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Paxil, like the earlier antidepressant Prozac, apparently works by enhancing the action of a brain chemical called serotonin. This medication is prescribed to treat major depression, and has been shown to be effective for up to one year. Like Prozac, Paxil is less likely to cause typical side effects associated with older medications.

Tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil, Tofranil, Sinequan and Pamelor often produce dry mouth, dizziness, weight gain, and a sluggish or lethargic feeling. Paxil may not have these effects, and may have a slight stimulant action.

Side Effects and Interactions of Paxil

Side effects associated with this medication include exhaustion, sweating, nausea, decreased appetite, drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, tremor, problems with ejaculation and anxiety. Less common adverse reactions include headache, palpitations, constipation, diarrhea, blurred vision and decreased libido. A wide range of other reactions have been reported but appear to be uncommon. Report any symptoms to your physician promptly.

It can also interact with a number of other medications. Anyone taking other antidepressants, especially drugs such as Nardil, Marplan or Parnate should stop such a medicine at least two weeks before starting on Paxil. If Paxil is taken first, two weeks should elapse before starting on one of these other medicines. If the amino acid tryptophan ever becomes available in the U.S. again, it should not be taken with Paxil, as it may increase the potential for adverse reactions.

Tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil, Pamelor or Tofranil could in theory have stronger actions and more pronounced toxicity when they are combined with Paxil. This may also occur with certain medications prescribed to regulate heart rhythm. Other compounds that could cause complications in combination with Paxil include Coumadin and possibly Lanoxin.

Tagamet may increase Paxil levels, while phenobarbital or Dilantin can lower them. Interactions between the herb St. John’s wort and Paxil are possible. Switching between antidepressants and herbal treatment calls for medical guidance (physicians can find a suggested protocol for gradual substitution of St. John’s wort in Hyla Cass’s book, St. John’s Wort: Nature’s Blues Buster).

Check with your pharmacist and physician before taking any other medicines or herbs in combination with Paxil.

Special Precautions

Some people may need very close monitoring if the doctor prescribes Paxil. For people who have had an episode of mania, there is a risk that manic symptoms could be triggered by this drug.

Patients who have had seizures also need to followed carefully, since Paxil, like most other antidepressants, may provoke seizures in susceptible individuals. Because it may cause drowsiness or dizziness, people taking this medicine should not drive or use dangerous machines unless an objective evaluation shows they are not impaired.

Older people and those with kidney disease or liver problems may need to start on a reduced dose, as they may eliminate Paxil less efficiently than otherwise healthy people.

Anyone with a history of suicide attempts must also be extremely vigilant. There have been reports that some people may develop a preoccupation with suicide or violence while taking Prozac. It is still not certain whether this is caused by the underlying mental condition or is in some way related to the drug. If Prozac were responsible for any of these incidents, there might also be a risk with Paxil. Family members must help monitor people on Paxil for suicidal thoughts or self-destructive behaviors. The doctor must be notified immediately in such cases.

Taking the Medicine

According to the manufacturer, Paxil should be taken once a day, preferably in the morning. It may be taken either with or without food.

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I’ve been on generic Paxil for 20 years. I recently received a bad batch from Solco, and it took a week of feeling crazy and sick until I realized what was happening. I can’t believe how naive I’ve been all this time in believing all this stuff was regulated and that “only the binders and fillers are different.”

I contacted a Canadian pharmacy and got on Seroxat from the UK. I figured that the real stuff should work. But it’s been 2 months, and I have no energy, and my nights are filled with vivid dreams, insomnia, and acid reflux.

The generic from Solco actually worked better for me prior to the bad batch. I have to do something, but I’m not sure what. How frustrating and discouraging.

I have taken Paxil since 1998, believe, for anxiety/OCD.

Twice when I was on the brand name (made by GSK) it was recalled for being super-potent. Both times I had noticed a surge in energy and almost manic-like symptoms before it was recalled.

For a number of years now I’ve been on the Zydus brand. It has not really helped my anxiety/OCD. But with the most recent batch I got from the pharmacy I noticed the pills looked much sleeker. They are slightly thinner looking. It’s hard to describe because the imprint is the same; the general size is the same; the color is the same, and yet you can see the difference.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

But I started having symptom after symptom that finally made me question the “new” style of Zydus paroxetine.

I had symptoms I’ve had in the past of “super potent” Paxil with high blood pressure, hypomanic symptoms, increased temperature, and an agitated feeling in my head. I noticed I had to increase my blood pressure medicine, and even that wasn’t controlling my blood pressure.

I looked on a website where you can see previous labels, and I saw that they did change their manufacturing site (either in 2017 or 2018 not sure) from Ahmedabad, India to Baddi, India. I would guess this is why the pills look slightly different. I can’t know for sure because my pills come in the pharmacy bottle rather than the manufacturer’s bottle, otherwise I’d know for sure.

I’m not sure if the previous batch was sub potent and maybe this one is normal, and I’m not responding well to that. Or maybe this batch is super potent.

I will see my psychiatrist in a couple of days fortunately and take a gamble on another brand.

Update: I contacted Zydus.

Apparently they still manufacture paroxetine in both Baddi and Ahmedabad India.

However, they said there’s no way for the pharmacy to choose which version they get because it’s dependent on whatever the wholesaler has. They use the same NDC code even though one is ZyGenerics and one is Zydus USA and made in two different factories quite a vast distant away from each other (India is a very large country).

Also you wouldn’t know which one you’re getting unless you get the manufacturer’s bottle, which is rather unlikely.

I have been taking Paxil at 20mg for 15 years with the last 3 years being bumped up to 30 mg. My CVS pharmacy switched to a generic from Solco about 6 months ago and I can really tell a difference in my moods, more anxiety and depression. Has anybody had an issue with generic ‘Solco’ Paxil? Would anyone know if Sandoz still makes there generic? I have tried the local pharms around here and they can not seem to get it.Thanks for your help in advance

Recently changed from Tera generic 30 mg, blue pill. Had been on generic Tera for 5 years, when CVS switched to Chinese version, salmon colored pill and noticed sudden change in mood, and other withdrawal symptoms like everyone else. The common denominator seems to be switching generics by everyone posting on this site.

Different generics of the same drug appear to produce withdrawal symptoms when switching is done by pharmacies. We have to organize to prevent this. It is unethical and should be illegal.

Someone to help me, I was on paxil 30mg for 8 years and a year ago I got pregnant for first time, I’m 38years old, I thought I couldn’t get pregnant.

Once I noticed I was pregnant, I quit paxil, It was terrible but I was scared and my doctor did not help me, She told me I should abort, I was scared… I got a miscarriage and since then, a year already I haven’t use paxil… It has been harder and harder to cope with It…. I can’t sleep, I have pain in the cerebelum part of the head, tingling in the left part of my face And arm….I’m scared …. I don’t want to go back to paxil, I want to be able to be a mother, I don’t know what to do.

If your depression is severe and Paxil is the drug that works for you, I would definitely stay on Paxil. Paxil is a miracle drug for many people.

If going off Paxil puts you back into severe depression, then its not really an option to try and have children and then to be a 24/7 Mom to a baby while in that state.

Does anyone know what pharmacy carries the generic Paxil called Paroxetine by Aurobindo?

I share everyone’s concern about generic brands of Paxil. I have been on either Paxil or generic paroxetine for about 20 years. I haven’t had a problem while taking either the brand name or any generics until about a month ago. I moved cross country and had received a 3-month refill of generic paroxetine to get me through the move. When the refill ran out at the beginning of December 2015, I went to a local pharmacy and got another refill. I didn’t think anything of it, as I have been taking a generic version for several years.

After about a week of taking the pills from the new refill, I began feeling a little down. I didn’t think much of it, but I realized after about two weeks that I was not feeling quite as good as I used to. Then one night I had a crash, waking up in the middle of the night with a panic attack, dissociative depersonalization. This was the worst of the experience, but over the next week I experienced the typical symptoms of Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome, symptoms I know well from previous unsuccessful attempts to stop using Paxil or paroxetine.

I had heard that sometimes different companies can have different formulas for their generic versions of brand-name drugs and that those differences could have dire effects on people taking them when switched. I started doing some research about this, and I first discovered (to my dismay) that the company, Zydus, that had produced my current batch of paroxetine was the same as the one used by my previous pharmacy in another state.

I asked one of my wife’s friend, who is a pharmacist, about whether or not it is possible for a company to suddenly change their formula for a drug, and she said it is uncommon. I am a stumped about what could have caused this crash, but I am almost certain that something about the pills is different. I feel this way because I decided about a week ago to refill my prescription with the name-brand Paxil, thinking that the name brand company would have more concern about the quality of their products than generic brand companies.

I have been taking the Paxil pill for about 5 days now, and things have begun to stabilize. I felt a difference the very day that I started taking the Paxil pills! I have not reached complete normality yet, but I am feeling better and better every day.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience with the generic version of paroxetine made by Zydus over the last month or two…?

Daniel, YES! This is happening to me right now. I got a refill and started taking he Paroxetine (20mg) 2 weeks ago, and I feel something is definitely different with this bottle. I’m feeling like I’m going through Paxil withdrawal (I know the feeling as I’ve tried to get off of it twice already in the past few years).

The thing is, I even had my pharmacist very today that it is the same manufacturer that I’ve been using in the past – Zydus. He didn’t think there should be anything different about it.

But either there IS something different with this bottle or I’ve got something else going on. I just started looking today and doing some googling to see if anyone else has had this issue with Zydus.

Yes, something is currently wrong with Zydus 20mg paroxetine. The 10mg pills are fine, however, something is not right with 20mg. I take 25mg per day (one 20mg pill and one half 10mg pill).

H Daniel, I have had problems recently with the Zydus generic medication, and similar to you, my problem occurred in Washington state as well. I am prescribed 10mg paroxetine and I was in Spokane visiting family over the holidays and had to refill my monthly prescription. I was given Zydus and at first didn’t think anything about it as I figured all brands had to be about the same. After a few days of taking Zydus, I began to experience brain zaps, minor paranoia, and depression. At first I figured it was me getting used to the medication (as it had been about a year since I started) but after talking to the pharmacist, he informed me that different brands can have different absorption rates in the body. He explained to me that generics can be within a certain percentage of potency of the real medication and still consider it “effective”. Luckily the pharmacist exchanged this for a different brand. I have been on Mylan tabs, and have not experienced any side effects at all. Hope your problem was solved.

Yes I have encountered the same situation when switching pharmacies. I have been on paroxetine (Paxil) for about 12 years. About 5 years ago I noticed I was experiencing side effects while still on the same dosage (20mg). To my dismay, I discovered that my local pharmacy had changed the lab that produced my medication. Fast forward to now (2/22/16), and I changed pharmacies. I was hoping that my new pharmacy would use the same lab, but once again Lady Luck dealt me a bad hand–different lab. And yes I am experiencing some issues.

I’m hoping that my body will adjust and that I can continue with the same pharmacy. I also have just recently discovered that different labs can have viable variations in the efficacy of medication from 85% to 125% of branded medication. I know I can’t be the only one that has experienced this issue. It really should be addressed or patients should be made aware of this issue for those who are very sensitive to Paxil.

I have been on generic paroxetine for over 10 yrs, just 20mg/day. Last year starting about July I became very lethargic, uninterested in anything. This is so not me but I had been trying to learn how to mellow out and for awhile thought I was doing a good job! But I was having terrible trouble focusing. I thought this was menopausal symptoms.

About November I got a little better with the lethargy but seemed more irritable for no reason. I went to see my dr. and she told me to call my mail order pharmacy and have them give me the list of manufacturers for the last 9 months. I’ll be damned! I get a 3 month supply and In July the manufacturer had changed, then changed again in November.

I am now horrified. I am a very smart, professional woman who has been managing an anxiety disorder for 30 yrs. To think that our mental health is being so carelessly treated as to allow this generic drug fiasco leaves me in shock. What about all the people who are having so much trouble but have no idea what is causing it! They are selling generics to us as if they are all equivalent to each other but from all these comments and my own experience, this is far from the truth.

I also found that Aurobindo was the worst for me, leaving me fairly zombie like for months. Apotex wasn’t much better. The only one that works for me is Teva. But I know that everyone’s chemistry is different.

If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Don’t ever let a doctor tell you that generics are the same or that you don’t know what you are talking about. Keep asking questions!

Does anyone know what we can do about this?

I used brand name paxil 6 years ago in Turkey, for six months, it was magic, (by the way, brand name is 10 $ over there), companies ripping us here, now I’m in USA and started a month ago generic one from Aurobindo, it’s not effective for me, terrible night sweats, I just talked with my doctor today and he says there is no difference between generic and brand name, it’s all in your head he says. I think he is wrong, I don’t trust generics and charging european drugs a lot like 300$, they just prevent them to enter the market so they can earn more and more. The government doesn’t care as long as it is financed by these companies.

Omg I’m so glad that others are feeling the same. I’ve been on this medication for over 10 yrs. in the u.k its called seroxat, it’s worked perfectly fine for me and completely stopped my horrific panic attacks. I’ve used other generic versions and they’ve been fine, then my pharmacist switched to the brand mylan, within a few days I was having withdrawals and panic attacks. I spoke to my pharmacist and tried to explain I’m not just being difficult, I’ve had other brands and they were fine. It was just this one particular brand, he looked at me like I was insane and completely disregarded my concerns. Anyway, I’ve now gone back to the patented original brand and I’m fine. The concerning thing is, that others may not realise and go down hill very rapidly. It’s really quite a scary thought!!!

It is true the generic form of paxil is not the same as the brand name. I have been on paxil (so I thought… but it was switched to generic by pharmacy recently) for 11 years and all of a sudden, down I went. Thought it was that poop out effect… but then I went to my doctor/psychiatrist thinking I would have to switch… he then told me, that by law, the generic brands are allowed to be (READ THIS CAREFULLY….) off by 15% more or less of the patented formula. THAT IS A HUGE AMOUNT OF TOO LITTLE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, if you happen to get a batch that has less ingredients of the formula.

I asked why they would sell me the generic brand if the actual paxil is more expensive… I am happy to pay the fee, for relief. Mental health issues are very debilitating, how can our governments treat us so pathetically? Needless to say, I got a prescrip for Paxil (NO SUBSTITUTES) and same dose level, and voila, one week, back in action like before. I think the generics start our giving us a 15% more so that we will feel the drugs work as well..but then they lower it for cost effectiveness.. and we pay big time… no wonder people on these generics commit suicide..they feel they are hopeless when a medication they have been taking suddenly stops working.

I was on paxil some 15 years ago, for 2 years. It completely removed my depression and anxiety. About 3 years ago my depression came back. I was prescribed apo-paroxetene, I’m now on 60mg. My doctor kept raising the dosage because my depression persisted. I’m on the max. dosage, and my anxiety appears to be in check, the black eyed dog is still with me.
I asked my pharmacist to get me paxil, I am willing to pay out of pocket, I’m tired of telling my doctor that my depression is no better and getting a blank stare in return. I am wondering if I should drop down from 60 to 40, 15 years ago I was fine on 20. Feedback would be appreciated.

I have been taking Paxil CR since it was initially offered by GSK. Before that I was on regular Paxil, name brand. Recently, GSK discontinued manufacture of name brand Paxil CR. My Walgreen’s pharmacy uses Mylan. I am fully 60 days into the switch and I might as well take an M&M.
This Mylan generic is not doing anything. I have had to take extra meds to combat the weepiness, anxiety, and stronger depression I feel with this generic. After reading all the entries, I can be sure that the ones made in China and India are ineffective but I’m not sure if Apotek or Teva will be any better.
There are not many companies making the 37.5 CR version of this med. I am quite disgusted and concerned that GSK can just stop mfg. with no recourse for those of us who cannot use the generics. I will need to do some more research to see which companies mfg. a generic and I guess I will need to ask my pharmacy to try all of them in 7-day doses to see which one will work.

Like all of whom have posted to this site, I’ve been on Paxil for 18 years. My Dr prescribed for PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.

I can count on both hands how many times the pharmacies have changed their generic brand due to manufacturing issues.

The brand has worked for me the last 10 years with little side effects (of course lucid dreams). The beginning of 2014, the insurance company decided what was in their best interest economically; however it wasn’t in mine. My copayment was $90 for a 90 day supply. Since the brand name is now a Tier 3 which is not covered it will cost $394.00 a month if I wish to use the brand going forward.

So, I bit the bullet and tried the generic which was manufactured by Aurobindo. It seemed to have worked great. Now CVS has changed who they get their supply from which is Mylan. I am going to be blunt and honest: this pill sucks!! Pardon my language. I’m having palpitations, my blood pressure is causing me to have orthostatic issues, monthly changes to my cycle, weight gain of 14 pounds in 2 months. I’ve seen a cardiologist and a gynecologist. Both say there are not any problems. The one and only thing that remains constant is the generic pill change to Mylan.

So when the medical community states that is impossible, they need stand to be corrected.

Hopefully, CVS will not give me an issue to order from the other manufacturing company that worked so well for me.

Wishing the best to all on this forum.

I have been taking paroxetine for years. Blue pill, by Mylan. My pharmacist switched without informing me. Yes, I noticed the new pill was white. Nausea, dizziness, trouble focusing. Ahhh, this paroxetine is from Apotex USA. Just called my Dr. to have her order the Mylan brand. Every generic is different from each other. Yuck.


Were you able to get back on the Mylan version, if so where do you get it? It worked so well for me and I was doing great, but then Safeway switched to Auro which gave me all of your issues and more!! I have been searching for 4 months for the Mylan brand, even going so far as to call Mylan, but they are not able to provide who actually sells it. They sell to wholesalers who then sell to our pharmacies!

My experience with Paxil:
I started Paxil when I was 15. It was name brand, and it helped some with panic attacks.
Around 2005/6, the brand name Paxil had a class-2 recall because it was superpotent. I had been feeling horrible and couldn’t figure out why until I found this out on the FDA web-site.
So I switched to Apotex and did fine on that until it was discontinued.
I was then switched to Greenstone. I can’t remember what the effect of switching was. I was on that for several years and did fine though.
Then a month and a half ago I was told that Greenstone had discontinued making paroxetine.
I was scared of changing brands, so I researched and found that Aurobindo had been making paroxetine for Greenstone. So I thought, why not just take Aurobindo’s? The pills look identical and have the same inactive ingredients.
I switched and was not expecting any problems. I thought I had found a perfect match. That weekend that I switched I slept in the day (naps), which I never do. I would wake up from the naps with a huge amount of adrenaline.
Then came Monday. I woke up so irritable. I was agitated and couldn’t take it. It felt like I was crawling out of my skin. I developed diarrhea. Over the last month and a half, I have been so sick. I have not been sleeping (about 2 hours a night), I am constantly agitated, I can’t stand being in my skin. I have had suicidal thoughts. I have been to the ER. I’ve been trying to track down every possible thing that could be wrong with me. I have had panic attacks my whole life, but I haven’t had one this whole time. I’ve had something much worse: constant torturous feelings of agitation and shaking. I have so, so much energy. It’s horrible.
I eventually started thinking back to the medicine change and did research. I called Greenstone to ask why they had discontinued their product, and they refused to tell me. They said they cannot comment on medications they no longer make. I called Aurobindo and found out that I wasn’t even actually taking an Aurobindo medication. It’s very confusing.
Aurobindo had made paroxetine for the US market in India. For some reason, they stopped selling it in the US a couple of years ago. The paroxetine they made in India was also the one Greenstone was selling. The one I am getting now is from a subsidiary of theirs made in the US called Aurolife.
My suspicion is that the one I am on now is either normal dosage or superpotent and that perhaps the Aurobindo/Greenstone I was on from India before had very little medication in it, which I got used to. I was very affected by the superpotent Paxil when I was on that, and I’ve also become anxious when I’ve tried increasing my dose of Paxil before. Based on what others have said here, it sounds like Aurobindo and Greenstone were almost “placebo” like.
Strangely, I think I was responding well to that placebo like effect.
I am so sick right now. I have lost 12 lbs. I have had diarrhea every day for a month and a half. I am barely sleeping. I am agitated. I get these feelings like I just can’t take it anymore. I am mentally exhausted from never being able to rest. On the other hand I am scared to stop taking the medicine without my doctor’s approval, and I haven’t been able to get in to see her until this coming week. My pharmacy offered to switch me to Zydus, but I keep wondering if the problem is that the medicine I was on BEFORE was off spec, and it’s just that my body doesn’t respond well to being on a normal dose.
Of course, there is no way to know! This is the problem with our pharmaceutical system! They jerk us around like crazy. I don’t want $4 generics. I want a product from a company that is going to exist in 5 years from now, rather than these sneaky companies that are constantly buying each other out and discontinuing drugs and doing weird tricks.
There is no other area of life that is like this. When I buy yogurt from Chobani, it’s Chobani yogurt. I can call them and they will answer questions!
We need to make really strict regulations on drugs. We should demand better. I think of all the people who demand local, organic produce, but look at our drugs. We buy junk made in India and China by companies so unethical that even our impotent FDA will occasionally ban their imports.

Hey all, recently got switched from mylan to the teva brand, and noticed a huge diff. Got switched back to mylan and it’s been about 10 days since being back on my normal generic with slight improvements. I thought with in a few days I’d be back to my “normal” self an that hasn’t happened yet. One day at a time I guess but don’t know how much longer I can do this

I have been on Paxil/Paroxetine 20mg for 17 years and it has helped me considerably in dealing with anxiety and depression. For the last several years I have been given generic Paraxetine manufactured by Zydus. There were no differences in the way I felt when making this changeover from that made by GlaxoSmithKline. Last week Walgreens gave me Paraxetine manufactured by Greenstone. Walgreen’s pharmacist ensured me the dosage and purity of the Greenstone product was identical to that of Zydus. For the last few days I have been experiencing light headedness, “electrical zaps,” and nausea that is very similar to what I experienced when trying to wean myself completely off Paxil (the side effects from attempting to do this were worse than the problems for which I was prescribed Paxil in the first place).
I have read here and elsewhere that while some generic forms of Paroxetine may have the identical active ingredients of Paxil the “releasing agents” and “fillers” may affect the way generics work and is the biggest difference between Paroxetine manufacturers. I am certain this must be the case with Greenstone Paroxetine and my current side effect experiences; it feels as if I am not getting the full dosage of the active ingredient since switching to the Greenstone generic. My Walgreens pharmacist says there is absolutely no difference in Paroxetine from Zydus versus that from Greenstone. I strongly disagree.
What is the opinion of others who have switched between one generic Paroxetine and another, specifically with Greenstone? I think I need to insist that Walgreens switch me back to the Zydus manufacturer.

I’ve been on Paxil (Paroxetine) for 16-17 years straight for depression, anxiety/panic disorder. When I first started it, I was given name brand and it work wonders for me. I used name brand until they switched to a generic brand but at that time I didn’t have any problems from it. It worked fine for many years until the year 2012/13.. I started getting my prescriptions at Walmart and that is when the hell started.. It seemed like it just stopped working.. I started having terrible anxiety/panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, and just sat on the couch and couldn’t even function. I didn’t go anywhere for months unless it was a doctor’s appt. I had fears of having attacks in the car or in public places (This is why I didn’t go anywhere)…. Felt like I was going crazy! I actually looked into checking myself into the hospital but couldn’t bring myself to do it and they wouldn’t take anyone unless you felt like killing yourself which I didn’t want to do, not that I didn’t think about it at times but I wouldn’t of done it.
I did have to go into the hospital ER a couple of times due to the panic/anxiety and the doctors always thought I was a junky or something, They would draw blood and check me for every drug under the sun. Crazy! It was all negative.. I felt like a freak to say the least!
The hospital wouldn’t even give me any Xanax, I asked the doctor if he could at least give me a couple Xanax pills just until I could get into my doctor and he wouldn’t do it… He said I needed to get it from my general doc. CRAZY!
So, as soon as I was released from the hospital, I called my general doc on call and told her what happened and that they wouldn’t give me any Xanax and that I had to get it from her and she thought that was crazy as well… She said “That’s what they are there for” “Is to help”… Well anyway, She ended up calling some in for me…
I hated taking the Xanax because I was always scared of getting addicted to it, So I only took it when absolutely necessary. I went through Xanax, Ativan and finally stayed with Klonopin (The best Benzo in my opinion).
I’m on 40mg of Paroxetine and was getting my prescription filled at Walmart (Never get it from Walmart)… I can’t remember what the manufacturer is (it was something called Labs)… but I started researching online about Paroxetine and came across a website where people were having a bunch of issues with different generic manufacturers and complaining that their pills stopped working so I wondered to myself if that was the problem so I got my next prescription at Walgreens and they carried a different manufacturer and within days of taking the new script I felt so much better, I couldn’t believe it… All those problems I was having was do to taking the med from Walmart. Needless to say, I will not ever go to Walmart to get my prescriptions again. That was a living hell!
12/24/13… I was feeling fine when I was taking 2 20MG tablets by Zydus and now since I have medicaid they won’t pay for me to take 2 20mg tablets and want me to take just the 40mg tablet by Zydus… I’ve been taking that for a week now and all of a sudden I feel full of anxiety/panic and crying… I know it’s something to do with those pills… I don’t know why it would make a difference between the two but it does. It’s like I’m withdrawing… I’m going to try to cut my pill in half and take it that way. Maybe my body isn’t absorbing the bigger pill or something. I’m also thinking about maybe taking 20mg at night before I go to bed and then the other 20mg in the morning to see how that works. I’m also going to be talking to my doctor about looking into the liquid form of Paroxetine maybe that would work better. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m so sick of this BS with the Generic forms of Paxil. Something is not right with them. Something needs to be done!!

when the company switched your generics on you, how long before you felt back to “normal” when you got back on your original script ?

Hi, I’ve been taking Mylan-paroxetine for the last two years, recently my pharmacy changed it to Teva-paroxetine and I found the next day I was having bad stomach cramps, panic attacks, lose of appetite, no energy to do anything… switched back to the mylan brand…
I was working at my friends shop every day of the week up until they switched me.. just want to go back to where I was… it took me long enough to get where I was.
Anyone have a idea on how long it will take to get back to the way I was before the switch??
Thanks !!

After trying Prozac for about 6 months many years ago, I found that the way it metabolized actually increased my depressive symptoms periodically, which wasn’t helpful. Switched to Paxil, and found that I was functioning much better with no significant side effects. When the generic first became available, my mail-order pharmacy switched me to a generic without any advance notice or explanation.
I didn’t feel the same with the generic, but my doctor encouraged me to give my body a chance to adjust to it. After about a month, I seemed to be back in a steady state. About 1 year ago, the color and size of the pills changed to a white, round pill, and they did not seem to be quite as effective.
I figured I needed to work harder in therapy, deal with some issues I was avoiding, etc. My therapist began to feel that my being “stuck” seemed more biological than emotional, and suggested I see my doctor for a review of meds. Then I got a refill with the same white pill, but now coated.
I spoke to a pharmacist at Medco who assured me there was no difference and it was the same manufacturer as before: Zydus. Again, it seemed less effective. I finally showed my doctor 3 different pills from 3 refills, all from Zydus, that were visibly different in appearance: coated, not coated, slightly different color, etc.
She said that some generics can have different effects for different people and wrote me a prescription for name brand Paxil. My insurance, however, will not cover name brand Paxil at all, leaving me to pay $375 for 3 months rather than a $15 co-pay or the $60 co-pay they charge for other brand name meds.
Their current contract is with Zydus, for which the insurance company actually pays less than my co-pay for the entire 3 months. (You get what you pay for…) I have now gotten a local CVS to order me the generic by Teva on a month-to-month basis, for which I pay $64/ month.
It is far superior to how awful I felt on the Zydus-made pill, when eventually I had no energy at all, no appetite, no interest in doing anything, slept for hours every day, and generally felt useless, hopeless, and sad. I understand that how the drug metabolizes has a huge impact on how effective it is from my experience with Prozac.
I will write to the FDA to comment on the ineffectiveness of the Zydus generic and really appreciate the information everyone has posted on their experiences with the various generic manufacturers. This issue definitely needs to get wider exposure as it affects so many people. If there is this much trouble with just one generic medication, how much is there with the thousands of others out there?

Walgreens recently changed my Teva-generic Effexor XR 150mg (venlafaxine) to Aurobindo. I have been taking it for 5 days and am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I am going to call Walgreens on Monday to notify them and will also submit the FDA reporting form. I think Aurobindo’s generics need to be banned from the country – who knows if it’s more than just not enough of the drug being inside the capsules? What if they’re putting other crap into their generics? The FDA needs to do a thorough investigation of this company’s products!

I thought it was just me, I guess not. I began taking GSK Paxil not generic, for years I felt so good happy life changing a few yrs ago I started taking the generic manufactured by apotex from canada I’d been thinking lately that my med just didn’t work anymore b/c I feel like I did before I ever took paxil crappy. I’m sure the generic no matter what Dr’s, pharmacist & whoever, are wrong the med is NOT the same!! next refill I plan to request the real non-generic Paxil I have no Ins. But I will pay the price just to find out if I’m right or just nuts. Lol

I took the real paxil, after a few weeks I felt like a new person, I took it for a few years & then I thought it stopped working. After reading everyone’s comments now I know why it’s because it’s generic mine is manufactured by apotex inc toronto canada M9L 1T9. I want paxil name brand, I want to feel alive again!

I started taking paroxetine 10 mg 4 days ago. It is white and they said the manufacturer is Internal Labs. So far, I cannot rest well at night… exhausted and take POWER TO SLEEP that has GABA in it. Not sure I should be taking it but it puts me to sleep… however I do wake up now and again. Also, it makes me extremely tired and not as much energy at the gym. This is bothering me. Has anyone experienced weight gain? Someone said it is a side affect and I’m concerned. I was given this for anxiety and having a “short fuse”.

@Drew How did you find where the generic paxil you’re taking is manufactured at?

I had aurolife which is manufactured in united states, I was doing okay with that brand. However late last year they are exclusively aurobindo which is manufactured in India. The pills look the same but they are not. The aurobindo makes me anxious, nervous and can’t relax. I can’t afford the name brand, but I’m going to try mylan. I’ve heard good things about this company and they are manufactured in the USA.

I started taking paroxetine CR 37.5mg about 1.5 years ago. Works really well with some side effects. (Very lucid dreams, decreased sex drive which wears off eventually) I have been filling it through CVS (Mylan manufacturer) but I just lost medical insurance and switched to Rite Aid pharmacy because they give a discount. The Manufacturer is Apotex. I filled it 09/19/12 after being without the med for 7 days. 3 weeks into the new brand, I am worse than not having the medication at all. Increased depression, insomnia, anxiety. I feel AWFUL!!!
I know it is the Manufacturer change because this happened to me in 2009 when I switched manufacturers of Wellbutrin to TEVA. It was terrible, I started suffering from numbness, poor circulation, and extreme anxiety. I missed an entire quarter of college. I didn’t suspect the manufacturer switch to be the culprit until I saw an undigested pill in my stool. Then I started researching and luckily found a website like this.
It took me 3 months of hell and failing classes to figure this out with no help from my doctor. The FDA has since published reports about the Teva generic Wellbutrin brand not being therapeutically equivalent.
If this had not happened to me previously, I would not know to look for similar experiences with Paroxetine generics. And thank you everyone for posting so I have confirmation that its my medication causing the issues. Doctors, pharmacists, and drug companies do NOT educate the public about this and it is SO important.
Drug chemicals are fragile and the FDA needs tighter regulation about generic therapeutic equivalency.
I hope that others suffering from these issues have a provider that can inform them about this or can find the answers on the internet quickly.
Not all generic medications are created equal!

You can get generic paxil “Mylan” at CVS. I prefer name brand as many of you but have found that Mylan makes a pretty good one. God bless!!

I, too, having been taking Paxil for at least 20 years, 30 mg. First started out with brand name and then generic. Recently, my mail in pharmacy switched to a different company, Aurobindo, and I had so many breakthrough issues of anxiety, night sweats, soreness of muscles.
I called the pharmacy and was told that there should not be any difference and put in touch with their buyer. He informed me that they switched to this new company and would not be going back to the old one, Mylan, but to try and find someone else who would have them. Told my doctor and she gave me a prescription for “brand only” which definitely costs more. Am still trying to find some pharmacy that carries the Mylan brand.
I thought it was all in my head or something else that was going wrong, and the only thing I could think of that was different was the new generic!
It does make a difference.

I have been taking Paxil brand name and generic (paroxetine) for the past 9 years with no ill effects. I do not notice a difference between brand name and generic. I plan on being on it for life.

Paroxetine is a medicine one will use for the whole life just like we need food to live on. Is there any permanent solution even if it prolongs for a year to several to give an end to depression????? I don’t think so if there is one. I have been using paroxetine from the last 1 year & feel normal only in case I am using it.

Omgsh we are all on the same page! I started generic Paxil from manufacturer apotex a little over a week ago and my thoughts have been increasingly worse. Negative, loss of interest, pessimism, you name it. Today I lost my appetite. I knew there was something wrong for sure. I realized it had to be the change in the pill form. The pharm swapped it out tonight and I’m going back on zydus tomorrow. Can’t wait to feel better again.

I was using the TEVA brand of Paxil (30 mg.) from Rite-Aid for several years. I recently had my order refilled and I noticed the pills were white and were bigger. I noticed when I took them that I got dizzy and extremely fatigued later in the day. (I took them for several days).
The new generic brand they were using was made by Apotex Corp. I had to call the Pharmacy back and they said they could order TEVA and have it for me by the next day. I have now had my doctor specify the TEVA brand for all future refills so that this doesn’t happen again.

I have been on SSRI’s for 15 years. Originally, Paxil brand was taken. Worked fine except for sex issues. Low sex drive and numbness.
Switched to TEVA labs a long time ago with Rite-Aid. They had similar effects. Except, TEVA as I now have experienced, made me feel like I was in a haze and I was depressed with taking it. I would vary the dosages to try to lessen the effects by getting down to 1m mg tablets. Worked good except still felt awful and had no motivation to succeed.
Our Rite-Aid switched to Greenstone Labs and now I feel much better. My anxiety level is a little is a little higher. But I feel quite a bit better.
There was a period when Rite Aid was providing a generic med from a company in India. Can’t remember the name, but they were horrible in every way.
Yes, there are differences in each generic brand from my experiences. My experiences with Greenstone may not be similar to yours, as my reason for taking them was anxiety, not depression. Please try different generics and don’t let the pharmacist try to tell you that you don’t know what you are talking about.
Do a little experimentation. I am glad that Rite Aid switched to Greenstone, because I thought that the TEVA was the best choice. Now, I know that I was wrong.
The Paxil brand was unacceptable to me for the sexual reasons. So, I now have the best of everything.
Oh, these SSRI’s -Paxil and TEVA give me insomnia and restless leg symptoms. I get a better night sleep with the Greenstone.

That’s the first I’ve heard of something like that as well, though I’m far from an expert. I’ve heard of people having nausea, vomiting, etc as a side effect, but those seem to occur rather rapidly from what I’ve gathered as opposed to developing over time.
I could be 100% wrong, but maybe over time the Paxil was “interfering” (for lack of a better term) with the neurological impulses. Meaning that the Paxil maybe wasn’t the direct cause (or wouldn’t have been under normal circumstances), and that’s why it doesn’t seem to be a common/documented side effect; however in combination with everything else you had going on, the reactions did occur and removing the Paxil allowed the nerves to function normally again.
*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, a pharmacist, nor college educated. I don’t even play one on TV. Everything I state is purely speculation and could very well be grossly incorrect. I am also not a lawyer… just in case.

My family Dr. prescribed Paxil for my anxiety, and of course my pharmacy (Fry’s Food Store, or Kroger) automatically filled it with the generic version. My bladder had fallen and I got it lifted with a sling, and everything was working wonderfully when I started getting what I thought were bladder infections. I would go into my Dr. office, they would take a urine sample which would have blood and puss in it. They would send it off to the lab for culturing and it would show no bacteria, so they would try again, only to get the same results.
The pain in my bladder was so extreme I finally just went back to my urologist and got a plethora of tests run, only to find out I had nothing, but still very cloudy urine. No antibiotic would cure my problem, and they got stingy with the pain pills and sent me to a pain specialist, which want to inject lidocaine into your nerve mass near where the pain is so that the nerves die off and you have no more pain.
My problem and question was, what if killing those nerves off made me unaware of peeing myself, and I said no thanks. By some fluke, I was talking with one of my neighbors and her daughter is bipolar and was taking generic Paxil and developed a severe pain in her abdomen. She went to all kinds of Dr.’s and Specialists and had tests run and they just couldn’t figure out what was causing her to double over in pain, finally they decided to eliminate meds she was on, and the last one she was placed on was generic Paxil.
Her Dr. prescribed only the original Paxil, no generic, and her pain went away. My urologist already had diagnosed me with IC, and I had to go weekly for instillations and take oral meds that would make my hair fall out and would not work on the pain for a year. I decided on my own to wean myself off the generic Paxil because neither my family Dr. or urologist would listen when I asked if that could be causing my bladder pain. Well, I am now on Cymbalta and my IC is in remission for about 8 months now. But when I mention it to my urologist, he just cannot seem to fathom why generic Paxil would have that effect.

Went to the docs on Monday, gave them a rundown of my various symptoms (fatigue, muscle exhaustion, dizziness, blurred vision, etc).
The doctors suggestion was to prescribe the name brand Paxil. I made the comment about wanting to ween myself down off of it a bit. His method was to take a pill every other day. Whoa there Doc, I start getting muscle twitches if I go 30hrs without it!
After we talked for a bit, I managed to get him to prescribe me the liquid version (10mg per 5ml), and to “Use as Directed” so that I could manage my own dosages. *See below*
48hrs in, most of the negative side effects that I’d been experiencing over the past month are gone. I’m still a bit shaky, but in much better shape mentally and physically.
*Managing my own dose:
When things were going well for me (prior to the brand switch and side effects), the 20mg almost seemed too high. It leveled me out a bit too much. Right now, I need to get myself back to “normal” with the 20mg dose. Then my initial goal is to get down to 15mg, then hopefully 10mg and see how it goes.
At 10mg/5ml, I’m going to try decreasing my dosages by 2mg per week. The oral suspension gives the flexibility of increasing or decreasing ever so slightly. Especially important to those of us who seem to have a high sensitivity to the meds or lack thereof.
The downside to this is that it’s 300ml of liquid in a 500ml bottle. If anyone else opts to go this route, find a something you can decant the liquid into so it is easy to manage and find a well graduated syringe that can be used to measure the actual CC’s or ml’s you’re getting.
With the right equipment, one could be as aggressive or subtle in lowering their dosage as they’re comfortable with.
As evident here, however, the side effects can be very painful. Go slow, and listen to what your body tells you.

these comments really helped me deal with an unbelievably difficult night this past weekend. I have been on paxil for over 10 years and have tried at different times to taper off but have not been able to manage the side effects. That said, I am now down to 10 mg which is great. Last week I switched to shoppers drug mart and had no idea that there were differences in manufacturers of parotexine and that different pharmacies carry different brands.
So, this weekend I took my first dose from my new pharmacy on Saturday morning and by Saturday night my heart began thumping. I went to sleep and I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night with incredible anxiety, hot flashes (so bad I had to stand outside in freezing cold), and an awful impulse to walk outside into traffic. I looked at my old and new pill bottles to try and understand what was happening. I saw that the old pill bottle had ‘pms’ as a manufacturer and the new pill bottle had ‘mylan’ as the manufacturer.
I looked up differences on paroxetine brands online and found this site where your comments helped me understand what was happening to me. I called every pharmacy in my region to find out who was open on a Sunday and which one carried the ‘pms’ brand because my old pharmacy was closed. Nobody carried it except the very last pharmacy I tried which wasn’t open until 11 am. My symptoms subsided right away but I will never ever make that mistake again. I would warn anyone on paxil to be careful when switching brands. Pharmacists and doctors told me there is no difference or if there is it only effects a very small percentage of people. Well, I’m one of them and I will tell anyone who will listen to be careful.

Another “victim” of the brand switching here.
20mg Paroxetine for about a year now.
I believe Teva was the brand I was on originally. I didn’t have a reason to check at the time. Those worked fine for me after I adjusted to them.
Now RiteAid has switched to something else. They match the Mylan imprint and have been causing me extreme exhaustion, night sweats and just general discomfort.
Have an upcoming Doctor appointment in less than a week. We’ll see what happens then.

David R
I just started paroxetine two days ago, Made by Zydus 20 mg. And I have had heartburn, gas, and a general bad feeling, also I seem to want to stay in bed all day. I have had AIDS for over 25 years and take a lot of drugs, but nothing like this stuff!!! I have been using medical pot for joint pain, wasting, and fatigue and never had a problem.
I was put on this stuff for seasonal depression, but I think I will get off this stuff and wing it. I thank all of you and this web site for confirmation that its the drug and I will let my doctor know about all of this and maybe save someone else from these problems. Good Luck to all of you and again my thanks.

I have been on Paxil (brand name AND generics) for over 10 yrs… I started taking it for anxiety and stress (10mg/day). Over the years, raised up to 20mg/day… I lost my sister to cancer, lost a great job, messed up marriage, etc… so, I thought raising the dosage may help.
ANY way, over the years, any time I would run out or ween off, I would feel HORRIBLE… nausea, dizziness, VERY vivid, strange dreams. I realized that I am just one of those people that really do benefit from taking this stuff (Oh well)… about 2 months ago, I switched to Walgreens, and have noticed waves of bad nausea that come and go with no explanation… and lately, have had it for about two weeks… along with very vivid, strange dreams, dizziness… .just feeling like garbage… and was about to go see a gastroenterologist when I came across this forum…
I looked at my Walgreens bottle, and it it the Zydus generic paroxetine! I am convinced that this is where my sickness is coming from, and although the pharmacist says they are supposed to be the same, they are going to order a different brand for me to try.
I will update this when I find out for sure. On another note… I am now convinced that my lack of libido that was part of the reason my marriage failed, was due to this drug. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank goodness I found this website. I thought I was going crazy after I switched from one paroxetine to another. I was extremely tired and was sleeping up to 17 hours a day and missing school because I couldn’t get up. I also lost my appetite and my mouth felt numb, and I lost my sex drive and just generally felt emotionally numb. My psychiatrist insisted that the generics are all the same, but medical assistant told me (and I saw in the earlier posts here) that generics can differ up to 20% in their substances. I don’t know if I am getting too much or too little of the drug…

I take 20 mg daily paxil. Zydus manufacture. From local no name Pharmacy
Went on vacation, forgot my pills. After a couple days it started wearing off,
And I was getting on edge. Called in to doctor and they sent prescription to a nearby
Walgreens. I ended up feeling depressed, angry, emotional, disconnected and wanted to be isolated from everyone.
We were at a small mall that we stopped to eat and it also had a rite aid. I was about in tears and so I figured I go ask about the medicine. The lady pharmacist said the generic’s active ingredients are the same for all mfg. BUT the inactive ingred are diff and cause different effects, releases, etc that effect diff. So she called my pharmacist back home to see what mfg I get (as at this time I had no idea) and if they had it she would refill for me. Well they didn’t but Kroger did and we didn’t want to make extra trip, I was gonna be back home next day.
I get home and pills take are mfg Zydus too!!!
So can mfg, make 2 different versions? If so… I am doomed. On figuring this out if I encounter this prob again. And if she called and got diff mfg than was on my pill bottle?? Weird??

I also have been taking paxil 30 mg for 10 years with good effect and I found that when my pharmacy switched me to a new manufacturing company, aurobindo I noticed after a few weeks that my anxiety symptoms returned. I saw my pcp today and she wrote a rx for paxil brand only. I am hoping that my new pharmacy will be able to obtain the paxil brand tomorrow. This switch in rx has adversely impacted my ability to work successfully at my job, so I can only hope that I will get this issue resolved quickly.

I have been taking generic Paxil for a few years. I always had round blue pills 30 mg each. I sometimes felt like they didn’t do much, but thought I might be imagining it. Today I got my Paxil in the mail and it is a generic blue oblong pill this time and I feel something stronger already after the first dose of these new ones.
This bothers me a lot that some of them do not seem to act the same!

I have been on paxil before and recently I was back on the pill again. The generic white one. Walgreens gave me the round white pill. I took it and felt like the people here describes that happens with the white pill. After 8 days in hell and also pill 20mg was reduced by my doctor to 10 mg when I called in to complain about effects, still kept getting sick ended at hospital and now should not take generic paxil anymore. But wanted to get my $ back so gave 1 pill to sis who has taken paxil for 17 years and she also got sick (back to hell again) and she returned the pills back to me saying” there is something very wrong with these paxil generic white pills from Walgreens!”

Apotex is now the sole distributor of brand name Paxil in the US. It should be available from a different source than SKB.
I have changed to Teva generic and it seems to be working so far. Had terrible experience with generic from Aurobindo and Zydus
Never had a problem with Apotex.

I too went through this problem. Walgreens switched my prescription from Apotex to another generic. After feeling lousy for a while, I asked the pharmacist if the generic had changed. He said yes and agreed to give me Apotex instead of the new generic. When the Apotex ran out, i switched to non-generic Paxil, which costs me an arm and a leg.
Every time I go to Walgreens, they try to give me the generic and I have to tell them AGAIN that I am on the name brand. I finally had my doctor give me a three month supply so I wouldn’t have to go back to Walgreens so many times to fix their mistakes. When I went to fill my prescription last month, Walgreens told me that they could not fill my prescription with name brand Paxil next month because Smith-kline was no longer offering the name brand drug. Does anyone know if this is true?
I would also really appreciate hearing from those who: (1) liked Apotex and (2) had a bad generic after Apotex. Did you find a non-generic that worked as well as Apotex?

apo is the closest to the original brand name paxil you can get on the market now in my opinion. It works good for me and I have to get the pharmacy to get it in just for me. hmmmmm just a thought, how many people are suffering around the world because of these generic form of paxil? The generics turned me into a person that wasn’t me at all, makes you wonder how many people took their own life or done something really bad that was out of sheer generic paxil symptoms.

I had similar problems when about 15 months ago my pharmacy switched from Apotex to Aurobindo. I had been on Apotex for 8 years, as soon as it became available and never had a problem. It took some time to figure out why I was feeling so bad. Tried Zydus next, same problem. So for the last year I have been getting mail order brand name from the UK under the British name Seroxat (made by GSK, my insurance will not pay for Paxil).
It is still 100 dollars cheaper every 3 months, than buying Paxil in the US. Every 3 months I called Apotex and asked how much longer it would be until their product came back on the US market and every time they said ” a few more months”. Last call though, I got to the bottom of the deal: Apotex paroxetine will not ever be available in the US again, because they are now the sole distributor for the Paxil brand.
Their generic is still available all over Canada, so either I will go that route, or I will try my luck with the generic from Teva. I am more than annoyed that it has to be that complicated to get a drug that works. Not a good thing for the anxiety sufferers and depressed people that take it…

Thank you so much for posting this topic. My doctor and pharmacy members had me thinking it was all in my mind lol. I some how knew I couldn’t be the only one. Good luck to you all hope this matter gets looked into.

Can someone start a facebook group about this? I have suffered like this for years as well. I will share my story and maybe we can get our message to the right people, I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take.The brain shocks, mood swings, panic attacks, bad dreams and over all sick feeling from generics. Anyone have any luck with FDA yet? Please share your story.

You make a lot of great points!!! I have suffered this problem for years. If someone were to make a facebook group about this matter I’d be first to join and share my story…. I’m sure there would be a lot of awful stories about this matter to follow mine sadly.

Brilliant idea- did they ever make a group? I was on original gsk Paxil until the recall in early 2000. Went to pms paroxatine and didn’t have a problem. Then, pms went through a change as did I in 2012. Went back to gsk and had horrible reaction but I was already in a bad state. Stayed on pms brand and increased and leveled out well. Now, end of 2015, pms is back ordered until May 2016! Just started a new job and don’t know if I should return to gsk or try new generic. Apo xanax worked for me for years until their change. Then I went back to Name brand and noticed a huge difference. I have a strong sensitivity to meds/changes in fillers and if the medicinal quality of generics have a range of efficiency then they should NOT be on the market!!

I also have been switched to Greenstone.. Please tell me this feeling will go away if I switch back. I have been on Teva and Mylan before without problems. I have night sweats, headaches, “brain shocks”, and general anxiety. This has to stop!!

Was on a yellow oblong paroxetine @ 13 yrs ago for one year. Went from low dose to higher, (got silly mid-year) back to low dose then off. It worked, the side effects I had, I was told could happen ahead of time. Recently, I’ve been on 10 mg paroxetine 10mg (yellow again) for one month and plan to take it for a year again. The label says: Mfg:AUROS (the s might be a b) followed by, FB.MES-CRC- It took longer to feel it was working this time, but I’m older, and my stress and problems are greater this time.
I did have the weird head feeling for a few days, and a few mornings some heartburn like symptoms I thought that had to do with the time of day I was taking it. I’ve been experimenting between 5-8pm, to see about sleeping and stomach issues. I also have some yawning, and physical agitation, but not unmanageable, and I’m just starting to feel I have a little more energy to cope and do the things I need to get done. My drug store closed, I had to refill at Walgreens, got a white round pill made by ZYDUS, was concerned about the difference, asked, was told it was just because of a different manufacturer, decided to see what I could find online, found this site.
Took my last yellow pill tonight, will start the white ones tomorrow, Dr. appointment on Tuesday, I’ll see what happens by then, and try to stay objective about it in the meantime. Hope for the best.

No worries! I originally commented on this site back on February 1, 2010…. and am happy to say I asked my Dr. to mark “do not substitute” and am back on Paxil (non-generic). I immediately noticed the difference and feel like I got “myself” back. Yes, the downside is that the co-pay costs more, but the benefits surely outweigh the way I was feeling. If it is too costly to be on Paxil, try to do mail order 90 day supply so that you only have to pay the co-pay once for a 3 mth supply.
Good luck to you!

to ls: I am in the midst of the exact same problem. My pharmacy changed my paxil from apotex to zydus which I hope is the only reason why my meds quit working! I just changed to the non-generic brand looking for the kind of success I had before. PLEASE tell me you switched back successfully.

My 95 year old grandma has been given 10mg of paroxetine daily to help with depression. She has only been on it a couple of weeks, but she is always very tired. Will this side affect eventually go away with time, or is this something she will always live with? Could it be her age?

I’ve been taking Paxil for dysautonomia for about 15 years, and I’ve never had a problem with either the name brand or any generics until Safeway Pharmacy gave me Aurobindo. Now I’m starting to get tingling feet and hands and blackouts — which is what happens when I’m not taking medication. It’s almost like the Aurobindo is a placebo.

I’m in the exact same boat. I’ve been on Paxil for 10 years and it has truly changed my life immensely for the better. Recently Walgreens switched my generic Paxil from Apotex to Zydus. On Apotex I had virtually no anxiety symptoms for years. When I was switched to Zydus I noticed I got dizzy a lot and my anxiety symptoms came back to as bad as they were ten years ago when I was first diagnosed with GAD.

I am so glad I found this website and there is definitely a problem with CVS. They do not inform customers of the manufacturer change. I feel like I am going through withdrawal!!!! This is crazy because I am doing a lot of research and I was placed on this Paxil for PMDD and a little depression. Now I am reading I was not supposed to be on it for more than one year? That was ten years ago. Luckily I found a doctor who specializes in all of this and women and I am making an appt. tomorrow to get myself fixed and back to normal. I am over 100 pounds overweight, not myself, and we all deserve to be happy.

Yes, the same thing happened to me. I was using the white and was switched to the blue. I have been on the white ones for eight years. The blue ones reacted much differently for me and it seemed like they were stronger, I did not like how I felt on the blue paxil.
I talked to the pharmacist and was given yellow ones just today, I hope these will be better. I hate Paxil!

Thanks for the great review. I’m starting the Aurobindo tonight and after all of the horrible side affects from Zydus, I was a bit leery to try another manufacturer. I just hope I get the same results as you.

I have switched from the Zydus generic which made me sick to my stomach and nauseous, which I got at Walgreens; to Autobindo from CVS and it works as good as the old Apotex generic for me. Not problems since the switch 6 weeks ago. The Zydus started acting up in just a few days so I had to find an alternative . I took Zydus for about 3 weeks. Took “real” Paxil for a few days, too expensive, and switched my script from Walgreens to CVS to try the Aurobindo and have been satisfied with it.

I can’t believe it’s not all in my head! I have been on generic Paxil from Apotex also for around 6 years and never had any side affects. Recently, my mail order drug company switched my pills to a brand called Zydus. Since I switched which was about 2 month agoI think I’ve had every side affect and they haven’t gone away!I called Apotex and was told the pills are temporarily unavailable due to their manufacturing process with no date of when they will be available again. I’m going to try the Aurobindo brand and hope I have better luck than I had with Zydus. But I’m glad after reading all of these reviews that I’m not the only one who had side affects from a different brand of generic Paxil, however, didn’t have any from the Apotex brand.

I have posted here before; most of the Paxil generics have had the same affect on me, they all work. The only one I can think of that I haven’t tried is the Aurobindo brand, which of course is generic. It seems from one of the posters that they like it. I am currently paying $33.00 for 30 20mgs. tabs by Teva but the Aurobindo’s are $4.00 for 30 at Target and Walmart. I may experiment and try them. Anyone else have good results with Aurobindo?

I had been taking 10mg of generic paxil, Apotex brand for years now. Right around Christmas time I picked up my Rx at Walgreen’s and noticed they switched my normal Apotex manf to the Zydus manf. I didn’t think much of it but within a few days I noticed I was feeling sick to my stomach, loss of appetite and nervous. On Christmas day I was so sick, shaking, tremors etc… I went to the ER. Everyone told me the medication change was all in my head.
I called Walgreen’s the next day and demanded a new brand. Luckily they still had Apotex left and I was back to my normal self within a few days. I recently went to fill my Rx but when I called last week Walgreen’s informed me that Apotex is on back order and they had to give me Zydus. I refused and went to CVS and got the Aurobindo brand. I’ve been taking it for a week now with little side effects luckily. I would prefer Apotex but no pharmacy around me has it and everywhere I call says it’s on back order.
I even called the company and they said they have no dispense date. I just can’t believe that pharmacies, manufacturers etc… screw around so much with people’s health like this.

I’m so glad I found this website-I’m having the same problems with the aurobinod version not working. I read an article that the FDA did an inspection of the APOTEX plant in Canada and put a ban on their products into the USA. This seems to be the reason we can no longer get that company’s pills and now have to pay for the non-generic paxil again.

Had very similar issues with the Mylan blue pill. Was taking med made by Apotex, but then switched to Mylan and experienced serious anxiety and a facial tic consisting of a compulsion to “pop” my ears, as strange as that may seem. Now taking the Aurabindo (sp?) and fine again. All of this uncertainty with the generics has led me to tell my Doc that I wish to stop this med and am now tapering off.
The state of the generic meds is very poor in my opinion. Very concerned about standards these generic meds are held to, etc.

I have had the same new side affects as the rest. I actually emailed Apotex Inc and received a reply back. The first email was approx. 5-6 weeks ago and was told it would be available again by now. I sent another yesterday and the reply was approx.
it should back in your pharmacy within 2-3 months. Anyway after going through all this BS.
Next called all the pharmacies within 20 miles from my home they were all out of stock. So the final result was to get a new prescription for good old Paxil
the brand (non generic). It cost $106.00 dollars for 30 tablets 20mg. I only take 10mg a day so I break them in half and now my cost is only $53.00 a month. You could do this with any dose 30,40,50mg. At least you are getting the real Paxil and not some Generic brand they may have more or less of something different. Good luck with your final results!

So glad (and relieved) to have found this site. I’ve been taking Paxil CR 12.5 for about 7 years now. Once when I tried a generic form it didn’t work for me and so I’ve stuck with the brand name all these years – until last week. I had my RX refilled and started taking these little white pills. I had my doubts, because of my past experience with the generic, but thought I’d give it a try (since I already paid for it).
Granted, it was much cheaper, but not worth the cheapness because I’ve had a week of feeling more anxious, out of sorts and developed an itchy rash on my neck and forehead which I’ve never had before. Finally, today I had the intuition (and Grace) to think that maybe it was from the new generic Paxil and when I looked online, sure enough that’s what’s up.
Turns out that when my doctor (not asking me first) refilled my prescriptions, she didn’t specify “no generic substitute.” Apparently, our pharmacy will automatically give you generic without telling you, unless your Dr. specifies this. He didn’t seem concerned about my symptoms – just told me to call my doctor, etc. Like this is what we do, so deal with it. Gee, thanks. Obviously the doctors and RX are in the dark when it comes to acknowledging how much this can affect people’s lives. Good luck everyone.

I have done much research lately on this topic and am going to share what I have. Ten years ago I was given the brand name Paxil for severe depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety attaches. My parents would often get late night calls not knowing if I was dead or what strange place they needed to pick me up at due to my mental instability.
I was put on brand name Paxil and felt wonderful… all issues had gone away. The insurance company switched my meds to a generic form by Apot and I did not have any problems. Once again my pharmacy switched my pills to Mylan “oh there is no difference, just the color”.
Right! All my past demons had returned by the next day and where worse then ever. Me and my mother shared during our investigation and both of us did not get better on any of the following brands Auro, Mylan, Zydus. We had also called five different pharmacies to see what they carried. I have learned that Apot is being discontinued.
Now what? Mom’s doctor now has put her on Prozac (generic of course) which I have tried and hate. I am planning on getting a note from my doctor for brand name Paxil and see if I can go on a different insurance plan to get them.

apotex cannot be bought in the United States. its a company in canada and they cannot bring it over the border. ive tried to track it down. the best u can do is get it from online, but i dont trust doing that.

Does anyone know where Paroxetine by Apotex is still available? Is the company still in business? If not, would someone who had been happy using the Apotex brand in the past please share what other brand seems to be effective? Thanks!

Does anyone know a pharmacy that stocks Paroxetine by Apotex? I have been on this for years with no problems (other than weight gain), but I’ve been on a brand by “Greenstone” (switched without notification from my pharmacy, of course!) for the past two weeks and my symptoms have been getting progressively worse. Like many of you, I did notice that I received a different brand (these are now pink instead of the white that I’ve always taken), but I figured all generics had to be the same (naively assuming that the FDA was protecting us–HA-HA!).
Well, this obviously is not true! I feel like I’m crawling out of my skin, I am very agitated and moody, and it takes me hours to fall asleep at night. This is worse than the symptoms that resulted in my prescription in the first place! All I know is that the Apotex brand worked for me and I’d like to refill with that. Then I want to wean myself off of this stuff. It’s terrifying being at the mercy of our pharmacy’s bottom line!!!

I too have been taking generic Paxil for many years. I got my most recent refill from Medco. The pills were different, round, but I didn’t think much of it. Within 2 weeks I began feeling like I did before I started taking medication. I dug my old bottle out of the trash and discovered that Medco had switched my paroxetene manufacturer from Apotex to Zydus. I saw my MD and she wrote “brand name required” on the Rx. I called Medco today and they said they would fill the new Rx, but my price would go from $17 for 90 days of the generic to $125 for 90 days of the Paxil.
I complained that Medco had changed the manufacturer, but she said they had no contract to guarantee they wouldn’t change.

Here’s what I do every time I refill. Call your pharmacy before you order and find out what brand they currently stock. If it’s the brand you’re comfortable with then go ahead and refill. If not, get on the phone and start calling pharmacies in your area to determine who carries what and then proceed from there. I do this all the time because the pharmacies will actually switch brands from one month to the next. I have personally found the following generic brands of Paroxetine to be effective; Par, Apotex, Teva and Mylan. When the pharmacy again switched, that was the last straw as their new brand was Aurobindo and I have read many unfavorable comments about this particular brand of Paroxetine. I found a pharmacy that stocks Apotex and went with that.

This is so weird. I have been taking Paroxetine 20mg by APOTEX for about 4 or 5 months now and was feeling completely myself, no side effects or issues. I recently went for a refill at the end of January and noticed that pills had changed, similar to above from the long white oval to the small round pills. I didn’t like it at first, but just thought it was a new design or something.
However, over the past 2 weeks I have been noticing significant changes in my moods and behavior that was making me start to feel depressed feelings. I also noticed that I was sleeping A LOT more than usual and would get easily frustrated. I thought maybe it was just me because I am stressed, but I was stressed last year and was fine.
As a result I googled the two manufacture names to see if anyone else was having problems and found this page. I immediately called my pharmacy (Walgreens) to see if they had any other generic mfg of paxil and they didn’t. So I then called Rite Aid who did,TEVO and I got my prescription switched right away. Right now I don’t have ins so I had to pay about $50 for it when my copay is normally $10, but I know I have to get it because I can’t continue feeling this way; it is disrupting my work and education so I need to find a solution. I start taking the new Rx tomorrow, hopefully I will feel better.
Thanks to everyone for their input on this page. It truly helps to read that you are not alone :)

I found this page as a result of a search to see if others have experienced similar problems from changing generic Paxil manufacturers. I was previously on some generic for Paxil and refilled my script at a Kroger pharmacy. For several weeks I felt that maybe this new pill didn’t work, and I wondered if it was because it was a different manufacturer. I forgot I meant to refill at my old pharmacy, and I refilled at a higher dose at Kroger again, but even an increased dose is not helping. The current manufacturer is Zydous. I’m going to find a different manufacturer after reading this.

I have had the same experience as wm, above. Have you used Paxil (paroxetine) for over 10 years with good results? Have used generic for past several years and 2 weeks ago Walgreens switched from a long oval tablet to a white round tablet 2C 16 on the side. It is 20MG and I looked up the mfg and it is Zydus.
I have had stomach cramps since, increasing in severity as the days go by and after reading this will talk to Dr. tomorrow to see if I can switch to another Generic or back to Paxil. They use a different filler or something and I cannot tolerate it.

I have had generic manufacturer’s change over the 17 years of being on Paxil (paroxetine) and have had no problems. That was until approx. two months ago when I went to pick up my refill from the same Walgreen’s that I have been going to for years. When I picked up my prescription, the pharmacy tech said that the pill shape has changed from pink & oval to white & round but that it would work the same. Like any other time I didn’t think anything of it.
After a few days on it I began feeling like I was not getting the full effect of my medicine, more anxiety and I attributed it to more stress and figured it would pass. A week later I then also began to experience an acid reflux/heart burn feeling in my esophagus. Never did I attribute it to the change in generic manufacturers until now, almost 2 months later, after these side effects still have not subsided.
I found this site and see I am not the only one and that it is not just in my head that all my symptoms date back to when Walgreen’s pharmacy switched the manufacturer of Paroxetine from Apotex to Zydus. At about the same exact time, I felt like my medicine wasn’t working effectively and felt like most of you have also.
I just called Walgreen’s and they told me they did switch manufacturer’s but they have not had any other complaints. I told them about many websites with complaints just like ours that I have found and that I now know it is not all just my imagination or psycho-somatic. He told me that he did have 11 pills in stock left from the Apotex mnfctr and that I could come in and trade him 11 of my Zydus pills & that he would look into getting a different generic manufacturer for me with the next order.
He said he is the one who does the drug ordering and said that it is a competitive market with the different drug companies and pricing does play a major part in them switching from one mnfctr to another. Simply put, it is all a marketing game and the different drug mnfctr’s entice pharmacies to switch to their brand by offering special incentives and/or pricing.
If only they were in OUR shoes and knew the side effects that their strategies had on our everyday lives and sanity. I will follow up on the FDA website and file a complaint and encourage everyone else to as well. Together, maybe we can one day prevent this from happening to others.

As I reported in November, I was getting generic Paroxetine at Target for $4.00- 30 20mg. tablets. Wouldn’t you know it, they too switched from Mylans to Aurobindo. I decided to buy the Apotex brand at a local pharmacy but those cost me $33.00. Amazing the games these pharmacies have to play. One month it’s one brand and the next another.

I was recently switched from Paroxetine by Apotex to the one by Zydus. I have noticed a big difference and am trying to find out what my options are. I don’t want to go to Paxil due to cost, but I will if I have to. The Apotex one worked great, the Zydus one is not working at all. Several people mentioned possibly being in your head. But, I had no bad thoughts about the change in manufacturers as I just figured they were all the same. A week later I realize there is a BIG difference.

I have been taking Paxil for 11 years and for a large part of that time I was taking generics. I had no problem switching to a generic from brand name. Most of the time I was taking paroxetine made by Apotex and noticed no difference. Then Apotex stopped manufacturing Paroxetine and my pharmacy switched me to the generic made by Teva. Again, no problem.
Then one month later they once again changed my generic to one made by Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals. As the weeks passed I started feeling progressively worse. Stomach problems, anxiety, depression, derealisation, etc. It felt as if I had stopped taking the drug altogether or was taking very little of it. Within a month I was so depressed and anxious I started to seriously contemplate suicide and even tried to attempt it.
I finally connected my problems to the switch to Aurobindo’s generic. I had my pharmacy fill my next prescription with the brand name and I felt back to my old self the very next day. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem with Aurobindo’s generic, but I felt I had to post my story in case anyone else is having a problem. I wish Apotex still manufactured Paroxetine, as I never had a problem on their generic. This experience has scared me off generics for a while.

I have been taking brand name Paxil first, then followed by a number of different generics for the past 6 years. I take 10mgs. per day which seems just right for me. The manufacturers of the pills have been Par, Teva, Apotech, and recently switched to a new one called Mylan. I am going to take a different view here because I remember when I first took the brand name Paxil and the effect I got (within 1 hour of ingestion; I know, hard to believe).
It was a definite feel in the head that I clearly remember. That “feel” has been duplicated with every generic that I’ve taken so far. So, what do I gather from all that? First, for me, I’ve always kept an open attitude as to whether or not I get that feel and if so, then I know the drug is doing what it is supposed to do. Second, I do notice a difference sometimes in my stomach reacting from one generic to the other; not necessarily extreme but I’m guessing the coloring or fillers might be responsible.
In any case it’s something I think I can get used to. Obviously, the cost savings is what makes it truly worth it. With insurance the Paxil was very expensive, the generic Apotech at Walgreen’s was $60.00+ and Apotech at Walmart and Target was $4.00 for 30 pills. Currently, I get 30 20mg. Mylans ( blue, with the 2 and n imprinted ) at Target which are scored and I break them in half, so I have a 2 month supply for $4.00. Can’t beat that, and for me, they work.

I too have just been switched to a different generic paxil. I take 20 mg. I have taken a white tab generic for 3 years with no problem, now I am on a baby blue tab with an M on one side and 2 N on the other. I feel like my brain is whirring. Glad I found this website. I get mine at a military pharmacy.

What strength Paxil were you taking? I was switched to a different generic paxil 20 mg and fell like my brain is whirring.

Try getting the prescription filled somewhere else. I like the Apotex brand also.

I have been on the generic paxil (a white pill w/a G on it) for about 5 years now. The pharmacist filled my prescription with a different pill and when I called him to see why I had a different pill he said he had to go to a cheaper brand because the one I use to get was too expensive for him. So I tried it and 2 weeks later everything hit. I was on paxil for menopause reasons. It was finally 7 months since my last period and I started getting one now because of the switch in pills.
It is now 1 year since the switch and I have been on 3 other kinds of pills and still feel terrible. I want to feel like my old self. Now I am searching for the generic pill I use to be on so I can feel better. All these different fillers in these pills are different and the suffering is terrible. If I take the real paxil my insurance won’t cover and I have to pay $100.00 a month, but the insurance only covers a generic.
I don’t know what else to do. I am 52 years old and just want to feel like my old self. My pill was from Watson Pharmaceuticals. I was on 20 mg and now am on 30 mg with a different pill and do not feel any better. HELP!!! Sandy

I was taking 30 mgs of paxil for five years. I got a relapse from thyroid medicine (anxiety). The Doctor bumped up the medicine to 40, then 50 then 60 mgs. After a few weeks of 60 I felt great. Then after feeling great for 4 full weeks, I have some anxiety problems again. I am so disheartened. Has anyone had this problem or heard of it?

My father has been on Paxil for 16 years, suddenly for no apparent reason it stopped working. He has lost 30 pounds, been in the hospital twice and is unable to work. This started 8 weeks ago. His doctor has no idea why this has happened, but it is odd it started so suddenly. I believe now it is the generic paxil made by Apotex. There is a similar problem with the generic wellbutrin and the FDA is finally investigating all of the complaints.
They found that the generic released 34% of the active ingredient in 2 hours compared to 8% in 2 hours in the original. The problem with most generics isn’t the active ingredient. It is tested to see if it is equivalent. This is why your pharmacist insists it is the same medicine because it is.
Where the problem comes in is the releasing agents used in the generics. They can release too much or too little causing untold problems. I have told my father to go back to the original and I am going to call his doctor and insist on it. I don’t care what it costs his life has been intolerable.

Similar problems as everyone else here.
The pharmacist at an independent drug store disclosed to me that the pharmacists know the generics are NOT equal to the name brand. Namely:
1. The dosage of paroxetine can vary by plus or minus 20% and still be within FDA guidelines.
2. The filler or binder (“inactive” ingredients) make a huge difference with the “bio-availability” of a drug. That means how it is absorbed in the GI tract. He even said some generics don’t even fully dissolve!
Bottom line: I have found only the Apotech paroxetine is the same as the brand name, but as of Sep 2009, they have stopped making it. So I have to go with the more expensive name brand.

I have been on Lexapro for some time and due to the cost ask my Dr. for a generic. Since there is not a generic form of lexapro he prescribed paroxetine, which I filled at CVS. After reading the posts I checked the bottle and it is manufactured by aurobinod pharm. This is the second week that I have taken this medication. Last week I felt very out of sorts, no interest in anything and now this week I can’t seem to even get out of bed without effort, have a terrible headache and just want to sleep. After reading that this is happening to other people I have an appointment with my Dr. to change back to Lexapro.

My understanding is that there is an FDA number that one can call to lodge complaints about generics and their inconsistency with the brand. I haven’t followed through (although I should) but maybe if we all start complaining to the FDA they will disallow generics for anxiety/anti-depressants that appear to be more erratic.

So what can we do? I too took the generic Paxil CR and it didn’t work for me. It was 6 weeks and then I finally went on the real stuff. NOW my insurance is saying that since there is a generic available they are going to tag on an extra $28/month because of this. I did have a waiver from my Dr. but now the Dr in charge will not accept waivers becuase “generics are exactly the same.” I need some concrete evidence to plead my case. Any help?

Is this true, lots of you are having real problems with generics. I to, am having the same problem with generic paraxatine, bought from CVS. Called CVS pharmacy and told them my problem. They did say if my doctor writes a prescription with the mfgr. name on it, that CVS would order it. I was shocked because I called last week and did not get that same answer. But I am sure going to try it now. The paraxatine by Aurobindo is not half as good as PAXIL!!!!! CVS are you listening???? Try another generic.

I’ve been reading all of the comments here since my pharmacy decided to switch manufacturers of Paroxetine. When I first started on Paxil ten years ago it truly saved me… made me mobile again. I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks, which then turned into depression. I am fairly certain that back then I was getting the name brand Paxil. At some point the generic replaced it. I wish I could remember when. This was by Apotex, by the way.
My anxiety/panic began to return, but I assumed it was because of life and I was just more stressed out than usual. Last week my pharmacy switched to another paroxetine manufacturer…Mylan. Well, I’ve been nervous about taking it because I just didn’t need anymore changes in my anxiety level. The Mylan brand caused a sort of gurgling in my esophagus and then a heartburn type feeling… then I had a gurgling in my stomach. Weird, but true.
I thought maybe I conjured up these symptoms on my own. But, I don’t think so. I talked to my doctor about it and she is putting me on name brand Paxil from now on. After reading what you folks have gone through I am relieved. I am hoping that the real Paxil will take me back to being in control again.
I just got a call from my pharmacy. They don’t carry the name brand in stock anymore so they will be ordering it for me. And, my insurance won’t cover it because I just got the generic paxil filled two weeks ago. So, I said I still want it and will pay for it… then I asked the price. Well, it is just under $25 for thirty pills! I was thrilled. I asked him if he was SURE that this was the REAL Paxil. He said it was…though I won’t believe him until I pick up the pills tomorrow! And, I will NOT be taking my generic pill tonight!
So glad I found this site.

I am replying to all of the comments regarding taking generic paxil. I had stage fright / anxiety which I always thought was simply a quirk in my personality and was extremely embarrassed about it. When I was in my late 30’s it became debilitating as I had to do presentations for work. I finally confided in my OB-GYN and she told that I was probably simply suffering from a combo of depression/anxiety. She prescribed Paxil and after feeling ‘weird’ for about 2-3 weeks (during which time I halved the dose), I suddenly gained control of myself and felt in control of my feelings, fears and life!
I was ‘normal’ and happy again. I have been on it for 10 years. About 5 years ago I was traveling for work and forgot my ‘pills’. I had my Dr. call in the prescription to a Walgreens in the city I was visiting. They gave me a generic and I thought nothing of it. Nothing until about 2-3 days later I started feeling like my ‘old self’. I went back to my Dr. when I got back home and told her I DEFINITELY felt the difference between the generic and the real thing. Since then I pay the extra and get the ‘real’ thing – the pink pills and have felt great. For me – it’s a wonder drug!

Thank goodness I’ve read this. I’ve been taking the “blue paxil” for several months and have noticed that it didn’t seem to be as effective as the old generic. But I hadn’t complained about it, since I presumed that it was just a somatic symptom. I’m going to see if I can get my MD to request “as prescribed” note on my next refill.

I was switched to a new generic paroxetine from Aurobindo (mfg.) from my mail-in pharmacy. I noticed my old symptoms returning and called the pharmacy and was told they could not switch me back to the other generic from Mallinkraft which I felt fine on since they had a deal with Aurobindo. Only alternative, I guess, is to go back to original Paxil and pay big bucks. I’m writing to Paxil mfg. to see what they think.

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