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Could Your Antibiotic Cause You Permanent Nerve Damage?

According to a recent FDAs safety communication, use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics may lead to permanent nerve damage in some patients.

Did you know that the FDA has issued a safety notification about a class of popular antibiotics called fluoroquinolones (FQs)? The announcement involves the following drugs:

  • Ciprofloxacin (Cipro)
  • Gemifloxacin (Factive)
  • Levofloxacin (Levaquin)
  • Moxifloxacin (Avelox)
  • Norfloxacin (Noroxin)
  • Ofloxacin (Floxin)

According to the FDA, over 21 million people get a prescription for one of these drugs each year. That makes this class of antibiotics among the most popular in the pharmacy. Doctors love to prescribe FQs because they are effective for a wide range of infections including bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, prostatitis and skin infections.

These drugs have been around for decades. Cipro, for example, has been on the market for over 25 years. After all this time, one would think that the FDA would have a clear understanding of the benefits and risks of such drugs. In fact, you might assume that doctors would have been warned about complications of FQ drugs like Levaquin or Cipro from the very beginning. Au contraire. It comes as a great shock to patients to discover that serious fluoroquinolone warnings continue to be issued, decades after these drugs were originally approved.

The most recent FDA announcement relates to nerve damage, aka peripheral neuropathy. Here is the official safety communication issued on 8-15-2013:

“This serious nerve damage potentially caused by fluoroquinolones may occur soon after these drugs are taken and may be permanent… Peripheral neuropathy is a nerve disorder occurring in the arms or legs. Symptoms include pain, burning, tingling, numbness, weakness, or a change in sensation to light touch, pain or temperature, or the sense of body position. It can occur at any time during treatment with fluoroquinolones and can last for months to years after the drug is stopped or be permanent. Patients using fluoroquinolones who develop any symptoms of peripheral neuropathy should tell their health care professionals right away.”

In other words, patients can experience this potentially irreversible nerve damage within days of starting drugs like ciprofloxacin or levofloxacin. Even if the drugs are stopped promptly, the side effects can last.

Doctors and pharmacists may not always describe the symptoms patients need to watch out for. And people may not associate weakness, numbness or tingling with an antibiotic, since it doesn’t seem logical that a medicine designed to overcome an infection would damage nerves. Such symptoms may not seem that bad, but in some cases peripheral neuropathy can be permanently disabling.


We first became aware of unusual problems brought on by fluoroquinolone antibiotics in July of 1994 after receiving this question:

“I often have side effects from medicines, but have never experienced anything like Floxin. I took it for a severe sinus infection followed by pneumonia last winter. After three days of utter misery and a rash on my back, I started hallucinating. Are there other people who have had a bad reaction to this antibiotic?”

We had to do some digging, but we finally discovered that FQs can cause “hallucinations, visual disturbances confusion, dizziness and seizures.”

We talked to journalist Stephen Fried about his wife’s experience with Floxin. In the book Bitter Pills, the Frieds describe how one Floxin pill for a urinary tract infection led to debilitating neurological symptoms that lasted for years.

At the time, a lot of doctors didn’t believe such long-lasting neurological complications could happen so quickly. It has taken the FDA over 25 years to alert physicians to just such a possibility.

The same can be said about tendinitis or tendon rupture. This is another very serious adverse reaction triggered by FQ antibiotics. The first published report of an Achilles tendon problem appeared in 1983. Thereafter there were many case reports linking drugs like ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin to tendinitis and tendon rupture. These can also be disabling complications of FQ antibiotics. It took the FDA until 2008 to issue “black box” warnings about this problem, 20 years after Cipro was first introduced.


  • Digestive distress, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, heartburn, vomiting
  • Headache, dizziness
  • Agitation, anxiety, irritability, restlessness, confusion
  • Insomnia
  • Tendon problems, tendinitis, tendon rupture
  • Retinal detachment
  • Nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, nerve tingling, numbness
  • Allergic reactions, skin rash, anaphylaxis (life-threatening reaction requiring immediate medical attention!)
  • Super-infections including C. diff diarrhea
  • Hallucinations, psychosis, seizures
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Irregular heart rhythms, torsades de pointes, QT prolongation
  • Kidney or liver damage
  • Blood disorders
  • Arthritis, muscle pain, weakness


Here are some stories from visitors to our website. Add your own FQ experience below. If these antibiotics have worked well for you without side effects we would like to hear about that. If you have suffered, we would like to see your story as well. Please comment below.

“I have taken Cipro a number of times over the years and wondered why my tendons, especially the Achilles tendon, were so inflamed. Finally read the side effects and saw it can be a serious side effect to the point of bursting the Achilles tendon. I carry a note with my insurance card in my wallet warning not to give me any of this family of antibiotics.” C.G.

“It’s been eight months and I’ve been to two specialists trying to determine if I have arthritis. They say I do not. I took Cipro and Levaquin within a one month period and it has been eight months since then, and I have pain and stiffness EVERY DAY. What started out as plantar fasciitis and wrist tendinitis then moved into my hips and elbows and is now in my upper back and shoulders.

“I ran a low grade fever for 6 months after taking these drugs. The symptoms started within two days of taking the last dose of Levaquin. I have not even addressed the fatigue, irritability and mood changes I experienced during the first three months after taking the drug. I was healthy, active and exercised regularly. Now I don’t know what to do–stretching generally aggravates my pain. How can the FDA allow this drug to be prescribed?” Augsdi

“In 2000 I had an adverse reaction to Cipro: inflammation of most of my connective tissue to the point of needing help to get up out of bed or get dressed. I was unable to lift much and could not sit for more than 15 minutes due to the pain. My doctors could not believe it was the Cipro. It was 5 years before I was able to hike and ride my bike again.” Jo

“The quinolone drugs, Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, etc. are extremely strong and dangerous. When they go awry the adverse effects are serious, long term and often permanent.

“The awareness in the medical community of these dangers is extremely poor and often the concerns of patients suffering from adverse effects of these drugs are dismissed as ‘not possible,’ despite studies and literature citing these very effects i.e. neuropathy, tendon ruptures, neuromuscular damage, cartilage damage and others.

“I struggle to heal from 5 days of Cipro given a year ago and have met hundreds of people now who are going through similar struggles due to quinolone antibiotics. These drugs, though tolerated by many, should only be dispensed when there is no safer alternative due to the severity and permanence of adverse effects.” Tao


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Please, is there a way we can stop the effect of these drugs before it causes permanent damage?

I was given levofloxacin for a urinary tract infection. Two thirds into my 2nd week I got severe tingling in my right leg. I remembered reading it was a side effect, but with just 4 days to go foolishly ignored it.

After the course was over the tingling subsided and was replaced with numbness. For the past 4 months I’ve now had two spots on my right leg that permanently feel numb. I have some feeling left there, and my doctor is hopeful it might improve over time, but no guarantees.

The good news is that after I stopped with the anti-biotics it stopped spreading, and you get used to it pretty fast.

Just to be sure I was tested for several other more common causes of peripheral neuropathy ( diabetes, B12 deficiency, uoto-immune) and all tests (fortunately) came back negative.

So lesson learned: ready the leaflet you get with your medicine thoroughly!

I was given Cipro for a UTI January of 2019 for 7 days. Within 2 weeks I started getting groin burning and then burning tingling in my feet and hands. I have dizziness on and off with numbness in my fingers and toes. I’ve been having these problems for almost 3 months now. Also 3 weeks after taking it I had a popping sound in my knee which resulted in an injury and could not walk on it for 6 weeks. Very frightening. I hope to see a neurologist soon just to be sure there is not another reason for all these sudden problems. I took Cipro 20 years ago and didn’t have any side effects. Unbelievable that they claim this is a RARE side effect yet I’m seeing others having similar problems!

I took Augmentin 875 mg twice a day for a UTI. After 3 days I started getting ringing in my ears and then pins and needles everywhere. It has now progressed to burning pain all over my body including my scalp along with hyperacusis. It has been 3 months, and the burning continues. Has anyone else experienced nerve damage from tbe high dosage Augmentin? It’s a nightmare!°

I know this is strictly for the antibiotics listed above- but I have taken Flygyl before for a bacterial vaginal infection and
About 4 days into the prescription, I started noticing that with each dose, the symptoms would get stronger.
-that would be the dizziness, irritability, numbness in arms, confused.
And it would get even worse if I didn’t eat something with each dosage.
I ended up calling poison control and they realized that it was a really bad reaction.
I just stopped taking it right then and there. Thankfully the symptoms were only lasting for a couple of hours after each dose and wasn’t permanent. But still!!! Such a scary thing to feel happening to your body
The medical ‘industry’ needs to use their money for more research
-not just for a quick way to get another product out there

I was given Cipro 500 mg. (2 tabs) to take the same day for a UTI. This was in April 19, 2018 and at 3am the next morning I went to get up to use the BR and could not walk or talk. 911 was called and I was in the ER, went through a battery of tests, admitted for two days, even went through a cardiac catheterization as troponin levels were rising and it was thought I may have a blockage in a blood vessel. No blockage, all reports were clean. 5 months later I am hit with horrible burning in my thighs, lower legs and buttocks. I work as a nurse two days a week (my passion) but it takes a toll here. I occasionally get headaches. I know as a nurse and have consulted with one of our neurologists on staff that FQ’s are meds that you can take once, twice and nothing happens and for some people, never. But then there are the rest of us who experience this neuropathy and wonder if it will ever subside. My pain comes on daily, and am hardest hit during the night. Tylenol is of no help. It also seems at times I have bladder issues but I tested my urine at work the other day and it’s all good, no nothing in it. I am allergic to Penicillin, Bactrim and now Cipro. I don’t know where this would leave me if I was in dire need, but not with this medication. At times when I get up during the night, I walk so stiffly with my arms out so as if not to fall. I’m scared and I work with someone who has had MS for the last 8 years and sometimes I walk “off balance” as he does. I pray for relief and a better future.

I contracted Golden Staph during foot surgery three years ago.This turned to osteomyelitis and I was put on Ciprofloxacinand another antibiotic for two long years. During this time I also had three four week sessions of intravenous antibiotics. Due to blocked arteries in my legs none of this treatment cured the infection and I had the diseased bone amputated three months ago.

I had no problem when I was taking the Cipro but now I have constant extreme nerve pain in my left knee, both hands and feet and inner elbows. No pain killer helps and doctors dont believe me.My life has vertainly gone downhill since that first surgery. Any suggestions welcome.

I had recurring bladder infections and was prescribed Cipro several times. At first The Cipro seemed to be ok for me but the last few times I was prescribed Cipro I had headaches and indigestion. I asked the doctor to change to another antibiotic. About 5 months after the last time I took Cipro I started to get numb toes, rashes, swelling on my face and headaches. Now I have been diagnosed with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. My feet are completely numb. They are painful when I walk or when I sit or whatever. I can hardly wear shoes they make my feet feel “tight” and hot.

It is also in my wrists and fingers, numbness, pain. At night I have headaches that interrupt my sleep. I have anxiety. I drop’things, lose my balance and i am afraid because I don’t where or when this will stop. Did anyone else have a delayed onset reaction to Cipro? Has anyone seen their symptoms go away? What helps with the pain?

I am so sad and distressed over this. Worse, my doctor ignores my complaints and questions over this. People find it strange when I talk about my neuropathy and doubt my illness as I look fine. This is a life sentence. I feel old well before I should feel old. I hate pharmaceutical companies and distrust doctors. I had to research to find out what was wrong with me. I am angry.

2011 given Cipro for SIBO. Developed peripheral neuropathy in hands and feet. Diagnosed as idiopathic neuropathy. Over the years the neuropathy has been progressing and recently lost feeling of touch in fingertips, extreme stiffness in joints etc. Testing for arthritis is negative. I had no idea Cipro was also a chemo drug as well. It’s been seven years and still seems to be progressing. All testing has proven to be negative except for idiopathic neuropathy.

I took Cipro when it first came out for a UTI. After that I began having UTI symptoms with out testing positive for infection. Later I was diagnosed with IC. I feel strongly that IC is linked to Cipro.

Cipro has destroyed by body and my life. It’s been nearly 4 years since I took it for sinusitis. On the 4th day I awoke unable to walk. Turns out both my Achilles tendons partially ruptured while I slept. I was bed-ridden for 8 months. Every joint in my body was swollen. It was the most horrific pain imaginable. It never got better, only worse until my feet both started to swell and turn purple every night and felt like an overturned tractor trailer had fell on my legs.

Screaming into pillows and contemplating suicide was a regular daily occurrence. My pain is finally somewhat under control through the use of 3 types of narcotic meds. I was diagnosed with Cipro-induced tendon rupture & toxic peripheral neuropathy (similar to what they see in chemo-induced neuropathy patients), multiple osteo arthritis, autonomic nervous system damage, chronic multi feet & ankle tendionopathy & tendinosis, & PTSD (from the frightening initial ordeal).

I use a power wheelchair if I need to go more than 30 feet. My arms occasionally lock up like I have MS (not ms, but this is another side effect of the nervous system damage). I was a healthy 35 year old when this happened to me (other than a sinus infection). Now my life is ruined. Do yourself a favor, unless you’re dying of malaria, don’t take FQ’s.

What should I do if I have nerve damage and I’m paralyzed in left leg and don’t know the cause but believe it’s maybe from doxycycline.

Fluoroquinolones have ended my life! Two years ago I had a adverse reaction to one Cipro which gave me acute hepatitis in a ER. The doctor acted like I was being a baby and made me that a Avelox on top of it! No one checked my liver enzymes for days. I was left on the Avelox 10 days.
I had taken Cipro twice before getting c-diff both times but that was my only worry as no other warning was given to me.
I have had just about every symptom you can from this drug over the last two years. From tendon ruptures, irregular heartbeats, depression, hives and so many others but the worst being the horrible burning of neuropathy that is body wide for me and so painful I cannot stand to even live another day!
I cannot play with my grandchildren and have to go in a wheelchair if I have to walk more than a block.
I have spent over 30 thousand dollars with naturopathic medicine to just try anything as there is no antidote for this poison!!!!
I have made friends on line who suffer so much from taking these antibiotics and have known two young men who took their life over the side affects.
They lie to you about it being rare as it is not!!! Just so many people thinking they have Lyme and so many other illnesses as doctors cannot believe this and are not educated on these drugs!
I would never take one even as a last resort if I knew what I know now.
Will so miss my family and beautiful grandchildren but waiting for death as the pain is just too much!!!

I was prescribed Clarithromycin 250mg back in October 2017 for a sinus infection and my ongoing symptoms are numbness in the hands and feet and nerve pain that was severe but is now being managed by taking 1600mg of Gabapentin daily. Seeing a neurologist but have had no solution to the cause or a treatment solution. Anybody out there experienced the same side effects from this specific type of antibiotic?

Hi, I took a seven day course of Clarithromycin at the end of February 2018 and during treatment I noticed I was urinating much more frequently. I have suffered constant bladder issues since, tingling in the bladder/urethra area and urine frequency, it has become unbearable. I have visited my GP on numerous occasions and seen two consultants, one who dismisses the idea that Clarithromycin caused my problem, the other did not dismiss it out of hand and commented it could take months to rectify itself. It has now been five months and I am in the same situation. My life has basically gone on hold.

Lisa – London, UK

Just finished a course of Levofloxacin, I have pain all over from the base of my skull to my toes. I have taken Quinalones before without having this issue. I have been a very active person. Yesterday, I went with my husband to Sam’s Club and the walk around the store left me exhausted and in great pain. I hope this is not permanent and I will never take a Quinolone again.

I agree with all of the comments above but has anyone found effective treatment for gram negative bugs other than with the quinolones and bacterium? The situation seems like a no win one from where i sit.

Does Bactrim, a sulfa antibiotic cause some of these same problems? I am allergic to Cipro and Levaquin. Recently given Bactrim for wrongly diagnosed UTI and got very sick for more than 3 months.

Last year at this time (fall) I had emergency surgery (intestinal blockage) but ended up being hospitalized on and off for three months. The worst of it was a reaction to Bactrim (after bad effects with Cipro). I had a high fever when I was readmitted , but had left the Bactrim at home and so could not finish the course of the antibiotic. Almost immediately my fever subsided but after a couple days I went into some sort of withdrawal. My skin became hypersensitive, to the point at which I couldn’t touch anything. For me to even attempt to eat the nurses had to wrap utensils in large foam collars and even still I could barely touch them. My skin literally fell off, and lost all its elasticity. I was bright red. My hair turned white, and I became very weak.

A full year later, I am still so weak I can hardly get up stairs or lift myself out of the bath. My feet and hands are numb and sometimes painful. I must be careful about resting a limb on anything, even another limb, or greater numbness results. Once my entire lower leg became painfully paralyzed as though petrified, like a stone. None of this was happening to me before the episode with the bactrim (and perhaps the cirpo is involved); I was a pretty normal person, running, bicycling, etc.. Now I’m suddenly an old man, virtually over night. I can also confirm the hallucinations some have mentioned; for several days they were so confusing I preferred dying to continuing. I’ve been to a neurologist for tests and he confirms nerve damage. The previous surgery closing has failed and I am scheduled for another to repair a grapefruit-sized incisional hernia and don’t know what to do re. antibiotics. WM

I took Cipro in June 2017. Starting in Beginning September, I began feeling Severe tingling, numbness, and pain in both hands. I am in Physical therapy and have been since beginning October. Since then I have had an EMG which turned out to be normal. I was left with the question “why am I experiencing these symptoms if the EMG is normal?”

I went to my Primary care doctor a few days ago (for symptoms of sinus infection). She asked what antibiotics work for me. I mentioned Cipro. She then preceded to tell me that there are neurological side effects linked to taking cipro. I did some research and it sounds like what I am experiencing. Could I be experiencing side effects from cipro?

I am nervous to take cipro again. I am to have urologic surgery next week. When seeing my urology doctor he saw that I am positive for Bacteria in my urine and wants to treat me with cipro especially before the surgery. I am not having any symptoms of UTI. Should I take the cipro again or not? What can I take instead of cipro to get rid of bacteria in my urine? So frustrated and confused. My Lord is with me through it all. Thank god.

I am highly allergic to Cipro, which I discovered when it was given to me in the hospital. I broke out in a rash and had a central nervous system reaction, which was that my legs felt like lead, especially from the knees down. Within a week I felt better. Six months later fast forward to June 2017: I had an uncomplicated UTI, and the doctor prescribed Levaquin for three weeks by pill. The last day of the dosage, I became very weak and started to black out on the tennis court. I felt so weak each day after that. I was using a walker within a week, and from that point on I have had severe nerve pain although my EMG was negative. Currently I take gabapentin 1800 mg per day for the nerve pain. I was playing tennis 3 to 4 times a week, worked full-time and cared for my family. Now I can’t exercise because the pain is unbearable after walking a half mile, burning and pain in legs feet and toes, hands and side of face. Work is limited as I have to get in and out of the car to show property.
It seems that we are all feeling similar symptoms, and my doctors at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston have not heard of this although it is on their website as a possible side effect of the drug. Two doctors in Broward County did bring it up with me. I was thankful. Am now eating cleaner,taking my medication, and trying to stay hopeful that at some point this pain will subside.

Explain to the urologist the symptoms you have had and that you believe they are linked to Cipro. Ask him to select a different antibiotic.

I was just put on Cipro and took 5 pills ( Tuesday, Wedesday and Thursday) I started to feel pins and needles and a burning on my skin. I stopped the next morning and called my doctor. Of course out of the office til 11/13. HIs department suggested stop taking right away…still feeling kinda light headed and have some pin/needles feeling.

I was prescribed Cephalexin 500 for UTI & bladder bacteria. Took five days 4 pills in 24 hours. Started getting numbness/tightness in my feet and sweating on third day. Had urinalysis test of all components and they all came back negative but culture test came back positive for still having bacteria growing in the bladder so Urologist Doctor prescribed Cipro. After 3 1/2 days on Cipro (7 pills) no change tingling and tightening got worse in my feet and still sweating so I then called KP 24 hour nurse late Friday no return call from her.

Called Pharmacist said to get off drug. On Monday early I called Urologist office as requested me to see if I had reaction to Cipro which did. Now Dr changed prescription to Sulfamethosole (Bactrim) so I am waiting to see reaction to this drug. Just hoping it isn’t permanent peripheral neuropathy I am experiencing. So glad I investigated these drugs and found out how dangerous they really are. Glad I found this site too. How these medical doctors can prescribe this and the FDA passing these drugs is beyond comprehension. I sure Hope they are investigating these antibiotics now.

The last time I took Cypro was 2010-11and the side effects were horrible. My breasts became swollen, feverish and so painful my husband and best friend had to help me change my clothes until the Cypro was out of my system because it was too painful to do it myself.

My Father was given Levaquin a little over 2 years ago. After two doses he began having severe pain in his lower legs and feet. I am an R.N. and did some research on this drug, and when I read rupture of tendons I advised him to stop taking it. The pain migrated up his legs into his pelvis, and continued up his back and neck, and into his arms, over many weeks. He still has severe pain in his legs and feet, weakness and has fallen due to balance problems. I am convinced it is all due to this drug. I have be taking care of him and have been forced into retiring, he can’t walk long enough to shop for groceries or do the activities he did before this happened. It has affected both of us. I have done research about bringing suit against J&J for damages, but it seems that lawyers are only interested in helping those who have suffered an aortic event. His injuries appear to be getting worse, more pain and weakness. And still this drug is being given as a Standard of Care by hospitals prior to surgery. I know this because I recently had a hernia repair and my doctor told me they would give this to me as a prophylactic measure before the surgery, when I heard that I told him no, and why. One of my daughters works as a nurse in an eye surgery clinic, and she has encountered many people who have had these reactions after taking this drug. When is this going to stop? It makes me very angry.

I have been using CIPRO 500mg twice a day and Metronidazole three time a day for STI, after two to three days I started burning on my feet, heartburn and weakness on my legs, I get tired easily when I walk or stand. At first, I thought that it might be my new sneaker causes burning and becoming tired easily.

But now, I realized that I’m travelling on the same road fellas. The STI is gone and thanks for that, but what about the present sickness caused by this Antibiotics?

I took Cipro for a UTI in November of 2014. I took 1 pill at lunch as directed and another additional pill with dinner, also as directed. Within an hour of taking the second pill I was having heart palpitations, anxiety, persistent crying, hallucinations, tremors, and insomnia. Today, June 24, 2017, I suffer from neural damage that Cipro has done, and my brain can’t seem to jump out of a depressed state. This medicine ruined my life. Do NOT take it. I would never wish this on my worst enemy.

You may never recover from this, my father still has pain, numbness, and weakness after over two years.

I was prescribed this drug for a kidney infection. I was informed my antibiotic allergies meant this had to be taken as nothing else would work. A few hours after taking a second dose of Cipro I was shivering, had pins and needles all over and my toes were numb. I rang a medical helpline for advice and a doctor rang me back. I saw two doctors who conferred before me concluding I had a migraine. There was no head pain, aura or dizziness like I usually experience. When I looked at the information sheet giving the advice this was a symptom experienced by 1 in a 1,000, I was informed this was incorrect. They had researched side effects online and this wasn’t one of them.The sheet was shown to them, the information discarded.

I asked why my toes were numb. I was informed it was because I was so ill. A few hours after taking the dose the symptoms reappear. I am very concerned this will affect me long term as I suffer with an auto immune disorder, fibromyalgia and arthritis. What is worrying was the two doctor’s response to the information sheet. It’s written for the lay man. If the drug company who manufactures the drug sees fit to inform you of side affects, why did two doctors disagree with it? Who do you believe?

I am a 27 year old female. Took Cipro for 5 days until I ended up in the ER for bad side effects. I have been off the medicine for a few days but last night i was laying in bed and all of sudden my body started spasming, chest was heavy, hard to breathe and every muscle in my body hurt. I did take a muscle relaxer an hour before this happened. The muscle relaxer was supposed to be fine if taken with the cipro. Now, the morning after this very scary and upsetting occurence I feel very out of it and am worried about the prolonged damage. Any advice please?…

Call your physician and ask him to give you something else, there are many other antibiotics out there.

I had diverticulitis and my doctor prescribed Levofloxacin, I had 4 tabs, 1 every morning till finished. After the 3rd my shoulders started to burn, then pain started in my hip joints, I got very scared as I’ve have screws in my back, knee replacement and tendon operation, I thought now I need new hips, it then when down to my Achilles tendons, the pain was incredible. Next morning my legs gave way and I couldn’t walk except for on my crutches. After 3 months my legs are still weak and my tendon in my foot still hurts. When all that was happening my heart used to beat very fast and I was short of breath. Am never to have those pills again.

I am sorry for your suffering, I hope you fololw through and try to get compensation. This is a very dangerous drug.

I took Cipro several times for sinus infections. I am currently experiencing irreversible neuropathy in both feet. I have 6 total joints as well as spinal fusions. I was not aware of Cipro causing arthritis, but I could be a poster child for why NOT to take Cipro, Levaquin etc.

I was prescribed Avelox in April of 2005 for a sinus infection. I was a healthy and only 33 years old. Shortly after taking the first pill, I felt incredibly sleepy and had to lay down. While trying to rest, my heart began to race and I was having a hard time breathing. I felt like I had been hit by a truck in all my extremities. I called 911 since I was alone.

I was taken by ambulance to the ER where I was treated for a severe anaphylactic reaction to the Avelox. My heart rate sustained 180bpm for several hours and was finally gotten under control. It took months for the electric shock like feelings in all my nerve endings to calm down and become bearable. I have never been the same after taking that one pill. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus a couple of years later, after several bouts of pancreatitis, endocarditis, gastritis, and flu like body pain that never relented.

I’m still battling a body gone haywire 12 years later. If only I could go back to the wonderful health I had before that pill. I’ve tried to join the class action lawsuits against the flouroquinolones, but was told I do not qualify because I do not have the peripheral neuropathy diagnosis and only took one of the Avelox. Please be wary of this family of antibiotic. It destroys lives, mine will never be the same. I try to warn everyone I know, and put it as an allergy in my children’s medical charts so they will be spared.

About ten years ago I had months of plantar fascitis and Achilles tendonitis a few months after taking Levaquin. I thought it was because of Levaquin, but my doctor didn’t think so. Therefore, it was not added to my drug allergy list. Last week I went to the ER, was diagnosed with RSV, given an IV antibiotic, and admitted. I didn’t realize it was Levaquin or I would have refused. I was given a renal dose of 750mg every 48 hours. I began to tremor and could not sign my name for a transfusion I was given the next day. It has been a week. My legs ache, my back hurts, I have increased loss of hearing and still have tremors. I am so worried that I will get tendonitis again. In total, I had two doses of Levaquin. We went back to the ER the night I got out of the hospital.

I have notified the hospital and the FDA. The FDA has this drug under investigation again, and they want public comment. They are sending me the forms. I might add that I have nearly all the risk factors for taking this drug. No one told me. I am a bit angry, but more worried about lasting side effects.

How terrible, I have been declined by lawyers, and my father has permanent nerve damage. I thought it was because he did not have an aneurysm, what is up with this?

OMG, I am so sorry, you have suffered like this. You should still be able to join the lawsuit for severe adverse reactions. I am researching CIPRO myself since I’ve taken it for several It’s in the last 2 yrs. I’ve experienced my legs getting numb & feeling like giving way, which is very scary.

I froze at the Top of an escalator, barely able to walk away from dining table before grabbing onto a pillar at a restaurant. These would come on without warning. My legs are normally strong, long & healthy. I had just finished 2 years of intense Social Dance Lessons, thought that could be it. But these symptoms also occurred at rhe sane time i startef using CIPRO.

I also get overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, but it’s short lived. My Twin sister alerted me this a.m. of this adverse reaction, which I will take very seriously thanks to you & other warnings from whose lives have been overturned with these drugs! Please don’t give up!

I was given Cipro as a ‘precaution’ for a dental visit. My digestion was upset, so I didn’t take anymore. I had never, ever had a UTI before, but, the very same day began to have burning, itching and pain in the UT, which lasted for two weeks. I am talking to all of my medical friends about this class of antibiotics. It’s dreadful to read about all the other poor folks who are suffering much worse side effects! This drug should be taken off the market.

I recently finished two weeks of a 2X per day dose of Cipro; one week before prostate surgery and one week after surgery. The minor side effects were sleepiness, headache, dizzy, loss of appetite, and confusion. I am now at one month after surgery, and the major complications are still bothering me. My bones ache all of the time. The tendons in my neck are always severely inflamed. Exercise like walking makes things worse. This drug is poison.


I was given Clarithromycin 500mg generic for Biaxin for pneumonia/sinsitis. After a day my hands were shaking and heart is going fast feeling. Then antibiotic was changed to Augmenton. My symptoms continued even after using 4 days. Then it was changed to Levoquin. It worked after using for a week but some hand shaking and insomnia.

I took Cipro 4 a sinus infection about a month ago. Just recently, I had a bout of nausea dizziness and confusion, I also felt very warm and flushed. I just didn’t feel right I took my kids to work and ended up far past my destination without knowing how I got there and was out of consciousness for at least 30 minutes.

When I came to, I was very confused and had very high blood pressure. I went to the ER they did a complete cardio and neurological exam with blood work and urinalysis and could find nothing wrong they said it was transient global amnesia. Could this have been caused by the antibiotic Cipro?

I was prescribed Cipro in February 2016 for a UTI. Three days in I was extremely nauseous and couldn’t stop belching. After many tests it was confirmed I have gastroperisis which is nerve damage in the stomach. My stomach no longer processes food. I will live with this for the rest of my life! I’ve had doctors say it was the Cipro which caused the GP but none will put it in writing.

I took Levofloxcin, nearly 2 years ago, for only 4 days. It was prescribed after being diagnosed for Pneumonia.
I developed an extremely painful rash approximately a week later, on my ankles. Mostly my right ankle. It peels and sometimes shoots a pain I can’t even describe up into my inner leg! Recently, I have developed what I thought was a separate issue. From my hips,
particularly my right hip, to my upper back and shoulders, I feel as though I have a cronic nerve distress. Restless nerves best describes the pain and discomfort. As a result, I have a very hard time sleeping and I often I am dizzy. Many days I can’t work or even move, to get out of bed.

This is for David from Philadelphia.

Medication for nerve pain means trialing a few at different dosage strengths. I tried Gabapentin and it gave me severe headaches, but medications affect people differently.
I also went on Endep which worked brilliantly, except for my weight gain by 25 pounds. I could not stop eating on it, went off it and now I’m back in pain.

I had Levaquin before too and it caused severe muscle pain in the back of the neck, the trap muscles, shoulders, head, lower and mid back along with increase muscle tightness along with very sharp and very painful muscle spasms which was the last thing in the world I needed with already existing back, joint, and neck problems but thankfully after I stopped taking Levaquin the additional pain stopped and I went back to the ordinary pain/spasms that I deal with. I do want to mention Keflex, though it’s a different class of antibiotic I had the exact same side effects as Levaquin. Both antibiotics should be avoided. The old school antibiotics such as Augmentin for me at least are much safer without these nasty side effects.

Burning pain, crawling sensations; dizziness ; aching bones. Hell, it even hurts to inhale some days. This has been going on and off in varying degrees for sixteen months, starting four days after I took this ROTTEN medication.
I cannot tell people how much this has impacted on my life, I’m 52 and it has reduced me to feeling like an old infirm woman in a matter of days.

Oh, my gosh, now I KNOW that the hell I’m going through is real! I’m David, and I sympathize with all of you fellow-sufferers in severe, never-before pains and problems during, and since, taking a variety of antibiotics, as I did in April, 2016 for a UTI. I was 7 days on Cipro, then 10 days on Bacterium. I felt problems exactly like all of you on day 2 on Cipro., 500 mg twice a day. I chalked it up to being run down by the infection, but soon after taking both antibotics I began looking into the real side effects and FDA black box warnings.

So it’s now Nov.24th, 2016, and I’ve seen my family doctor 5 times, gone to my neurologist 3 times, had 4 MTIs, a nerve conduction study that shows I may have Myasthenia Gravis due to one of so many problems, had all-over bone and muscle weakness and constant, worsening all-over pain! In short I’m desperate, I have no quality of life, can’t even drive now or hardly walk. I’ve lost 31 pounds but was always tall and thin with great muscle tone and strength!

I’m losing all hope, am housebound and have constant severe GI pains,testicle pains, vision problems, the list goes on like SO many of you too!!! Been to the ER so often they now think it’s all in my mind! I now feel like I am losing it because I’m getting nowhere!!! Like all of us, I just want my life back, but how?

I’ve read where some have been helped if given, Gabapentin at 1800mg a day? I’ve been given scripts for powerful pain medications, even oxycodone and others. All they did was take a slight edge off the pains. No more of that! Please can someone help me? Thank you and my heart goes out to ALL of you, I’m just at my Wits END! Happy holidays to everyone!

I was prescribed Cipro for a Uti. After 2 days on this medication, I have developed neuropathy in my hands and feet. I was told to stop the medications. However the neuropathy is still present! Is this permanent?

I took quinolon 30 years ago for many occasion. Since then, I suffer from artritis both my finger thumb, but the doctor said I didn’t have weakness of the feet, suffer from stiff neck, pain over my back, until now. I am 61, but the pain is tolerable for me. Since people are different, I do not know if the pain is tolerable with others.

Why did I trust my doctor and take ten 400g Norfloxacin for a UTI. He only used a test strip and did not even get a lab test. One week after finishing meds I went to bed and the backs if my legs felt on fire, with crawling sensation in my legs and feet.. Woke up with bad pain in shoulder joint…. All day pins and needles in arms and legs.. And feet. Then in hands .. Burning, tingling, and while my inside of hands feel numb, they are ultra sensitive to touch.

Only after taking I read warning. Also, warning says side effects worse in those over sixty.. I am 72. I feel this will last forever. I am now taking magnesium and b12. I am a cancer survivor of thirty years.. Now my life is horrible after five dollars worth of DANGEROUS medication.

I am a professional artist, and rely on my hands. I took TWO ciprofloxacin pills for a bladder/kidney infection after having an allergic reaction to Bactrim. The Bactrim reaction was only hives, but I was told that I had developed a new sulfa-drug reaction, perhaps because of having used them during childhood for bladder issues.

Hours after I took one Cipro pill, I had stiff joints in my fingers, hands, and toes. After the second dose, the pain was so bad that I could hardly stand or straighten my arms, and that lead to me asking my physician about the effects.

I did not take a third pill, and eventually the pain in my joints receded from elbows and knees back to small joints in my hands and feet. Years later, I still have vastly reduced range of motion and inflammation in my hands and feet. This is not a normal, ‘age-related’ issue. It was a direct and quick result of this drug.

Gabapentin helped me but it takes a bit of time to reach therapeutic level. It will make you sleepy the first week or so but that goes away or at least it did for me after about 2 weeks when my body got used to the new meds. Good luck. I hope the Gabapentin helps you as it did me. It is the generic form of Neurontin.

I had pneumonia and was prescribed levofloxacin 750 mg, 1 per day for 10 days. My last dose was Aug. 04, 2016. I developed severe ankle/knee/hip pain and difficulty rising from a sitting position, climbing stairs, etc. I feel like an invalid with this sudden onset of joint pain. Have also developed severe itching on ankles/back and extremities. I am just now doing research on effects and wonder WHY these drug companies are able and allowed to continue wrecking the lives of otherwise healthy people. We go in sick and come out disabled! I pray these effects are reverseable.

Hi, I have a very similar issue… I wanted to know if your issue was solved with time or if you are still with the issues. Thanks!

In Dec of 2012 I took a Cipro 500 mg for a UTI and had severe reaction within a few minutes. My heart was racing, my face and neck were numb and I had a very hot face. Eventually I felt better, but stayed hot and clammy all evening. I thought this was only temporary, but it happened over and over from then on. I get a very hot face and neck every other day for at least 24 hours sometimes 36, it varies and then I’m back to normal for a day but that doesn’t give me much time to recover. It leaves me weak and tired. It’s relentless! It’s been 3 and a half years now and has taken a toll on my physical and mental health. I’ve been to Neurologist’s , had acupuncture, chiropractic and lot’s of Homeopathic therapy. I’m miserable and have some confusion. I don’t know how much longer I can stand this. Is there anyone else out there who feels the way I do? If so, let me know.

I took one dose of the (Levaquin) and I felt hot my whole body. I have a tingling sensation that won’t go away in my head.

I did not take another dose, but I do still feel hot off and on in my legs 3 days later. Dr. prescribed me Z-pak instead, I started to take it.

Now, I dont know if I should finish.

I have had the very same thing since 2008 when I took antibiotics for pneumonia. My face feels like it’s on fire and my feet and legs also have the same very painful burning sensation. I can’t cover up in bed even tho I keep my temperature at 65 degrees. I also have an irregular heartbeat, my B/P goes from way high to way low and sometimes I’ll be doing nothing and my heart just starts to race for no reason. My feet turn deep purple when I sit or stand for any length of time. I also have tendon and joint pain.

This has all been going on for years, pain meds do not seem to help and my docs do not seem to know what to do to help me.

What is the antidote to Ciprofloxin side effects? It’s clear we all have the effects, but what is the solution? My daughter suggested taking dairy products because on the medication it says to not take with dairy or it may interrupt the medication’s effectiveness. So, maybe increasing milk may help. I have read that chealated magnesium would help remove toxins in the muscles, but chelated magnesium is difficult to find without zinc–thereby preventing you from taking a high dose…HAS ANYONE had ANY success in recovering from the muscle and tendon pain??? I hate how the 4 doctors I’ve seen want to ignore my symptoms and want to imagine it is something else. I know my body and all of this is from the Ciprofloxin..I pray there is recovery. I pray I will never take any medication without looking up the side effects first.

I began to have a burning like itch beginning on my ankles, then passing onto my wrists and finally attacking parts of my body like my abdomen or under arms or under breasts and back. After scratching uncontrollably I would add anti itch cream and it would develop into a dull pain, but better than the itch. It did not hit different places at one time: It attacked one area at a time. I had been taking Metronidazole for 9 1/2 days when this began. I scrutinized to evaluate what had caused it, either something I ingested or something I came in contact with: animals, walks in fields, woolen blankets, fleas. Or eating shellfish or grapefruit with a statin drug for cholesterol. I fear it may have been the Metronidazole’s side effect of causing some form of nerve damage as it’s been over 3 weeks since I stopped and I’ve since stopped coming in contact with all else that could produce the itch. I only hope to God its not the nerve damage that is the side effect of this antibiotic.

I was given Levaquin two years ago for pneumonia by IV in the hospital for four days. 10 more days by mouth when I got home about four months later I noticed lots of pain and numbing in my left hand that shot up to my elbow to the ulnar nerve which made it feel like you banged your funny bone

Pain never went away. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who suggested surgery of course and I agreed to it because I couldn’t take the pain anymore.

Well it’s still here. the pain it’s never going away.

Last month I was prescribed Biaxin for a severe middle ear infection it didn’t clear it up all the way and my doctor gave me Avelox. after one day I was dizzy. I woke up in the morning I could not move I have doctors thinking I have RA tendinitis a crushed nerve in my elbow which had surgery and never recovered I honestly believe it was these two drugs that did this to me. I discovered this today

I got sick with what the doctors thought was pneumonia in the first week in February. They gave me a Z-pak, and the week I started it I began getting twitching in my legs and heart palpitations. I didn’t finish my antibiotic. I stopped taking it the last day. I have been suffering from nerve pain all over my body but especially in my head and pain in my left leg groin area. I have pain when I breathe and what I would consider peripheral neuropathy in both my arms.

I have been on a roller-coaster ever since trying to rule out all the bad things. I had a head scan and spinal tap followed by a blood patch and a double ear infection. I have pain in my head that comes and goes, burning sensations, and I feel like I can’t think most days.

The problem is I can still do things, so the doctors don’t feel like it is serious. The neurologist says everything looks good and prescribed me Tramadol. I’m not taking anything, though. I’m only on a steroid for my ear fluid now. But I have muscle aches and pain in my neck, head, back, chest–pretty much everywhere.

I am currently experimenting with grounding and IV therapy to see if it helps because of some success stories I have heard. I hope this doesn’t last forever. It is really interfering with my life. I have also been keeping away from caffeine because it seems to aggravate things. Anyway, if anyone knows of anything that has helped them please let me know. Until we find something out I will keep on praying.

Did you ever find out what this was and how to fix it? I’m having the same thing as you..I want to give up.

I was prescribed Cipro yesterday for a UTI. I took ONE tablet last night at 6:30pm. I began feeling foggy minded and deeply tired within the first hour. I went to bed early and slept well until a little after 12am. I woke feeling so strange. I don’t know how to describe the hallucination I had. My lower legs felt and appeared to be much longer than normal. My feet appeared to be at the end of the bed. Getting out of bed caused this to stop. I went back to bed and woke around 2am with intense pain in my upper back, left side of my neck and left elbow. I took 2 Advil and slept after awhile. I had a vivid dream that there was a large ball of many colors slowly swirling round and round, making me dizzy. I woke again with pain and nausea. I felt anxiety and started crying.

When I had to get ready for work, I took my second Cipro. I wasn’t able to get dressed and felt too nauseous to eat. I was still feeling pain in my back and neck. I posted my symptoms on my Facebook and got quite a response from 3 friends who told me what was going on. I flushed the rest of my Cipro tablets down the toilet. I’ve spent the day feeling similar to when I was sedated prior to a surgery. My eyes and head feel heavy. There’s still pain in my back and neck though it’s not as intense as it was this morning. I pray there’s not long-term damage.

On May 18th, 2016 I was prescribed Ciprofloxin for what the doctor ‘thought’ might be a kidney infection. I took a pill that evening before bed and a pill the next morning. But after the second pill I could feel a distinct change in my body. I felt dizzy, headache, sore muscles, agitation, inability to speak properly, stiff and sore neck.

I stopped the pills from that point and now it is June 22, 2016 and I have seen 4 doctors about this and none of them have had anything to say except, ‘let’s do some blood work’, and the results of that show nothing. But I am in constant muscle and tendon pain. It was mostly in my legs but now it has spread to my arms. A shooting pain through my eyes and slight headache and unbelievable fatigue continues. My question is: have your symptoms shown any sign of improving?

I was prescribed the same for a UTI. Went to ER the night before. Spent about 5 hours waiting to be seen, then was given a dose of levofloxacin in the ER, and prescribed cipro for home. Took that dose after dinner that evening. Thought I had nightmares, but don’t remember any specifics because I was so tired since being up all night in ER. Woke up feeling foggy, nauseated, and worst of all my hands, especially the right, felt tight and cramped. Could not open them without some force. Then, popping of middle finger joint in right hand and lots of stiffness. It is hard to type right now. The popping comes and goes. I read on the pharmacy notes that this is one of the side effects and to stop taking immediately and call the doctor. I did. Waiting for a call back.

I already have joint issues, and this is all in my file. I have an MRI scheduled on my neck because of degeneration and other things. Why the ER doc would give me this med is unclear! I hope this is the extent of the issue and I don’t get any more side effects, but I have been reading terrible things about this drug on the internet. As you said, I hope there is no long term damage.

My 24 year old daughter has been prescribed this drug recently. She was diagnosed with leukemia 15 months ago and underwent a bone marrow transplant last August. We live in the UK. This winter she developed a chest infection and is currently immuno suppressed due to the GVHD problems associated with the transplant.

She was prescribed Ciprofloxacin a couple of times this year. Last week she finished a 5 day course of a stronger dose. She now has complete numbness from the waist down and is struggling to walk. She has been given crutches by the NHS, but her stem cell transplant consultant seems uninterested in her latest problem with her legs. She has already suffered greatly with peripheral neuropathy in her hands and legs.

At no time were wee alerted to the possible hazards of this class of antibiotics by our medial ‘professionals’.

I’ve been suffering since 08 Leviquin script, immediate reaction, laid me out. I can’t squat or bend, hands, shoulders, arms screaming pain, especially at night. Went to dr, they don’t give credence to reaction, did carpal tunnel, around elbow, and inside forearm! TO NO AVAIL! DID NOT RELIEVE PAIN, NO WHAT?

I was given Cipro for a bladder infection. I stopped taking it after 2 days due to the side effects: severe leg cramps, rapid heart beat , crawling skin, and extreme paranoia. The doctor switched me to nitrofurantyn and I immediately stopped taking it as well due to similar side effects. At one point I wrote a good by letter to my son after a month of suffering, thinking I may not survive. I couldn’t work, and I couldn’t drive due to the paranoia, and rapid heart beat. I went from 120 lbs. to 99 pounds. It took 6 months for me to be able to function more normally, and a year before the symptoms seemed to be gone.

FIRST DO NO HARM. I had sudden tendon rupture and peripheal nueropathy. Came on fierce. Still have ten years later

Jill I have the same. I took Cipro a year ago and cannot function. I live in Canby. Comment back if you want to share your experience.

It was very interesting to read the blogs because I thought my problems were due to recovery from e coli sepsis. I didn’t know that Cipro caused neurological damage until I started researching it. I have blurry vision and cannot walk a straight line, tho much improved. I have been taking more supplements to support the nervous system.

I took 1 pill (my first and only dose) of moxifloxin yesterday at lunch for a sinus infection. I was warned that it could upset my stomach so I made sure to take if with food, plenty of water, and also a probiotic pill. 45 minutes later, I felt an intense pressure in my head (unlike what I had been experiencing) and began feeling really off – I don’t even know how to describe it. After about another 20 minutes, I began getting severe cotton mouth and my lips went numb. My legs also felt extremely weak and I began to feel “floaty” and like I could pass out. Being a teacher, I went straight to the school nurse. While laying down in the office, I noticed a fuzzy or static-like feeling radiating from my legs, arms, and face. I also felt partially numb in my arms when another teacher felt me to see if I was getting welts from an allergic reaction. Then my right leg began to twitch slightly similar to restless leg. This all happened in (no joke) the first hour to hour and a half after taking my first dose. The school nurse called my doctor who prompted me to go to the ER. I think the ER doctor kind of laughed at me and I felt so stupid being there. They wanted to run an EKG, chest x-rays, etc. I told them I knew it was a reaction to the antibiotic, so they just gave me a Benadryl. It actually helped. I began getting feeling back in my throat, lips, and limbs; and my coughing came back (that was the only positive about the numbness – I couldn’t feel that constant tickle in my throat). My toes were literally ice! I will never use a Quinolone drug again and wouldn’t have if I knew that Moxifloxin was in that drug class. I’m praying that I won’t have side effects later like others have posted. My future brother-in-law had taken three doses of Levoquin previously and wound up in the hospital in excruciating pain during the night. They told him his tendons were beginning to pull away from the joints. He still experiences stiffness and soreness in his joints a year or two later. I’ve also heard very similar complaints from other people around me. This is a very dangerous drug!

I was prescribed a full month of Cipro as prep for an outpatient cyst removal in 2005. The cyst never decreased in size, and was easily removed in 5 minutes. The month of Cipro devastated my then 20 year old body. It was difficult to explain how bad I felt – I told friends and family that it felt like my insides were dying. I struggled to take the pill every day, my hand would literally shake and my throat would tighten. As far as I knew, this was unpleasant but harmless. Then the other problems started piling up…

I immediately experienced what I thought were severe shin splints in both legs – I could barely walk for the better part of a year.

Later that same year, I suffered a dibilitating bout of depression and fatigue. I cried uncontrollably and for no apparent reason, slept over 12 hours a day, and had suicidal thoughts for the first and only time in my life. It lasted two years and nearly forced me to drop out of college (luckily I’m very stubborn and still graduated).

I also experienced constant diarrhea for the next 3 years, accompanied with acid reflux so severe that I would randomly burp stomach acid into my mouth. I had a colonoscopy when I was 22, which found nothing. The doctor said it must be IBS, and I was told to just live with it and avoid “trigger” foods. That’s difficult to do when literally everything causes the symptoms. The “IBS” finally went away (or went into remission) in 2011, a full 6 years after it started.

Now a full 10 years later, I still have to wear special supportive shoes which don’t always prevent painful flare ups of tendonitis in my feet.

I don’t know how many other nerve, inflammatory or mental functions have been impacted or permanently damaged – this far out it’s hard to be sure. But I’m still outraged that I was given a full month of a chemo drug for a routine cyst removal. The temporary side effects are cruel and dangerous, and the permanent effects are criminal. My doctors were happy to diagnose me with 8+ diseases that appeared almost simultaneously with no apparent cause or prior history. Thankfully each disease is slowly curing itself. I will never allow any of these drugs to be prescribed to me again. Next time I might be even less fortunate, and I can’t afford another 10 years.

I wonder what did you do for the problem with your Doctor and the FDA, because I am going through the same problem and all doctors keep saying nothing wrong with me, I get to point like I feel am I crazy? I knew my body and I knew something is wrong, can you tell me what I should do?

My first Cipro prescription 10 years ago destroyed my sense of taste and smell, though health professionals claimed it was not a ” known side effect”. My first dose tasted “metallic”, so I called to ask if I should take any more. I was told to continue, and by the third day, it didn’t give me the bad taste anymore because I had no taste left.
A year later I started to get my taste back, though never quite the same as before.

Although listed as a drug I had a reaction with, it was recently prescribed to me for UTI when Bactrim did not work, saying I needed something stronger, and I have experienced joint pain and muscle pain in my legs since I began taking it. It scares me to read of the reactions of others, and the long term effects. I thought I still may have the infection, though no other symptoms are present, but this has me convinced it is from the drug. I will NEVER take Cipro again!

I was prescribed Cipro for three days in April for a UTI and a month later started experiencing pain and cramps in my arms and legs. Since I am 72 and have had RA in the past, thought maybe it was RA starting again. Had another UTI a month ago and was again prescribed Cipro. Read the black box warning about tendon rupture, so e-mailed my doctor. I was assured the Cipro would not cause the pains. Took the Cipro for another three days and now I have intermittent pains and burning all over, including my head and face. I am so afraid this may be permanent. Doctor seems unimpressed and has just prescribed me a diabetic pain killer. Like I really want to take another medication with a list of side effects!

I am on this medication day 6. I have been having terrible weakness in both of my legs for the past 3 days. I just came across this site now, and I am absolutely shocked. I hope I am not left with this weakness. I am not taking the remainder of the course.

Cipro was prescribed for UTI and only two doses of 500 mg made me undergo brain fog, severe joint pain all over the body, Insomnia and a weak gut. Second day I walked like a zombie and could hardly reach the bathroom. Third day, I was crying for help (3 days of sleepless nights, minimized food consumption). Rushed to ER where I was prescribed a pain killer which certainly made me feel better for a day. It took me a week to eat and sleep but alas, this is the first case of Cipro side effect to the doctor in DENIAL. During the follow up, I had all sort of possible tests for my symptoms including Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia and Gout (results came out negative).

Been a month now, I can walk but my legs starts aching after an hour of exertion. But cannot run, gym, pick heavy shopping bags, open a can or tackle a tightly stuck lid of a jar. I am 25 but I feel already old enough to excuse myself with problems.

In case you are wondering if I am working to improve myself, YES! I am on magnesium supplements, Salt baths, Calcium supplements, all sorts of oil massages but hey I wake up every morning wishing that I never existed.

I am allergic to penicillin and all its cousins. I also have a very deviated septum and allergies, so hardly a year goes by that I do not get a sinus infection. This class of antibiotics has been a real benefit to me personally. (I’ve taken them at least 6-8 times.) Yes, they do make me feel a little bit queasy and funny sometimes, but not so terrible that I feel the need to cease treatment. And yes, thanks to the warnings, I am very careful about monitoring any new pain or musculoskeletal irregularity because I know the possible connection. I try to remain informed about the risks and am about to cautiously start a course of Levaquin for another sinus infection, but I am also thankful for the relief these FQs have offered me. I am sorry that some people have suffered problems and you can find plenty of them online, but the vast majority will never post about their successful courses of treatment.

I was just prescribed this for a urinary tract infection..after the first day I so wish I would have stopped taking this poison! While I really do understand that not everyone who take this has these types of side effects, I would highly recommend anyone reading this to forgo any treatment with this drug!

I began treatment on the third of June this year, and took only five of the pills needed….after the second day of treatment (four pills or six hundred milligrams) I developed pain in my side, radiating from my lower back, around to the front of my abdomen, and up and down the inner thigh…throbbing pain so much so in my shoulder-after I stopped taking it-that I couldn’t move my head or neck.

I am now wondering why I have no feeling in my lower pelvic floor area….and after having said all of this, I had no help from the er doctor at a local hospital, and actually had to argue with her about all of these side effects!

all of this because of a urinary tract infection!!

which could have been treated with any number of anti bio-tics! Please do not use this as a treatment if possible, or make sure to watch for any adverse reactions and stop treatment right away!!

I have a urinary tract infection that Bactrim didn’t completely do away with. I’ve taken Cipro before and wasn’t surprised when it was prescribed to me.

Four hours after taking that pill I felt I had a lump in my throat with a mild gag reflex. I got up and noticed my uvula was swollen. I thought it was odd, but when back to bed. I woke up seven hours later to a numb left side of my face and swollen lips and tongue.

Immediately I went to the hospital where I was informed I was having an anaphylactic reaction. The only change I had made was Cipro, which I’ve taken off and on for 15 years. I have to see an allergist and my doctor to move past this. I’m also on an antihistamine and corticosteroid regimen that is causing side effects of their own like tingling arms.

On Memorial Day, May 2014, I became very ill. I made two trips to the ER within 48 hrs just to be told I had a severe UTI. I was given 7 days of Cipro. I took the Cipro as prescribed (the first time I had ever taken it for anything) and it made me sick to my stomach so the doctor gave me zofran to take with it. After finishing my round of antibiotics I began noticing weakness in my legs. I didn’t think much about it and figured it was where I was working so much. On June 16, 2014, I stepped out of my kitchen into the garage and I fell. The feeling in my right leg was completely gone. The next day, I once again fell, this time the feeling was gone in the left leg. I am now permanently disabled and will be in a wheelchair the rest of my life due to this drug. It has been a very hard struggle and life altering.

I took this antibiotic and after SIX doses stopped as it made me ill. Two months later my arm began aching and the pain would move from sholder to fingers then some locations would go numb. The pain is now top scale and none of the otc medicines even temper this pain… I was prescribed Dilaudid and even that is not effective. Seeing a specialist soon (thanks to Obamacare)

Over the past 2 years, I have been prescribed Cipro for UTIs on several occasions. Last year, the UTIs became a problem when immediately after the 10 day dose, the UTI would return. A refill of Cipro was then ordered and another 10 days, almost back to back, with the first 10, was taken. That was the middle of summer, 2014. At the end of August, I left for a 2 week vacation to see grandbabies in Minnesota.

5400 miles later, I was a wreck, and my vacation consisted primarily of pulling off the highway so I could walk around my vehicle a few times, trying to make the sharp pins and needles go away. In my head, if you sit too long and your foot falls asleep, you massage it, stand up on it, and when ready, you walk it off. Not so on this trip. It just wouldn’t let up. Within 2 months after vacation, the flare ups were increasing, and the pain was getting worse on a daily basis. By Christmas, I could barely walk. The bottoms of my feet are unrecognizable to me now. They don’t feel what they should. It’s like my feet never actually touch the floor. I feel like there’s a can of soup under my left foot and a sharp, grated bike pedal under my right foot.

The magnitude of the pain has increased to a level I can barely stand at times. I live 5 minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast. Every day I would walk that beach, breathing in the freshness, releasing tension, and counting my blessings. Now, I just want to gently pull on a loose fitting, soft cotton sock, without sobbing from the pain. Cipro was never intended for use on trivial matters such as a UTI. It was meant for possibly life threatening infections. But because it works and works quickly, it’s prescribed over and over again. My life has come to a screeching halt this month when my safety became a huge issue. I am too unstable to get around my little apartment, let alone, make it to the beach or to the post office or the grocery store. Instead, I sit, and I cry, and I think about suicide. Living with this for another 20 years, or whatever, will drive me insane. I need relief. And I need it soon. Sooner.

I have a 20 year history of prostate problems and have been prescribed Cipro more times than I can recall. Coincidentally, I have had what feels much like stepping barefoot on a bare electric wire – a stabbing, stinging electric shock-like feeling between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal head left foot with a simultaneous stinging shock in the upper upper thigh – totally over-riding uncontrollable pain. No, Not Mortons neuroma – MRI negative for that. Random, intermittent – Never know when it will hit – sleeping, middle of nite, sitting / relaxing, anytime – almost wrecked the car one time. I believe Cipro is the cause. Never had this before taking it. that this drug causes problems is Not New info…why is it still being prescribed? I just had a doc give me a script for More of it This week! I prefer the infection to the treatment

In January (2015) i ended up in the ER with an extremely bad kidney infection, sepsis and just to make it more fun, diabetic ketoasidosis. They put me on IV Levaquin. I began complaining about my lips being dry and chapped. They felt like they were growing. the next thing I started complaining about was the water tasting bad. Food too, but I was in the hospital. I was complaining about how cold my fingers were, touching my face, they felt like ice. But when others felt them they didn’t think they were cold at all. I went to wash my hands for the first time and the cold water felt like fire! Thats when I began to realize that the cold fingers i was complaining about was actually my face reacting to touch. My lips were numb, but also I had the feeling of cool, like taking a breath after using mouthwash or a strong breath freshener. My face had that same feeling too. It was very strange and hard to describe.

At first it was weird, but it continu ed to get worse. It seemed to have started in my mouth and spread down my body. I suspected it was a reaction to the antibiotic. The nurses didn’t think so. My hands, my arms, my chest all progressed to the same numb feeling with the cool sensation, but it had progressed , getting worse. It was getting more uncomfortable. I would complain to anyone who would listen. And I kept saying I felt it was the antibiotic.

After a few days my husband stopped my nurse and made her listen. She looked up to see what the side effects were. What I was describing wasn’t a side effect. My husband thought neuropathy could be what it was. However , most people feel numb, burning stinging, not the cool sensation I was describing. My husband asked if I felt better about it. I said NO! She said I could refuse it but they culture the bacteria I had and chose the best antibiotic for it. I said ok, I just wanted to get out of there so I shut up.

I was still worried but they should know better than me. Right? The next day I felt it down my torso and my legs. My legs were already weak and painful. Interestingly, a few years ago something attacked my nerves too. I had pain and numbness both legs and my ride side. I’m beginning to wonder if I took the same class of antibiotics and it caused the problem. I tore a muscle tendon connection, while sleeping something else I need to look into. Anyway, after 4 days I told them I was done I told the dr about my symptoms, she had a neurologist see me, to rule out a stroke. Stupid. She also changed my antibiotic, to CIPRO.! My treating dr came in, and my husband asked him about the antibiotic , told him about the issues I was having.

Apparently he had no idea. He says u should have told someone, we can prescribe something else. We told him we have been telling them. They were telling me it was the best one for me. So he says he’s gonna have an infectious disease dr look into it. At the time I didn’t know she gave me the same class as the Levaquin.

I went home the next day after putting in a pic line for 3 more weeks of IV antibiotics. By the time it was over, I have neuropathy from head to toe. It wasn’t the hospital food that tasted bad, it’s most food. Most sweet things are bitter. Chocolate is horrible. Water is horrible. I use a little orange juice in it to make it tolerable. i have to be careful with hot water, foods and anything else hot because I don’t feel it right away. I can only use water that is lukewarm to bath or wash my hands or anything. If something is too rough on my skin I get extremely cold. That happened to me in the hospital. I was so cold I thoughti was gonna freeze. The nurse taking care of me was not very understanding. Kept telling me there was no reason for me to be cold. I hope this gets better. I’m so angry about the hospital staff not listening to me. Maybe it wouldn’t have become so bad!

How is your neuropathy doing now?

In the beginning of april 2014, I thought I had a tract infection and went to see a doctor. He said he didn’t think it was anything and to wait. I got impatient and saw another doctor. I knew so little about antibiotics cause I had taken them a few times before without effects. I was given an 11 day course of levofloxacin or levoquin. I can’t remember now (maybe because of
I immediately had a bad reaction.

It was like a vice was placed around my head and neck. My neck got very tight and I went to the ER 2 times because I thought I was going to die. They said I had GERD. I’ve have several tests and all came back normal. I’ve taken GERD meds for months with no improvement. I truly believe I do not have gerd/ silent reflux but I’m pushing for a ph test.
Today, my throat is still very tight and there is something very wrong with it. it still feels inflamed.

I have been thinking and researching this for ages now and have a few theories… something in my throat became inflamed after the antibiotics, perhaps some tendons were disrupted.
GERD is a possibility but I dont believe that’s it.

My brother was told he had Lyme, which later was confirmed from a spinal test from Mayo Clinic that he never had it. He went on a 2 week picc line on antibiotics and it didn’t go away. The doctor at first who never tested and gave him this said to not worry it’s Lyme dieoff. So he gave him 6 more weeks straight to the heart. His cartlege is damaged in his entire body, has loud popping and cracking, a body tremor constant with no relief. Pounding in his head and ears. Weakness, posture bad and hardly can walk.

He never smoked or was on any drug! Had 3 Neuro doctors infectious disease doctors and Mayo did emg spinal test MRI.. they all said nothing wrong. He says the antibiotic did it because he had high anxiety 2nd week in and knew something was wrong. Doctor said it’s Lyme dieoff.. it has now been 4 months and a rheumatologist now says he has degenerative joint disease. Before antibiotics he rode 40 miles a day on his bike and never had problems. All doctors deny antibiotics caused this. It was not slow it happened fierce. Right after picc line

cipro was prescribed for two weeks after my simple prostatectomy surgery four month ago. The side effects on me is severe pain , burning and rupture on bottom of feet . Still the symptoms not go away. I am 68 years old.

Two months before the black box warning was placed on Levoquin and its generic, my mom was prescribed it for a stubborn sinus infection. After a few days a red rash appeared. She stopped the medicine, but the rash continued to spread. She spent 11 days in the hospital while medical personnel paid attention to everything but the rash. Upon return she worsened. A dermo assured me they sent a biopsy for examination, though we discovered she lied to me about that. Unfortunately this was the same doctor who assured us it was merely a rash. Eight days after her discharge we took her ourselves to our region’s burn hospital where they met us at the door, rushed her into E.R. and diagnosed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (actually TENS because the rash covered more than 70% of her body). Basically her skin was detached from her skeleton. She died after six days in an induced-coma.

Until then I never realized why warnings cautioned against a rash. I didn’t know a rash could be fatal. Such a benign word for something that carries such horrifying possibilities.

Two years later despite notifying my docs and pharmacies that I was allergic to fluoroquinolones, my doc gave me a prescription, the pharmacy filled it and then handed it over to me without even sharing that I just picked up a med with a black box warning. When I got the med and realized it was a fluoroquinolone (I’m still trying to commit the names to memory), I inquired. She wasn’t aware of the stated allergy. I asked if it had a black box warning and the pharmacist said she didn’t know and had to check. I was stunned nobody thought to include me in the decision to ingest such a potentially dangerous class of drugs. It was casually prescribed and dispensed. While I recognize my individual responsibility in investigating and asking questions, I strongly believe professionals also have responsibility to educate and inform their patients, and include them in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

I am sitting here crying, knowing full well what all of you have been through and hoping you will all be luckier than I have been. As I said before, I have been going through the same hell since 1990, 25 YEARS now. All these years, I thought it was damage to my tendons until 2 days ago, when I finally got an actual diagnosis of advanced peripheral autonomic neuropathy from a wonderful doctor and her great PA who both believed me and did the appropriate tests to confirm.

I had been incorrectly diagnosed with lupus about 1991, and one doctor actually said to me, “you need to be committed to a mental hospital, lady, cause you’re crazy”. I would scream in pain and agony even if a hair brushed my skin anywhere. I truly have PTSD any time I hear stories like yours and that Cipro is the miracle antibiotic. I even did an interview many years ago with a local TV anchor about his report that Cipro symptoms disappeared after stopping it. I tell anyone and everyone who will listen not to take it or any of the quinolones. I insist that any medicines prescribed to me be only those medicines that were made over 25 years ago, and that I receive pediatric doses as well. God Bless all of you. God oh God, touch each of us who have been affected by this terrible antibiotic and heal us all. Amen lj

I was given Cipro during hospital treatment prior to a hysterectomy in 1990 for 5 days, then sent home with Rx for more Cipro. The same evening of release, family had to take me to emergency room, and I was readmitted, this time for hallucinations, extremely high fever and excruciating pain in both arms and hands, and both feet.

I subsequently had the hysterectomy and still prescribed Cipro. I was to be on medical leave for 6 weeks for the surgery, but could not return for 3 months due to the unbearable pain and limited use of both hands which made my job as a computer clerk almost impossible. During the 3 months after the first episode from the Cipro, I was so humiliated because I could not even do my own toileting/cleaning, brush my teeth or even feed myself. It took me almost a year before I could use both hands without severe pain.

After diligent research, found out Cipro was probable cause. Confirmation when given again for UTI and exact same symptoms occurred. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER, I still suffer from the same symptoms. JUST 2 DAYS AGO, I FINALLY GOT AN ACTUAL DIAGNOSIS OF ADVANCED PERIPHERAL AUTONOMIC NEUROPATHY!!! After reading some the comments on this website, I find yet another tragic case. My Mom died in 2003 from c-diff after taking Levaquin. After all these years it appears too late to even file a lawsuit for me or my Mom. I hope everyone reading this will think many times before taking any of these antibiotics. LJ

Did you find a doctor that was able to help you without thinking you were crazy to say Cipro was the cause of this? I am currently in a lot of pain in all my joints, and was in the ER twice in a week for excruciating abdomen and back pain, I can’t focus straight and have trouble sleeping. Can you please let me know if you did find a doctor who was able to help you in the San Antonio area.

Thank you

I started having numbness. & tingling in my upper thighs, the after a couple days or so I started having severe pain in my Elbow which was diagnosed as Tendinitous (tennis elbow) … Then after a couple days or so I started have severe pain in my Shoulder and this went on for better than a week when it kept getting worse so I went to my Dr and he gave me a shot in my shoulder, (which I have to say was painful but after a couple days it seemed to help with the shoulder pain.. It’s only been a couple days since that shoulder shot!! I have also been having numbness and tingling in the back side of my left arm with numbness in my left arm and my little finger along with the finger next to it . It does come and go with my arm but I have to say it comes more now and continues for several days in my left arm..

I will have to say I was prescribe both Levetin & Cipro but it never once crossed my mind that all these effects could be caused by the Antibiotics ! Now I don’t know what to do about it cause it’s been several months since I was prescribed the Antibiotics.
Like who do I turn to, or in general what should I do about this !!
Rocky B.

I took Macrobid for a Urinary Trac Infection for 7 days. After completion I had severe numbness & tingling, pain and burning in my feet and hands. I have been diagnosed with severe toxic peripheral neuropathy. I am on a heavy doseage of medication to control the pain. This will be a lifetime condition now for me.

I’ve been fatigued, having constant headaches; to the point of an ER visit… having nerve issues and joint pain ever since taking Cipro, levaquin and steroidal pac… also an ER visit with anaphylactic reaction to Avolox. Within this time I broke out all over like a teenager. I’m 50 and haven’t had acne for years.
After the ER visit for the excruciating headache, I started looking into these drugs and reactions. I was amazed to find out how many problems there are and the extent.
My primary doctor refrains from associating any of the issues with these drugs and tells me they’re all individual issues. (He prescribed them)

I’m now seeing a neurologist that is giving me Botox treatments for nerve pain and some of the muscle spasm issues, a pain management specialist that has performed a rhizotomy to alleviate the pains that go through my neck, shoulder, elbow and arm, a spinal specialist that can’t find any reason for the nerves to be acting this way and causing so much pain, and also, going to physical therapy to try and get normal range of motion. I in pain EVERY DAY. My family suffers right along with me.
I get very little relief from any of the procedures.
All I can do is hope the rest of the procedures do some good and I get some of my life back.

I read that eating food containing MSG ( monosodium glutamate ) can promote abnormal nerve growth and as a result, cause nerve pain. Also that MSG is hidden in many types of foods and sometimes not declared in the packaging. Might need to check it out.

I had a UTI and was prescribed Cipro, two pills a day for five days. The nurse practitioner who prescribed it said it might interfere with my prescription for my hypothyroidism, but it shouldn’t really do anything when only taking it for a week. She also advised taking Ibuprofen for UTI pain. After the second day, I had throbbing headaches, intense pressure in my head and neck, dizziness, trouble focusing my eyes, and I was completely exhausted. Because none of these problems would be cause by a simple UTI, I searched online for the effects of Cipro. I was shocked and angry to learn that Cipro can attach to DNA, cause chemotherapeutic effects, and that NSAIDs (Ibuprofen) only intensifies the effects! I stopped taking it a week ago and I’m still getting throbbing headaches, dizziness, trouble focusing my eyes, and my neck is so stiff it hurts to look side to side. I’m furious that I was given such a drug for such a simple infection that any number of antibiotic without half of the risks as Cipro would have taken care of.

I was given Norfloxacin for urine infection, my doctor told me it could cause problems but I will give it to you anyway his exact words. I took a weeks worth, I had no problems feet felt hot though but did not think anything at this time, then as soon as I stopped taking them I went into the shower that morning looked down at my feet I just screamed they were both black as coal.

I was sent to hospital and was told i had nerve damage in both feet from my ankles down, now I am in pain all the time plus my feet keep turning black and my ankles keep getting infected.

I took Cipro in 2006 for a UTI. Since then I have suffered with small fiber peripheral neuropathy, tinnitus and hyperacusis. These Fluoroquinolones are risky. So much of my life was taken by Cipro. It’s unconscionable that MD’s and nurse practitioners continue to prescribe these drugs for minor infections without warning the patient about very serious, permanent damage.

Was given Cipro for UTI. I thought Bactrim DS was bad (which is banned in the UK btw), but that is child’s play compared to this 2 black box warning drug! By day 5 I had shooting pains all over my body, along with skin peeling of hands, stabbing pains in muscles and tendons. After a month, much of the nerve shooting pain and muscle/tendon pain has subsided, I think I’m lucky!
But I continue to have fatigue, nausea, low body temp, frequent trips to bathroom, etc. The internist believes the Cipro caused intestinal issues so I’m on probiotics. Also had yeast infection, which my gyno wondered why they didn’t give me Macrobid, almost 100% you get yeast infection after Cipro. I HATE THIS DRUG!

I have been suffering with pain for the last four to five years about the same time since I took antibiotic for prostate infection, I just read about what antibiotics can do and it sounds like what I am going through and have since I took the medicine. It started out with pain under my rib area then in my knees, ankles, elbows, legs, lowers back, burning In my upper shoulders, numbness in the sides of my legs. I went to the doctor several time to no avail, the only thing they could come up with is possible fibromyalgia. I have problems sleeping do to pain also weak muscles. This sounds like allot of the same things others are going through. It’s a scary thing to go through for sure when you have so many unexplained pains.

I took Cipro several times to treat UTI’s. Around 2005-2006 I noticed that I was having problems with leg weakness, hand and arm weakness, balance and coordination. doctor wouldn’t listen to me when I said there is something wrong with me. Another MD referred me to a Neurologist who has diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy. I have a very difficult time with walking, weakness, balance and overall fatigue that he is treating me for with IVIG treatments. He said the nerve damage that is done is irreversible, and the IVIG will keep good nerves from becoming damaged. He told me to start using a cane. I am now wondering if the Cipro is the cause. My Neurologist did 3 EMG’s and a spinal tap, and did not have a cause for my neuropathy.

I’ve been having a huge problem with my feet! Burning, tingling, frozen state, and a lot of pain that won’t go away! My doctors gave me cepro for the last three years, treatment for phmonia each year! I never heard about this until today being a side affect from antibiotics! I went last week to a neurological specialist and he found I have severe nerve damage in both feet, two torn Achilles, numbness in both feet, and right arm swollen and numb l lower spine pain when trying to stand.

My doctor has me taking percocet, and morphine for the pain, but it still hurts me 24/7 a day! I have fibermyalgy, muscle disease, week legs, xzanx, sleeping meds, because I can’t sleep! And a host of other problems! I never knew an antibiotics could cause all these side affects! Three years now I’ve suffering! I can’t believe all the stories I’ve heard on here today! How couldn’t the doctors have figured this out before??? I see it all clearly now! I’m dumbfounded that this is all because of a medicine!!! I was told last week by my neurologist that the nerve damage is permanent! That would have to be controlled by meds adding gabapentin to help! Now, I saw a TV add about the antibiotics, and the side affects ad I have ALL the things that this med cost me! I’m really upset that no one, not one doctor ever put it together!!

Now, where do we go from here???? Sue the pharmacist company for not telling me, or the doctors that knew I was having good all these problems and still never even mentioned this could be from the meds!! I’m going to research this more in detail…!!!

A few weeks ago I took ciprofloxacin for diverticulitis and a few days into treatment I began to experience the worst nerve pains in both legs that I have ever had. At first I thought it was related to my multiple sclerosis, however, the pains subsided after I stopped taking cipro. I recently heard an advertisement on TV regarding the risk of peripheral nerve damage from cipro and other drugs in its class and decided to research the topic. Needless to say I am now convinced this incident was caused by cipro and will never take that drug again.

I just recently found out about the terrible side effects of these drugs. I took Levaquin in May 2011 and Cipro two weeks later in June for UTI. Since then I have problems with severe numbness and tingling with burning pain in my hands, shooting up my arms. I have pain in my legs with numbness. My upper back is always hurting and I have numbness and burning pain. I don’t get much sleep because I constantly toss and turn or get up because of the numbness and pain in my hands and arms. I have been to different specialists and I am being treated for Fibromyalgia, Tendinitis, Migraines, Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia with no relief. None of the medications I take help me, including the Lyrica for the Fibromyalgia. I feel really desperate, sometimes I feel life is not worth living with this pain. After hearing about the side effects of these drugs, I feel really angry and frustrated. Is there any hope for relief?


I have been an avid ballroom dancer, competing in all of the ballroom dances for over 18 years. Needless to say, I was an athlete for many years. Unfortunately I took Levafloxicin, 500 mg., for 5 days of a 7 day prescription in February 2012 and that marked the end of my dancing. Obviously dancing has been a major part of my life for many years.

I had been going to the same physician for a number of years and trusted that she would not give me anything that would hurt me in any way. The Levofloxicin was for a minor ingrown toenail. The reason I quit taking it after 5 days was that I had serious pain in the tendons in my feet, my legs, and my knees. I returned to my doctor and she gave me a cortisone injection. It did not help. I continued to have more pain than before the cortisone and could barely walk for months. I could not convince my doctor of the excruciating pain I was suffering. She could not believe that 5 pills could have caused so much trouble.

Although at times the pain was less, I continued to have bouts of serious pains throughout my body wherever there were tendons. My feet collapsed and orthotics are necessary in order for me to walk at all. In February of 2014 I started having serious pain in the tendons in my right shoulder. I was sent to an orthopedist and was given a set of exercises to do to build up the strength in my shoulder. The shoulder pain worsened with the exercises, so thankfully I discontinued them. My right shoulder improved somewhat after I refrained from using my right arm. Use of the left arm in order to not use my right arm reversed the pain to my left shoulder. I tried using neither arm except as absolutely necessary.

Last week, 2 1/2 years after taking the Levofloxacin, when I closed my front gate with my left arm, the tendon from my shoulder snapped down my arm to my elbow. When it snapped it ruptured a blood vessel and caused a huge hematoma in my left arm in the muscle area. I can not even pick up a teacup without causing strain on the injury. I fear other tendons could rupture just as quickly and easily as the one in my left shoulder. My feet and knees prevent me from walking normally. If I sit for several minutes, it is necessary for me to stand for several minutes before I attempt to walk. Although I can walk, I can only walk very slowly.

I don’t understand how this drug can continue to be prescribed when it can cause a persons life to be devastated. How could my doctor have given it to me when it causes such results?
#1 I understand that it should not be given to athletes unless as a last resort.
#2 It should not be given to someone on nSaids or Cortisone, I am on Celebrex
#3 Cortizone should not be given to lesson the reaction, it was given to me for that.
Seems all the things that should not have happened did happen. Will it ever improve? No one knows.

I’m outraged that the FDA would allow this to be marketed STILL. I have a question, has anyone – after taking Cipro had problems with a Slipped Disc? (S1-L5 here) – I used to climb mountains, do Hatha Flow Yoga an hour a day – was in the best shape of my life, after the slipped disc – everything went to hell, gained the weight back and then some. No doctor will prescribe anything to relieve the pain (despicable – they’re all scared of the DEA/FDA taking away their license – when it’s THEIR JOB to treat us and WE PAY THEM! Doctors are trained stop to the pain/discomfort – make the patient comfortable – run diagnostics – and THEN treat the problem, via surgery/physical therapy/etc etc

I stopped Cipro due to the tendonitis / tendon burst warning that was enough to scare me away). To top it all off – I was prescribed it -for something I was misdiagnosed with!

I feel like Doctors do not care anymore, 15 minutes is not enough time to address serious medical concerns, usually just going off your first complaint and ignoring the others (and the ER is no better – what do you see your doctor for 4 seconds maybe?) the medical community has deteriorated to the point where I am disgusted, and no longer trust any of them. I see no point in seeing anymore specialists, none of them have answers, none of their therapy (physical or otherwise) helps, treatments fail, they misdiagnosed me 5 times before I was provided with a correct answer

It kills me to think, I just have to live with this pain for the rest of my life because of medical misconduct…and I’m only 25. Because of Doctors who simply do not care enough; and do not keep up their medical training after getting their PhD.

Now I have pain all over – not just in my disc – but in my legs, my achilles tendon, my elbows, knees, ankles, everywhere.

To top it all off – The Doctors refuse to take any responsibility for mistreatment, and being misinformed (or just not giving a crap), and despite no history of drug abuse, always following prescription instructions – none of the 8-10 doctors/specialists I’ve seen will treat my pain, in anyway shape or form (I’m allergic to gluticosteriods – Medrol drove me batty mentally, exacerbated the pain, and drove my BP/Heart Rate through the roof to where I felt like I was gonna pop a blood vessel in my brain or have a heart attack. NSAIDs (Rx’d or otherwise, or Tylenol) do nothing. The only muscle relaxer that actually works Doctors won’t prescribe (Soma/Carisprodol).

I just want my life back! I want to exercise, I want to do yoga again, and after 2 years almost 3 years- I’m not sure it’s ever going to happen. At this point, It would be a blessing just to get some adequate pain management, but I don’t see that happening either with the Abysmal state of our medical system, and “care givers” (most whom I’ve come to find have a “God Complex” or “I have the PhD; so you couldn’t possibly understand more than I can” – when Chemistry is a huge hobby of mine (Organic, Inorganic, Biological, Pharmacology, Neruochemistry, Drug Design, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Drug Discovery, etc etc if it has to do with pharmacology or chemistry – I’m interested, and spend a lot of time reading up/researching on my own for fun. Physicians/Psychiatrists – get intimidated when I know more than they do, about their own job; if that isn’t saying something I don’t know what is… Half of them are puzzled / have no idea – when I mention Pubmed/Medline! (Makes me wonder who is giving these people their Doctorate’s to practice medicine on human beings…)

Most days, I don’t want to live to be honest, not that I’m suicidal – I would rather be in pain and live than take the easy way out but I’m sure most of you can understand where I’m coming from. I would really like to know if my slipped disc could’ve been caused by Cipro, and my other ailments (as it seems I have a similar to story to most people on here) and what can I do??

Honestly, this might sound harsh and I know its almost pointless and a waste of money; as it’s damned near impossible to prove medical malpractice – but I want the doctor who prescribed me this to lose their license to practice for life, and take them to court for medical malpractice, then sue them for every penny their worth.

Also because I’m young, most doctors don’t take me seriously. My own mom’s a nurse has been one for over 20 years – has never heard of it; and seemingly doesn’t really care or believe me; calls my concerns “Conspiracy Theorist” and that I’m a “Zealot” or “Attacking her profession.” It’s so infuriating and depressing… I said to her today “Doctors aren’t owning up to their mistakes, nor taking responsibility for misdiagnosing and prescribing potentially life altering/crippling and dangerous drugs, same with the FDA, who knew about it ALL ALONG. When are the Doctors & the people responsible for these atrocities going to own up to their serious mistakes?” She said, and I quote – word or word “That’s never going to happen.”

I’m sorry if I might seem like I’m ranting – but The doctors don’t believe me/can’t find what’s wrong – medical professionals take pharmaceutical reps word as law when it’s mostly Disinformation/Illth and now my own Mother won’t even take my side or even seemingly care at all. My friends don’t understand and it just gets worse.

What is wrong with the world today?

I can’t work – and my life’s ambition to be a musician has taken a serious blow due to all this – because I’m constantly in pain (and recording vocals, mixing/mastering-engineering takings ALOT of energy, and months of standing and sitting for hours on end in a vocal booth or at the computer mixing down tracks, which all make the pain even worse).

I don’t really have anything left and I’m 25, this has taken everything I care about; and my livelihood away.

I feel like I have no one to turn to anymore… any help or comments would be appreciated, thanks for reading/listening.

Hello I BELIEVE YOU- I went through a terrible time after cipro- it took me 6 months before I could move again, a year before feeling back to normal- I know the constant pain and despair you are in- it is a nightmare- I read lots about it, too. A good study re: cipro and musculoskeletal on Mayo clinic said to basically eat clean and healthily and drink lots of water, start small movements only when you can or you will rupture tendons, I couldn’t walk either and now I feel my body like before (was feeling like a 90 year old after cipro). You are right, ignore those WHO can’t believe, hang on in AMKR you will get there- also check your blood levels etc. Hope this helps, if you need to know something then leave a message.


5 months ago, my life was forever changed with 3 pills of Levaquin for a sinus infection that was never cultured. I’ve even taken it before (and Cipro for that matter).

I had constant ringing in my ears for months, tendon pains that left me crawling across the floor and up the stairs, random stabbing pains, eye pain, freezing cold when it was 75 degrees, low blood sugar, popping joints, twitching, brain fog, dizziness, fatigue and on and on.

I was a healthy mother of 2 young kids, a runner and very active. I even told the Dr. and nurse PT that I was a runner. I was never warned about the two existing black box warnings on these drugs by the Dr, Nurse PT or Pharmacist.

No one told me about how these side effects could cause permanent damage to tendons, nerves, mitochondria, etc. No one told me I might may never run again, may not be able to play with my kids or walk long distances like I had done in the past.

Where was the informed consent? I’d rather have the sinus infection!

Anytime a doctor or nurse or medical tech, whatever mentions antibiotics. I always ask them if they have a list of my reactions. Most of the time they do, and won’t provide those.
The opthmology OR, for whatever reason, had all but the cipro listed, so I too, am glad they asked. As you said, better to ask, than expect medical personnel know about all one’s medical history. I was in a military hospital and the checklists they use are very thorough. Every individual that had access to me asked me the same questions and initialed the forms they were using.

You are very lucky that they asked. Your experience serves as a reminder that we all need to tell medical personnel the things they may or may not ask but which they need to know. When my husband and I got food poisoning in 1976 and went to the emergency room with vomiting and diarrhea, the nurse came in to give me a shot. I was 27 years old. I asked her if it would make a difference if I were pregnant. I only suspected that I was pregnant at that point.
She turned around and left the room and before long a doctor came in and said it made a huge difference. He gave me a different shot from the one originally planned. My perfect baby was born 8 months later. I always figured that God told me to ask the question I heard all through my twenties from doctors and nurses but which this one nurse forgot to ask.

3 years now and still have limitations. If I exercise more than a short time, pain returns and walking is difficult….but I can walk and do most activities normally….very thankful…I have come a long way.

I posted my problem with Cipro here on 10/08/2013. Last Wed, 08/27, I had cataract eye surgery. While waiting for the opthamologist, the anesthesialogist and nurses were questioning me about my reactions to antibiotics, including Cipro. Apparently one of the eye drops they were considering was or had Cipro in it. When I told them it caused me tendonitis of the right elbow, several agreed they heard that it did cause it in some persons, so they didn’t use it. I hate to think what might have happened if it was put in my eye.

I am 42 years old and have been taking Moxifloxacin for 6 weeks, after about 14 days I noticed my joints becoming stiff and sore and my ankles swelling I have had extreme pain in my wrists and fingers. The antibiotic has done an amazing job of clearing the infection which I had but I decided I couldn’t cope with the pain in my joints.
I stopped the antibiotics a few days ago, Got out of bed to have horrendous pain in my hip and spent 7 hrs in the emergency room to be told that I had torn a tendon in it. Three days later my achilles tendon has given way and I am now in cast and not allowed to put weight on it. I have been put on bed rest until it settles.
Can not use the crutches because my wrists, arms and other ankle is just too painful. It is so hard to believe that antibiotics can actually do this to me.
I have a question to anyone who this has happen to them “how long did it take for your pain to settle?”

I was also put on cipro for almost 14 days back in January for diverticulitis. (Also another antibiotic) and since then I have been having a winging sensation all around the gut area. It has got worse over time to the point now I feel the tingling not only in my gut but on the sides and back area. Has anyone else had these same symptoms? I haven’t had the leg pain. I do have hip pain though especially in my left hip to the point of it hurting just to reach for something. What, if anything could I take to help ease this discomfort?

It’s about 9 months since I first commented. My diagnosis is “idiopathic neuropathy.” Idiopathic because, it’s hard to believe, doctors just do not seem to know that antibiotics can do such damage, and attribute it to idiopathic meaning “just don’t know the cause”.
What does it take and how long does it take for patients to be acknowledged about their ails due to drugs? I am now being treated for neuropathy by my foot doctor, who knows more than the 2 neurologists I tried and felt the large amounts of money spent with them and getting no relief. My foot dr. has given me a Vitamin B/alpha lipoic acid/benfotiamine combo and it helps some but will it cure me of this?
At least it’s affordable, unlike what the neurologist prescribed, a compounded lotion with costs $500. Who has the money for that? Not I. This is ironic, using affordable antibiotics to get better but ending up with something much worse that costs unaffordable money for relief and not even to cure.

This is unbelievable I gave been suffering for 2 years with muscle, tendon and joint pain. Started in elbow, then shoulder, wrist and now Achilles tendon. I kept telling my Dr. I felt like I was in a shrunk body and that my muscles, tendons and my left hip. My joints really hurt as well causing me to use ice packs to ease pain.
I came to recently find out from a friend that CIPRO had side effects that could be causing these issues over 2 years I have taken CIPRO 10 times due to an intestinal issue. I only pray this is not permanent damage. I am just shocked that the FDA would approve this.

Do not be discouraged if joint pain is a problem which you feel is directly related to one of these floxin antibiotics. Starting in late 2008, I began visiting different doctors about terrible joint pain I’d been experiencing which was getting worse. It began as a sore right foot, then right hip, then left hip, then a knee, then a hand… I finally suffered pain in all over the place — waking hours and sleeping. Like many of you was told repeatedly that I did not have arthritis. Luckily after about 4 1/2 years the pain and terrible stiffness it vanished over a period of about a month – Alas though, about 1 1/2 years after the pain/stiffness disappeared, I began having problems w/my left arm, hand and leg. Makes lots hard to do including walking over 15′, holding things w/ arm/hand, typing…
Hopefully that too will disappear before I die. At least it is not painful– doctors tend to blame my age (63). I planned to visit a neurologist in a week or so and in preparation for that, tried to recall when all this started (also have a vision problem). (I was very busy in years past and just hopped all would resolve w/out treatment for the most part.) I suddenly today realized it all began after the several courses of antibiotics I took over about 6 weeks in late 2007– which seemed, at the time, to be the right thing to do. My vision problem began right away– the pain/stiffness did not begin for months though. So, Googled ‘antibiotics nerve problems’ and was dumbfounded to find this and other web sites and the ‘black box’ warning info… That’s all. MY POINT HERE WAS ORIGINALLY TO SAY–TAKE HEART, THE ARTHRITIS LIKE PAIN… DID FINALLY GO AWAY. Sorry so lengthy– got carried away.

Regarding your leg cramps, search Mustard for Leg Cramps on this site and you will be amazed. It works for me. Mine are a side effect of statins. I take a spoonful before bedtime.

The FDA is always slow to act, if they act at all. Sadly and dangerously, clinicians are slow to believe that what patients are saying, or how they are reacting to a medication may actually be valid.
Physicians are not scientists. Too many know very little about the science of the medications they prescribe. They actually believe the pharmaceutical reps are sharing valid information with them. They don’t understand the benefit/risk presentations reps are trained to present. Clinical trials? Journal studies? “Employ” the thought leaders in any specialty and have them involved in the promotion of your product! This is public knowledge. It’s been in the media, finally! Look it up – the info is available on line if you take the time to search.
Finally, some clinicians are going public and sharing what they know. Unfortunately, many patients could have served as a “canary in the coal mine” had their complaints been heeded instead of ignored. Statins are another example of clinicians not paying attention to patients. It has taken years for physicians to actually realize and admit the fact that statins can have serious and ongoing side effects.
It’s not so easy to pay attention, enter data into the computer and write a script in the fifteen minutes allocated to each patient’s visit. There are countless, caring and frustrated physicians who do realize the art of medicine has been lost and the assembly line of medicine has replaced with managed care, corporate control and loss of autonomy.
The pharmaceutical lobby is POWERFUL!! Our legislators listen to them because they are being paid to listen. They are rewarded handsomely for listening and acting on behalf of this very powerful and dangerous lobby.
Pharmaceutical companies know long before the public becomes aware of the dangers of certain prescription drugs or medical devices. They are willing to risk exposure as long as they’ve made their millions. Market share is what drives drug and device promotion-not safety or concern for patients.

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