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Cowgirl Swears by Black Cherry Juice for Gout

Drinking black cherry juice or eating tart Montmorency cherries can lower uric acid levels and reduce the risk of a gout attack.
Black cherry

Gout causes excruciating pain, and people who suffer are desperate for relief. Many have found that black cherry juice is a wonderful remedy for this condition.

Q. I am 53 and an aging old cowgirl. I’ve been beat up, banged up and thrown off livestock since I was 8 years old. Now all that has come home to roost.

I got my first signs of gout last year and went through hell with the doctors.

I decided to give cherry juice a try and sent someone into town to fetch me back a bottle of black cherry juice. It was twenty bucks for a quart jug. I took two tablespoons of it by mouth and also soaked my feet in an activated charcoal solution.

I felt like I was 35 again by the time I got up. I was able to ride and rope again without pain in my feet. This really works for me.

Black Cherry Juice Reduces Gout Attacks

A. Although the lore about black cherry juice for gout was once thought to be an old wives’ tale, studies now show that tart or black cherry consumption reduces gout attacks (Arthritis and Rheumatism, Dec., 2012).  This is presumably because consuming cherries or cherry juice lowers the level of uric acid circulating in the body (Journal of Nutrition, Jun., 2003).

Activated Charcoal Foot Soak

Your activated charcoal foot soak is a new one on us. We are glad it helped you get back in the saddle!

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I’m 42 and have severe gout attacks in my feet. I’ve had it at least 15 times in the last 6 months and it lasts at least a week each episode. I’m desperate for a remedy. I don’t have insurance.

I use to have bouts of Gout…. when I first felt the symptoms I started drinking 2 oz of concentrated Black Cherry juice ….R.W. Knudsen Family Juice Concentrate Black Cherry — 8 Fl Oz‎….. it worked in a couple of days…..
However I had a kidney stone situation and the Dr. put me on Allopurinol (It is used to treat gout or kidney stones)……. I haven’t had one bout of Gout since then…… a few small stones …. but nothing like before……
I have a Chinese buddy who was instructed to take Turmeric in capsule form for his Gout…… That is working for him…..
We are all unique…. and find our own solutions eventually….
Hope some of this is useful to you or anyone else that is in the same boat.
Be Well and Stay Safe

Do the tart cherry capsules work as well? At what dosage, timing, brand?

Hi, I’ve had gout for 2 years. Everyone is different .. The tablets & juice amounts are trial and error. I drink the dark cherry, my body didn’t like the tart cherry. I skipped the tablets. I drink RW Knudsen Dark Cherry. I go through 1 jar in 3 days. The charcoal works too, only in moderation. The charcoal pulls all your toxins out of your body. Sometimes too much too fast. I haven’t used a charcoal pad in over 2 years. Eating in smaller amounts helps . Ty ~

Does Black Cherry Juice work as well as Tart Cherry Juice?

I just helped a friend clear up a raging case of gout by suggesting she take about 8 Tart Cherry capsules (145 mg. each) a day. She didn’t modify her diet much, did a couple foot soaks, and her gout was gone before the bottle of 120 caps was finished. I’d say it works.

I am 62 years old and over the past several years have experienced painful gout attacks that lasted for weeks. Almost a year ago, after my last gout attack, I started a daily regimen of 2 tbsp black cherry concentrate in 4 oz of water. I haven’t had a tingle or feeling that a gout attack was lurking. I’m a believer.

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