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Diclofenac sodium


Voltaren is a pain reliever used for arthritis. It belongs to a class of medications commonly called NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Other medicines in this category include over-the-counter analgesics like aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, etc.) and naproxen (Aleve) as well as prescription arthritis pills such as Lodine, Naprosyn or Relafen.

Side Effects and Interactions of Voltaren

Unquestionably the most common side effects of Voltaren involve the gastrointestinal tract. They include nausea, indigestion, heartburn, cramps, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

Some people may develop ulcers and intestinal bleeding while taking Voltaren. Occasionally these problems can occur without obvious symptoms and lead to a life-threatening crisis due to perforation of the stomach lining. Older people appear to be more susceptible to this problem and should be monitored carefully. Warning signs include weight loss, persistent indigestion, a feeling of fullness after moderate meals, dark or tarry stools, anemia and unusual fatigue. Home stool tests such as Hemoccult or Fleet Detecatest may provide an early indication of bleeding.

Other side effects to be alert for include headache, ringing in the ears, rash, itching, and fluid retention. Drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, and confusion are possible, so do not drive if you become impaired.

Less common adverse reactions include jitteriness, insomnia, difficulty breathing, hair loss, depression, changes in appetite, hearing loss, visual disturbances, sores in the mouth and heart palpitations. Report any symptoms to your physician promptly.

Voltaren can affect both the kidney and liver, so periodic blood tests to monitor the function of these organs are important.

Some people become sensitive to sunlight while on Voltaren, so use an effective sunscreen, stay covered or avoid the sun.

This medication can interact with many other drugs including aspirin, alcohol, certain blood pressure pills, and the ulcer medicine Pepcid.

A person taking a blood thinner like Coumadin may become more vulnerable to a dangerous bleeding ulcer.

All the NSAIDs, including Voltaren, can make methotrexate (Folex, Mexate, Rheumatrex), lithium (Eskalith, Lithobid, etc.) and Lanoxin far more toxic.

When Voltaren is combined with Sandimmune the risk of kidney damage is increased.

Because of a possible risk of hemmorhage, we advise against combining ginkgo biloba extract with this medicine.

Check with your pharmacist and physician to make sure Voltaren is safe in combination with any other drugs you take.

Special Precautions

People who are allergic to aspirin or other anti-inflammatory agents should avoid Voltaren. Signs of allergy include breathing difficulties, rash, fever, or a sudden drop in blood pressure and require immediate medical attention.

Taking the Medicine

Because Voltaren can be hard on the digestive tract, it may be taken with food to reduce tummy trouble. This does not, however, guarantee that the drug will be safe for the stomach.

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It has been 2 days since I stopped Diclofenac. Itching is still on all over my body. How long does this drug stay in the body?

I take it for osteoarthritis. If I want to have just one drink, my face gets treally flushed. I hate to give up a nightly cocktail but this worries me.

I have been taking 50mg Diclofenac Potassium IR x 2 tabs daily for years with great results. Tried Voltaren Gel 1% with no worthwhile results except swollen hands and knees where it is applied. So yesterday I tried my first dose of Diclofenac Sodium 100mg ER (the one my Rx Plan covers, as the Potassium slat is not covered) and after approx 6 hrs I experienced the worst diarrhea I have had in a long time – similar to colonoscopy prep. It lasted for 9 hrs and I am very weak today. The arthritis pain is very bad since I have taken nothing, but I am afraid of the severe diarrhea from the 100mg ER tab. I ate food right before taking and drank plenty of water – just like suggested. I cannot see anywhere in the literature that GI distress lessens with continued dosing, so the remaining 89 tabs are staying locked up.

Worked great for my degenerative disc disease but it wrecked my knees and lower legs. Severe tendon and IT band pain. I thought it was tendonitis from running but when I quit running the pain wasn’t getting better.

Stopped taking the diclofenac and the pain improved daily. I took another dose just to check and the stabbing pain returned. Threw the rest in the trash.

Hello, I also noticed that my hair was thinning and I have a receding hairline now now. I’d only just occurred to me today that it could be the Diclofenac so I went on this website and I feel like people’s experience mirrors mine. Has anyone’s hair grow back after they stop the medicine??

hi, I’m Shirley doctor gave me diclofenac sod 75 mg 2 a day not sure if it is a side affect or not but have a lot of pain in right side of neck going up the back of head stoped taking pills but has not went away yet any one else have this problem? if so please share thanks

Prescribed Diclofenac 50mg for severe shoulder pain.. Have taken 3 pills total, and I’m stopping. These pills are killing my stomach. Although an effective pain killer, my shoulder feels great, my stomach can’t take it. Taken on full stomach this med is just too hard on my stomach

My husband, 58, has had some back problems for years. 1 and a 1/2 weeks ago he was prescribed Diclofanac. Trouble is he is allergic to aspirin. Dr. Forgott and pharmacist didn’t notice. He broke out in a rash all over his back 4 after he started it. Once we figured out the problem he immediately stopped taking it and is now taking the maximum dose of Benadryl. Trouble is the rash has now spread to his hands, legs and is moving up to his face. How long does the diclofenac stay in your system? I am currently waiting for a call back from the doctor.

I was prescribed Diclofenac Sod 75 to relieve persistent neck pain. 1 hour after taking my first dose I experienced a severe migraine. I have never had a migraine prior to this. The headache lasted about 2 hrs and then the medication actually relieved my neck pain. Too bad for the side effect. Not willing to go through the migraine again. Going try something else

I was prescribed Diclofenac Pot 50 mg for planters fasciitis. By the seventh day I noticed a jump in my blood pressure. I called the doctor and he told me to discontinue it. I stopped two days ago and my pressure is still running high in the afternoon. It has a high sodium level and I’m wondering how long it will take to wash out of my body. I don’t know why in the world prescriptions with so many side affects are prescribed in the first place.

I took Diclofenac for to months. One pill a day for three weeks. Now my legs hurts all the time didn’t know that was part of the side effects. Right leg hurts more than the left leg can’t stand up or get up the stairs with out help.
But the arthritis pain have gone away it’s just too bad for this side effect.
They should tell people that you may have weakness from it. This was working for me.

I’m having the same pain but in both legs. I take 2 75mg tablets a day to remove the fluid from my left knee but now both legs hurt top to bottom. Anyone know of another medication I could refer to my doctor.

To those of you who experienced hair loss while using Diclofenac:

How long after stopping the drug did your hair loss continue. After noticing significant shedding/hairline recession while taking Diclofenac (for 3 months), I discontinued Diclofenac. I stopped one month ago. But, my hair loss is increasingly worse, specifically along my hairline. Will the shedding continue for months, or will it subside sometime soon? I’d appreciate any insight!

I have put my back out and so started taking Voltaren tablets (25mg) orally. But the ringing in my ears is awful. Does anyone know if this causes permanent hearing loss or tinitus – or is it just temporary? Help.

I have been on Diclofenac sodium 75 mg for over a year for arthritic pain. I usually do 3 days on, 2 days off to give my system a rest. I take no other prescribed medicine. However: on my labs, BUN level has risen from 26 to 35. My creatinine levels are in normal range. (.7) Other lab values are also in normal range.

I am 76 years old. Is there any opinion as to whether or not the Diclofenac is causing my BUN levels to rise.

Any help with this will be appreciated!

I have osteoarthritis and bulging discs in my thoracic spine. This is the only medication that has taken away 100% of my pain! Unfortunately it is causing me to have headaches 24/7 along with dizziness and fatigue. I was taking 75mg but my doctor reduced the dose to 50mg 2xs a day…hopefully the side effects will dissipate because this medication is amazing in getting rid of my chronic pain.

I have had ringing in my ears for 4 days after just being on this medication for a 5 days. I took 3 50mg a day and now the ringing has not stopped. I feel like sonething may be wrong, even got nausea and dizziness to the point if I closed my eyes I would lose my balance. I should have never taken this for my hairline fracture.

When I first started taking this medication it was like a miracle drug for pain and inflammation. I only have taken it maybe once a month at the most, over a year though. I have had problems with it such as upset stomach, sweats, and my eyes swelling almost shut with blurred vision. Will not take this again after this last bout. I will look into diet changes and herbs.

Oh my God. I thought I was crazy & now I know I am experiencing acute toxicity of diclofenac (Pennsaid (R) 1.5% topical). My ears ring constantly. My eyes have so much pressure around them, my vision is very blurry. My eyes hurt really bad & so does my stomach. I’ve developed mouth sores, sweating, shakes and crazy weird metabolic changes. I’ve had the worst 24/7/365 severe headaches for months, which frequently turn into migraines. But they don’t start like my regular hereditary migraines.
I always used Pennsaid after work for carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic tendonitis in my forearms (from computer work) and on my left ankle, held together by screws. Pennsaid was life-changing for me. I used no more than 50% of Package Insert dose daily for 3 years. I stopped it 48 hours ago.

All this to avoid taking anything but bare minimum opioids! Un@$!#/believable. Opioids DO NOT cause end-organ damage like NSAIDS. Yes, you become physically dependent, but a slow taper using a beta blocker, under physician guidance, and anyone can be tapered off successfully. I’ve done it twice in my life with no problem.

Does anyone know how to wash out Pennsaid?? I’m passed the half-life, but still feel awful.

Thanks, everyone. I now know I am not crazy. God bless you.

This stuff works, no doubt…….for pain. It was like a miracle after taking the first one a year ago. I had no idea I was in that much pain until it was relieved. I do remember however that you had better find the nearest bathroom within 10 minutes of of popping one of these.

Today I needed to relieve this back pain to get through the day. Again, it got the job done. Then I couldn’t figure out why I was itching everywhere: forearms, face, crotch, feet. Then I figured it out. Luckily I had an EpiPen handy if needed. Best to just take the day off of work.

Just my two cents.

Was prescribed Diclofenac 75MG 2x a day for lower back pain. I find one pill in the evening helps the pain and lasts through the following evening. I find after taking 1 a day for 3-4 days I can stop taking it for about 4-6 days before the pain comes back. I know this drug is hard on the stomach and kidneys so I try not to depend on it. I have no side effects because of it and have been using it for over a year.

I been taking diclofenace and amoxicillin. I dont know what drug is making me have hives and my chest hurts a little bit the top part of my stomach hurts, I don’t want to eat, it really seems like everyone is saying the same thing about this medication, it’s crazy if it’s doing this to people why is the doctor giving this to us? I’m calling my doctor now I haven’t been feeling good.

I had taken diclofenac 2 years ago for a prolapsed disc without any problems, recently I was prescribed it for shoulder pain and took a severe allergic reaction, hives itching and swelling, initially I did not blame diclofenac as I had also taken tramadol and I blamed this, I took diclofenac again next morning and a rash soon appeared both hands, tingling and swollen painful fingers and lip swelling.

Stopped the diclofenac and after a few days on steroids and antihistamines everything settled down. I will be very cautious before I take any medications in future, fully read the patient information leaflet and try physio first before popping a box of pills, every medication has the potential for nasty side effects.

I have been taking Diclofenac for many years, Now I have had surgery and had removed 16 inches of my large intestion was in hospital for 1 week. had blockage on right side of navel and ulcer on the other side. Surgon said was because of taking the durg diclofenac. It was intened for low back pain

I agree with you, and I did this: first pjhysio, two months, no results, inflammation did not go down 9 days, now I developed left arm numbness and strange sensation of tension … which is scary.. I stopped it..of course

i cut my finger and had stitches. My doctor prescribed diclofenac to relieve my pain, but after 3 days i started having a serious chest and back pain. I stopped taking it, but still after 4 days of not taking it, the side effects continued. Now I am having lost of appetite and stomach pain.

Can you use voltarol cream for back pain, with kidney diease.

Absolutely not, IMHO. Speak to a pharmacist or your local poison center or doctor for more info, but based on my experience, no way.

I was given valtaren after my surgery Wednesday as I got my tubes tied. I have since had a lot of heartburn and watery diarrhea. Is this normal? I have stopped taking them as I had blood in stools.

I used voltaren gel lady night on my knee. I had insomnia. Has anyone else experienced that side effect?

I have severe back pain and sciatica. Doctor issued diclofenac 50mg 3 times a day, it really helped my pain relief but after 4 days my legs, ankles and my feet got so badly swollen I could hardly walk. My arms were so heavy and of a night time in bed I had cramp in my legs that I have not had for years. I have high blood pressure and take blood thinning tablets but was told that they should be ok to take together. I stopped taking the Diclofenac after only 4 days and the swelling in my legs have subsided. I would sooner persevere with the pain and take Paracetamols to assist it. Diclofenac is a very strong drug.

I have been on Voltaren Gel for my knee. The pain is worse & my hair is falling out.

I have been having issues with high blood pressure,
Talking with my Cardiologist, she said Diclofenac was hard on the kidneys and also causes the blood pressure to go up.
On the other hand, Diclofenac, is a miracle drug for arthritis pain, two days after taking 75mg twice a day, I had no more pain!
I am confused if I should keep taking it, without it my pain is unbearable.

HI…RM, I am currently experiencing the same reaction as you with the itchiness. I went to the doctor, she gave me a cortisone shot, and told me to take Benadryl. I am taking the benadryl every 6 hrs. That was Friday the 6th. My question to you is, are you still experiencing the problems, are you still taking the Diclofenac? If not, how long did it take before the allergic reaction went away. Hope that you are back to 100 percent. I took this for 3 weeks then I started to feel the allergic reactions. I’m going to go back to the doctor if it keeps persisting. I just don’t know since I took it for over 3 weeks how long it it take to get rid of it in my system. She was having me take 1- 75mg pill 2x a day.
Thanks for anyone else that can give me any ideas.

I started taking Diclofenac Sodium 50mg on 30th September, so about 2 weeks, for pain in my hip and back. They have really helped but about a week ago I noticed my hair was falling out when I brushed it and my scalp was itchy. I have very nice hair, not thick but plenty of hair, but it has definitely gone thinner. I couldn’t understand why but now I know so I am not taking another tablet and will be going to see my doctor tomorrow.

I have been using Voltaren Gel for a back problem. Since i cannot take Motrin type drugs due to burning in my gut, Voltaren Gel was a Godsend. Only one big problem: after using Voltaren for 6 months. I notice my hair thinning! I have very thick hair, so this is very unusual! I wondered if anyone else has experienced this side effect? There is very little information about it. I hope i hear from you if this has happened.

posted comment 20 June 2013 on this subject.
Doc ordered me back on diclofenac so dosed 1 pill a day and had been on it for about 3 weeks. 4 days ago hives and maddening itching arose all over my body, between the fingers, palms, eye lids, back, front, crotch area, feet…you name it I felt like I was dropped on a red ant hill. Upper stomach went into major pain, gas like feeling, hard to swallow. Stabbing sharp pain when swallowing water and worse when eating food. 3 days prior I called the Doc….out of town. Nurse called back and said take Benedryl which is an antihistamine. I’ve been taking this now for 2.5 days and has relieved the hives and itching, but the gastro track is still impacted. Have a hard time swallowing water and issues eating. It took 1 hour to eat a bowl of cereal with milk and a banana. Can’t find any info as to what to do abut the gastro track pain and suspect that I’ve burned the top part of the stomach lining as well as the esophagus.
Regardless of what your Doc says, be extremely careful, as I suspected seen in my 20 June post that something like this would occur, it did. For me the medication is like a train ride to hell.

I started taking Diclofenac Sodium less than a month ago and after a week I started having hair loss. My dr and pharmacist both said it couldn’t be from this medication but then I just read your post. It really works so well for my pain and this really disappoints me but I’m gonna try to stop taking it to see if the hair loss stops. Did your hair loss stop?

I was taking diclofenac for a week 150mg/day and now I have severe diarrhea since 3 days non stop. I took anti diarrheal otc medications but no difference..I don’t know what to do..the doctor gave me pentazol medicine to counter the side effects of diclofenac but it didn’t. Now I stopped both diclofenac and pentazol..can anyone help me

Severe lower leg cramping… could be not enough fluid, does drinking A LOT of water help? If the pain is severe, you could bounce back and forth taking Aleve for a spell, and then go back on diclofenac and alternate this with Aleve. Was advised however that if your taking aspirin to aid in blood thinning, not to dose diclofenac within 12 hours of taking aspirin, and this is also baby aspirin. Be sure to always check with your doctor though because the doctor is the go to for these things and not the web. Good luck!

I’ve been on diclofenac for approx. 1 1/2 years. I too have severe hair loss and I also get lower leg cramps. I’ve been to several Drs trying to figure out the hair loss issue. I’m so glad I found this site, now I know that other people are having the same concerns. I am discontinuing the use of diclofenac TODAY even though it worked great for my arthritis. Any ideas what else I can take for my arthritis? My fingers and back hurt so bad without it.

Stop taking it completely and your hair will get to normal after 6 months. I went to my dermatologist when I was losing my hair and that what he said. That’s exactly what happened – hair stopped falling out slowly and was back to normal in 6 moths after i stopped.

I have been taking Diclofenac SOD 100MG SA tab for about one month an my hair is coming out by the hand full, I stop taking the pills 2 time a day when will my hair stop coming out and what can I do?
People’s Piracy response: So far as we know, you have already taken the necessary step to step your hair loss. It may take several weeks, however, for your body to catch up and your hair to start growing back. Good luck.

I was perscribed this after I decided to quite narcotic pain killers. I was taking fairly large doses of Oxycotin and switched to Voltaren 75mg (Swedish version). They will not touch my pain. I guess I have a high tolerance for pain meds. I don’t believe they would be effective for people with chronic moderate to severe pain.

Had a ladder fall in 06. prior was in excellent condition asymptomatic. 3 years prior 1 episode with sciatica, left leg due to not stretching and chair time.
Prior to knee surgery and after ladder fall had lifted a heavy object from chest high and had a pop occur at the waist line which caused an immediate intense pain on the left center side rear waist. Thought I had blown a disc. The ladder fall has contributed to a host of linked problems such as inability to lift properly/evenly. Surgery for the left knee first where a high % of my left meniscus was removed due to kneecap strike against the ladder rungs, intense hot pain under the knee as it was discovered by MRI just how bad the damage was. Had surgery Sept. 12 where a large % of the meniscus was removed. Most used pain relief was Aleve, but many weeks went without anything.
Meantime the back issue, the medical community could not find any issues, but the pain was intense, intense enough to cause the left leg to collapse while walking as the sciatica went through the roof due to muscle/tendon cramping same side of body as knee surgery.
Discovered by alternative therapy that I had a dislocated tail bone which does not show up in X-ray or MRI, docs never found it. I had not taken any diclofenac until the tail bone was reset as the healing process distanced it self from the alternative PT routine, pain went off the scale due to zig-zagged nerves and casing from crookedly aligned tail bone. I decided to use the diclofenac, 2 weeks after taking diclofenac I stopped, which was this past Sunday was my last dose.
Today is Thursday and it was not more than 48 hours after the last full dose the pain started to return.
I decided to halt use with this med, because anything that stops pain as effectively as this drug can’t be good for your insides. I am back on Aleve but know even that must be stopped for best organ health and longevity.
No reaction with diclofenac other than loss of appetite at supper, which I needed anyway due to want to loose some #’s. But that was a sign that something was not right. Prior to taking this med I did research of what to expect, because if you have a severe reaction it is much too late to take back what caused your reaction.
Dosage was 75ml once every 12 hours. One thing is I believe you can dose up to get the product into your system and then the 75 ml dosage I was using could be cut back by 50%, possibly lower so you could dose at lower levels depending on your pain threshold. Pain management and lower dosages can help one to consider dosage for a longer period, but consider to risk good health for the loss of the brotherhood of pain.
Nothing like losing the pain to discover bad kidneys, liver or a hole in your stomach, I like Cajun & spicy Thai food too much! By then it is too late and more medical issues are in your face. I recommend stretching, yoga, Pilates if you can tolerate, do web searches by body location, skeletal group, muscle & tendon group to see if that helps you. Good luck.

I used 100mg diclofenac (slow release) daily for 1 month and it worked great for the most part. Allowed me to undergo painful stretching & exercise under physical therapist. Only side effects were occasional sense of stomach fullness / pain (slight), one episode of burning urination (very sharp), and now the second day after stopping I woke up with an awful muscle cramp in the calf. I was very careful to take while eating — and drink lots after the burning episode.

I have now taken diclofenac for 2 wks now and my pain has worsened. I had a knee surgery and its been a nightmare. Now I have muscle cramps, pain, diziness and depression. I can’t continue and the pain is too much and can’t sleep through the night. Pliz advise!!

I was prescribed this drug without any warnings other than the labels on the pill bottle from the pharmacy. I wet the bed the first night I took it and I was mortified! Since I can’t afford to lose any more hair (traction alopecia), I’ll have to stop taking this medicine. From reading the posts of other users, it seems the side effects are just not worth it.

I have been takeing diclofenac for over a year. It helped some. I was takeing it for my back and I had to have a test done. They did blood work, and found out my kidneys are not functioning right. They say it is from toxic exposure to my kidneys caused from diclofenac,

I too have itching on the fronts of both legs. Hadn’t connected it to the medicine. How long after you quit taking did the itching stop.

I’ve experienced hair loss and skin bruising while taking diclofenac.

Margaret, I was wondering if you have your hair growing back or is it still thinning? Are you off the drug completely? I am wondering because I am going through hair loss after taking Diclofenac and don’t know how long this continues. It is very upsetting.
Thank you

I had several side effects from this drug and no benefits what so ever!!!! My pain increased 10-folds to the point I had to stop taking it, but the remaining persistent side effect 3 moths later – hair loss. I am seeing doctors now for that and doing all kinds of blood work to see what is wrong. This beside mild side-effects like blurred vision, fatigue, skin scaling and others…

Has anyone experienced any issues with erectile dysfunction after taking this drug? I have been on it for about a month and have noticed a lower drive and mostly semi erection. May be related, I have stopped taking it to see if things change.

Tried diclofenac noticed immediate relief w heel spur and arthritis but also started itching so quit taking. Wondered if OK to try taking again hoping won’t have same reaction. What do you think?

I was prescribed Diclofenac supposedly for the tendonitis in my upper arms. As it happens it was a wrong diagnosis, but unfortunate side-effect was that my hair started falling out. I was on this drug for 2.5-3 weeks. Now I am off for 1 month and my hair is still thinning. Can anybody tell me how long does this effect continues?

I had the hair loss, too, especially from surgical anesthesia. This type of hair loss is called “telogen effluvium,” which is due to “illness, injury, surgery and certain medications.” (My Dad was a dermatologist for 57 years.). What happens is all the hair in an active growth stage at the time of incident, falls out. In me, it amounted to 1/3 of my hair being lost over several months time (even after stopping drug ). Thank God, it was evenly distributed.

Dad prescribed Vitamin B12 shots, Biotin 5000 mcg/day, and Biota Shampoo & Conditioner. All of these items are drug-free. The Biota shampoo/conditioner reduced shower hair loss by 50%. I know this because I had to put a hair catcher over the dang drain!!!

Six months to a year to grow back your hair. The Biotin supplement makes hair and nails grow really fast.
It was horribly upsetting for me, too. If only my Dad would have explained the end point would be losing 1/3, I would have suffered far less psychological damage. I thought it would never end and I’d be bald.

You will get through this! You will recover your hair. Stay strong & God bless you.

I hurt my knee in late September and was prescribed 75 mg Voltaren for the swelling. I took this drug approx. twice every two days depending on how sore my knee was, until early December when I found my hair was falling out in hand fulls. I immediately went back to my doctors, who in turn sent me to a skin specialist. Voltaren was the only drug I had been taking, except for HRT (Premarin 0.3 mg, which I had been on for over a year for menopause. The specialist did say it would grow back in up to a year.
By Christmas I had approx. half my hair, and by mid January I had lost all my hair. I have lost all hair on my body except a few eyelashes and my eyebrows are very thin at this stage.
I have went back to the skin specialist this morning, and he was astonished to see that I had lost all my hair, and said it looked as if I had been on anti cancer drugs. I have always had very thick hair, and am now wearing either wigs or hats to cover my scalp. It is just beginning to start growing again and would be no more than an eighth of an inch in growth.
This afternoon I am having an operation on my knee, which I wish I had done to start with and never taken voltaren.

I have been on and off Diclofenac (voltaren) for 6 months now, I too have experienced massive hai rloss. I have for the time being stopped take the pill, because of no need.
My question is: Now as I am off the pill, will my hair go back to normal? If yes, how much time will it take?

I have taken about 5 tablets of Diclofenac, and have been getting muscle pain and cramps practically every night. I had heel pain, and the Dr. prescribed, this med. wondering if anyone else experience muscle spasm and pain in leg calf. I have notice upset stomach, and feeling of nausea. The discomfort I feel with this med, is worse then the heel pain…..
I will discontinue…

I started taking diclofenac sodium EC in June 2011 in September of the same year I began to experience massive hair loss as general thinning. The drug worked very well on my arthritis but I’m not sure about the trade off. I have started to reduce my dosage from 2 tabs a day to 1 and will continue to reduce the dosage further.

Will not enteric coating obviate the stomach irritation? How much does diclofenac (enteric coated) cost on lin? aw

I also experienced extreme hair loss after taking Diclofanac for 4 months. A general thinning all over. I’ve stopped taking this drug for 1 month and have noticed less hair in my brush and sink!

I too have extreme hair loss after taking Diclofanac for 3 months. It is not working for me either so I will have my new doc switch drugs or take nothing.

I’ve been taking Diclofenac sodium an co-dydramol for the last 4 months following the birth of my baby.
In the last 6 weeks I’ve lost about a third of my hair from all over thinning. I know that hair loss loss is common after pregnancy, but the rate in which it is falling out will mean that in a few months I will be wearing a wig!
Has anyone heard or experienced the same on these medications??

I have been taking diclofenac sodium for my arthritis pain for about 6 months. It has been working with little noticeable side effects. But now I’m wondering if my hair loss is connected. My hair has never been extremely thick, but it is now thinning noticeably.
It is not patchy but overall thinning—and now when I read the side effects, I am also starting to worry that it might also be silently working on my stomach problem. I take nexium 40mg daily for GERD. Might the diclofenac be working on my stomach lining without my knowing it? It is already touchy because of past overdosing of Ibuprofen and naproxen (also for the pain of my erosive osteoarthritis).
I would like to know if there is anything I can take for the pain that is not going to hurt my health over time. I cannot take codeine, sulfa, and I react with high blood pressure to naproxen. I have tried mobic and a few other pain relievers and they just didn’t work. I took vioxx when it was on the market and it worked well for me. I do not have heart problems other than high cholesterol witch I take lovastatin for.
Is there anything that I can suggest to my doctor to prescribe? There are so many drugs out there and he is a general practitioner, he is good but with so many out there and new medicines every day; please help!
Thanks, Susan

My husband just started to take Diclofenac-K or Novo-Difenac-K (there were two names on his pill bottle). After 3 days he fell very ill with nausea and cramping and water in his lungs. He stopped taking it, and is feeling way better today. It was for his swollen hands with arthritis. He can’t take Morphine or menthotreksan either.
Was wondering does this new pill have these compounds in it? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from the pharmacy people. His doctor is a country doctor and not up on these pills. He looked it up in his book and said well give it a try and see. Well we now know this drug is not good for him.
I would like to know what drug he could take and feel better on. He had a heart stint put in his artery and they say he is ok as far as the heart goes. Just so much pain and swelling in his arms, shoulder and radiates to his hands.
He is soon to be 75 years in Sept and we are on a low pension. These pill prices are somewhat high for us just to experiment with and get no results. Hoping you can tell us something about these pills and maybe know of a better one and a safer one for him. Celebrex doesn’t work either. He has tried a lot of them in these past years. I forget most of them. Thank you Elaine

I just heard about Voltaren Gel. Do the same side effects relate to the gel also? Where can I find out about Voltaren Gel?

While taking this medicine I kept having ringing in the ears and upset stomachs every day, i also started wetting the bed, which my doctor told me was to do with this medication. This is not listed as one of the side effects. I’ve had to stop taking them now, and have been taking other treatment for my arthritis.

No, the gel does not give me these side effects. I’m on the gel, and all is fine. But after 9 days on the pills I had numbness and swelling in my left arm. I had to stop the pills.

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