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Kudzu Root Helps Conquer Alcohol Craving

Q. I grew up with a parent who was dependent on alcohol. I find myself struggling with cravings for alcohol also. While alcohol doesn’t interfere with my daily life, I don’t like the cycle of abstaining, falling off the wagon, then abstaining. Are there any natural remedies you know of that can help someone reduce their cravings for alcohol?

A. You may want to consider kudzu root extract. It contains compounds that appear similar to an old drug called disulfiram that is prescribed to help alcoholics avoid drinking. A fascinating rat study suggests that kudzu root extract (Pueraria lobata) may discourage alcohol consumption even in addicted animals (Journal of Medicinal Food, Sept., 2007).

Several years ago we heard from a reader who wanted to break her daily habit of drinking wine from afternoon till bedtime. She reported that kudzu root, “worked perfectly right from the start, although it caused constipation.”

Prescription drugs such as Antabuse (disulfiram), Campral (acamprosate) and ReVia (naltrexone) have been used to discourage alcohol consumption. You should talk to your physician or an alcohol abuse specialist to find out the best approach in your situation.

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Where can I get kudzu root at Malaysia?

Look at any herb store. Or you can always go to online and look up kudzu root (that is how I buy most of my holistic remedies)… I prefer the powder, kind of tastes like cumin… and you can use it as a thickener in soups or sauces as a way to sneak it into your daily diet.. good luck!

Where can I find Kudzu root extract. I live near Portland, Oregon.

I been a recovering alcoholic for a long time. There only one point I’d like to make, craving happens only after the drink or drug is in the system and it’s physical. Obsession to take the drink is the mind’s area, this time will be different, I’ll only have one (not ever in my life), it’s been a long time, and thing are different now, all the reasons or in my case lies my mind tells me it is safe to use.
This month I’ll be sober 24 years and its only lately that Ive truly understood the physical and mental difference in addiction. Slow to learn and foggy I admit I didn’t have to know this to recover but it helps to make more sense of how I got here. Lets end this with my favorite quote for an aa meeting “if the only tool you’ve got in your tool box is a hammer, you’ll probably use a hammer”
Hope the kudzu helps

How much kudzu root extract should one take to reduce alcohol cravings?

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