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Devastating and Surprising Side Effects of Ciprofloxacin – Cipro

Antibiotics like ciprofloxacin (Cipro) and levofloxacin (Levaquin) can cause unexpected side effects: tendon rupture, nerve damage and hallucinations.
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Over 20 million people take a class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones annually for everything from sinusitis and urinary tract infections to bronchitis and skin infections. Two of the most famous drugs in this category of medicines are ciprofloxacin (Cipro) and levofloxacin (Levaquin).

When people get a prescription for an antibiotic they often anticipate digestive tract upset–nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. What they do not expect are hallucinations, tendon rupture, nerve damage or brain fog. And they certainly do not expect such side effects to be permanent.

The FDA Can Be Super Slow

It took the FDA a very long time to warn prescribers and patients about the surprising side effects of ciprofloxacin and similar antibiotics. Two years ago the agency admitted that nerve damage–peripheral neuropathy (pain, burning, tingling, numbness and weakness)–can occur after taking only a few pills and can last for months or years. In some cases the damage may be permanent.

Over the last 20 years we have heard from an extraordinary number of people that drugs like ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, moxifloxacin, norfloxacin and ofloxacin can cause chaos. Some patients refer to the adverse reactions as being “floxed.”

Surprising Side Effects of Ciprofloxacin: Hallucinations

Most people would never associate horrible nightmares and hallucinations with an antibiotic. And yet we have heard from many people that quinolone antibiotics can do just that.


“My son who is 12 was prescribed ciprofloxacin for a bacterial infection. As soon as he started taking it, he had nausea and vomiting. He complained of tingling sensations in his fingers the next day and started suffering from insomnia and hallucinations.

“The doctor gave him something for the nausea and we continued giving him the antibiotic. He started having anxiety and nervousness and also the hallucinations continued. This medicine has brought so much pain to our son and ourselves mentally and physically. I wish I knew the serious side effects of this medicine before giving it to him.”


“I have been prescribed levofloxacin for pneumonia. It worked wonders for my very high fever and lung infection but I have been beside myself with dizziness, rapid heart beats and nausea. My doctor warned me about tendon problems but no nightmares, dizziness, major insomnia and hallucinations. I am two days off the medicine and the mental disturbances are still here.”


“I took Cipro as a completely healthy 29-year-old male and it almost killed me. On the sixth day after starting Cipro for a stomach bug I felt a tight pain in my side that then progressed to heart palpitations, hallucinations, nightmares, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, memory loss, depersonalization, nerve pain, loss of feeling in my hands and feet, tendonitis and loss of taste.

“I lost 19 pounds in two weeks and was very lean to begin with. This occurred 11 months ago and I am still not completely recovered, but am doing much better and expect a full recovery.”

Tendon Disasters

Other surprising side effects of ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin and similar antibiotics are tendon and soft tissue damage. Again, most people never imagine that the medicine they are taking for sinusitis or a urinary tract infection could cause a tendon to rupture and leave them disabled.


“I was prescribed ciprofloxacin and have had multiple tendon and ligament ruptures, permanent double vision and peripheral neuropathy. It was confirmed by my doctors the ciprofloxacin was the cause.”


“I took Cipro for almost month. About the third week I was so messed up I thought I was dying. The antibiotic made me feel awful. I had tendon problems in my Achilles heel and now in my hands and fingers. I can’t even bend my fingers open and closed. They just get stuck (stiff). I know it was the Cipro!”


“My most recent drug harm was from the antibiotic ciprofloxacin. I suffered Achilles tendon tightness and pain, which became an Achilles tendon rupture.

“The doctor’s office said it could not be caused by the drug. A second doctor put ‘tenderness’ on my chart but prescribed a boot cast and anti-inflammatory drugs.

“I read the ciprofloxacin page on Wikipedia and found out this tendon harm, damage and rupture is a KNOWN side effect of the drug. Worse yet, I found out it is NOT to be prescribed to patients my age. I took it for three days, and suffered over two years with inability to walk normally.”

Nerve Damage

It has been our experience that patients are not adequately warned about irreversible damage to nerves. This condition is sometimes called peripheral neuropathy and it can be devastating.


“The doctor put me on Cipro for a tear duct infection. I took one pill before bed and by the next morning I was feeling like crap. I took another pill at 7 am and by 10 am my right leg was hurting so bad. It also felt like I was walking on needles. I also had pain in my shoulders and neck muscles.

“About 1:30 pm I had enough and called the doctor who said to go to the walk in clinic. I went and the doctor told me to stop taking the medication. If I got that sick after taking only 2 pills I can just imagine what would have happened if I had taken it for the full 7 days.”


“I have been given Cipro [ciprofloxacin] about 5 times in the last decade. The first time it was prescribed for a routine infection when I was about 30. I was an athletic person and used to be superior to 90% of my friends in physical strength and agility.

“After taking this antibiotic all my joints and muscles have been crippled – feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers. I suffer from brain fog, increased forgetfulness, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy with loss of sensation and involuntary twitching and jerking of muscles. I have lost physical balance and have a tendency to fall. I experience emotional ups and downs and am not able to remember correct words during speech.

“I am so crippled that, when I enter a car, I need to help my left leg with my hands to lift it into the car. Sleeplessness is another major issue. If you can’t sleep your recent memory/experiences will not imprint on your brain. I already look and feel like 90 years old.

“The saddest thing is that doctors never listen to me and do not buy into ciprofloxacin as the cause of my misery. By giving you a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, they have created a brand new patient for life, who feeds the entire ill-health industry for remainder of his/her life. They call the conditions I suffer from fibromyalgia, psoriasis, arthritis, tendonitis, neuropathy and several other names. Specialists start treating these conditions with more drugs.”


“My life has been utterly destroyed in the most horrible manner by ciprofloxacin. I am far too sick and weary at this point to describe to you all my points of misery. I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Nor did I do anything to cause this misery. I lived an exemplary life, always cognizant of the importance of good health and took excellent care of myself.

“Though I was completely healthy in every way, I decided it would probably be a good idea to go in for a ‘wellness’ check. I would still be completely healthy today had the doctor not asked for a urine sample ‘as general procedure.’ Because the urine sample looked ‘slightly cloudy,’ to her, she prescribed ciprofloxacin, 500mg, two times per day for 7 days.

“This was, as she said, ‘a simple antibiotic, for just in case.’ I had never had a urinary tract infection before and had no discomfort of any sort, but I figured it was possible. So like a good soldier, I filled the prescription and took every last pill, as instructed. No one bothered to call during that week to inform me that the urine culture was negative.

“As far as I’m concerned, I died July, 2014.

“I’m writing this because I’m so sick of doctor-worshiping people blaming the victim. I’ve seen and heard too much of it! I never again want to hear or see in writing that there must have been something wrong with the victim of this awful poison to begin with!

“Wake up! What does it take to convince you that people are being poisoned wholesale by drug companies. Even as I struggle to write this there are untold numbers of us out here suffering the effects of these fluoroquinolines and not ONE of us appreciates being blamed for it in any way shape or form, thank you!”

Heart Rhythm Irregularities

Irregular heart rhythms are a rare but potentially life-threatening complication of fluroquinolones. These too are surprising side effects of ciprofloxacin and company.

One of the most serious arrhythmias is something called a prolongation of the QT interval. If this happens it could lead to deadly consequences such as cardiac arrest. Symptoms can include dizziness or fainting. A doctor should always warn a patient about such side effects and yet many of the reports above mention these adverse reactions but most people were clearly not prepared for them.


“I have been taking ciprofloxacin now for 4 days and I must stop. I have a bladder infection but these side effects are so dangerous. Old shoulder injuries are now killing me with pain. I am experiencing crazy nightmares, heart palpitations and heart spasms.

“I bet people die from this stuff. I’m done. I’ll have to find a much safer way to treat my infection. I’m terrified these symptoms may not go away.”

The Bottom Line

We know that many people take fluoroquinolones without experiencing serious or life-changing side effects. For them, the drugs are valuable. For others, though, this class of antibiotics is poison. Sadly, we do not  yet know what predisposes some people to surprising side effects of ciprofloxacin and its chemical cousins. These adverse reactions can be life altering.

The best advice we can offer is to be absolutely vigilant. If a physician prescribes a quinolone-type drug, ask about the side effects we described above. If you or someone you care about begins to experience any of these side effects, contact the prescriber immediately. We do not want anyone to go through what these people have suffered.

Share your own experience with fluoroquinolones below in the comment section and please vote on this article at the top of the page.

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It’s sad to read these comments, because most of us didn’t require an antibiotic with the strength of Cipro to heal our infections or treat our medical issues. I took only one 500 mg pill on August 1, 2019, and so far have had no real aches in tendons or joints. However, I now have blood pressure readings that fluctuate from low to extremely high. This is accompanied by heart palpatations. I’ve not found anyone describing those BP symptoms on any Cipro site. I’m sending hopes for healing to everyone who has been negatively affected by this drug. My advice? Warn others, and keep hoping/planning for your own recovery!

I am a classic example of a patient who should NOT have been given Cipro for a simple UTI; I already had severe tendonopathy in both shoulders, fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy. When I started having symptoms from the Cipro, I thought it was the worst attack of fibromyalgia I had ever experienced, or else some tick borne illness. I had definitive tests to rule out Lyme disease, etc., and started treating myself in ways suggested by other “floxed ” patients; lots of antioxidants and things to help rebuild the mitochondria in my cells: phospholipids, glutathione, resveratrol,, hyaluronic acid, etc. Now, six months after taking the Cipro, I have maceration of my shoulder tendons, which I hope may be helped by arthroscopic surgery. My neuropathy is much worse. All of this was caused, in my view, by Cipro!

I was prescribed Cipro for diverticulitis. I quit taking on the sixth day because my Kardia mobile showed possible AFIB. I am also seriously depressed and cannot focus.

I had kidney stones which blocked the urethra, and then I developed infections of Staph, sepsis, serratia, pneumonia ,and one other bug. While I’m grateful that Cipro killed the infections, I now have a ripped tendon in my calf, dizziness, and a brain cloud. What’s next?

My husband was on Ciprofloxacin and Amox-Clave for 6 years. Started having dizziness and passing out, which they diagnosed as Orthostatic Hypotension. He had severe weakness of his legs and Neuropathy in his feet and hands. Severe diarrhea for the last year of his life. The diarrhea caused malnourishment; he was just skin and bones. He was diagnosed with Autoimmune Autonomic Neuropathy which also became one of the causes of death beside Ischemic Heart failure and Chronic Renal failure. He was a Kidney Transplant patient of 8 years with no rejection issues. Three months after transplant he had an Aortic Aneurysm repair which is why he was on the antibiotics due to an infection a few months earlier. No one could figure out the reason for any of his issues until it was too late.


I was given Cipro as I was leaving a hospital where I was treated for a simple bladder infection. I became confused and nauseous after being on it for 1.5 days and stopped taking it. A little over a week later, I could hardly walk and felt like I had electricity running down my legs. That was followed by stabbing pains in hands and feet, prickling sensations all over my body and patches of burning sensations on my arms, legs and back.

It’s now almost a year later, and I have had to deal with this horror 24/7. Only when I inexplicably developed overactive bladder along with the neuropathy did I learn Cipro can cause all of my symptoms. My urologist told me this. None of my other doctors (two PCPs, one pain doctor, two neurologists, one ophthalmologist, one audiologist and others) would admit awareness of the FDA’s findings and formal warnings concerning the dangers of Cipro.

Cipro has robbed me of nearly one year of life so far, and I wonder how many more. I should add that peripheral neuropathy (caused by Cipro) can affect the eyes and ears, and I have developed poor eyesight and hearing as well. I was happy and active before being given Cipro — a drug with at least three FDA Black Box warnings against it.

My advice to friends, family, really anyone: If any doctor tries to give you this poison, refuse it immediately and direct his or her attention to the FDA website and/or just show them the many thousands of results, including scholarly articles that PROVE the link between Fluoroquinolones and debilitating nervous system, arterial. and joint diseases.

I am so very sorry this drug has not been pulled from the face of the planet. It is diabolical in its destruction of many thousands of lives (online search confirms it) and has almost zero upside due to the fact there are so many far less risky antibiotics out there. Why do medical professionals persist in prescribing this poison? Is it ignorance — despite the FDA’s many explicit warnings to physicians — or might money be the motive? Either way, it is pure poison. Cipro has turned me into a cash cow for specialists and has made me view the pharma industry and its sycophants in the medical profession as damnable.

Day two that I have been using this drug. I feel bloated, nauseated, dizzy, loss of taste, and disturbing pain in my stomach. I have decided to discontinue the drugs to know if I will be my normal self.

Doctor prescribed it to me because I complained of severe waist or lower back pain. I am done with thus drug.

I took cipro, and now I am in severe pain months later. It is in my hands and arms the worst! I’m miserable and don’t know what to do!!!!

I will add my voice to the others whose life has been damaged or ruined by Cipro.

I live with nerve damage and loss of coordination and weakness in my legs which makes walking a scary experience and prevents me from doing any of the things I used to do. It all happened suddenly right after taking Cipro for 3 days. I read the warning sheet that came from the pharmacy only after I took the Cipro. I wondered what the heck was wrong with me but when I read the warning sheet it was already too late. Being believed is a problem, even though the warnings are clearly written for all to see. I believe all of you.

I took Cipro for two weeks due to a bowel perforation. 7 days IV in hospital, 7 days oral after discharge. I did experience thoughts of hopelessness, doom, and not caring about living. I almost asked the nurse for a psychiatric evaluation. I experienced this after surgery for 2-3 days, during my initial IV treatment. I was very depressed with a sense of doom, but not as severe, during the hospital stay and the week after discharge.

At about the 6 weeks post-operative phase (or 6 weeks after starting Cipro) I began to notice tendon pain in almost every joint, but the severity of it seemed to be associated with activity level. Some muscle twitching and occasional sharp pains. While still in hospital I noticed my hands and feet would seem to feel cold but not cold to touch. These symptoms have continued but change in intensity. I am now 3 months post-op. Sometimes the tendon pain is very severe. Tylenol seems to help the mild episodes but doesn’t do much for the severe episodes. These are real symptoms and are fairly constant, but constantly changing in intensity. Came to this website to see if other Cipro patients have similar or different side effects.

I was given a 10 day prescription of Cipro 500 mg 2X a day for an ear infection. I took it for 6 days and had to get off it for adverse reasons. Tingling in feet muscle weakness, ringing in the ear. But the worse symptom of all is the insomnia. I can’t allow myself to fall into a deep sleep without feeling like I’m going to stop breathing. I don’t know what to do went to ER and they said everything checks out fine. I am a 57 year old who feels this is a very dangerous drug and should be banned for all humans. I just hope it doesn’t kill me as I wasn’t in overall bad health before taking it. I wish I had some answers as to what I should or could be doing to help with this condition. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

I received a prescription for Ciprofloxacin and Prednisilon (Cortisone) from the doctor in connection with sinusitis. In the beginning (first 3 weeks) I noticed a strong improvement in health. After 5 weeks I suddenly felt very poor. Side effects: Strong headache, muscle weakness in the legs, nausea, numbness, tingling in the skin, feeling depressed in the chest, wheezing and sagging.

After almost 3 months I am still not healthy, but a little better. Less pressure in the chest, less discomfort in the body and less breathing. I have started exercising easily to build the muscles of the legs that have been “halved”. The Norwegian Medicines Agency has issued a warning on the use of “quinolones” such as Ciprofloxacin. Particularly in combination with cortisone, this may be dangerous: This is the warning: “Certain cases of disabling, prolonged and potentially irreversible side effects have been reported mainly affecting muscles, skeletons and the nervous system using quinolones for inhalation and systemic use”. My advice is not to take this medicine. Search for alternative medicines.

I went for a test and this ciprotab was prescribed to me by a pharmacist for the treatment of staphylococcus aura.

On the fourth day of taking the medication, I started noticing abdominal pain, sharp pain in the belly button, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, dizziness, insomnia, change in urine colour – dark orange, headache, and difficulty in breathing. I notified the pharmacist, and he insisted I should finish it full dose.

I just hope his advice is sound.

I recently took Cipro and Flagyl for diverticulitis. On the 7th day I felt tightness on the left side of my breast bone. I recalled this feeling from a previous experience with Cipro and wasn’t concerned because it disappeared the last time. On the 10th and final day of treatment I had a sinus tachycardia event for the first time. It’s over a month since the last dose, and I had another event yesterday. The chest sensation is still with me and most noticeable at night. I had a heart ultrasound and discovered I have slight leakage in my aortic valve. Today I will get a Zio patch to find out what is going on. Also having a nuclear stress test this week. I’ve always had a strong heart and been very active. This has changed my life, and I hope it is temporary. I can’t help but think the Cipro is the cause.

Has anyone tried Diatomaceous Earth for this condition? I have had this horrible problem since 3-18.2018. After 2 days of CIPRO the D Earth was recommended. I was diagnosed with Sjogrens in 2107. The Nerve pain was followed by extreme joint pain after the dose of Cipro. Looking for any input about DE. Thanks.

In 10/14 I was given cipro for a UTI. 12/14, steroids for bronchitis. 2/15 cipro again for sinus infection. I was 64, with post-polio and diabetes. 2nd day of 7 whilst sitting in my recliner I suffered spontaneous partial ruptures of both Achilles tendons. Thinking it was part of the body aches of the infection I took the full 7 days of cipro. A week later I developed De Quervains tendinitis in my previously healthy left wrist.

Neither my primary care doctor nor my orthopedic surgeon could explain why. Neither had heard of cipro causing tendinopathy and they refused to believe that I had been affected, even after I showed them the black box warning, citing the rarity of occurrence. It took 5-7 months of cast immobilization to resolve. In 9/16 I moved from Michigan to Texas. In 6/17 I suffered a spontaneous recurrence of Achilles tendinitis. The new orthopedic surgeon didn’t believe it was cipro related and accused me of “malingering” but finally treated me.

I discovered reports of recurrence and onset of cipro related tendinopathy as late as 18 months after last dose. I changed orthopedic surgeons. The new one said he knew about cipro and Achilles tendinitis, it happened to him. But “I got over it.” After being mistakenly given Levaquin and suffering another spontaneous partial rupture he said, “You took one pill! It won’t cause this. What are you doing?”

Later, in hospital for a UTI I discussed this with an infectious disease specialist. He said he was specifically familiar with cipro problems. He diagnosed my tendon problems as cipro related and told me the damage was permanent, it would recur and spread to other areas and tendons because fluoroquinolone antibiotics alter the mitochondrial DNA of human connective tissue. I have since had my jaw dislocate due to a partially ruptured tendon, 8 weeks wired shut; spontaneous rupture of 2 separate tendons in my right foot, 12 weeks in long leg cast for the 1st and currently 6 weeks with 6 more for the 2nd. lso currently another long arm cast for De Quervains recurrence. And a new orthopedic surgeon who knows about recurrent cipro related tendinopathy. And I now also intermittently wear a Miami collar for tendinopathy and muscle spasms in my neck. Further, I have peripheral neuropathy in my left foot and intermittently in both hands. I am also plagued with headaches and brain fog. And I am constantly fighting depression.

For me now this is palliative care. Where my orthotist and I dealt with my kafo leg braces and wrist supports now we’re talking “toes to nose” bracing. Cipro has ruined my life.

This medication is extremely dangerous. My gosh, it has a black box warning. I was only on it for 3 days. And only got through 2 days. 500mg twice a day. I am so sick now it’s been 35 hours since my last dose. Never ever again. I wish all u well who are having problems.

I had cipro 500 two times a day for 3 days. Then I felt tingling and numbness in my fingers and face that goes and comes again. It makes me worried so much, and I thought I might have serious problems. But after reading these comments I feel better.

I went to urologist with issue about urinating and was prescribed cipro for suspected prostate infection. 8 days later (2-500 mg per day) my mouth became sore, then developed white spots and made the inside of my cheeks, upper lip, tongue and throat very sore. I have difficulty eating or drinking not just due to pain when swallowing but the pain caused by food or drink against the sores this drug created. My gait (ability to balance and walk) became difficult, and my knees became very sore.

I’d had torn miniscus some time ago but was dealing with it okay until this drug screwed that up. I had shots in both knees over a year ago that seemed to really help but now after 8 days this drug negated the progress from the shots. It’s been a week since I took the drug, and my mouth is still sore with open sores inside. I’ve tried pain meds and antihistimines but to no avail. It’s very painful to eat or drink, and swallowing is painful. Bottom line is: stay away from cipro. It should be banned from the market for use by humans.

I was recently prescribed 500 mg of Cipro for what the doctor believed was a stomach infection. After my second dose I woke up that morning unable to move my neck, at all! I had rolling surges or nerve pain from the base of my scull to my shoulders. I went to the ER wanting to rule out meningitis. All my labs came back fine. The doctor believes I’m having a severe reaction to the antibiotics, although he has never seen anything like it. This is day 3 off the Cipro, and I can not turn my neck. I honestly feel like I was in a car accident. I’m praying this pain goes away and movement returns! Note: I’m a 30 year old active female with no past medical issues.

I have taken cipro twice. First time 2 years ago I had total anxiety break down. I stopped the cipro and nsaid drugs as I became paranoid they were poison. The doctor disagreed
The anxiety switched off after 6- 8 weeks

I took cipro again three weeks ago I took it for 2 weeks. But my anxiety exploded after a week. This time doctor agreed and has marked me allergic

My anxiety is still sky high. I am taking magnesium supplements and eating healthy ( although not much as anxiety is great for weight loss :-/).

Anyone got experience of how long it takes to shake the anxiety. I can’t even talk with my family at moment as my mind is racing with self made disasters, regrets and doom

I have used probiotics while using cipro. I have problems sleeping. I fall asleep and then wake after few minutes or after a dream. I have had problems sleeping before because of the anxiety I have had since Childhood but it never felt like this. Also it feels as if there is a pressure from inside my head. Eyes feel painful and and also pressure. I have had feeling as if muscles in my head are flexing by themselves. As if someone pulls on my muscles. Dizzy and migraine aurora on fifth day. Dizziness is still there. I have a constant buzz in my head. When I press on some places on my head I make it worse. Now one week later I have pain in my back and hand when picking up something on the ground.

I’m the mother of three kids, happily married and pray to God I will recover and won’t have permanent damage. And I would like to have normal sleep like before this antibiotic.
I am taking vitamine c 500g, probiotic, and am starting with magnesium and omega 3,6 from fish oil. Dry needling has helped me to get most of the pressure off my head.
Wish I could turn back time and never have taken ciprofloxacin.

I took Cipro for a UTI. I’ve been off it for over a month. I still have muscle twitching.

I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin 4 days ago for a UTI. After two days of taking the medication I developed a horrific and incredibly painful rash under my arms that looks like the skin is necrotizing, and my whole body felt like it was on fire. My UTI symptoms remained unchanged. My doctor told me to discontinue it immediately and put me on Bactrim and a steroid pack.

This morning it feels a little better but I cannot for the life of me understand why this medication is still being used when there are SO many adverse effects reported to the FDA. I’m praying that the symptoms I experienced as a result of this drug do not get worse and that I do not develop any new symptoms. I have heard that symptoms can develop long after you take the drug. This drug is causing Aortic Aneurysms in some people! Now I’m scared to take any drug I’m prescribed.

I have pneumonia and was recently given levofloxacin. I briefly read the side effects as I always do and saw achilles tendon issues were a side effect. I was currently in physical therapy for an achilles tendon issue. I had taken one dose at that time. I called the urgent care center that had prescribed it to get a new drug. They didn’t call back and hours had past since I needed to take my second pill so I took it. I am so sorry I did as I am so worried about the side effects although I have not yet experienced any and hope I don’t. I am 71 years old and have been very healthy all my life. I know now anything can happen at any time to my tendons, heart or eyes. Why is this drug on the market?

I took Cipro 2 years and 6 months ago for a prostate infection. I had only taken 4 pills when I could feel the pain in my tendons and a tightness like they might rupture. I read the side effects and stopped taking it. I was unable to sleep in a bed for 10 months after taking them from the pain in my legs and arms and still suffer from the pains, only not as badly as I did then. I have met many people that have experienced the same from cipro including a man that burst both of his achilles tendons. I also know some Drs. who will not prescribe it because so many patients have side effects.

in june 12,2018, I went to see my physician because I had a UTI. He took a sample of my urine and prescribed cipro 500 mg,1 pill 2x a day. That night I woke up in pain. My right leg had a pain, worse than a cramp. I guess I was hallucinating because when the pain hit I thought I saw lightning strikes.

So the next morning I took another pill and ADA as doctor prescribed. He switched me to Bactrim. That evening I received a phone call from doctor’s office saying I have E_Coli and to just keep taking Bactrim.

Well, 2 months ago I was experiencing tingling from my neck to elbow. My neck is painful,so he sent me to physical therapy and put me on 75 mg. of lyrica. It didn’t help at all. I also went to the podiatrist because my right leg swelled up. He ordered Doppler tests, and everything is OK. So he recommended compression socks.

What do I do now? I read that I could have this for days, months and years. Not sure how much longer I can go on, especially with the pain in my neck.

It ruined and changed the quality of my life and health with 1 pil!

Warning! This is all true. I was prescribed copra even though the doctor knew that my body was resistant to it. But still he prescribed cipro 500 bid. I read the paperwork in detail. He never mentioned a word of warning. Took 1 pill PM and slept ok. Got up and took pill number at 2 am. Went to work. All was going ok until about 2 pm. From then on all hell broke loose. By 430 pm I got myself home. But by that time my entire body felt like I was going though a 5-stage flu. I was shaking to no end, freezing, barely standing. For certain I wasn’t taking pill 3. Got into the hot shower for about 45 minutes and got my body back under some control. The pain came from all the places where through life I had surgeries, muscle issues, etc. and also had a constant headache. It was now morning, and the doctor had yet to respond. I have put my self on a water bottle every 2 hours. Couldn’t go to work today. Seeing as I am a cancer survivor and desmoid tumor survivor I have further concerns that those are going to be disturbed, not to mention possibility of nerve damage to places I worked hard to rehabilitate. I am 70 and pissed.

I was given levofloxacin in an IV during a ureteroscopy for kidney stones. Then I was on 500mg of cipro 2x a day for 5 days. Since the day after the procedure to 8 weeks now I have tendinitis in my left achilles. I used to walk daily (over 20 miles per week). I can only walk a mile or two 2-3 days per week.

I was given Cipro as an add on due to the other antibiotic not responding to my UTI. I was instructed to take 1 pill 2 times daily for 3 days when I started to feel arm pain on the second day. I finished the medication and it has been 3 weeks now and I’ve experienced severe arm, shoulder and some back pain that was never present before. I became depressed at one point and called in to work 3 days in a row which I had never done in my life! Feelings of nausea and dread. I googled symptoms which made it worse and thought I was going to die for sure. I have a Dr. appointment soon and hoping to get this figured out. I will never take Cipro again!

Cipro made me suicidally depressed so I had to quit taking it mid-way through my prescription. I know this is what contributes to antibiotic resistance, but it was either that or end up in a psych ward (or dead). Come to find out, Cipro is neurotoxic according to studies on Pubmed. Levaquin isn’t much better. The first time I took it I felt unbelievably depressed while another time my mood felt abnormally elated…almost like a sort of mania.

Bottom Line: This class of meds should be reserved as a last resort for severe, life-threatening infections. Not minor sinus infections, uncomplicated UTI or illnesses that could very well be viral in nature. Too many doctors don’t even test their patients to see what strain of bacteria they’re sick with or whether they have a bacterial infection at all! This is unacceptable when the stakes are so high.

I was given cipro for a stomach infection , I wish I never took it ! I suffer from Brain fog daily dizziness and anxiety
I also have torn tendons and extreme pain all over my body with a constant stiff neck .

I also have dizziness since taking this drug. I can barely walk around my house. Its awful.

I have been taking Cipro on and off for the last few years for a bowel condition called pouchitis.

I am 29 and left with numbness in my hands and fingers, which comes and goes but seems to be lasting longer every time I take more of the tablets.

I experience sore lumps on my skin and face. Extreme tiredness and confusion.

I constantly feel off balance now and suffer with restless legs at night.

Also, experienced painful joint and muscle pain.

I usually take Cipro and metro antibiotics together to treat my condition but I never want to take them again after reading the comments on here. My doctor never listens to my side effects symptoms and continues to prescribe them to me.

Was prescribed Cipro and Flagyl in the ER for diverticulitis. After the first dose I had a hard time staying awake, felt disoriented and extremely nauseated (which Zolfan didn’t help). Was very confused, couldn’t remember a thing from one second to the other, and eyesight was affected. Stayed on the prescribed dosages for 2 days, while these side effects worsened, then went back to the ER where they changed my prescription to Augmentin.

Felt better the next day, but still felt exhausted and had memory and visual problems. It’s been 4 days since I stopped taking Cipro, and Flagyl, Still feel exhausted and am suffering short term memory loss. I can only hope this is not permanent.

I’m on my 6th of prescribed 7 days of Cipro for a nasty stomach, possibly bacterial prob. No culture taken, so unsure of what this was. Possibly the traveler’s diarrhea. After 10 days I gave in & took the pill despite the scariest reviews & 2 black box warnings. After just 1 pill the horrible diarrhea resolved 100%. However, headaches, neck pain, weakness, nausea & back of legs pain & discomfort cont. 1 more day of this pill & I’m so worried about lasting effects. I did ask for an alternate antibiotic. I was told this is what they order.

It is unbelievable that after taking CIPO a few months later my right arm hurt so bad, the dodtor send me for therapy and never once mentioned it was due to the CIPO he had put me on for a bladder infection! Not knowing this information the Doctor’s assistant also put me on CIPO this year-and here I am wondering why my left arm hurt-today accidently I came across information siting CIPO can cause tendon problems. OK_My next visit is with a naturathpic doctor-I went his office was packed trying to heal the people that were hurting from these drugs. The naturapthic doctor has helped-a little bit costly as insurance usually doesn’t pay but it is worth it!

Tendon damage, especially @ left knee replacement; loss of balance; confusion; muscle weakness and pain; shortness of breath; extreme back pain; after three months, still have problems, and urinary tract infection is still there.

I treat myself with amino acids. I’ve been diagnosed with p.n. I was on cipro and others over 2 years. They called it fibro, etc. 2 years later I was diagnosed with MRSA, and after physical therapy and a 2nd xray they said I had cracked knee cap and torn ligaments. I’ve had all the names and medications and a few labels pinned on me, like hypochondriac and somatization, etc. and been dismissed by all major PCPs.

I wish I knew then what I know now. I found out myself while on line that I burn from cold exposure. I’ve learned to take supplements when my ammune system took a drop after pre cancerous polyps were removed. It’s cruel to be ignored and passed around!

I suffer every day from Cipro’s side effects. I’m now allergic to all antibiotics, but fortunately have found an alternative in a tiny gelcap of Oil of Oregano. It got me through having Bronchitis & Pneumonia many times. The doctors will diagnosis me, but cannot prescribe antibiotics for me. Do your research, and learn what natural remedies can do for you. Always remember to look for the purest forms of supplements you can find, and always follow instructions. I also use D-Mannose for UTIs and bladder health. It sickens me to see how much the prescription drugs have ruined our health. God gave us all we need; we only need to learn to use it.

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On June first I had a diverticulitis attack and was put on a ten day course of Cipro and Flagyl, and because it was not totally gone, another 5 day dose. I called to see if I could get off it because the side effects were so bad. I had no strength, and anxiety attacks were horrid. I was told that I neeeded to finish the course. I have been off the antibiotic for a week now and am still very weak, with terrible anxiety attacks. These antibiotics are like taking poison. Now I am waiting for the doctors to get around to seeing me again. So discouraged!

I too had extreme and debilitating anxiety/panic attacks for the first time in my life soon after taking Cipro last summer. Unfortunately, since then I have been suffering from a myriad of really awful symptoms— all problems I never had before. Perhaps the worst one is a heart problem, where my heart has early beats (which feel like skilled beasts when I take my pulse) and my heartrate goes way up 30 or more times a day, making me feel exhausted and faint. I truly hope you won’t have all these other negative effects. Please contact me to discuss if you like!

I have taken this drug for years with no side effects, until this last dose which I had to take for 14 days. Now I find out that this can stay in your body for years and show no signs of a problem. Now boom, I am in so much pain, headaches, joints hurt, etc . When I first started taking this drug I was about 20 years old, now at 62 it all have come to hit me. It’s time to file law sues now.

I took cipro for 10 days for a UTI. The UTI has cleared up now per the doctor, but I feel a constant burning sensation in my rectal area; no hemorrhoids or bleeding, just a burning sensation that does not go away regardless of using Prep H, drinking probiotic drinks, yogurt etc. Any suggestions/ideas?

I took it for 7 days because of a kidney infection and blood in my urine. Was warned no exercise, no swimming, no running, nothing. Now I know why. I too have a terrible burning sensation and keep getting random rashes. I also have a heart problem so why it was prescribed I’ll never know. I am English currently living in Spain so it seems this may be worldwide.

I have been given Cipro twice since August of 2017. The last time was two weeks ago when I went to my primary care doctor for a UTI and problems with the tendons in the left shoulder. The doctor gave me a prescription for Cipro and recommended an orthopedic surgeon to look at my shoulder (possibly related to carpal tunnel). Filled the script for Cipro and just glanced at the warnings. After three days my left Achilles tendon felt like it was in a vise grip and also burning. Looked at side effects for Cipro and saw that the Achilles problem was mentioned. Quit the Cipro immediately. By the evening of the next day, my right shoulder was developing the same issue as with my left. And on top of that, I now have a burning, pulling feeling in my left waist and my left foot has lost some sensation.

Went back to my doctor and told him the issues I was having, and he told me that it was highly unlikely that Cipro was the cause of the Achilles problems. It was even more disheartening when I mentioned that my right shoulder was now hurting like my left shoulder. The doctor was emphatic that my left shoulder problem was not due to Cipro, and I think he thought I was making up the problem with my right shoulder. I have not been back to him since. I have no doubt the Cipro I took in August damaged my left shoulder. I just wasn’t aware of shoulder issues at that time. This drug should not be available to the general public.

There are other first-line antibiotics that can be taken for infections. Do not take any “flox” drugs.
I have taken them numerous times and never put 2 and 2 together. This last dose took away my sense of taste. I looked up loss of taste online, and it led me to Cipro. I also experienced terrific anxiety and tendon pain all over body. We must get this group of meds off the market.

In 2012, I contracted a blood infection from surgery. I was given massive doses of Cipro. A few months later I had 2 tendons split in half and a bilateral year in a third all in the same ankle. I was placed in a cast and on crutches for close to 8 months. It has been 6 years now and this week I began having excurciating pain and swelling in the same ankle.

I am a Registered Nurse. Five days ago, I went to the urgent care clinic because I had urinary frequency and pain I knew I probably had a UTI. I saw the MD and asked him I needed a urinalysis and culture. He prescribed Septra which I started taking it right away but by the second day I was still having these symptoms. Returned to the clinic MD prescribed Ciprofloxacin 500mg twice a day for 7 days.

I do not take any medications except some supplements and I am 75 years old I consider myself a healthy person I take care of myself. I started Cipro in the afternoon of this past Monday and the next day I could not get out of bed my head was spinning and I started to vomit. I knew it was the Cipro I was angry/upset why I took it. I flashed it down the toilet and started home treatments which helped. It took 24 hours for the symptoms to subsided.

It has been almost 2 days since I took this poison. I am still waiting to talk to the MD and tell him to research study reviews and testimony of all people who have taken this medication and the symptoms/side effects they have experienced. I will certainly tell him not to prescribed it at all. Thank God I have the opportunity to teach my patients and clients about this and all medications and side effects.

As a note, I have been drinking Uva Ursi three times a day it is an herb and works wonders I do not have to take any antibiotics now since my UTI is clearing with my treatment also I am taking cranberry tablets with Vitamin C ascorbic. Can you believe what one Cipro tablet can do to your body. I feel for all those who have taken full cycle of this medications. Hope all recover. Yes it always possible.

I took Cipro in May 2016. It is now two years later, and I am still in serious pain with torn bicep tendons and a torn ankle tendon. It is very difficult to sleep because of shoulder pain. The pain is constant. It is just a matter of degree. I have to wear a brace on my foot to support the torn ankle tendon. My physical activity is now quite limited. My doctors are telling me this is a life sentence unless I have extensive surgery to re-connect my tendons.

So surprised to see these posts. Accidentally came across them. Several months ago I was prescribed Cipro for a very painful UTI. The next morning I awoke with a burning pain in my left inner ankle.

It has continued off and on ever since. I did not take the rest of the meds, but checked the side effects, and saw that one of them was tendon pain. I have not taken it any more, but still continue to have intermittent burning on ankle. From now on, I’ll check side effects first, then consider what to do.

Some people tell me they never read the side effects. I’m scared to death to NOT read up on them!

Want to add to my earlier post. After taking one dose of Cipra, more than 6 months ago, I had awakened the next morning with terrible burning on my left inner ankle. It only lasts about ten-fifteen minutes, but has been recurring at least once a week.

Not sure how long ago this was, but today, 6/29/18, I woke at 5am with horrible pain in my entire left ankle and lower leg. I hobbled to the bathroom and kept wrapping a warm cloth around it. After 15-20 minutes it eased up.

I am so afraid of continuing or worsening effects of this terrible medication. I had stopped it after one dose, and have refused several other medications that have been ordered for me because of more possible side effects.

In 2016 My wife (age 78 at the time) was given 3 courses of Cipro between March & early October. The warnings on Cipro state it should not be given to anyone with an irregular heart rate or arthritis. My wife has a pacemaker to control irregular heart rate & has had arthritis for a number of years. The Physicians Assistant should have known not to give it to her.

Three weeks after the last dose of Cipro, her right hip began to give her a lot of pain & she had to use a cane to walk. It attacked the cartilage in her right hip joint & caused inflammation of the lymph nodes in her right thigh. Before Cipro she was fully mobile; today her hip joint is bone on bone & replacement surgery has been proposed.

After having surgery to replace the pacemaker with a 3-wire device, and 6 weeks into recovery, she began to lose her appetite & ultimately stopped eating. At the end of 2 months I took her to the ER & she was checked into Tampa General Hospital for 15 days; with Guillaume Barre Syndrome & 7 days in rehab. In addition to the cane, she rides an electric cart for long distances. Where does she go to get her life back? Cipro is a damnable drug!

I was on Cipro for 7 days after a UTI. After coming off the medication I began to develop blisters in my groin and around my vagina. This blistering appears like a sunburn and then after a few days peeled off. There was no way that it could be an STI and all testing that was done on it came back negative of anything. The doctor believes that is a side effect of the drug. Has anyone else experienced this?

I was prescribed Cipro in October of 2017 for a UTI. Suddenly I could not remember the simplest things, was irritable, and felt like bugs were crawling around in my brain. This went on for several months. I am just beginning to feel more normal. When I mentioned this to the doctor she said none of the above were listed as side effects. I will never take anything in this drug family again.

This medication is the worst

I took Ciprofloxacin about a month ago & had no reaction. Was put back on them & after 5 doses noticed my legs toes were stiffening, this gradually moved to my feet, then in my legs to below my rib cage.
I live on my own, I already have spinal damage & suffer with extremley painful feet. I have a neuropathy in both legs down to my feet.
This tablet has made me even worse.
I am seriously concerned how I am going to get from this chair to the toilet.
All the tendons in my legs & feet & toes are so tight. My leg muscles ache. Tried to stand up before but I fell.
I am in shock.
People say you shouldn’t go searching on the internet looking for matters of health.
I am glad I did.

I am 57 years old. I received my first prescription of cipro about ten years ago. It was for an infection in my lungs. Shortly after that this physically active woman began to suffer from severe back pain so debilitating that I no longer could walk from the parking lot into work without stopping to rest because of that pain.

After a series of cortisone shots to my lower back, which never really helped, I continued on learning to live with the pain. Then came the upper respiratory infection and more cipro along with steroids. The nightmares were horrible, and the pain throughout my body was at times almost more than I could bare. Still I didn’t put two and two together.

Shortly afterwards, out of the blue, the meniscus in my right knee tore. Weeks and weeks wearing a brace followed. Then two years later in a simple fall, I broke my shoulder, tore the rotator cuff and tore part of my bicep off. There was no contact. My shoulder never HIT anything. But I was left with an injury that the doctors couldn’t figure out how it even happened. I have acute pain constantly now after the injury healed best it could in the right side of my back. Spasms, Charlie horses, pin prickling pain that is constant. Nothing I have done relieved it. Chiropractors, massage therapy or physical therapy all have failed to help. I forgot to mention the restless leg syndrome that attacks both legs about twenty hours a day.

Three weeks ago, my other meniscus tendon tore, leaving me once again in a brace for who knows how long this time. When I tore up my shoulder, it was suggested by a friend to look up the long term side effects of cipro. This friend had known someone who had many of the same things happen to them. After doing quite a bit of research by her and her doctor, they were more than convinced it was due to her taking this drug for recurrent sinus infections. I was amazed at what I read.

I was healthy and energetic, I ran and hiked, fished and swam. I could dance til the cows came home. Now I’m happy to make it to my car after a long twelve hours shift.
I believe that it was the Cipro that has done this to me. Now I just wait, to see what the next thing is that’s going to break.

Ya I know

I took six of ciproflaxin feb 28th for pre-op of uti ; operation went fine ; got some big time “brain fog” now. insomnia also. Its been three weeks now. this script also had hci after the name and was 250mg.

I took 7 days of Cipro 10 months ago for a minor but persistent infection from breast reconstruction surgery. The day after I stopped taking it I began getting symptoms. There were many including but not limited to Achilles tendonitis, loose teeth, digestive issues, etc. The worse is the rash I developed on my feet after getting a sunburn even though I was careful to stay out of the sun. 10 months later it’s getting worse. It itches so bad at night it keeps me awake. At times my toes look blue. Dr is convinced my problems aren’t from the Cipro but he is wrong. I have worked hard to repopulate my gut with good bacteria but still have digestive issues.

I have been taking Cipro for years. It has never ever bothered me until now. I don’t know why. The UTI is gone, but both arms felt like I had been lifting furniture for days, and they were sore. The left arm has gotten 75% better but the tendons in the right arm are sore in shoulder all way down to elbow, and I can’t lift a lot of things. I have been taking epsom salt (magnesium) baths daily, and they seem to take all the soreness away right after. But the next day the pain is back. Just feels like pulled muscles. I am going to continue the epsom salt baths and see if it will go away eventually. I am wondering why I had also been diagnosed with sleep apnea because I was so fatigued. Now I’m wondering if the Cipro is what makes me fatigued.

If you read the real fine print in some of the articles they compare cypro to chemo. I am 70 so I imagine as we get older our ability to remake cologen after the cypro wipes it out slows down. And the nerves and bones are less protected. I only took 2 pills and came close to landing on the floor shaking to no end. That’s it for me and considering my doc knew I was resistant to it maybe time to find a lawyer. They never mentioned one word. Also thinking back at the drug store they put you through so much crap to get a flu sit over and listen etc etc but this poison stuff in bag an off u go

I was prescribed Levaquin for a staph infection in my right breast for after I had breast augmentation surgery, which I almost died from & my right boob is now UGLY! I was on the medicine for 6 months straight. I now have serious brain fog. I can’t remember simple words & names of people. I even forget where I’m at when driving around. I sure hope I get my senses back & this isn’t a life long thing

Several years ago, at 36 years old, I was given Cipro for my first UTI. I thought it strange to attack it so ferociously with such a drug but I went with it. I was also given some light pain meds that weren’t opiate based (I itch like crazy on those). So the first night I couldn’t sleep well at all, and I’m a champion sleeper. I felt like I was half in REM and half awake all night. (I have sleep paralysis, and it felt like a wacky chemical cousin to it). This went on for three nights, and my days were so foggy-headed and off kilter as a result. The fourth day was the worst. I felt out of body, almost like half of me was in another dimension. Foggy headed, disconnected, on the edge of falling off a cliff and flying off it simultaneously. My husband said I was talking really oddly in a fast but slurred fashion. I couldn’t stand it, and I didn’t take the evening Cipro on the fourth day. That night I slept like a baby and felt completely normal the fifth day. So for me it caused sleep deprivation or some kind of psychological issues, idk..but now I list it as the only thing I’m allergic to. I will never take that family of medicine again bc of that and the other issues it is known to cause, unless I’m dying from infection and it’s a last resort.

My husband took Cipro for 4 days, and I made him quit. He was just getting worse than he was. Said his toes were burning, throwing up, no appetite, and too tired to get out of bed. He almost passed out, and that was 5 days after stopping them. It’s been a week now, and at least he’s eating and out of bed, but still so tired he can hardly do anything. What kind of poison do they put in these pills and how long does the after effects last? I hope it goes away soon.

I was prescribed Zindolon Ciprofloxacin on the 28th February 2018 I took one at 11:00am in the morning and immediately felt sick for an ear infection! I went to bed at 11:00pm and felt like I had 30 cups of coffee and palpitations with nightmares! In total I took 3 and stop using them over 2 days! 4 days later I was feeling worse, I was vomiting which I have never done in my life even when pregnant, burning sensations in my feet, chronic diarrhea, dizziness, my legs were not working properly and pain, disorientation I felt like I was dying! I am a person that likes to work out and always on the go. These tablets should be banned please do not take the risk as over 3% of people have adverse reactions and I am hoping this has not caused life damaging side affects! I have never had side-affects from any other anti-biotics! Not worth the risk to take these!

Was prescribed levofloxacin for bronchitis and was also given a “sinus cocktail” that contains a steroid. I hadn’t been told this contained a steroid or I would have refused since I had recently taken a steroid for an arthritic knee. Took only 5 of the 14 pills prescribed because I started feeling like every muscle in my body was hit hard by a baseball bat. I have a difficult time getting up from a sitting position without assistance with a cane. I was very healthy besides this bronchitis. I could walk my dog two to three miles a day, never had trouble getting up and down from a sitted position. I am 63 and very worried. I had the knee injected with a gel before the antibiotic, and it was a big success. Now my good knee hurts as much as the other knee does. It has only been two weeks since I stopped the medication, and I have to say that some days I think it’s gone, and the next I feel even worse. I am afraid to exercise much. I drink a ton of water everyday, take magnesium and have started silver drops to increase my immune system. I trust my orthopedic doc, and I’m thinking of making an appointment because he saw me only a couple of days before I took the antibiotic. I understand that maybe an MRI can assess tendon damage. I just hate to think of losing so much mobility.

I know 60 isn’t young but I hate feeling like I’m 90. Wish I had never taken this antibiotic. Glad I put it together before I took more than 5. They say 5 antibiotics stay in your system for 10 days. I am counting on this. When I called my family doctor to report this drug reaction they said to stop taking it, drink water, go to ER if it gets worse. Sounds like an unfortunate drug reaction that is probably rare. If you’re over the age of 55 I wouldn’t suggest taking it. If you’re a young active athlete do not take it. I’m sure it has saved lives from pneumonia, septic UTI’s etc. but unless you are dealing with a life threatening event. Skip this, and do not take it, especially with steroids. I’m guessing they can only make things worse.

Do not take this Drug! Only 4 pills of Cipro almost killed me, yet my Dr refused to acknowledge. She wrote in my chart: Mild reaction. And she left out every symptom I came in to see her for.
* Achilles Tendon * neuropathy
* Brain fog * a feeling of dieing *dry mouth * Deep tingling Tremors * joints that felt they’re going to detach from my body * Lost 50% use of my right hand * sensitivity to light * Extreme fatigue ( 3 months) .
What helped:. Magnesium, mitochondria diet, coconut water, Vitamins B, E, Alpha-lipoic acid 600, calcium with D, Start low and Slow.

Excellent information Dina. You may want to add this to floxie where there are some very encouraging healing stories.

I am in Paris, France, where I began taking Ciprofloxacine (French version) three nights ago for a bronchial, bacterial infection. The first two pills caused me no problem. But the last three have caused me insomnia as well as hives : the infection is gone, but I am still coughing a lot and I have not slept for two nights. I take antibiotics an average of once per year or less. Have never had this insomnia reaction before with any other antibiotic.

l also was prescribed Cipro for a suspected UTI just before Christmas. Four days into it, l had to stop. Like a ton of bricks it hit me. Tingling all over body, burning pain in arms and leg along with being dizzy. I investigated and was shocked that this stuff could permanently damage me. I was a very healthy person before no real issues then this.

It’s been three weeks since l stop Cipro and still suffer from burning in arms and legs like tendonitis and head feeling foggy. I truly hope over time this will go away its awful! Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Anyone wishing to check into class action lawsuits can check the internet for companies in Canada and the US. (ciprofloxacin class action lawsuits) and your injury may be listed. Sorry, I didn’t check for U.K. law companies.

In May of 2016 I was prescribed Cipro for a Urinary tract infection and awoke the first night with terrible leg pain which subsided during the day. After 3 nights of pain I returned to my Dr. and asked him to change the medication. He persuaded me to stay the full course saying if I were a runner he would suggest I didn’t run while on the medication! When the pain had continued for 3 weeks after the Cipro was completed, now in arms, legs and causing visual and hearing distortion I returned to my Dr. armed with the FDA warnings which I had found a little too late. At first he listened and tried to help me by sending me for testing….which of course showed nothing. He them backed right off telling me at my age (74) I could expect to have arthritis and offering me NSAIDS, which I refused. I went the alternative route with homeopath, chiropractor and physiotherapist and after 6 months was back to normal. Always a walker, healthy, on no medications, I believed I had beaten Cipro. Now 19 months later the tendonitis has just returned moving from one area to another. So very depressing.
For the people who take Cipro or similar and have no reactions, thank God. We others, who are probably drug sensitive to start with, should never have been prescribed Cipro. My Dr previously had always been careful as I had both penicillin and suphur sensitivities. Alternative therapies will now always be my first choice.

Hi, I was told that since it was a Generic Brand Cipro, we can’t sue.

I had early stage sepsis due to uti and I now believe ciprofloxacin saved my life. I really do sympathise with those people who say they’ve had such adverse reactions. Personally speaking I had absolutely no side effects that differ from any other antibiotic I have rarely been prescribed. I felt tired and sleepy, as I always find on antibiotics, but I’ll be forever grateful for this prescription.

I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin for a groin injury that had turned into infection. After starting the prescription only a few pills later my legs, head, back of my neck & side of my face went numb. I had the nightmares, very strange taste & sensation in my nose, very hard to describe – almost like a metal dust smell. overall felt terrible & certainly couldn’t drive. Had a little breathing difficulty. I’ve stopped taking it three days ago & the right side of my face is still numb. I just pray this isn’t permanent. I’m very distressed over this, it is extremely scary not knowing if you’ll ever be the same.

I’ve been on cipro and my side effects are no different to any other antibiotic I’ve been on. Slight loss of appetite, a bit woozy etc but absolutely nothing I would say wasn’t copeable with and I’m one of life’s hypersensitives.

I was prescribed Cipro for a UTI back in 2012. I took it until the bottle was empty not realizing how dangerous the drug was. Shortly thereafter I started having pain, weakness , & problems with my speech. My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons several years ago & although it is not hereditary you can be predisposed for the condition. I went to see neurologist & told him about my symptoms & about my fathers Parkinsons. He said there was no test for Parkinsons but if the medication for Parkinson worked then it was safe to say I had it. It seemed to help for awhile but then things got worse. I had more pain, trouble sleeping. I was tired all the time. My daughter was away at college & hadn’t seen me for several months. When she came home, she couldn’t believe the change in me. She said one of her professors had the same symptoms & believed they were caused by taking Cipro. She gave me some information to read & took me back to see my neurologist. We told him about the possibility of Cipro poisoning. He refused to even discuss the possibility.

I don’t know why doctors can’t admit that medicine is not always the answer. There are some drugs on the market that may not be safe . From what I understand Cipro has several black box warnings & yet it’s still on the shelf. Doctors are still prescribing it. They are giving it to children. I urge anyone out there who is prescribed an antibiotic to ask questions, research it & Don’t, in any circumstances, take any fluroquinlones such as Cipro. I have peripheral neuropathy, am in constant pain, don’t sleep well at night, & have vey poor balance. I have fallen several times . Those falls have resulted in bursitis on both elbows & various bruises all over my body , I am lucky I haven’t cracked my head open or broken a hip. A year ago I was watching my 3 grandsons 3-5 days a week. I was driving & doing whatever I wanted. Now my family doesn’t want me to drive & my daughter will no longer trust me alone with her children. I don’t blame her. My whole life has changed.

Please, please, please be careful with the medication you take .

took cipro for a terrible, painful urinary infection. I had no negative symptoms other than mild diarrhea. Resolved the infection, and I felt better within 48 hrs after taking the first dose. Have tried other medications for similar infections with little effect.

I am a 58 year old male in very good physical condition. I don’t take any prescription drugs. Diagnosed with acute prostatitis. Prescribed 500 mg of cipro for 4 weeks. Read warning label. After about a week my legs became weak, and I feel like I have lost about 40% of my leg strength. Balance has been adversely affected. Called doctor and pharmacist and both were not concerned. After 3 weeks on cipro back to doctor for follow up, and she said to stop cipro. It’s only been 3 days since I stopped but I do not notice any improvement. No more tennis for a while. I hope this improves! Definitely has affected my life style. In hindsight I would have stopped cipro immediately after experiencing leg weakness.

Diagnosed with osteoarthritis I had a total hip replacement Oct 2016. By 8 weeks I was walking normally, without a stick, and pain-free and very content. But the margins of the wound were slightly red and as a precautionary measure the surgeon who had carried out the operation prescribed 28 days ciprofloxacin tablets.

I noticed that after 3 days on ciprofloxacin my walking was deteriorating (limping) and that after 21 days it had become very painful, at which point I stopped taking the tablets. Since then the condition has become slowly and progressively worse. I have no discomfort when resting the leg but subsequent movements can be extremely difficult and very painful. Distance walking is impossible. Re-examination of the hip by a second specialist surgeon involving x-rays and manipulation has shown no problem with the prosthesis, which is firmly in place. In the absence of any other explanation it seems likely that tendons in the area of the joint have been damaged (tendonopathy), and I can only presume that this is a result of attack on the cells of the tendons by ciprofloxacin.

It also appears that no treatment is available to counter this effect, and that one can only hope that over a long period of time nature will replace damaged or ‘bad’ cells by ‘good’ cells. Meanwhile, now 14 months after the operation, my life-style is necessarily far from normal, what I can do is restricted, and the outlook is uncertain.

The main point I want to make is that doctors and patients should be strongly warned that the risk of this type of side effect, which is listed as very rare on the leaflet accompanying prescribed ciprofloxacin tablets (a fluoroquinolone antibiotic) is by no means negligible and such a side effect may be long lasting and therefore life changing.

I note that there is in fact quite a lot on the Internet about ciprofloxacin and tendon damage, albeit mainly in connection with the Achiles tendon where the effect is well-recognised.

I took Cipro in Feb 2017, and about day six of a ten day dose woke to pain all over my body. I could barely get out of bed. Now, in Nov. 2017, I am going yet again to see a rheumatologist, who has decided it was due to the Cipro. I first went to my family doctor who did not know these effects could last long term.

The pain is slightly less, so I am hoping for an eventual cure. But I know it may be lifelong. This is compounded by the fact that I am a cancer survivor and have cardiomyopathy, so my pain relief choices are extremely limited.

I hate even taking the Tylenol that the doctors suggest. I am still trying to walk three miles five days a week. but suffer from pain that I notice more at night when I have been active. It is a real battle, and I have been trough other battles so I know how to compare it. It is really rough.

I was prescribed Cipro for a UTI 3 days ago. 500 mgs. twice a day. I took one in the morning, one that night. Two hours later my throat started closing up and I couldn’t beathe. I started to panic, I did a quick search on the internet for allergies to antibioitcs and it said to take an antihistamine. That made sense to me.

Had some allergy tablets, took 3. In about 30 minutes swelling started to go down. It’s the weekend so am not able to call my doctor. I did not take another one. I woke up this morning with my heel in pain and the inside of my arms at the elbow hurt. I am angry, there were no warning labels and physician said nothing about this. I already have sciatica and this is all I need. Anybody have any idea how long this will last.

I’m drinking tons of water trying to flush it from my system. I can’t imagine what it could do to you taking it for weeks! I only took 2

I am yet another long suffering causality to this drug. I was admitted to hospital for septicemia and put on IV antibiotics to save my life. When this was done they started me on cipro. It was New Year’s Eve, Dec 31st, 2015. As people were ringing in the New Year I started experiencing shocking symptoms after my first tablet which included a dead leg, racing heart, nausea. The nurses just left me. Finally a doctor came and said she had no idea to its cause. Over the next few days I could not walk. I knew it was the drug but one nasty nurse told me it was impossible for the drug to do that. Clearly highly uneducated and just mean. I will never forgive her for how she treated me, and sadly, 2 years on with all my continued symptoms, I think of her daily.

I was in bed for 2 months when I left the hospital. The worst part came a week after getting out of hospital. It was just like my eye broke. Suddenly it just hurt and become bloodshot. Another round in hospital with nobody giving me answers. My left eye will never be the same, and it has completely changed my life. I am highly sensitive to light and have to wear sunglasses inside. If I turn a light on or off I have to close my eyes before so as it is agonizing to change from one to the other. TV and going to the movie theatre are out of the question. It hurts all the time and have to sleep uncomfortably to lock myself in a position where I will not put pressure on my eye from my pillow. I cannot bend down anymore putting my head past my heart and cannot lift anything with weight to it or the eye pressurizes, and I am in bed for 2 days. My vision is severely impaired and that eye has many floaters.

I suspect one day it will become a detached retina from all I have read though I am doing everything possible to preserve it. Believe me, the makers of Cipro have a lot to answer for in my opinion. I was not told of any possible complications before taking the drug and then to be told by a nurse it can not cause muscles weakness in legs when I now clearly know it says to stop taking it if that happens is plain disgusting. There is little regard to people’s long term care with this drug. DON’T TAKE CIPRO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! I am proactive with probiotics now. I hope milk kefir, fermented vegetables and kombucha will kill any nasty bug before it takes a hold of my body. Prevention is better than cure…or in this case long term incurable suffering!

You had septicemia, and you could have died. You lived to be able to complain about this medication. You will never know if you may have died with another antibiotic. I agree, health prevention is always better, but you were critically ill. I expect IV cipro likely saved your life.

I was on Cipro from December 2016 until September 2017. I had hip replacement surgery and an infection. 4 surgeries and 102 days later I finally went home. My hip is a mess. My foot hurts so badly I can hardly walk in it. Dr. says I will need at least 2 more surgeries to correct my hip problems. Still can’t walk without walker or crutches. My leg just won’t hold me up. This 10 months after original surgery. I have fatigue badly. Not sure if this is hallucinations but I’ll be watching tv and randomly have a conversation. My husband will ask what I said. I can always tell him what I said and who I was talking to and even the situation but I don’t feel like I have been asleep. I am a mess. Can someone give me further information about Cipro and if it could be causing my issues? I took it for 9 months! Thanks, Delta

Judy Wisconsin Oct. 11, 2017
In the spring I was prescribed Cipro for a UTI. Before finishing all the pills, I had tremors in my legs and heard a snap in my calf and was unable to walk. Since then I have been exhausted, had achilles tendon pain in my foot, constant joint pain and popping, and my shoulder has bruising with inability to use my arm with any strength. Walking is exhausting. I still have these issues 6 months after quitting this drug and hope and pray it ends soon.

Cipro can also mess with your gut microbiota and contribute to some unwanted side effects. I highly suggest that anyone suffering from cipro should consider probiotic supplements.

Ciprofloxacin has physically wrecked me, it is horrible, devastating, disabling. Burning pains, shooting pains, insomnia, EHS, tendon pains, muscle pains, vision problems, cognition deterioration, smell persistent, after two months still not even the beginning of recovery, on the contrary, severe physical problems with back bone, neck, knee, toes. Unbearable pains. This is poison. Urologists did not warn, on the contrary said continue taking the drug. It is incomprehensible. Why do doctors prescribe this? Even when the severe effects hit relatively few people. This is extremely unethical. It is torture.

Hi Jon,

So, if we take cipro with a very good probiotC, won’t ther be any cruel side effects? Pls advise

Consider probiotics to get your microbiome back on track.

I took Cipro for 6 days, 3 days in I started experiencing intense joint, bone and muscle pain, like when you are coming down with the flu, but a lot worse. I could barely move my body, hold anything, the strength in my hands is gone, my neck is extremely sore and my jaw joint is so sore, it is hard to chew. Also have an unending headache and eye pain that has lasted for 3 days. I have horses and dogs and need to be able to stay active and care for them.

I keep reading that these symptoms don’t go away and it scares me. I called the doctor’s answering service, but the doctor never returned the call. No type of pain medication eases the pains running through my body. I have lung cancer and a host of other ailments, I wish this doctor would have started me on a milder antibiotic considering all my health issues and lowered immunity.

I was a normal healthy person, except for having an infection. I was prescribed Cipro and after one day of taking it i could not walk. I began having shoulder and hip pain that is excruciating. It has been three months and i still have gotten no relief.

What do I do? What are the answers to getting healthy for me? I have never been so broken down in my life. I was a healthy active woman before Cipro. Is there something I can do to heal from this?

Any update?

I was prescribed Cipro almost 2 years ago, for what I can’t even remember–clearly nothing serious. It has taken me a long time to connect my symptoms to the Cipro–I dismissed them because they were relatively mild. Unfortunately it’s been so long that no doctor would be able to say that Cipro is to blame. But there is no reason for me to have experienced the following black-box warnings other than Cipro: A neurologist recently diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy–lack of normal sensation in my feet and legs. I had noticed the changed sensation in my legs but had no idea how much sensation I had lost in my feet. I now realize the neuropathy is related to my balance problems. I am a little tottery and will easily lose my balance if I am looking up or can’t see the ground. I am not comfortable walking on uneven ground and have to carefully watch where I’m going. I’m sure people who see me stumble unexpectedly think I am drunk! I don’t have diabetes and consume only limited alcohol, so I cannot imagine any reason for the neuropathy other than Cipro. This is two years later and I am fervently hoping it is not permanent.

Second, I had a tender area below my calf for a long time until one day upon simply turning around something in my calf popped and walking was suddenly painful. I am sure that was the tendon rupture that is warned about but fortunately it was not a major tendon and healed within about a month, and I have no lasting effects I am aware of.

Other things that began about the time I took the Cipro were an extensive itchy rash on both legs that is still there (though not the itchiness) and chronic sores in my nose. Both continue nearly two years later. Cipro related? It is rather suspicious timing.

Cellulitis on my right leg right after open heart surgery where my vein was taken out for bypass on 1/13/17. Was prescribed Levaquin and now both Achilles tendons are ruptured on both legs. Very upset to learn the probable cause was this anti-biotic. Am 69 years old and having a tuff time dealing with this.

I got a rare mycobacterium infection during a double mastectomy surgery .I was prescribed Cipro and doxiciclin for 5 months I’m 68 . After reading all the previous experiences I guess I’m lucky to still be alive but it’s been frustrating to be told by various medical personnel “oh no it’s not the Cipro” I’ve experienced many of the reported symptoms fortunately not so severe as some . Joint pain ,memory loss , tendon issues , blurring vision , heart palpitations, nerve pain . I was told these antibiotics were the only ones that would kill the bug but no one warned me about the potential side affects . I have one more month to go .

I was prescribed Cipro for a UTI. I had all the symptoms of a UTI so I was glad I to have a prescription and start feeling better from pain with urination and frequency and urgency. On the 4th day, I only needed 3 doses left to finish a 5 day course, I experienced an awful metal taste in my mouth and a pressure feeling in my head, heart palpatations, shortness of breath and rapid breathing. I quickly took a Benadryl tablet, Zyrtec tablet and chugged 32 ounces of water right away.

I did not see any rash or welts on my skin but I felt itchiness of my ears and face. I called 911 because I was in such a panic. They cleared me after my vitals returned to normal after about 15 minutes from when they arrived. Since then I have experienced frequent bouts of panic and anxiety attacks. It can be once a day or 3 to 4 times a day. It is very debilitating. I am currently working with my primary doctor, allergist doctor, and gastrointestinal specialist to rule out any underlining medical problem. When I am cleared by them my next visit is a naturopathic doctor and a mental health doctor. I plan to start yoga. I want to avoid prescription meds. I want to return to feeling well before I took Cipro.

I just read your symptoms after taking Cipro for a UTI. I also finished my week of cipro and had similar symtoms ranging from heart palpitations, fast heartbeat, anxiety and panic attacks. Also I started itching and it got worse day by day. I also felt depressed and “not myself” at all for a few days and couldn’t figure out what it was because I had finished the prescription and was feeling fine from the UTI by this time. Never thought it was the cipro until a week after finishing it. The same week my right knee started to hurt and felt swollen inside, had nerve pain in bottom of my foot and back of my thigh one night. I finally put it all together and I come to the conclusion it has to be the Cipro. Feeling better now. No residual side effects anymore.

I am a 68 year old Male based in the UK. I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin for suspected Prostatisis. Within a week, my left achilles was hurting on the 12th Day it snalpped as I dived into a swimming pool.

I had surgery to sew it back together again 10 days ago. I am totally immobile and won’t be able to walk for months.

Why is this drug still being prescribed??.. It is a scandal!!

Hello, I was prescribed cipro for a mild UTI 5 days ago. When I took my first does I felt as if I was having slight trouble breathing, but nothing to be majorly concerned about. Then I started having feelings of what I called brain fog, I didn’t think clearly, and was staggering, and stumbling when I walked. The next thing that happened was I started to have muscle twitching in my lower leg by my ankle.

The next morning the muscles in both calves of my legs felt like someone had hold of them at the top, and was pulling upward. This quickly went to muscle twitching, to burning, to pain in my legs. I am getting better, but still having slight muscle twitching in both legs. I also became very anxious, and nervous. I could not finish the medication, and stopped short of the last one. When I began reading online, the side effects of this drug, i was SHOCKED! None of these issues existed for me, with the exception of anxiety, before I took cipro, so there is absolutely no doubt that this drug has harmed me, and I am praying it is not permanent. I hope this drug is removed from the market as soon as possible, so no more harm is caused to anyone else. Thank you.

Hi. Martin, I live nearby Heathrow, UK. I am 51 having a ongoing problem with water works / prostate but all tests were normal. I.e., no infection. This has been going for some time with no solutions. My doctor !! “Let’s try Ciprofloxacin. It is good for bladder and urine infections.” I said “Can’t do any harm,” and I did read all the leaflet before taking them and though they always put this sort of information on them. I said to myself “If I feel anything unusual I will stop taking them.” I didn’t notice anything while taking them.

It all started about 2/3 weeks later. I started to feel weaker and not sleeping well and pain in my body. But on the 9 th November 9 am I hunkered down to pick something up, and my left knee gave way I was so shocked I stood up, and my knee clicked back with a awful crack. It did not pain me but it just was making awful crunching noises all day and felt like it would pop out again any time. By the end of the day it was sore but the next morning I had to go to a&e to be told “NO IT CAN NOT cause this. It can only do this sort of damage when you are taking them.”

Two weeks on, my left ankle is sore, and my right knee is sore. I am sitting at home and can’t work because my right shoulder on Saturday started to get sore, and now I can’t move it because the pain is excruciating. By the way, I am self employed and work 6 days a week and can’t afford to take time off. Have lots of deals to take care of. What am I going to do? Is this the beginning of the end?

I am a Healthy 27 year old male. I took cipro 2 Times a day for 4 days and I had to stop taking it due to extreme anxiety and panic attacks, the heart throbs and rapid beats were insane! Constant popping in my chest…. I would take an infection over those side affects any day. I’m 3 days off of it now and feel better but the anxiety seems to still be here and I never freaked out like that prior to the cipro. Not worth it people ask for something different.

There should be some recourse for all of us who have been harmed by Cipro, or any other flox. In the mean time, I’m telling everyone I know never to take those meds, and I will list Cipro as allergy on my kids medical record.

Definately spread the word about this horrible drug, no one should take this drug, it is not safe. Good luck to you!

Cipro has caused me long term urethra stinging, ears ringing, and jaw pain. I will never take this drug again. It was prescribed along with metronidazole for diverticulitis

I was prescribed coprofloxen for a urinary tract inf. I had not been on any meds of any kind in nearly 20 years prior to this. I was a very healthy and strong for my size and age I am 48, until this drug… the new doctor said this was a very powerful drug and fairly new. She didn’t mention any side effects. I did wonder and could kick myself now for not asking why I couldn’t just take penicillin or something. It was prescribed for three days but I felt a heaviness and need to urinate still so called her and she prescribed same med. for 3 more days. Seemed to work for a couple days then I just keep having re accuring issues with feeling full in the bladder constipation which led to hemroids, pain in leg, pain in back, stiff muscles foot pain which makes it hard to walk. I know that this could be long term or even get worse and it’s frightening for all of us human beings who are treated as lab rats for profit.

I have taken Cipro for a urinary tract infection and now my arms are swollen/have pain in the back of my arms by my elbow. There is also fluid, you can barely see my elbow.

I completely understand what you are going through, and as the previous poster said, there should be some recourse for those of us who have been harmed by this drug. Class action comes to mind when I think of recourse. Hope you are doing better!

I woukd say that Cipro is like a bomb waiting to go off. Go with the old antibiotics if you must take them.

I am an RA positive. Rhumatiod arthritis. I did not know how ciprofloxicin could affect me, I didn’t google before I took it. I took it for bites I had. For I guess, a possible bacterial infection. But no tests were taken, only past results of check up, regular, for blood, urine etc. these included positive for RA. Which I had and was willing to provide the doctor. I was given a prescription of ciprofloxicin, after I showed the doctor a prescription my veterinarian gave my dog ,Keflex, for a bacterial infection for bites. At that time I did not know what kind of bites. No fleas, and no ticks! Mystery at the time of prescribing, with an English translator. I took the drug almost 2 months ago and I am suffering from swelling in feet ankles knees hips tendons hurt, feel depressed, hurts to walk. Tired all the time, trying to work 6 days a week, I live alone in Cancun, Mx.

I was hospitalized a month ago, but when I was discharged, I felt worse than when I was hospitalized. I became depressed, unmotivated, dizzy, delusional, zoned out, very weak, constipated, had very scary nightmares, as well as hallucinating.

I couldn’t sleep, the list can go on and on. I became a totally different person, so much that I even had to quit one of my jobs that I had been working for 9/10 years! I don’t recommend for anyone to take these meds.

I was given Cipro 500 mg for an ear infection. My doctor told me that it can cause tendonitis so I was not to exercise while taking it. 6 hours after the first pill, my shoulder hurt. I took the second dose and went to bed that night. I woke up to extreme pain and no ability to move my right arm or right leg.

My husband went online and found out about the horrors of Cipro and other fluoroquinolones. After 8 days I can barely walk with a cane and leaning on furniture. Pain is still intense. There was nothing wrong with me before Cipro except the ear infection. Two pills and I am wrecked! How could our law makers give manufacturers (Bayer and Alcon) of this poison a free pass to keep selling it? A legal loophole called a “black label” that no one ever tells the patient about is NOT sufficient patient protection. No, the label on the bottle is not marked with any special warnings or colors; (black label is just a legal thing) I had no idea that this drug was so dangerous. This drug is unsafe and harmed me greatly. I don’t know if I will EVER walk normally again. I know that none of us harmed by Cipro can get any legal protection because of the “black label” legal designation on Cipro. Selling this drug to unsuspecting people should be a crime!

I have taken Cipro for 2 days and my hips, thighs, legs and feet are in so much pain. I am not taking another dose of this medication. I was perscribed it along with Flagyle for diverticulitis.

I too was prescribed Cipo for diverticulitis….After only 2 days I started to experience leg pain in both legs and could hardly walk….Called my physician and she put me on another antiobiotic and told me the leg pain could last up to a month.

It’s been over two weeks and the pain has not gotten any better. I’m so scared that this is permanent….Are you any better after several months of being off this medication. What can I do……

Are you serious? Black label? There has to be something that can be done to stop the manufacturing of this drug, and recourse, legal recourse for damages, because no one was told about the side effects. When I had my prescription filled, the pharmacist told me of possible tendon rupture, but nothing about possible permanent side effects. I am getting better from where I was, but still not back to normal. I believe I may even contact an attorney regarding this issue, if nothing else, to try and stop it from being manufactured. Black label or no black label. Honey I sure hope you get better!!

I totally agree. If I could get this stuff banned some how I would, gladly. I had enough health issues before taking this mean stuff. Now I can’t believe the continued side effects, even since I stopped taking it. And to think, after suffering thru taking this for a week, I go back to my doc since it isn’t working and she says, “Oh by the way, your urine test was negative.” You mean she couldn’t have called to say don’t take it, you don’t have an infection!!!!??? I am so ticked at her and the health care system here in Canada for giving me this and allowing this drug to still be on the market. It has really affected my nervous system in different ways. I am emotional, nervous, and now, even tho not on the drug I am getting severe burning, stinging pains and tingling and itchiness with the pain. It is driving me bonkers. I also have brain fog, insomnia, weak muscles, and tendonitis in my shoulders to name a few. So now, they can give me another drug to fix that??? grrrrrrrrrr

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