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Heartburn Drug Conquered Warts

Q. My daughter had so many warts on her hands that there was nothing the doctor could do. He said freezing or burning them off was out of the question.

He suggested Tagamet. That sounded weird, but she tried it. In two months she had many fewer warts. By the third month, her hands were as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and she went to her prom with her head held high!

A. Treating warts with heartburn medicine sounds a bit bizarre, but doctors have been doing it for years. Controlled trials of Tagamet (cimetidine) for warts have been inconclusive, but we’ve heard of other successes:

“I am a 23-year-old healthy male. I have had plantar warts on both my feet and warts under my fingernails for almost four years. I’ve tried several costly and unsuccessful treatments to cure them (acid, cryotherapy, duct tape).

“Then I read online about Tagamet. I figured it was a long shot, but I didn’t have much to lose. I began taking OTC cimetidine, one tablet at breakfast and the other at dinner.

“It took nearly two months before I noticed something:  a small patch of healthy skin in the middle of the mosaic patch of warts near my big toe. A few weeks later, even more of the plantar warts disappeared, along with a big wart on my right thumbnail. It is now about two months since I started this treatment and most of my warts are gone. I am convinced that Tagamet really works.”

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I’m currently 26 but when I was 21 I had my first wart cluster on the top of my big toe. When I itched my toes they spread to my other tie. My mom swears by duct tape but I couldn’t get an air tight seal on my wart bc of its placement. I went to the dr and she suggested Tagamet and within 2.5 weeks they were completely gone! It was crazy. Now 5 years later they’re coming back so it’s time for a refill of Tagamet again!

hey I am taking heart burn medicine and I am kind of seeing results and I am 15 years old had it since I was 10 and it hurt sorry for using a bad word but like H@## hated that wart my mom and I have it my sister did and got rid of hers and I have three now right before I took it but they are all going away even my mom’s it is about a centimeter long and half a centimeter long mine is like a tiny pebble. but I love it so much. I think it works because the acid in the medicine cimetidine love it so much and it might work but I will update whenever I can.

I have had warts off an on for years and tried many different things to get rid of them. The only one that has been effective has been using Eggplant. I know it sounds weird, but it works. If I (or my daugther) get a wart, I use this treatment at night. You cut a small slice (big enough to cover the wart(s) and secure it to the wart (or wart grouping) with a bandaid or wrap (depending on where it is) every night until the wart dries up and peels off like a scab.
If the wart is on your foot, I suggest using a wrap and a sock to keep the egg plant in place over night. Uncover it during the day so it can breath because the egg plant will make your skin very moist, and put a fresh piece on every night until healed. It pulls the roots up to the surface of your skin so the warts do not regrow. I have tried a painful chemical bandaid to remove some before and they just grew back after I thought it was healed. I have never had any grow back after using the eggplant cure, it gets rid of roots completely.

also considered by some to be useful in treating cancer.
“Cimetidine’s beneficial effects in helping to manage various cancers are well documented. For more than 20 years, scientists have accumulated evidence that this low-cost, readily available heartburn remedy fights cancer via several mechanisms of action, including blocking the immunosuppressive action of histamine, modulating the body’s immune response, inhibiting angiogenesis, stimulating cancer cell death, and inhibiting cancer metastasis.
Cimetidine has not yet been approved by the FDA for use in treating cancer, and it remains unclear how its effects may enhance or synergize with other cancer treatments. However, cimetidine’s demonstrated effects suggest that it may markedly suppress the ability of certain cancers—particularly colorectal cancers—to grow and metastasize, even when used as a sole therapy. Further studies are needed to evaluate and document cimetidine’s efficacy both alone and in concert with other cancer-fighting regimens.”

I am a thirteen year old girl and I have really bad wart issues and I don’t know what to do. I have a wart on my big toe, 2 on the one beside it, and who knows how many on the next toe, and they just keep spreading. I also have some on the part under the toes, plus I have one on my right index finger. I have tried many remedies but none work. Right at this very moment as I am typing this comment I have duct tape om my foot. If you know ANYTHING that might help me please comment. My feet REALLY hurt!!!!

Has anyone heard of success with flat warts?

My 16 year old son has several warts on his leg and one on his wrist. His pediatrician put him on 800mg of Tagamet twice a day for several months. It has been 2 weeks now, and already I can see a huge difference. It really is working!

My 10 year old daughter (at the time) was having problems with warts on her feet, and we saw a podiatrist, who put her on cimetidine for 6.5 weeks. After about 4 weeks, several of the warts had grown in size, but within the following 2.5 weeks, they decreased and disappeared. Pretty remarkable.

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