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Flea Infestation Is Hard To Fight

Q. Help me! I have fleas! I mean, the dog has fleas but they are eating me alive. My ankles look like they have been through a meat grinder. What can I do?
A. The first thing to do is treat your pet. Veterinarians tell us that monthly applications of products such as Advantage or Frontline can keep your pet flea-free.
Next, you will need to rid your house of fleas. Vacuum daily (if you can) and most important, remove the vacuum cleaner bag each time and dispose of it outside. Otherwise the fleas can hatch inside the bag and re-infest the house.
Wash the dog’s bed in hot water. If the dog sleeps on your bed, you will need to wash and dry all your bedding as well.
A boric acid product such as Rx for Fleas (made by Fleabusters) can be sprinkled on carpets to kill fleas over several weeks. A flea trap with a light bulb to attract them and water or sticky paper to immobilize them can provide satisfying evidence that you are fighting the fleas successfully.

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By the way, my husbank and I also take this as a daily dose, and never get mosquito bites

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