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Marijuana Ingredient Helps Bones Heal Faster

Cannabidiol, a compound without psychoactive properties, helped rat bones heal faster.

New research in rats suggests that marijuana contains a compound that can help broken bones heal faster.

This claim sounds sensational, but Israeli scientists used cannabidiol, a chemical that does not alter perception although it is extracted from cannabis leaves. They administered it to rats with broken leg bones, and found that the rats given cannabidiol healed more quickly. Their bones laid down a stronger mineral matrix.

Psychoactive Compound Did Not Help Bones Heal Faster

The rats given a different component of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, did not heal more quickly. It is the THC compound in marijuana that makes people high.

This study suggests that it is unlikely that smoking marijuana would have beneficial effects on bones. Nevertheless, cannabidiol might help broken bones heal faster and stronger. Further research on this possible application could be exciting.

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, online May 10, 2015 

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I have read where CBD (Cannabidiol) helps with seizures, particularly epilepsy. We have an irrational fear of marijuana and wind up turning our backs on all the good it can do. Think about more effective pain relief without all the side effects of opioids. If it can be administered in a pill, or shot, you do not have to worry about all the effects of smoking on the lungs, etc. Perhaps when the memory of the movie Reefer Madness, IIRC, fades from our collective minds, we can then exploit the plant for all its medicinal benefits without fear of all becoming heroin addicts.

I wonder, is that movie still making the rounds via social media?

I was lucky enough to be given 2 small bottles of Cannabis oil (no THC) I rubbed a few drops on my wrist tendons and knees and it was like being touched with healing from above and worked as soon as it hit my skin. Effect lasted 1 week.

Unfortunately the supplier was jailed for growing it as it is not yet legal in Australia. My online friends in Colorado tell me some rheumatologists are now recommending it as they see it works on (my) rheumatoid inflammation etc.

Viva Israel

There are over 80 cannabinoids in marijuana. We are becoming familiar with only the first two, THC, and CBD. Both with amazing medical benefits. THC helps people with little energy or tolerance for food increase their appetite (e.g. cancer patience after chemo therapy), and CBD helps with chronic and acute pain (and now, according to this article,bone healing.) CBD separately, according to reports, does not involve the psycho-activity produced by THC. But there is much more to study. What benefits do the other 78 cannabinoids offer?

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