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Gin Soaked Raisins for Arthritis

Many people find that eating nine gin soaked raisins a day helps ease the aches and pains of arthritic joints. Why? We don't know.

We have received more mail about this “raisin remedy” than any other home remedy we have written about. Many people are incredulous that eating nine gin soaked raisins daily could do anything for persistent pain, but others have tried it and swear that it helps to relieve arthritis pain and other chronic inflammation such as bursitis, plantar fasciitis or tendinitis.

We don’t know how it got started or why it works, but many readers would like to know how to make gin soaked raisins for their use at home. There are a few situations in which this remedy would not be appropriate: having gin (even gin soaked raisins) in the home would be a problem for a person with alcohol dependency. Also, people with sulfite allergies must avoid golden raisins, as they always have sulfites in them.

How to Make Gin Soaked Raisins:

  • Ingredients: golden raisins and gin.
  • Empty the raisins into a bowl and pour in just enough gin to cover the raisins. Allow the gin to evaporate (about one week) and then place the moist raisins in a jar with a lid.
  • Eat nine raisins a day. They go well on cereal!

Some Questions about Gin Soaked Raisins:

There are some questions that people frequently ask.

For example, does it matter what gin is used to soak the raisins? The answer is yes. The cheapest gin does not appear to work very well. The gin should be one that is flavored with actual juniper berries (the quintessential flavoring for gin). Other botanicals may also be used, but the juniper berries appear to be important. Usually the label will give you this information, but if you are unsure, someone staffing the liquor store may be able to help.

Should the raisins be stored in the refrigerator after soaking? If someone is consuming them on a regular basis, they need not be refrigerated. Raisins generally do pretty well unrefrigerated in the cupboard; adding alcohol, which is sometimes used as a preservative for other foodstuffs, does not seem to make them more susceptible to mold or other problems.

People also wonder whether the raisins must be golden, or whether dark raisins also work. Some readers have reported using dark raisins to good effect. Usually, though, the remedy as people have learned it specifies golden (or “white”) raisins. Unless the sulfites used to preserve the raisins’ beautiful light color is a critical component of the remedy (which is possible), we can’t imagine why it would matter. Unfortunately, there have been no studies to compare the two, so we have no data for answering this question.

A number of people have inquired about the amount of alcohol in this remedy. We had it analyzed, and found that in nine raisins (the daily dose) there is one drop of alcohol. For most people, that would not pose a problem.

We answer this and other frequently asked questions about the gin soaked raisin remedy in our Guide to Alternative Treatments for Arthritis. You can also learn more by searching this website for “raisins.”

What Readers Say about Gin Soaked Raisins:

Here are some reader experiences with gin soaked raisins.

“I suffered from hip pain for almost 6 years. The pain was worse when standing, not so bad when walking/moving around. During this time, I went to two different chiropractors, had three different injections with three different doctors (pain doctors and sports medicine), went through some acupuncture sessions with two different acupunturists.

“My regular doctor commented about two of his patients who had pain relief from the raisin/gin treatment, so I tried it. A few days after I started the treatment I was standing in line to pickup some prescriptions at Wal-Mart and suddenly realized I had not pain when standing. I’ve been pain free for a little over a year now.”

“My sister e-mailed me about your site & about the gin soaked raisins. After trying it I’ve been pain free in my fingers for the first time in three years.”

“I read several articles for the gin soaked raisins and decided, even though I am a breast cancer survivor, that they were worth a try. The arthritis in my back was so severe that I could hardly turn over in bed or even get out of bed in the a.m. The pain was so bad that I thought my cancer had returned and was in my back, but tests showed it was arthritis.

“After the first several days I actually got out of bed and noticed that I didn’t have to walk to the bathroom all bent over. I could stand straight and had no back pain. I don’t always take them on a daily basis – just when I remember – and the pain still has not returned even after several months.

“I finally convinced my husband to try it for his arthritis. He noticed relief after only a few days and also had more energy. I don’t know if that goes along with it, but he did mention the extra energy. He’s on heart medication so we were concerned about the amount of alcohol but were convinced there wasn’t much alcohol left in the raisins after we drained the remainder of the gin off. Make sure you purchase a gin that specifically states that they make it with juniper berries and use only the golden raisins. Don’t leave the raisins set in the gin or you are getting more alcohol in your system. They need to be drained.”

“I first heard about the gin and raisins a couple of years ago on The Peoples Pharmacy. Later, as I developed pain and swelling in my hands after hard use, which is now constant, I tried the golden raisins and the best gin. I ate nine every day for three months and did not find relief of pain. While I enjoyed the tender and tasty raisins, the remedy did not work for me.”

It is worth noting that gin soaked raisins are not a panacea that work for everyone with joint pain (and should NEVER be given to pets). So far as we know, however, even anti-inflammatory medications do not work equally well for all arthritis sufferers. We think that this remedy is worth a try. If it doesn’t help within three months, a person is well justified in discontinuing it and seeking another approach.

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My son and daughter urged me to try this remedy for severe arthritis, I did and I could tell that it helped tremendously. Thanks for this. Still have to get a shot every months but your remedy gets me through!

My arthritis is very painful on different parts of my body. I read about 9 golden raising plus gin remedy about a year ago and I did it for about a week or two and found a little bit of relieve but not that much. However since it was more a bother than anything by preparing them and eating exactly nine of the raisings soon I stopped doing it. Nevertheless, for my daughter’s 15 birthday I prepared something called ‘aliñado’ which is nothing more than a customary drink for celebration in Cuba when a baby is born and also taken if the child is a girl and at the time when she reaches 15 years old. I made the aliñado with a lot of brown raisins and dried prunes plus aguardiente from sugar cane and syrup to taste. Since I liked this drink so much I started taking it even before my daughter reached her 15th and also afterwards because some people said that it tasted like prune juice with alcohol and that it was too strong.

Well lucky me since I got plenty left over and kept on drinking it every night (a little less than half a cup with raisings, prunes and aguardiente plus the syrup together where there must be around 30 raisings or even more). Since I have been feeling with less pain I have been skipping some of my pain medication and I am feeling better. This morning I realized that maybe the combination of raisings with the alcohol is doing the trick even when it is not exactly as the original recipe states which means that we should experiment to see what works better for us. I am not just taking the raisings damped in alcohol, I am drinking the alcohol as well and the raisin quantity is also much larger and of a different color and also a different kind of alcohol.

Tried it — didn’t work for me. Enjoyed the gin, though. Now I’ve been diagnosed with fatty liver and IBS, so no gin and no raisins.

OK, so I am hip to all the gin-soaked raisin info except ONE THING, and I’ve mentioned this in the past: WHY IN THE WORLD IS IT 9 RAISINS?? I mean, I am embarrassed telling people they should eat only 9 raisins. They always ask, “Why nine?” and I cannot tell them. As for me, the raisins are so darn luscious that I eat about 15! Is 9 really the “magic number,” or are you guys just being conservative for those folks who quake in their boots at the thought of consuming more than one whole drop of alcohol?

Due to using a cane for an extended length of time, my left shoulder was starting to bother me a lot. Decided to give raisins/gin a try. Didn’t pay attention until I was away from home without the raisins/gin for 5 days. Pain began but once home and back on raisins/gin the pain was gone at end of first day. I couldn’t believe it so paid attention for several days and I won’t be without the raisins. They really do work. Also, regular raisins at bedtime seem to cut down trips to the bathroom during the night.

Thank the Lord for the food he has given us. Much better than medication. Water, salmon, cinnamon, and vegetables for blood sugar and beet juice for blood pressure.

Golden raisins at Trader Joe’s are same price as ordinary raisins and a lot less expensive than most places,

I did not make my own raisins soaked in gin but purchased them ready to eat from a company that already had them soaking for quite a while. They did not work, unfortunately. My sister-in-law had great success with soaking her own and benefitted greatly. She bought some of the readied raisins when I did and said they did not give the same results. So definitely try the homemade version before deciding they do not work for you.

I tried the gin & raisin and did not work for me, I am doing tai-chi twice a week and other movements, feel great.

This may be a silly question, but why couldn’t you just drink straight gin for the same effect ? There’s such a small amount in the raisins, and I don’t really care for them anyway. I’d rather put a little splash of gin in my morning Chai Tea.

I plan to use a 8 oz. jar, 2 to 1 ratio of raisins and gin work?

Instead of gin-soaked sulfite-treated golden raisins, has anyone tried just buying juniper berries, grinding them in a coffee grinder, and sprinkling them on food 2 or 3 times a day?
The ground juniper should be kept in the refrigerator.

Perhaps the useful ingredient in gin-soaked raisins is juniper. The gin said to work for gin-soaked raisins contains juniper. I found the ingredients of each brand of gin online, and Seagram’s dry gin is one that has juniper. Cheaper gin has few botanicals. Real gin does have plants in it.

We don’t recommend taking plain juniper berries because they can be hard on the kidneys. Getting the dose right might be tricky. Of course, for some people there is NO right dose of gin, either.

I did a quick check on the internet and several vendors can provide unsulfured raisins.

This so-called remedy didn’t work for me. Interesting that so many others seem to have found benefit from it, though I can’t help but suspect that placebo effect and wishful thinking may be at play.

Who cares if it is placebo if pain is reduced or eliminated?

I have been taking golden brown raisins for 3 months now and I am finally starting to find a difference in my knees and hip. I have arthritis in doth places and I am finally getting some sleep without pain. I had MRI done on my knees and hip and they say they are not bad enough to replace and told me I am too young. I am 64 years old. How old do you have to be to be out of pain. When I heard about this crazy remedy I figured what do I half to lose. I am back walking without pain.

For years I suffered with extreme pain in my hips and legs from MS. I stumbled upon the raisin remedy one night about 8 years ago and they have totally changed my life. I made the raisins the next day and was so desperate that I couldn’t wait a week to try them. I began to eat them after about 6 hours. At first I ate a spoonful twice a day and within just a few days I was pain free for the first time in many, many years.

I make 1/2 gallon ball jars full & keep them for months because they taste so much better after sitting for a while. Also because I don’t ever want to run out! I always use Seagrams Distilled Gin and regular boxed Golden Raisins that I buy at Walmart. I don’t always like the way they taste but who cares if they take the pain away! It is just a spoonful! Just put them in your mouth and swallow. Chase with something you like.

Almost all pain is caused by inflamation which the raisins seem to control. I have friends who have tried them for all kinds of pain. Knee. Shoulder. Neck. The raisins have helped most of them. I think the real key is eating them consistently every day. Not just when you think about it.

Way back my knee went bad, the bone on bone thing, and I did use the raisin therapy and it did feel better, but I still had the ‘life returning’ surgery and I am super pleased. It felt better, but not better enough.

But now, thanks to my enthusiastic yoga my arms are getting horrid. I had to quit the yoga as I couldn’t even get out of bed in the mornings. (Just try to get out of bed with horrid painful arms) So far no wet bed! I still do pool aerobics and have either none, or a barely noticeable pain from that.

The doctor just laughed and said ‘go back to yoga –all the exercise you can get is good.’ No way can I go back to Yoga. I stick to the pool aerobics-modified- only. The pain is not as acute, but it is still there. I can barely put my dishes in the cupboard. Sometimes I can not. I need to help lift my arm with my other arm. Often just lifting the coffee cup is painful.

After a painful 8 or 9 months I suddenly remembered the gin/raisin thing. Why not try it again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though for the life of me I do not know how it could work.

Six days I have been on it. I can now lift my arms at any time straight up in the air. One kind of pain-grabs about half way up once in a while, but the other arm is almost normal. I can now pump my arms half way up and down, up and down, with NO pain. (Well, maybe twinges, but not debilitating).

There is absolutely no reason gin/raisins should work. And if it is, is it just covering? Whatever, I am continuing. It might be psychological? I don’t know that I care if it is, if it works. Today is my 6th morning of raisins. Everything is so much better. What will happen next week at this time?

Waiting to find out. Betty in Wisconsin

Betty from Wisconsin. I truly enjoyed your post! I am definitely trying the Gin/Raisin remedy! Thank you for your info!

Is there enough alcohol in the 9 raisons soaked in gin to register on a breathalizer tester?

Some use rum and some use gin. Everyone that I have talked with in my part of the country use rum. Does one work better than the other?

One winter morning I woke up, my whole body was stiff. Later, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with arthritis. 6 Months went by where I could barely move. I cried and cried. Then I started with the gin and raisin. For 4 months now I have been on it and feel better. I am able to move better. I have tried 3 different types of gin. They all worked well for me.

I have read that for some you can feel the difference right away. My husband (doubting Thomas) and I started yesterday. Several hours after taking it I’m going h’mmmmmm. Today I can definitely say the arthritis in my knee is better. I have a bit of gout in my toe and am hoping it will work for that also. Gonna come back with an update in a few weeks.

You will never taste the liquor. Its absorbed in the raisins. I believe you must use gin. I do not drink any alcohol because I hate the taste. If that is your reason don’t worry, you will not taste it. Good luck.

So I have been doing this for a while ( several years)
Works great I use sloe gin taste better.
But my question is: is it still good if you put sloe gin in and hot damn cinnamon schnapps?
I added the hot damn cinnamon schnapps by mistake thinking it was sloe gin till I saw the bottle after putting it in there…
So now it is a mixture of golden grapes and sloe gin and hot damn cinnamon schnapps!…???
Is it still ok to use and will it have the same effect?
Thanks in advance for answers.

I doubt very much if your symptoms are related. I have been taking the raisins for about a year for osteoarthritis in my finger joints and they are very effective. I also am a heart patient and have not had any side effects heartwise and this is with 2 visits per yr to my cardiologist, which would be detected by him and me. Glad you are getting pain relief in your knee ;-) Do what you think is best.

I have used gin soaked raisins(9), after four days I felt that my blood pressure is increased and sleeplessness in the night. However, there is enough relief in my knee pain. Kindly inform me whether this was the consequence of Gin soaked raisins? Raksha G.
People’s Pharmacy response: We have not heard of these side effects of gin-soaked raisins before. If it doesn’t improve, however, it may be the way you react.

You’re right about the sulphur. I just returned from my doc who had read about the Golden raisin/gin in two separate medical publications, each explaining that the sulphur is what turns them golden and is reactivated when exposed to the gin because of the properties in juniper berries. He is quite the scientific type and researched it well. My pain is left side only, quite severe and due to a spinal injury, not arthritis but I’m going to give this a try. Sulphur has been reported as helpful for centuries (Sulpher baths, natural springs, etc.) so I’m hoping I’ll have great results.

Very funny. Golden raisin are green grapes!!!!!
Sulpher doesn’t turn black grapes to gold or green. Doctors say the most peculiar things. And to think, we trust our health to them.


The Golden Raisin/Gin treatments works for my finger joints only. My thumb is still inflamed and painful as are my hips and feet. About as much relief as taking 2 full strength aspirins. Another reader asked if there is any difference in brands of Gin. I have tried 3 brands with no change. Also, to note; I was out of Gin for about a week and just had the raisins every morning and the pain came back. Then I tried just the Gin with no relief, but went back to the combo and again felt relief in my finger joints.
Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the update. I have been keeping the raisins covered in a small cream cheese container.

Cover your gin/raisin mix with a plain old paper towel. Worked for me.

You should not cover the raisin and gin concoction – they need air, so use something like a paper towel. It took me about 10 days for the gin to be absorbed except for a few drops, and the instructions I followed said to NOT refrigerate during OR after – just leave them in a covered jar on the counter (or hide them if you have nosy anti-liquor neighbors).

Margo, I just found this blog site and have finally reached your comment about the raisin/gin and use for fibro. I have fibro as well as severe osteoarthritis. Of course, I’m 81 years old, so I’m sure that contribute some. I started the stuff less than a week ago and already notice I’m having less arthritis pain, but since I’m on Lyrica I’m not sure about this helping fibro. but Anyway, your message is quite old, but I really want to know if they did help your fibro. Will you comment and let me know? My curiosity (and hope) are driving me nuts! I’d so love to toss one more expensive medication! Many thanks.

I’m sure by now you’ve had a gazillion replies to your hating the taste of liquor. The raisins have no alcoholic taste whatsoever, so give it a try.

The amount of gin in the soaked raisins is very negligible. Most of the alcohol evaporates. It is covered to keep the bugs out – a paper towel works fine. If you have a problem with alcohol, I recommend you discuss this with your doctor – I believe tests showed the amount of alcohol left in a raisin after being soaked for seven to ten days so most was absorbed, was something like less than one drop. I’m sure you’ve had other replies since your blog is old, but I just started the gin/raisin routine and was just doing a little surfing on the net when I ran across this site. No matter what you decide, I wish you happy and pain free health.

My wife and I are firm believer in this. We have arthritis in our fingers and sometimes we were in great pain. We heard about the gin soaked raisins from Paul Harvey. He said to use only 7 raisins per day and we have done this for many years and we have also recommended this to our friends and they also agree that it really works.

I am type 2, and have had no problems, not that much sugar in 9 raisins.

supposedly the magic is in the juniper berries used to make gin. There is not much alcohol in 9 raisins. When I made my first batch the raisins started to plump up in a few hours, I just took a few off the top dried them off and started eating them. I eat 18 raisins a day and no, I do not drink hard liquor. While the raisins are soaking, I simply cover them with a paper towel, after soaking and drying I cover the bowl and leave them on the counter at room temperature and eat them daily.
I suppose you could try sherry, but why mess with the recipe?

I brought Golden raisins in australia from the health food shop.

I am encouraged by your story and would love to hear the story of the squirel and the raisin.
In Christ,
Beau Hicks

Someone told me about soaking golden raisins in gin for arthritis so i decided to try it for osteoarthritis in my knees. Big wasn’t given the “recipe.” I dumped half a box of raisins in a container with gin covering the, and every night for the past two weeks, I have eaten nine. I found the taste horrid, but am willing to try anything other than medication for the pain.
Tonight I decided to check this site only to learn you’re supposed to let the gin evaporate. Seeing I didn’t let the gin evaporate, does that change the efficacy of it? Also, should I refrigerate this? Finally, how long will it take before I see results?

I use black cherry juice (has to be black cherry) for gout and when that doesn’t work, I use my allipurinol (from the dr) Hope it helps you too

I read in Sunday’s paper that you said cheap gin will not work. I have been taking the gin soaked golden raisins using the cheapest gin I could find, because I was told when I started that it had to be cheap gin. Before I began, I had ‘scopic surgery on my left knee. The pain took 6 months to go away, at which time an MRI showed my right knee was worse than my left. I went on Glucosamine and Chondroiton, but I had to drop the Chondroiton because I was on Coumadin and shortly thereafter quit the Glucosamine after I read it can raise your cholesterol, which it did 20%. That’s when I went on the cheap gin and raisins.
That was 11 years ago and today my knees are fine, I walk 3 miles every other day. I’m 82.

A friend of mine at work was telling me about the raisins and gin remedy and how it worked for him. I was somewhat skeptical but figured I would give it try because my hands were very sore and the thumb was locking up on occasion. I bought top shelf gin for the recipe just in case it didn’t work so I would be able to enjoy the remainder with some tonic water. Well it’s been 3 months now and the arthritis is completely gone in both of my hands including the thumb problem. Don’t look for an overnight cure. It took about 3 weeks for me to start feeling the difference.

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, I read about gin and raisins several years ago but forgot about it until my aunt suggested taking them a few months ago. I can’t seem to stand any arthritis or fibromyalgia medication, it all makes me sick. I have really noticed that the gin and raisins have helped with pain. It’s certainly with a try!

I have been suffering with unbearble hip and knee joint pain and for the last several years have taken to using a cane. I finally gave up after my sister-in-law mentioned that I had been walking like a person who needed a hip replacement. Well went to the orthopedic surgeon and after viewing x-rays I am a good candidate for both hip/knee replacements. My family and friends know that I suffer from this pain so when I visited a friend in Florida recently she pulled out the People’s Pharmacy article about the gin-soaked raisins and told me to try them. She had a batch made up already because she has started to get the same type of pain.
Anyway, I started taking by taking 9 raisins the night before going to bed. The next morning I was shocked…no “snap, crackle or pop”! I could almost jump out of bed w/very little to no pain. Throughout the day I was surprised….no need for a cane, ability to walk up stairs and to move around with little or no effort. I don’t know how it’s done…but it’s great. Now I take these 9 raisins every night before bed knowing that when I get up in the morning…I’m going to be able to move pain free.
Probably will still get that hip/knee replacement though…nothing lasts forever!
Thanks People’s Pharmacy!

Carolyn: Fruit flies just love apple cider vinegar. A small vial (I use a
shot glass) with about 3/4 inch in bottom left in open will drown a bunch of the little buggers. Seems to lose effect after a few days, so just dump down the drain and start over again. Sure looks neat to see a bunch at the bottom of the liquid DEAD!

My uncle suffered from painful arthritis and could hardly get up in the morning. After 1 month of eating gin soaked raisins, he was DANCING at a wedding for hours. If I would not have seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe it.

For the person in Australia, it is only Americans who call them raisins, the rest of us call them sultanas so hope you can now find them.

I really don’t like either golden raisins or gin … so my question is … can I just swallow the raisins or do I have to actually chew them?
If I have to chew it will still be better than taking the celebrex so I suppose I’ll just have to deal with it.

Just read about this remedy in my local newspaper. I will start the mixture when I get off my p.c. My husband will also take the remedy too. Sure hope it works for us like the majority of people who have tried it and responded here. I read most of the replies and it makes us hope we can relieve some of our pains. I’ll post a remark after taking it for a few weeks. Thanks to all who have posted!

UPDATE-1st batch prunes (happened to have) and Seagrams Gin seemed to work well, then when ran out feet swelled back up. Got golden raisins and Bombay Sapphire Gin and didn’t take swelling down. Now trying dried cherries in Seagrams Gin and also dried Apricots…they are soaking…figured I’d experiment…can’t see the harm since the prunes seemed to help before. Plan to try the prunes again and golden raisins too. Anybody else tried other dried fruits besides raisins?

I did not have your “recipe” for the Gin Soaked Raisins, but put them in a glass dish with a cover. Soaked them in gin for a couple of day and started eating 9, once a day for about a week. My carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared (tingling fingers and numb fingers and hands). I think my arthritis is better also. I have not let the alcohol disappear, but am now eating 12 to 15 a day. I do not drink alcohol and am not crazy about the taste, but they are very puffy and certainly these “crazy” raisins are doing their job. Cancelled my Carpal Tunnel surgery.

If most of the alcohol evaporates there can’t be much in the raisins after a week. I put a box of regular raisins in a quart canning jar, covered them with a pint of Gordon’s Gin made with Juniper extract, covered with a paper coffee filter and the canning ring to let the gin sit a day, replaced the lid and ring tightly, shook the jar to redistribute the mixture, then back to the paper filter and ring again, to be repeated several more times to give it time to be absorbed and evaporated.

Do you have plants or potting soil in your house? My Grand Daughter had some potting soil in her apartment and she kept seeing little critters flying around. One day she moved the bag of soil and a lot of them flew out. Maybe they look for organic vegetation of damp soil to lay their eggs. She is a very good housekeeper, but who could have known that an open bag of potting soil sitting undisturbed a few months would be a good spot for them to lay the eggs.

Annie, I don’t know your age or level of pain… but I had no time to research long… (I do have GOUT, but that wasn’t my worst problem) so figuring “not much to lose”…having several bags of prunes having been given me…(since prunes look like big raisins, I know they are different, but preserved with the sulfates like raisins)…I got a bottle of Seagram’s Gin…put the prunes in a blue quart mason jar with glass sealable top and covered them with the GIN!
Incidentally, I had not been troubled much lately with that GOUT; I was usually able to keep it under control by avoiding chocolate and mushrooms (my worst offenders, they throw me into a real bad painful spell) I understand colas are a problem too but never liked them so it’s not an issue with me. I had been prescribed the drugs to lower uric acid… but preferred to just avoid the offending foods as much as possible… I can tell real quick if I “fall off the wagon” with chocolate or even accidentally get mushrooms in somebody’s casserole.
Anyway, my current problem was a painful swollen knee and both feet had swelled up after taking months of warfarin (blood thinner) to dissolve a pulmonary embolism (blood clot on my lung)… the clot had dissolved… but I was left with swelling feet and legs too… it felt like I had on cold numb boots when I walked… the tops of my feet felt so much pain like they were going to rupture…
Back to the prunes… I was so anxious to try, I could only wait a few hours… certainly not a week… so I nibbled a few prunes before I went to bed. I tried leaving the top loose, but kept sealing it and turning it around to make sure they were all soaking well…. then nibbled a few more (probably at least 10 or 12).
During the night (I don’t normally sleep well) my legs and feet kept feeling like I needed to draw my knees up and flex my ankles and calves and stretch my legs. In between I slept better than usual. Next morning… seemed like my legs and feet weren’t as large… At first I thought it was probably hopeful/wishful thinking… or the placebo effect.
But, just in case I gobbled more of the prunes (now getting plumper with the gin)… WELL they never got to soak all week, because all the prunes were gone in five days… most importantly for the first time in many months…my feet looked like feet… (not puffy tight sausages)… my feet felt like feet… my ankles worked… even my legs were legs with a calf and ankles…my knee was not hurting… whether my imagination or not… it was great… BUT short lived..
As I said, I had gobbled all the soaked prunes in five days…thinking my problem was solved… I didn’t rush after another gin bottle… well I noticed after a few days my feet were gradually swelling back up… either the gin soaked prunes were really helping… or I had a tremendous imagination and reaction to the placebo effect. I did purchase the golden raisins and a bottle of the “Bombay Sapphire” Gin (as was recommended).
As usual I couldn’t wait for the evaporation step to work and began nibbling the plump little raisins after only a few hours… expecting another immediate reaction… but somehow I wasn’t getting the same result of reduction of the swelling so soon. I kept nibbling and after 24 hours I had eaten almost half the jar of soaking raisins! BUT… my feet were still hurting! Could it be that for me and my problem of swollen feet, that the prunes worked better or at least faster?
TO make sure… I had procrastinated until last night when my knee was painful and my feet were again feeling like busting… even though the raisins were half gone… I no longer wanted to experiment to see if they soak a week maybe… or if the prunes worked or if I imagined it… my feet hurt again so bad… (I still had plenty unsoaked prunes left) I hobbled to the liquor store and got a pint of the “seagrams” Gin… hurried to pour it over my prunes… at that point the science of it didn’t matter… I was seeking the relief… I had so briefly experienced… I will test later… and analyze what works… it had been so nice to see and feel my feet for those few days.
As before I was too anxious to wait and had about 4 prunes only having soaked a couple of hours… and about 4 more when I got up in the night.
Maybe my imagination… at this point … or the raisins kicking in… I DON’T CARE! during the night I again felt that urge to move my legs and feet… and this morning they seem slightly improved… so I plan to continue with the gin soaked prunes and the gin raisins too for now… maybe fill one extra jar so it can have it’s week to soak and evaporate… I will sort out the scientific research later when my feet aren’t hurting!
I was wondering… has anyone else tried the gin soaked prunes?

According to what Ihave read, it must be Bombay Sapphire Gin. You are to soak the golden raisins in an open dish (just enough gin to cover the raisins) until all the gin is evaporated, then keep them in a covered container, on the counter is fine.

I for one would like to hear the “raisin squirrel” story…and I liked the addition of “prayer” to the cure recipe!
I had prayed for help for my aching joints and painful swollen feet…so badly swollen I could hardly walk…in the earlier stages of swelling (several months ago)at least in the mornings they would be down and only swell in the evening or if I was walking much. Anyway shortly afterwards of praying for help, I remembered reading about gin and raisins and looked it up, thinking that may be my answer.
Always improvising (being short of cash), I had an abundance of prunes I had been given; reasoning that prunes were just fat raisins (even though they were dried plums) and reasoning …”what could it hurt?” I got some Seagram’s Gin and poured into a glass container of prunes!
I too was anxious and could only wait a few hours…I tried a few…and a few more at bedtime. Well the next morning my ankles seemed a little smaller…of course I suspected wishful thinking and placebo effect…BUT, I continued gobbling several prunes with each meal…and unfortunately never got to soak the prunes a week because I consumed them all in 5 days!
BUT during those 5 days my feet had almost returned to normal…I could walk better…(when my feet were so swelled up it felt like I was walking in cold numb boots) AND…my knee was much less painful…GLORY BE!!
THEN, when I ran out of the gin covered prunes…at first I thought I was just better…I neglected to buy more gin, but bought the “golden raisins” thinking I might try them next…after a couple of days without the mixture…my feet began swelling and hurting again…and my knee locked with pain..
SO.. having read the “Bombay Sapphire” gin was suppose to be best for the recipe…I got a small bottle (It is more pricey…but my feet were hurting again by now)
Last night I poured the Bombay gin over the golden raisins…again being anxious and in pain with the swollen feet…I could only wait a few hours and begin nibbling the already plumping raisins…(I’m not a big drinker but wasn’t afraid of the alcohol) I ate many more than 9 and again this morning…so far I have not had noticeable relief yet…I may get another bottle of Seagram’s and soak a few more prunes…If I use both (prunes and raisins) with different brands of gin and get relief…I don’t care what works…as long as something does!
Has anyone else tried PRUNES??? I am curious to know…they are preserved with sulfites too…if that is the catch…and some seem to work differently on different folks…maybe different body chemistry!
A lot of people didn’t see results for days or weeks…but after my first try experiencing relief in hours…I’m hoping for improvement soon!

I was here to refresh my memory about the gin raisin cure, when I happened to see your comment about taking the Tramadol and Tylenol, it reminded me of something horrible I witnessed…so I thought I should pass it on to those who may not be aware of these.
My Mother in Law, to whom I was very close and cared for her the later years of her life, could not take Tylenol…it seemed to take away her memory and I could tell immediately if she had gotten one. Well meaning neighbors or friends would offer her one, but it would be obvious…she would become confused …usually that was not the case even though she was in her late 80’s she retained her sharp mentality at that point.
Then after a fall she was hospitalized for a while, I had told them she didn’t do well on Tylenol…but I found out that reaction was mild compared to the reaction she had on TRAMADOL!!!
Usually she ate well and looked forward to the trays of food they brought…well I arrived back to her hospital room and asked the nurse WHY her lunch tray was sitting out in the hall…they said she didn’t want it…I was puzzled and asked her why she wasn’t hungry…WELL I was horrified to see what had been a sweet mannered little old lady turn into a monster (like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde). She threatened to THROW THE FOOD OUT IN THE HALL if we brought it in…I asked WHAT they might have given her to cause such a dramatic change…IT WAS TRAMADOL!!! They witnessed what a change was brought on by only one dose…and agreed to tell me first before she was given any other medication (I was her POA) and we had no more problems…until…
Months later she was in a nursing facility…I had flu and was told to stay away so as not to spread flu…then I showed up 2 weeks later to find they had given her a similar drug called Haldol and she was fighting them, had become dehydrated…they had assured me she was drinking fluids and eating when I had called to check on her…I had to argue with the head nurse to stop this drug being dosed to her!
She ended up back in the Hospital and from that point was so starved and dehydrated she never fully recovered and passed away the following spring. Adult protective services investigated the facility as the Hospital noticed her dramatic weight loss in the short time she was at that nursing facility and reported them (supposedly a respectable place). I blame them for giving her the DRUG I had listed as one she could NOT take…they just gave her it under a different name.
Anyway, since this site has people seeking natural cures…I hope no others have experienced such horrific effects from these medications…but if so I would like to hear from you!
I plan to try the raisin gin cure as soon as I can get them soaked a few days…some said they didn’t wait the full 7 days of soaking…and I am too anxious to wait…

Just had to reply to your “fruit fly” problem. (I was here to get specifics on Gin-raisin cure)
Usually when there is a “gnat” or “fruit fly” problem there seems to be somewhere in the house a drain being unused for some reason and the U trap has evaporated all the water and the purpose of the U trap is to prevent sewer or septic gases from entering the house! being an open tube to the sewer or septic system, your (sickening as it seems) central air sucks up the toxic gases and any sewer bugs possibly the source of any chronic “gnat” or “fruit fly” problem… check carefully and see if ANY drains are unused long enough to have evaporated… extra bathrooms not used often, washer connections, unused or broken dishwashers, basement drains in some homes…anyway you got the idea… search and either add water regularly (easiest way) or seal tightly if you don’t intend to use that drain anytime soon.
A good reminder is when you see the bugs again… add water… hope it helps… you may have a shower not used often… get busy checking… as the gas is toxic that is being sucked up… the bugs are just a warning sign!!! let me know… I am curious… I presume you already checked for stored onions and potatoes… in any case… hanging a fly paper strip is the safest no poison way to get rid of them once you determine their source.

Can someone take this if they are on blood thinner?

Do gin raisins upset your stomach?
Consume them with other food or juices… NOT on an empty stomach.
A simple solution that should be shared, along with other key instructions scattered throughout this forum.

I never did mine and they kept well for three years. But I did not evaporate all the alcohol out either. ;-)

I saw this on YouTube. He uses Honey and cinnamon for extra flavoring. If you think you would like that give it a try. But he does not tell what kind of gin he is using. Many companies who make Gin do not even use real Juniper berries as flavoring, preferring cheaper artificial flavoring instead.
I personally would never buy them because I want to know its the correct gin. Besides, even the ones I make without added honey are so sweet I can only just tolerate them. I don’t want honey in mine even though I know honey is good for you. ;-)

Because they taste awful!!!!! Only the birds can stand them.

The local Bottle Gin in Oregon, use the Juniper berries from Juniper trees to flavor the gin. I just took a stem of berries yesterday to add more to the gin. Some old timers here use a few berries to drop into venison stew for flavoring.

I agree. My mother had RA and tried to use them but could not tolerate them because it upped her blood sugar too much. She also suffered Type 1 Diabetes. It was the RA that finally took her life.

Your friend must have kept them covered tight preventing all the alcohol from dehydration. LOL! If the recipe is followed correctly there will be no alcohol left in the raisin. Although many people keep them covered because they want to keep the alcohol potent.

I use coffee filters. I cover it and tape it. Let it sit for a week. It works well.

All this is true however it is not a coincidence (placebo affect) that most symptoms are relieved within a week of using them and continues to be better with continued use, meaning no more aggravated flare ups. However many people are affected by the placebo affect. There is now a lot of so called Gin being made that does not contain any real Juniper berries for flavoring, having artificial flavoring instead. In these cases, believing is receiving seems to be the reason why so many get better. I not knowing this must have bought the wrong Gin because that with the golden raisins made no difference to my degenerative arthritis pain at all.
I just bought the correct Gin yesterday and even picked a few Juniper berries to drop in the gin just to make sure. They are in season here now. ;-)
I’ll see if it works this time around.

If you only used the raisins twice in six weeks that is not enough time to evaluate the effects of the raisins!!

I doubt one drop of gin, which is what’s in 9 raisins will give you liver problems!!

You need to refrigerate the raisin formula, don’t leave them on the counter

There is a video online about a man who used the recipe and it worked for him. He now is selling ‘Drunken Raisins’ in vacuumed bags, but he wanted them to taste better, so he adds honey and cinnamon. There is a woman online who demonstrates how she prepares ‘her recipe’…
I have not yet tried the recipe, but am researching the how’s and why’s, as well as the best method. The gin has berries that help the recipe work, so I’d say no, other liquids will not have the same effect.
Also, I am one who does not care for the taste of any alcoholic beverage, but will be trying with either regular gin or sloe gin, which I know nothing about. Again, plan to research the difference.
Will also add local honey and cinnamon, which is a sugar regulator. Use 1/4 teaspoon daily of a good quality cinnamon. Some people use vinegar and cinnamon, but don’t remember what it was for. [another research]
I have GOUT, which was caused by diuretics running my Uric Acid up. Alcohol is a no-no with gout, some am trying to learn if anyone with gout has tried this recipe before I engage…
Cherries have been recommended by a number of people, so plan to research that also. Some say dark cherry extract; so fresh cherries; others say their just open a can and eat. I am not fond of cherries, but will probably try them. My medicine for gout has bad side effects…
Someone mentioned figs/brandy – I know the Bible mentions figs, and have read they are good for us. Also knew an old Italian man who enjoyed them quite often, and he seemed to always be in a good mood, with no complaints of pain.
This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Blessings to ALL in your search for pain relief.

My husband got too sleepy with regular pain Meds. Our daughter got the yellow raisen /gin suggestion from her beauty operator. Our cousin use to try them also and it does stop the pain in his hip and back in early mornings. He eats nine
before his breakfast cereal. Sometimes he naps in the mornings but not always. His doctor approves of the recipe.
We do soak them for a day, drain and place in a quart jar in the refrigerator. He eats them cold each morning.
In this heat in Texas we would not leave them out. Report you asked for July 28, 2012.
The suggestion on line is to soak for a week then drain and place in the quart jar. They last for a long time. Take only nine a day. Hope it helps with your pain. They say there is seed in the raisins that may be helping not just the gin. I intend to research this also.

9 raison’s have 3.5 grams of sugar. Milk has 12 grams.

I came across this idea 18 months ago. I tried it — and in two weeks, I stopped waking up at night from painful joints in my hands. If I stop for, say, a week while I’m traveling, the pain returns, so I’ve worked out strategies. Such as – take a small jar of raisins on the plane, buy a mini-bottle of gin, combine when I reach my destination. After experimenting, I find the best combination is the humble Sun-Maid golden raisin with Tanqueray 10 — a bit expensive, but delicious and very high in juniper.
I make this up in small batches — say, a 4-ounce jar. I loosely fill it with raisins, add gin to almost cover, screw on the lid, and let it sit in a closed cabinet for at least one day. I add a heaping spoonful to my morning oatmeal, with some cinnamon and maybe some berries – and I love it.

This product really works.

hey folks, just fyi, it’s great if the dark raisins work for anyone, but golden raisins are “cured” with sulfur dioxide gas, rendering them ‘golden’, some believe that sulfur in conjunction with the pain relief benefits of juniper berries creates a reaction together… I believe it makes sense! Especially since sulfur is great for relieving joints / achy muscles (i.e. epsom salts is magnesium sulfate) my 67 year young mom has been taking for 3 months and relieving fibromyalgia pain as well as dissolving a bone spur on her thumb!!! I LOVE NATURE !!!

When a friend from North Carolina mentioned golden raisins soaked in gin as a cure for arthritis pain, I was dumbstruck. How could I not know about it? Why hadn’t my doctors told me about it?
It works. I’ve recommended it to dozens of friends and they all swear by it. For Heaven’s sake try it if you haven’t yet.
Regards and to your good health, Doug A.

I started the gin soaked raisins 13 months ago after having left hip pain x 8 months. I was ready to go see the orthopedic Dr for the pain. Thank goodness a friend told me about gin/raisins. Took about 3 months to feel full effect. It really worked for me!!!

This sounds wonderful for my arthritis but, I need to know if anyone with GERD/ACID REFLUX has tried it without causing pain in esophagus/stomach. I have much pain with GERD and so would like to hear the effects on this first before trying.

I have had major shoulder surgery etc. with pain in both my arms and hands. I started the regimen of gin and DARK raisins and after three weeks, 99% of my pain had subsided. I then went on a trip to South Africa for three weeks so wasn’t able to take the FIX! The pain returned. After coming back home again and taking the FIX for one week the pain subsided again. I have decided to take it on a daily basis even if I travel. It definitely works for me.

why mandatory for gin to evaporate? I have a martini after work most days, so don’t care if gin remains. Real question for me is whether golden raisins with my nightly martini has same effect or is there some interaction between the raisin and gin that occurs over time other than absorption.

gonna give it a try… will let you all know

I have to say, being a nurse I had my doubts about the raisins with gin working, but my mother started taking them for legs burning at night… she swears by them now. I tried them, after taking them for 2 weeks, I stopped thinking they were not doing much for me, boy was I wrong!!!!! I started back on the ASAP. Now I have a problem, my liver does not like the gin I suppose…. my enzymes are elevated, so is there a non-alcoholic version of this?
By the way, now all my siblings and spouses are taking the golden raisins and gin.

I’m not too terrified of a wee bit of gin!!!

It was wednesday night at our weekly church supper. I had been suffering with pain in my kneels and finger joints for some time, and had been praying God would heal me. Our church organist was standing in back of me. She was about twenty years older than I was, “Elenor do you have arthritis?” I asked. “Yes” was her reply. “What do you do?” She wispered “I take gin and raisins.” “What!” “I take gin and raisins” and she again and explained the process.
The next day I stopped at the ABC store for the fist time in my life and bought an inexpensive bottle of gin, than a box of golden raisins at Kroger. When I got home before dinner I poured the rasins in a glass baking dish and covered them in gin. Elenor said to leave them for a day or two to soak up the liquid, but my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to have a spoon full. “Not bad I thought,” and had another. After ten spoonsfulls I couldn’t feel my lower lip and thought I better go to bed.
The next morning I noticed no pain as I ajusted the sheet around me. I jumped out of bed, and bounced down the stairs not even holding onto the hand rail! Paise God it worked!
I was in my 30’s at the time. I am now 62 and one spoonful of rasins and gin is still part of my morning ritual. You will want a nice glass container with a top that will look well on your kitchen counter once you discover if it works for you. No medicine works the same for everyone. I would recomend praying before you start for awhile, asking God to give you success.
I have a story about a squirrel and the raisins that I can tell sometime if you like.
in Christ,
Peter Joel H.

Tried the gin and raisins twice for six weeks at a time and received no benefit whatsoever. Now drink 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 4 times a day and this seems to help with arthritis pain. Also DMSO used topically works well for me if pain should become unusually uncomfortable.

I’m in the same boat, probably have gout – never had a drink in my life… it is a funny thing for me as well, I don’t want to be seen buying booze! ABC LIQUORS here I come! ;)
Aside from cough medicine, communion at church, rum raisin ice cream and beef stroginoff with cherry I can say I’ve had no more than half an ounce of alcohol my whole life at 45… in fact I’d tell people I had more spilled on me at punk rock shows than ever consumed.
– I’m so glad some lady in my arthritis center doctor’s room spoke up to tell me! (as I type my left thumb has a cracking sound due to swelling damage repeatedly – refused to sign the side of my doctors sheet that had me willing to undergo treatment using all kinds of hardcore drugs… crazy stuff, morphine, codone this and that, opiates, narcotics really … dilaudid was also on the list… would rather go natural first… CURAMIN is something I take from time to time.

Where do you find the yellow raisins? I live in NC and I can’t find any.

A natural grocer is where I go for mine.

After seeing AGAIN the warnings against acetaminophen, I decided to quit it cold-turkey. I went to the pantry and got brown raisins and soaked them in gin (with lid on jar). Not much effect first day or two but didn’t miss aceto. Had heard of cherries aiding arthritis sufferers so decided to “use up” dried cherries soaked in gin. Have slept soundly without severe knee pain, which was waking me throughout the night prior to GSC treatment. All the OA pain in my severely affected, 75 y.o. body has almost completely disappeared. Better results than acetaminophen. Just hope it doesn’t eventually affect my stomach, which is sensitive and over-produces acid.

I have been using gin and golden raisins for 3 months for poly-arthritis in my fingers and joints. I had trouble writing or holding things due to hand/wrist pain. It took about 2 weeks before I felt relief enough not to think it was a remission.
I have tried a lot of prescription drugs with bad reactions. I thought I might try this since it could not hurt me. I will continue taking gin and raisins for I am now a believer as I keep getting better every day.
I still take my Rx’s from my doctor. If it is a remission it is the longest time I have gone with-out a flair. My doctor does not know about the gin/raisins as I am afraid he will laugh. But I am much improved.

can anyone tell me the affects of the alchol has on a script that says do not drink with this med?
People’s Pharmacy response: Check with your doctor or pharmacist about your specific medication. If you follow the instructions on allowing the gin to evaporate and stick to the “dose” of nine raisins, you will get one drop of alcohol in the raisins.

Hi, I’m taking metformin for type II. GSRasins have been working for me for about 1 year. Reduced pain and stiffness about 75%.

Over the last 15 years I suffered progressively worsening arthritic pain and stiffness in many joints throughout my body – especially my neck. Multiple doctors offered nothing that helped. I read from a friends e-mail about GSRasins. I thought I would try it. After 2 weeks I began to have reduced pain and stiffness. After 4 weeks I was 75% better in both P&S. I have been on GSR for about 1 year. I am 75% plus improved.
I travel for my job and forgot to take the GSRasins with me on a trip. I thought it would be a good test for the remedy to see if I was cured and/or how long the effects would last. Within 3 days the pain and stiffness reappeared. I was off of the GSRasins for about 10 days total and suffered increasing pain and stiffness levels. Upon return I began the regiment again and it took me almost the full month (30 days) to regain the 75% plus reduced pain and stiffness level. I’m not cured but I will never leave my GSRasins behind again!

any remaining gin after 5-7 days drain out, put the raisins into a glass jar and lid closed. do not refrigerate. I keep mine in a cupboard.

no…do not refrigerate.

Can Gin soaked raisins be consumed by a person who has hypertension/heart diseases?
People’s Pharmacy response: We don’t know of a reason that this would be dangerous.

it is unnecessary to belittle others belief!

Coming in late… but your last “reason” suggests a confusion about terminology. What you describe (natural variations, attribute the better days to the raisins) is actually called “regression to the mean”. Regression to the mean is a standard-issue flaw in human reasoning, and a major annoyance to medical researchers and doctors.
The placebo effect is a different animal altogether: It’s when you have a remedy which may be provably inert (sugar pills, distilled water, plastic tape, etc.), but the patient is convinced it’s a real medicine… and somehow, their brain sets off a process that actually cures the affliction. This is one of the Great Unsolved Mysteries of medicine — not that the scientists aren’t studying it, but it’s been tough going. Whoever gets the whole story of what’s going on, will be a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize.
Given the stories I’m seeing here (months or years without pain, and so forth), regression to the mean probably isn’t on the table here. The placebo effect might well be, especially since we do know that the commonest form of arthritis is an autoimmune condition, and we also know that placebo effects can manipulate the immune system.
But then, we’ve seen real drugs pop up in stranger places than raisins and juniper, so who knows what’s really going on?

Yes you have to let it evaporate it has something to do with that process raisins are the only thing I know that works however if you find something else that does please let me know.

Does it matter if I keep gin on them and not let it evaporate?? Can I do this with cherries, cranberries?

Take as many as works for you 9. Works if you weigh around 100 lbs most men weigh more so so could easily double that many they are just raisins I don’t think it would be possible to take to many.
People’s Pharmacy response: 9 is the recommended “dose.” We have heard of some individuals getting into trouble with driving when they were eating lots more drenched raisins, so use common sense.

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