a difference between the brand name and the generic. Nevertheless, so many reports convince us that there should be an investigation.

We have arranged with the FDA to analyze any generic pills that readers of The People’s Pharmacy suspect are not equivalent to their branded counterparts. Please describe your experience and send your generic pills with as much information as possible: Name of medication, name of generic drug maker, lot number and date dispensed. (Data may be available from the pharmacy.) Send the parcel to Graedons’ People’s Pharmacy; PO Box 52027; Durham, NC 27717-2027.

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I just started taking the generic form of welbutrin, and I love it except for one thing: IM GOING CRAZY! FEELS LIKE BUGS CRAWLING ALLL OVER ME. I HATE THIS FEELING! CAN’T TAKE IT!

I just switched from one generic brand of Bupropion to another. The ones I was taking previously were white, these new ones are light blue. I have been taking the new ones for about five days and I have a severe headache, increased urination, sleep issues, and dizziness. I thought I was sick and something prompted me do an internet search, and I am glad I did. What should I do?

There is clearly a difference between generic and brand name products and Health Insurance companies need to stop fighting with patients and prescribers on this.

Very glad I found this site and feel greatly affirmed. One of the worst things is when we are switched to generic the generic brand can be changed by the pharmacy from month to month with no warning and side effects differ greatly.

I hope the FDA will take these comments to heart and do something to better regulate these generic manufacturers.

My pharmacy started me on this in January. It took me until April to realize I didn’t feel like myself, I was sleeping a lot (one of my signs of depression), was listless, more tearful, and more anxious….Right now, fighting with the insurance company, as they REFUSE to give me the brand name….My psychiatrist and I are filling out paper work…Dah! If they continue to refuse it, I’ll go to a Canadian pharmacy and get the brand name at 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the US medication. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again!

I’m on Wellbutrin 150 XL generic had to switch from branded have steadily gained weight 15 lbs & counting, feet and hands swelling and my eye lashes and hair thinning are these side effects?

I am so upset!. I have been a health care professional for 25 years and over 20 of them in mental health. When I finally started Wellbutrin 3 years ago, my life changed! It has been better the past 2 years, but it has not been the same as it was the first year. I am finally piecing together that some of the Bupropion that I take gives me nausea and irritability and some of it gives me a headache, anxiety and chest pain. Some months I struggle more with my depression than others. And I believe it has to do with the 4 different types of Bupropion that pharmacy gives me. I feel so foolish and taken advantage of. I would have thought that I could have figured this out sooner. There has to be a guideline set in place regulate what we as patients and consumers are being prescribed and then provided

I have been taking bupropion SR for many years. I did remember the brand name being written on the pills when I started it and for the first several years.

I’m currently on several meds & at some point in the past 5 yrs I’ve been forced to switch to all generics. I just switched back to brand name Adderall XR and feel much better. Started me thinking about bupropion SR.

I am thankful for all the posts on here bc I’m requesting the brand name Wellbutrin SR from now on. I’m shocked that I’ve had everything listed in these posts. Migraines, chest pains, palpitations, have been to the ER a few times thinking I was having a heart attack or anaphylaxis and checked out fine physically, weight gain, bloating that has only increased, peeing more and more, ringing ears, depression, worsening anxiety, low blood sugar, tremor, bad taste that is exactly like one person said ear wax, crying, outbursts of anger, plus more.

But the most prominent is the trust issues. I’ve been convinced that my husband is cheating on mr for a while now even though I KNOW he wouldn’t. It’s like an impulsive thing, I can’t control it. And it’s spreading to other family members now also. Like I said, now that I see the major difference between generic and brand Adderall XR I believe the generic Wellbutrin SR is also making me sick. I’ve seen several generic brands listed and they are ones I’ve had bad reactions to also. I read, as someone else posted, that it all has to do with the binders used. Thank you to everyone who has posted here!

I started on Buproprion SR 150 mg (WAT is manufacturer) 1 week ago tomorrow. On day #4, I started having this weird feeling that my heart was going to drop out of my chest, sweating, palpitations, burning in my chest, burning in my stomach, and lightheadedness. I went to the ER twice over the weekend thinking I was having some sort of cardiac event. Heart checked out fine, blood work was all fine, but I am still having these symptoms. The cardiologist wants me to wear a Holter monitor for a few days to see if they can pick up something like PVC’s because of tachycardia that I was having briefly, but they have no idea what caused it all. I stopped the Bupropion. I now have to have my homone levels checked, an EGD and colonscopy, another cardiac evaluation, because of this medication.

I have just tried to the generic brand of welbutrin for the second time.. I am so ill I can’t stand my own self I’m not sleeping.. getting mean and depressed.. is it a reaction from taking the generic form? Thx.

Wow.. I’m having the same symptoms. I started out with Wellbutrin 150mgs, rather the generic brand. I have only been on it for 2 weeks. I hated the way it made me feel. So I stopped it a couple of days, to see how I felt. Though I started it up again, I did not feel good on it again. I’m not going to take it any more. It’s going in the trash!!!! I had all the symptoms you had and also have a puffy face.

I have just experienced the same problem, even though the generic problem was supposed to be fixed. Within a day or two of starting to re-introduce the generic, I was terribly irritable, crying and feeling like I couldn’t think, running into things. The last time I took the full dose of generic, I was so sick I couldn’t go to work and just lay down feeling like I was going to die.

hair loss: Yes, my hair is falling out like crazy. I’ve been on it a year and I’m wondering if I switch to the name brand Welbutrin if I could avoid this side effect.

Has anyone else got a bitter taste that stays with you while taking bupropion? After I took my first pill the biter tast began. Makes food/drink tast bad.

Christy – This is exactly why I’m searching for generic wellbutrin symptoms…sounds gross but it’s almost like ear wax/metallic. I’m so happy at least I found one person with this. I love wellbutrin…I started using it again 6 months ago but the 300xl was too much to start me on…I was having yawning feelings like I needed to yawn. I had the doctor put me on a 150 but didn’t even notice until yesterday they he put me on the generic version…Holy cow! This explains a lot. I’m glad I’m not nuts…..or….glad I’m not that nuts! lol

Any information on the Bupropion HCL 75mg (TEVA) causing hair loss? I’ve lost half my hair volume in the 7 months I’ve been taking this.

Sorry, I meant the Apotex Bupropion

I was just recently switched to a different generic after taking Bupropion for years with no issues. It took me a bit to connect my problems with the pill change, but I now know that is what it is. I immediately noticed an extreme dry mouth. It’s terrible! I am now feeling depressed and cannot sleep at night – my mind feels like it’s racing. I’ve found out that the generic I’ve been put on is made by Sun Pharmaceuticals and that is the only one provided by my new insurance company. I now have a call in to my Dr. to see what she suggest I do. I cannot and will not continue to take this pill.

I have to say it’s not just the difference between Wellbutrin and the generics. For me it hit when I changed from one generic to another. It took nine days for me to be fine and reasonably happy to break down during a meeting at work in tears. Over nothing….just lost it. Then I sat with my boss in uncontrollable tears afterwords trying to explain to her it was not the workload it was…I did not say. It was not until the next day when it started out of the blue and happened repeatedly at my desk that I needed to tell her I had to leave to go see my pharmacist. I explained my situation though I could tell she did not really understand where I was at. I remember these tears and I remember this undefined hopelessness I was feeling. My pharmacist had to tell me the previous supplier was now in the system as obsolete and this supplier, sol co healthca was one of the new suppliers. I had her switch me immediately to another generic but I am letting my doctor know and it may come down to having to pay for the name brand….which insurance likely will not cover. I certainly cannot go on like this.

I was put on Wellbutrin (bupropion) 150sr 2 times a day about 5 weeks ago. The 1st “batch” was ok for about 3 weeks, it was a round blue pill (I don’t remember the manufacturer). Then I started feeling like I was crawling out of my skin. Always anxious. I just wanted to run away as fast as I could. I thought maybe it was because I was going off the Lexapro at the same time. I refilled my prescription and got ( round white pill “Sun P 737” imprinted on it). I live in a very remote area and only1 pharmacy, so I came home, got on the computer to make sure it was Bupropion. It was. I started taking it and thought again I was going to crawl out of my skin. My legs wouldn’t stop moving, and once again, wanting to just run as fas as I could, to who knows where. I started searching the web and found that bupropion causes extreme anxiety! I already have anxiety, and take Xanax for it. I completely stopped taking the bupropion today, but still have the restless feelings in my legs. I guess I will just have to take my Xanax until I can see my dr. again, which is over 200 miles away. I feel like I am just stuck and don’t know what to do! Anyone else have these problems? HELP!!!

My local Walmart pharmacy changed my welbutrin generic from a pale blue pill to a new smaller pink pill marked APO on one side and BUP 100 on the other. The pills seem to be markedly less effective and are very fragile. I am looking for an alternative generic option to this medication or see if my insurance will cover the name brand. Has anybody else had this experience?

I just started taking the same generic. It’s from a company called Apotex. I was reading about how the FDA has warned Apotex a few times about manufacturing issues. I saw it in a WSJ blog. Since taking it, I don’t really feel any affects compared to when I took the name-brand Wellbutrin years ago. That’s why I started researching. I’ve heard that a lot of generic versions of Wellbutrin were not equivalent. I am going to see if I can get on the real stuff and get away from these type of companies that probably only sell “filler” and not even an equivalent to the intended drug. Even at the generic price, they must be laughing all the way to the bank.

I have NO faith in the FDA. Seems like just another place for friends of friends to collect a government paycheck it seems.

I had the same experience. The generic form of Wellbutrin does NOT work for me at all. It had the opposite effect that it is supposed to. I thought I was losing my mind. I wish they would make a better quality Wellbutrin. I was able to take the name brand for a while, but now, since the generic doesn’t work, I am going to have to find another anti-depressant. Maybe that’s what Wellbutrin wants because the generic certainly doesn’t match the name brand ineffectiveness. It is terrible.

I too am taking generic wellbutrin sr 150 mg once a day in the morning. I am astounded at all the alike side effects the everyone is having. I am experiencing a severe need to satisfy something so I am eating non stop because I can’t satisfy the hunger. I am also having ear ringing, anxiety, panic attacks, newly found social anxiety, fast weight gain, chain smoking because I can’t get the satisfying feeling of having a cigarette, insomnia, and a jittery feelings off and on, and slight shaking. I was hoping this would help with anxiety, smoking and an overall sense of well being. I have been Taking it for 2 weeks now and have tried to ride out the side effects. Today I asked my doctor for a prescription for the brand name only. Fingers crossed cause if this is how the generics are, I don’t want them.

I finally found you! I swore one of my problems with ‘Wellbutrin’ before was weight gain, despite the doctor insisting that is not a side effect. I was put back on (Bupropion HCL SR 150) a little while ago. (as someone else mentioned, plumb colored pill). And the same, but 100 (small blue) to take at lunch time.
I am gaining weight and retaining more water than ever.
This is not in my head, and as everyone is a little different, just because it causes weight loss generally, that is not the case for me. I am going off of it, because the weight gain and discomfort with water retention, is causing more misery than the subject in my life I am dealing with. I will not fit in my clothes this summer, and as it is, am narrowed down to very little in my closet. I have increased my exercise and watch my food. The only difference is the Bupropion. Buh-bye. Not acceptable. Guess I will talk to the doc, because it’s no longer an option. I’ll have to go off, and make sure to keep exercise a priority to release endorphins… because what’s happened to me in the past 3 months doesn’t make sense. Other than that. So frustrated! Thanks people, at least I feel validated, and not like I’m losing my mind.

Oh, AND the ringing in my ears. I wondered what that was, because it’s all the time.

I’ve been on Bupropion XL 300 mg MFG – Zydus. Round white pill with number 354 for three plus years. My issue is terrible weight gain, bloating this past year. Is there any information that someone can share if this particular generic pill causes weight gain Please. . I am More depressed over this than anything. ..
I’m so glad I found this page. Thank you.

Gezz Ive gained like 5 pounds in 20 days, I am also taking 300 generic zyban “aka fat pill” I was on buprophin 150 and didnt have weight gain, I saw all these things about people loosing weight and I didnt feel the 150 doing much so I asked to be upped tp 300 and things have gotten worse. I still feel no different, only good thing is no more daily crying. The bad thing is I thought if I upped the dosage I would loose a few pounds but Ive actually GAINED, and ive done nothing different. Ive actually eaten less and am drinking more water. This is crazy, Im gonna try to switch to brand and see what happens.

These were the exact side effects I had with the Zydus brand of bupropion “wellbutrin.”

I am also taking Bupropion XL 300 by Zydus for a while now. I cannot lose weight in any shape or form even though I train really hard, and I mean really train. It is the most bizarre thing.
Do we have any information on this version of the drug, Bupropion XL 300 by Zydus?

I am also taking it with Venlafaxnie ER 37.5 by Teva. I was told that is a very common combination.

I have been taking the brand name Wellbutrin 300mg XL. This past refill, I was switched to Bupropion 300mg XL generic version. It’s an oblong pill. Much like everyone else, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Within a week, I started feeling horrible if not even more depressed than before I started taking it. I consistently had an upset stomach, and have experienced anxiety like I never have before. I was even having palpitations which caused me to think I was having a cardiac event. I also noticed I have become very anxious and distrustful (almost to the point of hypersensitivity). These are issues I have never had. I thought I was going crazy. I couldn’t understand how, when switching to Wellbutrin XL from Zoloft, I had never felt better. I was also kind of excited that there would be no sexual side effects (negative anyways) and had some weight loss benefit (I gained about 50lbs taking Zoloft and it literally tanked my sex drive and I’m in my early 30’s with 5 kids, you can do the math!). Like I said, as soon as I switched to the generic, it was like my train derailed off the train tracks. I know that there has been tests for bioequivilency with the Budpropion, but has this been done yet with the Buproprion? What’s worse is, I went to Rite Aid to get the brand name and the pharmacist said the brand name is no longer available. This can be right! How in the world could the manufacture stop making the brand name when there has been so many problems with the generic version? What can I do?

I have taken the name brand, Wellbutrin XL 150mg twice a day for over 3 years. My insurance made me switch, because I cannot even begin to afford the name brand, to the generic. The first generic I received was: Bupropion Hcl Xl Tabs 150mg Manufacturer: Global/Impax Marking 681 Oval Yellow Tab Er 2411. This stuff SMELLS horrible, and after taking for a couple of weeks CLEARLY DIDN’T WORK. I was very depressed, with lack of desire for activity and lots of crying!

After telling the doctor, she switched me to another generic: Bupropion Hcl Sr Tabs 150mg – Manufacturer Epic/Sandoz Marking E415 Round Plum Tablet Er. This one seemed to help with the despair and loss of hope, but now I have a high pitched ringing or a constant sounding buzz.

Since switching from the name brand, to the generics, I have gained 40 pounds and have gone through roller coaster ride after ride with my emotions! I even started going to counseling once a week, because of the severity of my depression! I feel like I am a blue collar guinea pig, without recourse, and my life and the lives of those that love me are pointless to those who have plenty of money!

I was given the generic 150 sr instead of 150 xl I just thought the xl had changed colors but soon the ears ringing and headaches resulting. I felt dizzy and I fainted and then my knee gave out my question are joints effected by generic sl? It’s sad because I’d been doing so well and feel like a guinea pig, too. Or one they just don’t care about


Your story sounds reminiscent of hundreds of stories we received from people who were switched from Wellbutrin XL 300 to Budeprion XL 300 or another generic bupropion slow-release product.

We spoke with the chemist who was most knowledgeable about Wellbutrin. He told us flat out that a bad smell was indicative of manufacturing problems and chemical breakdown.

We have repeatedly badgered the FDA about the bioequivalence of generic bupropion XL 150 products. We have looked at the curves and we are as concerned about this product as we were about generic Budeprion XL 300.

As you may know, our efforts finally led the FDA to test Budeprion XL 300 and determine that it was NOT bioequivalent to Wellbutrin XL 300. The generic drug was eventually pulled from the market.

That is not the case with bupropion XL 150 generic products. We will keep advocating for people like you who deserve generic medicine that is absolutely identical to the brand name. At this time we cannot guarantee that is the case. It is incredibly frustrating.

I can’t even believe these stories are so similar to mine except that mine is also having trust issues right now (and horribly worsening). So I got on wellbutrin back in 2008 for quitting smoking and had taken it for about a month. It worked but I also liked to drink and it says would cause seizures so didn’t drink for that month until my b-day was just a few days away and decided to get off it even though it helped with my irritability i wanted a drink. had a blast and never started the script back up until recently now 2014. I’ve been taking bupropion sr150 for about 7 months but let me back up a step, I also found the love of my life 5 years ago and sober together since day one got married a year ago and this January 2nd we will have not smoked for three yrs. Things are great except I started getting a little irritable and thought maybe I try this again. Thats where bupropion comes in. I’ve gotten to the point where I wanna leave my husband and move back to my moms who lives in another state becauseIi think he is cheating and I know in my heart he isn’t I’ve known him for 22 yrs. We were old drinking buddies best friends. He has gotten to the point that he is afraid to call throughout the day to say hi for fear that I’m gonna rip his head off on jealousness (where you at why you calling when you getting off work etc…) it saddens me and not to mention that I’m peeing constantly along with panic attacks like I’m tweaking, headaches, spacing out, the list goes on. We’ve been trying to figure out what is causing this cause we never argue ever and today I blew up and just wanted to leave him i thought i was gonna just go off the freakin wall. he once again took off down to the shop and for some reason started crying and got on the computer. I’m not sure why i decided to look up this site but boy am i sure glad I did. I’m not taking this medication again. I told my husband I’m done I don’t know if I will have side affects from winging myself off but I told him it’s gotta be better than feeling like this!

I’m taking 150 Sr twice a day it makes me sick nausea all day . I have to get my doctor to appeal telling my insurance why I can’t take generic . so my insurance would pay for brand name now I’m depressed.does anyone know about Mylan

I do not know for sure but, I developed a full body rash, possibly after insurance switched me to generic. It has been months now. I am working on this horrific disfiguring affliction as I speak; trying to get to bottom of it at a very HIGH cost to myself, physically, emotionally and financially. Anyone have answers?

Ok, here is how I see it, there are so many versions both real and generic of this drug among others that the possibility for allergic reactions are huge. What I have learned is the stuff they use to bind and deliver the medication is usually the problem. It could be gluten, lactose, acacia, talc, you just have no idea WHAT extra goodies you are ingesting and for a gluten/lactose intolerant gal it is a constant struggle! What to do?

I have taken Wellbutrin (buproprion) SR 150 mg twice a day for several years (about 7+ years). I take it to stay alert/pay attention and in the past I believe it did help with depression also.

What is the difference between Wellbutrin and buproprion? What are other alternatives for the same medication or a medication that is very close to this one?

I lost 2 lb over the summer despite very consistent workouts 4 times a week plus gardening. This med does promote constipation, some dizziness (today for example) and a bit of nausea (today for example). In the past the side effects were minimal/tolerable, and even combatable. Pineapple helps digestion, romaine lettuce eases constipation as well as other veggies. Normally, when I am eating consistently I don’t get dizzy. This morning a banana and a spinach smoothie w/ hemp and chia seeds/almond milk was not enough: I got dizzy after getting up too fast from the leg press.

I have great reservations about taking a new medicine, but I still need to know what my options are for other medication to stay alert.

I took wellbrutrin for the past 7 years. Originally I lost weight and then stabilized at a healthy weight. I work out and run 6 days a week and eat a very healthy diet. recently my company changed insurance companies and the new company refuses to pay for brand name even with dr’s specific prescription. I was forced to change to generic.

In 2 months I have gained 20lbs on a previous 115lb frame. I have horrible headaches daily. I cannot get to sleep and cannot stay asleep for more than an hr or two at a time. I went from a solid 8hrs a night sleep to 3-4 hrs of tossing and turning. I drink a ton of water and am always bloated even when I eat little to nothing.

Gaining all this weight while cutting more and more out of my diet and exercising more each day has been awful. I didn’t put the lack of sleep, headaches, bloating and weight gain all together until stumbling upon these posts while unable to sleep again tonight. I feel that on wellbrutin I actually slept better, had more energy, could focus and felt healthy. Since changing to generic I have been a mess and haven’t understood the cause. I am stopping immediately to see if some of these symptoms improve—- frankly I would rather be depressed and get a good night’s sleep than live like this one more day. I pray dropping this generic drug helps. It is ridiculous that greedy insurance companies can override doctors and that wellbutrin brand name is cost prohibitive.

I feel at least a little better that perhaps I am not crazy and others have had the same experience. I literally feel sick every day from the bloating and weight gain from this drug.

I am on 300 mg of the generic Wellbutrin XL. In two out of my last 5 refills of the drug (I’ve been on it nearly a year, Advantis has been the manufacturer throughout), the drug has been ineffective. I’m in a “bad” batch right now; the last time this happened (about 3 months ago) I got progressively depressed, but had all of my energy back within a couple of days of starting the next fill. The pharmacist at Target said everything is the same across these fills – all the numbers, everything, so there’s no way to know if there’s a difference. I’ve contacted my dr asking for a prescription for 2x150mg to see if it will help. I don’t know what else to do except go on the name-brand exclusively, an expensive proposition!

I can’t find anyone else with this problem, though last time I saw my dr, a few weeks after the first “bad batch” she said another patient had had the same problem. Is there a way to report this? (The pharmacist said not really.) How can I make sure I get the “good” pills not the “bad” ones, if they’re same mfr and everything? Help!

Ditto Ditto! I have only been taking generics for a couple month or so but noticed right away that the oblong ones did not work. Now I find out it may be much worse than that. Took an “Activis” generic oblong this morning, felt sick and anxious (almost full blown anxiety attack) within the hour (both unusual for me). Was it breakfast or the med? Now I’m thinking the med. Now it feels like I haven’t taken anything. This Activis brand was NOT recalled by the FDA (!?).
I’ve also tried a larger round white generic. That one wasn’t useless. Definitely had that kick. I think that was the Watson brand (?).
I have experience recent pronounced weight gain. Until now I attributed that to work stress….. but in past episodes of overwork I’ve typically lost weight (skipped meals). Now I have another suspect.

I’ve been taking Wellbutrin for 11 years. I started on it after struggling for a year with severe depression. According to my doctor depression may stay dormant in someone unless it is triggered. In my case a death in the family. He said that most people’s serotonin level will drop when they experience a tragedy, but then it bounces back and you get back to normal. In some people though it never bounces back and you stay in a depressed state, which is what happened to me. Anyway I started on the twice a day brand name and it was great, after a couple of weeks and a few initial days with a major head buzz, I felt like me again. Then, a few years after I started the meds the generic became available and my insurance company switched me over. After about 4 months on the generic I realized I hadn’t been feeling that great. Not as bad as when I was first diagnosed, but still more apathetic and unmotivated than felt right. I was switched back to the brand name and was fine. Last year the co-pay on the brand name twice a day skyrocketed (even with the brand necessary wording), but on the brand name once a day the co-pay was reasonable at $35 so my doctor switched me. I loved it, once a day seemed to regulate far better than twice a day (probably because I wasn’t forgetting the afternoon pill a couple of times a month). Well, my prescription is running out so my doctor called me in a one off refill until I see her next month only when she called it in she forgot to specify brand name so they filled it with the generic. I picked it up and figured I’d just deal thinking, how bad could it be for one month. Well it was bad. After 5 days on this stuff I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. The first day that I took it I noticed an hour or so later than my heart was a little fast and I felt a little amped, but assumed it was just an adjustment to the meds and forgot about being on the generic completely. The next few days I did feel out of it, a bit off, unfocused and unmotivated to do anything other than watch TV which is not me, but I just ignored it. It also took me about two hours to fall asleep on nights 3 and 4 when it usually takes about 20 min. Again, I just thought “well my brain must really be into this TV show”. Day 4 I found myself checking the pollen count because my sinuses were rocking, I had a mild sore throat and felt like a small chest cold was brewing. By day 5 my head felt like it was swimming in a bubble in outer space, I couldn’t focus on anything, I was anxious, my lips were tingling to the point where I wondered if I wasn’t having an allergic reaction to something, my palms were sweating, my ears were buzzing, my head hurt, basically it felt akin to what it feels like right before you have a panic attack except with sinus issues added in. It was horrible. Then all of a sudden I remembered “I’m on the generic Wellbutrin!” I immediately jumped online and found this site along with a bunch of scary articles confirming that yes, all this horrible feeling was a side effect of the Wellbutrin. I stopped taking it and still have some pills from my regular refill that I had saved when I got the generic “just in case” (thank goodness) so I’m off the generic and back on those. I feel mentally more clear, my sinuses are fine and my ears stopped buzzing a couple of hours ago. The generic that I have was manufactured by Anchen which doesn’t seem to be the one most people have issues with, so who knows, but I know that it was def. the meds.
For those of you who are having issues with getting your insurance to pay if you have your doctor write “brand medically necessary” or whatever wording is required in your state on the prescription the insurance company should honor that. The co-pay will be higher than the generic, but hopefully not astronomically so, mine is a difference of $25.
Also if you go on the WellbutrinXL website it looks like there are some options to help you get the medication at a more affordable price if the above doesn’t work or is still too costly. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know how insurance cos actually respond, but it would be worth trying at least.
For the poster who lost 10lbs on the generic. Weight loss is a typical side effect with Wellbutrin, even the brand name that is why it is not recommended for people with eating disorders. It’s great if you’ve been depressed and gained weight as a result, but I guess not good if you’re already skinny. I think the loss of appetite wore off after maybe a year.
On the subject of urination, both brand name and I guess generic can have this side effect although it is a less common one. When I first started on it I would get the feeling like I had to pee even if I had just, just gone. TMI, but usually if I just went again the sensation would go away. It wore off after a while, I still get it every now and again but not often. On the side effects list it does include more frequent urination, but I’m pretty sure years ago it actually said increased urge to urinate. Which is weird, but whatever, if it means I can get out of bed in the morning.
I am glad that people are keeping this thread active. It is not only informative, but reassuring especially when you’re in the throes of a generic brand induced anxiety attack (ha-ha) and hopefully this will further the push to get these dangerous generic brands off of the market. Do these pharmaceutical companies give money to the FDA? I can’t understand why they’re so reluctant to pull them off of the shelf.

Finally! Someone else having discomfort urinating! I’ve had nothing but problems with the Buproprion. Not only discomfort with urination, but completely unable to urinate! I’ve also had SEVERE constipation, resulting in a blockage in my intestines that was brutal. I never want to go thru that again! So I am weaning off of the stuff!
I also have experienced lightheadedness when standing,uneven balance/ feeling like I might fall and have ringing in my ears, which I didn’t experience before.
Initially, the Bupropion seemed to help with my depression, and suicidal thoughts, but I’ve been so sick on it, I’ve lost 10 lbs. that I didn’t need to lose. My Pysch. said to give it more time at my last visit 1 mos. ago. I’ve been on it 4 mos. to 5 mos. I also take Cymbalta, and Neurontin for Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. The physical pain is still so intense, and the loss of MY life (driving, gardening, traveling, basically everything I care about), which maybe many of you are most likely experiencing as well, has caused suicidal thoughts and one attempt, hence, the Rx for the Wellbutrion XL/Buproprion.
Has anyone else had issues with constipation/urination. I know it’s an embarrassing topic,but I’d like to take the info.(I won’t copy it/compromise anyone’s identity) I just want to tell him I’m not alone in this.
Thanks, and so glad I found this site!

All of those having issues with the switch! Most insurance companies will accept a reason from the doctor to allow you to get out of having to pay for the name brand! Just tell your doctors that you are having these ill effects.

I am bipolar. I have been taking welbutrin for just over a year. My pharmacist suggested the generic (bupropion xl mylan) as it was cheaper. I agreed happy to save a buck. I was doing so well and then a week into the generic bottle I started getting dizzy. I would be sitting at my desk and all of a sudden get that feeling when you get up to fast. I was irritable, had blurred vision, angry outbursts throwing things, shaking, racing thoughts, suicidal thoughts, I even went back to the pharmacy and asked about what I was going through. They told me it was exactly the same.
I mentioned to my gp and he said it can be different. I thought nothing of it at the time.
I would get confused and found it hard to concentrate and then the depression and anxiety kicked in 10 fold. I stayed in the house for almost 2 weeks straight missing work. My social anxiety was back. The worst part was I couldn’t understand why. I had been doing so well. It wasn’t until today when I found this page I finally understood! I’m Not Crazy!!!! I am so relieved.

Just wanted to share my experience with generic wellbutrin (bupropion). It’s made by Mylan. I would get a bit of seasonal depression in the fall and winter, and sometimes I was just in a really crappy and negative mood that I couldn’t shake. I have Hypothyroidism and in spite of taking medication for that, I never really got my energy and motivation back fully. But I have a lot of stress in my life and I have taken almost all of the SSRI anti depressants in the past and they all make me sleepy. Wellbutrin was the only one that didn’t have that effect on me.
A bonus was that it helped suppress my appetite so I wasn’t always craving junk food and I lost 2 or 3 pants sizes. I was able to get out of bed with ease in the morning, exercise, and I was in a great mood… Very happy and fun to be around. I could deal with things better because I was in a better frame of mind. The negativity and crying was gone. It also really increased my sex drive. Wellbutrin was almost a miracle pill, or so I thought. But, with almost any medication, there are side effects. Some you can tolerate and some you cannot. Well, I was one of the people who got the rare side effect of acne…. And I’m not talking about just a few pimples. It was all over my face and my skin was greasy too. The acne was cystic… They were deep pimples that would leave scars and to this day I still have dark spots on my face.
I felt better until the acne just got out of control and then it began making me depressed. Any benefit I was getting from the medicine was being negated by how upsetting the side effects were for me. I began taking birth control pills (ortho tri cyclen) to try and clear my skin, but it didn’t work. I had topical stuff too. Finally I knew I had to give up the wellbutrin and my acne continued in spite of continuing birth control pills. I switched to ortho tri cyclen lo and that made no improvement. So after 2 rounds of antibiotics this year and finally switching to Microgestin fe 1.5/30 I began to see clearer skin. But I still continued to feel unwell mentally/emotionally.
I decided to do an experiment. I decided to see of the Microgestin would be enough to keep my skin clear if I took wellbutrin again. The same thing as always happened. I felt better, but within a few days, I was getting acne on my face and in some other strange places that I normally would not break out. My skin also looked and felt greasy. I have also made the connection that wellbutrin makes my scalp itch terribly, especially at night. I thought I had dandruff or a scalp condition, but last week I made the connection when my scalp began to itch after I started the wellbutrin. I am very frustrated because it’s the only medicine that helps me “feel” better, but I cannot accept the side effects of constant acne and an itching scalp.
I don’t know where to go from here because there are no other medications in the same class as wellbutrin. It’s in a league of its own. I guess I will just have to get by without it or try something completely different. I just wanted people to know that it can definitely cause acne. There is no question about it. Think about it.. Anything that can increase sex drive is surely going to affect your hormones in some way. I think that is what happened to me. The best way to stop it is to get off the stuff ASAP if you notice any skin problems or any other occurrence that is out of the ordinary or bothersome to you.

Hi there. I took the BuPROPion HCL 300 mg XL for 1 week and it was a horrible experience–instantly I had intense headaches, blurred vision, angry outbursts, and could only sleep 4 hrs. per night…I want the Wellbutrin XL name brand but can’t afford them….hmm may have to consider another AD I hope your experience is better than mine was!

I used the brand Wellbutrin about 10 years ago and it worked wonders for me and popped my out of the bad funk I had been struggling in. Recently, through a series of personal tragedies I found myself slipping back into that same awful funk, so I went to the Dr. and got another prescription for Wellbutrin. The pharmacy gave me the generic brand and at the time I didn’t think anything of it… well after a week of taking the crap I had so many side affects – dizziness, shakes, cold sweats, blurry vision, super spacey where I couldn’t even finish a sentence, memory loss… it’s been horrible and thought maybe I should have the doctor switch meds for me.
Thanks for the posts of others users I am now certain that it’s the generic and called the pharmacy to get the real deal, unfortunately they said I would have to have wait 3 three weeks for my insurance to pay for it or pay $330 – grrrr. I wish the FDA would pull this drug. If you’re new to Wellbutrin DO NOT TAKE THE GENERIC.

I’ve taken Welbutrin xl 300 for 13 years and in generic form. All of the pills up til now were white and round. I’ve been taking another generic for a week now that is OVAL shaped and white and made by Actavis. I’m so dizzy and sad. Just feel like a turtle wanting to stay in my shell. My vision is almost vignetted.
Anyone else have this problem with this particular manufacturer?

I had to look up ‘vignetted’ then see if it was an option on my phone’s photo editor so I could see an example…YES! That’s EXACTLY what I’m noticing on this generic pill. I’m not happy you are experiencing this but I’m happy it’s not just me….Good luck

Vastly different reactions to anti-depressants are common. Contact your doctor as soon as you can about trying a different medication. I had to go through 5 different ones before we found the right one for me.
About thought of suicide: Please call someone you trust right now. Talk to them about what you are feeling. They won’t care what time it is or if you are interrupting their favorite TV show. Feelings of hurting yourself can quickly escalate. I found that out the hard way. You can even call the suicide prevention hotline. 1-800-273-8255. They are there to help and understand what you are going through. There is no shame in calling. Please, talk to someone tonight. You have nothing to lose and I’m willing to bet you will benefit from it.

I have the same issue. Nausea and dizziness. I can’t take it! I’ve been taking this for about a month (maybe a week more) and it hasn’t helped one bit. My anxiety and depression are completely out of wack! I’ve never been for suicide. I did think about it slightly when I was on Adderall in sixth grade. I’ve been very against it, but I feel I have been thinking about it more and more. Like what!? I’m nineteen in March I’ll be 20 and I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I really cant stand it. I should be happy and feeling great. The problem is, I’m not.. Help!
*I haven’t been thinking clearly since I’ve been on it and I’ve noticed. It’s actually scary. A few weeks ago while I was washing my hair in the shower, I was thinking about getting a trim. Yes that’s normal, but that’s not the freaky part. Then I started to think about shaving my head. My hair is down the the top of my pants. I would never shave my head!
* Another time, I thought about cutting my finger.
* The first day I took it, that night, I woke up in the middle of the night. At first I thought it was a dream. I felt like something was choking me. I couldn’t breathe. I was trying so hard I get up but I couldn’t. I finally did, and went to my kitchen. Looking frantically everywhere for what, I have no clue. Then I randomly woke up and realized I was in the kitchen and I was looking for my inhaler. Turns out I had a panic attack. Weird because I’ve never had one in my sleep ever before. I have slept walked before, but panicking like that was weird.
* I haven’t had headaches from this. Thank god! But I have been more irritable than usual. I mean I’m grumpy, but I’ve been way worse.
Any notes, suggestions, anything please reply to my comment. Thanks.

I have the same issue with Budeprion. Nausea and dizziness. I can’t take it! I’ve been taking this for about a month (maybe a week more) and it hasn’t helped one bit. My anxiety and depression are completely out of wack! I’ve never been for suicide. I did think about it slightly when I was on Adderall in sixth grade. I’ve been very against it, but I feel I have been thinking about it more and more. Like what!? I’m nineteen in March I’ll be 20 and I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I really cant stand it. I should be happy and feeling great. The problem is, I’m not.. Help!

I read your post with sadness but would like to offer encouragement. I also have Hashimoto’s and am taking generic Welbutrin and am going through a divorce with money concerns and Blue Cross Blue Shield (you see why I had to respond! :^) )
However I would like to say that until this year I also was on Armour thyroid, thinking it was okay, but then my doc insisted I switch (back, after decades) to Levothyroxine. My TSH started at 25 and has gone down to under 5 over the year as she has adjusted the dosage slowly. Things are so much better now — the grey has largely faded from my life and I am much better able to cope with the challenges, with much better energy. You might like to consider asking your doc about other thyroid replacement choices.
I am taking 300mg a day of the Sandoz generic. I won’t try going off of it until after the divorce. But I can’t help thinking that the main issue for me was the thyroid, not the buproprion. Also I have been going to an exercise class almost daily and I am positive that has also had a huge effect.
Somewhere in the brain fog and distress is the real you waiting to live a much improved life. Believe me, it is worth hanging in there for, even if sometimes it may not feel like it. Keep working with the docs to find the combination that works. You will be so glad you did and amazed to look back and feel the difference.

I have been suffering with this for years. I have been taking Wellbutrin so many years that I cannot remember when I started. Definitely 10 years plus. I have paid thousands of dollars to take the namebrand. I am on day 2 of generic again because I cannot afford the 407.00 for 30 days namebrand with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.
It’s better for me to go insane. Which is very painful mentally, physically to me and difficult for everyone around me. I was sick with flu like symptoms after one half day of Watson generic. I cant stop crying. I feel like I have a 20 pound brink on my head. The brain zaps are next.
Unfortunately I am going thru a divorce and have many issues to battle in the next month. I resent ever being prescribed this drug as much as I resent my insurance company robbing me of thousands of dollars. I have to get thru this. I was diagnosed with hashimotos in January 2013. I have been taking 2 grains of armour thyroid for about 6 months. I am trying to eliminate gluten also. I am trying to survive this year.
I am now wondering if I have been poisoned by this drug resulting in the nodule on my thyroid and my hypothyroid issues as well as the Hashimotos. I believe insurance companies and drug companies are poisoning us. I knew I wasn’t making this up. I cant say that I am happy to see others with an identical issue, but maybe I feel a very small fraction more sane.

I have been on Wellbutrin SR 150 2x day for 10 years (Its amazing what you all have to say about weight gain, sleep, etc!! I thought for a long time if I took second dose earlier in after noon I would sleep better- XL didn’t work for me) I keep the Brand RX on file (and depending on what color the pharmacy gives me- yellow, white don’t work). Generic changes all the time no matter where I go to fill, but usually Tevo or Watson…… Tevo definitely does not work for me!!
This time (Fred Meyer) my generics are purple and the manufacturer is EON Labs. Imprint E415
What the heck? The reason for my search on Wellbutrin today was because I’m wondering what/if binders/gluten are in this antidepressant. I know have leaky gut and need to go off gluten. It dawned on me…. I wonder whats in it? If I’m going that drastic on diet… I don’t want to sabotage my healing by taking a drug that could be the problem. Anyone Gluten sensitive, also?

My story exactly!

I have been telling my doctor for years that the generic Wellbutrin was not effective. One month recently I was forced by my insurance to take the generic. Within one week I was not getting out of bed and deeply depressed. I was miserable. The generic does not work!
My Physician prescribed Wellbutrin XL, name brand, for me and that is the medication I should receive. I am paying insurance benefits to an insurance company not a second Physician. To change my initial prescription the insurance companies are practicing medicine.

I am so glad I read your post! Seriously…I totally agree with everyone that the generics of Wellbutrin are just not the same. I’m on my second generic (diff manufacturer/lab). This second generic is completely diff than the first: doesn’t last as long, not strong enough-I’m getting very irritable toward the end of the day. AND I’m getting ITCHING again! I’ve seen lots of posts re: the ineffectiveness of the generic, but not so many on the itching. It’s so nice to know it’s not just me.
I tried to be a good and informed pt, so I contacted a MEDCO pharmacist (that’s the pharmacy program my ins co uses) and explained my symptoms and she said-oh, you’re allergic to bupropion. I explained that I’ve had an allergic reaction to a med before, so I know what hives, throat closing, etc. feels like. This is NOT it. I explained that I’d done some research on Wellbutrin and the generics offered, and many ppl have this issue with the generic. The pharmacist told me this is incorrect b/c the generics are exactly the same. I told her thanks for her time and hung up the phone. Another shining example of the drug industry trying to scam the public.
This med (despite the itching) has made a huge difference in my life! My family and husband keep telling me “You’re back!”. I don’t want to give up on this.
Have you, or anyone out there, experienced the itching accompanied by a rash? If so, did the XL vs SR make a difference? Or changing from the generic to the brand name, as it did for the original poster of this comment?
Thanks much!

I have taken Wellbutrin for almost as long as it’s been made (chronic depression, made worse by childbirth). I started taking it after Elavil killed my libido, and the doctor said this drug wouldn’t affect my sex drive. It worked well at first, but somewhere along the line, probably due to insurance, I got switched to the generic, which didn’t work. I remember calling the doctor and telling her, “Something is wrong, I am depressed again,” and she told me to never use the generic again.
For a long time, I got only the name brand. I felt so good that I went off the meds and was OK for almost 2 years, then crashed and fell back into the black hole of depression. I got back on wellbutrin – now the generic, which worked to pull me out of the pit of despair. Because I had gone so far down, coming back up seemed very quick and a big difference, so I assumed the meds were working as they had been.
But now we don’t have insurance, and I can’t justify the extreme cost of the name brand compared to the generic I can get from a Canadian pharmacy. However, all the stories on here make me wonder – could I really feel even better if I switched back to the “real” Wellbutrin? The generic I am getting is made by Sun Pharma in India and looks NOTHING like the white pill I used to take. All of this stress just makes my anxiety act up. Why is it SO HARD for us to get a drug that helps us?? Please, add your stories and keep this page current.

I’ve been on Wellbutrin XL (300) for years and it has worked great for me, but since it has gone from $200 to $300 per month since I started taking it, I have tried taking the generic several times with awful results. When my doctor said let’s try the generic the pharmacist gave me the Bupropion SR. I took it for just a few days, and was so nauseous that I was unable to go to work, so I had to go back on the Welbutrin. I would love to find something cheaper but if I can’t function at home or at work, how can I?
I have read that there is something about the binder used in the Bupropion that allows it to dissolve too fast and that’s why it makes me so nauseous. I’ve never been able to stay on it long enough to see if there are any other side effects, or how it effects my depression.
I agree that if a patient has tried the generic and has proved that it is ineffective or has side effects that can’t be tolerated, then the insurance company should cover the cost of the brand name drug.
I know I’m not alone in this, but it sure feels that way some times.

Since the recall was done, and I switched back to name brand Wellbutrin 30 XL, the sun is shining again, I am sleeping, less anxious, and have lost ten pounds. How I wish I had the three years I wasted while suffering through medicating with an ineffective (and I hope not otherwise harmful) generic form. My insurance, even with this recall, still lists name brand as a tier 3 formulary, but with mail order it is about $95 (the generic was $15, and they offer the Watson generic but it is always sold out).
Still, the approx one dollar a day for the name brand is well worth it and a no brainier. For those of you who can’t get the name brand, I would definitely contact the manufacturer’s of both the name brand and the crappy Teva generic to see if you can get some help on your co-pays or full prescription if you are uninsured.

This is the first time I’ve posted, but I wanted to say thank you because this site literally saved my life. I’ve been on Wellbutrin since 2003 for severe depression that left me wanting to end my life. In late 2008 I switched to the generic, and it was HORRIBLE. Within a few weeks I wanted to kill myself again, and could not understand why I was feeling so badly again. It took a couple of months, but it finally dawned on me that the one major difference was the meds. I searched online and found this site with all its comments, and immediately called my doctor to get back on the brand name. Have NOT tried generics again.
I was very disappointed to learn of the FDA’s bungling of the drug testing for this. There has already been a class action lawsuit settlement, and I hadn’t known of it earlier. But money cannot give me back the months it took to restabilize. I really want to write to someone at the FDA, just to tell them what it was like to be me for those months. I’m really pissed, but also grateful that there is a drug that works for me, and that there is a place like this website.

I was diagnosed with OCD 12 years ago and was able to successfully manage it with Clomipramine each evening (which I still take) and Wellbutrin XL each morning. Years ago the insurance company switched me from Wellbutrin to the generic Bupropion. I immediately became anxious and irritable so went back to the Wellbutrin with nearly immediate improvement.
Due to the expense of Wellbutrin I asked my doctor to switch me to the generic Bupropion once again but allow me to slowly transition to it instead of making a sudden change. That was three months ago. I have been feeling OK during the day with no anxiety or irritability but am now suffering from insomnia. I haven’t slept through the night for a month. I also take Sonata on an as need basis but now it’s not helping even when its dosage is increased.
I still had some Wellbutrin left so for the last week I have been taking only the Wellbutrin, no Bupropion So far, I still am awake each night from 1:00am-4:00am. Most nights I am able to fall asleep but am unable to stay asleep. I do not nap during the day.
I go back to my doctor next week and will review this with him to determine if there are other options for me. I would appreciate your opinion and/or advice as well.

I took Wellbutrin starting in 2002. In 2006, when I was switched to the generic by my insurance company things went south for me. But I was told that the generic was identical to the name brand and that there must be something else causing my problems. I continued to take the generic until 2011 when I started seeing a new psychiatrist.
The new psychiatrist told me that I should switch back to name brand. I couldn’t believe the difference when I switched back. Night and day and for the six intervening years I had been taking a product that was not as effective as the product I started on. During that period of time i lost my job and suffered other consequences. I’m considering filing a lawsuit against the maker of the generic. The FDA’s Involvement is shameful.

I have never taken name-brand Wellbutrin, but have recently been put on Bupropion HCL XL 300MG. I had previously been on Celexa, which caused significant weight gain; the hope was that the Bupropion might help kill 2 birds with 1 stone–combat the depression and help me get my weight down. It has helped with neither.
What it *has* done, seemingly, is make me an emotional wreck. I’m incredibly overly sensitive on this drug, getting my feelings hurt over the slightest little thing, and I’m absolutely irate for most of the day. I didn’t connect my feelings and behavior to the medication until I went out of town and forgot my medication. After a few days off the medication, and for the rest of the duration of the trip, I was fine. Got back home, went back on my meds, and it was all “Hulk smash!!!” all over again.
I just called my doctor this morning to tell him I was discontinuing this medication immediately. I can go back in to discuss another medication immediately, but I’m pretty sure that if I stay on this, my husband will leave me, and I wouldn’t blame him!

Please make sure you are aware of the some of the different names & spellings for this medication. They are Wellbutrin XL(name brand), Bupropion HCL XL(generic) & Budeprion XL(generic)!

I have been taking generic Wellbutrin for a number of years and it has always been effective (usually it has been made by Watson). One of the reasons I have used bupropion instead of an SSRI is because of the lack of sexual side effects. Just recently my pharmacy switched to the Sun Pharma brand. I have noticed a slight decrease in effectiveness for depression but the big problem is there seems to be extreme sexual side effects with the new manufacturer.
I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this.

So glad to know I am not alone and it is not just “in my head”…
In early 2011 I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL 150 mg for my “official” diagnoses of Seasonal Affective Disorder and exhaustion. It may have been full-blown depression (family and personal history) but if so it was atypical: my primary symptoms were crippling exhaustion, lack of focus/drive, complete lack of libido, and occasional anxiety attacks BUT I was still functional, able to work, etc. I kept it contained until I got home and I would crash on the couch every night no matter how badly I wanted to do other things.
I waited a few months to fill the rx, never having been on antidepressants before, then decided to bite the bullet and try it out. My pharmacy (Walgreens at the time) told me the insurance would only cover the generic: budeprion by TEVA. I had never had problems with generics before, so I did not mind.
Within two weeks there was a NOTICEABLE difference in my mood. My husband told me it felt like having the “old” (pre-depression) me back, and that was a good thing. I was able to stay awake in the evenings, get stuff done, focus more at work, libido came back, all of it. And then I started to ITCH.
It came on subtlety, just a tingle on my palms or the bends in my elbows. I didn’t think anything of it. But it continued to increase to the point where I was scratching every few minutes. I started to get raw patches on my arms and legs. I had to keep a hair brush on my nightstand to scratch my feet and palms as I lay in bed at night, and it was keeping me from sleeping. I reluctantly attributed it to the meds. But I didn’t want to quit because otherwise I felt better than I had in years! I talked to my doctor and she wrote a script for the name brand. I had been on the budeprion for 3-4 weeks at this point.
3 days on the REAL Wellbutrin and the itching stopped, but all the benefits continued and were even better! I had tons of energy, and my cravings for Diet Mountain Dew completely stopped. I started shedding weight without diet or exercise (at a healthy rate, just a few pounds a month, but I got below the level that no amount of work on my part had overcome previously). I was loving life and my husband was so pleased with the change in me. I even weathered a very stressful job loss with relative ease.
Then I got pregnant unexpectedly. My OB said it wasn’t a problem if I NEEDED to stay on the Wellburtin, but my regular doctor recommended tapering off and seeing how I felt, so I did. By this time it was high summer and even once I stopped the meds I still felt happy. Maybe my issues were SAD after all. My OB told me that after the baby was born if I showed any signs of PDD, or even just wanted to go back, she’d write me an rx for Wellbutrin again.
Baby was born February of this year and I still felt fine. Return to work went smoothly, life was good. Then in mid-summer I started feeling more stressed and angry. I started having trouble remaining motivated to accomplish things in the evening. I got weepy and anxious. Would feel “down” all day with no specific reason. Had trouble focusing at work. Talked to my husband and we decided to see if meds would help.
Got the script from my OB–for the name brand due to my previous reaction–no problem. But my new insurance won’t cover most of the cost and it was going to be ~$100/month. The generic would only be $10. I asked my new pharmacy (Rite-Aid) what brand generic and it is bupropion 150 mg extended-release from PAR pharmaceutical. I decided to give it a shot since my research on the TEVA had turned up the itching side-effects specific to that brand.
First week on the meds I felt great. Then my symptoms returned, and even got worse. I couldn’t decide if it was due to external issues, the meds just not working, or the meds themselves making it worse. I took it for 2-3 weeks, nervously waiting for itching that (thankfully) never came. But neither did I feel better. As my first month’s bottle ran low, I got sloppy about taking the pills every day. I would go 1-2 days between them. And though I didn’t realize it at the time, I started to feel better.
Then I refilled my prescription and decided to be more responsible about taking the meds. I’ve been taking them every day for about a week now and I have been tired, weepy, anxious. I couldn’t focus on work earlier this week and yesterday I was depressed all day. Then I found this site. I am switching to the name brand as soon as I can bully my insurance into giving me an override (was told I can’t “refill” the rx since I just did, even though FOR ME it is two different drugs and I have noted side effects). I will never take a generic form again. They just do not work for me. Apparently I am very sensitive to the formulation. Like the little girl with the curl, “when it is good it is very, very good” and “when it is bad, it is horrid.”
I, too, wish the FDA would look further into the bioequivalence. And I feel there should be a rule that if the patient can document the generics not working the insurance should have to cover the brand name.

This link is very helpful, and I imagine many will find it validating. Two things about it stand out to me:
1. The FDA extrapolated the results from 150 mg tests to apply to and approve 300 mg dosages as being bioequivalent? On the face of it, this sounds nuts, and it makes me mad. Really, how hard could it have been to do the required studies, considering how many people take this stuff? At least they apparently now agree that this approach isn’t appropriate.
2. They seem to be abrogating their responsibility on the bioequivalence studies. So when Teva effectively refused to do one on their own product, the FDA sponsored one and found problems. On what basis do they say that they don’t expect problems with the others? And isn’t having the manufacturers do their own studies kind of like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse? Their impartiality would be in question. Their data would certainly be helpful, but why doesn’t the FDA run the same study they did with the Teva with each of the other generics?

I stopped taking generic Wellbutrin almost three years ago when I left my job because of my depression and anxiety; my insurance ran out and I figured it wasn’t helping anyway. I haven’t worked since and feel I’ve lost three years. After reading this I feel maybe there is hope, if somehow I can get the real Wellbutrin. More importantly, here is a link from the FDA, just 12 days ago. Hope it helps.

I had taken Wellbutrin XL in the past! Then several years later I was prescribed the generic form, after being off the brand name for a while. The generic form made me feel like I was a walking Zombie. Just didn’t feel right! I stopped taking it within a weeks time. I figured I’d rather feel anxious and normal than how the generic made me feel!!! Good thing they’re taking it off the market!

I’ve found that the generic by Watson works while the Budeprion XL did not work. At the time that my pharmacist switched me (January 2009), immediately I found that it didn’t work. Finally, I had to call Watson to find out where I could get their generic. They said because the major pharmacies are supplied by distributors who warehouse the drugs, that I’d have to go to a small independent pharmacy. I’ve been on Watson ever since and have been happy. It will be interesting to see with this new recall which generic they will be going to. It’s my understanding is that all of the generics for Wellbutrin are now being questioned.

UPDATE: I changed over to Wellbutrin and feel much better. It took about two weeks to get it in my system but no side effects! The money I have to shell out is totally worth it.

WOW. I was just put on Wellbutrin 2 weeks ago- because of my insurance I was given Buproion XL stared out at 150mg for a week and then increased to 300mg on Monday- this is Friday and after days on this stuff I thought I was losing my mind- I have had moments-like a few seconds where I haven’t known where I was,or thought I was in another place other than where I was, a place that was similar but far away and had a thought of going to visit a friend, and then would go, wait- I’m not there,but where am I? Uncontrollable sobbing crying over an issue that I was doing much better dealing with, insomnia, irritable as hell, nauseous, constipated, depression much worse, shaking, weakness in legs,blurred vision,chills, I’ve never experienced a panic attack, but I’m sure now I had several, and just generally feeling “out of it”… I googled wellbutrin side effects and found this site.. THANK GOD.. I am going to stop taking it immediately, and see my doctor Monday, and consult with the pharmacist about it.. I read this almost in disbelief,but with relief at the same time… Again WOW!!!! Something MUST be done about this!!!!!!!

Have been on generic wellbutrin sr 150 mg once a day for 6 months. Not working. Will be starting the name brand Wellbutrin XL 150 mg tomorrow. How soon will I notice an improvement? I am 5′ and weigh 112 lbs. Thanks in advance if someone can answer this.

After several years of taking Wellbutrin with out problems I too was changed to go to the generic Bupropion 300 mg.
If you are on this drug get off it now. I started having trouble with depression again and lack of focus. I was all of the sudden not doing things I normally did automatically (shutting my car door, turning off water facets, turning off the stove) I would catch myself staring and began to wonder if I was having seizures. At first I did not even think about it being a change in medicine. I will spare you my sad story but my zoning out cost one of my beloved pets its life.
Thank the lord it was not a child or person. When this happened (heartbroken) I knew something was very wrong because I am an overly responsible person. I went to my doctor and once we walked back to when the problems started we figured out what had changed (Wellbutrin to Bupropion) I changed back and have not had any more problems with zoning out.

Trust your body:
FDA Update: Budeprion XL 300 mg Not Therapeutically Equivalent to Wellbutrin XL 300 mg

After 15+ years of not having to take medication for depression/anxiety, my symptoms reoccurred and Doc put me on 150 mg of Wellbutrin, 75 mg twice per day. Well known pharmacy filled this with the generic Bupropion and within 7 days I was feeling great.
Doc then wanted to take me up to 150 mg twice a day, but my insurance denied it saying it was not covered since there was a 300 mg once a day available. SO, Doc wrote the prescription and I started taking the 300 mg Bupropion XL 8 days ago.
Needless to day, the past 4 days have been off the charts crazy. Blurred vision, disoriented, confused, pounding in both ears, dizziness, sudden bouts of panic, shakiness, long periods of staring into space at nothing. My wife is scared, my kids are weirded out, and until I read all of this, I thought I probably wouldn’t live another week. Changing Rx tomorrow morning!!!

I am so relieved to know that I am not crazy! I was recently put on Wellbutrin after Lexapro and Celexa made me super sleepy. I wasn’t able to drive or sit still for longer than 15 minutes without falling asleep. When I went to pick up my prescription they didn’t have the generic on stock so they gave enough Wellbutrin for 10 days until they got more. Immediately after I started taking the generic I had hot flashes and sweating, more headaches than I usually do, weepy, cramping, gas and bloating, and constipation/diarrhea. I thought I had gotten food poisoning at first because the symptoms weren’t consistent with when I started the new medication. So I kept on like this for about a week before I couldn’t do this anymore. So I decided to purchase Wellbutrin instead of the generic.
Yes, it is expensive but I want to try it out before I have to decide between Celexa and Lexapro or living with the constant anxiety without medication because I certainly cannot continue taking the generic! I desperately hope that Wellbutrin works!

It is unfortunate that since 2007, the date of the first comments about the subject on this site, nothing has been done about this. I have been suffering from depression for almost 20 years, and have been using Wellbutrin XL for 10. After trying all kinds of medications (Effexor, Paxil, Prozac, etc), Wellbutrin XL is the ONLY one that has not made me gain weight and has helped with my depression.
I have been taking the brand name most of the time because, even though I have no insurance, my mother was helping me pay for it. For a time, she was in financial trouble, so I switched to the generic, and within two days, I was suicidal, fatigued, dizzy and hallucinating. I stopped it right away, and went without it for a while. I was actually doing better without it than on it, but my depression was almost intolerable. I finally was able to get back on the brand name, and everything was fine, until my mom passed away last week and she cannot help me anymore. Now I’m scared to death of having to use the generic, and I decided to get the brand name in Canada. I have to wait a month. In the meantime, I have to live with my depression and the grieving of my mom’s death, without any medication to help. So I hope I can stay alive till I get the Canadian pills.
It’s outrageous that people have to go through this so that pharmaceutical companies can make money. They don’t care if people live or die as long as they can charge ridiculous prices for medications. They are forcing people to order from Canada (which does not help our economy) and they are making people even sicker with those generics.
And, Kevin, just because YOU are not having the same effects as the rest of us, you cannot discard what we are all saying and implying that gaining weight and feeling worse is our fault and that we don’t know what this illness is like. I’m glad you lost weight, but don’t put down 5 years of comments by people who are suffering through this.

I have been on bupropion Xl for about 2 years know. I have lost weight, when I started I was way over weight I was around 360 LBS. After about a week of taking bupropion Xl My panic attacks decreases from 2 a day to 1 every 3 days. I am 6 other medications also. The Pharmacy I use is a mom and pop let me tell you they know their stuff. I am sorry, but I disagree with most of the comments I have read on this page, especially the weight gain.
The weight could be caused buy over eating to compensate for the misery of being Depressed. (Comfort foods)I have not been undepressed for more then 2 weeks at one time in 21 years. They have tried everything they want to do ” ECT ” I am VERY Wary of that extreme treatment. I wish you people all the luck in the world. I think only people with this disease REALLY know what it is all about Day By Day and Hour by Hour. Be Happy everyone.

I started taking the generic version of Wellbutrin about 3 months ago. My doctor started me on 150mg and increased it to 300mg after 30 days. Last week I started hallucinating and I thought I was losing my mind. Simple things that I was used to doing over the years seem to be too hard for me. I had to stop taking it a few days ago after I went to the bathroom one morning and tried to dispose of the used toilet paper down the sink instead of flushing it (no joke!). I momentarily forgot who or where I was.
I went outside that same day and got lost coming back home. I have walked that route several times over the years and in an instant it seemed as if I was going there for the first time. I also have not slept in over a week. My doctor had recommended Valerian Root for insomnia (which usually occurs when taking an antidepressant). It was working for awhile but now I stay awake all night. I feel drowsy, disoriented and confused in the daytime. I have also gained 10 pounds in the past week since I’m always hungry and have to eat every hour.
I contacted my insurance carrier and was told that they would send me an appeal form to see if I can get the brand name at a reduced price. Even if my appeal is denied, I will no longer be taking the generic version of this drug. The one side effect that I could not tolerate from other brands was the weight gain so I was happy that Welbutrin was supposed to have the opposite effect.
I would rather go back to Lexapro or Prozac and deal with the expected weight gain. At least they never took me to a stage where I forgot how to do the basic things such as how to dispose of used toilet paper.

I have only been taking the generic SR for two days, but by day 2 was experiencing sobbing fits – 5 of them – totally out of the ordinary for me. This morning I had a dream so awful I felt borderline suicidal.
I’m going to pharmacy now to replace the generic with Wellbutrin SR… Caveat – I’ve never tried the real stuff before. Dr prescribed to assist with quitting smoking and depression from divorce.

I take 3- 150mg of generic wellbutrin. I also take 3- 150mg of the generic effexor xr. I’m not as sad and crying a lot-guess due to the effexor, but my Dr. said that the wellbutrin would help my motivation and I would feel normal again such as getting out of the house, cleaning, bathing, etc. In some ways I feel better but still I don’t want to do anything I enjoyed before. In 5 months time taking these meds I’m still not happy. What else can I do?

I am a mental health therapist. I do not prescribe drugs but I do diagnose depression. It has been my experience in dealing with clients that the generic Bupropion and Wellbutrin do not produce the same results. In many cases Bupropion just doesn’t appear to work. Unfortunately most of my clients can’t afford the $265 or so co-pay for the brand name Wellbutrin and forget it for the folks who don’t have insurance.

Prescribed this 10 days ago to aid in quitting smoking. Haven’t slept in two days – gained 8 lbs and feel like a fat pig. Had a cliff’s bar 8 hours ago and no other food all day and I’m not hungry, massive headache, soar throat and I feel very, very wired… and very, very weird. That about sums it up. Not taking any more…

What a relief to know that I’m not alone in my concerns over the generic Bupropion. I switched recently from Wellbutrin to it. I had given it a try two years ago and, as many of you, thought that it didn’t work then due to changes in my life. I started on the generic again (to reduce our bills solely) and have been going crazy. I have experienced anxiety, constipation and inability to sleep. The severity of these symptoms have increased gradually during the last few days. I have not experienced some of the other symptons like ankle swelling or headeaches, but I can see from the other postings that not everyone’s response is exactly the same. What is evident is that Bupropion XL DOES NOT WORK the same as Wellbutrin XL.

I have been taking the “reall” Wellbutrin for a couple of years. During that time I was switched over to the generic. It was awful. I didn’t think about taking my own life but I was constantly thinking about dying. So, I was put back on the name brand. Now that I am retired, I was going to try the generic again because I thought the first time was me.
Thank God I decided to look up generic Wellbutrin on the Internet and found out it wasn’t me. I guess I’ll have to pay for the name brand because the generic is useless. I am able to take the generic in all my other prescriptions – so it really isn’t me. Thank you for this site.

I was doing great losing weight off blood pressure and stomach meds, moved to oregon from colorado, gained tons of weight immediately and have not stopped, back on blood pressure meds and stomach meds. These comments make sense, that would be when pharmacy changed also when xl was released to generic about that time. I have contacted my doc for opinion with link to this site.

This is the second time I have gotten the generic form of Welbutin 300XR, I have been on it for a week and feel terrible. My pharmecist said the agents in the drug are different so the side effects can be from that. They also said if your Dr. writes NO generic, the copay is cheaper. I never knew this. I have been paying $125 a month for a drug that works wonders. I hope the insurance will pay for a second prescription this month. I got 90 pills of the generic for $15. I think that is all that drug is worth!

Wow, so it’s not just me. I unlike many of you, was started on Buproprion XL 150 mg 2 tabs a day. That seemed okay in conjunction with the Sertraline I was on. Recently, I had an increase to 450 mg a day. I was thinking I was imagining that I felt worse until my partner said “I think you’re getting worse”. And the extreme fatigue is unfathomable. I eat right, I exercise, sleep has been an issue all my life really, and I have two dogs that make my life a good place to be. But I’m so tired nothing I do helps me feel rested. After reading everyone else’s issues here I’m realizing maybe it’s not just me. And the joint aches. I’m not sure, but I have tennis elbow really bad in my dominant hand, and tolerable in my recessive hand and it’s not getting better either. Guess when I see my doc next week I’ll be having a chat with her. Thanks for the info.

No the SR or XL is not what makes the generic budeprion or bupropion. I was on bupropion XL from Mylan and was switched to budeprion from Teva when my dose changed. I had taken 2 of the Mylan manufactured 150s to finish off the bottle and did not really have any significant side effects. When I started taking the Teva 300s I started throwing up, had major brain fog and felt like it was hard to think at all. My balance even seemed off and I had some ringing in my ears. I saw an FDA article that stated that Teva’s generic of bupropion was budeprion and that several people have complained on the FDA drug website. I think it said around 70. After reading the comments here, I believe the actual number would be a lot higher if everyone posted their problems to the FDA.
I have an appt with my practitioner to talk to her about going back to the other type that I was on.

I don’t know why I am commenting since it’s the same as above. I have been on Wellbutrin & sometimes Buproprion for 10 years for chemical depression. 2 weeks ago I was switched to Buproban, they said it is the same medicine just a different name & there is a sticker on my bottle saying same thing; I did not question it or think twice about it.
My life has had a lot of other issues this last year & last few weeks due to other health issues so am on other medications also. Just the last few days I have been extra moody, gained 5 pounds in 1 week (and am a small girl), am lacking motivation to do anything after work. Starting yesterday I started feeling very odd & thought something is wrong here. I didn’t realize I was acting differently outwardly but my husband & coworkers started asking me today if everything’s okay.
I haven’t slept well the last few nites, been upset with my new husband even though he is amazing to me ;), & I just got up & left work today out of the blue before 5pm. I thought I was having an anxiety attack but it never came to a head. After I got home I decided to reach out to my husband to tell him something is not right. After literally screaming at my sweet dog for barking & then throwing myself on the couch face first, I had a thought about my Wellbutrin; this was the first time it even crossed my mind.
I was at the point of calling out sick tomorrow, canceling a family Palm Springs weekend, & requesting my Dr to put me on FMLA for depression when took action and I googled ‘Wellbutrin vs Buproban’ and found out all of the above information. This stuff is crazy; I can’t believe it. I drove 10 minutes to get reception for my pharmacy, told them what was up and they said I can pick up my regular stuff tomorrow. I really really hope this is what it is because if not than I’m not sure what’s going on. Thank you for all of your comments; I have never posted a comment before but thought it was important.
I know not everyone can afford it, but if this is the fix than I am willing to pay whatever is necessary to get the right stuff if my insurance won’t pay. Good Luck everyone. Reach out to a friend, family member or professional when you know things are not right even though in the moment that is the last thing you care about doing; it’s not worth dying over. Best wishes.

I was on named brand Wellbutrin when it first came out. Prescribed for Adult ADHD. I felt great. Could think clearly. Wasn’t obsessed with food as much. Could stay focused on one thing instead of thinking of 100 other things. Then, med was changed to generic, which I didn’t think twice about since it never dawned on me this could be a problem. Well, it was.
I know it sounds suspicious that so many people write in, as some think it’s the Brand Name makers sending people out in cyberspace to market their product, but I am just a housewife and mother, no agenda here. And I don’t like Big Pharma companies, so I have no motive to push their product, but the truth is Wellbutrin worked for me and generic versions did not work. It’s that simple. I’m now not taking any anti depressants because our HMO won’t pay for the brand name.

I have suffered from a mild depression nearly my whole life. Nothing serious that I felt really needed to be treated, I’ve always functioned normally and nobody I know even knows I feel this way (Including my wife). I’ve been going to the doctor recently for another reason (low testosterone) and in conversations with him he asked if I ever felt depressed.
I described my symptoms and he gave me a prescription for Wellbutrin. He said it would give me a mild “pick me up” that would make me enjoy everyday life just a little bit more. I got the prescription filled and proceeded to take them as described. It’s been two weeks to the day and up until now I had noticed no change in my feelings. Today at work it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had a song stuck in my head and LITERALLY (I know what that word implies) could not concentrate on ANYTHING other than that song. Just little bits in my head that I kept repeating over and over. I could not read a complete sentence and understand or sometimes even remember what I had just read. I would walk 10 feet to get something and the panic I felt over not being able to get this song out of my head would make me forget what I was walking to get.
I tried putting the radio on to see if listening to talk radio would help and could not follow the conversations. I switched to music and that just made other songs get in my head and repeat over and over. I was hearing a voice in my head and it was mine. Then things REALLY ramped up. I couldn’t complete talking a sentence without stopping midway through it and would just lose my train of thought and give up. My speech was slow and even slightly slurred (or it seemed that way to me). I don’t know what a panic attack is but I would guess I started having one.
I started getting nervous about my drive home from work (an hour drive) and started getting a very rapid heartbeat and tightness in my chest. Then I started getting more nervous because things were still getting worse at that point. I decided to do a google search to try and figure out something, anything, that I could do and one of the top links was this one. Right away I saw all the people complaining about being switched off of Wellbutrin to the generic version.
I went to my car to grab the prescription and sure enough…..Buproprion XL 150mg…..On the way home my panic went away, I got home and climbed into bed with my thoughts and just tried to relax. It’s now nearly 12 hours after this all started and I’m finally feeling better. I can hold a normal conversation and I don’t seem to be forgetting something every 5 minutes.
I don’t know if the real Wellbutrin would have made me better but I won’t find out now…..I’m never putting any of this stuff in my body ever again.
For the record, the first 7 days I took one pill (150mg) and by doctors orders was told if I didn’t notice anything I could go as high as 3 pills (450mg) per day. After 7 days I increased my dosage to 2 pills and there was only one day that I forgot to take anything.

Hi Gail,
I forgot, I also feel for the past few years, that I feel something sore, swollen in my upper stomach. I had ultrasound, only shows gas. I have that same downward smile that someone mentioned. I never had these before I started any of these stress anxiety panic attack meds. I am also getting headaches, which I never really had before either. Besides buproprion, I am also on lorazepam 1mg 2x day, generic for ativan.
I am now on ssd and am only 50. I was so active, thin to normal weight, before accident and surgeries. I am type A, can be anal about some things. I like things to get done, those in house to help out, to no avail. So I can guarantee I was bitchy, angry, frustrated after surgeries and menopause, etc. I am right handed and that is the arm affected. I couldn’t drive for 3 months after each surgery, had physical therapy for a total of 3+ years 2x week, went to counseling 2x week. It was tough not having an arm, hand to use. I am sad about my then husband and daughter for their lack of understanding and lack of helping out.
I can relate to the overwhelming stress some have had. I’ve had mrsa 2x, pic line for 4 weeks vancomicine drip 2x day, fertility treatments, iui’s, ivf’s, retrievals, tests, laprascopic surgery, etc., car accident, 2 failed rotator cuff surgeries, my child ran away, left home senior year in high school, dragged through court to sign over guardianship (besides that just being mean, partly to get step father’s income off her FAFSA), then guardian dragged me through court for child support (she was turning 18 in 6 months!). Child returned after 6 mos., guardian threw her out, car accident trial, divorce (served me after 1st surgery, withdrew, served me after 2nd failed surgery, hair falling out, bloody discharge from nipple (apologies for being graphic for those offended) no cancer, thank God, and menaupose. I think I had a nervous breakdown but made it through. Actually went on meds after all that cause I was always crying.
I guess it is what it is and what doesn’t kill us makes us STRONGER! God Bless!

I was on the zoloft generic, sertraline 100mg 2/x day for about a year or two. I gained a lot of weight, almost 30 lbs. I asked to switch to something that I would not gain weight with. Dr. switched me to bupropion, generic for wellbutrin 150mg 1x day. I just finished weaning off the sertraline and he increased my dose. I was still crying when I had went in to see him last week. I have NOT started the increase yet.
The problems I am having seem extreme. I also have the swollen ankles, but more troublesome all of a sudden is my knees. It feels like my knees are bone on bone, the right knee the worst, and right knee so swollen, I am in constant pain and I am already on a regiment of pain killers. I was in a car accident in 2006, had 2 failed rotator cuff surgeries, all stuff on the right side. So everything hurts now worse than ever. I am not picking up the bupropion increased script and am looking for a new dr tomorrow, 7/9/12.
I am also feeling like I now have WHOLE BODY INFLAMMATION, especially knee joints and INCREASED JOINT PAIN, since being on this bupropion. I am going to look for a Dr for that also. I am still crying about the same amount, but trying to sleep through these pains is unbearable. I sleep maybe 2 or 3 hours lately. I have only been on this med for about 6 weeks. I didn’t sleep well before the med change, but 100x worse now. The only thing I can do is to switch doctors, and find one that truly cares about their patients.
I think the FDA or whoever approves these meds should look at these comments closely. They need to rethink what they put out there and the side effects. On my paperwork with the buproprion, it says nothing about affecting the joints or body inflammation.
God Bless to all of us trying to get well.

medco will pay for the brand name if your doctor calls them. They switched me also, I immediately called my doc. I will quote him “when I am finished talking to them they will cover it”. Several days later I got a letter from Medco saying they will pay for the brand name indefinitely. Unfortunately my employer switched me to express scripts, they refused me the brand name. My doc called and have had no problem. So call your doc and have them contact your insurance co and explain what is happening. I hope all works out for you.

I took the brand name Wellbutrin for several years with no side effects. When the drug plan switched me to the generic it took me several months to figure out that the generic was not working. When my doctor switched me to brand name Wellbutrin XL, the depression and crying spells disappeared. In addition, my unexplained and puzzling swollen ankles suddenly reverted to normal size.
I continued successfully with brand name Wellbutrin XL for almost two years. Less than a month ago, Medco switched me to a generic Wellbutrin XL. My ankles are swollen already although the depression and tears have not yet returned. Has anyone else had this swollen ankles side effect?

Yes to all of you the generic is horrible, made me suicidal , cant sleep , have a headache everyday. Caused me to have to take sleeping pill also , more money. Im definatly going to get the name brand , now i wont have to pay for the sleeping pills and all the asprin im going through , might work out to be the same cost, what a nightmare !

Oh My, I thought I was losing it… Our new mail service (Medco) has also sent me my new Bupropion 150 purple pill and I took them for about a week. I have noticed quite a difference in myself and truly blame it on these purple pills which I think are pure crap. I was feeling nauseated, shaky, wanted to cry for no reason at all and most of all (which scared me) an overwhelming sense of doom.
I went back to my old prescription of another generic brand of Bupropion (light green) which I had received for years from Walgreens mail service. My husband’s employer recently switched to Medco. I am going to see if I can get my meds elsewhere.

I started generic buproprion 4 months ago to treat depression symptoms. I note some positive effect: improved mood, less irritability, and I’m not so quick to “go negative” in my thinking. But I’m gaining weight (10 lbs so far) and get that bloated feeling often, even though my eating and exercise habits haven’t changed. I’ve never tried Wellbutrin but I’m about ready to give it a try.
If the definition of a generic is that it’s identical to the name brand in terms of ingredients, how can there be a difference in effects between Wellbutrin and the clones? I’m glad to see that SO many others are reporting here, but where’s the follow up on the investigation at the top of the thread (April, 2007)?!

I am having the same awful experience with the generic bupropion. Many years ago I had tried the generic and it did not work. Recently I had to leave my job and now have no health insurance. I talked to my pharmacist and he said that the older generic did have problems but now they are better. So I tried the generic. What a disaster! It was almost as bad as when I experimented going off meds altogether to save money. I can’t afford $300 a month for the brand name, but I have no choice. I called around to the prescription drug support programs and Wellbutrin isn’t included!!! And the “discount cards” don’t help either. With my cards, I saved almost 50% on the generic but next to nothing on the brand name Wellbutrin.
This is a crime! I am going to tell my doctor but has the FDA been addressing this, as alluded to in the first email on this issue? Given the pharmaceutical lobby, perhaps we need to contact our congressional representatives? Get it into the media? My comment is #706 on this website alone!!

I had been on Wellbutrin for several years with excellent results. Upon switching to generic/Buproprion several months ago, my depression crept back, I was listless, unmotivated, and, more worrisome, started getting confused, literally losing track of dates and having memory problems. A few days ago I switched back to brand/Wellbutrin and can’t wait for the brand to kick in so I can feel like myself again. Once before I had tried generic and it not only did NOTHING, it seemed to make things worse, just like this time. The only reason I tried generic again is because I was thinking I was doing well and figured my previous bad response must have been “all in my head”. Not.

I have been playing generic Wellbutrin XL roulette for about 4-5 years now. After my insurance made the name brand prohibitively expensive, started with that Teva oblong yellow pill. As other said in this discussion it was a roller coaster ride as I could tell that most of the medicine was being released into my system within a few hours of taking it.
After that experience, I found a pharmacy that had the Watson generic, which worked OK but I could tell that it wasn’t as good as the name brand. Then after not finding that one at my local pharmacies anymore I switched over to to Anchen generic through my insurance’s mail order service. I have been taking the Anchen generic for a year or so, over which time has felt like some of the symptoms for which I was taking the drug seemed to be gradually coming back. I just figured I was building a tolerance to the drug or something.
A few weeks back, I received my mail order refill with another type of generic. The one I am taking now is the Mylan brand generic, it is a white oblong pill. Even though I still had some of the Anchen generic left, I decided to start on the Mylan one, in case I ran into any issues with it, I would still have some of the older pills left to help out.
However, I have found this Mylan one to be the best generic I have tried to date. I can feel that the medicine is being released in a more steady manner, from about 6 in the morning, through around 5pm. I don’t start feeling all down and scatter brained in the afternoon as I did with the other generics. I hope I can still keep getting this one through my mail order, but one never knows in the game of generic Wellbutrin roulette.

This is the first time Ive ever turned to my Doc for depression so like everyone else on this thread my Dr. prescribed me Wellbutrin, and I was also given the generic bupropion. I took it for 30 days with NO results to my depression. Instead I would get surges of very brief (seconds long) euphoria, followed by strange forgetfulness. (like I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing), and I’ve never experienced that prior. I would also be in mid- conversation and completely forget what I was talking about. It was making life worse.
I did some research and found that so many people were experiencing the generics ineffectiveness. I then told my Dr. about it, and he wrote in his next script to the pharmacy “no substitutions”. Once I began my regimen with the name brand, it took only 2 days and I began to feel absolutely great! But why the difference???? The ingredients are the same! Unless it’s the way that the time release works.
It seems like it might release too much of the ingredients at once, get me high for a second and then drop me off the map. The name brand Wellbutrin xl seems to work so evenly, and consistently. And the strange difference is that I am able to focus and remember things even more clearly than ever.The opposite of my experience with Bupropion.

I take Wellbutrin XML 150 mgs 3 times a day
I used to have Medco and they pay $90 for a 3 month supply. Now my company switched to Express scripts and they charge $100 for a 3 month supply. My doctor had to call both companies before they would approve it.

Please, please, can you tell me what your insurance company is that covers brand Wellbutrin. I have the same problem as everyone else. I take 150mg three times a day. My insurance charges me almost $700 for a one month prescription. I’m desperate to find someone who will cover this. Someone suggested getting it through Canada. Is that possible? I appreciate any guidance.

I have been on generic wellbutrin for about 2 years, having previously taken the brand xl. I have been on the point of killing myself and wanting to scream and rage most all the time. I can’t believe my moods are so bad. I want to talk back to people, have become an atheist, and generally avoid people. I can do things like tackle a cluttered room and complete it, but I can’t do anything requiring sustained thought or caution. I have road rage, etc. I have now gone off the generic and am only taking Paroxetine again. I already feel better. I just have to prepare to gain a —-load of weight again…. I was tired of feeling completely confused and having no short term memory at all. Have no Rx coverage, so have to do generics. So be it

Here we go!!!! it’s a shame that we are all complaining about the same stuff and yes I said it!!!!
We’re all about to learn today! I have been taking generic Wellbutrin for over a yr and at 1st it was all well and good but after that yr taking this medication, I’ve had crazy side affects! Bad dreams, loss of sleep, withdrawal from simple conversations, muscle changes around my mouth area aka (laugh line) that have changed dramatically! it’s almost like I can feel my face making a upside down smile!
WTF….I’m not trying to be professional at this point this stuff we’re taking aint good!!!!!
Moving forward in my search for an alternative I did find a documentary that may be of assistance to us battling depression…The documentary is called “FOOD MATTERS” if you have Netflix look it up …..Very very informative to what’s really going on also in that documentary it was said that the supplement NIACIN could be taken at about 3,000 mg daily and have no side effects! I don’t know about you but it’s worth a try! Been putting this crap in my body for over a year and God only knows the effect it has had on our bodies! Continuing to pray that we ALL get better…I have a family to take care of and to much life left to live God Willing! Good Luck to you all!

I was on Wellbutrin XL 150mg for 4 years. Then one month the refill became bupropion by TEVA. I took it for 2 weeks then things took a turn for the worse..
I started having really bad headaches lasting for 3 hours, I could only sleep 2 hours a night.. all day felt like crap. EVERY DAY for a whole month. Stomach aches, bloating cramping irritated stomach ache feeling so painful I was lying on the floor crying in the bathroom praying to God to take the pain and suffering away.
My family members all started complaining telling me I have become more annoying, not helping around the house anymore (dishes, laundry, cleaning, groceries etc) normally I help with house stuff just like all the other members. After switching to generic I stopped being myself. I stopped doing laundry, I dropped all my college classes. I quit my job, I stopped eating and pretty much just drank water once a day and lost about 30 pounds due to a deep depression I went Into being on the generic wellbutrin.
2 months was a living hell that I didnt notice until everyone in my family told me. It made me depressed them telling me some little thing I do wrong, I normally am a tough ambitious active individual. Hence having 2 jobs, 3.8GPA college and overall great life (while on namebrand Wellbutrin)
I went back on name brand Wellbutrin and in 2 weeks I started feeling Much better. Then after a month or 2 I started doing chores around the house. I got employed, signed up for full school college courses, started going out with friends becoming more like my old self again. Gained my weight back, appetite came back. Im a really skinny person and losing that much weight was not good but now im great again.
I had to go through hell to get my insurance to pay for the name brand though. And my doctor at first didnt believe me when I told him the generic didnt work, he said they are the same. I told him no they arent and he finally agreed. It took me a month to get through with the insurance company but it was worth it. Trust me, to everyone on here having troubles with the generic, try the WATSON generic first, and If that doesnt work switch to name brand again. Find a way to get your insurance to help with the copay.
I will NEVER go off name brand again because of the hell it put me through. I pray that the FDA will do something about this because the SHITTY TEVA GENERIC is ruining people’s lives just like it did for me.
However Gotta be tough and fight your insurance calling every day asking them to cover name brand, write a letter or do something. Have your doctor write a letter to your insurance comapny telling them that the generic is NOT OKAY. If you are shortfunded I recommend WATSON brand generic, It is not as good as namebrand but it is MUCH better than any other generic.
Good luck to all I hope the people read this and realize that generic does NOT work for everyone. Everyone’s brain is different. Your brain is the only brain you have, if your gonna take drugs, make sure they are helping your brain not hurting it. Only someone who has had this happen to them will understand but trust me, it is tough but you can get through it.

I have been experiencing symptoms of depression for over 6 years (Daytime sleepiness, bad mood, very negative, and excessive hunger) My doctors have always tried pushing generic versions of anti-d’s on me. I have been on so many … Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro, Cymbalta, Effexor, Wellbutrin (brand name). Wellbutrin was the only thing that ever helped me feel normal. When I was taking Wellbutrin XL, I was working out 5 days a week, waking up refreshed after only 7 hours of sleep, and eating a normal balance diet. Before Wellbutrin, I was a mess. Sleeping all day, 12-14 hours of sleep, binge eating, and CRANKY!!!
I’m in the same boat as all of you… now placed on Bupropion by Actavis. I’m on Day 6 now and it sucks. Starting the 300mgs dose, tomorrow. I will report back in 3-4 weeks with an update. I will say though it isn’t smooth and hits me all of the sudden 2-3 hours after taking it. I can be in a meeting and all the sudden, I’m like a zombie and stoned out. Wellbutrin was NEVER like this. I’m living proof that there IS a difference between THIS drug (wellbutrin) and the generic. Anyone coming in here saying there isn’t a difference has something to gain from that generic lab or has never suffered from depression.
It’s sad that other profit from our misery, but that is just how this world is.

I’ve been on the brand name wellbutrin xl 150mg for YEARS, and was doing incredibly well. I was losing weight, happy, enough energy to exercise, and handling stress well.
Switched to a generic, and 6 months later I’ve gained 20 pounds, and was fighting off bouts of anxiety, severe lethargy, and over all disinterest in my LIFE. Went back on the brand name, and within a month things were looking up again. I’ve been on the brand name again for a year, things were going well, despite wedding stress, I managed to keep everything relatively together. Insurance company changed my copay from $15 to $200!!!!!!! this past new year, and obviously, that was a SHOCK.
I’ve been on the generic (again) for a month and a half. I’ve gained FIFTEEN POUNDS in that amount of time. Pitched a fit and got a pre-authorization from my insurance company, which should cut the cost in half…
$100 a month is still $1200 A YEAR.
It makes me cry to think that my sanity and happiness is going to cost that much a year… compared to the $180 is used to cost.
Makes me sick, but it’s what I have to do.

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