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Raisin Remedy Helps Reduce Midnight Bathroom Visits

We are amazed at how some people come up with unique treatments. The raisin remedy for arthritis and now for nighttime urination is just such an example.

One of the most common complaints we hear from readers is that they have to get up a few times at night to pee. That wakes them out of a sound sleep and sometimes they have a hard time going back to sleep. The drugs that are prescribed for overactive bladder have some unpleasant side effects. Here is a unique raisin remedy that seems to be gaining traction.

Q. I read that raisins could help stop nighttime trips to the toilet and decided to try it. I used to have to get up at least once a night. That’s not too much of a problem, except that I am struggling with a back injury that makes it difficult to get out of bed.

I now eat two teaspoons of raisins each night and it works. I have no idea why or how and I don’t really care. It works and it isn’t going to cause problems, so that makes it a winner.

A. We too are mystified why raisins might diminish nighttime trips to the bathroom. Nocturia (frequent awakening to urinate at night) can be very disruptive. Medications that are sometimes prescribed for this problem may trigger unpleasant side effects.

We have heard from so many people that a small serving of raisins helps them that we are beginning to think it is more than a placebo effect. Here are just a few stories that have been shared on this website:

Raisin Remedy for Nocturia:

Ruth on Raisins:

“I read about using the raisins on this website and decided to give them a try. I’m on a water pill which isn’t a problem during the day, but it makes me miserable at night with the need to get up two or three times. I an in fear of wetting the bed!

“I only get up once now and go right back to sleep easily. The effect doesn’t seem to carry over for me so I have to make sure I keep them around. The other thing is that they have helped my constipation, which is a lovely bonus!”

Henry in Durham, NC has tried the original Raisin Remedy for arthritis:

“It sure as hell works. Spread golden raisins in a flat pan, and cover them with gin. Let sit for 3 days, or 72 hours, at room temperature. Then pour off any remaining un-evaporated gin, and refrigerate the well- soaked raisin.

“Take 1 0r 2 teaspoons (level) full of this concoction about 1 hour before bedtime and you will rest peacefully for at least 3 to 4 hours before having to go to the bathroom. It does not reduce the quantity of urine produced. It simply reduces the urgency. Believe me, it works far better for me than any drug.”

Ellen in Dallas, TX:

“It works for me! I was getting up at least twice at night and when I read about the raisins in this column by the Graedons, I decided to try it . . . one of the little boxes in a six-pack of raisins each night at bedtime. It worked the first night !

“I slept a straight 7 hours without having to get up ! And it has worked every night since then. That has been almost a month now.”

Raisin Remedy Precautions:

Keep in mind that raisins are fairly sweet. The additional calories could add up over time. In addition, teeth should be brushed after eating raisins to prevent tooth decay, especially before going to bed!

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