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Thyroid hormones come in a variety of formulations and brand names. Synthroid is the most commonly prescribed of all the thyroid supplements. That is because the dose is more reliable than natural products made of dried thyroid glands.

Synthroid is long acting and comes in a wide variety of doses that allows for individualized treatment.

When people develop a sluggish thyroid gland they often feel tired and weak. They may become constipated, sensitive to cold or anemic. They may also suffer with dry skin and hair, thick brittle fingernails and have shortness of breath when they exercise. Some people report clumsiness, weight gain, or puffy eyes.

Thyroid problems are diagnosed with blood tests. The best is one that measures thyroid stimulating hormone, or TSH. This test also helps determine the proper dose of thyroid hormone for treatment.

Side Effects and Interactions

Side effects of thyroid replacement therapy are rare if the dose is appropriate. Specialists recommend beginning treatment with a low dose and gradually increasing it until symptoms of underactive thyroid disappear and the TSH blood test is normal. This may initially require blood tests every four to six weeks and good communication with the doctor.

Signs of overdose include insomnia, heart palpitations, jitteriness, rapid heart beat, increased sweating, higher blood pressure, changes in appetite, and reduced menstrual flow.

Other adverse reactions of excessive thyroid levels include tremor, headache, heart disease, diarrhea, and weight loss. Report any such symptoms to your physician promptly.

A number of medications may interact with Synthroid or alter the tests that detect thyroid problems. People taking estrogen, asthma medicines, decongestants (including those found in over-the-counter cold or flu remedies), antidepressants, certain cholesterol lowering drugs, blood thinners such as Coumadin or heart medicine like digoxin  should check with a physician or pharmacist.

In theory, the herb guggul  might counteract thyroid-suppressing drugs or increase the effect of thyroid hormones. Monitoring thyroid function is prudent. Licorice  may alter the required dose of levothyroxine because of its impact on the thyroid gland.

Never stop taking Synthroid without first checking with your health care provider.

Special Precautions

Too much Synthroid can make a person more susceptible to osteoporosis or weakened bones. You may wish to discuss with your doctor whether you need tests to monitor bone density.

Thyroid replacement is usually needed for the rest of one’s life, and stopping the medicine suddenly could precipitate symptoms of inactive thyroid.

Don’t discontinue Synthroid without your doctor’s supervision.

Taking the Medicine

The usual recommendation is to take Synthroid before breakfast. Although this hormone is probably best taken on an empty stomach, it is more important to take it at the same time every day to maintain a constant level in your body.

Do not take this medication with iron pills, as they can interfere with proper absorption.

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  1. Teresa

    I had graves dease an had my whole thyroid out 3 weeks ago put on levothyroxine 75mg I’m not sure how I’m surposed to be feeling at the mo. As before my op I was very hyper after my op my calcium level dropped now I’m on 2 calcium pills 4 times a day I did put half a stone on but now starting to lose weight again.

  2. Norma
    Missouri, USA

    I’ve just had the thyroid surgery 3 weeks ago, removing 2 parathyroid nodules and half of my thyroid. I take an antipsychotic med that keeps me sane, and have been taking temazapan/restoril to help me sleep at least 4-6 hours a night, and alprazalam/xanax as needed for anxiety.

    And prior to the surgery, for the last 2 years, I’ve had esteem anxiety and depression, and also had a problem with my heart beating really fast, 80-100 beats per minute, with out any physical activity. I went to a heart doctor… and was told after several tests, no issues, get your thyroid checked, And that proved to be the issue. So, after my surgery, My Endochronologist, put me on Levothyroxine.

    I just started taking Levothyroxine .025 cmg, a baby dose per the endocrinologist, at 5am in the morning and then try to sleep till 9am. On the 3rd day, my heart rate returned to normal, and I was feeling not nearly as depressed, and was finally feeling elated. But on the 4th day, I got a severely dry pasty mouth and absolutely could not sleep, worse than I have ever experienced. I’m figuring this reaction was from having to much levothyroxine in my system.

    I then turned to the internet, and discovered all sorts of issues where people were suffering and inferring that Synthoid and the generic Levothyroxine are not the same quality. On the 5th day I did not take the Levothyroxine, and I was able to sleep some, and the dry mouth issue was much less. I’m considering asking my endocrinologist to prescribe the Synthoid, or perhaps advise me to cut the Levothyroxine in half or even in quarters to keep the overall dose low enough to keep me from feeling depressed and allowing my heart rate to beat normally. Do any of you think this is the right approach.

  3. Alyssan R Stickney

    Can I buy Levothyroxine 0.175 for three months worth and what is the cost?

  4. Pat

    I have never been right on levothyroxine I have racing heart irregular heart beat now I am suffering with gastric stomach and leg pains. I am 74 years old I was on 75 mg then years later they phone me to say I’m borderline and reduced them to 50 mg now my doc wants to up them again,I don’t know if I’m coming or going, all I get when I ask anything is your thyroid is fine, and I’m not taking the amount they want me to, so how come my TSH is fine, if I took the amount they wanted me to surely they would know fed up with doctors.

  5. Tabassum
    Hyderabad, India

    Im a thyroid patient as i was using eltroxin 100 mcg before breakfast for the past 25 years. I feel this medicine made me swell, acidic as i feel pain in my brain/head, frequent palpitations, tiredness etc. i decided to stop using this pill and im not taking it since two days. Pl help me to leave this drug because i heard many stories if anyone stops using eltroxin they will have their kidneys fail, or heartfail or end up in coma. I want to get rid of this medicine any doctors in this forum please help me so that i want to be free of using this drug, i dont want to use it for my life long

  6. Kathy

    Hello, I started Levothyroxine 50 MCG almost 6 weeks ago, and will be getting new blood work this coming week. I have felt a bit jittery, major increase in appetite (and as a result have gained 5 pounds in 6 weeks – and on top of it all, 2 weeks ago I slipped down a step as I was going to the basement and sprained my ankle. So i’m immobile for another several weeks. Could the jitteryness have caused my balance to be off. I have never slipped down the stairs in my lifetime. I am 50 years old, work out 4 – 5 days per week (before this darned ankle injury) – my thyroid was just a bit out of the normal range. I also take estrodial for early menopause (no ovaries or uterus). I was also JUST put on blood pressure medicine 2 weeks ago, (after starting this thyroid med). Could the thyroid med have caused my blood pressure increase? I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, starting all this new medication, etc. and I really do not feel any better than I did before I was put on the thyroid meds.? Any suggestions? I went to my GP for this thyroid issue and now, my blood pressure issue? Should I consult with an Endocrinology specialist? Thanks for any thoughts you could share with me.

  7. Bedrije

    I am on estrogen therapy for my IVF. My thyroid went from 2.775 to 4.5
    I was on 50 microgram levothyrocine for everday.
    Now i increased from 75 micrograms for two days and 100 for 5 days.
    Not sure if this is a correct dose? Right now my doc increased estrogen from 62micrograms to 56 microgram of estrogen daily.
    Please help. My embrio transfer is on Monday.

  8. Rosie

    70 years old, have been on levothyroxine sodium for 10 year. I have put 5 stone on in weight, knees ,neck, pain in back, fingers. fill like I am dying. Every time over the years I have been to complain at the doctors, they have an answer, Oh it’s this or it’s that, loads of different drugs.
    But I now realize it the Levo, I have weaned down from 175 to 25 mg am taking vits and eating well, I can now walk, and breath, but neck glands are swollen under left ear and color bone, I am in Spain so I don’t know what to do next, I am hoping I will be fine and not crash, been 5 weeks weaning down. :-(

  9. LAS

    I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism after going to the doctor for overall fatigue and hair loss. Prescribed 50 mcg levothyroxine. Have been taking for 3 weeks now and really don’t know what is supposed to happen. I was feeling better, but now have a cold, so don’t know if that is affecting why I don’t feel good now. My hair loss is still there and want to know if this will cease?

  10. Glynis Allen
    Gtr Manchester

    I am a 56 year old woman and had been happily taking levothyroxine 50mcg for about 6 years with no ill effects. It was discovered that I was borderline hypothyriod in a routine bloodtest. I had no problems taking the 50mcg I was prescribed, in fact when I began to take it I felt better than I had in ages, as I had put my recent tiredness down to the menopause. However, 5 months ago following another routine blood test my GP decided that I needed my dose of levothyroxine put up to 75mcg Immediately I had more energy and lost almost a stone in weight, all of which I was quite happy about. Three months later I began to feel jittery in the mornings and always really hungry even when I’d just eaten a meal. Then headaches started, which I had never suffered from before. I decided to go to my GP and he thought it sounded like thyroid overmedication. As he suspected my TSH levels came back very supressed. I am now on 25mcg and awaiting follow up blood tests in a few weeks. I have gone from feeling fantastic to feeling so very ill, with shaking vigorously from anxiety and panic attacks, increased heart palpitations (I already have atrial fibrillation), aching neck, shoulders, ribs, headaches, sleepless nights. I’ve never been so ill and worried. I don’t know what dose I’ll be put on when I have my upcoming blood tests. I can’t understand why my dose was increased to 75mcg in the first place when I felt perfectly ok on 50mcg. I wasn’t asked how I was feeling. I will be more wary from now and I am doing my own research on thyroid test results. If you suffer from thyroid problems I think you need to inform yourself as leaving to the professionals in some cases can be a potential mine field.

  11. Carmen

    On Levothyroxine 100mg every day.
    Wednesday 50mg Sunday Nil.
    I had a total thyroidectomy 3 years ago let me tell you my life has never been the same again, lots if pain across the chest area, inflammation in the collar bone, sire feet and heels, shortness of breath, not every day but often enough.

    The Sunday pill that I missed as advised by my Endo brings on the symptoms ever worse I get all of the above on sundays
    My chest feels so so tight, very dizzy and light headed, can not wait to be monday so can take my 100 mg at 7 am
    any thoughts on this please help!!!!

    • Fiona

      I have been on 50 mg for the past 6 years I am a 49 year old woman, I am healthy eat well and exercise daily , 4 weeks ago my doctor said my thyroid was low and increased my meds to 75 mg, I was ok the first few days and about two weeks ago I have been feeling weak , chest pains a bit sick all the signs of a heart attack so much so I went to my doctor Monday last had my blood pressure taken and a ecg which was all fine , the doctor said it must be the increase in my meds I paid € 85 for the doctor , she told me to ” keep a eye” on it and she would do full blood tests in a few months , I was okish for two days and today again I feel terrible , anyone any advice

  12. Surya

    I am suffering from hypo thyroid my TSH value is 8, normal is below 3. I was suggested for 100mcg of Thyroxine . From the day I had the pill I got dizziness latter after a week Dr suggested me to reduce it to 25mcg i was normal and I had my TSH level checked after 5 weeks it raised to 10. Now due this raise DR advised me for 75mcg Thyroxine I got my dizziness back. What should I do now? Taking 25mcg is not reducing my TSH level. Taking more than 25mcg causes dizziness, please someone help on this.
    I am planning for my baby but due high level TSH DR also suggested not to plan now. I am so worried.

  13. rita r.
    south bloomfield,ohio

    I have hypothyroidism been taking 100 mcg tabs for over 1 yr. My test results say I am okay, But I feel so depressed that I just stopped functioning. I don’t feel like showering, washing my hair or leaving my house. Being on 100 mcg I definitely do not feel like me. I feel so lazy and withdrawn from all my loved ones. I feel so nervous & scared ! I just want to feel happy again. Someone please understand how I am feeling ! And why?
    Thanks, Rita

    • karen

      I am so sorry you are feeling like this, I take 150mg due to having thyroid cancer back in 2009, but can understand how you are feeling, as i too feel exactly the same. I feel everyone around me feel happy while I feel sad and drained all the time. It all gets you down. Luckily my husband has read up on the subject and gives me strength.
      Blood work seems to always come back fine, only people living with thyroid problems are aware of the terrible life you have to live…

  14. Jho

    Is it ok to take contraceptive pills if I’m also taking Levothyroxine 100mcg tablet? Thank you.

  15. karen
    stockton on tees uk

    I had total thyriodectomy in 2009 due to papillary cancer.. I was taking 175mg thyroxine until last week when hospital reduced it to 150mg.

    I was having sever sweats chest pain, confusion… my gp said this was caused by my free T3 being 6.7 and my free T4 being 34… when will I see reduction in my symptoms?

    • Norma

      16 years thyroid cancer. Wish I would have not done the surgery . This is no way to live tired weight gain depressed muscle cramping hands feet and achy .low bone mass due to suppressed levels. Will be glad when this nightmare is over. I am 74 and very tired of doctors who know nothing.ddd

  16. A.M. G.

    Dear Sir or Madan, good morning!
    I just want to know if it is safe to take LEVOTHYROXINE with vitamins since I take a lot vitamins.
    People’s Pharmacy response: Wait at least one hour after taking levothyroxine to take any minerals. There is evidence that iron and calcium can interfere with absorption of this hormone, and others might as well. Also, do not take levothyroxine within half an hour of drinking coffee or tea.

  17. Leigh A.

    I have been on thyroxine for over thirty years after a thyroidectomy, but I still get some real bad spells that can last for months then I get a few weeks of felling bit more like myself. Is there any herbal teas that could help alongside the thyroxine to help me feel normal?

  18. Lisa See

    To Lynn M
    What did the Dr say? I’m having the exact issue. I’m at a loss.
    Thanks Lisa Me

  19. Chris

    I have been on levothyroxine for about 20 years. I have been on 100 mcg for about the last 8. The last 6 months or so, I have been having problems with hand tremors, irritability, extreme fatigue (especially after working out) and a 10 pound weight gain. My TSH in January was

  20. kay

    I am 68 years old and have been on synthroid since 1990. All these years have gone by and now the doctor keeps changing it every 2 months, up to 175 mg down to 100 and now its been changed 4 or 5 times in the last 8 months. I feel awful, have 3rd stage CKD (chronic kidney disease) and a solitary kidney.
    I am wondering if the medication is interfering with B/P meds even though I have great blood pressure without it. I have to take it for protection of the one kidney. I am at a lose for what to do with the thyroid, I feel weak, tired, one eye has drooped, legs like water. Just this week was put back on the 150 mg. I am at a loss for what to do and just feel like stopping it all together and stop going to the doctor. Thank you.

  21. Erin

    How long have you been taking estrogen? The very first thing that I noticed is that you are taking that as well as thyroid medication. Estrogen binds the thyroid hormones and sometimes, people need to have their thyroid medication increased to compensate for that. Also, it causes your lab results to become more unreliable. This means that if your doctor is looking at your tsh alone, they will most likely tell you that you are fine, even if you’re not, and that’s because they’re not taking an in-depth look. Ask for the free t-4/t3 test. With estrogen therapy or birth control pills, test results likely show that you have enough thyroid hormones, but they are binding with the estrogen and are actually not available for use by the body, in which case your free t4 would be low. That would tell your doctor that you in fact DO need an increase of thyroid medication. It can take awhile for you to realise how unwell you actually feel, and now it seems that your “red flag” symptoms are showing themselves.
    Let me add a little personal note here. I have been taking birth control pills (containing estrogen) for quite a few months, maybe half a year, and I was never told that I might need more thyroid medication. I went on with things, thinking I was fine. I was continuously being told that my tsh was fine, good, normal, etc. Then, I got so tired that I couldn’t get out of bed, my hair was falling out, I was very hungry all the time, my feet were numb if I sat down for too long, my legs felt heavy, no energy or desire to do more than sit on the couch. I asked for an increase in my thyroid medicine (I take tirosint) and felt somewhat better, but not yet where I want to be. But, that is indeed the problem, that I need more medication. I can’t say 100% why that happened, but the only change in the past several months has been the ortho tri-cyclen.
    My advice to you is to disregard that tsh number and ask for small increases until you physically Feel better. I had bad experiences with endocrinologists and therefore I get my medication from my regular doctor because he listens to me. Try to see a D.O. if you can because they are sometimes better listeners and are willing to spend more time talking to you. They are trained differently than M.D.’s. I am sure you have known this for a long time, but with thyroid disease you have to tell doctors what you want/need from them and maybe you won’t be their favourite patient for that very reason, but the important thing is that you get what you need to feel better.

  22. seaborne

    On Levothyroxine for about eight years, at 1.0 per day. I have steadily been gaining weight, losing my hair, hair breaking off, skin dry and flakey, pain in both lower legs, pain in bottom of feet with some numbness, continuously tired. Am also on Estrogen, Clonidine, Metoprolol, Vitamin D3, chromium, MVI, claritin (for a possible allergy to the clonidine) and B complex. I always wait the 30 minutes to an hour before eating after taking all meds, take meds at same time every day.
    TSH is normal, and that is the only thyroid test my physician routinely draws. Formerly worked for an endocrinologist whose specialty was thyroid, and he did other thyroid tests. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s over 18 years ago and was placed on a medication to suppress the thyroid, but I can no longer remember the name. I was to be on it until my thyroid stopped functioning, then given Levothyroxine. It was 10 years before I was placed on a replacement.
    Cholesterol is high, HDL okay, blood pressure suddenly high about five years ago. I have heat intolerance, no problem with cold. Can you give me any advice as to what might be the problem and what I should do. I went to an endocrinologist who was head of the department at a teaching university but his personality was that of a rock at the bottom of the ocean an stopped seeing him. I do not know if we have an endocrinologist now in my area who might be proficient in treating thyroid problems.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Zoee
      Los Angeles

      First of all, you most likely had Graves’ disease (hyper) and not Hashimotos if they gave you meds to suppress the thyroid. Was it tapizol? From what you describe that Is my take from your description. Get to a good Doctor and get a proper diagnosis. Thyroid issues are ongoing, and I am having terrible ones since RAI in 1989. Good luck and hang in there.

  23. Erin

    Maybe you are allergic to the fillers in the medication. Have you itched the whole time you’ve taken it and what kind do you take (generic levothyroxine, synthroid, tirosint, armour?) you might want to try tirosint… It’s just made of gelatin, glycerin, water and the active ingredient levothyroxine. It’s a gel capsule, a more pure form of the medication. Just something to consider. Hope this helps.

  24. HD

    I have been on 75 mcg and then the doctor switched me to 50 and now I have to take 75 five days a week and 50 two days a week and I am still itching, what is the problem and why can’t it get fixed. I itch my self about every six months so I think my body is adjusting to the medicine and then it switches. What is going on?

    • Catherine
      Galena, IL, US

      I am allergic to the fillers in the generic forms. When I first started levothyroxine I was also being treated for a sinus infection, and when I started itching I thought it was the antibiotic. A few weeks later and I was still itching! I Searched and found that the fillers could be the culprit. Presented that to my doctor (because I have found them to be dismissive) and she ordered the non-generic form. Finally the itchies went away! I have to pay more because of my insurance plan, but it’s worth not feeling that I’m going crazy!

  25. K.S:

    I am 30 year old woman and was diagnosed slightly hypothyroid with my TSH level at 3.76 so they started me on 50 mcg of levothyroxine last September. I cannot tell you the problems I have suffered due to this drug. I have had terrible vertigo and dizziness, heaviness in my legs predominately my calf muscles, I have been bed ridden for about a month due to orthtostatic blood pressure problems… ( low and high pressure upon standing up ) cannot walk due to terrible pain in calves and vertigo, terrible hot flashes that will NEVER go away, heart palpitations, and it induced some of the worst migraines ever in my life. Before I took this med I was just fatigued and now I feel much much worse. I lost my job due to all these sicknesses… and my doctor said that even though my TSH is now at 2.56 she bumped up my levo dose to 75 mcgs. I told her that I want to switch to Armour. I feel like an old person when I should be out there doing and living my life. I have had various diagnoses through this year of hell. I advise DO NOT TAKE this drug. Find some other alternative to treat your thyroid problems. I am still waiting to feel better and pray that I can get my life back.

    • Jamie

      K.S. We have all the same symptoms. I am experiencing migraines for the first time in my life and now struggling with vertigo and some bouts of anxiety, clinically diagnosed with dry eye and have dry skin for the first time in my life. My resting heart rate is always around 100 now and I’m no where close to out of shape. Did you ever find an answer to your problems? My Hashimotos started at age 33 and I’m still trying to adjust to this new me.

      • Jennifer B
        southeast Wyoming

        Look into hyperthyroid symptoms, particularly with the anxiety and high heart rate (mine did the same thing, usually sitting still it would be 125, couldn’t get it below 100 at all). I also had horrible sweating with any activity, night sweats, and sudden high blood pressure. Reduced my dosage and everything went back to normal.

  26. James G.

    Because they need to see her levels without the meds so they can prescribe the right amount she need. I’m a gulf war vet that had thyroid cancer and it all removed also. This way they can see what exact dose she needs. Don’t tell her but I felt terrible like life was going a hundred mph. And I gained a lot of weight. Was on .75 and they decreased it to .50. Always been around 200 220 but got up to 270 lbs last year. I have to eat very little to stay at 225. I wish you and her good luck. Sgt Green

  27. tiggersmama

    yes I to was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in 07 and started seeing a endo cause i weighed 102 lbs in 06 and strted losing weight well i went on medication was doing no different till in10 istarted see a new endo and he put me on methemazole and that helped so i kept seeing him had scans done and finally in july of 11 i took the radioactive iodine pill now im hypo and am taking levo50mcg have had no bad side affects but my feet are numb and i get a screaming noise in my head when everything is quiet anyhow i just kept loising weight and now i weigh about 59lbs and im 4ft11in i just cant gain weight im thinking about taking some of those pills they advertise on tv to help you gain weight i also take a multi vit and half of a b6 50 mgs

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