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Neuropathy: Natural Treatments for Nerve Pain

When readers ask us about treatments for neuropathy (nerve pain) , we suggest they might want to consider Benfotiamine, a synthetic derivative of Vitamin B.

Neuropathy is one of those words that tells you very little. Broken down it stands for nerve (neuro) and disease (pathy). But nerve pain doesn’t tell you much about the cause of the distress.

When nerve problems occur in legs or hands doctors refer to the problem as peripheral neuropathy. Again, this is not a very helpful description because it is way to broad. Not infrequently we get questions about diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which is a direct consequence of diabetes and the damage to nerves, especially in the feet.

Sometimes, though, there is no obvious cause for the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy:

  • Numbness and/or tingling in feet or hands
  • Burning sensation in feet. This may occur as a pins and needles like sensation or an unbearable stabbing pain
  • Sensitivity to touch which can even the slightest pressure uncomfortable
  • Loss of sensation, so that people cannot feel their feet or the ground under them. This can lead to unsteadiness

Causes of Nerve Pain:

Injury: an accident or injury can damage nerves. Surgery may also lead to neuropathy.

Diabetes: blood sugar elevation over time can damage nerves.

Autoimmune disease: Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, and MS are just some of the conditions that can cause neuropathy.

Kidney Disease: When kidneys cannot remove toxins efficiently from the body, nerve damage can result.

Vitamin Deficiencies: When B vitamins are too low (especially B12, B1 and B6) people can experience peripheral neuropathy.

Drug-induced neuropathy: The list is long and includes chemotherapy agents used to treat cancer (cisplatin, docetaxel, paclitaxel, vincristine, etc), medications for autoimmune conditions such as infliximab (Remicade) and etanercept (Enbrel); Heart medicine like amiodarone; antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones (ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin) and statin-type cholesterol-lowering medications (atorvastatin, pravastatin, simvastatin, etc). This is just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone experiencing symptoms of peripheral neuropathy should ask his health professional if a medication could be causing the problem!

Natural treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy:

Q. Are there any natural approaches for the pain of neuropathy?

A. There are a few possibilities. One is alpha lipoic acid. A meta-analysis of 15 randomized controlled trials demonstrated that it is safe and probably effective for treating diabetic nerve pain (European Journal of Endocrinology, Oct. 2012).

The other possibility is benfotiamine, a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1 (Pharmacological Research, June, 2010). It has been investigated as a treatment for diabetic neuropathy (Current Clinical Pharmacology, Nov. 2011).

One reader shared this experience:

“Benfotiamine has absolutely stopped the sharp electrical pains in my feet. It has also considerably relieved the tenderness and pain on the skin of my feet. Nothing else helped me.

“I started with 300 mg a day–150 mg in the morning and 150 mg in the evening. I have reduced that now to 75 mg am and 150 mg pm.”

You will find a discussion and other comments on benfotiamine here.

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine (April 14, 2016) discusses a case of diabetic neuropathy. The physician suggests a number of medications may be helpful including gabapentin or tricyclic antidepressants. He goes on to suggest that:

If the vitamin B12 level is below 450 pg per milliliter, supplementation with oral methylcobalamin (2000 μg per day) could be initiated, although there are as yet no data that show that supplementation reduces neuropathy in the absence of frank deficiency. Alpha lipoic acid can be given to relieve pain (starting at a twice-daily oral dose of 300 mg), although formal studies of its use in this regard have not been conducted.”

Revised, April 28, 2016

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My Neuropathy (polyneuropathy) has come from exposure to aircraft fuel vapor. Then Hair Toxic tests show very high Vanadium and Cobalt both used extensively in fuel. Using full spectrum of natural herbs and minerals to handle. Time will tell.

I am suffering from hypersensitivity to sound caused by a sensorineural concussion. I have sensorineural hearing loss from splitting my head on a brick wall, and am still healing from the whiplash and concussion.
My first neurologist appointment is tomorrow. Wondering if he will run any tests before prescribing anything.
I’m very much in tune with natural health. Grateful for this site and will go armed with suggestions to my appointment.
I know the bulk of hearing loss is because of inflammation in the cochlear canal.
This has been going on for over 3 months, but I’ve also had much additional stress and trauma within that timeframe. (Sister-in-law dying, husband having a 5 day nosebleed, then my mom dying, all within the timeframe of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s!)
If anyone has suffered hearing loss and had something help, please respond.
I am going to a chiropractor and manual muscle therapy.

I have had “global pain” (i.e. multiple locations) for 6 yrs. Many false diagnoses such as autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, etc. Turns out, it is probably from chemotherapy 7 yrs ago. BUT, I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and tarsal tunnel syndrome in both feet. Surgery on my first foot has helped significantly. My point is that not all pain wraps up into one tidy diagnosis. I’ve just started Cymbalta (duloxetine) and will start B vitamins. Also important here is that after many years of hydrocodone, I developed hyperalgesia. The more opioids I took, the worse my pain became.

To Pat and anyone thinking their hearing loss is from inflammation, I’m just starting low dose naltrexone (LDN) and have high hopes because of my research on it. It is low cost, needs a Rx and many doctors aren’t aware of it but some are open to listening. May be more willingness with naturopaths, don’t know.

My MD is prescribing for me and I’m her first patient on it. Look up the books/webpages and videos on it. It is supposed to be good for many inflammation/autoimmune conditions and very safe. I developed some autoimmune response and major hearing loss this year. Pat’s post got my attention because pain meds weren’t working and LDN boosts your own pain relief system and regulates inflammation and immune responses that have gone off balance. I will post again when I have more time on LDN. All the best!

Has anybody taken benfotiamine and alpha lipoic acid for intercostal neuropathy aka Notalgia paresthetica?

Has anyone heard of the DIY treatment for neuropathy? They hare giving me a hard sell and I would like to know more.

I am a type 2 Diabetic and my feet are burning especially at night because I can’t sleep at night. Please can you help me with some medications out there that I can try.

Assumingly due to spinal stenos/ arthritis, my hands kept getting number, starting 7 months ago. Almost 3 months ago I had a spinal fusion operation on C1 thought C4. My hands get number every day. I have tried physical therapy, laser treatments, and now have started acupuncture. I am not a diabetic. Gabapentin does not help. Any other ideas? My feet are very slightly numb, but don’t hurt nor affect my walking. All fingers on both hands are numb and painful. Carpal tunnel surgery on left hand did not help at all, but left an ugly scar.I may try those B vitamins, as I am getting desperate. I am 72 years old and have lupus and RA, which I have heard could be the cause, but my rheumatologist says to just be patient, that nerve damage takes a LONG time to heal. Help!

We have a local chiropractor who has brought in some machine from Germany, which he says is being evaluated now by the CDC, and he also uses light therapy developed by NASA. He claimed he could cure my neuropathy in 10 weeks with three appointments a week and a change in my diet (I’m already a restricted Paleo for Type 2 diabetes follow-up. My neuropathy has continued despite curing the diabetes). Then he wanted $11,000, which was way more than I could afford, so I’m hoping he is correct and this treatment will become more widely (and inexpensively) available soon.

The question remains: Why doesn’t insurance cover cures? Meds only stop your brain from telling you there is pain in your extremities. The damage to your feet and hands continues. But the doctor gets paid for prescribing the meds. You don’t get better, which I thought was the point of medicine.

Sarah J
I went through the exact same treatments you did. 10 weeks @ 3 treatments a week. Changed my way of eating. No CROWS like they say and no dairy. All this and no relief. It’s gotten worse. Looking for relief somewhere.
Guess we were had.

This doesn’t sound entirely plausible. The CDC doesn’t approve medical devices; that is up to the FDA. I wish there were a 10 week cure for neuropathy, but we haven’t heard of it yet.

My peripheral neuropathy was caused by undiagnosed Lyme Disease. At night, the pain in my hands felt like someone was holding a blow torch to them. During the daytime, the pain was reduced to pins-and-needles, but it became unbearable when lying down. I went to a general practitioner, chiropractor, neurologist, infectious disease specialist, and orthopedic surgeon. MRI’s showed nothing in my spine and no brain tumor. Finally, I found a Lyme Specialist who sent my blood test to Igenex Labs. I was positive for Lyme and Babesia. Gabapentin/Neurontin reduced the pain, but antibiotics (Cefuroxime, Azythromycin, and Metronidazole) for Lyme Disease ultimately cured my peripheral neuropathy.

I’m wondering if anyone has more information on postherpetic neuralgia, which follows the shingles. I had shingles on my face, and have been taking gabapentin for three years for the residual nerve pain which is ongoing. Any suggestions or other solutions?

Benfotiamine – 150 mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid – 600 mg. I take them two to three times a day. When the shooting pains first began I thought it was going to drive me to suicide it was so bad. Read somewhere, maybe here, about Benfotiamine & ALA. The pains have almost completely gone away. It’s been several years since I started taking the two. They have been an absolute God send!

I wish someone would acknowledge that shingles is also a reason for neuropathy. I still walk with a cane 3 years after a shinkles outbreak from my waist all the way to my complete foot on my left side.

Through trial and error I have determined that the tips of my big toes’ nerve sensations are caused by my poor posture, mainly my neck. Because the sensations come on very slowly it took a while to get the connection. Now that I sit up straight while watching TV, and/or I raise my iPad up off my lap with a large pillow keeping my head up, the big toe problems are 98% gone.

Burt Berkson is a really smart researcher and therapist who uses alpha lipoic acid. According to Berkson, the European and especially the German products are the ones which work. The Chinese and US formulations are not even the right color. Blue Bonnet and Solaray are two manufacturers which sell the German chemical. I would not expect any benefit from cheaper products – especially if they are white.

May I inquire where to purchase Lipolic Acid re: German products? I have pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck with major pain. Thanks.

I’ve been suffering from neuropathy for about one year now, and it gets progressively worse. I am not diabetic. No surgeries. I’ve been taking Lipitor (Atorvastatin) for more years than I can remember, but when the symptoms started last year, I stopped taking it for 12 weeks which did not result in any changes; so, I went back on it due to high cholesterol. I tried every dosage of Alpha Lipoic Acid possible but could not take it due to the awful heart burn I experienced with it. I tried Gabapentin but found no relief and am now on 100 mg. Lyrica three times a day.

The intense burning of my feet and legs has lessened but my feet are totally numb, and I walk with a cane or use a scooter to get around. This is a terrible disease. I don’t understand why more research has not been done. My fingers are numb in the morning. If I lose the use of my hands, I don’t know what I’ll do!

While seeing a physical therapist I discussed the Cold Laser for pain that is used in Veterinary Medicine. It has been shown to be very effective, so I asked why it was not used in human medicine. She said that insurance would not pay for it even though it has been proven to work and is noninvasive. She said she participated in a study on neuropathy, and it was proven to help immensely, but insurance still would not pay. WHY?? It’s noninvasive, inexpensive, and very effective.

I am in Veterinary Medicine, and we see its effectiveness. It doesn’t always work for every pet, but works for most of them whether it’s a back injury or a wound. It’s really an amazing tool, and it’s available for humans as well. I wanted to learn some specific exercises, that is why I was seeing a PT.

Does anyone know how to help with Thalamic Pain syndrome. Had a stroke that affected my left side & Gabapantan does not do much for the nerve pain. I am at my wits end and I can only take showers with much pain. I am always in. Pain,and would appreciate any help.God Bless

I am 31 yrs old and have suffered from thalamic pain syndrome since 2008. I was 3 months pregnant and the extra blood flow and stress from morning sickness, caused my AVM (alterioveneuos malformation-small climb of blood cells in my brain) to rupture and bleed into my thalamus and caused my stroke. It damaged my sensory relay station and cause horrific nerve pain. It caused (right side) weakness, loss of right peripheral vision and intense chronic pain (R) and spasticity. My strentgh and balance return on my right side with practice and over time, but the pain only got worse.

Docs put me on a medicine soup of trials and errors (from Amitripoline, Lyrica, Cymbalta, etc) until finally these three meds worked the best together: Gabapentin 900ml 3x day), Lamotrigne (200 mg 3x day), and Bacleden (20 ml 3x day). I eventually had reactions to the Lamotrigne and got off of that and settled for the others. They gave me relief enough to return back to school and work. But I hated living by my phone alarm to stay “ok” because you know we are never ok after a stroke. Still with random shots of flare ups, I was always afraid of rainy days, cold fronts and windy days because they triggered the shots of pain that made “normal” days impossible to manage.

Some days I would just have “bad” days where there was no extra stimuli that caused my pain to stay at a 7 out of 10! However I was recommended to try Gralise. Gralise is a form of Gabapentin that is time- released. So it stays in my system and keeps the pain more manageable. I take 3 of the 600ml at night, and they last all day until the next evening dose!!!! It was truly amazing! I began June 2015 and didn’t look back ever.

Then in February 2016 my insurance provider all of a sudden (after 9 months) decided that I had to have 2 qualifiers to allow me to take Gralise. 1) I had to have tried an alternate (which I had–Gabapentine) AND 2) have a diagnosis of postherpetic neuralgia (virus for shingles or herpes). Since I never had that diagnosis because I don’t have that, I was denied. So my doctor filed an appeal and told them that Gabapentin caused side effects that made the usage of Gralise “medically necessary”.

After about 1-2 weeks I was approved again, but they said I will have to go through this process every 6 or 12 months (get a preauthorization, get denied, file an appeal, get approved). Oh, and the this time (February 2016) my doctor’s staff did not specify they wanted the approval for 12 months bc they didn’t know that Aetna had that hidden hurdle, so it’s only good for 6 months! Now I have to start the process again in July bc it expires in August!!! Sigh, but it’s worth it.

I just wanted to let you know it is a good drug that has worked for me but I didn’t want to tell you without first preparing you for any hurdles your insurance may have. Good luck! Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

I have had nerve pain in my legs which has turned out to be a disc problem in my back. Acupuncture worked for a while but the last treatments did nothing whatsoever. Read about benfotiamine and decided to try it starting with 300 mg. It took 3 weeks to kick in and then for 3 weeks had no pain, but then it came back again. Upped the dosage to 600 mg. per day in 3 doses, and that has done the trick. What a relief; I can now sleep all night without nerve pain constantly waking me up. I have also started doing back exercises to try and eliminate the problem.

I have just started treatment with a D. C. that tells me his treatment that can help to restore, stabilize and give the nerves a chance to heal by increasing blood flow, stimulating small nerve fibers and decreasing pain. The treatment includes an ejection to increase circulation in the blood. vibrating machine – helps circulation, platform-helps strengthen nerve pathway of lost of coordination and Lasers-helps blood vessels dilate back up. And helps regenerate damaged nerves.
This treatment is very expensive, $187. a treatment and 20 treatments are needed. That is $3740. I’m wondering has anyone else heard about this treatment and tried it? Am I being taken?

Yes, you are being taken!!!!

looking for anything that will help the burning and needles feeling.

If what this doctor recommended for you is the answer to your neuropathy pain, he would have people standing in long lines waiting to get in. I tried acupuncture at $90.00 a pop three times a week; but decided that it was just beyond my means, and if it was the answer to curing this awful condition, every doctor would be clamoring to learn the procedure. If you have the money to lay out, then you should certainly give it a try, but I’ve got a feeling that your money will be gone, and the pain and discomfort will still be there after the allotted time frame is up.
Sorry for being negative. Good luck.

Has anybody tried Earthing or grounding. I don’t really have this but sometimes I sleep on my shoulder wrong and it really seems to make it go away a lot quicker. Can somebody give me feedback?

I have neoropaty for cause of my hiv I use to live in California now I’m in Arizona and they don’t give pain medication to the people now they send me to pain management and I can’t do things around my house because I was on hydrocodone. I feel use lees and depressed I want to try something to help me with the pain.

Some people have had success using the herb Corydalis for nerve pain. It seems to take the edge off and doesn’t leave you drowsy, unless you are ready for sleep. Corydalis – diffuses energy to relieve pain better than most herbal products (without creating an addiction). It also helps with spasms and nerves. The tincture is available online at newwayherbs

Hi Victor, I’m in Arizona too and I have hep c and I been going nuts behind my all over nerve pain. What can I do? I’m looking for new Dr so I can get to the bottom of this. Any natural ideas? Thanks.

Hi my name is Julia, I’m a single mom of six children. I was in a really bad car accident in april of 2014 I broke my neck, collar bone and humerus. I have a metal rod in my left arm and metal plate in my neck. I now suffer from chronic neuropathic pain in both hand and arms…… I take 1200 milligrams of gabapentin it dont work that well anymore been on it 8 months. What else can I do……

I am a 52 year old female and I am suffering from neuropathy in my feet very bad. I am not able to pay out money for products that may or may not work by doctor doesen’t take much interest in my condition, he is a more short term physician and not long term which I need. I really do need some help soon. I feel like some day soon walking will not be an option for me and I am very scared.

So sorry to hear about your situation. Hope your family is doing well. Try Naturopathic Doctors. California has several of them. They treat not just your nerve issues, but your entire body.
God Bless you.

Does benfotiamine need to be taken in combination with other B vitamins? If so, how does one figure the dosage for the other B’s? I always thought that the B vitamins needed to be taken in some kind of balance, and am wondering if adding in the additional B1 means that a higher dosage of the others need to be taken as well.

The only thing that gives me relief from diabetic neuropathy is Vicks vapor rub. After rubbing it on my feet I have nearly normal sensation and pain relief. Nothing else works for me.

I hope and for cure real and better relief. The pain is on going, you barely get proper rest.

My mom has neuropathy in her right foot for a couple years now. She’s tried lyrica and many other medications but the only one that’s worked for her is Cymbalta. It obviously didn’t take her pain away 100% but it took it down to where its bearable.

Is any form of exercise, stretching etc. helpful for effects of Neuropathy?
Terrible leg, and arm pain exists, taking meds that are not effective, maybe should try the above mentioned remedies?
Thank you for your response.

Try rubbing Vicks on. It’s the only thing that has worked for me

I totally identify with Charles G. I am not diabetic. However, I did have chemo therapy 30 years ago. The neuropathy stated about 20 years ago, hot prickly feet especially in bed and in the summer when it’s hot out side. Shoes are not comfortable for me. I need sandals most of the time, even in winter. My feet do get cold, but that’s much better than hot. I have been on neurontin for years. 300 mg tablets 2 morning, noon and bedtime. I’m afraid to go off now. It there anything out there to help?

I have genetic neuropathy in both legs, and it feels like it is coming over my knees. I have no pain….just numbness in the feet and a burning sensation on the legs. I have no current vitamin shortage; recently taken 2000mg of primrose oil for relief…but have none.
Tried accupuncture, no relief. Had a spinal shot to unblock nerves locked in lower spine where there is stenosis in disk…no relief.
Saw neuro clinic at VA…no cure; had vascular blood flow tests, no problems…tried pool rehab treatments – 16 visits, wobbling and standing of one hour, upper and lower body range of motion…no relief. Takes 2 days to recover from one session. Will start new sessions Oct 2nd at VA.
Mayo Clinic: “no treatment or cure”….NIH had lots of info,mostly research.
*It seems genetic neuropathy is tough… How much and often do I take Alpha Lipoic acid?
*Had rt knee minestectomy 4 mos ago, torn miniscus. Knee seems to be very
slow healing, is this because of the neuropathy?
Thanks for your response….God bless.
WF Reps

This was also very informative. I have never heard of the Pettibon Chiropatic therapy. How do you find out if anyone in your area offers it? Do most insurances cover some of the cost? I am a little confused after reading both 1& 2 sites but am willing to try anything yo help my pain and neuropathy!
I have fibromyalgia, type II Diabetes, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Temporal Arthritis along with other diagnosis. I am in my 69’s and would like to try to stop whatever damage has already been done and try to PREVENT any further damage co assume the damage doesn’t show up for many years! Am I correct in assuming that? I have had both for many years BEFORE finally being diagnosed!!
Any help y’all can give me will be MOST appreciated!! Am I the ONLY person CONFUSED? And do not know what to try first? Thank you and God Bless you all. I will pray for each of you!! The power of PRAYER is AMAZING!!!

I have neuropathy in my feet have had it for eight or nine yrs. I am not diabetic. I have tried lyrica 100mg 3times per day, no relief, gabopentine 300mg 3times per day no relief. have tried vitamin b1 and b12 at high doses with no results either. have had foot therapy, nothing seems to help. There is a place in minneapolis that gives laser treatments. I was wondering if that is something you are acquainted with and what the results have been. I have had circulation tests on my legs and that is good. My age is 73yrs. I am very active in the farming occupation so get lots of exercise, I cannot seem to get a pair of shoes that are comfortable, feet always burning and pricking top and bottom walking or sitting. Any cure or advice would sure be welcome as I have a tough time sleeping at night also. thanks

Charles I know that pain well it has been my constant companion for sometime. The only thing gives me any relief is Vicks vapor rub. When I use it I have almost normal sensation in my feet and it seems to relieve the painful burning, stabbing cold sensations. It’s the only thing that’s helped me.

I have nerves pain from a surgery.

I’ll have to try the vapor rub. About a year ago, a severe B-12 deficiency left me with nerve damage in my feet and lower legs, and what I can feel of them, is non-stop, excruciating pain. It feels like I’m constantly being electrocuted, and like I have fresh 2nd degree burns on my feet in particular. Lyrica was the only thing I’ve ever found to help, but I can’t afford it. The pain is maddening. Sometimes, late at night, I just unravel in tears, as I’m so tired, but the stabbing, throbbing sensations make it nearly impossible to sleep. It takes 5+ hours in bed before I finally manage to drift off, when I’m lucky. Living like this is almost unbearable.

I feel so bad for you Julia I know that pain the Vicks is the only thing that works for me. I have not tried any of the drugs for neuropathy. I’m a nurse and I really can’t take those drugs I’m afraid they would impair my judgement.

Despoina S., I mentioned Pettibon Chiropractic in a post above. I’m sure this would help tremendously.
MMB, this treatment might also help you. Keep in mind this is not a passive therapy. It requires daily PT at home as well as office visits. Yes, it is a lot of work! Is it worth it? You bet!
Before I started Pettibon therapy in 2002 I was in terrible pain that was not helped by any pain med at all (nope not even morphine!). I was homebound, couldn’t drive, and most days couldn’t even cook dinner. I spent years existing in my barely lucid world.
Yes, I still do my exercises (PT) five days a week and twice a day I do 20 minutes (7 days a week) on my Rebounder. The first session is to strengthen my hip muscles so that I can walk and the second session is simply bouncing up and down for my circulation, which is excellent. I have a safety bar that I hold with one hand and read the book in my other hand.
Because of my sensitivity to metals I can’t get a hip replacement and my Pettibon Chiropractor started me doing exercises to keep the hip mobile. I also do stretching exercises in the pool/spa.

Hello! My father was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis myelopathy and having only numbness in left hand he had surgery in 2011 which didn’t help at all. Now he has pains every where, exhaustion, burnings in his face and neck, numbness in his left arm and both legs and major difficulty in walking. He is mostly laying in bed.. I am open in any suggestions of treatment!!!!

Thank you, JDS! Your prayers are so appreciated! It just occurred to me that more of my healing could have come from the prayers I am receiving from my church family than from the soap. Both things were started at the same time. I will put you on our prayer chain so that you can also reap those miracles! I will be praying for you as well. Another note to the soap; I actually had the soap touching my hip at all times while in bed, which has been almost 24 hours per day. I was actually able to go to church yesterday, after only 6 days in bed! I was told it would be a very slow recovery, so that was more than I ever expected. I do know that the prayers are the number one thing for any of us in any situation! Please keep me posted as to how you are progressing and what they find out. God bless!

MMB, thanks for the reply. I certainly hope you can find a way to get good relief from your misery.
I tried the soap in the bed routine for leg cramps and it didn’t do me any good at all. I’m happy it is helping you.
I am going through all sorts of diagnostic tests at this time. My neurosurgeon prescribed an ultrasound test on my legs and they found abnormalities. I then had an MRA for blood flow and it appears I have a blockage in my aorta which is restricting proper blood flow to my hips, legs, etc. That may be a big part of the problems rather than my failed back surgery.
Time will tell. It’s a long process of elimination but certainly worth the efforts if something helps. I pray your situation can be improved as well.

JDS: this sounds like what I am going thru right now. I have a spinal cord injury and am a quadriplegic, but have regained the US of my upper body, and can walk with a walker due to prayer and physical therapy. I am I a manual wheelchair, and from sitting, I have horrible pain when seated. There is no visible bruising, but the pain is horrible. I have been told it’s bursitis.
A couple of nights ago, the burning started in my upper thighs, thru my buttocks, into my lower back. I went to DR thinking I had the beginnings of shingles. Felt like I had a horrible sunburn and then had someone beat the sunburn with a paddle til I blistered! Doc said it was my sciatic nerve causing the burning, as it too was being compromised from the bursitis.
I saw on this site to sleep with a bar of soap to was pains. Tried this last night and it seemed to help. I am going to continue, as it’s safe and easy to do.
My physical therapist did tell me to ask doctor about piriforms syndrome, as well. He didn’t think that was the case for me, but might be for you. You can research both of these things online for their symptoms. Hope this helps you! God bless!

I have a situation where my buttocks are burning when seated. I have had back surgery which failed that causes me all sorts of problems but my Neurosurgeon doesn’t think that is causing the painful burning in my buttocks. My primary care doctor says I don’t have diabetes but it seems like I have a lot of symptoms of it. I’m going to try to find ALA at my health food store to see if that will help.
Does anyone else have this problem and what did you do for it?

JDS, I have diabetic neuropathy I’ve been diabetic for 15 years and have only recently gotten neuropathy. It takes diabetics years of bad sugars to develop this side effect.

Harold M, Carpal Tunnel can be cured by good chiropractor or physiotherapist. I learned that the hard way. My left wrist tested worse than my right but didn’t hurt so I told them to leave it alone. I had surgery on my right.
Many years later my left wrist started hurting. By that time I was going to a very good Pettibon Chiropractor and he showed me how to manipulate it myself so that I’d never have to go through surgery. That was over ten years ago and I’m still good!
I’d be willing to bet the same type of manipulation would work for your ankles and feet as well.

Fifteen years ago, a neurologist performed a procedure on my wrists, elbows, ankles. The procedure is called Electromyography (EMC), and it is used to diagnose carpal-tunnel syndrome. I developed carpal-tunnel syndrome in both wrists that required surgery. The neurologist alerted me that the same condition as carpal-tunnel syndrome would occur in my ankles and feet in two years, but the condition is not named carpal-tunnel syndrome. I am not diabetic. I am prescribed Amitriptyline, 50-mg, which I am told is also prescribed for bipolar disorder. This medication only works 50% for me, and I sleep 2 hours in my bed and 4 hours in a recliner so my feet touch the floor. I can only sleep if seated or standing.
I have tried both over-the-counter products used for diabetic neuropathy, but neither product works alone or together. Are there other remedies for neuropathy I can try?

Try Vicks vapor rub its the only thing that gives me relief from diabetic neuropathy.

I’ve read somewhere that beets and/or Borscht might be helpful for neuropathy? Am I right?

You are not a nutcase :) I am pharmacist, and Vicks has menthol in it, which is why it is helping you for your nerve pain or the “prickly” feeling in your feet.

I may sound like a nut case. For the last few years when I am trying to sleep, my feet will feel like I’ve been running through a cactus bed. I was really miserable. I tried to cure a nail fungus with Vicks and found when I covered my feet with Vicks and wore socks to sleep, my feet were fine. (Did not cure the nail fungus.) I use Vicks every night and if I ever try to skip – the problem returns. I am not diabetic, but have had several back surgeries and nerves in my back are damaged.

My Dr. is a medical Dr. as well as a homeopathic physician and an acupuncturist. He has a lot of tools in his medical bag. He has been my family Dr. for over 20 years.
He has many diabetic patients with severe neuropathy. I know this because I went through IV chelation therapy for a blockage in the “widow maker” artery. It was because of the damage done to my heart by my shoulder harness seat belt in an auto accident.
While undergoing the chelation process I talked to many patients who were diabetic and going through the chelation process for nerve pain.
The most memorable patient was a guy who had diabetes and his foot was black. The Drs. wanted to amputate it. He’d had a stent in his heart that they also wanted to replace. He started chelation just after I did. When I finished my treatment his foot looked almost normal and he no longer had pain.

FBL it sounds like he had more then neuropathy if his foot was black he must had serious blood flow issues.

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