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Naprosyn (Naproxen) is a pain reliever used primarily for arthritis.

Like other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, it may also be prescribed for menstrual cramps, bursitis, tendinitis, sprains, strains and other painful conditions.

Naprosyn is virtually identical to Anaprox, a popular pain reliever, so these two drugs should never be taken together.

It is also available by its generic name, naproxen, and as an over-the-counter pain reliever, Aleve.

Naproxen Side Effects and Interactions

No matter how you swallow this medicine, the most common side effects of Naprosyn involve the gastrointestinal tract.

They include nausea, indigestion, heartburn, cramps, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

Some people may develop ulcers and intestinal bleeding while taking Naprosyn. Occasionally these problems can occur without obvious symptoms and lead to a life-threatening crisis due to perforation of the stomach lining. Older people appear to be more susceptible to this problem and should be monitored carefully. Warning signs include weight loss, persistent indigestion, a feeling of fullness after moderate meals, dark or tarry stools, anemia and unusual fatigue. Home stool tests such as Hemoccult or Fleet Detecatest may provide an early indication of bleeding.

Other side effects to watch for include headache, ringing in the ears, rash, itching, difficulty breathing and fluid retention. Drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, and confusion are possible, so do not drive if you become impaired.

Less common adverse reactions include jitteriness, insomnia, heart palpitations, hair loss, depression, tremor, tiredness, visual disturbances, and sores in the mouth. Report any symptoms to your physician promptly.

Naprosyn can affect both the kidney and liver, so periodic blood tests to monitor the function of these organs is important.

Some people become sensitive to sunlight while on Naprosyn, with a severe burn or rash resulting, so use an effective sunscreen, stay covered or avoid the sun.

This medication can interact with many other drugs, including aspirin and alcohol.

Naprosyn may blunt the effectiveness of many blood pressure medicines, including beta-blockers like Corgard or Tenormin, ACE inhibitors like Capoten, Vasotec or Zestril and diuretics like Dyazide or Lasix. It can increase blood levels of the heart drug Lanoxin and increase the toxicity of the transplant drug Sandimmune and the cancer medicine methotrexate.

Because it has the potential to cause GI bleeding, Naprosyn could be dangerous in combination with the blood thinner Coumadin.

If you must take Naprosyn together with either the seizure medication Dilantin or the manic-depression medicine lithium, your physician should monitor blood levels and effects of these drugs closely.

Check with both your doctor and your pharmacist before taking Naprosyn in combination with any other drugs.

Special Precautions

People who are allergic to aspirin or other anti-inflammatory agents should avoid Naprosyn. Signs of allergy include breathing difficulties, rash, fever, or a sudden drop in blood pressure and require immediate medical attention.

Taking the Medicine

Because Naprosyn can be hard on the digestive tract, it may be taken with food to reduce stomach irritation. This offers no guarantee of safety, however.

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We’re working on fixing up the house my husband inherited, and whenever I overwork myself the next day my back hurts and it’s hard to move. I’m not into doctor visits or Big Pharma, so I’ve been taking over-the-counter naproxin once or twice a week to take the edge off the aches and pains of overexertion.

It definitely helps with the pain, but hours/days after taking it, I have a bad case of bad bowels. It’s like an ache in my kidney area, a stomach ache, and frequent diarrhea. At first I didn’t make the connection, thinking it must have been something I ate, but after I switched to using topical pain reliever on my back instead of naproxin, I had no more stomach or bowel distress! When I ran out of the topical pain reliever and took a naproxin, I spent time on the toilet that evening.

I highly recommend trying a topical pain reliever if naproxin gives you bad bowels. There’s a generic version of Biofreeze that works pretty well. I get it from the local school of massage, in the little shop where the students get their supplies. If you live near a massage school, go there and look for their supply shop. I wandered in and found just what I needed for my back pain! P.S. It’s possible that massage schools sell stuff only to their students. I didn’t tell and they didn’t ask. Act like you belong and you’re halfway there. I’m so grateful for bachache relief I want to help everyone else!

I take 2 Aleve every morning with my breakfast. It has been a lifesaver. Without it, my back pain limits what I can do. I do not have any digestive issues or itching or anything like that. Ibuprofen causes me to have acid indigestion.

I have osteoarthritis. I am sceptical about taking naproxen 500mg 2’xs a day. My doctor prescribed it. So I take Tylenol instead but I can’t walk a long distance. I have mixed feelings and it has been difficult. Lorraine CA

I have osteoarthritis. I am sceptical about taking naproxen 500mg 2’xs a day. My doctor prescribed it. So I take Tylenol instead but I can’t walk a long distance. I have mixed feelings and it has been dificult. Lorraine CA

Mostly my experience of Naproxen has been helpful so far ….one month …..arthritic knees . My main concern has been a loss in mental agility and memory clarity , Anyone else experience anything similar ?

I’ve been taken 500g Naproxen a day for over a year. It’s really helped with the arthritis in the neck and bulging disc pain. But today found I have high blood pressure which has been fine before, even though life has been pretty stressful. Made me look into the BP side and found Naproxen written large everywhere. Have suffered with depression, slight ringing in ears, rashes, lack of concentration and blurry vision throughout this time but did not connect it to Naproxen. I’m on this site now to see if there is anything to stop me just stopping taking them – any adverse side effects. Not looking forward to a return to the chronic pain though.

I have very bad back and have been taking Alive several times a day for many months, on orders from my Dr. Yesterday I started seeing weird colors and patterns everywhere–it is very very distressing, I have also not been able to keep my balance. I have stopped taking the Aleve, but the crazy symptoms have not gone away, My Dr. says to drink plenty of water. I also had a lot of ocular migranes 2 days ago, but that has stopped, anyone heard of thia?

This medication is the devil. Gave me intense stomach pains, bloated and hugely distended belly, gas, ringing in ears and dizziness. But the stomach pains were the worst.
I was splitting a 500 mg pill.
I paid a lot for this med but will be disposing of it.

I have been taking(2) Aleve 220 mg non-prescription for about 3 years for osteoarthritis in knees and wrist. I usually don’t need it but about once every 2 weeks. Does using aleve over a long period of time at this rate cause kidney or liver damage? I have not had any adverse reactions at this time. I manage to walk about 1 or 2 hours a day and do yoga. Which both seem to help.

I was prescribed Naproxen twice a day for severe back pain, which was to be taken after food, which I adhered to. I took it for about two months. It did help with the back pain but I started to bleed from my back passage, my bowel movements also totally changed. I would have to rush to get to a toilet, it was a complete nightmare, especially when I had no problems before. I also had pain in my back at the side which I felt was coming from my kidneys – I notice this was mentioned – my doctor brushed it off as coming from my back.
I went to one of the other doctors in the practice who sent me for a Colonoscopy. It showed that I had an inflamed bowel and rectum. I’m convinced this is all down to taking Naproxen. I haven’t taken it now for 4 months and I still have a little bleeding and my bowels are still totally messed up. I went for relief of back pain and feel I have ended up in a worse state. I went to a chiropractor for my back pain and nearly pain free – but my insides now are totally messed up.

I took for two months now I also got cramps, wind and dashing to the toilet all the time I haven’t taken for over a month am I supposed to now live with this???

I see a lot of issues (which I had in the past) w/ Naproxen and stomach trouble. Naproxen Sodium molecule is virtually unchanged by water but is FAT SOLUBLE. I’ve been taking 220 mg 3x a day —morning, early dinner, bedtime, with a large dose fish oil capsule. Full or empty stomach and absolutely no issues. Hope this helps.

I took 500mg of Naproxen this morning with a sandwich and full bottle of water. It was prescribed to decrease inflammation in a torn labrum in my hip. An hour after I took it my stomach started aching. It has hurt extremely bad all day. It is a dull burning pain. It has been 14 hours since I took the Naproxen with no relief. I am hoping that it will stop soon. This was definitely the first and last time I will ever take this medication. It has been an awful experience.

I have fibromyalgia and recently started experiencing back pain that had radiated to my back. when the pain persisted I went to the Emergency room. I had several routine test done and everything came back normal do the doctor gave me a prescription for Naproxen 500 mg to take twice daily and discharged me to go home. After the first dose my my pain went away so I felt good. After second dose I noticed a stomach cramp in my upper abdomen right below my ribs. The cramp would come and go for hours. I continued to take the medicine as prescribed and after 4-5 days my I had stomach cramps, nausea, constipation, bloating, gas, and pressure in my stomach. I did some research on the medication and after reading about these common and negative side effects decided to stop taking it. I have not taken it for 48 hours and my stomach is still not back to normal but feels a little better. This stuff is lethal…be careful! As as side note I did take the medication with a full meal but still caused me to feel sick.

Woke up early hours and could not walk been having bad pain in my knee for a few weeks I managed to take strong painkillers but did not help went to my GP and he booked me in for a MRI scan in the meantime gave me Naproxen 2×500 daily been on them 3 months then went onto 1×500 daily for another 3 months
The last visit to my GP they suggested I cut to 250 daily I have done this and the last 3 days I have had headache also some stomach pain heartburn
The knee pain is much better but I can definitely see a change in cutting down the medication dosage
I think I will come off it totally in a months time
Just to add I noticed my hearing has been worse!
Hope this helps

Went to GP for quite severe hip pain (possibly bursitis or arthritis). Am female, aged 66, and pain prevented my running regime. Dr prescribed Naproxin 250mg twice a day. Helpful for the hip pain but the side effects, especially the shooting stomach pain, the gas, trips to the bathroom and bloating meant that I stopped after about 5 or 6 days. Five days on, I’m still experiencing stomach pain. Not sure what’s going on but glad I found this site.mwished I’d found it before I started these meds.

I am currently going through exactly what you did. I have been off the medication for 4 days now but still my tummy is not right and I don’t feel like eating. Just wondering how long it took you to get back to normal.

Went to doctors for chest pain, blood pressure was fine and was getting plenty of oxygen so she ruled out heart disease. She prescribed naproxen 250mg 3x a day. However luckily I only took one because I started to feel weak in the left side of my body, heard ringing, lost concentration was getting angry and stressed, ankles began swelling up currently still are 3 days after taking! Also anxiety is really playing up! Read the side effects after getting swollen ankles and read about people’s experiences with the drug that’s when I realised the reason I was feeling so horrible was due to this drug, like I said luckily I only took one! Really do not recommend this do not know why doctors are allowed to prescribe this to patients!

My GP prescribed Naproxen 500mg twice a day for a 10-day period to relieve strained abdominal muscles and lower back pain from physical injury. After 4 days on the regimen, though it relieved the target pain, I have steadily become more and more bloated. Several hours after I dose, symptoms occur of kidney stress that diminish and go away completely before the next dose. I also have ringing in the ears like many others posted here. It’s a trade-off in my case. The side effects are a little worse than the problem the drug fixes, at least for me.

What gets me are the FDA and International Health Organization’s double-blind placebo clinical trial studies for Naproxen. According to the trial reports, side effects are rare. The studies show the placebo groups experience side effects at nearly the same rate as the control group taking Naproxen, including most of the side effects posted by myself and others here. You can find the reports on and

I’ve been prescribed naproxen for jaw pain and I’ve been on it for a couple months. I only take it as needed, which is often, though I generally try to do just about anything else for the pain because of the side effects. First of all, it doesn’t always work. I’d guess and say that it maybe does something for the pain about 25% of the time. The other 75% of the time, I’m left still in pain, but now with an upset stomach. It really messes with my stomach. Also, I’m prone to depressive periods (I’m not too sure how to describe it, but there’s been suicidal thoughts) and I’ve been in one long, particularly bad one since starting naproxen. Additionally, it does nothing for the headaches and neck aches that occasionally accompany my jaw pain. I’m really not impressed.

I have a very rare jaw disorder. I went to see a specialist, he told me that depending on how long you live with everyday chronic pain, your brain can pick up on pain signals whether you feel pain or not. Some days I find myself taking 3 220mg caplets of naproxen at a time. However later on at night I need 3 more. The bottle says not to exceed 1-2 pills in 24 hours and I have been taking 6 some days. As a result, I have had huge blue/black and purple bruises on my legs for months on end. Take what your doctor has prescribed and the rest of the pain felt probably isn’t pain at all, depending on how long you went with untreated pain.

I have been taking Naproxen for one week and have had disturbed sleep for two nights due to indigestion and pain in my stomach. This medecine was prescribed by my doctor for inflammation in the muscles of my bottom after a fall. I am stopping the Naproxen because I am appalled by all the comments I have just read.

I took Aleve PM at night to help with TMJ pain. Worked for the pain. Feet started to tingle at night. Went to doc who tested for everything from diabetes to cancer. All blood work good. Sent to a podiatrist for my feet after blood tests were clear. Prescribed more Aleve. Add to morning routine and keep taking at night. Now I have hives, tingling pins and needs all over, ringing in ears, swollen tongue, watery eyes, blurry vision. Went to an allergist who told me to quit taking Aleve ASAP. So I did. Now I wait and am taking antihistamines to counteract the hives and allergic reaction. It’s been 24 hours now and the ringing in the ears is less intense but still there. Hives are less intense but still itching and tingling. Feet feel less tingly. What an ordeal! I am told to wait a week for everything to subside. Guess it must have to flush itself out of your body. I can’t and will not ever take this again. :-( Taking one wrong thing can really mess you up!

UPDATE! It ended up NOT being the Aleve causing my problems. It was an overdose of Vitamin B supplements! I never knew this could happen. The flushing and red rash was from an overdose of Niacin (a B vitamin) and an overdose of B6 caused numbness in my feet and tingling. After stopping this supplement my tingling has gone away, no more rash, ringing in ears has decreased by 50% and the numbness in the balls of my feet will take a lot longer they say. I am just glad they figured it out and that it is reversible!

Had a groin strain following stiff hour walk in humid conditions.
I saw that Naproxen was recommended as NSAID for pain.
I Took it for 8 days – Started to get nausea after 3 days, then stomach started hurting.
Day 7 my stool had turned black – anxiety shot up as i have had digestive issues previously – after 3 consecutive days with black stool – intestinal bleeding but by chance, I saw a comment about this drug and it’s side effects
Then I found this forum after stopping use of drug. Using Doxazasin to repair stomach/intestinal damage. I am appalled that this drug is being supplied by doctors – the company that produces should be charged with endangering life – I have not taken 3 days now and my stools back to normal colour so I guess most out of my system – hope this helps others.

I have osteoarthritis and have been taking naproxen for almost a year. I’ve had dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, severe itching, small blister lesions (thought they were shingles), severe headaches daily, tingling/numbness in my left arm, edema (started in right foot–now in both feet, legs and hands), purpura, petechia, nose bleeds, dry mouth, stomach pain, shortness of breath, wheezing, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain (super fast), fluctuation in B/P, neck pain, heartburn, loss of appetite, gas and constipation. I’m a nurse and was sent to a specialist for my pain and a pain management specialist. Not all of the symptoms came on suddenly. My right foot has been swelling since August of 2014. I never thought all of these things were extreme allergic reaction to naproxen. I’ve been bloated, in pain, and just miserable. I made the connection with the swelling (edema) back to the time I first started using it. Then found all the other problems that I had listed. Funny my Dr. Didn’t know. Went in about the swelling and pain and Dr. figured it was arthritis. Had X-ray s and an MRI. He told me I was overweight and needed to lose weight, after I told him I was gaining weight and hadn’t changed my diet and felt bloated. I took myself off it and trying to get rid of the edema and everything else. Worse off than with some minor aches and pains. Will take some time to get back to normal.

On A Positive Note……….
I was on prescription Naproxen many years ago, but my MD took me off due to adverse reports about it.
However, I decided to start OTC Naproxen (Aleve, 220mg) last year because it seemed to help best for my arthritis pain. It works for me, as I have only to take one, and i’m pain-free for over 24 hrs. I’m an 82 year old female with osteoarthritis for many years, and some healed broken joints which would bother me greatly if not for the Aleve.
I make a point of widely spacing it from my one prescription ACE inhibitor med by at least 12 hrs. There are very few side effects, and I take it only two- or three times a week, if needed.
Almost every med has side effects, some more serious than others; it’s a matter of weighing the benefits with the pitfalls. I’m fortunate that my side effects are minimal, and the strength of the OTC Naproxen is enough for me.

I am having chills. Numbness and anxiety attacks after just 250mg tabs today. I don’t like it and will not be taking anymore.

Not wise taking these for a long time if you do take my advice don’t drink smoke or eat unhealthy drink plenty of water, TAKE vitamins, get your blood tested regularly, These do help dramatically but trust me if you take the higher dose for a long time your kidneys and liver will suffer. Serum inorganic phosphate level below range 0.77 mmol/L [0.8 -1.5] and another…

only took 3x500mg. Made muscles twitch at night, and ears ring. Been ringing 3 months straight now.

I was prescribed naproxen for chronic lower back pain i only took two a day 2x500s after two days was constantly feeling sick and unwell so stopped taking them its taken a week to start feeling better rather live with pain then feeling so ill.

I took this cursed medication for a fortnight back in March, and was prescribed it again a few weeks later for what turned out to be a fractured metatarsal. I developed ringing in my ears and could not hear properly. It was only after a few weeks of feeling as if I was going mad that I finally made the connection and stopped taking them. My hearing and the noises in my head and ears got much better after about a fortnight but it took a couple of months to feel completely back to normal.
Now I am worried that I have had tingling in my hands, arms and legs for quite a few months which isn’t getting better despite treatment from a physio. I suddenly remembered that this started at the same time that I was taking Naproxen (I had originally thought the tingling in my arm might have been triggered by using a crutch.) I see that tingling is included in the list of side-effects, but I have been unable to find any information about whether this gets better when you stop taking the drug or whether it causes permanent nerve damage.
Any information or comments very welcome.

I had been taking naproxen for approximately 3 months on an as needed based. Over the last 4 days I’ve been very dizzy and I’m concerned it is the naproxen. After 4 days I’m wondering how long it will last. I do not have ringing in my ears. Wanted your feedback on if the ringing in your ears eventually went away.

Helen H: Have you checked your thyroid? I had palpitations and sudden severe anxiety and I found out I have HYPERthyroid (Hashimoto’s)………

I have hashimoto, this is a Hypothyroid. I just started taking this drug today, but it’s only for 5 days, so hopefully I will not experience your side affects.

I was prescribed naproxyn for pelvic pain. After a few weeks I noticed that in my chest I was always aware of my heartbeat and my belly was bloated and tight. I wondered if this could be high blood pressure, I am a fit 48 year old who normally has really low BP and when I checked it was 148 over 95 which is really bad.
I have been racking my brain for what could have brought this on in just a couple of months and did the search and found all of these posts. I have been spared some of the effects such as heartburn as I was co-prescribed omeprazole to prevent this. But I have not slept well and have palpitations and anxiety, indeed I have gone on another medication to help with the anxiety. I will put up with the pain rather than have high BP with associated risk of heart attack and stroke. Bit nervous about how long it will take to recover, but no more after today.

I took Naproxen 375mg for less than week as well and had severe stomach pains and issues like most people mentioned here. It’s been a week and a half since I stopped taking it and still have some pain but I’ve been taking Zantac which seems to help out a bit. That’s crazy it took 6 weeks to clear up – the side effects are not worth taking this drug.

My son will be 11 years old at the end of April. He had Sever’s Disease in his foot, and needed a cast for a month. After the cast got taken off, he had more issues and in turn without going into to many details, was diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. He is a pretty tall and big kid, so he is on 3 different meds.. Naproxen was one of them. He was taking 250 MG 2x a day. I’m 99% sure he has developed an ulcer now. He has all of the symptons. Originally I thought it was just a stomach ache, as that is a side effect. But it seems to be getting worse, and he has finished his dosage, as of 4 days ago. I feel so bad for him. Can’t believe the horrendous side effects from this medicine.

I only took it for a week or less and not even prescription strength. It took six weeks before I was free of all stomach pain.

Barbara … I’ve taken naproxen for almost a year and am taking myself off (along with a few others). Have had alot of the side effects listed by other people, recovering from a car accident (lower back problems), so who knows which pill is doing what. I have allergies and took an allergy pill …. holy cow, stomach cramps galore and I had a hysterectomy about 17 yrs ago. Don’t think the naproxen has helped but I want to stop all of them. My question for you …. how long did it take for naproxen to be completely out of your system?

I was prescribed 500g Naproxen for a swollen painful ankle (possibly arthritis, awaiting specialist appointment) and took it for approx 3 days. I had the most horrible reaction to it. Terrible painful bloating in my tummy, severe burning indigestion type pain, constipation and severe nausea. These symptoms made worse after eating… I immediately stopped taking the drug and saw my doctor. I am sure I have put on weight as well in just a few days as all my clothes are now tight. Why prescribe a drug that gives so many people such an awful reaction?? I thought maybe I was becoming ill with something else apart from my joint pains but now see it was naproxen causing my symptoms. 3 days after stopping taking it I still feel rotten.

It took 6 weeks for my stomach pain to disappear. I thought I had all sorts of diseases. It even moved around. It was horrible. It does seem to remove pain, but at a high price. It has horrible gastrointestinal side effects.

I took 4 doses and my joint pain almost disappeared. However the crippling abdominal pain and bloating are still with me 3 days after I stopped taking them I will go back to Ibuprofen, I have never felt so unwell, the side effects were almost instant.

Has anyone ever taken naproxen 250mg with sulpiride 200mg and 400mg or any other similar drug? Just out of interest

Took Naproxen for about 2 weeks for shoulder pain. 2 tablets 2 times a day. Stopped this week because my jaw and mouth were hurting and stiff. Also when I breathe in deeply it feels like a smoggy day (for those in LA you know what I mean). I will call my doctor tomorrow – hopefully nothing too serious and will pass. Does anyone have any idea how long before I feel okay again.

I wish I went online I read about naproxen before I took this drug. I was given this drug for head & neck pain, I couldn’t believe how my pain went away instantly- when no pain relief was helping and I’ve been suffering for 6 months. So anyways I was told to take 500mg for the first dose and take the 250mg as and when the pain comes. It’s been the second day of taking this medicine and I’m finding it hard to sleep, I have heartburn, and its really uncomfortable. Reading all the comments above has really scared me and I won’t be continuing my course of naproxen. Have to find an alternative.

Started taking naproxen prescribed by gp for torn medial meniscus in knee. On third day became windy, on fourth day developed abdominal pain and stopped taking them. On fifth day abdominal pains were so bad I could hardly stand up and started profuse sweating. Saw gp who prescribed omeprazole for acute gastritis. Sixth day today and still have hot water bottle strapped to abdomen for relief. Have never felt pain like this and I have three children! Looking at the posts it seems that it suits some people but amazed at how many have had the same problems. Hope I feel better soon but certainly won’t take it again

I used over the counter Aleve to see if it was any better than Advil, my old stand by. Big mistake.
I took one pill in the morning, for about a week. Once or twice, I took 2 pills. Sometimes on an empty stomach (stupid, I know). The entire time, I had horrible stomach pains. I didn’t connect these pains to the Aleve. I thought it was the gelatin powder I was drinking, so I stopped it. Stomach pains still there. I took Aleve for about one week. Then stopped completely. IT took THREE weeks for all stomach pains to go away. I felt bloated, crampy and gassy but there was no gas! It felt “stuck”. I have never in my life experienced this kind of reaction to any NSAID. I will never again take Aleve and after reading all these comments I wonder why this drug is even allowed to be sold at all. I know all drugs have side effects but this is a particularly nasty one.
I’m writing this review just in case someone else is still suffering after weeks of NOT taking Aleve. IT takes weeks for your stomach to become “normal” again. And by “stomach” I mean my lower intestines. That is where all my pain was. Not in my stomach or upper abdomen, just very very low……..almost pelvic region.
Advil never made me sick and I’d rather multi-dose on that when I need to than ever take Aleve again.

I was prescribed 500 mgs Naproxen to be taken twice a day. I’m suffering from chest and sternum pain. So far I’ve had 5 pills. After the first pill my stomach was bloated to the point I thought I must have gained weight. I was constipated as well. 2 pills and a day later my constipation hadn’t gone away. I decided to eat a bag of prunes and switch only to super-rich fiber foods. Well, I’ve got diarrhea now. In general, my stomach just feels upset like it hasn’t in years (albeit not really painful as opposed to just blocked up), and I also feel a bit bloated. However, it’s not the crazy bloated I felt on the first day.
On the bright-side this stuff has been fantastic for reliving my pain. I actually got re-injured going to the hospital during my examination and all the stuff for x-rays and all that so I haven’t really made any progress. However, for the state and pain I was in after my visit the Naproxen has worked great so far.
For me this pill is a trade off. The moment I get to a dosage time (usually 1-2 hours past because I push it back) with minor enough pain, I am going to stop taking this. I was hoping to stop tomorrow, but I’m probably going to go another 3-4 days (assuming the side-effects don’t get worse). If they go away, well, I’ll go my full 14 days…
How long does it usually take to flush the stomach affects once you get off this pill? I truly hate stomach discomfort because I had it when I was really little. The memories are awful
PS: Another side-effect I just recalled is that I haven’t felt hungry in 3 days. I’ve been eating and stuff, but I have no appetite.

I was prescribed Naproxen 500 mg for back pain. Took one at night and had mild abdominal discomfort and didn’t sleep well. The next morning I took the next dosage on a full stomach. 30 minutes later was having shooting pain in my stomach which is currently happening and it has been 15 hours since last dosage. Upper right quadrant is sensitive to touch and I am in the most pain ten minutes after I eat or drink something, now I don’t want to eat anything!
I look like I am 6 months pregnant and feel like I have an alien living inside of me. I will NEVER take this medication again! I may go and have an ultrasound to make sure there is no internal bleeding.

I was prescribed Naproxen for a pain in my ribs, after the 10th day I started having Panic Attacks, Nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, fear of losing control and jumping thru the window, fear of hurting someone, my gums started to bleed, some weird bruises appeared in my body, Constant headache, eye ache, reduction in my pee frequency. I developed OCD thanks to this medicine.
It has been 8 weeks since I stopped taking naproxen, it was a living nightmare. The adverse effects lasted for about 6 weeks after I stopped taking that medicine. To get better I had to have plenty of water and also did cycling, running to sweat, that way I didn’t overload my kidneys. CBT helps when this chemical anxiety comes to annoy me.
My suggestion is to avoid this drug. It’s too troublesome and the manufacturers don’t offer a test to know if you will have side/adverse effects.

Started taking Naproxen 500mg (2 tabs a day) 2 days ago for a toe injury. Tore the ligaments in my toe 4 weeks ago and wasn’t getting any better so doctor prescribed Naproxen for the swelling and inflammation. Almost immediately got heartburn. Took tablets for 3 days then stopped. The heartburn was awful! Didn’t have any other side effects up till then. Hope I don’t get any now I’ve stop!
Might go to the chemist and ask them to recommend an alternative. I have taken diclofenic in the past and have had no problems. Won’t be taking Naproxen again!

I was prescribes 500mg of naproxen, 2 tabs 3 times a day along side co dydramol as I have chipped my coccyx, I started getting awful stomach pains on day two so I cut them both down, I am so bloated that I feel like I’m pregnant, I think I may go back to the drs to see if I can stop taking them as I think there the anti inflammatory tabs.
If they know this happens then why don’t the prescribe something to help the stomach !!!

I was prescribed 500mg of Naproxen twice a day just yesterday for arthritis which had set into my big toe after a minor injury. I have just taken 4 tablets so far but after reading these comments I have decided to stop. I just wonder why doctors are still prescribing this drug if it has a detrimental effect on so many people! I have to say, the 4 tablets I have taken have certainly worked with the arthritic pain. I would like to know if Naproxen has worked, without bad effects on anyone!

Hey MM.
How long did it take you to feel normal again?
I am passing thru something similar after taking Naproxen.
I am really worried.

I was prescribed Naproxen to take up to 3 times a day for a problem with my knee. I have since found out from another doctor that I should not have been given this medication at such a young age, especially without a stomach protecting drug. I did not stick to these instructions and did not take naproxen 3 times a day as it did not help my knee however it did help with period pains so I would take them for this.
About a year on I began suffering ridiculous pains in my stomach and burning around my chest, I had no appetite and could not focus on anything so I went to see the doctor who assumed I had acid reflux but I was advised to go to a&e if it got worse. I went to the hospital the next day and saw the most fantastic doctor who asked me one question, “do you take any painkillers?” At first I just said yes paracetamol, nurofen etc, but then remembered the naproxen. This is all he needed to know in order to diagnose me and it has since been another year.
The pain is not as frequent as I control it by taking paracetemol, but have been advised to avoid acidic and spicy foods forever as well as never taking any other drug than paracetemol as the lining of my stomach is now so thin. I will suffer from this for the rest of my life all because a doctor prescribed me naproxen!! I’ve read online so many other cases and it’s horrible. I would suggest you do not take this medication it does more harm than good in the long run. Period and knee pains are nothing compared to my stomach flare ups!!!

Have been prescribed Naproxen (250mg twice a day) to help with bowel/hernia problems and now have bad diarrhoea and burning pain in my abdomen. Am not going to take it any longer as really feeling bad with it. No energy and unable to sleep. Be warned people out there when going on these drugs. Try do NOT suit everyone.

I have early stages of carpel tunnel syndrome. My doctor prescribed naproxen 500 mg for two weeks. The first day that I took the drug I felt an immediate fullness in my stomach. Thinking that the fullness was caused by something I ate, I continued taking the medicine for a couple of days. I stopped yesterday but symptoms have not improved. Feel gnawing pain in pit of stomach. I am extremely gassy. I am constantly running to the toilet during the day. Wake up in middle of the night feeling nauseous. My mood is irritable. I honestly thought that I must have some kind of disease until I read this post. My appetite dropped. I am taking the advice of some who posted and drinking a ton of water. I hope it has not done permanent damage. I eat very well and exercise regularly. This drug is not for me. I am just hoping that this discomfort goes away soon.

I had been taking 500 mg of Naproxen twice a day for 3 months about 5 weeks a go I started getting chest pains and stiff tensed lower jaw at same time thought I was having a heart attack this happened 3 more times always when just sitting relaxing in the evening watching tv I finally went to the doctor convinced it was my heart saw a locum doctor who straightaway said it was the naproxen causing it examined my tummy found my stomach to be tender saying it may have caused an ulcer – put me on paracetamol instead but quite honestly I am now scared to take any pain killers – be aware people doctor does not always know best I also felt very depressed, couldn’t sleep very wheezy but I also have asthma anyway, had small bruises appearing on my body very dark black ones, I feel anxious and get stressed easy over little things – have only stopped taking them yesterday dread to think how long it will take to get rid off the effects.

I took naproxen and my ankles and feet swoll up for about 5 days.

This product worked good with my teeth pain but gave me diarrhea and ringing ears. Just bought a bottle of 100. They’re going in the trash

only took 2 of the prescribed 70 tablets, severe sickness and stomach pain after the first one, but after the second dose I sunk into severe depression, began hallucinating and became seriously suicidal. It was as if I was experiencing my worst nightmare while awake! This was 3 days ago, and I am just beginning to feel normal again, am now taking a homoeopathic detox to try to remove it from my system.

I have been taking Naproxen 500mg off and on for the past 2 months and have been noticing hearing loss and a loud ringing in my ears. I stopped taking it today after reading the comments on this site. I’m hoping that these effects will reverse.

Just taken my first 500mg of naproxen tonight and wished I’d read what people’s side effects had been first as so nervous now been in my system about a hour really hoping I get no bad cramps are anything else as need to find a good pain relief for my chronic back pain.

I was prescribed naproxen 500gm twice a day for costochondritis, took it with meals for about 4 day and my inflamed ribs now feel much better. However since coming off it I’ve had stomach cramps, wind and a bloated feeling (and looks it!). Eating a large meal tends to help the cramps but I don’t want to keep this up. Going to do 24 hours of water only tomorrow and see if anything changes, if not, probably back to the docs next week.

Really helped with severe pain within 2 doses but made me extremely sick at night. Terrible stomach cramps with nausea and vomiting! Stopped taking them then and immediately felt less nauseous!

Update from my post on 9/17/13
The ringing in my ears only lasted 24 hours but I had only taken 2 Aleve.
I did have a colonoscopy done with biopsies and the colonoscopy was normal but biopsy showed a rare condition called Lymphocytic Colitis. Which from some of the reading I’ve done can be triggered by NSAIDS (naproxen, ibuprofen,aspirin)
I began taking a steroid – 3 mg of Budesonide EC 3 times a day on oct 30thand I started getting relief from my colitis about a week ago. It is definitely working. I take that dose for 4wks, then 2 per day for 2 wks, then 1 per day for 2 wks. And hopefully I’ll be back to normal.
I hope this is helpful.

I have been on Naproxen for several months for back pain and was believing it to be a wonder drug, until 3 days ago.
I am so bloated I haven’t been able to eat anything for 3 days and only just managed to swallow enough fluids to get my other meds down. I am now wondering if it is the Naproxen even though I have been fine before. I also feel nauseous with horrendous heartburn.
I went to my doctor for my chest being so tight shortly after starting this drug because it was scaring me and she said everything was fine. At 54 I believed the sweating was me starting the change. It still might be but I am now wondering. My sleeping has always been disturbed as I also suffer from depression and ptsd.
This site has opened my eyes to the possibility that Naproxen may be the cause of these symptoms but do I continue to take them because these symptoms, although very bad are not as bad as the original back pain. I am very overweight so the thought of losing weight is quite appealing.

I was prescribed Naproxen 500 as an alternative of Ibuprofen for an elbow pain. I took the first tablet this morning as prescribed and the pain was almost gone. But after about 5 hours, I had a snack and, immediately I got pain in stomach and diarrhoea. I expected that it is due to this medicine. After I read the comments here and after suffering from the pain I have now while I’m writing, I decided to stop taking it and I’m telling everyone ‘please do not take it’.
People’s Pharmacy response: Naproxen (Aleve) is an NSAID, and like other NSAIDs, it can and frequently does cause digestive tract upset. You are clearly more sensitive to this problem than some other people, and it makes sense for you not to take it. Others may need to make their own determination.

I was prescribed this medication for my micro ligament tear in my knee (500mg twice a day). It definitely helps with the pain, for a few hours, but then it wears off and I end up back in excruciating pain for a few more hours until I can take it again. I find it difficult to concentrate in school and my friends have noticed me zoning out a lot since I took it. Also, in the middle of laying down to go to bed for my second day taking it, my stomach suddenly made a weird rumbling noise and I had to run to the bathroom. Many stomach problems from it. I did follow directions and ate a drank water before I took it but it didn’t avoid the stomach problem. I do not recommend it.

I was taking naproxen a few times a day due to neck pain. After a year, I had surgery and 2 disks replaced. I have stopped taking the naproxen and now my hands have broken out with blisters. I went to the doctor and he immediately ask me how much naproxen I was taking. I was diagnosed with Porphyria Cutanea Tarda brought on from taking naproxen.
I started doing research and found so many people with this same problem. I found pictures that looked exactly like my hands. I was also told that my hands could break out every time I am in the sun for months. I have to keep them covered and wear sun screen. I work outside delivering mail. This is a huge issue. My hands are so sore. I had never even heard of this before now. As I do research it seems to be common. I think this should be a warning with this medication.

I had neck surgery after a year of pain. I was taking naproxen 3 times a day, everyday for a few months. I have now developed Porphyria Cutanea Tarda. I am surprised I am not reading more about others with this problem. My hands are breaking out terribly with blisters. I went in to see a doctor and immediately was ask how much naproxen I am taking. It has been a month and I have not taken a bit. I am told my hands will continue to break out for a couple of months. This is horrible. I am also attaching a link to a picture of what my hands look like. This is not my hands and this lady was also getting into a tanning bed…I have not. I just work outside delivering the mail. Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this problem.
Take Care

Alleve is the only pain medication that brings me any relief but I don’t take it on a regular basis. I’ve gone to the ER in the past for migraines and gotten shots that would knock me out. I would wake up hours later in as much or more pain than before. I had a prescription for naprosen after a surgery and took one the next time I had a migraine. Within a few hours, I was back to normal. I didn’t go through hours of pain, nausea, light sensitivity and vomiting that usually accompanied my migraines. I have learned to take two 220 mg Alleve when I first feel one coming on and haven’t had any problems since.
I just had my first bad experience but it really is my own fault. Yesterday I took 1320 mg throughout the course of the day so I could function due to excruciating menstrual cramps. This morning I thought I would have to miss work due to the stomach upset. I normally have very regular bowels and I have never been as constipated as I was today.
So for me it has been a lesson learned. I will continue to use Alleve as needed. I probably have 5-6 migraine episodes a year – down from 20-30 in the past. Alleve works for me but I will definitely not over-medicate again!! Lessons learned the hard way always stick!

I was in a car accident, my dr put me on naproxen 500mg to take 3 tabs per day, on the second day of taking the medication, I had to go to the hospital, my stomach pain was so bad, and got black stools followed by diarrhea. The pain was so bad I thought my stomach was trying to eat itself from the inside out…. Won’t ever take this again.

Took just a few of these pills prescribed for arthritis never again got bloating, severe stomach cramps, heartburn and headaches it also made me feel a little bit spaced out as well won’t touch again, besides that it did nothing for the pain.

Hi Mimi
I read your comments “I took Aleve one time, I had an immediate side effect – ringing in my ears and then diarrhea. It’s been over a month now and no relief in the diarrhea. I go to the GI doctor next week”
Has the ringing in your ears now subsided, if so, how long before it went away, I have been taking Naxproxen for about two weeks and I now have ringing in my ears !! I have now stopped taking this drug.

Has the ringing/buzzing in your ears stopped, if so, how long did it last and what would you recommend to clear this up as I have taken Naproxen for two weeks and have the same issue
Good luck and I hope it cures itself asap.

I was prescribed naproxen for my costrochondritis after ibruprofen wasn’t helping I took it with omeprazole but still had stomach ache indegestion for 11 days after I stopped taking it for 5 days!!! Silly me got prescribed a coated naproxen tablet next have now been stupidly ill for 14 days and counting after just taking 5 of these pills…. Indigestion you wouldn’t believe???
Please if you feel any pain or it feels like you’ve swallowed a sock STOP taking these bastards your in for a personal hell!! I’ve taken Liver salts twice a day and at least drank 1.5 litres of water a day but still feel like I’ve swallowed a firework???? Hope this don’t happen to you but it could so don’t take the risk.

Started my course of Naproxen last night about 40 minutes after taking it with a drink and dinner started to get burning in my stomach, feelings of dizziness and palpitations. I had read the leaflet before hand so I knew these things were possible but I have made the conscious decision to not take any more and go back to see my doctor first thing tomorrow morning.
I’m only taking it for sinus and inner ear inflammation along with Anti Biotics. I must admit the relief the tablet gave was good, but it’s certainly not worth some of the side effects being muted on here. It’s been about 16 Hours since I took it and my stomach is still burning now with very little relief from water, milk or over the counter indigestion products. I am flushing my system with regular Water and Green Tea’s in the hope that this goes away quickly. I have no intention of taking the remainder of the 55 tablets I have left, I wonder what state I’d be in if I did?

I took 2 Aleve one time a month ago for knee pain. Within a half hour I was dizzy and had ringing in my ears so bad I couldn’t fall asleep. The next morning I had bloating, gas, and diarrhea and it hasn’t stopped. I go to the GI doctor next week.
It has ruined my life. I’m so afraid of getting caught too far from a restroom as the diarrhea comes on suddenly. I get relief when I take Kaopectate but I don’t want to live on that. And as soon as I stop taking that, the diarrhea is right back.
I’m looking for a cure as I can’t imagine living like this forever. A month is too long.

I took Aleve one time, I had an immediate side effect – ringing in my ears and then diarrhea. It’s been over a month now and no relief in the diarrhea. I go to the GI doctor next week.

I have been taking NAPROXEN for 2months, 34 tablets in total I don’t read the leaflets you get with meds but after taking NAPROXEN I will read everything first, not that the leaflet told you very much.
I was given NAPROXEN for a nerve injury. I was told the symptoms would get better HA! HA! Have stopped taking the pills but have been left with a lot of problems.
Extreme hair loss. Seeing and hearing things that are not there. Excessive tears. Cold sweats. Confusion. Sore throat hoarseness. Diarrhea. Extreme fatigue. Increased sensitivity to skin in sunlight. Increased sweating. Lower back and side pain.
Inability to sleep.
But When you do sleep the nightmares are bad / headaches / increased thirst / Changes in hearing. All this from one little tablet. The worst is the hair loss and i mean a lot of hair not at the beginning just in the last 2weeks.
I really didn’t think tablets could do this in such a short time. Could any one tell me how long it takes to get rid of the side affects especially the hair loss.

Naproxen was the pits — doctor aware my stomach issues with Volataren and prescribed this and I was okay for 4 days then bam – hit me like a truck – very bad pains in stomach, constipation, dizziness, nausea – stopped immediately along with the paracetemol he also had me on – this was for a back injury. Now 5 days later beginning to come good but not quite there yet.

I have been on steroids and 500 mg of naproxen twice a day. I suffer from tarsal tunnel syndrome and have not found any relief looking at surgery in September. The first two times taking naproxen I experienced the stomach ache which was nowhere near as bad as my feet/ leg pain. My stomach isn’t upset anymore but honestly no pain relief. Sometimes I think I’ve been prescribed the wrong drugs because my pain is sharp burning and numb/ can’t feel parts of my feet the parts I do feel seem like they are on fire!

I’ve taken Naproxen for almost 20 years for back pain (inflammation). Initially, maybe one over-the counter-pill a day for a day or two or three for flare ups that would occur 3 or 4 times a year. The drug was immensely effective. I considered it a wonder-drug, as it was the only medication that really worked — and I tried almost everything available (prescription and non-prescription). And there were no adverse side effects. As I’ve aged, my back conditioned has worsened, requiring more and more Naproxen.
Recently, I has been taking a lot more because back flare-ups were occurring a lot more often; and now, partially as a result, I’ve developed ulcers. My doctors are telling me to stop Naproxen altogether. And, for the most part, I have. Occasionally, however, I have taken a little here and there when back discomfort is particularly bad. But this does not seem to upset my ulcers. At least there has never been an instance where I took a Naproxen and then suffered with upset stomach right away.
There have been times when 3 or 4 days after dosing with Naproxen that stomach issues have presented. But because of the amount of time between Naproxen dosing and stomach issues, it’s hard for me to believe that Naproxen is the cause. If anyone else has experience like this, and can comment, I would appreciate knowing what you have to say.

My primary care doctor prescribed 500mg of Naproxen to be taken twice daily for a minor toe injury. Barely more than a day later, I’ve become a miserable diarrhea geyser. The comments here have freaked me out enough to ensure I’ll never take this vile drug again.

I have taken 3 Naproxen pills (two on Monday one yesterday) for a really bad tooth ache that I had and it has torn my stomach to shreds. The feeling is unexplainable like an extreme hunger pain. The only time I feel relief is if my stomach is really really full. If its not then the pain makes me double over it hurts that badly!! I would never recommend this medicine to anyone! I don’t even know why a doctor would prescribe something so extreme for this. It did get rid of my tooth ache but I would gladly take that pain just to stop this hurting sensation in my stomach. Needless to say I will NEVERRRR take this pill again!!!!

I took 2 tablets of naproxen after a big dinner and was woken by really bad colicky pains. I didn’t connect it with the tablets until a week later I took another two tablets after a full dinner and again woken at 2am by severe stomach pain. I could only get relief with a hot water bottle. 12 hours later and I’m still suffering bad stomach pain, especially when my stomach is empty. I just hope permanent damage has not been done. I will never have this drug again.

Started taking this medication about a month ago for sciatica and back pain.
Having all sorts of complaints since then. The worse for me was depression. Two nights ago, I had such bad stomach cramps and bloating I slept on my bathroom floor. I was terrified; I got shaky, hot and sweaty and was so weak I almost fainted.
Today I am in bed all day, not taking this pill ever again. I am so tired, weak, depressed, just wanna die. Hopefully, this passes soon …I am drinking lots of water today.

I have taken about 12 of naproxen over a period of 3 days for severe backpain and my ankles and lower legs are so badly swollen its unbelievable. My hands are swollen too so much so I can’t move my wedding ring. Does anyone know how to get rid of the water retention.? I stopped taking them 24 hours ago when I read about all the side effects.

Was taking naproxen 500mgs for arthritis, pain developing in my thighs so painful when trying to walk, stopped taking them because legs and ankles were bloated too. Would rather put up with the arthritis pain would never take it again.

I have taken Naproxen 500mg. Twice a day for 3 months for a bulging disc. Pain was still present but not as bad. The side effects of this drug appears to give me constant ring in my ears. I wake up in the night with the buzzing noise. I have stopped taking the drug now for four days and the ringing is still present. How long does it take for the ringing to stop.

Previously alternating with ibuprofen and paracetamol. To be honest have not noticed any benefit or worsening effect so far… apart from dry tongue and nasty taste. About to take third day dosage. Am usually sensitive but have found I still need to take 1000mg of paracetamol to get any pain relief. If these are so powerful, how come? Certainly not sleeping any better, still waking up with pain.

I used to take anaprox back in the late 80s early 90s for cramps and would only need 1 pill a month! Now I take the naproxin 500s for my lumbar pain. My tolerance allows me to take them less as in every other day without any problems, but taking it twice a day every day like prescribed slowed my system down too much and would get bloated and backed up.
Now the Tramadol 100s!…….whoa, I rarely take those and have to be really in pain to take one 2 days in a row….like today. Wish I could go back to the Anaprox though.

Hello – Have been taking this for two weeks now 500mgs x 2 daily with breakfast and dinner. Also take a stomach protector. No change to the pain at all, I have inflammatory arthritis, neck, back, si joints, elbow, feet pain.
Side effects minor compared to others here – constipation, bloating which is enough to deal with. Have called my specialist for advice/change to a different medication. I also take 10mgs methotrexate.

I am a 16 year old girl who has had some bladder issues since I was eight. I was taken to the hospital for pain in my left hip and the doctor prescribed two pills 500 mg of Naproxen to be taken twice daily.
I complained of pain in my right lower stomach and back. I couldn’t sleep at night. Then my bladder shut totally down and has been since Nov, 2012. I also had constipation and my colon will only work with help.
I had taken the drug for almost three weeks before another doctor took me off. I was in the hospital for seven weeks and was just released with no improvement. I know the drug did this to me-has anyone else had these severe reactions.

I am having the same issues after taking Naproxen, my stomach is bloated beyond belief and is cramping like crazy! How long did your symptoms last? because I am getting scared and its been 2 days and no improvement. I have been drinking lots of water to try and flush it put of my system but it’s not seeming to help any.

my dentist prescribed me naproxen after my wisdom tooth surgery on thursday.
it helped me the first day but the second time i took it, i started to feel like there’s acid in my stomach and no matter how much water i drink to dilute it the uncomfortable pain is still there. tonight, i took naproxen at 9pm i felt like am going to die i am having palpitation, i was dizzy with heart burn and i felt like i’m going to throw up! i will never use this drug ever! i tried to have some rest and it kinda help me a bit but i am still uncomfortable! i might go to ER to get help!

Tried Naproxen 500mg 5 years ago for severe polyarticular gout and felt so ill it was unreal…Went onto Dicloflex 50mg with Colcichine which I only used as and when I could feel an acute attack coming on and have not had a full attack in years and didnt even have to continue seeing my Rheumatologist….THEN went to see my NEW GP for a repeat precription who refused me my normal medication…Prescribed me Naproxen against my insistence with Omeprozole and down dosed my Allopurinol…..I have never felt so ill. Stomach pains…diahorrea then constipation….kidney pains…you name it…and have the worst acute attack ive had in years????wtf??? Changed my GP and reverted back to my usual meds…Naproxen is a dangerous drug…Be warned

have taken 2 500mg tablets yesterday prescribed for arthritis. I’m just gonna stick with the arthritis pain because that is nothing compared to the stomach pains and sick and bloated feeling that these tablets have given me. Please, if they’ve been prescribed for you ask the doc to change. No tablet is worth the pain I am in right now.

Been taken 500mg twice a day and pain in lower back got a lot worse and spreading to my hips and legs, very painful when walking, won’t be taking them anymore.

Swollen limbs bloated stomach…. no thanks.

Took naproxen for 2 days now. Was prescribed for bursitis in my knee. Noticed swelling of my lower leg and ankle in the morning of the second day but didn’t make the connection until tonight. So I’ve officially taken 2 days worth and my ankles and feet are so swollen I can no longer see my ankles. My lower leg is twice the size of the other one.
Stay away from this horrendous medication! I would rather have dealt with the bursitis pain rather than worry about what damage this has done to my body. Should have just taken regular advil for pain.
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: With such a difference in leg size, you need to be checked right away for a possible blood clot in your leg (DVT)

I have been using Naproxen for 2 weeks and have horrid stomach cramps and nausea… Think I might give it up… Rather the pain then this feeling.

Taken off Diclofenac because of risk of heart attack. Never had a problem with it and it worked well. After 24 hours on Naproxen 500mg, had awful heartburn and weird dreams, so stopped taking it. Tried again after a week and followed instructions really carefully. After 36 hours suddenly developed really bad heartburn. After a sleepless night with the sensation of my rib cage exploding from pressure and burning pain, stopped taking it.
Now 24 hours later, still trying to deal with the pain and wind. HUGE amounts of wind, and bad heartburn as soon as my stomach starts to empty. Not happy. Will miss the extremely weird and vivid dreams I got each time though! Back to the doctor tomorrow. Not sure about the pain relief. Hard to notice it when I am so consumed with stomach pains!

I was prescribed Naproxen 500 mg for inflammation in shoulders. I took them with big meals and plenty of water, 1 tablet twice a day. Early on, I had pain on front right neck, left ear pain and left side migraine. But stupid of me I continued in hope of finishing my medicine to heal my shoulder injury.
On the 5th day, after finishing 8 tablets and getting burning stomach feeling and diarrhea, I stopped taking them. I also have anxiety, now I have a lot of worrying to do, like if I have ulcer or not. With this anxiety, I will for sure get my GP to book me an appointment with a GI. Sucks!

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