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New FDA Warning For Popular Cipro and Levaquin Antibiotics!

It took the FDA decades to recognize the serious and potentially irreversible side effects of Cipro and Levaquin antibiotics. We hope the new warning works.
Doctor pulling hair out

They’re called fluoroquinolones (FQs) or quinolones for short. Tens of millions of prescriptions have been written for:

  • Ciprofloxacin (Cipro)
  • Gemifloxacin (Factive)
  • Levofloxacin (Levaquin)
  • Moxifloxacin (Avelox)
  • Norfloxacin (Noroxin)
  • Ofloxacin (Floxin)

These antibiotics have been on the market for more than 30 years. Physicians and patients assumed that they were quite safe. These drugs were routinely prescribed for sinus, lung and urinary tract infections with barely a second thought. But now the FDA has issued a stern warning (May 12, 2016):

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising that the serious side effects associated with fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs generally outweigh the benefits for patients with sinusitis, bronchitis, and uncomplicated urinary tract infections who have other treatment options. For patients with these conditions, fluoroquinolone should be reserved for those who do not have alternative treatment options.

“An FDA safety review has shown that fluoroquinolones when used systemically (i.e. tablets, capsules, and injectable) are associated with disabling and potentially permanent serious side effects that can occur together. These side effects can involve the tendons, muscles, joints, nerves, and central nervous system.”

We Have been Warning You about Cipro and Levaquin Antibiotics!

For more than 20 years we have been warning readers of The People’s Pharmacy that FQ antibiotics posed serious risks. The FDA has been very slow to 1) recognize the risks and 2) warn health professionals and patients how bad the problems could be. But a patient group called the “Fluoroquinolone Toxicity 24/7 Forum” pulled no punches in describing how some patients react to this class of antibiotics:

“Fluoroquinolone toxicity has been like an atomic bomb exploding in their bodies damaging their muscles and scrambling their DNA to the point many are too sick to work, too weak to walk.”

In July 1994 we heard from a reader of our syndicated newspaper column who had received a prescription for Floxin:

“I took it for a severe sinus infection followed by pneumonia last winter. After three days of utter misery and a rash on my back, I started hallucinating. Are there other people who have had a bad reaction to this antibiotic?”

People who have experienced bad reactions to fluoroquinolones sometimes call themselves “Floxies.” That’s because flox is part of the name for such drugs. Other people described being “Floxed” by these antibiotics. What is so extraordinary is that the side effects can be permanent in some cases. Only now does the FDA seem to have realized that FQs like Cipro and Levaquin antibiotics have been prescribed way to promiscuously and the complications can be irreversible.

Fluoroquinolone Side Effects:

  • Tendon problems, tendinitis, tendon rupture (potentially disabling)
  • Digestive distress, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, heartburn, vomiting; super-infections, including C. diff diarrhea
  • Arthritis, muscle pain, weakness
  • Headache, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, agitation, restlessness, confusion, insomnia
  • Retinal detachment
  • Allergic reactions, skin rash, anaphylaxis (life-threatening reaction requiring immediate medical attention!)
  • Hallucinations, psychosis, seizures
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Irregular heart rhythms, QT prolongation
  • Kidney or liver damage
  • Blood disorders

Symptoms of Nerve Damage from FQ Antibiotics:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Changes in sensation to light touch, pain or temperature, or the sense of body position
  • Burning, tingling, weakness

What do these Symptoms Mean for Real People?

Have your eyes glazed over yet? Whenever people see a long list of side effects they tend to tune out pretty quickly. That is why those terrible prescription drug commercials you see on TV are so successful for the pharmaceutical industry. After a few seconds people tend to ignore the calm voice of the announcer as he reads off a list of seemingly ridiculous adverse reactions. The problem is that these terrible complications do happen to people and sometimes change their lives forever:

Bonnie in San Luis Obispo, CA:

“I took Levaquin for a respiratory infection in May of 2008. I started having problems with my right leg shortly after, but didn’t make the connection to the drug. Then in October of 2008, I was prescribed Cipro for a UTI [urinary tract infection] and took one pill and could not move my arms or legs.

“I looked at the insert and noticed the black box warning of tendon ruptures which had only recently been put on fluoroquinolones. It was then I realized that I had taken the Levaquin earlier and was suffering from muscle pain and weakness. I have gotten progressively worse over the years and been to numerous doctors. I have yet to find one who will acknowledge the connection between this drug and my deteriorating condition.”

Debbie in Chicago shares this sad story:

“In the early 90’s, I took Cipro for pneumonia and could not walk for 15 months. The pain was unbearable. I lost my job and was a single Mother. The pain disappeared out of nowhere.

“In June of 2009 I took Levaquin, 2 pills total. I was healthy, happy, good job and no problems in my life. Until the pill I had a mild chest cold. I was in the doctor’s office for 10 minutes and was prescribed Levaquin. Pill #2 caused burning, painful feet. I was going to the health club after work with a co-worker. We both noticed something was really wrong with me. I had a sudden inability to walk due to horrible pain. I had to quit working out. I suffered in pain in order to work, shop, and care for my ill Mother.

“I kept the pain to myself but slept as soon as work and dinner was done. Fatigue set in quickly and everything became worse even after seeing 12 different doctors to figure out why I wasn’t able to walk and why I was in so much pain. I got the usual diagnosis of plantar fasciitis and was offered physical therapy and orthodics. Each doctor who found me getting worse had no answer.

“From June 2009 until now I have been in a wheel chair and cannot step down on my left foot. The severe pain and weakness has traveled from my foot through the whole left side of my body. I do not leave my home to socialize or shop. I only leave to see my doctor because of pain flare ups. Socializing in pain is not fun for me nor can I handle interaction. I cry daily, I am full of dread for the loss of my real self and all I worked for. ALL my dreams are gone. I still do not understand how I went to a doctor I trusted to make me well and instead he ruined my life in a very inhumane way.”

J.T. shares his horrifying psychological reaction:

“Several years ago I was prescribed Floxin. I took the first dose at bedtime. At 2:00 a.m. I woke up hallucinating that giant bats were flying around my room. It scared the heck out of me.

“Interestingly, my older sister who was a pharmacy rep at the time warned me not to take it. I shrugged her comments off as nonsense. This little brother had to learn the hard way. It was terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

“It just makes me sad. Why do we even have to go through these experiences in the first place. Every time I hear the FDA mentioned, I simply shudder. Perhaps someone will expose the FDA similar to what has happened at the VA.”

Donnie’s mother suffered from Levaquin:

“My mother was given Levaquin and suffered terrible hallucinations, among other serious side-effects. There was talk about putting her in a nursing home.

“I found a list of side effects from Levaquin, and the doctor took her off of it. She got over the hallucinations fairly soon, but other adverse reactions to the drug persisted.”

Jay experienced another devastating complication of FQs:

“I took Cipro 8 years ago and was never informed of possible side-effects because they weren’t known yet. I’m STILL experiencing inflammation of my tendons and ligaments, particularly my Achilles’ tendons. It can be crippling, and I have a part-time gig as a freakin’ fitness instructor!

“During one flare-up I also experienced a partially detatched retina, and during other episodes of swollen tendons I experienced a peculiar muscle weakness that felt like I was coming down with the flu. I also had a persistent aching in my joints. These episodes can linger for WEEKS before they resolve.”

The Long Lasting Effects of Cipro and Levaquin Antibiotics:

Not everyone gets over FQ adverse reactions. Some people report that years later they are still suffering. The FDA seems to have finally acknowledged this when it stated that fluoroquinolones: “are associated with disabling and potentially permanent serious side effects that can occur together. These side effects can involve the tendons, muscles, joints, nerves, and central nervous system.”

The agency warns patients to:

“contact your health care professional immediately if you experience any serious side effects while taking your fluoroquinolone medicine. Some signs and symptoms of serious side effects include tendon, joint and muscle pain, a “pins and needles” tingling or pricking sensation, confusion, and hallucinations. Patients should talk with your health care professional if you have any questions or concerns.”

The only trouble with such advice is that for some patients it could be too late. Just one or two pills can produce lasting harm. Talking with your health care professional after the horse is out of the barn may not do much good to reverse the damage. Let’s hope that the new FDA warning to avoid FQ antibiotics for uncomplicated infections will be heeded by doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

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    I’m 31 years old and I suffered an injury due to a minor accident. The doctor gave me sutures and prescribed Cipro XR 1000mg/day for 7 days to avoid any infection. After I took the second pill I started feeling very tired, like I had to lie down. Some hours later I started to feel extreme weakness (my arms and legs were numb, and when I tried to walk, I felt I had to be extremely careful because all my joints felt tender, like they would break). That night I also experienced anxiety and insomnia (I had never experienced this before in my life). I instantly knew it was because of the drug. I had the sutures, but I was feeling great before the 2nd pill.

    I went online and found all this information about FQ toxicity and decided to stop the drug. I became extremely paranoid when I read all these stories. I bought an E-book on FQ toxicity, read many forums and decided to start “reversing” or “recovering” any long-term side effects ASAP. The next morning I asked my mom to take me immediately to the store. I bought many, many supplements that I read were good for mitochondrial health, as well as NAC. That day and the next one I could barely walk, but I spent the days taking supplements, drinking TONS of water and eating (even though I was not hungry at all). The third day, I woke up A LOT better, no more anxiety, and I felt my body was stronger.

    Slowly, all side effects disappeared, *hopefully* for good (it’s been 3 weeks). I don’t know if my side effects were in fact temporary or if taking all the recommended supplements less than 24 hours after I took the second pill is what helped me. Anyway, I’ve never in my life experienced the weakness, numbness and anxiety that this drug caused me. Please, please be careful!

    For urinary tract infections … I took ciprofloxacin several times when I was 69 years old that was six years ago and have been getting progressively weaker to the point that I have to use a walker and cannot walk two feet or two step before having to grab onto something…..I am getting progressively weaker before that time I was a bicyclist a hiker at a camper and looking forward to a wonderful retirement which has been destroyed by Cipro basically I am car written or bedridden and in a walker…. My doctor seems to shrug it off although he recognizes it and most people I talk to at the doctor’s office know what Cipro has done are there any options for me…. I have been online with the different support groups…. But the reactions to this drug or so wide-ranging …. The ideas for eating or taking other chemicals and supplements have resulted in equal problems… People seem to agree that it is something to do with the acetylcholine reactions and also with via various ways mitochondrial reproduction may be involved… That the fluoroquinolone drugs in some way mess with the replication of bacteria but also screw with the replication of your own natural systems…. Particularly provoking autoimmune responses

    That is a really good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one. A must read article!

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Many thanks!

    My thoughts are these. I can hear how proud you all are from warning people away from Cipro & Levaquin. All these people who claim to have been harmed may indeed have been harmed but…maybe not. This is all anecdotal. Again not really helpful. Is there any research being done to show how dangerous these drugs are? If you know anything about that it would be helpful. Do you know of any researchers who have been looking at this problem?

    My wife believes she has been harmed by Cipro, and she would like to know. Drs. in this area of
    Aventura, Fl seem to be unaware of the the side effects of Cipro and Levaquin so they are of little help. We are trying to rule out problems like Rheumatoid Arthritis & and Tick borne illnesses. If those do not show up on testing then it may well be the Cipro. But of course the real problem is where do we go to find someone who could help with a problem like this? Printing endless letters by God-knows-who is not terribly helpful. Finding people who are doing research or are at least interested in this incredibly awful drug might be more the way to go to help people who legitimately have been harmed.

    Here are a few links to research articles:
    Summary: fluoroquinolones are associated with a small but real risk of bad effects such as those we discuss. Interactions with amiodarone or steroids increases the probability of serious problems.

    I am going through what all of you have been through ! I’m in the hospital now as I type ughh .. and I know it’s from cipro and the other liquid antibiotics they gave me at thanksgiving.. I am
    Miserable 😩 I just want answers they are going to think I’m mental is my fear and I’m not been in and out of hospital for 8 months now with heart attacks and stents and gallbladder issues and on top of it all I’m a type 1 diabetic man I’m one foot in the grave …but I can tell you something is wrong and I want it figured out they are gonna pass the buck watch because I have no insurance 🤬. I passed stones for 3 days but I’m in here now because I was having chest pains after I took my nitro pill I want to go home to my own bed fingers crossed they figure it out

    Just to let anyone reading these comments, I was prescribed Cipro back in June 2018 for a inlarged prostate by my family Dr. He give me a 60 day prescription which I stopped taking after 6 weeks do to causing me serious Digestive issues and loss of balance. As of Dec 2018 I am still dealing with all these symptons and not getting any better.

    I went to my doctor because I was very weak, disoriented, short of breath and tired. She took x-rays and blood tests. The x-rays were clear, did not show anything in my lungs, however, she decided to treat for pneumonia and prescribed Levofloxacin. That night I started to feel a lot worse, my resting heart rate was 130 and if I tried to walk to the bathroom it went up to 150-160. Also my blood pressure was way through the roof. I have historically had very good blood pressure. By the next day I was in the hospital in critical condition. I had taken 2 of the 7 tablets. The blood work came in that day and my hemoglobin was 4.4, so they started giving my blood, a total of 6 units. They also gave me blood pressure medicine, I came to find out that my hemoglobin had been declining for several months, and that I had a bleed somewhere in the upper GI. During my stay at the hospital, I was told that the aortic valve in my heart was failing. I have always had a very healthy heart, and in previous caths was told that my heart was in very good condition and and my arteries were clear with no sign of cholesterol deposits. I feel that the combination of my hemoglobin being so low and the Levofloxacin damaged the valve. Does anyone out there have a similar experience or know if this is possible or probable?

    I was prescribed Cipro 2 or 3 times several years ago by my prior internist (for sinus infections) and thought because he prescribed it I’d be OK. A couple of years after having used it I ran across articles online warning about the possible horrible side-effects of this drug (which is by the way consider a LAST DRUG OF CHOICE and NOT to be taken unless nothing else will work)! I’ve already suffered with FIBRO since in my mid-20’s (I’m 70 now) so have been dealing with it for decades and of course as my body ages arthritis is setting in and I have Osteopinia. And I understandably now wonder how much taking Cipro those several years ago have exacerbated the symptoms my medical problems cause in my body.

    So… my current internist needed to prescribe an antibiotic a month or so ago for a UI and I didn’t realize it was Cipro he prescribed but realized it when my hubs brought it home to me. I already knew I wouldn’t be taking it (you couldn’t PAY me to now!) and it went down the toilet but I decided to read the printout that came with it anyway. Practically at the top of the page is plainly stated THIS DRUG CAN CAUSE DEATH. WHY are physicians still PRESCRIBING this drug?? Obviously the FDA’s warning came BEFORE my current doctor prescribed this to me so why would he ignore these facts?? I have to believe he isn’t actually aware of the new warnings and that’s almost as scary as him prescribing such a dangerous drug for me in the first place! Those are questions BEGGING to be answered and I’m going to be sure to share THIS PAGE with him! If we can’t trust our primary physicians to ‘have our backs’ then what hope IS THERE for any of us?!

    Omg same thing is happening to me now !! I was just annoyed here after thanksgiving I was ill waited 4 days before calling ambulance I was bent over I’ll …i a heart patient and type 1 diabetic but my gallbladder was backing up they said so they put me on liquid antibiotics and cipro and I have felt like shit ever since ! Short of breath been passing stones the list goes on .. I hope they figure out what’s wrong and don’t think I’m mental

    Reply to Joanne, “If we can’t trust our primary physicians to ‘have our backs’ then what hope IS THERE for any of us?!”

    Not much unfortunately.
    I’d say our biggest hope is the web and God.

    I’m just now able to talk about this I was prescribed Levofloxacin in July 2017 for bronchitis after 4 days of taking the medication my left leg was weak and I couldnt walk. I went to the ER they admitting me and ran all kinds of test nothing came back. I had a spinal tap and so many other test none of the doctors could give me a diagnosis, I lost 20 pounds I was weak, insomnia, hallucinations ,breathing problems .. I felt like I was not going to make it… this lasted for over a year. I’m just starting to feel better however I still have breathing problems tingling and numbness at times. I know this was drug my Aunt is a nurse and she has a couple of patients with all the same symptons and they were taking this drug!!! I was hospitlized 3 times and had to take leave from work. PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS DRUG. I’m so afraid to get sick again because I wont take any prescription meds

    I just learned about this today. I have been suffering with “fibromyalgia”for 16 years. A new rheumatologist told me about the permanent side-effects from Cipro. I LIVED on Cipro for weeks at a time 23 years ago and again 10 years ago, when I had two sigmoid resections for diverticulitis. I have debilitating muscle pain, neuropathy in my hands and feet, insomnia, and recently had a sudden separation of the vitreous detachment from the back of my eye. All the symptoms are adding up. It’s so scary to think I won’t get better. I am so sad, angry and frightened. I am in so much debilitating pain 24/7. What a horrible possibility that these evil drugs did this to me.

    I took Levofloxacin for bronchitis. I went to a walk in clinic and was given the prescription for 10 days. About 2 weeks after I took it I started having pain in my right foot. A couple days later it was in both feet. Severity of pain ranged from mild pain in tops of feet to severe pain in one or both feet. I have days I can hardly walk and days I don’t hurt. I have also developed pain right be low side of thumbs which also comes and goes.

    Now I have developed pain that feels like bee stings in inside of right lower leg. I went to ER and was told it was possibly a nerve pain and could possibly from the antibiotic and to talk to my regular doctor about it. My doctor has already told me the pain in my feet could be temporary or life long. I am 76 years old. The doctor who gave it to me asked if I had ever taken and had problem with drug. I said I didn’t remember taking it. He didn’t tell me the dangerous side effects especially for the elderlly or I would not have taken it. I would have ask for another drug. Beware of this drug!

    What does Cipro do to dogs with recurring UTI’s…..???

    I am just afraid to take the medication–ciprofloxacn–after reading these articles. Why invite trouble? The leaflet from the pharmacy had black box warnings for people over 60. Being in that category, and wanting to live as trouble-free as possible, what options are available?

    I was given an Rx for Cipro for a UTI, by the second pill, I was unable to lie still because of pain and was urinating blood. My husband took me to the hospital, I am a physician, I suggested possibly I had a kidney stone, while the labs did show a UTI, my Lipase level was 27,000, acute pancreatitis, I neither drink alcohol or have a gall bladder.

    The gastroenterologist had no explanation for this severe episode. Six months later I had pneumonia, I was given Levaquin, again my Lipase went through the roof and I was diagnosed with pancreatitis. At that point I concluded that the fluroquinolones were the culprit. I would not let anyone in my family take these drugs. They are too dangerous.

    I took levaqiun years ago for a recurring urinary infection. I asked for the drug because I heard from a friend who knew someone just like me that the doctors could not treat to make go away until this medicine. Although it was expensive for seven bills($100), it cured me. I thought I was going to die. My my daughter is having the same system that I had with a urinary tract infection. Doctors are treating her with the usual meds. and it is not helping. I want to ask her doctor to prescribe Levaquin for her. Her pain just as mine was is debilitating. Someone please advise me on what I should do.

    In 2014 I had a reaction to Bactrim. At first when I started taking it for cellulitis on my right thigh my body felt like I was dying. My whole body ached like it had a bad case of the flu. But I continued to take it thinking it’s trying to rid the infection. In a couple of weeks my knee seemed to separate and slide over to the right. I tried to stand on it. It hurt at first but then I was ok. For several days I was going through the same thing, but now my knee was so painful I had to use my left leg as I tried to avoid putting pressure on the right. Within a few more weeks the pain moved up not to just the knee but to my upper right side above the hip.

    I was in intense pain. But never really got answers I needed. I think I had to have had a tear inside the knee or something. Not only that, my tongue would get spasms that lasted only about 5 seconds maybe. Then when spasm was over the inside of my tongue would be very painful. I mentioned it to my advocate, and she took no concern. So I never brought it back up. Same with my Bactrim reaction with the knee. We were on different pages. A few months later my tongue split open under the tongue with pus. The spasms stopped but I now and then get pains inside the tongue that hurt very bad at times.

    Two years later I caught an infection that landed me in a hospital. A bronchial pneumonia infection. I told the doc I had a reaction to Bactrim, and I lost the ability to walk well and also told him about my tongue. So wondering why on earth would he give me IV the cipro and levaquin,knowing it’s crippling. I had it IV for 4 days. They had me walk around the ward before I left. I was losing balance, and my equilibrium was off. I figured it must be from the sickness and being weak.

    I was sent home with another week’s supply of steroids to take. My coordination was off. I had to hold onto something for balance. Two years later I still have to be holding something since my balance is way off. But worse then that, my skull feels like it is separating. I can’t do anything without massive sweats, and every muscle and the bones are wearing fast. I pretty much ended up in bed by a couple months after the cipro with levaquin in 2016.

    Too weak to go to a doctor. Never even been seen after I left the hospital. Lost capacity to hold urine and sometimes bowel. I don’t know what to do other then wait to die. Is there any way to reverse this. How can it be OK for doctors to cripple you? My advocate said, sometimes you have to deal with side effects to cure the other. This just doesn’t seem right.

    Who do we report our side effects to? I would like to know if there is a cure.
    I’m now a senior, and I don’t have a doc. Too weak and in pain to see one.

    My mother started taking this pill 5 days ago, and yesterday she unexpectedly died in the middle of the day. Her heart just stopped beating. There is no history of heart disease in my family. I see now one of the effects is an abnormal heart arrhythmia. This drug killed my relatively healthy 65 year-old mother.

    I was prescribed levaquin for a sinus infection. Within two weeks of taking it I could hardly get out of a chair and moving was painful and exhausting. This lasted over 3 years. No longer could I walk around the block, stand in one place to cook dinner, all my activities ceased and I sat in a chair and watched the world go by. My calves were the most affected, but it affected my whole body, crippling my hands and feet. Sleep was the worse as the pain was so terrible the only way I could sleep was to knock myself out with ambien every 4 hours. I think giving a patient levaquin for anything other than an acute life saving situation should be a criminal offense. That doctor ruined 3 years of my life with the scratch of her pen.

    I was prescribed Levaquin for a mastoid infection that would not go away. After day four, I broke out in severe hives all over my body that took two weeks to subside. Five months later I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I have no family history, had perfect glucose and A1C results in prior tests, and was 44 years old…definitely not the norm to be diagnosed with this. When I asked if taking Levaquin caused this, my primary care, endo, and two residents emphatically said “no.” Does anyone know if others have had this experience?

    Took Levaquin for Pneumonia. After 1 pill my shoulders hurt. Called Hospital that prescribed me the pills and was told to keep taking them because I was only going to be on them for 6 days. On day 2 both of my knees started hurting. Now 2 months later, my knees hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck hurts and my stomach hurts.

    I think that any drug should be taken with extreme caution because of the side effects, but I also think that many of the problems that people are associating with this drug are probably coincidence and not linked directly to taking the drug (especially once) because there are too many extenuating factors not accounted for such as: age, lifestyle, underlying conditions and genetics. While the side effects are real, they are still very rare (you need to consider that millions of people have probably taken these drugs without incidence over the past 30 years) regardless, it is good to be aware of anything that we put into our bodies. Also, it might be good to remember that if left untreated, the conditions that this drug is meant to treat also kills people.

    There is no coincidence. This class of drugs causes permanent disability and death. The FDA agrees and has posted severe warnings. The European Medicines Agency is due to give out their view shortly following an in depth investigation and hearing. For many hundreds of thousands even millions, their suffering has not been connected to these drugs so the idea that side effects are truly rare is a fallacy. Most people affected by these drugs were healthy other than minor infections when they were struck down.

    Regardless whether the side effects of taking this class of drugs is directly or indirectly related to an adverse reactions, the reality for people who have bad reactions to these drugs is debilitating. Sure, it would be better if prescribers had more information about genetics and other underlying conditions, but in absence of more thorough bases upon which to choose medications for patients, it seems that the medical providers, the pharmaceutical company, and the FDA should take more accountability for adverse reactions and the protection of vulnerable patients.

    I agree that as individuals we should be more informed about our options and potential side effects, and we could probably give more thorough medical histories to our providers. It wasn’t until recently that my family was “floxed”, so we were unaware of the magnitude of the side effects for some people. It seems that this level of adverse impact should be more thoroughly discussed between prescriber and patient, and more openly acknowledged among the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Thank you to everyone here who has shared your story!

    I was given Cipro for strep throat in 2010. My previous experience with it several years earlier had been that it made me nauseous, but this time the side effects were much worse. I became suicidally depressed, to the point that my husband was afraid to leave me by myself. I talked to my doctor and she took me off it immediately. Blessedly, the black depression cleared up.

    Years after this I developed diverticulitis, and a different doctor wanted to put me on Cipro and Flagyl, the most commonly prescribed antibios for diverticulitis. I wouldn’t let him. He gave me Augmentin, and that worked just fine. I’ve had diverticulitis several times since then, usually on a weekend (so an ER visit), and all the ER docs want to prescribe the Cipro/Flagyl combo, and look at me like I’m some kind of weirdo when I say I can’t take Cipro. I just dig in my heels and ask for the Augmentin. You’d think I was asking for marijuana or meth, the looks I get.

    I want to thank you, Joe and Terry, for helping me avoid a significant potential harm. At an ER visit a few days ago, they incidentally found I had a urinary tract infection, and prescribed Cipro. I said I had a feeling that I shouldn’t take it, but couldn’t remember why or where I got that idea. They told me Cipro wasn’t on my allergy list so should be no problem. I took the rx but decided I was not going to fill it until I did more research.
    I checked your site when I got home, and there it was – the source of information I must have seen in the past. You noted the risks Cipro poses for causing or worsening peripheral neuropathy. I have that. It is listed as a diagnosis in my medical record. Had I taken that drug I could have had increased and potentially permanent nerve damage.
    My primary care doctor kindly worked me in to see her the next day and I am now on a different antibiotic.
    Thank you, and thank you to the readers who wrote to share their experiences. It helped me and I am grateful.

    I’m shocked. Been taking Cipro for urinary tract infections for about 20 years off & on. At age 37, I shouldn’t have arthritis so bad it’s hard to work a full time job and nerve problems in my feet and joint pain. Just when you think your getting help for your problem, which i was grateful for the relief. Certainly wish this info was available years ago. Im saddened by all this. Truly.

    I had a very bad ear infection and sinus problems. When the Dr. looked at my ear, he said you have a lot of fluid but I do not see where you need any antibiotics. I had to return in two days which was on a weekend so I saw a different doctor in the same building. This doctor gave me only 250 mg of a z pack.

    When I was done with this, it did not get rid of the infection. I went to a walk in facility and the Dr. there said, I can tell you do not feel good. That Dr. said that I needed to be on a high dose of prednisone and antibiotics. This still did not clear up the infection. Later I got a new Doctor and ended up taking Levaquin 500mg for 7 days and more prednisone.

    This helped a great deal but I feel like I need another round of different antibiotics to completely heal from this sinus infection. When an infection does not get treated it just gets worse! A hair dresser told me yesterday that one of her clients, had a sore throat and thought he just had strep and ended up with septic and died at the age of 58.

    While traveling in France, I developed a urinary tract infection. A doctor who could not speak English prescribed Cipro to me. I was in such pain and discomfort with lots of bleeding, so I took the Cipro. Immediately it cleared my infection, so I only took four pills and not the twelve that he prescribed. However, a month later, while playing tennis, I totally ruptured my Achilles tendon. I was in Mexico and could not rely on help at the time, so I waited five days to go home and have surgery. The first thing that the doctor asked me was if I had taken Cipro lately. Had I known, back then, what I know now, I never would have taken this drug. It shouldn’t even be on the market with such side effects. Not sure if my aches and pains in my legs are from this or just the fact that I am getting older. At any rate, I blame the Achilles rupture on the Cipro.

    Anyone have anything that can help with getting better from this stuff. Please share for the rest of us. Thanks in advance.

    I was prescribed Levofloxacin. I been on these pills for three days and have to take for seven days due to being diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia. I noticed that my right leg , muscle and knee is swollen and in get pain. Whey haven’t anyone filed a class action Sue against the making. What shall we do?

    Geneva Brown

    I have been taking Cipro and developed a sinus infection, sore throat, drainage, etc. and last night I started losing my voice and this morning have a full fledge laryngitis and can barely speak. Is this a dangerous side effect? I, also, have had open heart and now am struggling with calcification of my regurgatative Mitral Valve prolapse. Can this be dangerous for me to keep taking it? I am allergic to Penicillin, Keflex, Sulpha Drug and Zithromax and can take Cipro and Clindamycin without allergies.

    My life was ruined by Cipro. I have most, if not all of the symptoms reflected in this blog. The hospital where I had my surgery performed insisted that I take that antibiotic, double dose for two of the most miserable weeks of my entire life. I did all of the due diligence and I thought I was aware of the risk. The decision to use Cipro was also supported by my nefrologist. You know, professional courtesy. I knew going in that I was putting myself in jeopardy, but, the surgery I wanted was only performed in this one hospital. I also knew that the hospital was not considering my results, but instead, they were totally focused on protecting their reputation by using the nuclear option to avoid the risk of being tagged an infection risk location. I feel it is my responsibility to warn everyone faced with the same predicament. The risk is absolutely not worth the reward.

    I also feel it is my responsibility to enlighten everyone on the blog of the very positive results I’ve achieved to address the horrific and debilitating side affects of this class of fluoride antibiotics. I have studied alternative health therapies for forty years. My approach to the current crisis was limited by my CKD (also due to medical malpractice). If you don’t mind, I’ll go right to the point now.

    I had previous experience with collagen hydrolysate with good results. I stopped using the dietary supplement two years before my surgery. Thankfully, I finally recalled (very hard to focus my thoughts after Cipro) the positive results I had in the past. Within the first day of using CH, my pain level was down 60%. Increasing positive results would occur with each passing day. I had more energy and my mood was greatly improved. I also added an old friend, Now Foods pea protein, to my regimen. I changed my breakfast menu from the “same old, same old” to a smoothie of Great Lakes Gelatin collagen hydrolysate, Now Foods pea protein, Trader Joe’s organic white rice milk, TJ’s goat yogurt, TJ’s frozen or fresh berry melody, Now Foods original stevia, and some organic chia seeds. I am providing brand names because I have a track record of positive results with these products. Feel free to substitute your own favorite brands with the caveat to avoid anything sold by bricks and mortar mass merchants. Inferior products will cause more harm than if you take nothing at all. Some of my list of items are purchased from Lucky Vitamin and iHerb. Beware of some of the heavily marketed discount internet brands; you know who I’m thinking of. The key ingredient of this elixir is the collagen hydrolysate. I’d strongly suggest Great Lakes based on their track record. You probably will want to avoid cheaper collagen because of numerous reasons of which I will not address in this screed. I was able to purchase an 8 pound bag of CH directly from Great Lakes for a very fair price. Read the information on their website.

    Thank you for your attention. Thank you People’s Pharmacy. Best wishes for your health. Be well.

    David, thanks for the info. Your recommendation of collagen supplementation makes sense. The FDA site has some new information about fluoroquinolone users having a 2-3x higher risk of aorta aneurysms or ruptures, and the suspected mechanism is that they attack collagen, which forms the lining of the aorta (I believe it’s in joints and tendons, too).

    Thanks to all who posted here — I just received a Levaquin prescription as a prophylactic for a prostate biopsy, and will be researching alternatives now.

    Hi David!
    I read your comment of how this antibiotic affected your life as well as many others. This happened to my husband, too. I think that’s great how you found some relief with alternative therapy. I was interested in your daily smoothie and wondered if you’d be able to email me more information about it. Thank you.

    In October 2016, I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin 750 mg for a suspected UTI with no symptoms. (My gyno called and told me I had one after a routine check up) I trusted my doctor. By the second pill, I was a crying puddle of pain and anxiety. I went back to the pharmacist at the big chain drug store and told her my Achilles’ tendons hurt and so did every other joint and tendon in my body. The pharmacist told me to keep taking it because “all antibiotics have side effects.” Thank goodness I didn’t listen to her as I am 100% positive they would have crippled me for life, if not killed me.

    I developed peripheral neuropathy in my arms and feet, and my joints and tendons are deteriorating more and more each day. I live with chronic pain and insomnia. I have seen more than 10 doctors, and not one believes that Cipro could do this to me. I reported the side effects to many doctors, the pharmacist, and even a trip to the ER. No one believed me or offered any help. The FDA has done a terrible job of convincing the medical community that fluoroquinolones ARE A DRUG OF LAST RESORT! It’s up to those of us who have been injured to spread the word to patients and to let them know they will have to fight their own doctors for an alternative antibiotic. And by the way, the re-test my gyno insisted I take came back negative. I never had a UTI.

    Just one more old lady here, who has suffered because of Cipro problems AND a doctor who buried his head in the sand. That’s the worst part really when a doctor turns up his nose at your complaints and then condescendingly tells me that I NEVER DO ANYTHING HE TELLS ME TO (when I refused more Cipro and asked for another antibiotic). Now every time somebody with whom I went to high school dies “from complications” of something, I think they must have been prescribed a fluoroquinolone.

    Addendum: FDA was notified of our tragedy which prompted the most recent and stern black box warning. Local news station also shared this information with the public. Over a dozen lawfirms were contacted and will not address this horrific tragedy that amounts to murder.

    DO NOT TAKE ANY FLUOROQUINOLONE! My beloved daughter, who was very healthy with no previous medical history, took Cipro for 5 days for a presumed UTI and suffered all symptoms listed in this article. She developed severe central nervous system toxicity. SHE DIED!
    It is useless to go to the doctor for help because they are all clueless. They cannot cure or treat the devastating effects of this class of drug. They are NOT even aware of the 3 black box warnings. They will argue with you to say Cipro is not harmful until you force them to pull out their cell phone, and Google it right there with you.

    Iv just been prescribed cipro yesterday for otitis externa. The tone of voice when the phamacist said read this pamphlet this is a strong drug scared me enough to actually read and look online about this drug. I am in disbelief that a Dr who looked at me for less then 5 min would prescribe this to me I have not taken any and now I won’t after reading all that I have about it. But I’m heartbroken I already suffer daily with other health issues I’m struggling just to do daily life…

    I called the Dr and said please find something safer for me to take they refuse to give me anything else and swear it’s the only cure for my ears …i called the pharmacist they also said it’s very commonly prescribed and rare to have side affects to just take it I’ll be fine.

    I’m so lost at what to do I scared my ears won’t heal and yet there is no way I will throw my life away for the possibility of these side affects I’m only 26 I have 4 young children I stay home with i can’t risk any more of my health .. what do I do I’m in tears I’m so terrified to trust another Dr with this.

    Kathy D.

    Has anyone within this group had any contact with the FDA? Has anyone reported their results of taking the “fluxing” medication to any government agency or representative? It’s be nice to know what exactly their response would be. Good luck everybody. I’ve been suffering everything you all have and don’t have the energy to do anything,much less contact the FDA…one of these days I may get to it.

    I took 60 tablets of Cipro almost 24 months ago and am still suffering serious side effects. I have seen many doctors and had every blood test in the book. Scopes and everything. My gastro doc was the only one to say it was the Cipro side effects or damage done by Cipro that has caused me to be sick everyday for almost 2 years. From brain fog, blood in stools, head aches, fevers, chills, fast heart rate etc. the list was about 30 issues. I now take VSL3 probiotic 3 times a day and that helps somewhat with restoring the good bacteria back to my colon. But if I take 1 antibiotic I get blood in the stool again because it wipes out everything again. I may have this for life. I can’t drink sodas anymore juices or have any caffeine or chocolate. If I do I get sick as a dog. I do try to stay active and I walk miles a day and run with my dog. I have had no tendon issues that a lot of folks reported. I have mainly the GI and colon issues. I am going for another 6 month follow up next week. Another EKG and labs. All have shown consistency of being normal. That’s a good thing but I am still sick 5 out of 7 days a week. I wish there was some miracle pill to make us all better but Bayer said there isn’t one as of December 2017. I am a 21 year military vet and medic so I know all about this drug but I had to take it or I may have died. So I knew the risk but it was possible death or floxed.

    I chose the medication because there was a chance it may not cripple me but it started 5 days in. Would I recommend any FQ antibiotics today? Yes and no. Only if you have a life threatening issue. I have read some of the horror stories of folks being crippled after 2 pills or 5 pills for years and that scared me because I took 60 pills. I hope one day it will go away but at this point I have learned to live being sick and having blood in my stools because it’s 100% fact that the Cipro caused this damage. No cancer, cysts etc as well which is also a good thing. Anyway I hope everyone has a good holiday and keep your heads high. Try not to get down. There are thousands of us going through the same thing. Happy holidays folks.

    Although my Pharmacist and Doctors mention that the RISK of Achilles Tendon Damage is so rare that it is almost unheard of, there seem to be thousands of people harmed by these drugs. Just look on YouTube or Facebook and you can see so many are signed up to FLOX groups. It’s quite chilling. I am affected by Cipro damage. It has caused a tumour like lump in my leg. Just a 5 day prescription.

    My boyfriends uncle got a torn Achilles’ tendon from this had surgery as it was completely separated got a blood clot and died!

    How long afterward did you have the bleeding?
    I took it almost exactly 2 years ago. My life has been hell ever since.

    My brother died a few weeks ago while on a levaquin drug! My 86 year old father is delusional and can’t remember people and PARANOID. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TYPE OF MED! I just don’t get that it is being manufactured!

    I took 4 doses of Levaquin years ago before the warnings. Woke up one morning after the 4th day or so and could not put my feet on the floor they were so sore!!! There were not warnings at that time but I had a drug rep tell me everyone knew it but didn’t want it to be public. It was at the time of the Anthrax scare and Cipro was the drug of choice1!!!
    I could have used a Zpack and been fine but I was so sick, I didn’t question it. I had to have thumb surgery, wrist surgery and knee surgery within one year of taking the drug.
    16 years later I still have muscle pain, parathesia, generalized tendonitis, fatigue..Horrible. I try to warn everyone I know.

    I cannot believe my doctor prescribed Cipro to an 83 year old male. After taking six pills and suffering great pain in both legs, which prevented me from walking, I called doctor’s office and was told to stop pills. Never heard from them again until a couple of months later when I was called for an annual check up. I thought I had recovered from all symptoms until today, two months later, when leg pain and fever returned. Looks as if I am in for recurring problems.

    I was “floxed” in May 2014 when I was prescribed Cipro for a suspected UTI. I have had constant pain ever since. I wake up every day feeling like I have been in a car crash, or repeatedly run over. The long lasting physical and psychological effects of this drug make you feel that life is no longer worth living, especially when you discover that no doctors are willing to help you to recover.

    I have diverticulosis for years. Once in awhile It becomes “it is,” and I’ve never taken an antibiotic for it. I would run a 99 temp and for 3 days, nasty cramps then it would clear. But now I’m 82 and felt “under the weather” for a few months, little nauseous, off and on as tho something in my g.i. tract was ‘off”. Finally, my doctor ordered a CT scan 4 days ago. It indicated diverticulitis, lower g.i. tract and he prescribed Flagyl and Cipro. I took both for 3 days and felt worse. Then I googled side effects of both, I had probably 5 of them. Dizziness,nausea, busy g.i. tract, an increase in my peripheral neuropathy that I have, a depression of some kind and generally felt ‘awful’. I started googling. Both Flagyl and Cipro are appropriate for diverticulitis but they are making me feel awful. I don’t know if it’s one or both. I’ve taken them for 4 days. I want to stop yet all say “boo hiss”, the bacteria causing the problem will get stronger. At this point, I think I’m going to take that chance.

    FDA needs to ban these lethal and disabling drugs e.g. Levaquin. Label-changing is NOT ENOUGH! Class Action cannot bring back the permanent damages to consumers.
    FDA should NOT Protect Drug Dealers and Sellers but PUBLIC. It appears Big Pharma producers of these lethal drugs are hiding behind Class Action LAW LOOP HOLES with FDA Help.

    While fluoroquinolones seem to have some serious side effects, no information was offered in this article on alternative drugs for complicated urinary tract infections. So, other than scaring everyone, what is the point of this article?

    The idea is to have people ask their doctors if a fluoroquinolone is the only appropriate drug for their infections or if another type of antibiotic might work just as well. Actually prescribing the antibiotic is the doctor’s purview alone.

    I was put on Cipro for the first time 9 years ago for diverticulitis. Then every time I had a flare up I was put back on the Cipro, 6 years ago, 3 years ago and then 2.5 years ago. I told my doctor I wanted to have surgery to correct the problem because I had too many side effects from the Cipro (fretful and major confusion, load ringing in my ears, dizzy, chills, major joint pain to the extent one joint in my finger blew up, foot pain, pains in my abs, diarrhea, sick to my stomach, my eyes kept breaking blood vessels, and my urine was gold looking). My doctor told me just because I was having side effects from the drugs was no reason to have surgery.

    After a few months I had diverticulitis problem once again I ended up in the hospital, and another doctor told that there was no other drug for me and that I needed to take the Cipro. I refused they finally gave me a different drug and I did get my surgery.

    It has been two years since my surgery and I’m still suffering from the effects of Cipro. Confusion, ringing in my ears, daily headaches and sharp pains in my head, foot pain and joint pain. Everyday is such a challenge for me.

    Something should be done with all the people who are suffering from this horrible medication. This needs to be taken off the market so others don’t suffer.

    My husband was given Cipro in Nov of 2013. He was having Prostate problems and was catheterized for 7 weeks and was on Cipro for 3 weeks. Shortly after he started taking it, I began to have migraines, leg and back pain and diarrhea. in January I suffered a pelvic prolapse. I had to wait 6 months for my Medicare to kick in before being able to get help and surgery, which resulted in a Hysterectomy.

    Shortly after my surgery, (8/2014) our daughter, contracted Reyes Syndrom (Shingles in the inner ear). The doctors misdiagnosed it until she was beginning the signs of Mastoidistis. They put her on Cipro. In November, I suffered another Pelvic Prolapse. None of the doctors, on my insurance, were qualified to care for the extensive damage, this time around. I had to wait a full year in order to change my insurance to one that had doctors who were qualified to care for the problem. That surgery took place in March of 2016. I have not had a problem since, in this respect. All three of us adults suffer back and joint pain, though, which I attribute to the Cipro poisoning.

    In June 2005 I was given Cipro for the pink eye in the ER within hours I was back in the hospital this time having surgery the medicine bust the blood vessel in the back of my eye ok so I knew I was allergic blind for 6 months.. now let’s move to 2017 have a baby January 6 2017 on the 12th I go to the ER told the. I think I have pneumonia they said I did I advise them I’m allergic to Cipro they give me Levaquin through an IV didn’t put the two together but go home body hurting couldn’t lay down pressure felt like my head was about to explode hubby go pick the medicine up I c levoflaxin and knew I was in trouble rushed to the ER was suffering a stroke 2 blood clots, swelling and bleeding on my brain please people be careful ask question I almost lost my life to someone else error with a 22 yr, 11yr daughters , 10 yr and 6 day old sons who needed me in the blink of an eye if I would not have seen that Levaquin and lavoflaxin was the same I would have brushed it off as a simple headache n died in my sleeep….hope this help someone

    Over the years I have been treated with Levaquin for chronic sinus infections. I now suffer with trigeminal neuralgia and peripheral neuropathy in my right leg and foot. I believe these conditions were caused by substantial amout of Levaquin I have taken over many years.

    I have taken Cipro many times over the years with no side affects. Today I was prescribed levaquin for pneumonia and a UTI. I took one today (script is one a day for five days) but am not taking, however, I feel better already. I like to go the natural route, but everything costs so much, and Medicare pays for drugs, so what do you do?
    I never wanted to take prescriptions in my life.

    I was prescribed Ciprofloxin for a relatively mild upper respiratory tract infection over 10 years ago. I took it for about three days, and by the end of the third day I could hardly walk up a set of stairs! And not just my feet, ankles, and legs hurt. I also had shoulder and wrist pain. Most of the pain gradually subsided, but I still suffer chronic popping, clicking, and pain in my shoulder pain, as well as pain and swelling in any joint I use more than usual. So, for example, if I walk 4 miles instead of 5, or if I use a hammer, or if I carry a heavy bag, I usually have at least a week of paying for it. Last summer I had to use a cane for a month because I walked an extra 3,000 steps. The very worst thing is that I’ve had to give up playing the cello. It sucks, but there it is. I sure wish there had been a black box warning back then.

    just got a script for cipro,i have a head cold and sore throat and afraid to take it after reading the above comments. i had acute broncitis in feb and in hospital for eight days, given iv’s,blood,many pills. told not to get sick again and it will then go into acute broncitis,then copd. what else can i take besides raw garlic,cider vinegar,musinec and hot tea with lemon and honey and chix soup. dont want to take cipro as it scares me. please help and thank your comments on this drug. i am 86 years old and a diabetic,so,naturally, i dont want to take extra med if i dont have to.

    It’s as simple as this. DO NOT TAKE IT. Believe me it’s not worth the risk. You want to live the rest of your life the best way you can. Please don’t take this poison sir. Do not even consider it.

    After taking 10 days of levaquin I started having severe pain in my muscles and joints. I have lost much of the strength in my legs. Before the medication I could rise up out of a chair with out help, Now I have to use something for assistance. I also have arthritic type pain most of the time.

    In July of 2014 I was prescribed Levofloxicin, which is generic Levaquin, for a sinus issue. I took 6 pills and was having pain in my hands and shoulders. I was only told the medicine could affect the Achilles tendon but I did some research and found it can affect any tendon. Within weeks the pain was throughout my body. I also have neuropathy in my arms and legs, have a vitreous detachment in both eyes, trouble swallowing, delayed urination, constipation, anxiety, memory loss, 3 teeth broke off at the timeline, gums are receding, tooth decay, loss of collegen, muscle wasting and more.

    All of these symptoms have been reported by others that have had an adverse reaction to these drugs. I was in the medical field and had to resign. I am on disability because of this antibiotic. These drugs should only be used in a hospital setting for something that is fatal.

    I’ve been suffering since 2010 – symptoms – extreme joint pain, especially in my neck. Depression, foggy brain, fatigue, insomnia. For the past seven years I’ve tried to figure out what the heck happened to me. Each day is such a struggle to get through. You have to be a detective to figure out what happened. I stumbled upon articles about antibiotics and one day I recalled the time in 2010 that I had a cyst removed on my hip and my dermatologist prescribed several antibiotics. Maybe three and then Cipro.

    I took one of those horrible pills. I remember the day vividly. I’d had other reactions to the two prior but this one in particular stood out. I felt unlike myself. Each minute of that day was like 24 hours. I had to get out of the house just to try and get my mind off of it. So we took our dog to the pet store to get some dog food. We left with an additional puppy. I would have never done that in my right mind. We didn’t need another dog (luckily I fell in love with the little guy and he’s been with us for 7 yrs now).

    I did not take another one of those pills and the next Monday I contacted the doctor and they prescribed the final which did cure the infection on my hip where the cyst was removed. So all of these seven years, I’ve blamed age, hair dye, hormone therapy, my living environment, lack of iodine, brain tumor (even going in for a scan of my head). I believe there’s a good possibility that one pill in 2010 ruined my life. AS others have stated, it’s hard to get a doctor to believe it.

    My son took levofloxacin for 2 weeks and seemed OK but 2 weeks later ended up in the hospital with ulcerative colitis. This was a healthy 25 year-old. The doctors would not accept the fact that the levofloxacin caused it. His colon was ravaged by this poison. He is still on medication for the colitis, and if the doctor has it his way he’s telling my son he needs to be on this mess long term. Never take this antibiotic.

    I was prescribed Cipro this weekend at the ER for cholecystitis. I took one pill–I think. They gave me two antibiotics, and after being in the ER for six hours, I was ready to get out of there. About 20 minutes after taking the medication, I started itching uncontrollably, and broke out in hives on my face, head, back, chest, and stomach. I called the ER back and the DR told me to not fill the prescription and called in a prescription for Clindamycin. I’m so terribly angry to read all these stories and to know that on July 15, 2017, this crap is still being administered. This hospital has all my records on file to see that I’m being treated for osteoarthritis. They even had my PT appointment on file. Why in the heck would they think this would even be good for my body! I’m so angry!

    Here we go…
    Before January, I was a happy, recently engaged 29 year old Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor with a couple of health issues (body rash ×1 year and unexpected weight loss of 15 lbs over a couple months). On January 27 I noticed blood in my urine. Lots of blood.

    I was obviously concerned so I tried to contact my Dr only to find out that they closed their doors permanently Dec 31 2016 without warning (except for a note on the door). So I went to the walk in clinic. Then I was immediately sent to urgent care. They tested me for UTI, came back negative. They said it must be kidney stones…no stones detected. They were confused and had no idea what it was, so they diagnosed me with Acute Pyelo (severe kidney infection) prescribed me 500mg Cipro, 2× a day for 10 days…I barely made it through 8 days.

    While the bleeding stopped on day 3….I began suffering from crazy diarrhea, uncontrollable shaking, sweating, anxiety, heart palpitations, brain fog, depression and horrible dark thoughts (not suicidal…but about death/ dying) and could barely stand or walk. I ended up losing another 10lbs in 8 days and ended up back in the ER, I thought I was dying. On day 8 I called the urgent care Dr and told her i was stopping the medication.

    I lost a month of work (I am an independent contractor/self employed). I did my best to pull myself out of bed, my mom and fiance had to help feed me and watch me, I felt like I was losing my mind. It is now July 12….I still suffer from daily diarrhea, weight loss, horrible daily stomach pain and cramping on left side, brain fog, depression and every once in awhile sharp pains on the back of my ankles. I have NEVER had these symptoms before taking Cipro. I have since had 3 blood tests, chest/abdominal/pelvic xrays, thyroid ultrasound, stool samples, cortisol test, and have an upcoming colonoscopy and pelvic ultrasound appt next month and an appt with an Internal Specialist.

    My Dr and ENT specialist think I’m crazy, they shrug me off and claim this can’t be because of the Cipro. All I know, is that I’ve been a mess since taking that poison and have even more problems since taking it. Hell, even I have thought I’m going crazy…but the more I read about Cipro, the more it makes sense. I advise everyone I can to never take it. I’m hoping for some answers soon, after these upcoming tests my next plan of action is seeing a Naturopathic Dr that will do more autoimmune tests and hopefully help me through this.

    I took Levoflaxcin for 5 days. I had taken it 1 other time for a partial prescription and felt it was too strong. I have read everything about these drugs so I was informed of side effects. This is truly a loaded gun to deal with but I was so sick I had to get better. My legs really started aching. I got in to see Dr, and she switched me to Keflex. She never did warn me about drug or possible long range damage I could have or what could be going on. I’m 79 but up to date on technology and never take anything without researching. I have a really tender spot in a tendon next to my knee hooking to my shin. I am praying I don’t have permanent damage.

    Am a year out after taking Cipro for 5 days. Still suffering daily with tendons, awful fatigue from time to time, eye problems, insomnia, mouth sores.

    Symptoms have lessened a bit in the last few months, but there’s not a day goes by when I’m not physically reminded that I took this poison.

    It sickens me that the medical community & the makers of this class of drugs seem immune to litigation to make them accountable for the damage these drugs cause. The dangerous effects have been known about for years.

    Thank god there are some online communities out there to offer support and advice for living with this affliction as the drug makers & Doctors are useless at helping afterwards.

    My advice, based on my 1st-hand experience, is avoid Fluroquinolones like the plague, they’ll harm you.

    I took Cipro in 2014 after contracting MRSA from a Gallbladder surgery. Since that time, I have horrible pain in my joints. It feels like pins & needles and burning pain. It radiates down my thighs and in my groin and back. It causes me pain everyday.

    I sure wish I would not have been prescribed this medicine. It really saddens me that doctors are still giving this to patients that trust them to take care of them.

    I was on levaquin for over two weeks for iskemic colonitis in 2013. One week in the hospital and another week at home. Before I left the hospital, I experienced memory loss. I could not remember my grandchildren’S names or what my house looked like. I was told I had dementia. Ergo, most of my memory has returned. After many tests by my neurologist it was ruled out. Soon I started with arthritis in
    my shoulder, then my thumbs and wrists, followed by my hips. All while this was going on, I started with tingling in my feet and lower legs. All this within 6 months! I’ve told my GI doctor about these problems, and he dismissed saying the only thing that these antibiotics do is cause tendons to break. I now live with all these problems, and it sucks!

    I took Cipro when it was new on the market over 20 years ago for a bacterial infection. A couple of weeks after taking the pills my hands would swell up horrably. Then a couple of months after that I started getting Candida a fungal infection in my mouth.

    The Candida caused autoimmune problems. It also caused RA. It has ruined my life! My body it crippling up I’ve seen so many doctors who were in deniel about the Cipro causing this.

    I had kidney stones and diverticulitis and was prescribed Levaquin. Got the first dose at Urgent Care and went home and could not sleep one wink. Every time I started to doze off, it would feel like my heart would skip a beat, and I would feel a rush to my head. I felt tingly and weak in my joints and am now experiencing vertigo. Am going to primary care to get something else before this drug debilitates me.

    I wish all the best to those who have much more long term and debilitating effects.

    I had ciprofloxacin and after just one pill at bed time, woke up with no vision in my left eye and blurred vision in my right eye. My husband called my doctor who said to stop immediately. After fifteen years I still have a “fog” in my vision in my left eye. Then last year I was given another floxin. I tried to “work through the numbness” because my sinus infection was so bad. However on the fifth day my nose, mouth and jaws even up into my right ear were completely numb.

    I was told to take benadryl and given amoxicillin. I had begged the doctor to give amoxicillin to me in the first place because it had worked in the past. She wanted to try something “new.”

    About ten years ago, I took Levaquin. A few months later I develop terrible Achilles tendonitis and plantar fascitis. Had to have PT for months. My primary didn’t think it was the Levaquin. Three days ago I was hospitalized for RSV. I am immunosuppressed because of Kidney disease so they gave me antiobiotics. I didn’t know it was Levaquin in the ER. I had 750 mg Sunday.

    Monday I had a blood transfusion and had to sign a consent form. My signature was almost illegible, but I didn;t think why. Tuesday I had 750 mg Levaquin in the IV. By two hours later I couldn’t write legibly. Went to the ER last night and had 100 mg Benadryl with no improvement. Sent me home on 50 mg Benadryl every 4-6 hours. Better this morning but now the symptoms are worsening. I am 76, have chronic kidney disease and have had Achilles tendonitis.

    Now, why did they give me Levaquin. I just hope I don’t get The tendonitis again. Please, people, be cautious when allowiing yourself to be prescribed this drug.

    I just ordered 60 500 mg Levaquin pills from India. The US physicians will not prescribe it anymore. I am 59 years old and last year I caught a cold which turned into my first sinus infection. The Kaiser doctors told me I had allergies. But the Urgent Care physicians did prescribe 20 tablets last summer and fall and they did an awesome job on the sinus infection. I flew to the Eliava Institute in Eastern Europe for culture, antibiotic testing and possible bacteriophage matches. Levaquin is the only antibiotic which will actually work on this sinus infection. It cultured as Staph Epidermidis and E. Coli in heavy biofilm. Levaquin can penetrate and destroy a biofilm. It is the safest antibiotic which can penetrate a biofilm. My sinus infection is so bad that I have zero quality of life. I will have to take a chance on the Levaquin. I experienced zero side effects from the Levaquin I took last summer. These antibiotics are like chemo. They shouldn’t be prescribed first but they do have their place. I met a guy who took 250 of them 10 years ago for a bad sinus infection and was healed with no side effects.

    I have taken 40-50 courses of Cipro, Levaquin, Noroxin, or other fluoroquinolones for around 30 years with never even the slightest discomfort. Its not an exaggeration to say they’ve saved my life. I am troubled with frequent bronchitis, sinusitis, and prostatitis. I’m allergic to some other antibiotics like Keflex. But, I agree you have to careful, and know your own body. If Cipro or any drug makes you sick, stop and tell the doctor! Thank you.

    I was prescribed Cipro in Oct 2016 for sinus infection. Within 10 days of taking it my whole body ached, especially my ankles, neck, shoulders and thumbs. Soon after that my left Achilles tendon ruptured. My anxiety and insomnia was terrible. I was taking a lot of ibuprofen just to get by. I saw an article in January 2017 that helped me begin to make the connection to Cipro. As of now I am 5 months still dealing with these issues. I feel suddenly old and very very achy, weak and tired all the time including the brace I have to wear daily on my left foot. It is March 2017 now, and I am a bakery owner and cake decorator. I have to stand on my feet all day, and my thumb tendons ache so badly that it’s hard to decorate. I am taking supplements, and I am following up with my doctor and going to try to recover from this. I am honestly scared this is never going to go away.

    I have also taken many doses of Augmentin over the years. I have been unduly stressed this last year and took it frequently for different ailments. I am not a very athletic person and in the past six months I have torn tendons in my knee 3 times and have pulled muscles, most of these things occurring at night. I also have developed what feels like the onset arthritis in my hands. When asked how I tore my tendons my answer was I obviously was having a war with my bedclothes as there was no other explanation.

    A friend of mine from America made me aware of some antibiotics having this kind of adverse effect – to say I was shocked would be an understatement. I have almost all the symptoms. I am allergic to quite a few things, sulfa antibiotics, aspirin and over the years a few other medications like the PPD in hair dye and it goes on. I put on 16kg in 3 months when put on the Mirena coil. I am now inclined to self medicate, but Augmentin was my go to cure for all ailments and appeared to have no side effects!

    This is just a shot in the dark, but my blood type is AB neg rhesus d and I am wondering if these intolerances could be linked to this. Is anyone else this blood type ? I feel that since it is so rare we are not captured in testing and consequently get caught out?

    I have taken Levaquin many many times over the years for recurrent sinus infections. I now have leg weakness in one leg, both of my hands are weak and I have constant pain in them, along with spasms that often cause me to drop things. I too have been to different doctors to no avail. I’ve been tested for MS and Lupus, I did get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, however that was before I took the antibiotic. Had I known about the side effects and how realistic they were, I would never had taken this. I wish that my doctor would have told me more about it.

    I wish I knew how to order them. It’s the only thing that works for my uti, I been taking fluriquinilones since 1980. Never ever had a problem. Right now I am sick in bed fever chills went to two different doctors both say I have a UTI but know one will give Cipro. I hope flooding myself with water helps.

    I was hospitalized with a serious case of diverticulosis in 2014 & was given intravenous Cipro. I had a relapse in 2015 but was released from the ER within 6 hrs with a 7 day supply of Cipro. Within days I started losing vision in my right eye which required immediate surgery for a detached retina. By the 7th & final day on Cipro I had begun having severe shoulder pain. I went to my general physician who insisted that 7 days of antibiotic wasn’t enough & ordered 3 more days of Cipro. By that time my other shoulder had developed what turned out to be tendinitis in both shoulders. I couldn’t raise my arms in front of me. I was treated by an orthopedist who said he had treated people in their 20’s with tendinitis from Cipro so bad that they can no longer walk. I had to research Cipro myself & find out that the retinal detachment and tendinitis are noted side effects. My doctor had no idea! I’ve made sure to tell every doctor who treats me that I’m allergic to Cipro in order to keep it from being prescribed to me. Thanks for letting me know that Cipro is only one of a whole class of dangerous drugs. I appreciate your newsletter so much!

    I have taken cipro and levaquin over past years. I am having a lot of side effects that people are referring to. However, I never realized is was a side effect of these antibiotics.

    I took one dose of Cipro in 2001, and it threw me into psychiatric mayhem. Could not sleep, lost 12 pounds because I had constant diarrhea, panic attacks, anxiety – I had no previous history of these. One doctor told me I was bipolar! It took six months and a very patient husband and doctor to finally get me back to normal.

    I was given levaquin in the 90’s and ever since then have had constant joint, muscle and nerve pain. The doctors say it’s fibromyalgia but can’t explain what causes fibromyalgia. The FDA needs to take this drug off the market. I was given this before they knew the side effects it causes. I can’t get a doctor to say that this is what caused my fibromyalgia. I will always believe this drug caused it. I was very active and now I’m in constant pain.

    In 2012 my husband was prescribed Cipro for 30 days for a serious UTI. It was serious, but wow, now his PAINFUL Uveitis has given him some vision loss in his R eye.

    My husband had controllable Glaucoma in his eyes, and no Uveitis diagnosed. Now his R eye is damaged. I’m livid. I am ordering medical records and having an Ophthalmology Law firm review his case.

    My mother took Levaquin the week my daughter was born, (she is 17 now), for a sinus infection. She was afraid to hold my daughter because she new she had a cold or something. She took Levaquin that the doctor prescribed and the next day could hardly get up off the couch. The doctor told her to keep taking it!.

    Now, my mother can barley walk, has had two knee replacements because it ate through her cartilage, but yet is still in constant pain. She can’t even get up to go to the bathroom without crying. 17 years later. And my mother was always a very independent woman, mowed the yard, cleaned the house and did anything. Now she can barley get up. It’s horrible. All because of a drug.

    My daughter doesn’t even remember a time her grandmother was not in pain, or sitting. Her memories are of my mother playing Wii with her and watching movies. The last time my mother was able to leave the house to spend time somewhere with us was 5 years ago. And it about killed her to even be in her wheelchair just to go. Even if my mother tries to cook,( which is something she dearly loved to do), she is in tears the whole time she is standing there. She is dependent on my dad for everything now.

    And thank God their marriage has withstood almost 50 years. Because he has taken over all the house duties. It’s a horrible thing to watch a very strong woman cry every time she moves. And over the years it has gotten worse and worse it doesn’t stop. How can any doctor or drug company let this happen to anyone’s mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son? How. I am pretty sure if it was their loved one they would not be sitting back and doing nothing to help.

    I was given Cipro for a UTI (later found to be unresponsive to the drug) in 2013. After one tablet, I had a terrible bout with confusion. Called the doctor and the nurse told me to finish the course. I took one more in the AM, then stopped because I felt dreadful – anxious and disoriented.

    Within two days I had Stevens Johnson Syndrome, with an enormous, painful ulcer on my tongue that made eating and drinking an ordeal for a month. I also developed chronic pelvic floor pain and interstitial cystitis. I also have chronic tingling legs, the cause of which doctors cannot diagnose, but it all began with Cipro. I was told by my allergist that so much as a molecule of the drug could kill me. I won’t allow my family to come near it.

    I am angry about this black box warning. I was first given Cipro in 1999. I was given subsequent prescriptions for Cipro in the following years for different viral reasons. Cipro never has given me ill effects. Yes I have age related problems with my hips and back, which I associate with the hard labor I did for work for years. My doctor refuses to prescribe me Cipro now. Instead they want to prescribe the other poison antibiotics that are on the market. Sure prescribe poisons, but, I will not take them. I am not associated with the manufacturer of the Cipro lines. Every person is different. What one person can take with no ill effects, another person can not take, due to ill effects. I will try D Mannose for my current issue and see if they works, or I will buy Cipro elsewhere, where no prescription is required.

    I contracted a bad UTI after the birth of my son in April. After a round of Augmentin, I was still suffering with back pain and horrible pain at the end of urination, I went to the ER in severe pain. They told me I was passing a kidney stone and I probably had a bit of infection left and gave me Levaquin 500 and something to help pass the stone.

    3 days into it, my joints started hurting so badly. I called and asked if I should stop taking it and they said I needed to finish it out or the infection could return. I should have followed my better judgment. A month later, my hair started falling out in handfuls. My hands and feet have become covered in rough dry skin that cracks and bleeds and is very sore all the time.

    I have constant joint pain all over my body, it literally never stops. I asked several doctors if the medication could have caused it and they blew me off but no one can find another reason for all these symptoms and try to blame it on depression or baby hormones (almost a year later!). I am a 34 year old woman who was in excellent health before and now I’m practically crippled. I am so angry at that doctor he should have known better. Thank God he was at least smart enough to tell me not to nurse the baby!

    Order the antibiotics on line. I just ordered 60 Levaquin. I am 59 years old and have my first sinus infection. Culture showed it was only responsive to levaquin and avelox. Doctors won’t prescribe it. They will let me die of the sinus infection first and it is bad enough to kill me.

    Around Thanksgiving 2016, I was told to take 500mg Cipro twice daily for 6 weeks, by my Internal Med doctor, with whom I’ve had a superb relationship for the past 12 years. The reason for this was an elevated PSA level in my recent annual physical. He said it is prostatitis, but I had a nagging concern because a bacterial culture had never been taken. My own research revealed that many in the medical profession do not test for bacteria in the prostate, since a negative test doesn’t mean no bacteria. Nonetheless, I had no symptoms, and my concern rose.

    I did pick up the prescription and read the package under new FDA warnings, and anxiety swept over me because of what I’d heard about Cipro and read in Army Times. An article a few years ago about the US Army concluded that 1/3rd of Gulf War Syndrome vets may be suffering from the effects of daily Cipro administration give to ward off anthrax. Anyway, I took the Cipro for 4 days, and my own worry rose to where I was dealing with horrible anxiety- due to feeling like I was condemned to play Russian roulette.

    I told my doc’s asst. that I was going to stop the Cipro. He was adamant that I not stop. I stopped by day 5, found a urologist, was screened for bacteria from prostate. None was found, and I was told only 5 percent of prostatitis is bacteria caused. I’m scheduled to have a biopsy on 13 Jan 17 and will be taking a non-flox antibiotic for several days in conjunction with the biopsy.

    You see, I’m pro-medicine, but could NOT see any logic in risking my health with flox drugs due to what I learned on this website and from the FDA’s new warning in Cipro. I felt guilty about parting ways – just on this issue – with my doc over this. But, I reasoned that I’d never seen an FDA warning worded so strongly. The issue about potentially irreversible side effects scared me more than anything in my life – even serving previously on active duty in the Army.

    I think everyones’ efforts in petitioning the FDA on flox drugs has made a difference. Sharing your stories certainly convinced me that there are in fact dangers associated with flox drugs. Seeing the sheer number of people who are hurt by taking drugs in this category really drove home to me how potentially dangerous side effects of these drugs are; despite my doctor dismissing the concerns I expressed when we met to discuss my PSA test results. Would like to say a sincere thank you.

    I need a lawyer with against for levaquin and cipro

    My wife had a breathing problem and was rushed to hospital. She had a partial lung surgery to remove a mast two years ago. Now she’s having a hard time breathing. The Hospital started giving her antibiotics. After 3 Days still with the feeding of this stuff she wanted to go home. She was diagnosed was bronchitis and was sent home with a prescription for Levaquin 500mg for 7 Days. She quit them after 5 days of severe pain in legs and gastro problems. She quit after I started reading about side effects.

    She is now in bed and hardly able to walk with stabbing pains in her feet. She is 76 but really in good physical health. This stuff can end a Senior’s life in no time. I’m Angry that she is suffering. How long will the side effects last is what worries me. If you have an answer please let me know. Thanks Ed.

    I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin for a simple internal infection and subsequently had both a retinal detachment, which still impairs my vision, and a foot injury for which I have seen the foot doctor 4-5 times already and still need to go back. This is nasty, nasty stuff. I am so angry to have been prescribed this stuff when there are safer alternatives out there. I will probably never be able to see out of my eye again!!! Grrrrr

    I was just prescribed Cipro, and took two pills before reading the side effects because, after all, it was just an antibiotic for a suspected, but not even totally confirmed uti. I didn’t expect to read that it could kill me, cause permanent damage, and wasn’t for use with uncomplicated acute uti. My doctor had said something a little dismissive about possible tendon problems for an athlete which now, with a little research, just seems weird. So, stopped taking, and learned that I should have followed my gut feeling that this fellow, while well meaning presumably, isn’t very good at what he does.

    Bad drug, I almost have every side effects taking Levaquin throughout my life. It’s horrible I have to stay in bed all the time due to the pain. Pins and needles sticking me at any time, no warning. Leg, arm, ankle ,feet, hand, finger and toe pain. I’m sad because the only thing help is hydrocodone, and you know how the Doctors feel about that. Now disabled. Please don’t take this drug, be careful when taking these drugs.

    What would be a safe antibiotic for a urinary track infection ?

    My doctor, who I have had for so many years, checked my boyfriend in his office (the doctor’s office). Without having x-rays or any investigation he told my boyfriend that he has a very bad cold. He wrote a prescription for Levofloxan 500 mg. After we picked it up and went home I looked up this medication on the internet, and he did not take it. We were both suprised that this drug is so dangerous. Now I know why, years ago, my mother was crippled: because the doctor gave her Cipro.

    Antibiotics are completely inappropriate for colds. We are shocked the doctor would prescribe levofloxacin for this purpose.

    I also took these drugs within the last twenty years, I experience sucide tendency, and vertigo while driving. I had trouble walking , body pain, muscle pain. Then there were no black box waring. After many times of taking this medication, I finally realized that it was the medication. I refuse to take it anymore and listed it as and allergic reaction to prevent from being perscribe this drug. I now suffer with leg, foot pain .

    I took 5 days of Cipro and I have been disabled for 2 months. Prescription was for 30 Days. No explanation by doctor of pharmacist as to how dangerous the drug could be. Years ago I did not take a prescription for Finasteride because I realised it was not worth the risk. I was not lucky enough to research before taking these pills. I did not think an antibiotic could have permanent side effects to the body, when you think about it it doesn’t make sense when so many others can manage to kill bacteria without doing so. It’s irrelevant that some people aren’t affected negatively by these drugs. Taking this drug is like playing Russian Roulette. Tomorrow I am off to the doctors office to define my new disability, Bayer got paid for a large prescription of this effective but damaging chemical, and now my government and tax payers are on the hook for my inability to work. Who is really running our countries?

    Anecdotes are no substitute for comprehensive studies. Not suggesting what you believe to be less harmful alternatives is not helpful.

    I had cipro prescribed to me in 2013 when I had breast cancer and got an infection in my surgery incision. I didn’t know about the bad side effects until I read the insert on the cipro med page. I was just prescribed this last Friday 500 mg tablets for a “mild uti”. A 7 day supply. I had already taken 3 days worth (6 pills) when I read the insert. The thing is I have been suffering with pain in my lower back and muscles, and the nerve pain in my neck for 3 years. I just wonder why my Dr would prescribe me these so soon after their warning from the FDA?

    I tore my ACHILLES tendon from these drugs.

    I was prescribed both levoquine and Cipro.. And never warned.. AND I WAS GIVEN MULTIPLE PERSCRIPTIONS. MY LIFE has literally been trashed by WESTERN MEDICINE, a misery caused so many issues.

    And worse, it made my skin worse. Doctors who don’t know what you have just keep throwing scripts at you.

    The other thing to steer clear of is a GAD MRI. Thanks for nothing big pharmacy and US medicine!

    I took levaquin for severe UTI/sepsis in 2013. There was a drop in my hemoglobin following my illness and was attributed to the UTI. My hemoglobin has continued to drop ever since. After evaluations by a hemotologist and gastroenterologist it was determined that I developed Atophic Gastritus, a rare autoimmune disease. I am certain that levaquin was the cause. The prognosis is questionable…

    Was just prescribed Cipro for a UTI in the kidney 3 days ago. I have not had a UTI ever or if so it was over 30 years ago.

    I have only taken 3 (because I didn’t read the instructions right) so thought it was just 1 per day. Thank God I didn’t read the instructions. I just called my doctor and told him I am not taking anymore of this.

    The progression of my knee pain is unbelievable with just 3 pills!! It hurts to go up or down stairs and now I am afraid for my tendons. I pray I stopped it in time to not have permanent damage and I thank you ALL for your honesty. I have been sick to my stomach, tightness in my chest and I think it has affected my eyesight. Waiting for a nurse to call me back. I wish everyone on here well.

    I have been taking Levaquin for 7 days for a UTI. The pain started two days after I started taking the medicine. Now after taking it for 7 days, I realize this is why I have had so much muscle and joint pain. My legs are killing me and my feet are throbbing when I walk. Are there some people that have taken this drug where this pain does go away?

    Yes, 3 pills of Cipro and knees are getting worse. I won’t take anymore!

    I had pseudomonas, after taking rounds of other scripts and was given Levaquin. On the 10th day I woke up and it felt like my foot exploded. It swelled and bruised to 3 times the size. I called my Orthopedist, who took an xray and sent me for an MRI… you’d think I have torn it. Nothing showed. The pills obviously did some neurological damage to an already damaged set of nerves from impingement and rsd. This… this was new. Since then I’ve have more issues then I ever have. I’m thinking I need to contact one of the attorneys.

    Good luck on finding an attorney, I have been trying for weeks and cannot find anyone, mostly because I took the generic (Levofloxacin) but some only take those with Aortic problems, or they are just not taking any more cases.

    I was prescribed Cipro in 2011 for a staph infection I developed in the hospital. As soon as I took the first couple pills, I started having pains in my shoulders, difficulty moving my arms. I read the package insert and saw the side effect of tendonitis, but silly me, I figured it would go away once I stopped the Cipro and felt I really needed this med to get rid of the infection. I took the Cipro for 10 days.

    The tendonitis didn’t go away. The pain was terrible. I also had some minor pain in my feet, ankles, knees and shins. I discussed it with my PCP and he said that the side effect is very rare and thousands of patients take Cipro all the time. While that’s true, rare does not mean impossible. I am one of the lucky ones. I had this tendonitis for 2 years, and just when I was going to request physical therapy, it started to subside. Now I think it’s gone.

    I do know people who take Cipro with no problem. The sad part of this is, you don’t know if you are going to get the side effect until it’s too late and you have it.

    I took Levaquin for three days in Sept 2015. On the third day I noticed I could barely walk as Achilles tendonitis suddenly started and got worse by the minute. I stopped the Levaquin. I figured the same thing everyone figures – it will go away when the drug is out of my system.

    About 4 days later I slid my foot out in front of me to lob something into a wastebasket. I missed and slid a bit forward on my right leg. A very loud “Pop” sound occurred along with extreme pain in my right leg. The pain resolved, the leg below the knee swelled up, and long story short, my Achilles’ tendon was completely severed.

    I got a boot, then a cast, the left tendon snapped a week later. New swelling and bruising took me back to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a Deep Vein Thrombosis in each leg, in the calf. I had to take blood thinners for 50 days, and I got extremely anemic, which was unnoticed-untreated by the hematologist I was seeing.

    Before I stopped breathing from anemia, I sat in their waiting room until they looked at my labs. Two transfusions and two bags of IV iron, and I was fine. However, the giant blood clots in my legs, the “DVTs” make my feet swell, I limp and my heels hurt constantly. I am not a candidate for surgery due to the DVTs. Both feet tingle and are very cold, and get numb. I was told I cannot sue the manufacturer because the warning came before my incidents. Now I am sure I have peripheral neuropathy, too. These are bad things to have at the age of 61!

    Cipro caused muscle pain and weakness, tendon pain and possible rupture, I’m still waiting on the MRI results, I have a weak spot in my retina, S.V.T Super Ventricular Tachycardia my heart was going 240bpm for 2 hours, they had to stop my heart and start it again. I have joint pain, the worst in my knees, had a full body rash for 4 months, numbness in my lower arms and legs, and the worst is the severe fatigue. I had cipro 4 different times in a 5 year period for diverticulitis, so I had it I.V. too. I also have stomach problems often and c-diff once, which these are all side effects of cipro. The 4th time I had cipro really dI’d me in, on the third day I was in horrible pain, feeling like my back shoulder blade muscle was being ripped in two, I could hardly lift my head of the pillow it hurt so bad. I was an active, healthy woman before cipro, cipro made me feel like my body aged 30 years. Gulf War Syndrome is from Cipro!! Now we just need to find a cure for all who have been poisoned.

    I recently too this antibiotic for a UTI and sent several weeks suffering from dizziness. Not nearly as serious as some of your readers. I am not sure about my aches and pains that are long lasting due to some other health problems but I will make sure never to take these meds again due to your warning. Keep us the good work!!

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