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Life Expectancy Rebounds But Barely | Readers Grumble

Life expectancy dropped dramatically during the pandemic. Now it is starting to creep back up. Why aren't readers happy?

Last week I wrote that “Life Expectancy Drops Dramatically Due to COVID Deaths!” That was because of an article in JAMA Internal Medicine, Nov. 13, 2023. The research letter was titled “Widening Gender Gap in Life Expectancy in the US, 2010-2021.” It pointed out that life expectancy for a man in 2022 had dropped to 73.2 years. For a woman it was 79.1 years. The gap between men and women was the worst it has been in more than two decades. The CDC has just released its overall new data. Longevity has rebounded a bit, but people are still mad as hell.

The Latest Life Expectancy Data:

The “Provisional Life Expectancy Estimates for 2022” have just been released. Here is the breakdown:

  • Life expectancy in the United States for 2022 was 77.5 years.
  • Last year (2021) life expectancy in the US was 76.1 years.
  • In 2020 life expectancy for all US citizens was 77.0 years
  • And pre-COVID, life expectancy in 2019 was 78.8 years

Men improved from 73.2 years to 74.8 years and women went from 79.1 years to 80.2 years.

Why Aren’t We Happy That Life Expectancy Rebounds?

Well, I am happy, sort of. But one of the authors of the report, Elizabeth Arias told NPR (Nov. 29, 2023): .

“The not-so-good news is that the increase in life expectancy only accounted for less than 50% of the loss that was experienced between 2019 and 2021.”

Another expert told NPR:

“‘To me, these numbers are rather bleak,’ says Jacob Bor, associate professor of global health and epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health, ‘The extent to which life expectancy has recovered is far short of what people had hoped.’”

Why Are Readers So Angry About COVID Data?

I got a lot of people very upset because I attributed the drop in longevity between 2019 and 2021 to COVID. A great many people believe that it was not COVID-19 that killed so many people but rather the COVID vaccine!

Melanie writes:

“Life expectancy has dropped due to the COVID shots, not COVID. I know of so many people in my area who have either died from the shots or have been harmed in some way…many heart attacks, strokes, etc. Unfortunately, we will see more death in the next few years, especially people who have received boosters. I follow doctors who use critical thinking skills and who aren’t being paid to follow the narrative.”

The idea that there is a rebound in longevity contradicts Melanie’s perspective, but let’s not be too hard on her.

Randy offers this perspective:

“How can a disease with a 0.1 – 0.2% mortality drop the life expectancy by 3- 4 years?
Answer: It cannot.
What did?
The one topic you were too afraid to discuss……Covid jabs (not vaccines but bioweapon gene editing poisons). The estimated deaths caused directly by the shots according to the poorly maintained VAERS system is about 25,000. This represents between 1 and 10% of the real total deaths.
Meaning the shots have killed 250,000 to 2.5 million Americans. World wide it is estimated 14 – 17 million have died from the DeathVax……..all for a jab that has NEGATIVE efficacy for the covid flu.
Many more will die from jab induced immune dysfunction (autoimmune diseases, cancers) and sudden cardiac death from myocarditis or pericarditis.
Wake up folks……..the ruling class wants you dead!”

Mary says:

“My sister believes it is the covid vaccine that is related to the increase of deaths. She says , that the info she has is current and true.

“I myself don’t know for sure. There are so many stresses in life that create MANY physical conditions. Also, the way we eat or sleep and lack of moderate exercise, could be contributing factors.

“I don’t know if any of us will know for sure.”

Patty also maintains that the vaccine is responsible for the mortality stats:

“The truth is slowly coming to the surface. It is currently slowly being revealed that the Covid vaccine is the main cause of death in the Covid era and not the virus itself. The CDC cannot be believed. Follow the money, as is always the case, and you will find the truth.”

Shari offers a different perspective:

“Maybe one day in the future people will look back at this time period and see how we just lost our collective minds.
It’s like we reverted to the dark ages and the plague of that time. Ignorance ruled, with fear and panic. Misinformation and disinformation may be what is most remembered about this tragic time in our history. Many are too eager to believe the worst about each other. Why so much energy disputing that 2 actually does equal 2? The comments from 2020-2022 reflect the panic, with so many eager to believe anything but science and facts.

“Hospitals are in financial crisis with healthcare workers departing in droves yet some still believe hospitals got rich giving vaccines. The never-ending conspiracies seem pointless and illogical. Vaccines were never a guarantee against getting covid, but to give the masses some level of protection to save lives! This really shouldn’t be so controversial.”

Trish also has a different perspective:

“It makes me frankly embarrassed that in a country like America, where citizens are widely educated, that so many choose to believe and spread misinformation about COVID. The vaccines developed are a remarkably successful response to a crisis of global proportion — and they were available WITHOUT CHARGE. But what happened? Frankly silly protests that the vaccines were killing people, that they didn’t work, that it was all a plot.

“A scientist leading the effort, Dr. Anthonoy Fauci, was actually threatened! It saddens me to compare this response to the way Americans responded decades earlier to the polio vaccine — but thank heavens a majority of people didn’t believe the silliness and got vaccinated against COVID. I’m sorry for the ones who died before the vaccine became available. The ones who still don’t believe — well, if they choose to compromise their health, you cannot help them.”

Michele puts the whole COVID mess into perspective:

“Thank you for the statistical facts. My family believed the experts and were good citizens throughout the pandemic. We are grateful to have been able to manage remote working and online classes for our high school and college-age kids. Many families weren’t so lucky. I am surprised at how many people are still skeptical. We had (extended) family losses due to COVID infection as well as having  complications of COVID (loneliness and not getting medical treatment ). All things could be better with better access to healthcare & better education. Two things We Should Have in America. It is shameful that we don’t.”

Claudia reveals behavior that should never be acceptable:

“As a healthcare worker, I and so many colleagues have experienced aggressive, violent behavior, cursing (one colleague was struck in the face) by an angry parent. Our staff has been overworked, abused, and burned out. Many are leaving healthcare – then people are angry and wonder why they cannot get an appointment with primary care or specialists!

“People don’t believe ANYTHING anymore. Society has to have some level of trust to function. It is hard to be ‘nice’ on the comments in the face of such stupidity and callousness and utter disregard for others’ lives and family members. I have been told repeatedly to ‘get over it’ and “move on” when it comes to COVID. How when the misinformation and lack of compassion and aggression continue to flow right on as if nothing has happened.”

Final Words:

We long  for the days of civility, compassion and caring for one another. We had hoped that the statistics we cited about life expectancy in other countries might be revealing. If you are still doubtful, please go back and just look at the comparisons between longevity in Japan, Norway, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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