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Ginger To Treat Vertigo

Ginger is a centuries old remedy for nausea and motion sickness, so it comes as no surprise that some have found it helpful to treat vertigo.

Vertigo is an extremely disruptive sensation. Having the world seem to spin around you makes it difficult to walk without fear of falling. On the other hand, sometimes doctors are challenged to figure out how to treat vertigo. What works?

Non-Drug Approach to Treat Vertigo:

Q. I had vertigo for 17 months, a very severe case. The doctor put me through tests, including an MRI, a test that put me in a black cabinet and spun me around while I answered questions and one that squirted water into my ear.

Then a friend suggested ginger capsules. I took the recommended two capsules four times a day.   The vertigo was nearly gone, but it gave me a terrible stomachache. I couldn’t eat or even sit up.

I now take one capsule a couple of times a day. The stomach pain is mostly gone, and so is the vertigo. I can walk up and down stairs without holding onto something and I can turn around to see something behind me without my head spinning.

Will I need to take the ginger the rest of my life, or will the vertigo stop eventually? In other words, is this a cure or just treating the symptoms?

Ginger as a Way to Treat Vertigo:

A. Chinese sailors have used ginger for centuries to ease or prevent symptoms of motion sickness, so we’re not surprised it might help treat vertigo. In high doses, ginger might cause heartburn or other digestive distress.

We cannot speculate about whether ginger will cure your vertigo completely or just relieve the symptoms. There are relatively few studies of ginger for vertigo, although a tiny trial in 1986 indicated that ginger could be significantly better than placebo (Grøntved & Hentzer, ORL: Journal for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and its Related Specialities). At some point, you and your physician should evaluate your progress to see whether you can discontinue the ginger.

Learn More:

We discussed how to treat vertigo with Dr. David Kaylie of Duke University Medical School in our Show 992: Overcoming Vertigo. It is worth a listen.

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worth a try
sounds logical

I am 77 yrs old and just experienced my 2nd bout of vertigo, I was driving with no problem however I felt odd till I got out of my car and swayed to the right and had to grab hold of support for fear of falling,went home and rested and the feeling went away till 2 days ago I was hit at 9 am and took a sleeping pill and spent the whole day sleeping,,vomitted ,went into a sweat ,in all I slept for almost 40 hrs,today I feel 99% good but living like this is like waiting for the other shoe to hit the wall, am going to try Gravol and change of diet might help.I smoke pot and this also seem to help,I’m open to all suggestions

I’ve been suffering from loss of balance for 1 year, 6 months. I did several tests but to no avail. I was put on several drugs like stugeron, stemetil, diazepam, tegretol, depakine, vascor, xeme and lexomil but to no avail. I currently find it hard to have prolonged sitting, standing n walking becomes another issue. I need help to overcome this issue.

Hi Graedens, so happy to catch up with you after all these years of singing your praise.

I’ve had bouts of vertigo since I was 15 y.o. Used to think it was caused by sinus infection, but nothing helped medication-wise. All I could do was stay in bed until the worst of it had passed (1 to 5 days). Never got sick with it; just dizzy. I’m now 68 and still have vertigo that comes on with no notice. If I did the Epley procedure regularly, it would probably help me as it does help at the time, although it is very disorienting to do when I actually have vertigo (have had other medical issues ruled out in the past few years by ENT). I use ginger for upset stomach, but will definitely give the capsules a try for vertigo. Already take 250 mg magnesium and vit D daily. I have a friend who’s had chronic vertigo for the past year or so and will definitely recommend the ginger capsules to her.

Got an attack of vertigo about 9 months ago. Then it went away but continues to come back every once in a while. Been to several doctors, and they don’t seemed to be concerned about it. My concern is that it has continued off and on for many months now and for no apparent reason. Some days moving my head into positions (downward/sideways) seems to bring on a mini-vertigo attack while other days doing the same thing does not cause an incident.

I drink two cups of coffee every day so not sure if caffeine is the issue or not. Will try the ginger to see how effective this is. Someone mentioned “potatoes.” Never heard of this as being a cause. My problem with the Epley procedure is not knowing which side to turn my head. I keep wondering if doing the wrong side will worsen the vertigo. Doctors haven’t been able to advise me on this.

Please look up epley maneuvers. Do twice a day. Eliminate caffeine. Ask your doctor for a referral to a physical therapist who specializes in vertigo. Many say ginkgo biloba and ginger are also helpful.

it all started with dizziness and vomiting. but now no more vomiting but it will come as if the chair I sat on is falling. it happen without given notice. I always fall if standing. I have also once fall from chair, after the fall the whole environment will be moving. the whole problem does not exceed five second. later I will feel hotness at the center of my head throughout the day as if one have ache.

My wife suffers from vertigo and i make her fresh ginger juice in the morning and it helps her immensely. What you do is get fresh ginger grate about 1 inch piece in a glass then pour water in the glass put the glass in the microwave for about a minute, then strain the juice with a strainer into another glass add a tea spoon of honey and drink it should help you.

Try researching histamine intolerance to food..Vertigo happens when too many histamines build up in the body and if you don’t make enough DAO enzyme, which some people don’t, to get rid of the histamines, then dizziness and vertigo can result..this was my problem, for why the vertigo came some times and not was depending on what I ate..i.e. Food with too many histamines in them ,,they got built up I got an attack..I can control this now and also use ginger capsules or tea..hope this may help with your situation..

Hi doctors normally prescribe Stemetil 5mg tablets. Stemetil are used for treating balance problems ( vertigo ) also stops you feeling sick (nausea) or being sick (vomiting).
Try changing you diet, potatoes are not very good for vertigo. Best to make fresh water made from fresh ginger and add turmeric powder in it have warm every day that will help a lot. There exercise on youtube that really good please have a look and do them.

Just had my first episode of vertigo about 7days ago, vomited on the first day only but my right ear have been noisy and my environment have been spinning. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been to many clinics and taken some antibiotics all to no avail, I’ve only succeeded in reducing the spinning of my environment. I need help please…..

try the exercises. Google excecises to relieve vertigo. some I can’t do , like one you get down like you are going to do a forward roll. I can’t do that.

After eating a bag of salted chips while on a long drive and getting vertigo the next day, I got the connection causing my vertigo after Mayo Clinic told my mother to cut down on her excessive salt usage to stop her vertigo. TOO much Salt. I now do not add salt to anything (except watermelon :<) ). My episodes of vertigo have 99% stopped. The food industry adds way too much salt to our foods. A very easy/simple fix. Hope it works for you.

Hi, Did you manage to cure your vertigo?

Natural remedies such as ginger can treat bloating. To treat gas, which can lead to bloating, adults can take 2 to 4 grams of fresh root daily.

I know what all of you are going threw I suffer from vertigo too

How many miligrams does the capsule(s) you take have? I have read to take a minimum of 1000 mg of powdered ginger a day? Does that sound right to you?

Hi my brother is suffering from vertigo so I wanted to know is there any treatment that we can follow for him? please suggest us at the given mail id

Well guys and girls I too am suffering from vertigo some of my sings are heavy sweating and dizziness or when I turn my head to the right or left side to stop the spinning I go against the spinning by staying to the left or right and tilt my head back and that will stop the spinning then after that I will eat the raw ginger,it will stop the dizziness but the vertigo makes you very unbalanced my doctor advise me to check out a neurologist

I have started taking ginger root capsules today. Thanks for your advice. I will monitor and see how it goes.

Hey everyone I’ve had this as a recurring problem for some time now. Speak to an ENT- you will need a nose spray with cortisone (topical) to reduce the inflammation in the sinus which will in turn aid the inner ear’s healing. if it’s very bad indeed you might receive a prescription for cortisone or some kind of steroid to reduce inflammation in the ear, as I did. Another option to treat the vertigo is anti-vertigo prescription available for those who suffer from Meniere’s Syndrome- this is what my ENT in Switzerland prescribed. Mostly, just keep your head up and know that it will pass

Great Diane.. Actually ginger helps relieve abdominal gas which indirectly helps you feel better in head. Mostly ginger can be relied upon for complaints of gaseous nature which also includes motion sickness and gaseous headaches with mild dizziness. But for actual vertigo of spinning nature or severe imbalance and unsteadiness, only a doctor is needed. Ginger will do no harm, but is not a missile in case of need.

I do not think Physicians have any knowledge about natural medicines as they were trained to just prescribe drugs, and even if they know something about natural cure, “they will never tell you”. I think they are being given some kind of credits if they prescribe drugs to patients. It is all about business. Thanks to the internet we can search anything especially when you need some natural remedy for certain ailments.

Going to try ginger

Hi, I have been suffering from vertigo for over a year now. I went to several doctors, had a cat scan done, as well has seeing a chiropractor for over 6 month’s. Finally!, I found acupuncture. After just a few visits he helped ease the vertigo. He told me that it was caused by a hormone imbalance and digestive problem. I’m here wanting to let everyone know there is hope! I am currently taking tea that is specially made for me as well as acupuncture twice a week. It is expensive but we’ll worth it! Good luck everyone.

The following treatments are worth investigating
1.Epley manoeuvre
2 Brandt Daroff exercises
3.Hall pike procedure
The following medicines Re vertigo are also useful
1. Vasterel (very good three a day it is used primarily for angina but it is also brill for vertigo)
2. Serc (Betahistine Dihydrachloride) Quite good
3 Stemitil (reasonable /avg I have found)
The following teas and herbal tinctures may also help
1. Ginger tea
2. Garlic or ginko ie these are good vascular agents similar to but not nearly as effective as Vasterel
3. Guta Kola
Finally acupuncture is often helpful and if you can make your way to a bio energy healing qualified practitioner if you are suffering uncontrollably these often calm down the vestibular system. Also try to limit overuse of alcohol and caffeine and consider instead yoga, deep breathing techniques and simple walking 20 mins daily.

I was just wondering if the ginger has helped anyone that has just the off balance feeling all the time! I feel like I’m falling and on a boat! I don’t have any spinning at all thank god for that! I have had this problem for 20 years now and no dr can tell me anything! I’m stuck in my house for a year at a time and then the next year I’m ok and then the next year it starts all over again! please help!!

Ask your doctor if Mal De Debarquement is a possibility. I have had the same symptoms as you, but with spinning and much more for 12 years. This is the latest diagnosis I’ve received, however not all doctors agree. Interesting enough, the ones that don’t agree, don’t have any ideas. Many doctors aren’t very familiar with this condition.

Here’s a link you can review. Hopefully it helps.

I read that taking two capsules of ginger helps with vertigo. I have tried white flower oil (it’s for dizziness and migraine headaches and other pain), please look it up online. God bless, and may this help you all.

I’m so glad I found this web site. I have now been suffering from dizziness/light headedness for a little over a year now. I have definitely procrastinated going to the doctor until most recently. My doctor has ordered blood work, and also referred me to eye doctor. Still waiting on blood work results, and I pick my new glasses up today. They say the dizziness could be my eyes… but in my own opinion I really don’t believe it. We will see!!!
Anyways seeing all these comments gives me some sort of comfort.. knowing I’m not the only one. I can’t even work right now. I am highly depressed, and I feel just everyday is the same. Keep in mind I am only 25 years old. I did notice the dizziness all started when my wisdom teeth were coming in… but who knows. This is scary not knowing… I hope all of you find out what is wrong. And I will be praying. If anyone has advice on what tests I should get done please comment… my doctor seems to not find my situation as a big deal. Thank you

I used to use gingko biloba tincture and it was the only thing that worked. They have taken it off the market in Ireland because it hasn’t been tested, which makes me want to scream, as I have been off work for 6 weeks with vertigo, and would have been cured if I could have bought gingko. It really does work.

how often do u take calcium and magnesium and also do u buy it as a powder or a tablet I would appreciate any info thanks

Exercise for the vertigo

hi. my name is mercy I feel like I’m going crazy I’m 46 yrs old gone thru menopause suffer from anxiety panic attacks I’m ended up in the er the did a ct scan showed low density white matter all kinds of blood work with all came back fine… thank god my neurologist said I have a good neuro exam. of course he was looking for ms… I have lots of ears problems, but my vertigo/dizziness is horrible, I have a good friend very old lady she told me about ginger tea and I also spoke to my friend at gnc he said the same so did my pharmacy. I’m trying it tonight for the first time I’m just wondering how long before I feel it working ?????

Have you thought about accuputure? It has done wonders for me and my vertigo.

I have vertigo caused by chicken pox on my inner ear balance organ. It has been unbearable for the last year….any suggestions?

Hi, I was curious if you have considered accuputure?

Hi all, I have again started to suffer with vertigo, after some 8 yrs of relief. I previously suffered attacks over a 10 yr period. I saw lots of specialists, had scans etc to be told was benign vertigo triggered by migraines. I tried lots if medication but to no avail. I last suffered with it when I first found out I was expecting and then had no more attacks. The vertigo has returned again some 8yrs later, the attacks have been more frequent and lasted for longer timescales.
I again have seen an ear, nose and throat specialist who have confirmed it to be BPPV. They gave me exercises to continue at home but that triggered severe ear ache in my right ear. I’ve had a cat scan to come back clear. I have been off work so far 5weeks and there is no sign of it letting up. My doctor has basically said you know what it’s like you’ve had it before it’s something you have to live with!
I feel like I have a disability and anyone who has not suffered vertigo can imagine how horrible it is. Not only is it the imbalance but I am also left feeling completely drained, struggle to concentrate and it really does get to you. I am going to try the ginger… after all anything is worth trying for any relief!

Friends. I have been diagnosed with BPPV and its the worst. But I recently found a study made in 2012 that linked vitamin d deficency with BPPV. My levels were really low and so I started supplementing I haven’t had a vertigo attack since but I still have the residual dizziness that is slowly fading. I hope it works and I don’t have any more vertigo attacks. Please check your levels!!! T

My mom came home from yoga 8 days ago throwing up and spinning. Took her to ER and then ENT. They said it could last up to 2 weeks. Vertigo was diagnosis. She can not get out of bed. She just lays there all day trying not to move so she doesn’t throw up. She is the healthiest 61 year old I know. I’m scared for her. She looks like she is slowly dying. I could use some advice if anyone has any. Thank you!

Please try the Vitamin D that someone wrote about. After months of dealing with Vertigo attacks several times a week, I finally tried supplementing with Vitamin D, and it has worked wonders over the last month and a half. Only 1 attack about 2 weeks after starting the Vitamin D, and none afterwards so far. I am also going to try taking some Ginger capsules or maybe Ginger root, just as a further preventative. Vertigo is horrible- no balance or sense of equilibrium, everything spinning, nausea, vomiting, a total invalid, and then extremely exhausted after the attack. I only took 800 IU. daily. Two 400 IU every morning. Thirty softgels from the dollar store for one dollar. That’s about a 7 cent fix per day. Do I need to say if it’s worth it? Good luck!

I got to this site because I was looking for information on ginger and its effect on vertigo. I began suffering from extreme vertigo about a year ago. My story is similar to many of the stories posted here so I won’t bother with the details, but I do want to share with you my doctor’s answer, which did surprise me. He said he believes I suffer from migraines. He suggested that I read Heal Your Headache by David Buchholz M.D. and that I would think the book was written about me. He was right.
I learned that I get migraines without the headache, but instead vertigo, which are triggered by different foods; there are many migraine triggering foods such as nuts, dried fruit, coffee, chocolate, oranges, bananas, yeast, onions, etc, etc. I have figured out many of the foods that trigger my vertigo and it has been difficult because my diet has become very limited, but the vertigo spells are now few and far between.
If I get an attack, I know it’s because I’ve eaten something I should have avoided. I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from vertigo – you may actually have a migraine.

I too was told this exact same thing! But still continued to get vertigo after an elimination diet. Accuputure has changed my life and I want to let people know about it!

May I share my way of curing dizziness & migraine?
I take 12 glasses (8 oz) of water, preferably spring water, deep well or
tap water with minerals in it
4 tsp Rock sea salt for additional minerals Iodized salt is
is not allowed
6 pcs Uncooked Ripe saba banana to
be eaten raw (Saba banana – plantain
found in the Philippines, very rich in potassium
Instructions: Mix salt and water and consume all in a day
Take 2 saba banana before or after meal (I prefer taking
it before)
This is my daily maintenance, other than dizziness, it also cures other ailments

About 3 weeks ago I woke up from an evening nap and the room appeared to be spinning, I thought I was going to have a seizure or heart attack and die. So I panicked and screamed calling my husband and son into the room, we called the RN at Kelsey Seybold Clinic and she asked me several questions.
I did some reading on this site and saw that V had told her daughter to take 1 part calcium to 4 parts magnesium, so I tried it and I felt good for a few days. The lightheaded feeling returned, finally I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with benign positional vertigo and was given meclizine five days later. The medicine made me sleep all day after I came from work, so a week ago I stopped taking meclizine and started back taking the calcium and magnesium together and I hardly feel the vertigo at all.
I am so Thankful for everyone sharing their stories because it has help give me so much relief.

I went to my local Whole Foods store and bought liguid Ginger in the herbal/vitamin section…Comes with an eye dropper top and I put about 5-7 drops per beverage…Found it to be horrible in no matter what I drank or put it in…. Ginger Ale…Can’t even taste it….I crack open a can of diet or regular Ginger Ale and about 2-3 times a day with the 5-7 drops….Takes a while, maybe a few days and it seems to make the lightheadedness and woozies less noticeable….Doesn’t prevent a vertigo attack, but it lessens the side effects..

I have had migraine since I was 9 years old I used to manage by getting to a properly ventilated area or drink cold water and pour some on my head. I did this because I did not want to use pain killers all the time. However if cooling my head and breathing fresh air failed for me I had to take pain killers.
Now I am 33 years old and I have had my third episode of Vertigo. At first early this year when it first hit me it hit so bad I was sacred and I just wanted to be in hospital since I could not explain what was going on. I could not sit stand or walk. I was hospitalised for 4 days and was given antihistamine drugs. I had my ears checked, CT scan, BP check, Blood Sugar Check, all were OK.
In fact my haemoglobin was found to be 17. Doctor said I was in a good position to donate blood with such high haemoglobin. I also realised that when I am thinking hard or anxious or when I am actively talking and explaining something I am so passionate about like in the case of teaching, I get a jolt that can end up triggering Vertigo. Now I have tried the Epley’s manoeuvre which helped a little but I have settled with fresh Ginger root which I grind and place in a cap and sip while I work at the office.
Since Ginger root is natural I don’t mind replacing my tea and coffee with it. I have stopped drinking coffee, tea, milk, coke, Stopped eating too much red meat and stopped taking alcohol. What I have experienced is that Vertigo is like a ripple caused by a pebble dropped in still water. It dies out gradually and even when taking Ginger, there is still little ripples left, so it may take time to even out eventually. But avoiding the stimulants I have listed above and avoiding rapid head movements like when standing up can help the ripples quiet down faster.

Got up one morning dizzy & vomiting, lasted about 4 days, vomiting stopped but still dizzy.
Will give the ginger a try. Thanks.

Yes do look for other problems, mine was tick bite resulting in Lyme. The Labyrinthis hit me so hard at a lumber store they had to call for an ambulance. The Lyme diagnoses was not made for another three weeks. I spent ten day with 101/103 temp and could hardly walk. This since August 2012 I’m in Post Chronic Lyme Syndrome and headed for a Neurologist. I will try the Ginger!!

I woke up with the room spinning and started vomiting. It was horrible! My husband took me to the emergency room. They said I had labrynthitis. Said there is no real known cause for it, maybe the inner ear or a virus. I was given an IV solution for dehydration and valium along with a strong motion sickness medicine. I was sick for one week, then it was gone. Now a year later, my husband is having dizzy spells and nausea. Not as bad as what I had, but enough to make him uncomfortable.
The same month I had my problem, three of my friends of various ages developed similar symptoms. I seriously believe that this is some sort of virus. I don’t have allergies, my husband does. I woke up with the symptoms, my friend developed hers after getting off an airplane trip. There are too many of us for this to be just an odd inner ear problem. I am going to give my husband the ginger, calcium, magnesium, and ginko. I will have him use a saline nose rinse and sleep propped up on pillows for a few nights. I sure hope one of these things helps him. If it is an infection, has anyone taken antibiotics for it? Thanks for all the advice.

I have been on amoxicillian of 850 mg for about 20 days and every time that I run out I get dizzy again very hard to function the thing with this I was working fine next morning I couldn’t get out of bed you guys are right there is something else going on beside the inner ear effect, the yeast could be out of whack but with all the poison in the air and food I cant imagine how much more our bodies can handle, I will keep you posted if I find anything that will actually do the job.

I have been suffering Vertigo for the last 2 weeks and I was searching for answers on the internet, I found a reference to Ginger and so just now while writing this started using Ginger. All I had in my pantry was powdered ginger so what the heck I took some now the symptoms have reduced and I put it all over my breakfast oats and feel a lot better as a result. I might not be 100% better yet but it’s sure made a difference.

Good day I suffered vertigo for 5yrs..everyday of my life sometimes got dizzy.. I want to try this product how can I get this or buy..thanks

Oh my goodness. I can’t tell you how excited I was to read your post.
I had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago… if I could have a do-over… I wouldn’t have it. I would have just suffered with the pain. About 2 weeks after surgery… the dizzy spells hit. My doctor told me it was not related to surgery but that it was vertigo. At one point he even said to me, “You are a problem.” I have no idea what position I was in during surgery but will be finding out!
After surgery I had an intense migraine as well! It took several hours before I could get anyone to give me the Imitrex that I have taken for years. My doctor gave me a motion sickness patch with horrid side effects. I have stopped taking that and am going to try the ginger route. I am a teacher and struggling just to make it through each day. Some days are better than others. ANY advice would be appreciated.

I had vertigo since 1994 just a mild case once or twice a year. Now it comes with a vengence. I never knew it could be so severe. Until last year, when I took my medicine for Vertigo, in 45 minutes to an hour the dizziness would subside; I would just feel a little sick a few days. My Neurologist put me on Valium for Vertigo since my other medication did not work – plus exercises for Vertigo that my ENT told me to do. Look online for exercise for vertigo. That helped me and also going to a Chiropractor – the head and neck exercise helped me.
Others talk about taking ginger capsules – I have not tried ginger yet. Additionally, I never knew that Vertigo could be frighting, you feel as though you are going to pass out sometimes. I have had MRI’s, CT scans and other tests. I do have an inner ear problem that causes my dizziness and sickness. If I am not dizzy, I am sick and don’t feel well most days. I pray to my Lord and Savior for His amazing Grace and Mercy for doctors can only do so much it seems.

I have had episodes of vertigo for many years, going several years in between each one…. I’ve had every test including MRI and been to ENT, Neurologist, Chiropractor, Vestibular Therapist etc… If I go to the dentist or the salon I have to instruct them not to lay me back in the chairs in a declining position, as this has brought on the vertigo several times. I have been told it is a virus or even a migraine. Last week I had a hysterectomy and found out they had me in the Trendelenberg position, which is a angled downward position laying on your back with your head facing down.
A few days after surgery I started experiencing Vertigo symptoms, made sense after finding out I had been laying in that position. Once again the crystals in my ears are out of place and I’m not sure when this will resolve. I found a Vestibular Therapist in my area who specializes in repositioning and therapy, that is my next move. I pray and ask God for the strength to get through this and ultimately for His divine healing over myself and all those who suffer with this.

I’m suffering from Vertigo for many years that I can’t recall. The problem was bearable earlier but later it got severe. I tried Chinese Acupuncture which is easy to find here in Thailand and got better. I think if you know you are suffering from vertigo then give a try to Chinese Acupuncturist and take Ginger pills.

Hi everyone, I need help with a problem my wife has. She is 39 and had a stroke last september(2011).
She now suffers from viral vertigo and can’t seem to shake it off. She takes Serc but that does not seem to help much. The vertigo is really starting to get her down, she can manage the stroke but not both. Does anyone have any ideas? She is limited in what she can eat due to the Wafferin she is on and anything that effects her INR level we need to avoid.

I just read your comment and I have been experiencing similar symptoms eg. swaying, being off balance and feeling bad in myself I have no energy. It started 3 years ago and after several trips to the doctors he looked at me like I was going mad, once I saw another doctors she said it was vertigo I have 2 MRI scans having exercises for glaze stabilization it helped for a while but it has come back and I have buzzing in my left ear but no one has told me what’s causing it.
Can anyone help?
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: You may want to listen to our show on balance disorders:

Try the vertigo exercises. They helped my husband

I have just recently been diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). I have Osteomyelitis in the second digit toe on both feet. I am currently going through Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO)treatment 5 days a week. I have completed 12 of 30 dives. I am also on IV antibiotics (Ceftriaxone sodium 2000/100)daily for 6 weeks. Is it possible that the HBO treatment is causing the Vertigo? If so is it possible that it will go away once the treatments are completed?

5.7.2012, I recently was diagnosed w/vertigo as well, and appreciate all of the tips and personal stories posted on this website.
After flying w/a sinus infection and having a pinched nerve in my neck, I wasn’t really sure if the vertigo was possibly caused by a combination of the both. After ending up in the emergency at the onset of it, they treated me w/medicine for vertigo and sinus infection. After returning home, I read to take ginkgo balboa each day, ginger, ginger tea with lemon, try acupuncture which I did 4 times and had the chiropractor align me at the same time I saw relief insight. I immediately changed my diet to high protein, low low salt, no caffeine and along with hold/cold packs to neck. I can say after 2 full weeks, my pinched nerve is gone and vertigo subdude to about 98%.
I incorporated a stretching regimen for my neck and over all body which I think made me loosen up over all. I hope the best for everyone. Don’t get to caught up in the sadnesss you find in the websites, but find the strength to carry out the most regimented program for your health that you may have ever done. Stay with it all day long and enjoy the benefits.

How would I take the Ginger? could I take a capsule or would I have ta make a tea? I am so off balance and have vertigo so bad I can not drive anymore and can not walk straight without assistance I walk like I am severely drunk all the time. I have had many CT/PET scans and MRI’s. I had brain surgery over 31 years ago to remove a tumor [benign] on the cerebellum. After 23 years of being “normal” the dizziness and balance problems started getting worse. They can’t tell me why. I have kept a log and my symptoms although ALWAYS present seem worse during ovulation I went to specialist and they think I’m nuts that it has nothing to do with that even though I had proof. I need help if anyone out there has advise please let on I am trying everything just haven’t tried the right combo.

you are just like I was when you lay down and turn to one side and get dizzy.
got a prescription from my doctor for therapy at local hospital who had a vertigo therapist who said if I got dizzy laying down there where she could see my eyes she could fix my problem in 1 to 2 visits. I did get dizzy when I laid down, first she turned my head to the right for about 20 seconds, then center 20 sec. sand then left 20 sec. then had me turn completely on my left side looking down at the floor which made me very dizzy and lasted about 30 sec. till it stopped. then I sat up. repeated this a second time, dizzyness lasted about 15 sec. Sat up and repeated this a third time, dizzyness lasted about 5 sec.(This was the Eply Manuver) Got up and felt great.
Followup instructions were to try to keep my head level for the rest of the day (no looking way up or down)This lasted me almost a year before I had it done again as it was the other ear causing my problem, again very good results.

Do you still have your Vertigo? Do you still recommend the Epley Procedure? Do you do the procedure yourself or have someone help you? It looks like you can do it yourself.

I had a virus attack on 12/26/2011 the day after CHRISTMAS I ended up in the hospital for a week. I was given 6 units of IV water, potassium and steroids during that week. I was out for 2 and half months, I am still suffering from it. I do not take meds now. My doctor gave me permission to go back to work…. not a good suggestion. HELP……..HELP….. ideals….I will try the ginger tea.

I had a vertigo attack about two weeks ago. I woke up with a severe food-poisoning problem, and several tmes the stomach was emptied. I contacted medical experts and was told that I had high blood pressure and high levels of blood sugar. I suffer from vertigo attack when I lie down or when I move my head to see the other side. This is a new development and I would like to know what can be done for vertigo problem.

A friend of mine who lives in California told me that she woke up one morning, recently and the whole room was spinning, it was Vertigo, then the next day my Dad said he went to his doctor because he was dizzy and the room was spinning, the doctor told him it was Vertigo, probably caused by a Virus, so don’t I start having the same symptoms, I kid you not, I have been experiencing- being dizzy, sick in my stomach and my bedroom spinning, So now I’m wondering is this caused by a Virus, My friend who lives in Calif is 3,000 miles away from us, we live in Penna. The doctor said it could linger for weeks or months!!

Hello, I just read your post. Your story is almost the same as mine. How are you doing now? I am getting ready to try a cup of ginger tea to see if it works. What are you doing now to help your issues?

Have always had a bit of dizziness, inner ear, and sinus problems. About 3 years ago, started having ringing, loss of hearing in left ear. 1st trip to ENT, tried steroids but no luck. One year later, got worse, back to ENT and another round of steroids. Said Meneires. Another year later, same story.
Went to a clinic in Memphis. They did a procedure called Demexathone (sp?) Profusion. Slit the ear to inject a steroid mix into inner ear and gave dex IV at same time. Looked a little on-line and results seemed to be 50/50. Turns out I know some others who did it. Helped one in about a week, didn’t help one – made sick with vertigo for a few weeks.
Have also talked to others who know at least one patient it helped. I’m about 1 month out from having had the procedure. So far, I’m not any better. Ringing may even be a little worse now. Right after the procedure I was layed up for a week with vertigo. I am told to expect up to 3 months to help. I am not advocating having it, just letting folks know this is an option that is not advertised by any other ENT I have seen.

I started with the Vertigo problem about 20 yrs ago. Woke up through middle of night spinning and vomiting thinking I was dying. Went to doctor and was put on Vertigo meds and told it should go away in few days to few weeks and just something I had to deal with. It did go away and not another episode for about 4 or 5 yrs. Went to ENT and had the shaking of head back & forth and sitting up and laying back down quickly and spinning. Of course sick as dog vomiting.
Was told to not lie down at all and to sit up in recliner to sleep for THREE nights in a row and on 4th morning it would be gone. IT WAS! Like nothing every happened. Went another 4 or 5 yrs with no problem and once again it came back. Went to another ENT and he did the same Epley Manuever, had me fitted with a medical neck brace, Did not lay down at all and slept with neck brace sitting in recliner for THREE nights and on 4th morning, gone.
Came back once again few weeks ago but nothing like before. Giving it time but if things don’t get better in few days, going to have maneuver done, wear neck brace for three nights sitting up sleeping and I guarantee it will be gone 4th morning. Problem w/ crystals in ear. Not laying down for three days/nights puts everything back in order. Will most likely have another episode eventually but absolutely will have maneuver and sit up three days/nights. Can’t stress this enough!!

I have had dizziness for years. I feel I’m spinning like a washer machine and vomiting. What can I take at the first sign? Anyone please help. I can work and I can seat still.

Hi I started about 5 months ago with dizzy episodes and then it progressed more to what I describe as feeling like I’m on a ship. I went to see a consultant through the NHS who said keep taking the tablets (circ) and it will eventually get better I then paid to see a private ENT consultant who said it was caused by either Anemia which I was being treated for and so not enough blood getting to my ear or an inner ear infection.
I hadn’t had any pain in my ears at all. I am still taking sirc but the main thing which has helped me improve is the exercises as I now have no problems in my ear but my brain is not working properly in relation to my balance so I am re training it. The wii fit was what was recommended I’ve been doing the balance exercises on it for nearly 3 months and it’s made a massive difference!
I still have the symptoms of feeling line I’m on a ship but it’s usually when I’m tired or have been concentrating fir long periods e.g long drives the other thing which has a massive impact on it is stress. I went back last week to see consultant and he’s said I’ll need to keep doing the exercises for a year but in 6 months I should be fully recovered.
I recently read articles and I’ve not tried it yet but acupuncture is said to really help and diet plays a huge part particularly avoiding salt can help. It’s been a really difficult 5 months but I’m coming through it – I’ve also had the MRI scans and was on prochlopazine by my Dr which was horrible – my advice would be see a consultant as your Dr isn’t a specialist and everyone us different. Hope this helps

Amy; you said you were told you had a sinus infection and it could cause your vertigo but you did not believe it. I have vertigo and the two times I was in the emergency room and had MRI’s the only thing they could find was that I had a sinus infection.
I was not aware of any problems with my sinuses, no pain no nasal problems. After trying all the doctors, physical therapy, chiropractors etc. I decided that maybe the sinus was my problem, so I now use a saline nose rinse before bedtime and when I shower at night before going to bed I spray my forehead and eyes for about 5 minutes under hot water. I have not felt this good in the last 2 years I no longer get dizzy and even the light headiness is almost all gone. I also remembered that most of my vertigo problems were in the winter/spring time, which is a bad time for sinus problems.

So glad I found this site. I was told about ginger but not how to use it. I have had Vertigo for years, would of like to know about this years ago. I will try some of the remedies suggested and hope for the best.

I am now 80 years old and had a severe dizziness attack way back in the late 70s. Woke up with room spinning and nausea, I knew it was in my right ear. Went to Ford Hospital for four days; had the ear water test and lots of drugs that kept me doped up. Antivert didn’t help, made me extremely nervous. Felt like I was off balance for many months, only relief I got was from a chiropractor.
As the years have passed, it just comes and goes. However, about a month ago, I woke up with the room spinning! It has been over 40 years and here I am again with the same symptoms. Recently went to a Neurologist; he proceeded to do a maneuver by holding my head and making me lie back real fast and then from side to side while slowly shaking my head back and forth. Several times he did this and gave me similar exercises to do at home I really thought I was going to die! He explained to me that there are little crystals in the inner ear that move out of place and this maneuver helps to get them back in place.
I hate these exercises but I don’t have the room spinning any more; only some lightheadedness off and on. I do think I will try the ginger tea also. I also used a mouth guard or a long time; think that also gave me some relief.

I have occasional bouts of vertigo that last 2 – 5 days. However, they are becoming more frequent. To ease the symptoms I began drinking ginger tea mixed in milk. Although not a cure, for me it eases the symptoms and lessens my nausea. The first time I got vertigo, I sought the services of a physician to be told that in my case it is a virus. I no longer go to a doctor when I have vertigo but when I mention it to the doctor on my annual visits, they dismiss it as though it is nothing. So, I guess I will drink ginger tea and live with it.

What exactly did you drink? Was it pills? Which ones and how many? I need for my mom she has been suffering from vertigo for years.

I have suffered from vertigo for seven years, it knocked me off my feet while at work, began a series of specialist visits ($24,000), the specialist gave up and treated me like it was in my head, family treated me the same way. I returned to work a few hours a day, a filling fell out and my dentist learned of my recent medical journey.
He determined I had lost all muscle and tendon support to my right jaw, suffered bone loss, my jaw bone had recessed into my ear canal putting pressure on my brain stem. I received a great deal of relief from his treatment. He completed muscle massages on the muscles that would spasm even muscles in my jaw, it was very painful, I felt as though his fingers were diggin into my skull. He also made a mouth piece for me to sleep with, over several months my symptoms became livable/manageable but never gone.
I have recently began sipping ginger tea, I have had great success with the ginger tea. I live with this daily, I suffer different levels of vertigo daily. I will continue using the tea, I also plan to try Chrsanthemum tea.

I’ve also experienced vertigo. I never had had before so it was very frightening at first. It would start with a sweaty, clammy, and palms sweating then it would start lasting for a day or two. I also took Phenegran and Meclazine which I could get OTC. I can’t get it now without a prescription.
When I felt the attack coming on, I would drive home immediately or get a bucket with water next to the bed, towels, and cover my eyes and curl in a fetal position. Opening my eyes would intensify the condition. My doctor sent me to an ENT. After all sorts of tests with water in my ears, ex-rays, he discovered I had holes (fistulas) in my inner ears (both) caused by the pressure in the plane.
On my job with the government, I had to travel by plane. On one of our assignments, the “new” pilot decided to fly up and down. This caused a lot of the passengers ears to pop and hurt. I had had a sinus problem before and during the flight. The ENT did surgery on both my ears to repair the pin-size holes in my ears. Resulting now, I have constant ringing of both my ears, loss of 60% on the left and 40% on the right but no more dizziness.
I always carry with me motion sickness medication in the event dizziness starts. Vertigo is a horrible experience and some of us never know when another attack might happen. Unfortunately, the person in charge of workmans comp never filed a claim so I was not compensated for my injuries and permanent damage to my ears. But the dizziness is gone.

Hi LW I have found the key to dealing with vertigo. Vertigo is a Magnesium
deficiency. I have been trying to tell my daughter this for a couple of years,but she would always say that she would have to go to the V.A. Hospital and let them prescribe something. I told her no no no.! She got such a bad attack a few days ago that she called me and asked what the remedy was.
I told her to take one part calcium and four parts magnesium.The calcium deals with all the little pieces of debris in the ears. It will also direct the magnesium to the correct place in the body. She called me the next morning after taking the cal/mag tablets and she was completely free of vertigo. She is happy as a lark!! I asked her if she still intended to go to the V.A. Hospital and she told me no no no.!
Good luck LW.

I have positional vertigo off and on for 2 years and have had every test possible and exam by top ear/eyes/throat specialist. I’ve had vertigo therapy, balance therapy.
The vertigo therapist helped me with the Eply Maneuver if I got dizzy when I laid on my back and she could see my eyes, and I have done this myself and it worked when I got dizzy laying down on my back. But I still get dizzy very briefly getting out of bed at night and feeling lightheadiness during the day and have difficulty walking trying to keep my balance. I was told by my daughters mother in law that her sister in Germany had vertigo and uses 1/4 teaspoonful of Cream of Tartar 3 times a day (mix with juice/water ect,) and it “works” I have tried it and in about a week I felt “great”.
I used it for about 3 weeks and stopped and gradually my vertigo came back. So I am now back on Cream of tartar and am starting to feel better again. I would like to know if any one else has heard of this treatment and are there any drawbacks about taking this much Cream of Tartar daily.

You would not believe how much insight you gave me to my real problem. I have been dealing with this problem since May 2010 and right now I am replying to this laying flat in bed using my laptop. I was even afraid to talk to my doctor about more than the vertigo for the fear he would think I was crazy.
The fear of going to bed causes me so much anxiety for fear of another attack. One night I don’t even remember the walk from my kitchen into my living room and my husband found me passed out on the living room sofa with a bottle of water still in my hand! Thank you for the information that could help me put the pieces all together to have a intelligent conversation with my doctor!

I’ve had vertigo for about the past 4 years – one time so violent I couldn’t stand up by myself and my husband had to hold me steady when I used the bathroom. A friend recommended Claritan D – which has worked wonderfully, except there are always side effects. If I used the 24 hour tablets I would have ringing in my ears and 12 hour tablets worked pretty well, but occasionally walked like I was drunk.
Last week a Chinese friend was mentioning Ginger for sea-sickness and I asked if she knew if it worked for vertigo and she said yes. Well that night I stopped and bought ginger and made a tea – probably too strong the first day but it really helped. My sister then told me she knew there was a green tea w/ginger and touch of pear TAZO brand to be exact.
Well I’ve been using it for a week now and am really happy not to be taking pharmaceuticals. I shave about a teaspoon of the raw ginger into my cup with the tea and some honey to sweeten it 2 times a day. I can’t say the vertigo is completely gone, but the symptoms are far lesser than they were.

Find a good Cranio-Sacral therapist to balance your structure. I have seen it work miracles.

It’s all connected. It’s cool that you discovered that connection.

Vertigo is an inner ear problem. It can definitely have an affect on hearing.

I’m glad I found this site… it both comforts and scares me I confess. I am comforted by the knowledge that I am not alone in this and that it can devastate your life, but scared because I see that I may only be at the beginning of a long ordeal. I have had vertigo episodes on and off for years, they have gotten worse over the past six months until this month when they are pretty much a constant.
I’ve been to doctors and ran through the tests but am getting nowhere. Right now I find that I may be forced into taking a medical leave from work because I am unable to perform my duties fully. I have yet another appointment this week and will probably get even more drug switching and such to try and factor out some potential drug interactions that may be causing it.

I have had vertigo for over 18 months now. Just woke up one morning with the room spinning and it has not stopped. I also have bad headaches mostly in the back of my head. Some days are better than others and I too have tried many things including chiropractor, ENT who says I do not have an infection or BPPV, and acupuncture with herbs which have helped some. I too have blurred vision in the left eye. Chinese medicine says this is connected to the liver and that the eye is the window to the liver. The acupuncture has made it possible for me to continue to function but it has not stopped the vertigo. Just tried ginger today and it helped some. Thanks for all the comments.

I have been suffering from vertigo/swaying/rocking motion/and chronic severe dizziness for 3 years now. I have tried everything, nothing works. I am going through testing for the second time; for second opinion. ENT thinks it is Menieres. I feeling horrible can barely function. I have to work, or else I would be on the streets. It feels horrible when I try to sleep, cause it feels like I am swaying, almost a sinking feeling; my body feels like it is shaking instead; Ambien does not even help with sleep.
I even get blurry vision, when I feel like this is almost 24/7; sometimes worse than others. I also noticed when the weather changes, cold and rain with high humidity, I feel worse. I even get wheezing with it at night when when I get like this, feel like I am going to pass out, and vomit many times. Plus heart feels like it is speeding up.
Help; I have also been to emergency room; had MRI and Scan and nothing. Probably chronic inner ear issue. Just seems many people have this. Sometimes hard to read and concentrate.

For the person whose mother is 67 and has a deaf ear, I’ll offer my opinion. It’s my understanding that the balance is from the 3 semi-circular canals inside our ears. Balance has nothing to do with whether or not you can hear. If it were, then all deaf people, and all elderly people who are going deaf, would also have balance problems. After reading the articles on the internet regarding Ginger, and my brother telling me that it works for him, I think I’ll give it a try. Some of the internet articles say its better than the over the counter medicines, and without the bad side effects.

I have had vertigo for almost 3 years…. tried everything possible… nothing works. Been to so many doctors and thru tests after tests and all medicines (plus herbs) you can think of. If there is anything definite that works I would love to know…. this does get to you after awhile when no relief is in sight!! I am desperate for help. This takes over your life and almost makes me housebound…. this is 24/7…. never lets up!!!

Hello, everyone, I too, have extreme vertigo, I also have fibromyalgia, I was in an accident a few years ago and took quite a fall and at a young age. I am now 48 and feel that my alignment is off, and I feel it has to do with circulation. I am now getting panic anxiety attacks associated with the vertigo. I have tried ginger with temporary success, and something that works for panic attacks is Holy Basil.
You can take 6 or more capsules when an attack happens, and it will relieve it within a little while. I had stopped them for awhile and noticed they come on more frequently. That suggestion about the jaw is interesting, it would be great if that would work. It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one out there with this frightening disorder.
I, too have been to the emergency room, getting CAT scan, etc. The drugs (meclazine) in my case, I was told is another antihistamine like benadryl. It did not help, it actually increased the dizziness. I was recommended on a Yahoo ask page to ask Dr. to prescribe Scolopmine, but its a heavy duty drug, and I don’t like to use Pharmaceuticals if at all necessary.
I also have my faith, and now I will be praying for all of you , too. It’s incredible that so many of us suffer with this. Blessings and well wishes to all of you. Jenn

Hello, I’ve suffered from long term dizziness now for 5 months after a bad case of bppv. I have had all the tests and tried different medications and nothing seems to help. I’m just looking for some relief and some sort of quality of life to return. The only thing I’ve noticed that has helped a little is wearing earplugs (the expanding type). It seems to cut the lightheaded feeling in half. This is only a temporary fix and I am trying to find something permanent.

I have had vertigo for about 7 months now and I’ve taken the antivert and done the exercises but it has not helped. I was watching Dr. Oz one day and he said that ginkgo biloba has been shown to help vertigo symptoms. There has to be something that will help us, I am just not sure it will be something conventional. I was wondering if maybe a alternative doctor may help.
I am going to try the ginkgo biloba and see what happens. Thanks for the info on the ginger that may help too.

I’ve had migraine vertigo for 8 months now… nothing has worked. I’m really interested in this ginger thing thank you ill buy some tomm. and let you all know. Yes this is the worst and a lot of medical people do not even listen or act like they care… its just the worst.

Sorry…. I have had this problem for 2 years non stop… no answers to it for me… I am just trying to take one day at a time and learning to live with it!! If there is a miracle around for this problem I would love to know. I pray daily about this inner ear (vertigo) problem but it still exists in my life all the time!

I woke up spinning columbus day just past. I was so out of control I thought I had died until my son ran to my rescue. I was taken to the emergency room and diagnosed with NDV. I was off balance and out of wack for three weeks. It has been the worse experience of my life. I have trouble sleeping often feeling the symptoms coming on. I become paniced however I have learned to breathe pray and shift positions to relieve the onset. This only has happened to me when I am asleep. has anyone found and remedies besides modern medicine and ginger that has been helpful?
peace and blessing.

This has been a great site. I am much better informed now and look forward to discussing these items with
my doctor

So far I have not noticed the Ginger helping my Vertigo after being on it for 5 days……… long was it before any of you noticed a difference?

I am happy I found this site. some interesting subjects on Vertigo which I had been suffering with for two years… I have taken every medicine for vertigo… plus xray after xrays, gone to one specialist after another… all confirm Vertigo, but no one seems to be able to help me with it!
I noticed on Dr Oz this am that ginger helps this problem, so I rushed out and got a bottle to see if it will help me… will keep you updated on it, plus if any of you find something that will help, please let me know. More people are suffering with this that I ever realized!

If you suffer from periodic episodes of vertigo you may have Ménière’s disease (mn-yârz), a pathological condition of the inner ear characterized by dizziness, ringing in the ears, and progressive loss of hearing. Also called Ménière’s syndrome.
Read more about the symptoms and treatments:

I have had some vertigo and balance problems off and on since I was a toddler, but a few years ago I had a sudden violent problem with vertigo that kept me out of work for a week and impaired my ability to do anything for several months. I got a bite guard from my dentist for other problems. I put it in and by the time I was back at work, the vertigo was gone. My dentist said he had seen that happen several times, though doctors never said anything about jaw or neck problems causing the vertigo. Now when I feel any vertigo (usually under stress), I just move my jaw a bit down and forward; just that little movement will stop my vertigo when it starts.

My mom has suffered from vertigo for 16 months. She is 81 yrs old. She is okay for about 75% of the day. If she turns her head fast or looks up fast she gets very dizzy and must either sit down or hold on to something. She no longer wants to go anywhere for fear of falling. She uses a cane when she goes for the mail. She has been to ear specialist and had MRIs, but still has had no permanent relief.
Medication knocks her out completely. The ENT gave her some exercises to do, but they only work if she is laying down. WE have not tried the ginger, but will try it. When this first came on OCT. 23 ’07. I thought it was a stroke because she was flopping all over the place and drooling, but the doctors said it was vertigo. Her blood pressure was all over the place too. WE have seen several doctors since, but they all say it is vertigo.

Go to a Balance Specialist!! I had severe vertigo and was off-balance, it started in late 2005 and was progressively worse. I Went to an ENT, he gave me hearing test. Said ears were fine. Hearing test caused a severe headache. Primary Physician ordered CAT, showed “low density mass in left cerebellar hemisphere”. Had MRI, said the same. Local reputable Neurosurgeon said I had a brain tumor that needed to be removed, cancer etc. Asked when I wanted surgery done in our local hospital, that did not have an NICU. Had a friend that was a nurse.
Suggested 2nd opinion. I went to an Orlando Nuerosurgeon associated with Florida Hospital for 2nd opinion. He was shocked! He said I did not have a tumor, that’s not what MRI/CT showed. Report was wrong to diagnose a mass. He thought I might have had a stroke affecting balance. Ordered MRA, then was going to do a biopsy of spot! Going through skull to bottom of brain. In hospital, he did another MRI, said to go home, didn’t have tumor. Went to neuorologist in Orlando, said I might have had a stroke, hopefully brain wold recover.
Vertigo/Balance was getting worse. Went to another local neurologist, who wanted to biopsy it! Luckily my friend heard of the Florida Ear and Balance Center in Celebration, FL. Went to Dr. Atkins, a Neurotologist, who said I did not have a tumor or a stroke (I had no other stroke symptoms). He did a VAT and and ENG/VNG test (of my inner ear).
Said my inner ear was hyper-stimulated. Medicine would stop and eventually cure it! Gave me Phenergan (spelling?) vertigo stopped! Had to change medicine 2 more times, eventually using Klonopin. I still take 1/2 table 2 times a day, and no vertigo/balance problems. Sometimes I get a fleeting feeling of off-balance. Doctor says it could take years to be able to stop medicine. I hope this helps. It took me 9 doctors to get relief! Good Luck!

It’s important to remember that vertigo is a symptom, not a disease in itself. There are many things that can cause it. A virus, allergies or sinus infections that clog up the ear canals, brain tumors, MS, neck or head injuries and… yes, migraines.
They now know that you can have migraines without having the usual symptoms – without even having headaches. I know it sounds weird, but I’ve looked into it and it’s true.
I’ve had vertigo all my life with the symptoms ebbing and flowing from severe to mild. But it’s always been there. Mine is caused by a birth defect in my inner ear complicated by the lingering effects of a childhood case of chicken pox.
They know a lot about vertigo now.
Check out the website for VEDA, The Vestibular Association of America for reliable information.
And go to a REAL expert. Most doctors don’t know the details, so they are likely to give you a diagnosis that fits something they already know about. And, again, there are many causes so it can be hard to get to the core of it.
I go to The House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles – they have a website too – and they are incredible. VEDA can link you up to other reliable places too.
The usual “seasickness” foods can help relieve some of the symptoms some of the time but not all of the symptoms all of the time. Knowing the real cause is the first step toward knowing what will help.
Good Luck to you all. It’s not easy!

Re: ginger and lemon tea…..this is so simple to make…slice ginger(fresh, 1/4 inch of root) add a wedge of lemon, to a large mug of boiling water. The second cup is sometimes stronger. Very good.

I am 33 years old and I have been suffering from severe Vertigo for the past 6 months. I went to the doctor and they told me that I have Migraine.
I did not beleive them because I had never suffered with a headache like this until now; they said that’s got to be it and I still did not beleive them because my sister and my brother have had a Migraine since they were 6 years old. It comes from my father since he has had it from when he was a young child so I was trying to tell them is that I know what a Migraine is.
At the same time I was suffering from a muscle pain in my left shoulder and neck, and I suggested to my doctor that I go and see a Physical Therapist, she said fine if that is what you want to try. When I started a Physical therapy they were asking me if there was something else wrong with me besides the shoulder pain [I had no idea that Physical Therapy treated Dizziness or Vertigo]so I told them yes I feel very dizzy and nausea. They said that they can help me with that,I did the therapy 2 to 3 times and I got better, after a month it came back so I went back.
I am still in Physical Therapy to get rid off my Vertigo it helps me a bit and I also tried a Chiropractor it helped also. I was told to see an ENT Doctor and he did all test such as MRI and blood test. The diagnoses showed that I only have a sinus infection and that may be the cause of it, but I don’t beleive that.
During all this time I started hating coffe and liking tea which I never had liked before, so I started craving for Ginger for some reason and lemon tea it does make me feel better I found a Ginger Lemon tea together at a place near by, I ran out of it and went back to the store they were out I am still waiting for the Ginger Lemon tea to arrive. I have tried the other tea’s and they don’t help as much. I hope this is some information that could help. ANYONE OUT THERE HAS ANY INFORMATION THAT COULD HELP ME I WOULD APPRICIATE IT.

What a great site. My mother is 67 years old. She’s had vertigo problems for the past 6 months. She has undergone all kinds of tests including an MRI and brain scan, which were all normal. Her blood pressure and blood sugar are also normal. The problem is she cannot hear with her right ear. She’s had this problem for 35 years. The doctors feel that vertigo is due to her ear problem.
My question is — is there a solution for a person whose ear is totally dead? And will ginger help to get rid of vertigo?

You might consider making fresh finger tea. (Capsule form is usually very strong and needs to be followed by at least 1 glass of water–or more). It is easy to make. Slice or shred about 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger, place it in boiling water… about 2 cups. Steep as you would tea. (Adjust to taste after first making it.) It is great for stomach aches, and might be just what you will grow to enjoy.
Additionally, there is a ginger “candy” that can be purchased at most Asian stores… it is a bit “hot”.

My son wants to be a pilot; however, he experiences motion sickness every time he lands or the plane suddenly changes altitude. His teacher reccomended ginger pills, since this is not a medication, and it would not be prohibited by FAA. On the first try he took 1,000 milligrams 1 hour before the flight and he did not get sick when practicing numerous landings. He is optimistic, but I still am not sure whether he should continue with his major in college. Would he always have to take ginger? Are you aware of other nonmedication remedies for motion sickness? Have you heard of any pilots who conquered motion sickness? Any long-term side effects of taking ginger?

I suffered from severe vertigo for several years. I surmised that it was in connection with medications I was taking since tests such as MRI’s showed nothing. After doing research on the internet, I found a site that discussed something called Benign Positional Vertigo. There were a series of visual exercises recommended which definitely helped to minimize the vertigo. However, as I have weened myself off the meds the problem has gradually faded. If the vertigo resurfaces during times of anxiety, I just do a few exercises and it seems to put everything back in sync.

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