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Joe is Hosting A Webinar on Contamination in Consumer Products

Joe is Hosting A Webinar on Contamination in Consumer Produc...
Neutrogena aerosol sunscreens

Friends, I have been asked to moderate a Webinar this coming Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at noon Eastern Time. I think you will find it of interest. The title is: “Contamination in Consumer Products: The Science and Its Impact.” We will be discussing how it is that products such as hand sanitizers and sunscreens could be contaminated with possible carcinogens. 

One of the speakers will be Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. She is a hero of mine because she cares deeply about drug safety. She is especially concerned about FDA oversight. I was honored to participate in a news conference conducted by Congresswoman DeLauro on January 10, 2020. She reintroduced the Recall Unsafe Drugs Act. Here is how her office described the legislation:

“Currently, the FDA has mandatory recall authority over other products that the agency regulates, such as medical devices, food, and biological products. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with drugs, the FDA has to rely on the good faith of drug manufactures to recall their products. More often than not, drug manufacturers heed the warnings of the FDA when products are causing harm. However, there are times when manufacturers refuse to recall their products, even in the face of overwhelming evidence suggesting that they are causing illness or even death to consumers. DeLauro’s legislation would close this loophole and enable the FDA to step in and issue a mandatory recall.”

But Wait…There’s More:

In addition, David Light will talk about research at Valisure, a pharmacy testing laboratory that has uncovered contamination in a number of drugs and consumer products. Dr. James Arbogast is Chief Scientist at GOJO Industries, makers of Purell hand sanitizer. Dr. Christopher Bunick is an Associate Professor of Dermatology at Yale University. He will address concerns about sunscreen contamination. I think you will find the discussion quite revealing.

You can sign up for the Webinar at this link. And don’t forget to mark your calendar.

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