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Learn about hydrochlorothiazide side effects here!

Avalide is used to help lower blood pressure.

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I do take irbesartan 300mg and have a cough that occurs at any time of day, especially at night. There are other meds that I take that also may be implicated, like Lasix. Where the red flag is my concern is the effect on the kidneys that these, and other drugs may cause.

For this reason, I watch my GFR, the glomerular filtration rate. In a healthy person it is at least 60. Higher is more desireable, and lower is the signal to do your own research. I read about side effects, and boy does that take time…but it’s your life.

My husband has hypertension, he is currently on the following medications: Lisinopril-20mg/1x day; Chlorthalidone-25mg/1x day; Metoprolol Tartrate-100mg-twice a day; Diltiazem CD-180mg/1x day; Furosemide-40mg/1x day; Hydralazine-50mg/1x day; Hydralazine-40mg/1x day.
His previous medications were, Hydrochlorothiazide-25mg/1x day; Quinapril-40mg/2x day; Verapamil ER-180mg/1x day; Spironolactone-25mg/1x day; Hydralazine-100mg/every 8hrs
Recently he has begun to experience some memory problems, and sometimes he has a cough. I am very concerned about drug-drug interactions.

Hydrochlortrithiazide, 20 mg. Have been taking this dosage for the past year. My hair is noticeably thinner, fly away and dry. I have had healthy, thick hair prior to using this blood pressure drug. Will ask my physician to substitute with an alternative medication.
Have also noticed a sensitivity to bright lights, sunlight. Am prone to skin allergies since beginning this medication. Skin is very dry, as well.

I have written in recently concerning Metoprolol and side effect of HAIR LOSS. My Dr. has now prescribed Hydrochlorothiazide. He said he didn’t think it would cause hair loss. Has anyone had an experience with side effects? Thanks, Susan

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