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Grapefruit Doesn’t Go Well With All Drugs

Q. We’ve recently been buying grapefruit by the box from a truck that comes up from Florida. They are incredibly delicious, but my neighbor says they interact with lots of drugs. Where do I find a list of medicines that are affected by eating grapefruit daily?

A. Fresh grapefruit is a mouth-watering treat, but your neighbor is correct. Grapefruit interacts with dozens of drugs to increase blood levels and the risk of side effects. Certain blood pressure medications, hormone replacement therapies, cholesterol-lowering drugs, sleeping pills and anti-anxiety agents, and the epilepsy medicine Tegretol are affected by grapefruit.

We are sending you our new Guide to Grapefruit Interactions with a complete list of medicines that interact with this food.

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    Grapefruit Interactions

    Download FAQs on grapefruit and common drug interactions. Find out about which drugs are likely to be affected by grapefruit and how to protect yourself.

    Grapefruit Interactions
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