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Gin-Soaked Raisins for Fibromyalgia…Really?

Gin-Soaked Raisins for Fibromyalgia…Really?
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Q. I have used golden raisins soaked in gin as recommended to me by a nurse who had Fibromyalgia as I have. I have used a teaspoon a day for over 15 years and I have gone from major muscle pain to no longer feeling my body unless I get hugly stressed and have a flare up. But I recover in a day.

I am a support/contact person for The CFIDS [chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome] Association of America based in North Carolina and I am in Oregon. I have recommended this remedy for FM [fibromyalgia], Arthritis and a lady with a serious back condition that required her to sleep in a recliner not a bed. After 3 days on the raisins, she slept in her bed and slept 8 hours, not getting up to take any pain meds. This is a safe alternative to addictive pain meds and it WORKS.

The American Arthritis Association recognizes how the raisins and gin cut pain and inflammation as I called the Portland office. They were reluctant to give “medical advice” so I just said a lady called and wanted to know if she could substitute vodka as she thought she was allergic to gin and the woman at the Arthritis Association quickly responded “Oh NO, it has to be gin!” There you have it. An “admission” that gin and raisins really work.

And after they start working, you can go for DAYS without taking them as they do NOT work like an aspirin where you need to take them every 4 hours or you hurt again. Once they are in your system, they work, you can go away for a week and not bring them with you, just restart when back home.

I know all this because I and my 91 year old mother have taken these for 15+ years. She takes them for arthritis and now so do I as I have that, too, but the raisins keep right on working. If you have doubts, ask ANY liquor store about the people who come in to buy the gin for this exact reason. This is NOT a scam or trick. Does Paul Harvey lie (since deceased)? No, he doesn’t. You can also check this out on www.snopes.com. They call it “undetermined” as scientifically they can not, beyond a doubt prove it, but they also say it is the juniper berries.

Many people deserve to be helped by this remedy that works!

A. Wow… that is quite a testimonial. We have been writing about the gin-raisin remedy in our newspaper column for nearly 20 years. Although some people tell it is worthless, others are as enthusiastic as you are.

For those who do get benefit, we’re not sure it is advisable to let a week go by without the raisins. Some folks tell us that after a day or two the pain starts to return.

Anyone who is not familiar with the recipe, we have prepared a Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis with lots of details about gin-soaked raisins plus FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Share your own gin-raisin story below. Did it work? Was it worthless? Did you like or hate the taste? Let us know your experience so others can benefit.

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