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Probiotics For Children With Eczema?

Q. My one-year-old son has been suffering from eczema. It hasn’t improved in spite of numerous visits to different dermatologists and the use of OTC creams and antibiotic regimens. We have tried removing soy and gluten from his diet to no avail.

Someone suggested that probiotics might remedy the eczema, but we are curious how effective and safe this would be.

A. Studies of probiotics show that they can be helpful for eczema in very young children like your son (Allergy, April 2005). We discuss this in greater detail and offer other approaches to managing eczema in our book, Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy. You can find it in your library or bookstore or you can get it online at this website.

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How long did it take before you saw a difference in his eczema? I started my daughter on probiotics and was just wondering. Thanks

I highly recommend Vidazorb probiotics!!! IT WORKS! It has changed our little boy’s life and our whole family. Just when we were frustrated beyond belief… we have now had our prayers answered. I am happy that he no longer is on potent meds and creams as they can cause all kinds of other problems. His probiotic is safe and natural and we love it so so much that our whole family is now taking them!

I had very widespread eczema for 40 years, starting in infancy. I took antihistamines, used steroid creams, but nothing really helped. A lab test at the age of 39 revealed an unusually heavy growth of intestinal yeast. I was prescribed a medicine called Nystatin, an antifungal [I think]. My skin cleared up, and has remained clear for 20 years. I only get a few occasional spots now and then if I eat something that I’m allergic to, or have an infection. E.

This is in response to the Oct. 16th article about the drug Chantix to quit smoking. A dear friend committed suicide four months ago after taking this drug. He was never depressed before. He was a loving father and grandfather, and a former Marine. I’m afraid the people who wrote to you about a similar experience may just be the tip of the iceberg. Shouldn’t the manufacturer be put on notice?

I added two tablespoons of ground flaxseed to my morning oatmeal after I had read about people who had added flaxseed to their diet (this was written in your column several yrs. ago) and that their eczema had ceased. Well I can testify to that, as well. I no longer have have had a problem with eczema. I have added flaxseed oil and borage oil capsules to my diet to supplement my diet, but my eczema ceased before I started taking the supplements. I was sort of surprised that you didn’t mentioned flaxseed oil for the 1-yr. old boy. Sincerely and eczema free, D.Pawlo

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