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Show 971: Conquering the Root Causes of Chronic Disease

Learn how to choose foods, supplements and activities that can protect you from chronic disease.
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Conquering the Root Causes of Chronic Disease

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According to a new global survey, older adults in the United States take more drugs for more chronic health problems than seniors in ten other countries. Why do so many people suffer with chronic illnesses as they age?

The diseases that afflict them are due in part to genetic susceptibility for heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. We can’t change our genes, but what if we could program them to behave differently?

Reprogramming our Genes

According to Dr. Jeffrey Bland, that is exactly what we are doing every time we eat dinner or go for a walk. He explains how we can put the emerging science of epigenetics to work for us to control the causes of chronic disease. What are the simple steps we can take to boost our health span and enjoy life to the fullest?

This Week’s Guest

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, CNS, is Founder and President of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute and CEO of Kindex Therapeutics. Dr. Bland earned degrees in both biology and chemistry and founded the Institute for Functional Medicine.

He has written a number of books. The most recent is The Disease Delusion: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer and Happier Life.

You can find him online, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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This is a groundbreaking news! So many of us complain about ” nothing can be done” but with his message, it gives us hope and a tool to try to change the course of sicknesses and therefore overcome them in one way or another! It is possible! It takes a willpower and simply overcoming our lazy attitude and actions. Thank you!

Ooops, I forgot to mention what an outstanding website Dr. Bland has! The blogs are absolutely great. As an example, here is one by Dr. Patrick and Dr. Ames on how vitamin D helps prevent autism: Solving Autism: Vitamin D and Serotonin Synthesis: .

It was great to hear another show addressing the paradigm shift from management to prevention of non-infective disease.

One thing that did bother me was the fact that the word “prevention” was used only the tiniest bit during the whole show. Considering that prevention was essentially what the show was about, I found that puzzling. As far as I know, “prevention” is not an objectionable or improper term to use. Is there something wrong with using plain English? I, for one, have always tried to follow the dictum “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” To me “Preventive Medicine” has the ring of truth to it, whereas “Functional Medicine” sounds like medicalese doublespeak and does not. What ever happened to “Keep it Simple”? Why everyone seems to be standing on their heads to avoid speaking the word “prevention” is beyond me. Wouldn’t this be clearer: Personalized Lifestyle Preventive Medicine Institute, or just simply: Preventive Medicine Institute? Perhaps those alternatives are already taken.

Hope to hear more about this. Our food in this country is so adulterated there is no wonder there is so much chronic disease. My family has lots of auto-immune disease and I believe the poor quality food along with additives, chemicals, etc. is responsible.

I enjoyed listening to Dr. Bland. I started eating “clean” (meaning no sugar, more vegetables, low glycemic fruits, no breads, more baked salmon) about 6 months ago and can see an enormous shift in the way I look and feel. I am a huge advocate for his proposed lifestyle and dietary changes for all age groups. Keep up the great work, Dr. Bland!

I have heard Dr. Bland speak on a health summit or two. His work is amazing and I highly encourage listening to the Podcast next week.

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