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Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters

Lovaza is used to lower cholesterol.


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64 yr old female on 4 gm of Lovaza daily. No side effects, and am prone to ABS. Triglycerides went from 360 to 86 in 3 months and are staying down. OTC fish oils all get burped up and are just so nasty. Rare burp with Lovaza. Have been using Lovaza going on 3 yrs. Only complaint is godawful cost. Until we meet our deductible it costs $465 and change for a 3 month supply. Even after deductible it costs around $100 for same amount. Pretty steep for person on SS and small pension. Doesn’t anybody else produce the omega-3 acid ethyl ester? Dr. office had some 800mg capsules for good price, but no longer carries them. I can’t find anything anywhere either. How much of my $465 goes for the fancy ads on TV now?

I am taking Lovaza 4gm/day to lower LDL. I have been taking it for about 2 weeks now. I came home today with severe stomach cramps with much, much gas. About a week ago, I started taking a new probiotic which has 20 BILLION and 10 strains of live, active cultures. I am wondering if either or both of these could cause the above symptoms? If anyone knows anything about stomach cramps as a side effect of either Lovaza or a strong probiotic, please let me know. Thanks, Gail

I was just diagnosed with high LDL, and high total cholesterol, but because of what I have read and heard about statins, I did not want to take a statin to lower my high LDL and cholesterol. My triglycerides are 80. My doctor recommended fish oil. I told him that I already take Dr. Sears (from the Zone Diet) fish oil, but that it is very expensive because it is a dietary supplement. He recommended Lovaza so that I could get it in a prescription and have the insurance company pay for it saving me a lot of money per month, and allowing me to take a dose 4 X what I am taking as a supplement because I can’t afford to pay what it would cost to quadruple my dosage ( It would cost me $70/ month for an 8 oz bottle).
Now I am paying a copay from Medco of $25/ month. In the literature about Lovaza, which I just got today, it doesn’t say anything about lowering LDL and even says in some people Lovaza raises LDL! Now I am sitting here with a 3 month supply (required by Medco) and I hope it works to lower my LDL and hope I don’t have any side effects from the much larger dose. I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about this drug, especially about whether or not it can lower LDL cholesterol.

I took 2000 units of lovaza for several months but had back pain and insomnia the whole time. Dr said not the problem, put me on hormones and a sleep med, but I quit taking and stopped dairy products and fatty foods for a month and cut cholesterol in half, lowered my triglycerides, but not by much. Still triglycerides weren’t moving for me anyway with lovaza. I am female and 42 so I will continue trial without lovaza.

Dr Prescribed Lovaza (4000mg/day) for high triglycerides (350 – 600). Costly, can same result be obtained thru Costco’s Kirkland Omega 3, Total EPA + DHA of 300mg; taking ten or more per day???? Is there any problem with this approach??

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