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Eliquis (Apixaban) Side Effects & Interactions

Q. I have been taking Coumadin (warfarin) for years, however, my doctor recently recommended that I switch to Xarelto or Eliquis. I am looking for more information on Eliquis to evaluate the pros and cons. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

A. We have consulted a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic who deals with atrial fibrillation (AFib) on a regular basis. He is cautious about the new medications because he says it is hard to assess their effectiveness in any given patient.

Unlike with warfarin, there is no easy blood test to tell when you have achieved the optimal blood thinning effect. He also pointed out that it is hard to reverse the anticoagulant effect. There is no “antidote” to an overdose that might lead to hemorrhage.

Many patients may do quite well on Eliquis, but we would hope that a knowledgeable cardiologist would be involved in such a decision and provide adequate oversight. The drug should never be stopped suddenly.


  • The most serious complication is bleeding. Patients can bruise or bleed more easily when on this drug. Notify your doctor promptly if this occurs. Dark or tarry stools would be a possible warning sign of digestive tract bleeding. If you throw up and detect blood or anything that looks vaguely like coffee grounds, that would be a sign that there might be bleeding in the stomach.
  • Let your doctor know if your gums bleed after brushing or flossing your teeth or if you experience nosebleeds or pink, red or brown urine. A bad headache or a feeling of dizziness should also be discussed immediately as these could be signs of bleeding in the brain.
  • Swelling of the joints or joint pain could signal bleeding in that area. Report such a side effect promptly to the prescriber
  • Skin Rash could signal a serious allergic reaction. Report such a symptom immediately. Swelling of tongue or face or trouble breathing also requires emergency treatment.


Do not take any other drugs without checking first with your prescriber.

  • Aspirin (may increase the risk of bleeding while taking Eliquis)
  • NSAIDs (all anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, etc) could increase the risk of bleeding)
  • Other anticoagulants such as clopidogrel or warfarin may increase bleeding risk when combined with Eliquis
  • Antiseizure drugs such as carbamazepine and phenytoin may reduce the effective of Eliquis. St. John’s wort may also have this effect.
  • Antifungal medications (ketoconazole and itraconazole) may increase the risk of toxicity and bleeding. Dosage modifications are essential.
  • Antibiotics such as clarithromycin may also increase the risk of side effects associated with Eliquis.

Bottom line: be vigilant for signs of bleeding and always check about drug interactions before adding an herb, an OTC drug or another prescription medication to Eliquis.

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I’ve been on Eliquis for about 4 months after a bad PE. I’ve had what so many complain about with the fatigue, shortness of breath, terrible brain fog. I just can’t think straight, and because of that I’ve done some stupid stuff and have had occasional dizziness. I’ve started experiencing the lump-in-my throat feeling, and my hair has thinned.

The only way I can function most days is to take some form of caffeine but the thing that really bothers me is my blood glucose has gone up. I’m not diabetic (maybe a little insulin resistant) but keep track of my sugar levels. My numbers have gone up, which really alarms me. I’ve been on warfarin before, hated it but never had all of these problems. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue with their blood glucose. Before I went on this medication I was totally in the normal range.

My cardiologist put me on Eliquis, and I almost immediately had the most severe RA flare I have ever had along with cold chills. The doctor told me to stop the Eliquis and take Xarelto instead. The chills stopped right away but I was left with both the severe RA flare and painful osteoarthritis. The usual rheumatologist was booked for two months ahead, so the PCP upped my daily dose of prednisone which helped reduce the pain overnight, although there is some lingering pain. I am going to ask the rheumatologist what good it is to have been his patient when I am in crisis and have to wait two months to see him!

I have been on Apixaban for about 3 months.
Since then I have had neck pain and stiffness sore joints
My blood pressure has gone very high so I am now taking
Medicine for this.
My ankles and legs swell I never had any of these problems
Before taking this drug I have told my GO this but he does
Not relate them to taking this.
I have had this heart murder for a long time but no one said much about it
I was on copodogril for 6years with no effects now I am told it is no good.
Who do I believe or has profit anything to do with it.?

i want to introduce some herb to my secness but i dont knou if is kidney activator good taking eliquis 5mg

i want to introduce some herb to my secness but i dont knou if is ok

Changed from Eliquis to warfarin (my request as I could no longer tolerate 2 years of side effects) and now suffering withdrawal symptoms ? Severe anxiety, depression,panic attacks and weakness. How long will this last, and should it have been tapered gradually alongside starting Warfarin instead of stopping it after 3 days.? I feel as if I’m losing my mind and Doctors will not associate my symptoms with medications.

I am eighty years old and suffer from AF (Atrial Fibrillation) and was advised to take 2.5 mg Apixaban twice a day. In 2012 I had bypass surgery (5) and was actually fit before, playing golf five times a week etc. The operation was a huge success. But after a rapid recovery I lost strength and had many of the ailments mentioned on this page by other users, such as swollen feet and ankles, cramping in the legs at night, clogged-up chest, pain in my knees and lower back. I can hardly get up out of the chair. My blood pressure is fine, so I got rid of the blood pressure tabs Metroprolol 50 and Teltartan 40. I have now started to reduce the Apixaban intake by cutting the 5 mg pill into quarters, i.e. 1.25g each. Besides, I am taking half a 100 mg Cardiac Aspirin pill and see how I fare. The effect was immediate with my breathing becoming easier, no constipation, and I hope for the water retention in my legs also to disappear.

I am amazed how the medical fraternity suddenly pushes these modern blood thinners and discard Aspirin which for years has been the norm. Money, money, money!! I am hoping to be able to tell you how my golf comes back again. Anyhow, please remember, no one dies before the good Lord is through with him or her!

I hate this drug eliquis gives me headaches feeling tried all the time tinnuits in heels bone & joint pain foggy headed was on cumaden but my levels went to high going see if they will put me on a lower does of cumaden they say 6 months all I have too take it growl had a dvt in left leg don’t know why I feel through my back porch about 4 months ago may have been from that cause I don’t have afib or nothing else like that

I’ve been on Eliquis for 3 weeks and like many here have acute fatigue with increased heart rate and fogginess. Was recently diagnosed with AFib and am scheduled to see if I qualify for an ablation. I feel so lousy that I’m tempted to cut the dosage in half from 2 X 5 mg to 1. Does anyone know anything about Cabana?

Eliquis has helped me with the AF but side effects are not so good: am dizzy, unbalanced, have anxiety, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. And keeping up with taking it 3 times a day is maddening. But will continue till I go in for a checkup with the cardiologist. Good luck to us all.

I have been on warfarin for nearly 6 years after a PE, which I think might be related to a severe back injury I had at the time, but the doctors are not certain about the cause and think it might be unprovoked. I am fine on warfarin but don’t like the idea of taking it for life.

I switched to rivaroxaban (Xarelto) for a short while but was very ill on it and went back to warfarin. Now, I would like to come off medication altogether but was advised to try Apixaban instead, because of the bleeding risk on warfarin. Not sure what to do!

I elected to have a mitral valve replacement nine months ago. After three months my heart rate was still 119b/m and cardiac rehab rejected me because they wanted it below 100b/m. I went to A&E and was put on Apixiban, initially at 2.5 x 2 then more recently to 5 x 2 as advised by the locally cardiologist.

I am experiencing terrible back, neck and shoulder ache with any exertion, like walking up a slight gradient. I was a fit seventy five year old until surgery. My blood pressure and heart rate are regular. I am now only taking 5mg x 2 daily and have decided to stop it.

When I asked the cardiologist in the hospital would it be ok to stop my metropolo, he said, “you will die”. The cardiac nurse wanted to increase my medication and my GP said, “don’t tinker with the medication”. I have suffered long enough and shall stop the Apixiban.

Been on apixaban for dvt for only 4 days and feel terrible. Headaches, dizziness and stiff neck. Was on Carleton but changed because of stomach issues. Don’t know what to do but will stop the apixaban.

Can you take just one 2.5 Apixiban instead of two. Only when I took two this gave me side effects with bleeding gums.

DVT to lung, after a month in hospital & rehab, I am on Eliquis, bad. Headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness. I will try and change to Zerelto.

Hi all my wife was very serious in the hospital in ICU for 2 months as a result of that she developed a blood clot in the lung, She started taking apixaban 2 1/2 twice a day followed by 5 mg twice a day After the first week, she got a lot of pain in her whole body, especially in her back lower back actually all over,severe fatigue, muscle weakness and a serious electrolyte unbalance which made us go back to the hospital. It took to the whole medical team 2 and a half weeks to balance her electrolytes, I husband explain to the internal medicine doctor, the neurologist, the cardiologist, the endocrinologist and the hematologist and the GP and nurses,actually like 50 people from the medical team explaining that all those side effects are for the apixaban, first of all they never really showed me some results of said blood clot in the lung and was a resident who came to tell me about it. Second of all she lost a lot of weight in her hospital stay and I have read that people less than 60 kg of weight should take only 2 1 / 2 of apixaban, my wife is under her weight she weighs 37 kg and is on 5 mg 2 times a day also she’d been losing a lot of her hair and she has only been taking this poison for 7 weeks and supposedly she should take it for 12 weeks I am very desperate and I do not see the time that this damn poison is out of her system. all doctors nurses even the GP agree that this poison apixaban does not do that therefore so I told the please someone explains to me where all those evils side effects come 20 minutes after my wife takes apixaban all these uncommon that’s how they call uncommon side effects coming from .

I am being advised to take apixaban instead of Warferin by a Haemotologist to replace Warferin?
I had a stent in the frint Artery to my heart and prescribed clopidogrel and now read here on line not to take these drugs together? Help! What does one do?

I had huge Haematomas with the blood thinners now for 2 months after the stent! Before this on Warferin for many embolisms found in 2011 by medical negligence! Since this I had small Embolisms appear with the Warfarin! Told I was chronic now!

Not good and now all this going on and reading this report on the apiaxaban, better to stay as is until I see the Cardiologist in 3 weeks! Help! Unbelievable! The drugs side effects sound almost as bad as the reason for taking them. Not knowing what to do? Cheers all who read this a risk which ever way we go! Lee, Sydney, OZ. 😁. 😘

I’m posting again hope you are all doing OK, and we continue to search for answers reguarding our struggle with apixiban. I’ve now devolped difficulty swallowing that comes and goes. It feels like a egg in my throat. I’m a nurse, and when I visit patients some are good on apixiban others are not. I want to change to warfarin but nobody will change it for me. I miss the old me. I’m so tired 😴 and feel so miserable, and I don’t know why. Be kind to yourselves. God bless.

Another post from a very tired and fatigued lady! Took my apixiban 3 hours ago and I’m exhausted.feel so fed up with the constant tiredness I had a stroke 19 months ago? AF still no answers??

Also, going through the menapause so everyone keeps telling me to accept the life I have and it’s true I’m very lucky to have only small weakness in my hand. Just want to have more energy but gp says it’s not the apixiban. hope you are all ok and managing on the apixiban. good to share x

Hello ,I’m on apixaban and I’m having such bad side effects. My head is thumping, I’m cold ,bone cold. They stopped my nebivolol 2 days ago as they thought it was that . Well it wasn’t , I can’t get a GP app. Till around 2 weeks . I’ve been told I can phone 999 any time I’ve severe af palpitations, but I honestly can’t be bothered . So much wrong with me and at just 73 I’ve had enough. x

Great site with some affirmation from others to problems I started having after Pradaxa (2 month) with very had to swallow problems & now (Eliquis) for 3 months, with increased bowel probs and some weight loss , much increased ear ringing, sudden short term memory loss and very sore muscles even though I have exercised 3 times a week with some weights, rowing machine and Nustep for years and in good shape. I take 5mg 2 times a day for afib and am going to consult with all my doctors, from primary to internal to heart doctor for other info on my increased probs.
I will have my primary ck blood and stool tests to rule out those before cking on internals and back to heart doctor to cover all bases though and then back to heart Dr.
Good luck to all with serious concern, Dave.

Poor you, I really feel for you.
I have to start that next week. I already get bad headaches with clexafin.

I have posted many times on this site requarding my apixiban hell 17 months on it, and I’ve aged 20 years. Am unable to walk far, am fatigued, depressed, weight has increased, headache, ringing in my ears, just feel ill all of the time. My HGB has now dropped from 14.5 to 11.3 and am bleeding where from???? Nobody interested, even contacted the company. No help or advice.

Hope you are better. I’ve only just joined this site, when I had a DVT and PE Mass in April. You are so young. I’m 67 and had a life. Really hope you have improved. I start that drug after my injections finish. I’m dreading it after reading all the bad results about it.

I’m feeling the same. I’m just fed up with all these meds I’m on . But before I was diagnosed with AF (and aortic stenosis,) I coped with everything else. I’m not taking any of the apixaban.

If your hgb. has dropped that much you should be checked for internal bleeding. Have you noticed any bright red blood in or on the stool? If the stool is tarry black it may indicate bleeding in the upper GI tract, bright red in the lower. I assume you have atrial fib. or flutter? If you are not in NSR your fatigue may be a result. As for the weight gain, do you exercise or walk? F. Harrington, CRNA

I’ve been taking eliquis 5 mg for a couple of weeks awaiting my heart op and I’m feeling so tired I usually sleep about 7 hours at night I’m now absolutly shattered all I do all day is yawn and I cannot wait for bed. I’m now sleeping 12 hours and my quality of life is down the pan. I’m so lethargic it’s unbeliveable can I change to a different drug ?

I, too, have had a number of worrisome and troublesome side effects from taking Eliquis, and
I have only been taking the drug for about a week and a half. I am glad I came upon this website because I have been stressing over a constant state of complete exhaustion and shortness of breath ever since starting the drug.

I have a lot of joint pain, dizziness, nausea, and general feeling of malaise that never seems to end. I am really worried about continuing OR stopping Eliquis after reading all the accounts listed on this webite. Either way, it’s a crapshoot as to whether can avoid another stroke (had one in June 2017) on or off this medicine and whether there is actually an alternative for me.

WoW! Had a cerebellum stroke May 17th/2017. I had hit the top of my head 5 hours earlier on metal in the car. Doctors do not believe my stroke was caused by the head hit. I believe differently. But, I do not have M.D. after my name…only C.S. CS stands for “common sense”. I was life lighted to a hospital and was put on Warafin. I stayed there 5 days and do not remember much except falling and hitting my head on a bathroom fall. No tests after that fall.

Discharged to a rehab place. I could not stand without a wheelchair/walker. Rehab for a month. PT was just so so. Released to 6 weeks of home PT..ladies were 50% better. I thank God for my walker as I cannot function without it. My head is killing me all the time. One doctor wanted me off Warafin. Finally placed on Eliquis…5mg x 2 a day. I was told they saw a blood clot in an artery in the cerebellum and I will never have a stroke again. I doubt that.

My common sense steps in and I know better. I do not want another stroke. They said it had to be A-FIB from the heart that caused the stroke. I say it was me hitting my head in the car that caused the stroke. My only symptoms was my eyes. I could only see the ceiling and the floor and did not know where I was standing. This was with me looking at the wall. I was very scared. Just finished one month of Eliquis. The cost will put me in the donut hole as I am on Medicare. Very expensive. I will see one of the doctors in 2 weeks. I am wondering if strong aspirin instead of Eliquis would help me and with Plavix. I am doing research and need sound answers. I feel dizzy and light headed and act like I am in a stupor.

I walk ziz zaged. This is NOT normal. I am 75 years young and was very active. I am wondering if younger people on private insurance receive more attention than those on Medicare. These are just my thoughts. I feel Stroke victims need continuous care to achieve stability under a Neuro’s care. My BIL is taking XARelto for his A-Fib. He never had a stroke. Same doctor RX’d me Eliquis. BIL has no side effects. Love to read patient’s views.

I am a 70 year old male and I have been taking Eliquis for about three years now, ever since I had an episode with AFIB that landed me in the hospital. It took three days for my pulse to finally return to a normal level.

During this hospital visit, it was discovered that I have slight leakage from the aortic valve and my cardiologist decided to put me on Eliquis. I have had no side effects from it at all and I’m happy that it doesn’t require office visits to monitor its effects,

I took one pill last night, 2.5 ml. I had trouble walking, feeling like I might fall over, and was dizzy. This morning my lip is swollen, my pacemaker incision feels tight and hurts, and my eyes are blood shot. I have macular degeneration. I was allergic to Cardizen and Lopressor.

Not sure what I should do next?

You need to see your internist or cardiologist immediately.

I am 73 yr old female, heart disease & 3 stents since 2009 & have have had AFib for over 2 years & now it has gotten to be nearly a daily occurrence. I tried Warfarin in January when I was having AFib about twice a month & could not tolerate it, so chose to not take anything.

I’ve been taking a lot of herbal supplements that thin the blood. After spending Tuesday in the ER & IV Cardizem did not convert me, I was admitted to CCU for monitoring & for a Heparin Drip. I finally went back to NSR about 11pm Tuesday night in the hospital. I was released at 9pm Thursday night.

My cardio now has insisted I go on Eliquis. I’m really concerned about it & very hesitant, but they gave me the first dose in the hospital last night & I have taken one today. Now I’m wondering about all the herbal supplements that I take & which ones I need to stop. Hoping someone has similar circumstances that can tell me their experience

My mom is taking Eliquis for A-Fib. She is also on Cartia/Metroplol. I read all three drugs create memory loss. I am trying to figure out which drug is starting memory loss for her, as she is frightened by this new side effect. Some dugs can be worse than the illness. I am determined to find which is worse and get her off of it. Not worth it.

Metoprol does cause memory loss. I know because I have three stints and was placed on Metoprolol. I could tell the difference. My kids did too. And cholesterol medicines, statins, may be linked to dementia and memory loss. Do not believe everything cardiologists tell you. They are not pharmacists. Read what the FDA, The New England Journal of Medicine, and the Johns Hopkins website say about the meds. DON’T chance trusting all cardiologist about MEDICINES.

Hi, I have been on Apixaban since last November after being diagnosed with afib. and am experiencing head aches in the night and ear ringing. I also have anxiety at night. Does anyone else have this, please?

Would love to know if you think Eliquis is causing your mums memory issues..Is your mum on Metformin by any chance as it was affecting mu mums memory and Stability. Medical team at hospital change her from warfarin 3 months ago and Im not very happy..

Glad to read your post as I too am getting anxiety at night ,which is making me very crotchety during the day. Having always been a very happy cheerful person it’s quite upsetting as I know I’m not my normal self

Eliquis is a lot easier than coumadin/warfarin… when it works. No monitoring, no visits every month. No worrying how that salad will effect my blood levels.

Plus the added “benefit” of no way of actually measuring how well it is working in any particular individual or even exactly what it is effecting to achieve the unmeasurable/unevaluatable results it achieves. And there is no protocol for reversing the effects should bleeding become too severe.

I am on it, now, for 20 months and have had a bit more bleeding from wounds than in the past but nothing too severe. I am not plagued by fatigue or foggy thinking.

But I am beginning to wonder exactly what this drug is doing since there are no tests for its efficacy.
I wonder how it even got approved in the first place. There is no test to measure whether it is working or not. That disturbs me the most.

I am having anxiety ALL the time, pains in legs and feet ringing in my ears, but I’ve had Afib for ten years, and I was on aspirin, but the Afib is getting worse so they put me on Eliquis. I’m not sure what to do.

Your concerns are mine. I was on warfarin for a long time. Like it that there is a reversal agent in the event of bleeding. Not so with the newer anticoagulants. I did switch to Eloquis a couple weeks ago. Major headaches and fatigue. I will go back on warfarin, and have the labs when needed.

Hi, Jen,
I have lots of side effects so I can sympathise with you. I want off this drug. Regards, Bev

Yes, it is very tempting to take Eliquis because you do not need to get frequent INR tests done. BUT ELIQUIS IS NOT A WONDER DRUG. I tried it for a few months, and it almost ruined my life. Lots of neck and shoulder pain, weak muscles in my legs, poor sense of balance, and I felt like I aged 20 years. I am a pharmacist, age 76, and very active. Like brisk walking at 4+ MPH for one hour. This was my normal routine for 35 years.

A few month on Eliquis, and I could barely get on the treadmill. So I switched to Coumadin, 5 mg., and after about one month my life is fully restored. All these problems stopped, but it took awhile to reverse. I will NEVER EVER take either Eliquis or Xerelto again. It is fairly new, and the doctors simply do not know how bad these two drugs can be for an ACTIVE PERSON. For debilitated and inactive folks, these two may work fine. It takes at least seven years to really see the bad side effects of drugs, and these two have only been around for about five. So beware here. THIS IS NOT “IN YOUR HEAD”!!

I had an cryoablation procedure three months ago. I started taking Eloquis two weeks before the procedure. Imedimately I noticed a lack of energy, diziness and some upset stomach. One month after starting the Eloquis and two weeks after my procedure I had a two and a half week bought of sever stomach problems.

I could not eat much and lost ten pounds. After that went away I continue to have stomach pain daily and episodes of burping. The stomach pain is most sever first thing in the morning and then again late in the day.

It is aweful. My Cardiologist told me that at about six months I can get off of the Eloquis and I am very anxious for that step in the process.

I just looked up symptoms on google and was directed to the site. I am on Eliquis now for a month or so now, and I was sleeping and could feel burning pains in my stomach when I woke up I ate some cereal and immediately felt nauseous and bad stomach pains, I was really dizzy too. I had been taking two pills a day, but they told me to go down to one, so yesterday was the first day I went down to one, now I’m afraid due to I don’t know why I had sudden stomach pain, dizziness, strange feeling in my head. :/ This stomach is really bad though. Hope your feeling better. Did you find out why you had the stomach aches? Is it the Eliquis side effects? Thanks.

I am relieved to know that I am not alone in suffering from most of the side affects mentioned by others. I was put on to this medication without any consultation following a short hospital stay in Dec 16, having used warfarin successfully for over 10 years (if it works don’t fix it) What is of serious concern to me is how to safely stop using this flawed medication
, I guess it is up to the Cardiac consultant to advise.

i just started taking this drug about 3 weeks ago after being changed from warfarin,It makes me feel terrible.I’m extremely tired all the time, feeling lightheaded,nauseus and stomach cramps and stomach bloat.Never had bad side affects with any other med like im having with this

I started taking 5mg twice daily of Apixaban in May 2016 after suffering a stroke which was said to have been caused by Atrial Fibrillation and I take 75mg twice daily of Metoprolol for this condition. I had one cardioversion but it only worked for 24hrs. An Ablation was not suitable for me and I now have a PaceMaker which I had blamed for my depression, lack of enthusiasm, continual tiredness, aching limbs, shortness of breath and now excessive body heat -almost like hot flushes. My GP put me on an Antidepressant which has certainly helped and I don’t have untold sadness and continual crying times anymore but the other symptoms are still there! After reading other comments I realise it is not the PaceMaker but the Apixaban reeking havoc with my equilibrium but what can I do. My Eurologist and Cardiologist say Apixaban and Metoprolol are the best drugs on the market for my condition.
I am continually aware I may have another stroke and may not be as lucky next time with my recovery so I will continue to take the Apixaban, like it or not but at least I now know what is causing my other symptoms.

I’ve been on apixaban since early December, since finally diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.
I’m also classed as at a high stroke risk becausecof high cholesterol and years of uncontrolled hypertension, and family history.
I’m constantly exhausted, have severe headaches and tinnitus, very constipated, bad joint and muscle pain, and feel very depressed.
I too was in the caring profession, for over 40 years.
I now feel very anxious, particularly as there is no antidote to this drug.
Its good to read other’s experiences, as I sometimes think my GP thinks its all in my mind!

So many of the negative side effects of Eliquis are coming out after the short years it has been in use. Coming off Eliquis may cause a stroke, so be very careful to evaluate the pros and cons of going onto this drug at all. If it is just to lower the chance of a clotting event, and is not absolutely needed, then consider sticking with natural blood thinners…. Your quality of life is also worth something.

I have been on Eloquis since October. I have to take a nap in the afternoon and usually wake up with a headache and ringing in my ears. I take 5 mg. twice a day.

Hi, this is my third post on this fantastic site, knowing there are people like me who are struggling with this medication. I had 2 partial lobe strokes in May 2016. I’m 52 years old and a staff nurse had a very full life and a job I adored.

Since Apixiban came into my life, I’ve gradually declined into a very anxious tired person severe joint pain, hair loss and terrible mood chronic fatigue, had to leave my job and get new nursing position. I have given my life to nursing and caring but know can’t get myself sorted wish I could get in touch with the lady who posted a comment from Scotland.

I know how you feel!!! Asked if I can go on Warfarin, told no as it is a drug of the past. What does the future hold as all these side effects we have are not listed on leaflet inside medication box. Good luck to you all x

That seems silly. Warfarin has been around since the 1940’s. It is reliable and inexpensive drug….but you must have labs when you take it. Also, there is no reversal agent for the newer anticoagulants, but there is for warfarin, in the event of a big bleed.

I have been on Apixaban for 10 weeks now while I have an Ablation,hope to come off it in the next 6 weeks after my 12 week post procedure check.
I to have no energy,dizziness,tiredness and headache. I cannot wait to get off this drug as I am sure it is this that is causing these symptoms. I did not have a stroke risk so hopefully just need to take for a few more weeks. I am 5 weeks post Ablation thought it was the procedure giving me these symptoms but reading various forums I am convinced it is the Apixaban.

Your site is outstanding. Some reports are heart-breaking.

My wife has Afib and a leaking mitral valve. She had been taking blood pressure, cholesterol, diuretics and anticoagulent medicine for 3 months, while in Germany. The anticoagulent was Marcumar (chemically related to Coumarin). After returning to the USA two weeks ago, she was taken off Marcumar and put on Eliquis instead.

Since then she feels very bad: in a constant fog (dizziness), headaches and bleeding from her ulcerative colitis (which had been essentially under control before taking Eliquis). She now wants to go back to Coumarin in spite of the inconvenience of having the INR determined regularly.

I am an 82 yr old male and diagnosed with AFIB 2yrs ago. My cardiologist did not suggest that i take any thing(I did not know but he should have prescribed a blood thinner then), Nov 2015 I had an Embolic Ischemic stroke and thankfully I did not suffer any permenent effects. I began taking Eliquis one year ago and the only problems i have expereinced some rough spots on my face but the worst problem has been an increase in arthritic pain. I have osteoarthritis and every joint in my body is much more painfully.

My knees were stiff but now they are sore and so painfull that sometimes I can barely walk.My DR does not have an answer and I even called the mfr Bristol myers Squibb and they said they had not had any reports of that.The worst part is I can’t take medication for pain due to fear of bleeding. Eliquis is supposed to help prevent another stroke so i guess that outweighs the knee pain.

Hi – you should be able to take Co-codamol (combination of codeine and paracetamol) with Eliquis, Co-codamol is an effective painkiller – suggest to discuss with your HCP in case there are contraindications but, all being well, it should help

I’ve been taking eliquis for a year. Lately, past two or three months, I am feeling quite fatigued, my recall memory is poor, I’m having some incredible, realistic, fantastical dreams, and have become very itchy, particularly on my arms. I also have been getting charlie horse cramps in my calves during the night……..I was on warfarin at first but my INR was irregular and finally they tried me on eliquis. I didn’t have any problems initially and these other symptoms seem to have come on more gradually than what some people have reported. From reading these comments I think it’s time to rediscuss eluquis with myG.P.

I have recently been prescribed Eliquis 3 months ago, but too chicken to start it, but reading your readers’ many, many responses to Eliquis yesterday are absolutely unsettling. Their side effects are outrageously multifaceted and more terrible and worse than I could have ever imagined. After reading them last night, I could not take the first Eliquis capsule!!!!! I do not know what to do with both my family practitioner, and an electriphysiologist and a cardiologist recommending that I take Eliquis.

Let me be frank with you as someone with a lot of experience in the area – many of the issues on this site are not because of Eliquis itself but other factors that impact the experience the individual has of Eliquis – there are explanations and things that can help but they require individual explanations.

Eliquis is a drug with many positives but it does need to be treated with respect. I take Eliquis – it saved my life when I had a blood clot over 10cm in diameter, I’d be dead without it. I will need to take it lifelong to stay alive. It’s not a trivial drug but it can keep you alive when other drugs wouldn’t. My advice is to talk to your clinician about your concerns and to be receptive with their feedback – wishing you all the best!

I have A-fib. Was told to take Xaralto three years ago. So I did one pill first day. Second day, I could barley walk and dizzy. Third day, pimples on my face and bleeding gums. Fourth day, took half pill, oozing sores on my face bledding gums.

Stopped taking it (or blood thinners). Recently ordered by doc to take Eliquis and took one pill at night and got up to pee and legs collasped, then fell on back end with weeks of back pain.

Walked like a drunk for three days, head in a fog, felt like an army of ants in all your blood vessels. Did not take AM pill.

I am 66 years old and work out at gym, ride a mountain bicycle, work on land. Stopped taking it as prescribed. My dose was 14 pills a week, 2 a day.

I take one and a half pills a week, or half a pill on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Even with this, I can get nose bleeding, then stop for week. Right or wrong my take.

Listen to your body and work the dose for performance, like being able to be normal and feeling normal.

Medicated with a 3 month supply of Clexane (Heparin) following a DVT diagnosis. 10 weeks later diagnosed with Bilateral PE and prescribed Warfarin. 6 weeks later back in Hospital with a recurring PE in left lung. Just started Apixaban (Eliquis) and no problems as yet.

It has already been a long and lonely road but hopefully my physical and emotional health will improve. I do believe that the medical profession in the UK sometimes lacks the knowledge or even the passion for medicating people with VTE and rarely consider the emotional turmoil we are going through.

By the way, I absolutely hated Warfarin with a passion after just six weeks!

Been on eliquis for 6 months due to blood clots. Have severe gas problems, stomach pains, dementia and no energy. Am allergic to lactose and read eliquis is lactose. Am stop taking it today.

I’ve been taking Eliquis for almost 6 months. I just ran out of my prescription and I have 5 days to go. No longer have insurance to get prescription filled. Will it hurt for me to not finish for the next 5 days?

I started having AFIB after a bout with cDiff 6 months ago. I had the same kind of arrhythmia after having Lyme Disease many years ago, and my then physician was certain that the Lyme Disease was the cause. I can’t get anyone to take my hypothesis concerning the connection between cDiff and Arrhythmia seriously. Actually I had to request a 48 hour Holter Monitor when the Arrhythmia started, and make a trip to the ER before anyone would take the Arrhythmia seriously. I finally got to see a Cardiologist who prescribed Metropolol and Eliquis. I feel certain the Eliquis is contributing to memory loss, and fatigue. I am also unable to take a hot shower without getting a burning rash, and can’t be in the sun without breaking out in a rash. Any part of my body that gets “overheated” will break out in a rash now. I haven’t read about any other reasonable options to the Eliquis, and my physician says there really isn’t anything else at this time. I am willing to visit another city or clinic to get better/different advice, and I would love to hear of others experiences with different treatments for Afib.

My husband was started on this med after they found a tiny blood clot in one lung. He has a history of Parkinsons / Lewy Body Dementia. He had been doing pretty good before starting this med. Since starting it he has really gone downhill quickly. His mental state is not good anymore. I do not know for sure that this med could have contributed to his quick decline but it does make me wonder.

I was put on Eliquis after finding A-Fib while doing a sleep study and then a 10 day holter. I felt strange a week after starting my head just didn’t feel right. After 6 mos. I started spotting (female) I’m 62 and haven’t had a period since 2004. Doctor keep me on it said as long as I wasn’t bleeding bleeding. I would spot a little once and a while. Well after being on it 18 mos. and feeling like my brain wasn’t working, memory bad, foggy headed, very fatigued, harder to breath and walk I had a small amount of blood in urine my pcp told me to notify the heart doctor and I did and was told to stop it cold turkey! I am having my kidneys checked by a specialist and being sent to a OBGYN . Within a week of stopping Eliquis my mind is clear again , I can think straight and the fatigue is so much better and my breathing is getting better also. It’s been 2 weeks since I quit the eliquis. I’m NOT going back on it.

Started Eliquis on 5/23 after being on injectables for 3 months, and before that Xarelto. I am a gastric bypass patient and my stomach is too small to handle the drug? (allegedly). Immediate headache, shoulder and, knee pain. Not good since my subclavian clot was caused by a compression in the right shoulder. I called the Hematologist last night and was told to stop the drug now… reading all of this, should I really just stop? or cut down to half dose? Scared.

I have been on eliquis since June 2015. recently I have experienced painful arm pain interrupting my sleep at night. Also I am on Hctz and lisenipril . I do not know if these meds will affect the eliquis that I am on. Also I have had abdominal pain. By accident they drew blood for an INR and found my blood was a little thin. The blood clot was found in my arm after I had a pacemaker put in. I am also on Lipitor. I do not know if I can contribute muscle pain to this. I will consult with my doctor next week to find out if I need to switch to another med.. and will they give me a sonogram to find out the progression of the clot.

Hi I had my second PE in March 2016 and have been put on Eliquis for life. Since starting I am experiencing severe swelling and joint pain of all my fingers and my neck. I am going to see a rheumatologist this week to see if it’s some sort of arthritis however this has only come on since I started Eliquis. I am beside myself with worry as I feel each day my hands are getting weaker, more painful and stiff. I am not sleeping due to the pain therefore very emotional all the time. I just want to get my life back. Anybody else had these experiences??? I am 52 years old and very active however this is turning me into an old lady that doesn’t want to even go out. Please help me if you can!!!!

Talking Eloqist now since 4/2/2016 for a deep vein dat and pulmonary embolism. The pe was treated with tpa via a catheter in the clot for 24 hours. They were concerned about trying to capture the left leg clot. A ivc filter was placed to capture any rogue clots. Since being on Eloquist, my restless legs at night have progressed to leg jerking and cramping. I usually only had rls at night, but now it is all day. My abdomin has very listened , bloated and hard( not gas), and experiencing right and left groin pain. Horrible groin pains. My doctor wanted to change the anticoagulant to Carleton, but after reading about it, there was no way I was taking that. No counter agent and bleed more easily. I M a klutz. I had difficulty keeping my inr normal with Coumadin in the past for a dat in the same spot. I am wondering if I should bite the bullet, with weekly blood tests , special diet etc all and change to Coumadin. The things I feel now, along with the fatigue are not worth it, and since I have to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life, I don’t want to feel like crap forever. No fun. Plus the side effects make me think other things are happening, when they are not.

Having A-fib is definitely not better than possible side effects. Unless you’re fine with having a stroke

I’ve experienced nosebleed. .no energy..headaches. ..shortness of breath since being on eloquis for the last month due to unexplained blood clot in left leg . should i be concerned?

I have had a mixed bag with eliquis so far. I have been on eliquis for 5 months (I had a stroke in late August). I have noticed heavy menstrual bleeding, and acne everywhere, not just on my face but on my back, stomach, upper and lower arms, shoulders, calves, butt, EVERYWHERE. And it doesn’t respond to treatment. I never had this bad of acne even when I was in puberty. I feel nauseated randomly, and recently when I got the stomach flu I was really lightheaded so my husband rushed me to the er in case it was internal bleeding… All in all, its been better than coumadin, but worse than not taking anything at all.

Another side effect I had with eliquis. Not going back on it.

I’m in my 20s, by the way.

I’ve been on Eliquis since Nov. I’ve had A-fib for yrs. 30+. This time my cardiologist at Duke Univ put me on a monitor and he said I was in Presistent A-Fib.
He put me on Eliquis. Upped my heart med. so I’m on three heart Meds now.
To say the least I’m petrified. He choose Eliquis over o e of the older ones. He said no Bld testing. No worry about food with Vit K.

What scares me is that this Eliquis is new. So was the ones you hear people are entitled to sue over for side effects. Plus they say you can’t get off of Eliquis.

I’m supposed to have both knees replaced. Cataracts removed, dental work. I’m frightened to death.
Does anyone have any encouragement or beg thoughts. I would appreciate hearing. Thanks

Whoever said you “can’t” get off Eliquis is wrong.. You can always try one of the others….

It seems that you are maybe having too many meds.Perhaps you could cut down on them

There must be reasons for those law suits.

Not to mention the cost of this drug! Even with insurance it is costing a fortune. I am on Medicare with Blue Cross supplemental and a drug plan. But in January it will cost me $335, and the cost of the drug will put me in the “donut hole” in August!

Gone to see a hemo . tomorrow! I devoped PE and small knee surgery they put me on Eliquis! On 9/18/15
I get headaches on and off , a lot of boating plus crimping and indigestion ! So scary, I hope I can get off this stuff but not sure because of family history of DVT! Any comments I would be grateful !

After a second incidence of DVT, I was put on Pradaxa. Took it for 6 months with few problems but started to feel a lot of pain in my lower back and in each hipbone as well as my wrist/thumb. I stopped taking it (AMA) and started feeling better within 24 hours. Another ultrasound of the affected leg showed that the clot was still there (and has moved from calf to thigh), so it is vital to stay on an anticoatulant but the pain interferes with a normal life. My physician has switched me to Eliquis but I am feeling some of the same pain in my lower back and bones, as well as my neck. I’ve only been on Eliquis a few days and started out at a double dose to get it working, but… I’ll give it a week or two but if I am still in this much pain, will ask her about going on Warfarin. I took that 5 years ago for 6 months and didn’t have these pains. The bloodwork is annoying but I can live with that.

I started Eliquis mid September this year for arrhythmia and have no energy; can sleep 15-16 hours a day. I feel dull witted, short of breath and depressed. I have had 2 nose bleeds but not as severe as some mentioned in other posts. My friends and family keep asking what is wrong with me, but the only answer I can think of is side effects from Eliquis. I will be getting off this medication.

I wonder if I developed a rash in my groin only on one side. It is extremely itchy and bright red, like a diaper rash. Is this an Eliquis issue?

I’ve developed the same type of rash on my arm and leg. Only after taking Eliquis.

I have been on Eliquis for a week after being on astrix aspirin for years,(which I was doing very well on,as I have Afib,diagnosed in 2006).,My cardiologist & Dr. said I must go on Eliquis. I just don’t feel well, suffering headaches & vertigo. My old Dr. said if this happens to go straight off Eliquis & back on astrix.. Your comments would be appreciated on this..

I am having the headaches , bloating feeling and stomach crimps… Been on the drug since 9/18/15

Do people have trouble with their leg muscles?

Yes. Especially since starting elequis

Had first Ablation last week Cardio. wants me to start using Eliquis and Pataprazole with my existing medication which includes Nuseal Aspirin and a Statin. Diagnosed with AF would get attack normally after a night out or wedding when a lot of alcohol would be consumed.

What I am very worried about is I am a very active individual gym, golf and walking as I am prone to put on weight and I am worried this new medication will restrict my ability to regularly exercise. Might anybody have any comments recently retired 60 yo. Also not keen on idea of taking both Nuseal Aspirin AND Eliquis. Thanks

Have been on Elequis now for 8 days after coming off cartia for AFib, now I am experiencing cold/flu symptoms and feel run down, Never was one for getting colds much before so I reckon its this medication.
Don’t know wether I can stop safely now as read that it can cause stroke etc? what a predicament!
Does anyone have any input which would be appreciated

Lord, I agree with you. The cures for a fib, all the $ made by cardio versions and ablations
Nothing works. Now the drugs are causing dementia.

Have been on metoprolol, xarelto, eliquis, digoxin, lorazepam and occasional furosemide (Lasix) for a couple years, after a serious episode of a-fib that went into congestion heart failure. Have had a couple of those cardioversions to try to correct heart rhythm, but keep going into A-fib.

Am presently having serious side-effects from all these drugs and just want to stop them… Have cut most meds down to 1/2 dosage (with Dr. knowledge), but have had about a week of INTENSE SEVERE LOWER ABDOMINAL PAIN (left side) and not sure what’s causing it. May have to go to E.R. for some testing because the pain is so severe and unremitting. Cannot find any comfortable position, and have to lay on back and JUST NOT MOVE to avoid the pain.

Just did some look-ups in Physician’s Desk Reference for drugs , and they list STOMACH PAIN and LOWER ABDOMINAL PAIN in listings for Metoprolol, Eliquis, Digoxin, and Lorazepam! Also, have learned that many of these drugs can cause dehydration that can lead to kidney stones, which can also cause severe abdominal pain.

Am starting to feel like having A-fib is better than all these problems from the so-called cures!

I have just been prescribed Eliquis and am actually very scared of taking them after hearing of the awful side effects that some people have had so I don’t think I am going to take the risk but will see what alternatives there are


I have been on Bisoprolol and Aliquis for the last 2-3 weeks due to being diagnosed with AF. I get diahhrea every morning and feel tight chested alot of the time. My doctor changed my dosage but still getting the squits. I also went to the doctors as my BPM was at 43. I am 31 year old slim male, don’t smoke or drink. I have had pain in my lower back for a while but putting this down to all the toilet breaks.

I had a “young” stroke (I’m 48) on October 14, 2014 and have been on Eliquis/Apixaban since December. I was prescribed Warfarin for anticoagulation right after the stroke and my INR escalated to 8.0 without coming down. After major tests, it was discovered that the genetic makeup of my blood makes it sensitive to Warfarin and so my hematologist changed me to Eliquis – 5 mg twice a day. When I first started taking it, I had no energy (which was also effect of stroke) and I was extremely nauseated every day for a couple of weeks. Now that I have been on it 3 months, I am doing so much better and am so grateful for it as I will need it the rest of my life due to the stroke being the result of an auto-immune disease called Antiphospholipid Syndrome. This syndrome causes the blood to attack itself and clot which can cause strokes, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, etc. It also causes joint pain and foggy headedness. It is highly under-diagnosed so I would recommend anyone with weird symptoms to urge their doctor to test for it.


Thanks to everyone here for their comments regarding Eliquis. I’m 40 and I developed A-fib 5 months ago and had an ablation procedure done which was successful. Dr placed me on Eliquis for 90 days post ablation. It’s been 1 month since the ablation and I’ve had slight distorted vision. It seems the vision in my left eye is a bit brighter and the right eye a bit dimmer, this wasn’t the case prior to the ablation…I felt like I had eagle eyes. So when I close an eye I can see quite clearly out of the open eye and same with the other, but when I open both it’s slightly blurred/distorted due to the brightness differences between the eyes almost like when you put on 3D glasses and one is red and the other green. This only started after the ablation and being put on Eliquis. Prior to that I was on Flecainide and that med caused vertigo like effects. We weren’t meant to be on any of these drugs short or long term and many times I feel like theres something synthetic inside me that simply isn’t meant to be there. Anyone have similar issues on Eliquis or post ablation? Thanks.

Dear Shane,
I was 53 when I had my stroke. I went to one of Boston’s best hospitals, and the team diagnosed it as APS. All the symptoms you describe are very real to me. They’re a bear, but you work through them. You’re right: the condition is hideously underdiagnosed in the US. Every woman with more than 2 miscarriages should be tested. For foggy periods, rest is all-impoortant. Please take care.

I am 51 years old. I have been taking Eliquis for 3 months for Afib that has caused 3 TIA’s in the past year. I was taking Plavix and aspirin, but they didn’t work. I have a pacemaker, a leaky valve and sick sinus syndrome. The Eliquis has been great. No bad side effect at all.

I am 80 yrs old and have taken 13 different medicines plus 2 vitamins for 5 to 10 yrs.for high BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes with absolutely no side effects. In 2014 I developed Blood Clots in my leg and in my lungs and was put on blood thinner shots in my stomach. After 1 1/2 years: Oct.2014 they switched me to Eliquist. Approximately 4 months later, I started getting pain in both shoulders and it ran down my arms to my elbow. On the pain scale; “8-9”, it wakes me up at night. I have talked to 2 doctors and 1 pharmacy people and they all said that this condition is not possible due to Eliquist.

Yes, I have been on elequis for 8 months. I have such low back, sore muscles all over . I will be getting off this poison soon. I hope to have an ablation. Best to you.

I am 44 I have the same arm pain. Intense wakes me up, cannot straighten my arms fully. The only medicine I was on when it started was the Eliquis.
I am in pain all the time.
Doctors don’t know why, made official complaint with Bristol Meyers, now back on Coumadin but no relief from the bilateral arm pain and tingling/numbness.
I blew DVT from leg to lungs while on Xeralto.
At least the Coumadin has reversal I would say to anyone to stay away from these new meds.

Howard, I also have had pain in the shoulders and arms as you have described. For the past year my hand has become increasingly more numb with tingles. It is difficult to hold things now and can no longer write with this hand.

I was given this medicine after having AFIB, and subsequent cardio version to ‘shock’ my heart to the correct rhythm. I originally was prescribed Xarelto, but the headaches were awful, and so my cardiologist gave me Eliquis. I had absolutely no problems with this medicine. I took it for six weeks, twice a day. I am now on a baby aspirin once a day for the rest of my life, and hope that AFIB does not return. I had no problems working out at the gym, or shortness of breath. I slept great, and had no issues at all, quite frankly. I did notice MINOR bruising issues that normally would be nothing but a scratch, but that is it. I had bleeding gums one time. I have no idea how this medicine would work long term, but for my AFIB/cardio version, and the afterwards time frame, I was fine on this medication. I also got it for free through my doctor, with samples. This is great, because it is VERY expensive, even with insurance.

I am 67 and got blood clots in lungs from inadvertent overdose of estradiol. Was put on Xarelto starting at 15 mg 2x daily. Had incapacitating headaches and dizziness. Switched to the 20 mg daily. Still horrific headaches and dizziness. Cut pill in half and took 10 mg once a day. Headaches and dizziness went away. Doctor suggested taking 10 mg 2x a day. Am now doing this and only have minor dizziness in morning before eating. Clearly approach of one dose fits all did not work for me.

Reported side effects to my doctor, manufacturer (Janssen Scientific), and insurance company. Manufacturer response: we don’t recommend 10 mg 2x a day, and the dizziness and headaches sign of internal bleeding, especially in head. My self-diagnosis: not internal bleeding but rather too high a dose.

I plan to get off this nasty medicine within 6 months of blood clot. Will use natural remedies like aspirin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, ginseng. Back to my exercise regime of weight training 3x a week, yoga, etc. but need to rest longer between sets of weights. Abruptly had to stop hormone therapy–estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone. Now back to horrible night sweats, hot flashes in day time, and insomnia.

need to see patients comments re eliquis

Just started Eliquis from plavix and switch from full strength aspirin to baby aspirin. Have no difference yet and I work out every day except weekends. I have muscle pain all the time from cholesterol medicine but will let you know how this does since I can’t afford it. The companies are giving this away and paying doctors to prescribe it so I’m unsure of its real purpose.

Had to come off of Eliquis since it had my lower back hurting so bad I could not even walk on the treadmill which I do. Had to stop most of my workouts since I could hardly move and had trouble getting off the couch. Stopped taking it and in 3 days I got better. Started it again since I thought it was not Eliquis on a sunday after working saturday night. Too eliquis sunday morning and sunday night and worked all night 8 hrs. Left work and drove home and had a hard time getting out of the car because of the same back pain. Cardiologist said he didn’t think it was the eliquis but stopped it and went back on plavix and aspirin and now its thursday and I’m back on the treadmill and working out. It was the eliquis since I have never had back pain like that before. I work out 3-4 times a week and I will not go on eliquis again.

I’m 68 years old and in good health. I’m on two meds to control hypertension. For about two years I’ve had AFib and have undergone a couple of procedures which have largely controlled the AFib. My cardiologists put me on Eliquis as a precaution against stroke about six months ago. I was reluctant to start another med — and an expensive one! — but, honestly, my fears were unfounded.

Granted, how people react to a given drug is a highly individualized response. Even blood relatives often respond differently. So I wouldn’t argue that, based on MY experience, everyone else’s side effects are imaginary. There is, though, sometimes a tendency to demonize a particular medicine and to blame it for any health changes occurring after the new prescription was started.

My father took Coumadin for many years and often joked about his rat poison. I recall his restricted diet — watch out for leafy vegetables! — and the on-going attempts (and blood tests!) to get his numbers right. My cardiologists are on the teaching faculty at one of America’s pre-eminent heart clinics so when they told me there was a better answer for me than Coumadin, I was interested. They recommended Eliquis based on, as I recall, randomized trials with 18,000 patients.

My interpretation of their reasoning is as follows:
— Because one doesn’t don’t have the dietary interactions of Coumadin, it’s easier to “hit your numbers” with Eliquis.
— Incidents of dangerous bleeding are greatly diminished with the “new” anticoagulants.
— While we view the lack of an antidote like Coumadin/Vitamin K as a liability, we also have to recognize that we are much less likely to need an antidote due to fewer incidents of bleeding.
— The “new” anticoagulants cost more (!) than generics, but some of that is offset by avoiding the time and expense of blood tests.
— The “new” anticoagulants offered better protection against stroke and, of those, Eliquis seemed to perform slightly better.

On my last visit, my doctor (a cardiac electrophysiologist) suggested that my AFib was sufficiently controlled that at my appointment 3 months hence, we’d talk about going off the Eliquis and just taking aspirin. He noted, though, that the bleeding risk was actually greater with aspirin that it is with Eliquis. “So we need to balance out the cost and side effects issue.”

I have a personal bias against prescription meds but many times medical realities loom larger than personal preferences. In that context, I’m fine with the Eliquis. I appreciate the protection it offers and the side effects from it have been minimal.

I live in Queensland Australia. My cardiologist transferred me from Warfarin to Eliquis 5 mg morning and night in October 2014. I am 78 years old with heart failure plus AF. Yesterday afternoon I suddenly had a very major nosebleed, 6 paper towels were soaked, 3 hand towels were soaked and one bath towel was wet.

I rang one of my daughters and she rang the ambulance while she was on her way. The paramedics arrived and quickly bought the nosebleed under control, they checked my blood pressure and pulse… both were normal. I was asked to go and see a doctor at the 24 hour clinic nearby as we can no longer go to the hospital emergency for everything as from January 1st, my daughter took me.

I was advised by the doctor at the 24 hour clinic to not take the Eliquis and to go see my normal doctor today. I have an appointment to see him at 2.30 pm this afternoon. I will be telling my doctor that I want to go back on the Warfarin… Yes! it necessitates regular blood tests but it is far safer than Eliquis and the other 2 drugs that have been developed to replace Warfarin… Warfarin has an antidote… Vitamin K… the others don’t… they have nothing!!!

No way will I put myself at risk for these new drugs!!

I’m not sure if it’s safe?

I’m on elequis and metropolol. I’m having sore muscles and joint pain and a very painful lower back and so stiff I can hardly get up and down off a chair. I’m beside myself any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

On eliquist and metropolol. headache, dizzy, in a fog most of the time. Stopping eliquist today.

I too am having moderate to severe joint pain. I am on Eliquis and metropolol.

Eliquis is the worst drug I’ve ever taken in my life. After only six days I developed all of the following side effects:

1. SEVERE exhaustion. Couldn’t even walk to the mailbox.

2. SEVERE breathlessness.

3. Hypotension (low blood pressure)

4. Blurred vision.

5. SEVERE cognitive failure. Felt like my head was stuffed with cotton.

6. Periods of rapid heart beat.

7. Insomnia.

8. BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

9. Ravenous appetite; absolutely craved carbs. Would have to get up in the middle of the night and eat.

I’m on the same medications but the muscle pain comes from my orchestral medicine and the muscle pain is all over but mostly in the calves where it hurts the most. If you take another medicine it could be it instead of the two you talk about. I also take tramadol for pain for herniated neck disks and I think it helps with the pain in my legs.

I suffered an acute Ischemic CVA in 11/12. I was given tPA, and was put an anti stroke medication Aggrenox. In Feb and May of 2014 I had a TIA and was put on Plavix 75 mg. and removed the Aggrenox. I am on many medication for Crohn’s Disease which has been quiet for the last few years…

On 2 occasions over the past month had a pulse rate in the high 130’s. It lasted for an hour and I took .5mg of Klonopin, and within 1 hour my pulse went back to normal. Very often when I am at the doctor’s office he finds my pulse slow.. I went to see my cardiologist yesterday and he put me on Eliquis 5mg. Although I was on a heart monitor for a week several months and it was negative. The doctor thinks I may have AFIB. I am wondering if I would be better off on Coumadin?

I did not mention that the doctor put me on Eloquis 5 mg and still on the plavix.

My mother was put on Eliquis following what was suspected to be a TIA but was never confirmed through various tests. She’d had an aortic valve replacement and bypass in 1995. When I heard they were considering giving her the drug, I asked about the FDA’s warning. I couldn’t speak with her doctor directly but his assistant had not heard about the warnings. At least that’s what he claimed. When I did see her doctor durings rounds, he told me that he did not want her on the drug and planned to just keep her on the low dose aspirin. And yet later that day she did get the Eliquis. I asked why and was told that was the doctor’s order. Again his assistant said that he’d look into it and then got back to me that he’d changed his mind and felt that it was safe enough for my mother.

Let me stress a few points here. Mom always bruised easily but what she went through that final week of her life looked as though she’d been tortured. Bruises on every single part of her body. Obviously signs of bleeding. Then she had bloody stools. Finally they took her off the Eliquis. That was 6 days later. Pain in her abdomen. Kidneys began shutting down. Signs of cirrohsis in her liver. She had not eaten or drank anything substantial in nearly two weeks. They had been flooding her with fluids and told me that they may need to intubate her because of her breathing.

The breathing was another issue that I was extremely vocal about. She couldn’t get enough air. Gasping, choking, coughing. All the while they were insisting that her lungs were clear and her oxygen was very good (98-100%). And yet with the kidneys failing and the liver dying, her stomach bleeding, hypotension and A-Fib, they continued to pump in the fluids. Pushing Bi-Carb did nothing. Finally they took her to ICU and her kidneys failed. Kidney specialist told me she didn’t want to put my mom on dialysis because her heart wouldn’t take it. She’d bleed out. As it was, they’d given her 5 blood transfusions while she was in the ICU.

She died less than 36 hours after being brought down to ICU. Now I’ve asked for all of her medical records and I can clearly see that her tests showed severe heart, liver and kidney problems from the word go. Why in the world was she given Eliquis? Three of the main warnings given by the FDA were against patients with artificial heart valves, kidney and liver problems and A-Fib. Her aortic valve was described as tortuous and her mitral valve had been leaking for some years.

At 94, having just suffered double pneumonia in July, did she really seem like a good candidate for Eliquis just one month later?

I am so sorry for your loss. And your story reminds me that it is ok to question my doctor when in doubt.

Have been on Coumadin and Dilantin for 15 years. It works for me and my once a month or so blood tests give me piece of mind. While initially agreeing with my GP, who suggested I switch to Eloquis, I am staying on Coumadin and Dilantin.
Why fix something that isn’t broken?

my husband has pneumonia like condition and is tired and weak most of the time sleeps a lot too on the amiodarone legs hurt all the time. what meds are your husband taking now for fib?

Amiodarone can do serious harm… my husband was in hospital at least 6 times in a year from it and he hasn’t really recovered his health even now, 3 years later. It can cause a condition that acts like pneumonia but they can’t find any germ, and the only way treat it is steroids. Every time the steroids were tapered off the pneumonia like condition came back. It took at least 6 rounds of treatment (maybe more, hard to recall) before he could get off the steroids without getting the lung problems again. amiodarone stays in the body a long time after you stop taking it.
The damage comes on so gradually that you just think maybe the a fib is the problem and maybe the amiodarone isn’t working or the dose isn’t high enough. And you feel tired and weak and sleep a lot… it has a lot of iodine in it too that does a job on your thyroid (he takes thyroid meds now) if your hubby isn’t doing noticeably better on the amiodarone ask your dr if he can go back to some other med… search up amiodarone pulmonary toxicity and thyroid effects and take the results with you.

Since taking apixaban my husband has developed numbness in his arms, sever pain in his hands and neck. No help from the medico except prescription for steroids – which have helped. He now sleeps. Will he ever be able to stop taking this cocktail? He is also on amiodarone and motoprocol. He has AF.

Did the issues ever go away. I have the same type of pain in my arms? It has been 1.5 months since stopping the Eliquis approximately.

I was prescribed Dabitgatran when clots were found on my damaged heart muscle after a routine MRI. I had very bad gut reactions and was eventually switched to apixaban. A month after taking this I started with psoriasis. That was a year ago and despite all manner of treatments is no better and indeed my hands and feet bleed and are very sore.
I have just started a course of drugs for the psoriasis but if anything it’s worse. Whilst I am told by my dermatologist that the psoriasis is genetic I have always had excellent smooth skin and it seems curious that at 71 I should suddenly develop a ‘genetic’ skin condition a month after taking apixaban. Has anyone else suffered a similar side effect after using this drug?

Cindy MB, before I went off the Xarelto I called our local pharmacy and he said that because the med stays in the system there is no problem going off it cold turkey. He cautioned me to call my Dr. ASAP though.
For the rest of you too let me state that I’m still off all blood thinner meds and am doing fine with the natural remedies I posted above. My family Dr. has been following with blood tests.
Stents are dangerous and I would hope that folks would give IV chelation therapy a try before they did something that cannot be reversed. Yes, I have fist hand experience with it as the shoulder harness damaged my heart in a 2006 car accident and my “widow maker” artery was blocked 70%.
Although I was supposed to do follow up sessions of chelation I haven’t because of other life events (cancer) but when checked about a month ago I’m still at only 20% blockage. This is incredibly good for seven years of neglect and nothing to worry about according to my cardiologist.
Yes, I do intend to get some follow up chelations because once a vessel is damaged it tends to clog again and I don’t want to have to go through 30 sessions again. A few times a year sounds good compared to having to start over again.

I was put on Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) and suffered severe muscle pain in my right leg together with hip joint pain and pimples.
After 3 weeks I was changed to Dabigatran and within a day I suffered terrible abdominal pain lasting 2 days.
I was then put on to Eliquis(Apixaban) and suffered exactly the same problems as Rivaroxaban. After 3 weeks of walking pain I have today gone back to Warfarin. I am hoping that no permanent damage has been done.

I have been taking Eliquis for about three weeks now and I have not had any muscle problems so far.

I am taking Eliquis and am suffering severe joint pain and swelling which I did not have before taking the blood thinner. I am wondering if Eliquis is the cause. My Dr. dismisses my concerns. Anyone else have the same trouble with this drug?

Started on Eliquis 5 mg for A Fib…………..had good B/P all along but NOW (6 weeks into this Rx), my B/P is exceptionally LOW.
Has anyone had this happen?? No one has an answer for me.

In 06 I had a stent installed and was put on aspirin and Coumadin, I kept getting big bruises on different parts of my body all the time after quite awhile on that my doctor changed it to Pradaxa when it first came out (I had the 2nd prescription) and baby asprian and I personally have not had a problem ever since and stay pretty active.

My situation is identical… I was on Coumadin (which I hated) for ~2 years, then my dr. switched me to Eliquis. HOPEFULLY, it’s only for 3 more months if I continue to heal well from my 2nd cardiac ablation, and I think I am.
The drug is terribly expensive, and I got $$help because I am so low-income. Otherwise, it costs more than $300.00 per month which is impossible.
Just prior to the 2nd ablation I finally went off the beta blocker, which caused SERIOUS muscle weakness and great fatigue and sleepiness for me. I am so much better now!
fbl says that Eliquis caused the same thing for her; so I can only say that once I get off Eliquis, I may be ready to try out for the Olympics, as I have worked out so stringently trying to counteract the effects of the beta blocker..
My main worry about Eliquis is: they say you CANNOT stop it on your own as “stopping suddenly causes significant risk of a stroke.” I have yet to find out if this is just a generic warning (i.e., OF COURSE if your blood gets thicker and you still have any AFib, you may get a clot)….. vs. that there’s something pharmacological in Eliquis that may actually trigger a stroke if it’s suddenly withdrawn.
I have a funny feeling it may be the latter, which doesn’t make me too happy…. I guess the answer is to taper off very slowly.

I took Xarelto for less than two months and had such sharp stabbing pains in my legs that I had to stop. It also gave me diarrhea and muscle wasting, which didn’t stop even months after stopping the drug.
Now over 1 1/2 years later I still have such weak leg muscles that it takes me time to walk after getting out of bed in the morning. After sessions of acupuncture some of my muscle has come back but I still get a weird feeling as if my muscle cells are gasping for breath. My muscles are still weak and hurt.
The only thing that has stopped the runs is a suggestion I got from this email newsletter-using Metamucil. It works! Now I don’t have to take the max dose of Imodium plus Pepto-bismo to go out. Nausea has also been a constant problem and I keep candied ginger readily available. Even in the glove box of my car.
I tried to post on the FDA web site over a year ago and it never went through and I finally gave up.
I am now taking nattokinase, vitamin E, gingko biloba and cayenne. My blood tests are great without any drugs.

My brother is on Plavix and aspirin (81 mgs.) due to heart attacks with multiple stents. He bleeds easily even with small injuries like a dog scratch, or rubbing the arm on a door frame. It takes a long time for the bleeding to stop. This is not a lot of bleeding but a serious injury would be problematic.
He was told to add the aspirin to the plavix, and his blood is evidently quite thin.
Be careful with blood thinners, particularly with the new ones that are not as well known for their reactions.

Don’t switch if you value your life!
My husband was approved by both his internist and cardiologist to switch from Coumadin after many years of taking it for atrial fibrillation to Pradaxa.
He started it in July and died the first week in October.
Both doctors said it was not a heart attack! However, it could have been something else, but we’ll never know. The main artery from his heart was blocked and it could have been a pulmonary embolism.
If Coumadin works for you – keep taking it!

I just switched to Eliquis after two years on Coumadin. No side effects from Coumadin but my INR was rarely in “therapeutic” range and always affected by antibiotics and prednisone taken for hives, at times.

I took my INR on my machine and it was a 1.0 which is. Or supposed to be relevant for Eliquis. I had my pulmonary emboli with an INR OF 1.1.
I seem too short of breath as I have been doing housework, shampooing carpets today etc. shortness of breath is listed as severe reaction to Eliquis but I may have had this for three weeks.

Can anyone advise? Going to doc tomorrow…do no want to go to ER.

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