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Losartan can be very useful in lowering blood pressure and preventing stroke, but patients should be aware of losartan side effects.

Losartan was introduced under the brand name Cozaar in 1995 for the treatment of high blood pressure. At the time, it was the first of a new category of blood pressure medicines now known as ARBs, or angiotensin II receptor blockers. Although they work on the renin-angiotensin enzymes just as ACE inhibitors do, ARBs have some distinct differences from ACE inhibitors like lisinopril. Losartan side effects are not the same as those found with lisinopril or other ACE inhibitors.

Losartan is prescribed for high blood pressure, alone or in combination with other drugs. It is often prescribed as a fixed combination with hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ). Originally, this combination pill carried the brand name Hyzaar, but both losartan and the losartan-HCTZ combination pills have been available in generic versions for a number of years. It appears that losartan may be less effective for African-American patients than for others (American Journal of Hypertension, Nov., 2003).

Losartan Side Effects:

Some of the most common side effects that people on losartan have experienced include dizziness, nasal stuffiness, diarrhea, muscle cramps or pains including back pain, fatigue and indigestion. People with diabetes may experience episodes of low blood sugar.

Other Losartan Side Effects:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Nasal congestion, sinusitis, upper respiratory infection
  • High potassium levels
  • Angioedema (a reaction in which the throat or face may swell, possibly leading to a medical emergency)
  • Anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction in which the person has difficulty breathing)
  • Fainting: this may be worsened by dehydration due to excessive sweating, diarrhea or vomiting
  • Kidney injury
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Fetal toxicity if the mother is taking losartan
  • Cough-less common than with ACE inhibitors, but persistent cough is occasionally a problem

Any symptoms should be reported to the doctor promptly.

Although dry eyes are not included in lists of losartan side effects, one reader reported severe dry eyes while taking this drug.

Use During Pregnancy:

Losartan, like other ARB medications, is not appropriate during the second or third trimesters of pregnancy. If a woman taking losartan becomes pregnant, she should consult her doctor as soon as possible. Nursing women should not take this drug without first discussing potential risks and benefits with their physician.

Interactions with Losartan:

Although losartan may be given in combination with many other types of blood pressure medicine, it should NOT be taken together with aliskiren (Tekturna) by people with diabetes or reduced renal function. This combination may lead to elevated potassium in the body (World Journal of Nephrology, Nov. 6, 2013). It could also put undue strain on the kidneys.

ARBs such as losartan work on the same enzyme system, generally, as the ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors such as benazepril (Lotensin), captopril (Capoten), enalapril (Vasotec), lisinopril (Prinivil, Zestril), moexipril (Univasc), perindopril (Aceon), quinapril (Accupril), ramipril (Altace) and trandolapril (Mavik). Combining losartan with any of these does not improve effectiveness, but it does increase the probability of side effects.

Because losartan can increase the amount of potassium circulating in the bloodstream, it can be dangerous in combination with potassium-sparing diuretics such as amiloride (Midamor), spironolactone (Aldactone) or triamterene (Dyrenium, or as a component of HCTZ/triamterene = Dyazide or Maxzide). Combining such medications could lead to elevated potassium levels. For the same reason, salt substitutes containing potassium chloride (NoSalt, Lite Salt, etc.) should not be used without medical supervision.

People taking lithium to treat bipolar disorder may need to have the dose adjusted. Taking losartan at the same time can raise blood levels of lithium and make side effects more likely.

Certain medicines may interact with losartan to lower blood pressure too much or unexpectedly. They include a number of drugs used to treat serious psychiatric disorders:

  • aripiprazole (Abilify)
  • aripiprazole lauroxil (Aristada)
  • asenapine (Saphris)
  • brexpiprazole (Rexulti)

There are also a number of antihypertensives that may lower blood pressure too much if they are taken with losartan. These combinations should be avoided or the dosage of one or both drugs may require adjustment. These include:

  • bendroflumethiazide
  • bumetanide
  • chlorothiazide
  • chlorthalidone
  • ethacrynic acid
  • furosemide
  • hydrochlorothiazide
  • indapamide
  • methyclothiazide
  • metolazone
  • torsemide

In addition, doctors need to be monitoring carefully if a person taking losartan is also taking an NSAID such as celecoxib, diclofenac, etodolac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, meloxicam, nabumetone, naproxen and others. These drugs may decrease the power of losartan to control blood pressure.

Losartan is metabolized by CYP enzymes in the liver (2C9 and 3A4). Despite this, it does not seem to have a significant interaction with grapefruit juice, which inhibits CYP3A4. Presumably that is because CYP 2C9 is more important for the metabolism of losartan.

The list of drug interactions here is not exhaustive, so be sure to check with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure that losartan is safe in combination with any other drugs you take.

Special Precautions:

People with liver disease may have trouble metabolizing losartan. The dose should be adjusted accordingly.

In people with severe congestive heart failure, losartan may put too much strain on the kidneys. The prescribing physician should be monitoring closely to make sure this is not happening.

Women should not take losartan if they are pregnant or nursing.

Taking Losartan:

Losartan may be taken when it is convenient, with or without food. It is taken once or twice a day, according to the prescription. The usual dose starts at 50 mg a day and may go to a maximum of 100 mg/day. People with reduced liver function and those taking a diuretic blood pressure medicine already are usually prescribed a lower dose of 25 mg daily to reduce the likelihood of losartan side effects.

Most recent revision: December 28, 2015

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Been on Losartan 1 year. Have been having major fatigue and feeling of panic attacks daily. Actually feeling loss of control. My chest felt like it was caving in when breathing. Stay fatigued all day. Getting dissy and light headed a lot. Just felt like I was dying. Been off meds 2 days and feel 100% better. No way will I go back. I’m going to start an exercise program and diet to help my BP going forward.

I have been taking losartan for high blood pressure for more than a year and over that time have acquired a laundry list of side effects, including – in order of occurence – nightmares and night terrors; cellulitis in left arm, requiring antibiotic; carpal tunnel-like pain in right hand; pain in right shin bone with a strange feeling of cold spots in shin bone; mouth ulcers that took over three weeks to heal and the latest: ringing, crackling, hollow feeling in ears. I am a 70 year old female, otherwise in excellent health. As I developed each of these side effects, one at a time, I started checking on the FDA website by entering “losartan cellulitis” or “losartan carpal tunnel,” etc and sure enough there would be the data. In other words I didn’t pull these symptoms out of a hat. I first had to develop the problem and then name it before the FDA site could locate the data. My doctor, of course, did the old “pat you on the back, there-there, off you go” routine. So now I stand on the big pharma precipice, which way to turn, brand name or generic, medications or cat food and on and on.”

I am wondering if anyone has had had sinus headaches with Losartan?

I do not like this drug. My head is dizzy and I cannot concentrate. I ache all over and my legs have become so weak I am wary of going out for a normal walk. I also have muscle spasms in my legs despite taking a potent dose of magnesium.

I don’t know whether this is caused by this drug, but I am having many attacks of severe heartburn. Just had an ECG and it is not angina.
Going to cut the dose in half until I next see my doctor. I didn’t get any of these symptoms when on Quinapril.

This drug caused so many side effects, and I eventually passed out and sustained a concussion….was on 50 mg per day for mild HTN. Then I lowered the dose myself cause Dr wasn’t. I then sustained intense hives and sob. Still too strong. Blurred vision, vertigo, could not move eyes, I would be unstable. Itching, lots of skin itching. Mood changes, severe, crying, depression. It was awful.
Well, took myself to ER, Dr said I should never have been on it, and taken off earlier as my BP was way too low, it is a strong med. A med I had before, was fine, as they looked into my records. In other words, over 18 months, I was not listened to, sustained a concussion, and many ill side effects. Trust your gut. Change Drs that do not listen. You know your body better than anyone. Losartan was dangerous for me.

I am 71 and just weaned myself off Losartan. I reduced by cutting the pills so that I went from 100mg to 50mg and then 25mg before stopping Losartan altogether.

My BP reduced and is now averaging 136/74 with bpm 68. I play tennis 3x per week and also do aerobic exercise. I love salt and have not adjusted that but eat fresh food and enjoy wine in the evening. I will soon present my findings to my GP!

Wow! I have been fainting, sneezing, dizzy, pains in the top of my shoulder, uncontrollable anxiety, fatigue, and constant urination. I never thought it was the Losartan but I started taking it about 4 months ago.

I have been on Losartan at high dose of 100mg/day 8 months in December 2017. This is the only medicine I am taking. My BP is still NOT under control (90/145). So I reported the following issues to my doctor: constant severe fatique/tiredness; dizziness; severe brain fog; muscle/body aches; some anxiety; upset stomach. My doctor not only does not believe Losartan is the cause of these issues but also add 6.125 mg Carvedilol to my current medication. I think I need to get second opinion.

Returning to give results. I stopped taking the losartan March 1 2018.

3 days later 70% of adverse effects were gone. Losartan is POISON and should be banned. I still suffer slight peripheral neuropothy, my whole body aches, feet and hands still feel like bees stinging (slightly diminishing), leg muscles still spasming (slightly diminishing), but majority of adverse effects are gone. This experience was horrible. I stopped the losartan cold turkey for fear for my life…..BP was spiking over 200/104 on a regular basis, heart was pounding out of my chest, anxiety like no ones business, full blown poly neuropothy, I stopped taking this poison against Dr. recommendation….they wanted me to DOUBLE the dosage and also start taking anti anxiety meds! I took 1 anxiety med and stopped that also made me worse. This poison gave me anxiety. I am a level headed well adjusted human who just went thru the worst experience of my life with this losartan. I hope I continue to recover…I am taking a multiple array of vitamin B supplements to help my nervous system recover these awful effects.

If anyone knows of any lawsuits against this drug losartan PLEASE let all of us know details and information how to contact the law firm who will defend us. losartan is poison and I am glad to be alive and glad to be off if it.

I was scared to stop taking it cold turkey…but I felt that 1 more day and I may have succumbed to my side effects. I am glad to be alive today.

Thank God for this site! Been on Losartan about 4 months.Initially I thought I suffered a work injury.Pheriphial neuropothy symptoms.MRI of brain cervical and lumbar spine show no entrappment nor brain abnormality. Today I will stop taking the losartan,the severity of my symtoms are almost dibilitating.symptoms started 3months ago left upper thigh pain could not walk.tingle muscle spasms shooting pains.Symptoms progressed to right leg then arms hands scalp, now face.Losartan has still not lowered BP enough to pass a DOT CDL EXAM.

I will let you all know how this turns out. Losartan is the only drug I take. If this drug is causing all these life changing events I believe there should be a class action lawsuits filed.I am not afraid to initiate such a lawsuit. Not ALL of us here could be making these symptoms happen to our bodies! That was suggested by my GP,that *I* could be making these symptoms happen? So thankful I stumbled onto this site.

I will write on here 1 week from now to let you know if symptoms have decreased or hopefully have gone away. This is no way to live.

Thank you for this web site and feedback on Lorsatan.
I have a mild hypertension and other BP meds did not work… Atenolol messed up my life so I was prescribed Lisinopril. I spent more on cough medicine a week than the Rx cost for a month…
I began taking Arginine for the benefits of nitric oxide to keep vessels dilated in my own. And my BP ran 130/ 76. P 78.
But when I went to Doctor for Vertigo, ( ear issue) my BP was 169/90, so he suggested LOSARTAN.
It seems I must be ” The Princess and the Pea”, because the dizziness and leg cramps have kicked in, and I’m miserable on 25 mg.
I’m going back to amino acids, exercise, and thanks again for all of your comments.

Glad I found this site. I’ve been on diet pills and was told I need to get back on Losartan. I’ve been back on Losartan 50mg, Atenolol 50mg, & Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg since last September. I have gotten a cough that won’t go away. I have nasal drip all the time. I’ve been sick, and I think it’s because I have post nasal drip draining into my stomach, making me real sick. I have pain in my right leg and back but they claim the pain is from developing osteoporosis. They say I have it osteopoenea all over. I’m now off the diet pills. I think I’m getting off the blood pressure pills now. I’ve lost 45 lbs. This is the lowest weight I’ve been. Plus I’ve been getting heartburn, and Dr said it’s because I was taking advil for my leg pain.

My Doctor put me Losartan 100mg about 3 weeks ago. My side effects have been more of a mental clarity situation. After I take my dosage I end up with intermittent brain fog, anxiety, sore throat, and a problem of thinking clearly, These side effects tend to diminish after about 8 hours. Before I started taking Losartan I had none of the above side effects. There must be a BP med out there without the above side effects. Oh-I weigh 213 lbs and have cut back greatly on what I eat but the weight won’t come off.

I started on 25mg of Losartan about 6 months ago…I am never sick. First I noticed I have heartburn every single night and also couldn’t sleep. I would wake up about 3 times a night. I also have kept and upper respiratory infection on and off. I just could not figure out why! I thought it was a sudden allergy so started reading..then realized the only change was taking Losartan which lead me to read about it. I think there is a relationship between what I am experiencing and the medication. I stopped it for a day… no heartburn and sneezing but still have a sinus infection. Also slept all night. I see my doctor next week and hope to change this medicine.

I have been taking Losatan 25 for three months and i cannot believe how it change my life. My face look so chalky and sudden old look and 5-6 very loose BM’s per day.also heart palpitation, muscle pain, dizziness etc.etc. After the third month, I went for my primary care and she did a cbc and my platelet count has dropped, too.

I got very scared and stop the medication on my own few days back. I started eating less and eating organic red onions. also Morringa leaf powder. now the past two days my BP is perfect 122/76 today.

I hope this will continue this way. BP meds are giving very bad side effects to most of the people. Try other options natural ways.

I am experiencing symptoms of muscle aches and a feeling of heaviness in my legs even when elevating them. I also experience random dizziness, insomnia and post nasal drip. I want to go off losartin but am not sure I should decrease or go cold turkey.

Try using CBD oil! It’s an awesome natural health support!

Started taking losartan and experienced extreme fatigue. Doctor dismisses this but reading the aforementioned comments validates my experiences. I want to get off this medication, however blood pressure is still too high and will be seeing doctor in a few months to discuss other options.

I have been taking losartan (100 mg) for 15 years. Never had any side effects except post nasal drip and occasional light headedness when standing up. Recently started having more dizziness standing up and checking my blood pressure I was getting readings like 95/54, 105/64, etc.

Started cutting my 100 mg tablets in half but still getting low blood pressure readings. Finally, 2 weeks ago I stopped losartan completely and my blood pressure has remained in the normal range 120-30/70-80 ever since. I guess I should check with my doctor but so far my blood pressure is doing great.

My mom 71 have been taking losartan hctz for 3yrs after she had a mini stroke. and she started having serve leg pain stiffness weakness and keep respiratory infection and get confused a lot. Before taking this meds after the stroke she was walking fine. I read upon this drug and took her off and gave her the amlodipine she was able to move more thoughts were clearer and more confident. Since meds she using a walker and doctor say she has Parkinson’s which he diagnosis by eye because she shake in hands when she get nervous. When I stop giving it to her she would walk. This medicine is death waiting to happen.

Try using CBD oil. It will help with the blood pressure and all the other problems your mom is having. It’s an awesome natural health support!

Hi..I read your post about your mom..although written in mom who is 81 was on Losartan for a little over a year at 25 mg a day..I feel her dr misdiagnosed her…I have other choice words for this dr..basically my mom’s blood pressure was higher in the doctor’s office than at home..180-190 which it never was that high..the doctor’s equipment wasn’t used properly which gave a false reading..I suggested my mom bring her home monitor..she did and the reading was miraculously much lower..130 something..and the doctor’s words were’s working.. eye roll..

in the end of July of this year my mom had such severe leg pain she could barely walk..her dr knew about her cough and suggested to go off of it for a week..which my mom did..she never went back on..her leg pain went away but the coughing and mucous in her throat remains..from everything I read ..I am 95% sure that these are lingering side effects from this pill..but I monitor her daily..and she takes her blood pressure daily..I have read in seniors ..the reading can be as high as 140-150 anything above that is high blood pressure..and consistently..yes she has had some readings in the low 140s but not consistently and generally between 100-135..her dr believes she should be 120., my mother’s readings were very low in the low as 80..just venting..thank you for sharing your mother’s experience..

I really appreciate all of the comments! Started Losartin a month ago. I’ve had daily headaches, sleeping issues, pain in kidneys and left side, eyes burning, coughing at night in bed, fatigue, and sore joints! I called my Cardiologist and she said she doesn’t believe it’s from the losartin…..well I do! Especially after reading these comments! Thank you all for sharing. I’m going to get off this stuff!

I have had a lot of bone pain and muscle pain with Losartan. GP built it up to 75mg but the side effects got much worse. Went down to 50mg plus my usual Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg (diuretic) and there was some decrease in bone pain in back and shin bones (always at night).

Yesterday, I took myself down to 25mg Losartan and checked my BP at local surgery and it was the lowest it has ever been in 30 years! 136/69 in left arm and 132/73 in right arm . (GP always like me to do both arms and I give him the print out of my results weekly). Bearing in mind it was in the 200+/104+ range 3 months ago, this low reading on 25mg is the best yet. In the past 30 years I have had to change my BP drugs regularly as so many side effects.

I feel like rubbish every day and I am sure it’s the Losartan. I am going to take myself off this totally in a few days before I check in with my GP and see what happens. I do not understand why my BP is so much lower on one third of the original dose of 75mg, then 50mg – odd?

Also, it causes me to have lots of respiratory tract infections and also foggy brain which is so annoying! Also my potassium level was only 3 on my FBC and I had to take a supplement til it came up to 4.4 which is within normal range. Plus my WBC (white blood cell count) is 13.2 (too high) and my neutrophil count is also high at 9.4 , these results will be checked again in two week’s time.

I may have to see an Haematologist considering bone pain and high blood counts and EXTREME TIREDNESS like I have never known. As for the Losartan, I am not going to take it again. My best drug was Amlopidine 10mg which I had taken for over 25 years and caused me no problem until one day I developed a horrible facial condition called ROSACEA TELECTANGIECTASIA, and it is known that calcium channel blockers such as Amlopidine can cause this.

3 months after stopping my rosacea had all but gone. I hate hate hate taking these drugs, most of them make me ill. I will be very interested to hear what my GP thinks of me discontinuing the Losartan by the time I see him in 2 weeks. It’s only been two days but my brain seems better already LOL…………

Started taking Losartan because my insurance did not want to pay for the brand name Benicar anymore. The first few weeks of taking it I felt drowsy, lethargic, light-headed. After about 3 weeks I developed terrible left arm pain. Then came the left shoulder pain, left jaw pain, left leg pain and them boom, Chest pain so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I never had any of these pains before I started taking this medication. My chest pain was so bad I had to call 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack. Been to the ER twice with symptoms of a heart attack. My cardiologist was concerned because he gave me nitro glycerin, and it relieves the pain.

Had several EKG’s, Echocardiogram, Treadmill stress test, nuclear stress test & a heart cath- all of which were normal. I did not realize that it might be side effects of this new med until after all my heart tests were normal. I was just sitting around feeling like I had been poisoned, and I started researching this med and found on WebMD and the Mayo Clinic that these are side effects of this medication. Why didn’t my cardiologist realize this before $38,000.00 in medical bills.

The ER tested me for every illegal drug you can think of because of the chest pain but they never once asked if I had started any new prescription medications? All the illegal drug tests were negative so they dismissed all the symptoms and just sent me home with pain meds. I went back to the cardiologist, and he said he did not think all these pains had to do with the Losartan but since there was nothing wrong with my heart and no blockages there was nothing else he could do.

After researching this med, I found out it is a generic made in China? ugh!!! I go tomorrow for more testing because I did stop this med when I read the side effects but my arm still feels like it might fall off because of the pain. I can literally see the veins in my arm and hand start swelling up when the pain starts & nitro gylcerin is the only thing that relieves the pain. I already reported this to the FDA Medwatch, will be reporting to CVS pharmacy which is who fills my prescriptions. Why does the US import drugs from India and China? Seems to me it would be safer and more regulated made in the USA!

Wow, after reading all of these it makes me worry. I have been on Losartan for 6 months . BP suddenly was 190/110 and would NOT go down. NOW its down to normal. Only side effect I am thinking is some occasional diarrhea. Other than that I feel great.

I have been taking 25 mg. of losartan potassium for about a month. I felt fine at the beginning but after a while I began experiencing terrible joint pain in my hands, knee and thigh on one side. I have trouble walking and I limp. I also have insomnia awaking anxiously at 3 am every day. I just had enough so today I connected the dots and realized that it is this new drug that has crippled me. My question is….do I stop cold turkey or is there a weaning process?

Your comment caught my eye because I’m having most of the exact symptoms you are. I’ve never limped at any time before in my life UNTIL I started on Losartan 2 mon month ago. The nighttime pain in my left leg keeps me from getting quality sleep.

I’ll be asking my doctor about getting off this drug entirely. It’s worse than Lisinopril (and that was pretty bad.)

after 3 month of taking 25 mg i feel tireless headaches sometimes stomach Pain and nausea pain in my ears

My doctor put me on ARB medication Losartan for blood pressure, and told me I would get the full effect in about 6 weeks. A few weeks after starting Losartan, my feet started to feel achy. I did not associate the Losartan with the pain. Over the next month or so, the pain continued to increase, no matter what I did, or didn’t do. Being off my feet did not help. The pain was so bad I had trouble sleeping and could not even find relief in any position. Icing my feet only helped a little. I had to start using a walker in my home, and could only go short distances. Soon, not even a walker could help, as the pain was so great, I was unable put any weight on my feet. I was literally crawling on all 4’s or bedridden. Coincidentally, I talked with a relative of mine in Florida and told her what was going on. She said she started having foot and ankle pain and swelling after her doctor put her on something called Losartan. WHAT?!!! I called my doctor. First he was busy, then he was on vacation, then just plain old not returning calls — so I took myself off the medication and started looking for another doctor. The pain then slowly faded away. No more trouble walking. Some time later, another doctor started me on ARB medication Valsartan. The pain in my feet started to return. I am now off that too, and the pain is beginning to subside. None of the side affects I’ve seen listed have said how it can cripple you.

Been having a terrible time with ear congestion soreness, weeping and itching of the ears and very little sleep maybe 2 hrs a night for a couple of years now. Been on losartin for about 3 years. Accidentally forgot to take my losartin last night. Got a good sleep last night and very little ear congestion. Thinking losartin is not a good drug to be on. IMHO. Will not be taking losartin again tonight and see what happens.

I’ve had the same problems with Losartan, Lisinopril, Propranolol, and Benedryl causing crippling symptoms, joint pain, hematuria and epididimytis, then discovered that symptoms disappeared when taken with a Claritin. The common denominator appeared to be titanium dioxide that is used as a preservative in the inactive ingredient or coating of tablets.

Cut out the titanium dioxide and symptoms disappear. I’m looking to change my losartan to the oral form and have also started eating boiled eggs daily to decrease BP. So far it’s working and it appears that my body is allergic to titanium dioxide, a preservative that’s used in meds, foods, makeup, etc… if you continue this drug, at least take a Claritin to release antihistamine and reverse the reaction.

I have these same feelings with this medicine. Dizzy and hard to breath.

I was finally taken off losartan. Did nothing for my numbers but raise them, caused weight gain too, about 10 pounds. I was put on Tribenzor and it’s an amazing drug.

I totally agree. This medicine has made me think I cant breath right and am so dizzy in the morning after taking it I must lay down. As the day goes on my body feels a little better, but still usually dizzy and tingly feellng.

I was laid from my job on Jan. 2016. I had an appointment to see my GP the next week. My BP was elevated so I told my GP about the the job loss and I believe this was the cause for my BP to me elevated he says it is quite possible. I was having sleep issues, anxiety and depression isssues as well. He prescribe 50mg for 90 days as well as an antidepressant for me to take. Since I have been relative healthy and was never on any meds I am not in a habit on taking on a regular basis. I took some when I remember in all was about 10 total. I took one antidepressant but again did not want to get hook on that as well. I started to feel cramping on the side of my stomach which I have not felt in years. I went back to the GP and he took my BP he did not tell me it was high but still prescribe 25 mg to take. He told me I have to take it for the rest of my life. I am 60 years old female I do not want to take this at all but my doctor thinks I have to. Now I do not know what to do if I should continue or stop.

Medication therapy implies a ‘contract’ between you, your prescriber and health care team. You do NOT have to take any meds, but your actions affect the outcome of them. As an adult you agree to and carry out a particular med regimen. Failing to do this wastes time & money and leaves you with the risk having the condition go improperly treated.

You cannot determine the outcome of a drug therapy without taking it either as prescribed or at least as you truthfully report to your ‘team’. Often dosages are altered because the expected affect of a med is not achieved. Sometimes this is because of a person’s faulty use of the med.

If you have not told the prescriber HOW, WHEN and HOW MUCH of all meds you are taking, you are defeating the purpose of the med trial as well as putting yourself at risk from poorly treating the condition. The ‘off and on’ of your taking the med can worsen the condition as well as alter the outcome of other meds. Routinely taking the med is the only way to determine is efficacy.

As far as forgetting to take doses, try to tie them to a routine activity like brushing your teeth or drinking your first cup of coffee of the day. When you start a new med or make any other change to alter your health KEEP A JOURNAL. Not a novel, just write down the date, doses (what, when, how much) and unusual events for the day (like you missed a dose at noon). To get the most from your appointments, write down your questions & health experiences prior to seeing the prescriber. You can also take another person with you to help assure your understanding of the interaction with your health care provider.

I thought I was dying. I had been on Losartan for a year and could barely get out of bed. I blamed my symptoms on having fibromyalgia. I was scheduled for knee surgery, so the surgeon gave me a list of meds to stop taking two weeks prior to surgery. Losartan was on the list.

After just a few days off of it, I noticed an increase in energy, the longer off of it, the more alive I felt. The cough that I was plagued with for over a year was completely gone. I was no longer short of breath, and felt much better.

Needless to say, I never restarted that medication. It had been given to me because of one instance of slightly elevated blood pressure at the doctors office. I check my bp daily and have not had any more abnormals.

One day after my 65 birthday I felt I was having a heart attack. After about 3 years of using Losartan. I exuded once and for all to get off this drug. I changed my diet, drink few cups of organic green tea and exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. I feel so much better. ALL my awful unbearable symptoms are gone. Especially my muscle weakness. Thank God.

Jackie UK

I have been on Losartan for over 10 yrs! My BP was marginally raised due to losing my husband, working full time and bringing up two young children. I halved my dose to 25mgs because the tablets were scored and that seemed to keep my BP in check.
I moved two years ago and was told that I should still take 50mgs by my new GP. I started getting a fuzzy head and tingling on my limbs.
I was sent to see a neurologist who was very dismissive.
I told myself to buck up as I was no longer working and eating well.
My BP was checked in September and apparently it was 110/60 yet the GP I saw doubled my dose to 100 mgs !! I didn’t realise as I had been prescribed a different brand. This month I checked the box as I had felt so unwell. I had to go back to my GP and he put he back on 50 mgs. I should have been asked if I wanted the dose halved.
I decided to just stop it last week. My BP has been fine and the symptoms have gone. I am never taking that crap again. I have also noticed I am no longer getting bad dreams or constant nasal drip.
The symptoms were not in my head!!

Day 6 of taking 50mg Losartan and feel ok. Just wondered how long it takes to work? My BP is still high.

I started taking Losartan along with a water pill and within a couple of weeks developed Peyronie’s syndrome (plaque formation on a the penis that causes sharp curvature often accompanied by pain during erections)

Glad I found this site. Have been taking Losartan 100mg and 12.5 chlorthalidone. I am now 59 yr.old, not overweight and other than HBP in pretty good health.
Suffer from up and down mood swings, rarely sleep well, anxiety, lack of energy and just in a “down mood”.
After finding this site I believe that the medications may be the cause!

Hi. I was put on Bystolic for blood pressure in June. two months into taking the medication I had such severe side effects. I had constant muscle spasms, muscle aches and pain that would come and go through my body, I could not focus, I had a burning sensation in my face with tingling through my body. It caused me to get depressed and develop bad anxiety. I weaned myself from 10mg to 2.5 mg and went to the doctor and told him and he switched me to 50mg Losartan. He switched it in August and then the doctor place me on Losartan. I felt good for the first few weeks. Almost 2 and a half months in and I am getting severe body aches that come and go, my anxiety is back and worse, severe sinus congestions and ear ringing and a congestion. So, as of Wednesday the doctor took me off this medication but the side effects seem to have gotten a little worse. How long will it take to get back to feeling normal and for these side effects to stop? Before ever starting medications last June I never had and ache or pain or felt bad at all.

I begged and begged the doctor to take me off Losartan. I had lots of anxiety for sure which caused my BP to rise, also weight gain. All the while he was telling me to lose weight. There are other much better BP drugs out there that work, such as Lisinopril or Altenolol, and on and on. I finally found out that Beta Blockers work the best for me.

I just found this site today. Have been on Losartan 100mg. For several years. Been struggling with sleep issues, lack of energy, and worsening anxiety and depression.
Am very hopeful that tapering back on Losartan, monitoring my BP, and seeing the Dr. again brings some relief. The last several years trying to live with and understand what was going on have been difficult. I am so hopeful That maybe the Losartan was the cause.
Good luck with your health.

Im taking 25mg of Losartan potassium and so far so good. I’m experiencing a lack of saliva and dry throat and sinus, like the roof of my mouth. I take children antihistamines 1tsp and that helps with side affects. I take vitamins and minerals, also and Cardizem 60mg at night, but i don’t think I
need that much, my bp jas come down from 149-160/91-101, it’s now 133/84-124/81-86 I physically feel better and i don’t frequently urinate but i have soft stools. But i drink hibiscus and lemon herbal tea alongside Mother earth apple sider vinegar.

Was it ever answered how long it stays in your system? I would like to know as soon as possible. I was having all the symptoms mention in this article..Except I am falling all over the place and I even have fractured a rib. My Drs told me to stop taking the drug, Which I have on Friday Sept 25 2015.. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me.. Thank you

I have had EVERY single symptom or side effect on here… EVERY ONE… I stopped taking last week and I feel a lot better… it was affecting my driving, I felt sick all the time and dizzy almost fainting.. that stuff is no good.. I’m going to ask my doctor for a lighter alternative… does anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system?

began losartan 25 mg suffered terrible jaw pain anyone else do this also

I am so glad I found this site now I know why my migraines have come back. I haven’t had one in years and all of a sudden they came back and I get so weak. Does anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system? I have never felt so bad in all my life just started the leg cramps two months is all I have taken them no more for me

My husband takes Losartan. It was prescribed in November. Over the past 5 months he has lost 20 pounds and has stomach cramps daily that require him to lay down and rest. Has any one experienced this.

Has anyone else experienced peripheral neuropathy while on Losartan? I want to wean myself off this drug – blood pressure permitting – to see if it’s possibly the cause of my neuropathy, before spending tons of time/money on trying to determine another cause. How long before the drug is completely out of your system?

Yes, yes and more yes. Felt horrible over the last year. Brain fog, eyes killing me. Random headaches, electric-like nerve feelings all over. Brain Legs and feet killing me. No energy or emotion at all. Just in pain and Zombie-like. I quit taking Losartan yesterday. Leg pain and nerve tingling gone in a day. I just have a lingering headache, which is just a mere annoyance compared with the other symptoms. Losartan may work for some folks, but it tried to kill me.

My mother was put on Losartan for the past month and started developing severe peripheral neuropathy in her hands and legs. She also started experiencing severe diarrhea, headaches, joint pain, lethargy, mental fog, insomnia, and other reactions. She was an active and healthy 83 year old woman up until that point. Now she could barely walk or even feed herself. We took her to an orthopedic doctor and physical therapist, and they could not find anything wrong with her. Then I realized that all of this began after taking Losartan. I felt awful because I urged her to take it because “the doctor said so.” I took her off of it, and two weeks later, there is still no improvement. The doctor who prescribed it doesn’t think it is losartan that is causing the neuropathy and told us to her to an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist, which we’ve already done. This is crazy!

Hi, I have been reading posts on Losartan and have been finding them extremely helpful. About two weeks after being put on it, I started getting rapid muscle twitching by my left knee. The twitching got so bad that I had to go to ER because I was also having a stabbing pain (from the muscle getting tired). They gave me a shot for pain at the ER and told me I was a little low on Potassium and gave me a muscle relaxer/pain spasm medication which has done nothing for the twitching. I asked if the twitching would go away or if I would have it forever, and they would not answer me.

At that time, I also started on Buspar (anti-anxiety medication) and in Late January Topamax (Mood Stabilizer/Emotion regulation). At first, I read up on the side effects of Topamax and Buspar and unfortunately, some of the side effects mentioned were muscle spasms/twitching. The Psychiatrist assured me that neither Buspar and Topamax cause Tardive Dyskinesia or muscle twitching and said they are both excellent medications with few side effects. I then spoke to my General Practice Doctor about Losartan causing muscle twitching and he said I was on too low of a dose to have cause that.

I am getting a second opinion. What is wrong with these doctors? Why won’t they listen? My concern when reading posts is people are saying go “natural”. No such thing. If you are on any chemical medications such as antidepressants or other drugs and taking herbal medications/supplements this can be very dangerous, and before doing this..always…always..check with your doctor first, before taking any supplement or herbs. Anything “natural” has to be synthesized which has a chemical reaction. No one knows where these products are made..Timbuktu…China, no one knows how much you are actually getting on these “natural” remedies and it could be fake/black market and cause serious side effects and be dangerous in the long run. Be careful with mixing any kind of supplements with prescribed medications. Supplements and herbs are not regulated by the FDA and many herbs have been taken off the market due to fatal interactions or just bad stuff by greedy people promising snake oil cures. Just be very careful.

Thank GOD that the FDA does not regulate herbals or supplements, they are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies as well as Monsanto and the other GMO producers. Those companies would love it if every person were dependent on something they manufactured.
I will eat fresh organic and take my herbs and supplements and be happy and healthy, thank you Lord.

Whoa! I am having every symptom listed on here! They are all being treated as individual ailments.
Eyes highly irritated with severe vision impairment – allergy & lubrication drops
Lower back pain – time-released narcotic
Ankle/lower leg rash – cortisone ointment
Tingling hands – nothing
Fatigue – wellbutrin
Neck/upper shoulder pain – physiotherapy
Cold feet, lower legs – wear long woolen underwear
Cold hands – Raynaud’s suggested
TIA (mini-stroke) – statin added to BP meds
GERD – Rabeprazole

Taking Cozaar, Clonidine, a statin,

Anyone suffering with Gastro intestinal reflux disease on Cozaar/Losartan?

All these symptoms began when I started taking the above – and nothing else. So this has to be the cause, wouldn’t you say? I am sooo grateful to have found this valuable resource online!

I recently had a bad flare up of raynauds. My doctor placed me on lossartan potassium 50mg once per day to try and open the capillaries in my feet. I have always had excellent blood pressure. After a few days on these Meds I experienced headache, dizziness, “foggy thinking,” fatigue and severe ringing in my ears. I have to get up very slowly or I get faint. I can’t do more then a walk on my treadmill where before I was running 30 min every day.

Called my dr. He wanted me to stay on these meds. He said he doesn’t know why I’m experiencing these symptoms. After doing some research I figured these were side effects of the losartan. I saw a specialist yesterday. She immediately took me off the lossartan. Hoping to feel better soon. Does anyone know how long it takes for the side effects to go away? I’m tired of not being able to function very well.

I want to thank all of you for your comments about the side effects you experienced when you took Losartan. I went to my Dr. yesterday and my BP was slightly higher than it had been. I went because my legs and ankles were swelling. The only thing that I had changed was my inhaler and I stopped using sea salt. But because my BP was slightly higher, he gave a prescription for Losartan Potassium and Furosemide.

I always look up prescriptions for me and my husband for posible side effects. I was concerned also about the dosage that he wanted me to start, which was 100mg. a day. I thought that this was a bit excessive to begin with and then in my research I found out that this medication may not work with African Americans (which I am). Also, looking at the side effects and reading all of your comments, I realize that it may cause headaches. I have suffered from migraines for years and the thought of taking something that may make them worse is insane to me.

I am also a 63 year old grandmother and I don’t want to wind up with muscle cramps etc. So, thank you all again for your comments. I am going to show my findings and your comments to my doctor and find some other natural way to bring down my BP and stop the swelling.

I’m not surprised your dr wants you to stay on losartan! Why are they so hard headed? I’ve been on losartan 100/25 since December 2014. and my body aches everywhere. I can’t do my exercise class because I ache so much. I know it’s the losartan causing this. I’m an active 61 year old grandmother and as of now I feel 91. It doesn’t do the greatest job at regulating my blood pressure either. I also have stomach cramps, diarhrea, dry mouth, anxiety to the point my dentist will not do a procedure because my blood pressure is elevated, I’m extremely fatigued. I have a dr appt, coming up and will be expecting another course of action be side this is horrible way to live

I was on Losartan Potassium for over five years. During this time I increasingly had leg, back and hip pain that I (and my doctor) attributed to getting older (I’m 52). I finally decided to stop taking it about two weeks ago. It took about four days for the pains to stop, I started feeling so much better, more energetic and less tired. Now three weeks later, I am pain free and NEVER taking that crap again. What a waste of my time and toll it took on my body. I must’ve taken Motrin every day thinking I needed it for old age pain.

How was your blood pressure after you stopped the Losartan?

I have always tended to have somewhat low blood pressure but after being diagnosed with Breast cancer my BP increased significantly and my doctor put me on 50mg Losartan. In September I had developed a serious enough cough that it was diagnosed as bronchitis and I was put on 3 courses of prednisone and a couple of different antibiotics. When these did absolutely nothing I was sent to a pulmonologist who did a chest CT scan, pulmonary function test, sinus ct scan and a bronchoscopy with no results. I was diagnosed as having postnasal drip and put on Flonase, Zyrtec saline spray and a cough suppressant.

By the 2nd week of January I had no improvement. I had developed severe headache probably from coughing so much and experienced gagging and most days vomiting of the excessive mucus my body was producing. I also back in November had started having stress incontinence from the violent coughing. All around pretty miserable.

I was sent to an ENT doctor who examined by nose and throat and found nothing. He determined that I was experiencing a bad reaction to Losartan. I am tired all the time and now am back on steroids because my larynx is so swollen from coughing. I’ve been told it will take about a week before the symptoms will go away and remain hopeful that this nightmare will finally end.

Never had a issue with HBP. In 2009 I had a severe cold and treated myself with over the counter cold meds. While at work I suffered a mini stroke (TIA) and was hospitalized with a blood pressure reading of 231/128. I was immediately put on Lopressor. A few years later I was changed to Losartan 50 mg. Since the very start I noticed severe muscle aches, crippling hand and feet spasms. Edema in both ankles and calves. I did not consider it was side effects from this drug until recently when I have taken a keen interest in the logistics of generic drugs. Today I am weaning myself off which I have been forewarned is a major No-No. I want quality in my life. I am 66 years old.

been taking diovan for several months now, insurance wont pay for it anymore, so being switched to losartan, I am worried after reading all of these comments.

I was put on Losartan potassium after two of my labs came back with very low potassium but after a month or so I have a tremendous about of muscle spasms/cramps. It’s been over a year now. I tell my doctor but he seems to not be concerned. He claims its my job is causing my muscle problems and very well could be but I have a potassium deficiency seems like that could be the reason my muscles cramp and hurt so much. It’s very interesting that so many people are on Losartan and having major muscle pain.

I was on Losartan-HCTZ 50-12.5mg and my doctor told me that it causes low potassium. So she prescribed me a potassium supplement. I still have the leg cramps so I’m looking to switch from Losartan. I’m sure there is something else better available.

Was put on 50mg to start with for secondary hypertension. Felt the side effect immediately (strange feeling in my head, not dizzy or light headed, but more like a fuzzy feeling) and asked for a new medication. I’ve been on lisinopril, amlodipine, labetalol, propranolol, spironolactone (was in combination with a BP med) and they never had side effects (was switched off for other causes).

Losarton is by far the first medication I have ever taken and if this was my only option I’d rather not take anything.

They gave me Losartan about 4 years ago, side effects were awful. I thought maybe it was just me so I tried it again. Insurance would no longer pay for Cozaar so the Pharmacist suggested I try Losartan again. This time I ended up in the ER with a massive headache, BP was high and the Doctor thought I was having a stroke, fortunately I was not having one, it was from the Pill. Then my Doctor put me on Benicar, I have had no side effects with that. But Insurance does not want to pay for it and again it wants me to take Losartan again and I refused. I guess at this point I am between a rock and a hard place. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Benicar nearly killed me and I had all of the side effects that were on the insert. It could shut down your kidneys and cause renal failure. It’s so bad!!!!!

There are wonderful integrative physicians out there that treat alternatively first before they ever consider the pharmaceutical route. Please consider seeing one or a naturopath, DO, who can treat you holistically hopefully without meds. It is well-worth doing.

I think I have posted before but in any case new developments. Losartan 100mg since March 2014 and Clonidine 0.1 mg at night. Hypertensive crisis out of the blue that landed me in ER x3 early part of the year. Spiking continued at night, thus the Clonidine which keeps it at bay. However, the blood work at the start of the year gave me an almost normal Cholesterol and Triglycerides. 9 mos later with all the drugs on board, the Cholesterol and Triglycerides increased enough to warrant a call from the Doctor. My diet is sterling and he agrees so. I found online the Framington study that revealed Losartan Potassium ( not the one with thiazides) increases cholesterol and triglycerides. I showed my Dr the paper and he was shocked. He is studying this. I would never grant an allowance to take statins and my Dr knows this and he did not push it. Cholesterol is paramount to develop stress hormones and neurotransmitter health and a million other critical things in our body. To lower it, brings on depression. Big pharma has profited from lowering cholesterol and guess what? it is only a symptom of poor exchange at the cell membrane and not the cause of atherosclerosis.

My Dr. understands my body and has managed my meds to my satisfaction now and always points a finger in the direction of alternative help with meditation etc anything that can give a peace of mind. That he says, is primary to anyone and more importantly one with High BP and additionally one with menopause and depleted hormones. I have a huge huge sensitivity to drugs and he also carefully watches me. One of the last great family guys who knows his stuff and thinks outside the box as well. We are all individuals that react to disease processes and drugs so differently as is evident even here on this forum.

So glad I read your post. Husband on 50mg of Losartan Potassium and it actually raised his BP. He will not take any statins and he is just above what the doctors tell you is acceptable in Cholesterol. we also believe that your body needs cholesterol,to function properly. I will mention this Framinton report to his doctor and anyone else we know who is on this stuff. Thank you ..

My doctor put me on losarten without much explanation. I already suffered from dry mouth from other medicines. The lower palate of my mouth became so sore with ulcers I could hardly stand it. I was even made to have a biopsy which was negative…I stopped the losarten and it cleared up on it’s own.. ????

I have been taking losartan for six months. The muscle pain started gradually. I am now in so much pain that I can not walk without crutches. After reading about others reactions to losartan I can relate. Dry mouth vision change no sleep nightmares dizziness and confusion. Went back to the Dr. with complaints, she said I need more exercise and no pain no gain. I am appalled that Dr. would prescribe this med when side effects are so bad. I will end up in a wheelchair or worse if I continue this med. I think there should be a class action suit and then maybe doctors will be more careful with what they prescribe.

Hi Dee and all on Losartan. I have written previously on the horrible side effects. The lastest one being problems with my vision. About a month ago, while watching telly, I suddenly noticed that I had developed floaters in both eyes and that the left eye was every now and then giving me double visions.

Iaw an ophthalmologist and he said I had dry eyes, which is so true and at times when I wake up in the mornings, my eyelids are stuck fast to the eye and I have to prise them open which does hurt. I have also been suffering from horrible flushes from head to nape area and sinus problems which give me terrible headaches and my cheekbones actually ache.

Doctors I have consulted are only interested in changing the meds. By the way I have been on enalapril, then losartan and now cozaar SQ which is 50mg losartan and 5 mg amlodipine. Today, I just stopped taking it. I am going to try another doctor. Anyone has any suggestions ? Would really appreciate. By the way when doc put me on med because BP was at prehypertensive level. I do regret giving in to the doc’s persuasion to start it in the first place

I took Losartan for several months and have intense muscle pain. The doctor believes it’s an adverse side effect from the medicine. I have been off the medicine for two weeks now but I’m not seeing much improvement. It’s very painful to walk. Was wondering if your symptoms have improved or if you know if how long the side effects may last, or what if any remedy is there?

I am grateful that my husband is a holistic chiropractor and advanced nutritional response testing practitioner. Try and find one in your area and be tested. There are ways to help your muscle pain by covering the meds major side effects with products that are natural and then targeting the cause of the pain. There is a way. Have faith.

We treat so many patients on these awful meds and they do so much better without decreasing them which we do not interfere with. Minerals deficient suddenly can be remedied. There are advanced compounds via decades old true blue supplements. But muscle testing with an advanced practitioner is key. Good luck.

Bummer! Now I’m worried. I’ve been on Benicar for 3-4 years now, with no problems or side-effects, but my new insurance doesn’t cover it, and just this past Monday my doctor switched me to Losartan 50mg. Pills arrived by mail today, and in searching the web, found this review of Losartan and I’m worried about even starting on this new to me medication.

As I read these comments it brings back horrible memories for me as I had a miserable time on these blood pressure medications. I am 82 and was put on these meds two years ago. A horrible two years for me. I found a natural way to be able to get off these meds and now my blood pressure is NORMAL with no pills. It can be done. Find a doctor for integrative medicine. There is one in Encinitas, California. Don’t just keep taking all of that stuff.

I would talk to your doctor about getting off the drugs. I was on both for a while and I felt as though I had been poisoned. Go to a naturopath doctor and get some natural help for HBP. Also, check to see if you might have sleep apnea as that causes HBP. It did for me. Now my BP is normal and I feel great and I no longer take any pharmaceuticals.

I have been on Losartan Pot 50mg since January. Since then, I really don’t feel like I’m sleeping but just dozing. At night, the muscle cramps in my legs are SO BAD that they are constantly waking me up. Also, have gained 10 pounds (no diet or other changes), I had maintained for over ten years a consistent weight. Has anyone else experienced these problems… I will definitely be looking to go back to Benzapril.

My doctor has me on 50mg losartan potassium 2X daily. After my a.m. dose at about 6:00 I feel pretty good. However about 1:00p.m. I start getting anxious and get the ringing ear effect. I don’t want to take my p.m. dose until about 7:00 so that it will stay in my system thru the night. I also take 10mg buspar just before going to bed and sleep good. Hopefully these afternoon effects will gradually go away?? I have been on this 1 month.

Fortunately I have and it is doing me good, see my post above (John, June 20,2013) I wish every one the same results. It was tough getting there.

I was wondering if anyone knows if I will ever feel back to my old self after taking this drug ? I have no energy and my muscles are weak. Lorraine

I took losartin for two weeks and had extreme weakness in my arms and legs. I thought I would adjust to it but I just kept getting worse with shortness of breath. I couldn’t do anything but sit and I am a very active person. I stopped after two weeks but I am a little better but it’s been two months and I’m afraid I HAVE damaged myself. The doctors say it is not from the losartin and sent me to all kinds of doctors and tests. I am frightened and don’t know what to do.

Find a good naturpathic (SP?) doctor and stop taking that poison.

Dear BC, I believe you are correct about the autonomic nervous system being suppressed. Doctors will be aghast at this suggestion but we are not all the same and maybe there are some of us who need to let our bodies sort themselves out without all the drugs which dampen down our body systems. My BP rises dramatically when I am emotionally upset or stressed so why does it react in this way when other people may react differently? The trouble with drug trials and medical research is that they are based on averages. I do not get pain relief from morphine for some reason and I had a very severe reaction to biologic drugs used for rheumatoid arthritis which was otherwise unheard of.
I got asthma from another drug and the NSAID drugs have ruined my kidneys. If I can find the courage to stay off these potent drugs which suppress our natural bodily functions it will be amazing. I have started taking magnesium supplements and co-enzyme CQ10. I’m not sure what else I should take but will do some research. Thank you for making me think about the effect on the autonomic n/s – I too am an ex-RN so I do understand about the physiology. I hope you can get your BP under control naturally. Good luck!

I am a 66 yr old retired critical care nurse who manages a holistic clinic. I practice what I preach and never took a med in my long life. This last Jan I had 5 nosebleeds out of the blue and went into hypertensive crisis with 3 ER admissions. They started me on Captopril which held for about a week then Drs upped the dose twice a day. You all know what symptom I will say next. I coughed my head off. Never slept much. On the second admission to ER, all because of major spikes late at night with shivering and nausea and flushing, they pushed Labetolol and from that episode they added Atenolol.
That beta blocker almost did me in eventually. My heart could not take it at all. I felt like I was slowly dying. BP labile and pulse in the gutter. I slept on a couch with pillows because I could not breathe. I felt like most of me was outside of my body and I was crying all the time. A wreck. The primary sent me to a cardiologist that tried to add the diazides. That lasted 4 days. I felt my kidneys were shutting down and I had blurred vision!
By now I am crazy mad. My primary hugged me and said, I was probably in the 5 percent of the population who simply cannot tolerate meds. He switched me to Losartan 100 mg and the coughing stopped. But something started working when he added a small dose – 0.1 mg of Clonidine at night to control the spikes. After almost 2 mos I have monster headaches at a migraine level starting in the back of my head forcing my eyes closed. I became incapacitated but needed to keep working. I pulled myself off the Losartan and realized the headaches became less in the am. With hot weather it is intolerable.
Right now I continue the night Clonidine yet it still interrupts the dream cycle and wakes me up several times with nightmarish visions. The Drs say headaches are prob about my neck. I cleared things up with an eye exam and a digital fundus photo to make sure it wasn’t my eyes. Now I have the beginnings of cataracts which were not there previously. I am so confused for the first time in my life, playing with drugs that are poisonous to my biologic.
I know too well why we have symptoms. We are suppressing parts of our autonomic nervous system that have nowhere to release energy. It creates havoc in an otherwise beautifully designed intelligent system. The only answer is to change beliefs,lifestyle and anxiety levels with natural supplements. There is still the underlying fear based on memory of crisis. This is my biggest challenge. Drugs are for sick care, not health care.

I have been taking Losartan 6.25mgs (half a 12.5mg tablet) for the past six weeks. I had previously been on 12.5mgs but felt faint and extremely tired all the time. It dropped my BP to below 100 systolic at times and obviously worked as an anti hypertensive for me. I stopped taking it because I felt so unwell but my optician said my eye pressures were high and I should get my BP checked again. It was high, around 180/110 so I was put back on Losartan but told to start on half a tablet (6.25mg). I have been feeling awful, exhausted, no energy, back pain, fast heart rate and the odd palpitation. I have just wanted to crawl back into bed. I have also had ankle swelling, indigestion and my platelet count is above normal. Even with this tiny dose I have had these severe side effects. My BP well controlled on this low dose unbelievably. I cannot take this any more and am going to stop tomorrow. I will return to my GP to discuss the options. The tablet I took was a cheap import from Slovakia – I have no idea who made it as the pharmacist had to cut the tablets in half for me and he put the tablets into a plain bottle.

I have been on bystolic and that lowered only my pulse. Then cloneden and that gave me awful side effects. Then lisiniperal that one gave me a cough. Then losartan hct that one gave me bladder infection I stopped urinating. Then for a year now I have been on losartan and my BP is always up and down.
I was changed to a new thyroid med and I am trying to figure out which one is giving me anxiety, burning mouth and tongue, inside shaking, depression, heart palpitations. If you look in the fillers of each pills, the stuff they put in them is horrible. And each manufacturer puts different fillers, and their fillers can change periodically. Best thing is to go natural. Then you should also know there your food comes from. Yikes. May God be with us all.

I also have been on 25 mg Losartan potassium (not including the diuretic component) for a couple of years (which I take in the morning) and a very small amount of Amlodipine (2.5 mg – I break the 5 mg. pill in half) at night. I was doing fine I thought but over the last 6 months I started having ringing in my ears which I see can be a problem and recently I thought I had a bladder infection or cystitis because I have increased thirst, and both urgency and frequency problems – but gyn confirmed no infection however I have blood (only seen by the microscope) in my urine so I was referred to a urologist who redid the test and then without even discussing the medications I’m on had me set up getting a test to look at the bladder – cystoscopy! After doing a lot of online research I was coming to the conclusion from the potential side effects including frequency problems (and not looking forward to the test in a few weeks) I decided to check in with my family doctor and yesterday she agreed to take me off current meds and put me on a Beta Blocker (Atanalol).
Last night before I did anything differently I started experiencing back pain, so I was happy to stop the Losartan and the pharmacist confirmed it was fine NOT to take it this morning. However, after reading about the problems with Beta Blockers and Atanalol, I’m actually afraid to continue taking it after the one pill this morning (including weight gain, exhaustion, and very hard to get off). So I am thinking maybe just continue the Amlodipine with the small amount I take – twice a day might work since I think the problems have been from the Losartan.
This is all very frustrating and rather scarey honestly. All I would suggest is do a lot of research before you decide on another medication to switch to. I thought the Beta Blocker would be a good idea because it does not work with your urinary system at all, but the problems can be worse. I work out 5 days a week and have been trying to lose weight lost 10 but need to lose another 30 to be at my best so the last thing I want is to go on a Beta Blocker that makes you gain weight and be so exhausted you can’t work out! Good luck!

I have been on Cozar and Lasartin and dont like this drug either. It gives me anxiety but mostly dry mouth and the inside of my mouth is sore. I stopped cold turkey 3 days ago. Small side effects. Will re-visit and do more research. Initially put on meds for kidney numbers and slightly high BP.

I have been on Losartan potassium 25mg for maybe two years. At first, no problem but as time went by I would wake in the middle of the night with elevated bp and my pulse was pounding in my head and it would all subside after I was up for a while and therefore, no more sleep. Sometimes I would only get three hours of sleep. I have changed doctors three time and no one had a clue as to why this was going on.
Such a blessing for me to happen on to this website because the answer to this ongoing problem has been provided for me. I will ask my doctor to take me off of this miserable stuff asap. You all have been such a wonderful help and I do thank all of you who have posted your problems. We don’t learn a whole lot from the professionals but we do learn from each other!!!!

I am having this same issue. I normally am a very heavy sleeper and do not remember my dreams. Ever since I have started taking Losartan I have very vivid dreams that wake me up several times a night, toss and turn when falling asleep and now just always feel tired overall.

I’m with you JMW, see my above post on June 2013. I’m also taking 50mg Losartan. I initially had side effects. Until I started taking it at or just before lunch when the side effects went away and it is really controlling my BP well my average reading are 110/60. I also do feel a heck of a lot better. I was previously on Diovan.

Iam 69 yrs. old been on pressure meds. for years, been on Losartan 100/12.5 for less than yr. because I needed to cut expenses. The only side effect I’ve had is slight tiredness, but getting up moving around stops that. I take it at noon with a banana everyday. I just stopped taking Metoprolol Succ 25MG had constant itching, broke out on back arms legs and face, wheezing, extreme tiredness, had to take 1-2 naps before bedtime, gained weight by the hour, no task completed without sitting during, stomach bloated, pulse 108 just walking from room to room, feeling couldn’t get enough air when doing anything but sitting, pressure was fine but pulse scared me to death.
Still don’t know why dr. wanted me on both but why live longer feeling like this, its no life, so I haven’t even told dr. I stopped the one. Don’t know about Losartan but Metoprolol you have to take two weeks to come off it. First half pill, than quarter pill, than quarter pill every other day. Must be some strong stuff. Anyway not had any for three days now. Was able to do laundry, dishes, and cook without any problems. My head has felt so clear, breathing better and have some energy

WOW… I must be one of the oddballs on here due to the fact I’ve been taking Lorsartan 50 for over a year and have none of these mentioned side effects. My B/P dropped from 155/85 to 110/70. I take it at 10am each day and can honestly say, I feel a whole lot better because of it. Eat your blue berries!

I have been on Teva-Losartan 100mg for almost two weeks now. I have experienced light headache, lose balance, heart palpitations at all times, chest pain, lost of sleep, dry mouth. experiencing lightening in the outer edge of my eye, my vision has decreased. I’ve started experiencing muscle cramps in my feet and legs, left arm pain, lower back pain, Itchy eyes, Feeling generally horrible and want to cry.
I’m also on Eltroxin for low thyroid, Teva-Hydrochlorotiazide, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta.
I’m scared to take Teva-Losartan. What does doctors do, helping patients not to make them sicker. At this point I just want to stop all medications. Please advise
Thank you

I have been on 50mg losartan for two weeks now. I have experienced light headedness, will suddenly lose my balance without warning and I get heart palpitations especially at night when I’m trying to get to sleep. I started seeing floating black spots and what I describe as a streak of lightening in the outer edge of my eye, but only my left eye. I’ve started experiencing increasingly severe muscle cramps in my feet and legs, which seem to cramp at the slightest movement. I will bend over to pick something up and get a sudden and severe cramp in my side or stomach that takes several minutes to go away.
I’ve been taking potassium, magnesium and calcium supplements but have seen no improvement. I had been on lisinopril but it caused severe heart palpitations and insomnia. I will no longer take my pills and will see if my symptoms clear up.

Do you still have the symptom of confusion?

My doctor has had me on. LOSARTIN 100mg for the past week and I have noticed that my leg muscles are getting so weak, it is difficult to function. What is the weakening of the muscles doing for my blood pressure?

Hello all,
So glad I found this..I am 41 years old..I have been taking losartan since 2008 for HBP. I have had high BP since my teenage years.. I have tried numerous medications. Lisinopril being the worst. I take 100/25 losartan/water pill every day. I have lost 70lbs in the last 2 1/2 yrs. Did nothing for my BP. I eat a fairly good diet, I exercise 4-6 Times a week… BP only controlled with medicine. HIGHEST BP reading prior to this med 218/121. Now my BP stays around 117/68 .. Side effects.. numerous, the main one being tired and drained emotionally and physically all the time.. Heart palpitations.. Cold like symptoms.. I feel at a loss.. I feel like if I don’t take the meds I risk a stroke, which my mother died of at age 58.. If I do I don’t live a quality life..So frustrated…….I

I have been on amlodipine for about five years, and have used a zona hand held computerized squeeze device purported to lower blood pressure and it did — at first, but not any more, though I use it faithfully, five times a week. Also, I am on a plant based diet, no added fats, whole foods such as oats, fresh fruits, many vegetables and legumes and whole grains. Supposedly that is a good diet for lowering both cholesterol and blood pressure.
Well, even after five years, my blood pressure is high and so is my cholesterol. My doctor recently put me on losartan potassium and my blood pressure seems to be going up even higher. I also have heart palpitations, especially noticeable at night. I am on only 25 mags per day and after reading what everyone is saying, I don’t want the dosage increased. I am doing everything I can to help my health, yet none of it seems to really work. Feeling discouraged and sad. Forgot to mention I walk briskly 3 miles five days a week, sometimes more.

I have been on a combination of BP medications for many years without any noticeable side effects until about 9 months ago when my meds. were changed from Cozaar to Losartan Teva and since then over a period of time I have developed numbness and tiredness in my feet from my toes through my instep to my ankles which I directly attribute to the change of medication, from today I have stopped taking Losartan and hopefully the symptoms will stop.

hi Sheila
I have had the same burning feeling especially around lower part of legs when dosage was increased from 25gm to 50gm. At first I would also experience a stinging feeling when water came into contact with lower part of legs. These days the feeling isn’t that bad but every now n then can feel it. I have been on Cozaar for nearly a year now and have been trying to wean off but to no avail… as bp would start to yo-yo n hit 150s- low 160s . In between I have also been put on enalapril n amlodipine. I have put up with all the daily discomfort which also includes a tingling tight sort of burning sensation around scalp, dizziness n drowsiness especially in mornings. As with most people here, I have seen a number of doctors but all do not seem to realise the terrible side effects this drug can cause. One doctor suggested apart from 50mg cozaar to take a dieuretic. I came away from the clinic n never bothered to take the diuretic he prescribed as I just didn’t want to suffer from more side effects.
Read my post of 1st April 2013. By the way my bp is still not well controlled n sometimes I feel that my bp has been messed up by the drug in the first place. Do I regret caving in to the doctors pressure to go on medication in the first place…oh yes I do.

I started Losartan June 24, 2013. THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET HURT EVERY MORNING.
I came off Lisinopril because of lip edema. I don’t think there is a good answer for high BP. You just have to keep trying this and that until you die.

I was on Losartan for a total of 2 months and for 7 weeks of that time, I was miserable with extremely dry eyes. I was on it for so long because my Dr. didn’t believe the Losartan was causing the problem.
Finally I convinced him to prescribe a different blood pressure medicine and my eyes became much better very quickly once I was off the Losartan. I have only seen a few comments about this side effect though.

For years I have been on Amlodipine but my BP has risen dramatically during the past few months, so my GP has added 50mg Losartan.
The pills the pharmacist gave me are made by Teva.
I have been on this for about 6 weeks and for the last couple of weeks the skin on my legs feels as if it’s surnburnt, (which they’re not). Now my arms feel as if they are burning. The skin feels normal to the touch and is not painful other than the burning sensation.
Also I have developed a constant feeling of nervousness and anxiety which is not me at all. Could this be Losartan?
Could anyone tell me if this burning feeling could be a side effect of Losartan and if so will it eventually wear off?

Took Losartan, in the beginning 50mg and later 25mg and suffered terrible leg muscle pains [calf and lower calf muscle]. I was recently confined to hospital and understood that I was to be given Losartan as part of my treatment. I refused to take the stuff and explained why, only to be mocked by the professor who claimed that it was impossible for Losartan to cause muscle pain.
In the end I was given Ramipril, no leg pains, no coughing but some problem with hypotension. Hope that this latter problem will be resolved.

I’ve been taking bp medications since 2002. Originally took Diovan 25mg daily. That really worked well. Suddenly, it became unavailable. Substitute was Lisinopril which caused a nagging cough that kept me awake at night. Told my doctor about sever cough; prescribed Losartan 50 mg daily. It wasn’t until I read all of these side affects others have commented on that made me realize that I really have a problem with Losartan and will be talking to my doctor to change medication again to hopefully either Cozaar or Qualitest Losartan as recommended by one of you. Thank you so much for helping me find out why I feel so lousy all the time:( I will read this column much more often!!!

Experienced most of the problems described by other submitters who have been put on losartan. I became ill after my pharmacist gave me prescription with losartan made by Teva. After hospitalization in April because of confusion, I recovered after taking hospital’s brand of losartan. Went on brand name Cozaar but too expensive so worked with pharmacist to find another brand. Have been on Qualitest losartan for three months and feel great. I have registered a complaint about Teva losartan with FDA.

Sorry this reply is super late, but have you tried supplementing with potassium? Try potassium rich foods first, like bananas.
This sounds like textbook low serum potassium level symptoms. I’m surprised…did your doctor check your potassium levels?

I have been reading all your comments about losartan giving you side effects. I was on cozaar 50mgs from 1998 to 2012 and I had no side effects, then my bp wasn’t controlled by the 50mgs anymore so the dr put me on 100mgs losartan that’s the generic name for cozaar,it took my body 1 year to adjust to the increased dosage of this medicine, I had the chest pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, feeling like I wanted to jump out of my skin but I stuck it out and thank god once my body adjusted no more side effects I know it took along time to adjust to this medicine but maybe if your try to stick it out like I did you might get the same results as I did, good luck.

Started on Losartan 18 months ago. About a year ago developed a metallic like taste in my mouth, affecting severely my taste for most foods.
Thinking that the Losartan may have been the cause Dr. changed to Amlopidine 30 days ago.
No distinctive change is notable yet… expect to continue as the med is very effective for BP control.
Are there any studies re metallic taste and loss of taste related to Losartan or other causes?

I am a sixty year old female athlete who began developing prehypertension about three months ago. Five days ago Dr. put me on low dose of losartan, 25 mgs. Have not slept, dozed, rested for four nights! Head feels dry and empty, heart leaps like a trout in my chest. I’m going off it today!

I started with losartan a week ago after being on other bp medication. I take one tablet 100 mg every morning. The side effects are terrible. Migraine, dizzy, extremely tired, “heavy feeling”, blurred vision. Also have the feeling that my BP goes up with losartan.

Took my 10th Losartan due to high bp and suffering TIA. BP not particularly high but due to TIA doctor considered necessary to medicate. Taking low dose aspirin and originally put on Ramipril, which made me horrendously ill. Cough, swollen face, sweating continually, aching in lower legs and an overall feeling of wretchedness. Changed to Losartan as dr said side effects were almost non-existent. Wrong.
My blood pressure is higher than it has ever been. Highest reading yesterday 185/128. It has never been anything like that before.
Tired all day
Bloated face
Throbbing calves
Itchy eyes
Weight gain (unbelievably in such a short time)
Feeling generally horrible and want to cry.
Can I stop taking it NOW? Is there any reason why I shouldn’t?
Visited two separate pharmacists, on separate occasions who kindly told me that none of these symptoms could be caused by Losartan. Why do they only look at the ‘incomplete’ leaflet inside the box?
Reading this site I see every symptom I have relating to Losartan.

Believe it or not after taking 50 mg of Losartan for about 3 months now, the side effects I had previously seemed to have all gone away. One thing I have done differently is to not take it first thing in the A.M., I wait til noon time and take it with lunch and I seem to no longer have any problems. A doctor that I used to see who has since retired suggested this with other blood pressure medication I was on at that time, so I thought I’d give it a try with the Losartan. Either my body has adapted to it or something else, but it is such a relief, thank goodness.

Hi Jeff, I’m having the same issues with abnormal dreams at night on 25 mg of Losartan taken in the mornings. Really bizarre, vivid dreams (and sometimes nightmares) that I wake up from 2-4 times a night with my heart racing. Did you go off of the Losartan? Did the dreaming issues resolve?

I feel like it is harder to run and my muscles in my legs feel tired..

I have been on losartan for about 6 mos. 50 mg. 2 times a day. All was fine until pharmacy gave me a green oval version. Became dizzy, unsteady, nauseous, anxious and generally ill over next few days with many high blood pressure readings.. After 3 weeks was admitted to hospital where I quickly recovered on the hospital’s losartan. Feeling good now on brand name Cozaar and BP is fine.
Not sure who made the bad green pills but feel they are dangerous. Have learned that I must insist pharmacy not shift my generics around once I have a dependable manufacturer. FDA does not check foreign makers often enough–average 6 or 7 years according to New York Times.

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