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Flonase Nasal Spray Can Help with Nose Spray Addiction

Short term, Flonase helped a reader overcome nasal spray addiction.

Q. I have been using Afrin Nasal Decongestant Spray for two decades. My mom started me on it when I was a kid with bad allergies and then I couldn’t stop. I hated that nose spray addiction.

I finally got off Afrin by using Flonase and diluting the last bottle of Afrin with saline. It took about a week, and though I am still a little stuffy, I am so glad to be off the decongestant. I just thought others might benefit from my experience.

A. Thank you for sharing your success. Flonase is a corticosteroid nasal spray (fluticasone) that has recently become available over the counter. It can be helpful during the process of weaning off a nose spray addiction. It is also useful in controlling nasal allergy symptoms.

Side Effects

Side effects of Flonase may include headache, nosebleeds, nausea, cough and oral yeast infections. With long-term use, some people become more susceptible to cataracts or glaucoma.

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Forgot to add that this was the OTC nasal spray.

I had a terrible reaction to Flonase that made me so ill with vomiting, calves so stiff I could barely walk, temple tenderness to the point I could not wear glasses or even touch them, massive headache even though I barely get headaches. Thought I would never get better. Almost a week later I still don’t feel like myself. I have never been this sick.

Having said that, my son uses it with no side effects whatsoever. Went to a site called and found many people who had the same experience as me. Just beware in case you may be sensitive to the ingredients which contain a steroid.

Always had a stuffy nose sons in my early 50’s developed nightly sinus attacks but found no relationship to food or drink. Doctor prescribed prescription flonase for daily use for 9 months. Worked great. Even was fine when treatment stopped. I now have an open prescription to use for various flareups. I only reach for it 3 to 6 days a month. Very satisfied!

I have the same problem, having to use the C-pap machine to keep my sinuses open and get a good night sleep . I hate the machine, it is uncomfortable and very hot in the summer. I tried all the different mask available, full nose mask, little nose mask, and finally the nose pillow, which seem to work best for me.

I have had a stuffed up nose for years now, but my doctor does not know why. Her solution is to prescribe nose spray and allergy pills.

I have sleep apnea. I was prescribed a C-PAP machine three years ago. I struggled trying to use it. There are several mask choices and each has its drawback(s). And I would often awake with the mask on the floor.

I was also addicted to, first, Neosynephrine, then Afrin. I only had a sinus congestion problem when I tilted my head or lay down. I decided my only hope was to use the C-PAP machine to keep my sinuses open at night without spray.

For the first few weeks, I lightly sprayed my nose, then quit doing that. The machine worked great, and I use it all the time now. The only drawback to my method: You need a C-PAP machine.

Afrin is great when used only for occasional stuffiness. I never spray it in both nostrils; I alternate. Even with the worst cold, breathing through one clear nostril is fine. If you alternate nostrils you don’t have to worry about rebound congestion.

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