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Could Your Blood Pressure Medicine Be Causing Your Hair Loss?

Q. I have been taking Toprol XL for about two years for high blood pressure, and my hair is getting so thin you can see through it. Is there any other medication that can replace Toprol XL that would not cause hair loss? Yes I know, vanity thy name is woman, but I do hate losing my hair.

A. Beta blockers such as metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol XL) and atenolol (Tenormin, Tenoretic) may cause hair loss. Many cardiologists no longer consider beta blockers the best choice for first line treatment of high blood pressure. Ask your doctor whether another medication might be appropriate for you.

Scores of other medications share this side effect. We are sending you our new Guide to Hair and Nail Care with a list of medications that may lead to hair loss.

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I am on labetalol 100 mg and 200 mg with losartan 200 mg and am losing hair. I am seeing a dr next week to get off. Does any one know a bp. med that does not cause hair loss?

I have had 12 rounds of strong chemo. Of course, lost all my hair. I am now cancer free but have kidney disease and high blood pressure cause by the chemo and CT scans with contrast. I am on 10 mg. Amlodopine, .03 Clonidine patch, Losartin 20 mg., and 40 mg. Bystolic. My last chemo was July 26, 2016 so my hair is starting to come back. Growing very slowly in front. Nails are terrible. Now what.

I’ve been on a combination of amolodpine and lisinopril for over 10 years and my hair has gone from thin to extremely thin at the top of my head and on the sides my dr. never said a word yes I love that my BP is under control but I want my hair back is there anything I can do? Any suggestions????

I’m on amolodpineand lisinopril and trimateren my hair has thinned to the point I can see my scalp in the top of my head and on the temples washing combing or brushing my hair is scary it comes out in large portions but on the other side my pressure is excellent,. I’ve been on this combination for over 10 years but I newant my hair back any advice would be great I’m going to see my dr. next month and he is in for a real treat,

Has anyone a scalp or hair growth problem from taking Avapro over a long.period Of time I have been taking it since I was going through perimenopause and I am now 70 and hair growth pattern has changed and my scalp has grooves in it hand itches and little Tufts of hair that grow patches that make my scalp itch I have plenty of hair but my scalp is soft in places and you can put your finger down in it it feels soft groves like you could pull the Scalp apart. These very fine Groove continue down my forehead and on to the side of my face it is very disturbing even the dermatologist won’t even comment or I can’t even get them to look at my head they think I am crazy. At one time there was a very smooth covering all over my head I like the hair follicles head exuded some kind of stickiness. Then this whole pattern started.

my medication is Metoprol myla Tar 100 mg tab

I also need help. I had very thick hair. It is thin strands now. I can count 15 strands on my clothes a day. I take40mg quinapril,7.5 meloxican, 75mg clopidogrel 37mg triamterene every other day 5mg amlodipine and 10mg of simvastatin I had a stroke 12 years ago and have high blood pressure.

In December of 2014 I was put on many drugs including metropolol (a beta blocker) after triple heart by-pass surgery. I have lost half my hair and am devastated. My GP switched me to bystolic, but it has one of the ingredients that will still cause hair loss, but perhaps not to as great an extent. My health food store
said that all beta blockers cause severe hair loss. Diet and exercise
will not help. As long as anyone is on a beta blocker, the hair will
continue to fall out. It will take approximately 3 months or more for hair to stop falling out, and then who knows how long before it starts to regrow. Hope this helps, and good luck to all.

I take 200mg of labetalol & lotrel 10/40. I haven’t had any hair loss, but, my cat scratched me and it bled for 2hrs 48min. normally, I don’t need a band aid after blood samples. now I need 4 paper towels to absorb the blood. Should I find a new doctor?? Mine thinks he’s my dictator.

I’m 62 and have been on Lopressor for over a year. In that time I have probably lost half of my hair. Fortunately I had a very thick head of hair. I stopped taking the Lopressor about month ago. Does anybody who has stopped taking their BP meds noticed that your eventually grew back? I am now exercising more and don’t seem to need the 25mg I was taking. Thanks,

After reading all these comments I am totally bewildered and depressed because I don’t stand a chance of having any hair left. I am on Bystolic, Azor, clonidine,( 0.2 and a 0.1 ) chlorthalidone and Doxzosin for BP and Synthroid, also two shots of embrel each week for RA. Almost forgot also take Alprzolam for anxiety to help me sleep. I am seriously thinking about getting a wig but as someone stated I haven’t seen any that looked natural. I think the only hope is praying for my hair loss to stop and be able to hold on to what little I have left. Each time my doctor tries cutting back on my meds. My BP has went up to 232/109 and the bottom number has been higher. My HBP also has caused me to have 3th stage kidney failure or either it is caused by the meds. I wish all of you the best.

Any Lopressor thread WRT hair loss–I experienced same while on Lopressor. Switched to Losartan & I didn’t experience that side effect again. Everyone’s different, but I’ve heard hair loss w/Lopressor is m-u-c-h more common than w/Losartan. give it a try. hope this helped.

Switching prescriptions does not help. I know a young man Hispanic man with beautiful hair, he is on medication and his hsir continues to be thick and beautiful. If you are using relaxers, STOP. Go natural until your hair returns. Use Henna to stop the hair loss and naturally condition your hair. Go to You can also pull it up on the YouTube. Just stop using relaxers!

I don’t know what you are putting in your hair but if you are using relaxers, you need to stop. Use henna to condition your hair and by all means go natural until you get your pressure under control.

Have lost more hair since my doctor put me on Topral 100 I was on Topral 50. My concern is will my hair come back if I change to another med?

I have been on the meds a few months and I’m experiencing a lot of hair loss in the front of my head. The only thing I can attribute the loss to is the Losartan hctz 100/25. I’m going to ask the doctor to switch my prescription.

So I have been on generic form of metoprolol succ for almost 3 years. The insurance decided to no longer cover generic. 2 weeks after the switch my hair is thinning a lot. I am scared anxious. I went to a dermatologist who said change in meds can cause this should go back to normal 3 months from taking the generic form I had been on… please help me anyone. Will this shedding last 3 months? Anything?

Due to a tragic car accident I required a four level cervical fusion. I developed a condition called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Traumatic Narcolepsy. I have to take Clonidine HCL MG twice a day; even though I am thin; to control my heart rate. Without the Clonidine; my heart rate goes over 150 beats a minute.
My other medications are Xyrem for the narcolepsy; Premarin 1.25 MG; and the saving grace-Spironolactone 50 MG twice or three times a day. I also take a supplement called Viviscal, 5,000 units of Biotin and 5,000 units of D3.
In addition; I am careful to stay away from all Nsaids as they definitely cause hair loss. I am 59 years old. My hair dresser says that my hair has never been this thick. It is naturally fine and was oily. Now I can go several days with out having to wash it. Do try Spironolactone it is a miracle worker. As a patient advocate I did the research and as my Cardiologist is a woman; she listened and I hope she uses my cocktail on her other patients who experience hair loss.
Like many of you; I was first started on Metoprolol; and immediately suffered dramatic hair loss. I know that the patch version of Clonidine causes a worsening of hair loss so I told my Cardiologist I would not use it.
It took a year to get my hair back. It now grows so fast that I have to get it trimmed every six weeks.

I have been on Toprol XL 50mg. for 10 years now. Because of insurance changes, the pharmacies keep dispensing generic pills of this medication. After a while, they keep changing the generics to other generics of other companies. I have noticed in the last 6 months major hair loss. I talked to my Dr. about it, and he asked me if it bothered me….well, I am a woman so yes, it kind of bothers me–was he kidding?
Anyway, my Dr. switched me to the brand name version. He just wrote on my script–DAW–dispense as written, so no more generics. After a week, I noticed the hair loss slowed down. I have switched to Nioxin hair shampoo and conditioner for hair loss. Today when I washed my hair, I had a sinkful of hair. It is very depressing.
My hair has thinned tremendously. I’m really at a loss. I’m going to try to start exercising and eating more healthy, to see if that in any way improves my hair loss. I will keep you posted….

I’m 43 years of age and I too have the same condition on my scalp. I have been to the dermatologist and he once said that bp meds causes this condition. It want grow back but I am coming off meds.

It doesn’t seem like there are any beta blockers out there that won’t cause this issue. I’m on a low dose of nadalol and have noticed a lot of hair loss too. I’m stopping today. Good luck ladies, I don’t feel alone anymore but this sure does suck! My heart breaks for all of you and for myself :(

I am on losartan, hzt, and carevedilol and hair loss is great. Are there any BP meds that don’t cause hair loss?

Hello Everyone, sorry to hear about the hair loss from these bp medications from HELL, I was taking corgard or generic (nadolol) for about 5 yrs 20 mg in the morning and 20 mg at night , total of 40 mg, I can say I never experienced any hair loss on that med. Unfortunately I needed something more to control my bp, I was put on 0.1 mg of clonidine about 3 months ago in addition to the corgard, and have noticed quite a bit of hair loss and thinning, now I’m taking 0.2 mg a day of the clonidine, and am scared to death of how much more I will lose, my bp was at 169/106 at one time, my doctor said I cannot get off them. But to those whose bp is not that high, I strongly think corgard (beta blocker) is not related to hair loss, If you want to ask your doctor and give it a try. This is just my experience. Good luck to all of you, I feel for you, this is horrible!

Well, Renee – what’s the scoop on your hair regrowth? Hope to hear great news from you!

I’ve noticed rather severe hair loss since starting Lisinopril.

Not sure WHY everyone keeps thinking their Doctors know best. The Doctors ARE NOT the ones taking these pills, and they DO NOT know what really happens to people that do. It’s only websites like this that people can compare and complain. But, does that mean the FDA or any Doctors are really going to listen? NO!

I just read your post. Wondering if the change in meds stopped the hair loss. I’m taking propranolol for migraines and blood pressure, but ready to quit because I’m experiencing hair loss. I hope you can take the time to reply.
thanks so much,

has anyone tried a natural supplement? I am beside my self please help.

Thank you. That means I can still hope.

It took about a year, but I can’t be sure, since I had quit looking. All of a sudden I realized my bald spot wasn’t bald anymore, and the rest of my hair seemed thicker. I just went to my beautician, and she confirmed it. It’s coming in very slowly and gradually.

BFRG, I stopped taking Lisinopril 9 months ago & still haven’t gotten my eyebrows or my lost hair, plus good condition of my hair, back. I’ve been told that it takes about a year. I was on it for 11 years & it only took 3 weeks after I started taking it to lose the eyebrows & hair. I had taken HCTZ before I had HBP & it never affected my hair so my doctor put me on it, Dyazide which is HCTZ & another diuretic, when I was taken off the Lisinopril 9 months ago. So, did it take about 9 months or 15 months to get your hair back? I’m already slender, exercise regularly, & live a very healthy lifestyle but need to de-stress a little, plus my HBP is genetic from both sides of my family so I might not have the option of getting rid of the diuretic.

Both Lisinopril and HCTZ caused major hair loss for me. After being one or the other for about 10 years, I finally got my BP under control and stopped taking everything a little over a year ago. My hair started growing back in about 3 months ago. Getting my BP under control took losing weight (eating very low carb), regular exercise, and learning to relax: I have to separate myself from what’s going on, breathe deeply, and concentrate on relaxing my body and mind — be in the Now, as Eckert Tolle puts it.

I am so happy to find this site. I thought I was going crazy. Last October I started on Lisinopril for my hypertension and was having a little hair loss. No biggie, but I had the nagging dry cough from the Lisinopril. Per my doctor I switched to Lorsartan Potassium 3 months ago and after a couple of months my hair was falling out by the handfulls.
I have long curly hair and I have lost about 1/3 of my hair now. I went back to the doc and showed her last week. I switched to HCTZ, a diuretic, in hopes that it will stop the hair loss. We will see. My doctor, a female, suggested that I take prenatal vitamins to help with the hair loss. No I am not pregnant, but I remember when I was and my hair was growing like a weed. We will see in about a month if this helps with the hair loss.
I am also not washing my hair every day. I am waiting 4-5 days to wash it. I have wash and go hair, so I don’t run the brush through it to create more hair loss. It is hot here so I where my hair up most of the time to cover the “thin” spots. I am also starting to ride my bike everyday in an attempt to bring down the bp.
Thank you ladies for all of your insight. It has been very helpful. Good luck to all of you.

I was taking metroprolol 50mg to control my BP. but it caused so much hair loss finally I stopped it 12months ago & started Ayurvedik Indian treatment for BP. But my hair loss has not stopped hair thinning & hair fall is continue. I had taken Metroprolol for about 2 yrs. give me some remedy on this. Tell me what shall I do to regrow hairs though I stopped taking betablockers?

I have been on lisinopril (caused anaphylactic shock), diuretics (caused gout and didn’t lower bp enough), beta blockers (massive hair loss and depression) and now calcium channel blockers, which are causing my gums to be so tender that I just bite right through the sides of them…. and, now I read that it also causes hair loss…there is not much left for me to try and minoxidil only produces peach fuzz….maybe I will go ahead and have a heart attack to get out of my misery (it is also not true that those on Chemotherapy fo not think twice about hair loss…. my sister had it and it was all she worried about, almost more than the cancer, but, obviously valued her life more) But, I have several conditions, many medication, etc and if this is the best I will feel, I am just not doing this.

The Minoxidil is working. The hair on my temples is filling in and I no longer look bald. I now have more bangs and the huge bald spot in the crown is slowly shrinking. My dermatologist said I could bump up the dosage to the 5% solution for men. Since my hair is long, I know it will take perhaps two years to grow down my back and my dermatologist confirmed my estimate.
I expect to see some true thickening by December 2013. However, I am impressed by the modest results thus far. As for now, I am wearing some clip in extensions in the back of my hair when I wear it down and it seems to add some volume and it’s not detectable. The hair is 100% human and I only need one track at the back and my hair looks like it did prior to the loss. I’ve read that you have to continue using the product or you’ll lose the hair. Well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right now, I’m focused on growing the hair.

Lisinopril is a contender, for sure, for that title. I lost half my hair, all the strength and body left my hair & it all broke off halfway down the length, and most of my eyelashes & eyebrows fell out after being on only 10mg for three weeks. That was in 2001. Eleven years later, I got off it & am only on diuretics which have never affected any hair on me, & now after seven months, nothing has come back. I have to draw my eybrows on or I don’t have any.
The right side of my hair is much thinner than the left & the condition of it is worse too. I’m afraid that unless it stops, I’ll be bald on the right side. I’ve read that it can take a year for all that drug to leave your body & your hair to come back so at least there’s still hope that in five months, I might have eyebrows again & at least stop losing more hair.

Personally I think Bystolic might be one of the worst culprits. Right up there with Metoprolol.

Christine, I’m reading this page because of my own hair loss, esp. on top of my head in front… I am on Bystolic for BP…. sorry to discourage you, but I believe Bystolic causes hair loss as well…. my doctor had me on 2 BP medicines when I complained about hair loss and he took me off the other one, but the hair loss continues, I think I’m gonna look into the natural way of controlling blood pressure…this is ridiculous!!!!!

I’m on my second bottle of Minoxidil and I think I see a bit of peach fuzz. I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or not. My cardiologist said she is considering placing me on the oral medication, but I fear growing unwanted hair. A mustache, I do not need. However, I can always take up shaving. At least, I’ll have a head full of hair again.

Minoxidil worked great for me — I grew lots of hair — until I developed an allergy to it. My Mother uses it without any problems. In fact, her doctor told her that the women’s version was too weak, and to just go ahead and use the men’s for quicker results and thicker hair, so she does.

Hi Lynn,
I’ve been using Minoxidil (Equate hair regrowth treatment) since the end of Jan. 2012 and I’ve not noticed any difference. My dermatologist (my internist referred me when I noticed a bald patch which turned out to be alopecia areata)says it can take up to 12 weeks to notice significant hair growth. It’s been eight weeks since I started the minoxidil so we’ll see what happens in the next four weeks.

Has anyone tried Minoxidil for Women in an effort to regrow hair? Has anyone had any success? I’ve been using it for a little over two weeks, but I understand it takes from 4 to 6 months to achieve noticeable results, so I’ll have to be patient. Meanwhile I’ve discovered Snap On Hair Extensions and even Snap on Bangs. It’s human hair. Imagine that. The hair extensions will give you some volume, particularly if you layer it. and it’s not detectable. Most of my hair loss is at the crown of my head and at the temples. My bangs are practically non existent. Frankly, there’s barely enough hair to snap on the bang, but after I blend the sides of the bang into my hair and place a headband (not the cloth kind) to hold it in place because I’m afraid it will slide, it looks like my hair. Well, at least I have some bangs now. Next, I will try using the snap on extensions when I wear my hair up in a ponytail to make it look thicker. Hopefully, in about 6 months my real hair would have grown out on sides and the crown.

@ victoria… I am on Amlopine Besylate for a year now. My once long thick hair is almost gone in the front. I had moved and my new doctor (who I love btw) put me on the Amlodipine (I was on Toprol for years, which didn’t cause the same amount of hair loss, at least not at the time, however, after reading the above it might be that it just hadn’t started) I found this website this morning: on it.
I had a conversation with my Dr. just last week about this (w/hormone and thyroid tests which I suspect I didn’t really need) and her first comment was, “it could be the HBP meds”… she also said, if it is “the hair will grow back when you get off them”
Getting off the meds today 2/29/12. I think just not thinking about going bald will bring my blood pressure down a few points.
If anyone finds a hbp that doesn’t cause hair loss please let us know!

Best way to compliment sense of well being & fight side effects & hairloss is with healthy diet, moderate exercise, good rest & many natural Herbs…
Here’s a list of what I take Garlic, Hawthorn Berries, Cinnamon, Ginger, Omega Fish Oil, Cod Liver, CoQ-10, Green Tea, Ginseng, Vitamins A, B, D, E
These herbs compliment the lowering of BP assist in energy and Hair & Nail Growth…
I would also add multi- minerals

In my last post in early December, I mentioned that I started taking viamins E, biotin, and folic acid in an attempt to regrow my hair. My beautician suggested squeezing the oil out of the vitamin E capsules and rubbing the oil into my scalp where it is thinning at the crown and the temples. I use a pushpin to puncture the capsule. It’s been a little over a month and I see a bit of hair fuzz at the temple but not at the top yet.

I was on Toprol XL 50 mg. for a number of years and didn’t notice any hair loss. Then I was switched to the generic Metropolol and after being on it for a while I noticed my hair started coming out. I have switched back to Toprol XL 50 mg. and I am taking
1 daily of 5,000 Biotin that I got at the health food store and I you can see some short hair re-growth. I am hoping that the change to the brand name and adding the biotin will help it not to come out too much in the future.

I was so glad to see your post. When I was around 42 years old, my doctor changed my bp medicine to antenolol. Like many of the ladies here I had very thick hair. Over the years I noticed my hair was much thinner. I was concerned and would ask about it. I got the standard answer you’re getting old. I accepted that and went on with my life. Well, in 2010 I began to have problems holding on to potassium. My doctor was addressing the problem, but in January 2011 I moved to another state.
In March/11 my new doctor took over and changed my bp meds. That led to my bp going back up. So he put me back on antenolol and added aldactone to maintain my potassium level and said let’s see what happens. The potassium level was corrected. Here’s the weird thing while taking atenolol and aldactone my hair started started growing and getting thick again. However, my bp was not low enough for him so he increased the dosage on the antenolol and added another medication called “AMLODIPINE”. My bp was perfect. I was happy. My hair was healthy and life was good. That is until November/11 when my hair started shedding like crazy. A couple of times I had big clumps. I was crushed and yes I cried.
What is the hell is going on? What happened? It’s a terrible feeling to have this problem and not know what is causing it. This time I did think of the bp medicine as the culprit. I was fine until he added the amlodipine. I started looking into it and found this site. It’s my bp medication and has been ever since I was put on atenolol. The atenolol by itself wasn’t too bad. The bottom fell out when he added the amlodipine.
I plan to call my doctor on Monday and make an appt. Something has to be done about this. Doctors have got to start listening to women when we tell them bp medicine is having a very negative effect on our hair. Yes I want my bp to be normal, but at what cost? A bald head with tissue paper thin hair.
By the way, during my research I also found out why my hair was growing. It appears aldactone is used to treat hair loss. If he had not added the amlodipine I would have been back okay. To all women I’m ready to stand up and fight this. When a man has problem, doctors burn the midnight oil to correct it, such as the little pill viagra. I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly. I don’t care. When women have issues we are laughed at and deemed crazy females.

I just had an AHA moment, before I came to this website. I am 41 years old and have always had long thick beautiful wavy curly hair. I stand now with hair so thin at the crown and don’t recognize myself, my hair, and have been saying how……why…….this happening to me? Hereditary, it’s in your genes? As was told to me by many doctors.
However, both my parents have a head full of hair, so it can’t be hereditary? Then I think about the blood pressure medication that I’ve been taking and thought about when my hair loss started, which was when i started taking maxzide. I called my pharmacist and asked what were the side effects of these pills ?
He said alopecoa, which is major hair loss, a side affect from Maxzide blood
Pressure pills.
I am so upset at myself for just now realizing that it has to be more going on than just, getting older and it may be hereditary as many doctors have told me. I am determined to weed myself off of taking medication for the rest of my life. The only way to beat this is to eat right, ie organic fruits, vegetables, exercise, lose weight. This worked for me in the past and I am determined to do this now.
The money is not in a cure it’s in the treatment and the side effects. I will keep everyone posted…. We need a revolution to get our lives back naturally, and healthy. Our grandparents did it and lived long healthy lives by natural remedies…..

I was started on a BP med a year and a half ago and I gained weight as well my hair started thinning/falling out and become dry and lifeless. I stopped taking the medication for awhile and my hair started growing back full and you couldn’t see my thinning spots. Now I’m currently back on BP medication, Coversyl and Apo-Bisoprolol which I started 2 months ago and my hair started thinning again.
I’ve had to resort to snap in extensions and sometimes a wig. Before I was going to the gym to lower my BP, but my weight just either went up or down. I even cut out salt from my diet. Recently I have become very weak and now I have no motivation to do anything. I would like to start exercising again to lower my BP so I can stop the medication.
Being a 37yr old female that used to have long thick manageable hair to having none what so ever is very hard to cope with. I’m going to ask my doctor if there’s any other BP medication that will not cause my hair to fall out. I will keep everyone posted if there is.

Went on HCTZ – heavy hair loss. Stopped and hair came back beautifully. Year later, went on Lisinoprol – heavy hair loss and it caused a terrible cough. Switched to Diovan and still have some hair loss. Used to be very naturally curly – now lifeless, half straight and you can see my scalp. Tried Rogaine – after 3 weeks, it caused a white crusty scale on scalp. Does anyone care what we all are saying? Someone please, HELP, HELP, HELP.

I am so glad I found this website. I had been on Topral XL and my doctor did not think it was controlling my BL very well so switched me to Amlodipine Besylate and Chlorthalidone. It does control my BP but I have noticed hair thinning and am ready to ditch the drugs. I have not seen anyone else here mention Amlpodipine and or Chlorthalidone. Has anyone else had this experience with these drugs. Thanks

I took Lisinopril/HCTZ and it DID make my hair start falling out. Some people say it was the Lisinopril alone, and some say it is the HCTZ. If you do more research… you will find that BOTH, either separate or together will cause hair loss.
Also, once you start on Rogaine and you see hair starting to grow again, if you stop taking Rogaine, you will lose it again. Good Luck!

As mentioned in my earlier comment, I did have my dermatologist visit last week and she doesn’t feel it’s the Lisinopril/HCTZ that’s causing my hair loss. I started taking this med in 2005 and my hair didn’t start shedding until around 2009.
My primary physician had recommended Rogaine and the dermatologist concurred but also recommended having a scalp biopsy to determine if there are underlying medical reasons for the hair loss. My recent lab work was very good so everything seems to be in order. When the dermatologist mentioned having to have stitches after the biopsy, I got rather nervous.

I was a cardiac nurse for over 20 years so I know the importance of keeping my heart rate and blood pressure in good range–I would not be happy going bald and that was where I was headed with Norvasc. I can not take beta blockers with my asthma and I am allergic to lisinopril and micardis. My Dr is trying to work with me. I am on aldactone for diuretic but need stronger medicine for the BP. Don’t know what to try next!! Trying to diet and increase activity.

I had been on verapamil for years for BP. I suffered severe hair loss. I was then put on ExForge. My hair grew back. It was very costly as the insurance does not cover it. After trying different BP medications, I am now on Carvedilol, Lisinopril and HCTZ. Besides having all this hair loss, it doesn’t seem to keep my blood pressure under control. I know the anxiety you all are feeling. If someone comes up with a wonder drug that insurance will cover, I would like to know about it. Also, Lisinopril has caused a constant dry cough.

I was 49 & had already gone through menopause but still had a thick head of long hair that had pretty natural waves until I was put on Lisinopril/HCTZ 20/25. Within three weeks, half my hair fell out & broke off halfway down & most of my eyelashes & eyebrows fell out. After my primary care doctor said the meds don’t cause hair loss, I went to an endocrinologist, hormone specialist, & after $300-$400 worth of tests, he said the hair loss wasn’t due to anything but age & stress.
I told him it happened in three weeks & he just looked at me. Then, I went to my dermatologist & he said it was due to stress. Then, I went to a new dermatologist, a female, & she said it was due to getting older. Get ready for these responses & be prepared to try other medications to handle your BP.
It’s possible one of them won’t effect your hair as much. I’ve researched the BP meds & they ALL list alopecia, hair loss, as a side effect. Doctors just don’t care & think all females are over-emotional, stressed out crazies that don’t have their priorities straight. I was switched to diuretics, no more Lisinopril, almost three months ago & am waiting for any signs of hair to return after being on that stuff for 10 years. I wish you luck.

I know what you mean. I’ll be 50 next year and did wonder if that played a role in my recent hair shedding although I haven’t officially begun menopause (which does cause hair loss). I take Lisinopril/HCTZ and discovered that hair loss is a side effect of that med. You’re right, it seems that a lot of BP meds cause hair loss. During my doctor visit last week, I asked the doctor if he would switch my med and he referred me to a dermatologist/hair loss specialist to determine the culprit. I had to insist to the point of tears to get him to take me seriously. I refuse to keep losing hair without knowing what’s causing it. My appt. with the dermatologist is next week. I’ll keep you posted.

All of these blood pressure medications are the same as far as I am concerned. They all have components that result in hair loss I’ve taken Norvasc, the mildest of BP medications, my doctor told me and that was the beginning of the thinning of my thick hair. Besides, it wasn’t effective. I’ve tried others and discovered I am allergic to ACE Inhibitors and Beta Blockers, so that means I am very limited as to the classes of BP Meds I can actually take.
Now I am taking Clonidine. It brings my pressure down fast but has a shelf life of about a few hours, so I actually take it 3 times a day and now it’s not effective AND more hair is coming out. I want to change medications but am deathly afraid that I will go through another round of hair loss and I cannot afford to lose one more strand.
I’ve had beautiful thick hair all of my life and now I’m turning 50 with stingy thin hair. Now I understand why my mother was so concerned about her hair when she was about my age. If she were alive, we could commiserate on our hair loss. (weak smile) I’ve started taking vitamins such as Folic Acid and Biotin and B12 in an effort to stimulate hair growth but it has only been a few weeks and I’ve yet to see results.

Drug companies come to the conclusion that hair loss is a “rare” side effect during clinical trials. These clinical trials involve smaller groups of participants taking the meds during the trial period compared to the large number of us taking these meds for years.

Hi Ladies,
A couple of years ago, I was put on meds, because I developed high blood pressure after taking birth control for 3 months. About a year ago, my medicine was changed to Nifediac and Triamterene. I was also taking spironolactone for acne. Fast forward to now, I stopped taking the spironolactone about 2 months ago and my hair is so thin it is unbelievable! Until recently, I had not made the correlation between my hair loss and my meds. So I call my doctor and had him change my meds. He prescribe a med that is a non-beta blocker I think its call Amiloride hydrochloride.
Is there anyone out there, that has taken the same meds that I have and is experiencing hair loss too?
I was considering calling my dermatologist to see if there is anything that I can do.

KM, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with these “senior” things at such a young age. From all I’ve heard and read, your hair usually comes back after about a year after stopping the BP med that was causing the hair loss. I really hope you get your heart in good shape and can get off the BP med afterwards. We all believe and understand about the reality of the BP med/hair loss your having, so just know that at least you have all our support when the doctors deny any connection.

Hey Everyone,
I hope this gets posted. My Mom is 74 years old, she is on Atacand for Blood Pressure, Toprol for heart palpitations and Biotin for Hair loss. She started losing hair by the handful about a year ago and a family member told her to try Biotin. So she started Biotin and the hair loss stopped. Now a year later she’s having hair loss again and still taking the Biotin.
This morning she woke up and she told me her wrist near the hand was all dark red and she had not hit it on anything. I’m trying to find out if the Biotin, Atacand or the Toprol is causing her blood to thin?? If anyone knows or has experienced similar please respond to M.G. on this board and I will check it daily. Thanks for your help! M.G.
People’s Pharmacy response: She should bring this to her doctor’s attention. Very occasionally, Atacand might cause something similar, but she should not stop it on her own.

I’m a 26yo female on Metoprolol to keep my going until I have heart surgery, the last thing I needed was to lose my hair. Never the less my hair is falling out and without the medication I may very well not make it to my operation. Yet even after repeated contact from my GP, the hospital specialist refuses to move my appointment up. Who new a bad heart would also make me bald!

Just depends on who your pharmacist is… My former pharmacist in the state of Florida did research herself on Metropolol for me when I told her of my hair loss. Sure enough it does cause hair loss in some she informed me. This was after my Cardiologist informed me that the Metropolol could not be causing my hair loss.
Nothing was listed on the literature that came with my prescription. When I moved to Oregon, the literature that accompanied my prescription did state that it could be a side effect. Why is it so HARD for everyone to be on the SAME PAGE??? You just have to be persistent on your discussions with the medical profession and the pharmacists who doubt us. When you have something in PRINT….take it with you and show them……

The last paragraph of your message is so true. What I find unfortunate is that even some pharmacists don’t care to listen. When I was at the pharmacy changing my prescription I told the pharmacist that the beta blocker was causing hair loss. She looked at me like I was a loon and stated emphatically that she had never heard of such a thing. I then told her that she had better do a little research.

Have you ever seen the FDA’s adverse event form for reporting side effects? It asks for all kinds of personal info, plus it is way too long. I wanted to report side effects and finally clicked out of it because it was too intrusive and too long I said forget it…. I imagine many people do that as well – if they even find the form for reporting. That’s a problem as well.
People don’t know how to report side effects or to whom. Don’t think your doctor is filing it for you – that is NOT happening! Often times they barely believe you in the first place.
The side effects listed are usually based on what the clinical trials show before a drug is on the market. The true test comes later when regular people like you and me take the drugs and experience side effects. But – how is our voice heard? It’s not…
Docs get their drug info from the drug reps. Pretty sad, but true. They know less than we do about the drugs we are taking. At least we are taking the time to do extensive research to see what we’re putting into our bodies. I realize this may not be true of all doctors, but it’s been my experience more often than not. We MUST be our own advocate.

One of the meds that caused my hair loss was Metoprolol. I have realized, after much research, that all betablockers have this as a side effect.
I hope the biotin helps restore your hair.

My hairdresser told me to take Biotin – if there’s a deficiency in this vitamin hair can become dry, brittle and fall out. My hair doesn’t break off in the middle – it seems to be coming out at the roots. I have been taking Biotin for about a month now (I take what’s recommended on the vitamin bottle) and have switched from Atenolol back to Metroprolol. I did a search on the internet for other vitamins and have just started taking more C. Keeping my fingers crossed.

What were the 2 other meds that you could take without losing your hair?
I am sick of the doctor telling me I am wrong.

I am in the same boat as you. I have been taking Norvasc for 3 1/2 years now and just discovered that its the meds that have been taking my hair out. My mother and I were talking and she mentioned that Norvasc has been taking her hair out. I’m on the same medicine with the same problem. I came home, looked it up, and there it was. I didn’t think it was the medicine because my doctor told me 3 years ago that hair loss was not a side effect. She lied! Because all BP meds take your hair out, I’m trying to figure out how I can start using natural remedies.
Has anyone tried any natural remedies and/or weight loss and was able to stop using BP meds?

Rogaine worked great for me, but I developed an allergy to it. If you don’t have allergy tendencies, go for it! And don’t pay any attention to the Rogaine for Men or Women labels. My Mother’s doctor told her that the one for men is stronger, and women can use it if the one for Women isn’t working fast enough. She used the one for Men until she died — with a full head of hair, even though she was still taking Lisinopril!

I wanted to update everyone on my condition after being on just a diuretic, Dyazide, for three weeks. My BP is great! It’s unbelievable but the condition of my hair has greatly improved!!! It only took three weeks for Lisinopril to screw up my hair, eyelashes, & eyebrows so maybe it’s not so impossible. Hair growth, if any, won’t show up for at least two months from now, but wow, what a difference in the way my hair feels & looks!
OK – here’s the catch. Not everyone has the same reaction to meds, some have predispositions to HBP, & you have to consider the fact that I live a very healthy lifestyle, am a vegetarian & health nut, & exercise every day for about an hour, but the fact that my BP is now below 120/80 without BP meds is fantastic. I have hereditary HBP & I’ve finally found an answer to no BP meds. My previous doctor had tried a diuretic on me years ago but it was just HCTZ 25mg. Dyazide is a mixture of HCTZ & Triamterene, another kind of diuretic. I’m on the generic called Triam/HCTZ 37.5-25 by the Myla company, once a day.
I hope my hair grows back & I will continue to post updates. I pray this can be of help to someone on this site. My heart breaks & I know exactly how you feel when I read the pain that is caused by devastating hair loss. You’re NOT vain to be so upset over losing hair. Older ladies like myself are especially hit hard because it ages us more quickly than we have to normally. We’re already losing our beauty & this just accelerates it.

I’ve been reading the comments and posts regarding hair loss and BP meds and I’m saddened to see that so many of us are suffering from the same problem…. with no apparent answers. I am actually considering a “comb over”, since the hair on the top of my head has gotten so thin! Has anyone tried a product like Rogaine, for hair re-growth?
I guess the best I can do is shop for a wig. I always had fine hair, but a lot of it. Now I can see bald spots on the front/top of my head. It is embarrassing to go out in public like that.
Thinking back…. this is the same thing that happened to my mother and to my husband… and they were both on BP meds too. I am just sick that I didn’t know about the possibility of hair loss sooner.
It’s been a big help hearing what you all have to say….

I was on Toprol XL for about 5 years – until I heard special on T.V. According to report and my druggist it can reverse itself after about 3 years. It can cause TMJ. I quit immediately. I also was on Metoprolol which I was told can cause hair loss. Yes, I lost A LOT OF HAIR. One eyebrow almost gone and will never have to pluck the other one again. My thyroid is fine and I am glad I’m not on either of these medicines anymore. I probably lost 1/2 of my hair. I’m happy to say after approximately 1 1/2 yrs. my hair is almost back to normal. It sure seemed like a long time before any hopeful progress. Good luck to anyone with this problem. After you quit this medicine just be patient as it does get better.
People’s Pharmacy response: Don’t quit metoprolol (Toprol) suddenly or without medical supervision! It can be dangerous to stop a beta-blocker suddenly, but your doctor can help you switch to a different blood pressure medicine.

Hi, I have also had problems with B.P. meds Metropol made me loose my hair within days, my hair is very fine as it is, I am 48 year old female, I got switched to lisinoprol 20mg, well its been just over a year since I took any b.p. meds, just had my b.p. checked at docs it was 147/97 so he wants to put me on lisinoprol hctz 10/12.5, I’m not taking it, my hair is still in the recovery process after a year, its probably grown 3 inches and has gained a little thickness back, not saying much for having fine hair, I noticed new baby hair growing, sticks up everywhere but glad to see it, so yeah my hair is still recovering after a year without meds. I don’t think it will ever be back to the way it was, and yes I agree with earlier peoples comments, these doctors have to know about these meds, and pharmaceutical companies need to do something about the compounds of these drugs, they think its a rare side effect, obviously not, we are just a bunch of guinea pigs they don’t care its just money, money, money. I guess there’s probably other side effects too, probably wont come out for a few more years and it will be too late for all of us that’s taken them, I mean after a year and my hair still isn’t growing, hmmmmm. What else is going on in our bodies. ?????

Christine – you’re right, there are a lot of us out there. I have been losing my hair for about a year, and until last week didn’t put 2 and 2 together. I can only imagine the countless others who haven’t figured it out yet (that their BP med is causing their hair loss), or who haven’t found a blog to post their concerns.

Not sure how the drug companies come to the conclusion that hair loss is “rare” as it is listed on the literature that you get with your prescription. It use to not be listed at all as a side effect.
I am wondering if more people were to e-mail the the particular drug companies that make their MEDS and let them know of their hair loss if the rare would be changed to a common side effect. Would they then tell us we were ALL imagining this?
There are quite a few of us out here. I would imagine there are a lot more as well. Just a thought………..

If doctors don’t believe that their patient’s hair loss is caused by their BP meds, then how does it get reported to the drug company? How many drugs have hair loss listed as ‘RARE’ but it really isn’t rare, because feedback is never getting back to the drug companies?????

Dear ct,
Thanks for the heads-up on Lisinopril. My doctor is putting me to back on Toprol, which I was taking back in 2007, and to have the diuretic as a separate pill (to take as needed). I am reading where the diuretics are guilty too, as Mary T commented to your post, so I’m going to try to stay away. BTW, my doctor had a different tone in her voice yesterday (more sympathetic), and I can tell she had done some checking about other medications and hair loss as a side effect.
I had no hair loss with Toprol, but the dosage is going to be higher than in 2007 (going to see if that’s also a contributing factor). I’m going to try not to take the water pill and see if after 90 days I notice less hair loss. If I continue to lose, then I’ll suck it up to pre-menopause.
Back to the Atenolol, I was first taking 50mg and got the diuretic added when I went to 100mg. I’d like to hear how the diuretic is working for you. Keep me posted. Friends and family don’t understand or can’t relate because it’s not happening to them.

Mary T, yes, I’ve read about diuretics causing hair loss too but since I’d taken them before for two years for another health issue years ago & they didn’t cause me problems & I’d been on just lisinopril for three weeks in 2001 and I got the hair loss & still do, I guess it goes to show it’s a crap shoot for anyone taking either one.
My new doctor also said beta blockers are the culprit. I went through several pill books & couldn’t find one BP med that didn’t list alopecia as a side effect. What’s the name of the one you’ve found that’s OK? If the diuretics don’t work for me, I’d like to try that one. I can’t believe with all the advanced technology we have, we’re all doomed to going bald if we want to avoid death or strokes, etc. I pray that we all just keep trying to find the magic bullet customized for each of us to stay alive & with hair, lol.

In all of the research I have been doing about blood pressure meds and hair loss I have found reference to the fact that diuretics are also guilty culprits. I have not had a problem with all meds – only the beta blockers.

Dear CO, yes RUN from Lisinopril. It only took three weeks for it to destroy my hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. I just got a new doctor that actually understands and cares about my devastating hair loss due to blood pressure medicine. She put me on a strong diuretic instead of BP meds and today is the first day I’ve taken it. I’ll keep you all posted on how my blood pressure is and if any hair starts to come back and regain the healthy texture it once had.

I have been taking atenolol for 2 years and have noticed drastic hair loss in the past 1.5 years. Thank goodness I started with really thick hair. It is the only medicine I take so there is nothing else to blame it on. I have checked with my doctor and told her before she prescribes a medicine (she mentioned lisinopril) but after research, it too causes hair loss. Can’t rely on doctor to know everything – I’ll have to research this.

I don’t doubt for one minute that the beta blocker is the cause of your hair thinning. Like you I constantly had to have the hair salon thin my thick, wavy hair. It is no longer thick nor wavy. The article that I took to my doctor when I was begging to be taken off the beta blocker stated that all beta blockers are culprits. I have recently read that the diuretics can cause hair loss also and I am on one of those as well. I almost cry each morning when I wash my hair.

I’m a 53 year old male and up till a few years ago I had to get my barber to thin my hair. It was just too thick. Then five years ago I had a heart attack and my cardiologist put me on atenolol and a few other drugs like ramipril and aspirin. In the past few years my hair has been thinning considerably. My barber said that it’s the terrible water we have here but I couldn’t quite agree with that and I have no baldness nor thin hair in my genetics.
I’ve got a bit more arrhythmia than before so my cardiologist has suggested shifting me to sotalol rather than atenolol. I had never heard sotalol so began researching it and BINGO, found the connection between atenolol and hair loss. I can’t say for certainty that atenolol is causing the thinning but nothing else makes sense and based on other experiences, I’d wager that it is the cause.

I’ve been on Lisinopril 10mg since March of 2010 and I was on Metoprolol since November of 2009 as well as Warfarin 5mg. I noticed some thinning and receding during the Metoprolol and Warfarin but I just chalked it up to age (nearing my 30’s) Neither of my parents are bald. So less and less I believed as I started losing more and more.
Once I had been on Lisinopril about 4 months I noticed the other side of my head, which never was receding, starting thinning out faster than my very slow (8 years) barely receding hairline. In the last 8 months I have lost more hair than I have in eight years. It’s impossible to be hereditary. IT IS THE MEDICATION. I hate this, I hate seeing through my hair, combing it and it still looking awful, It’s very short now.
I am male, so my what are my options even, I guess my options are go bald and look terrible or die? what kind of terrible options are these, these drugs are awful and they don’t make me feel 100% anyway, They just keep me from getting worse but never ever ever ever any better!

Hi everyone just wanted to get back to you and let you know that my bystolic was changed from 10mgs to 5mgs since around july 1st. I no longer have cold feet and hands, leg cramps and my hair has stopped falling out but I have not seen but a tiny bit of new growth so I guess the 5mgs have helped a lot. I still get palpitations but I can deal with it. I still feel very tired all the time, but no way will I up the mgs. I’m hoping that with time maybe some more hair will come back. I do take vitamins (b-complex, biotin, women’s multi, vit d, magnesium, and folic acid ). I’ll have my thyroid checked at my next visit, as I do have a lot of signs of thyroid. So over all the bystolic is muuuuuch better then the metoporol for me.

This is such an informative site – I am on lisinopril low dose (2.5) and want off. My hair has thinned significantly since being put on the pill about 3 years ago. In addition, I cannot keep a curl in my hair for nothing!! Rollers, gels, mousse, my hair goes straight – don’t know whether it’s lisinopril, plavix or lipitor. I’m off to check their sites to get some answers.

What a relief to hear all the stories similar to mine. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with HBP & put on Lisinopril 10mg & 2-3 weeks later, my hair, eyelashes, & eyebrows started falling out. Not only was I losing alarming amounts of hair, but the texture of the individual hairs became very fine & weak, breaking off halfway down my shoulder length head of hair, & my hair became extremely dry. I talked to my primary care doctor, a female, & also an endocrinologist, & 2 dermatologists & they all said it was due to getting older.
Really???!! Two or three weeks is how long it takes to get old? It has nothing to do with the medication? What a coincidence!! My primary doctor tried a few other meds to see if they didn’t cause hair loss after I showed her proof that alopecia, hair loss, IS a side effect of Lisinopril. I had bad reactions to them & after trying several for a month, I still didn’t stop losing hair. This justified her original opinion, but I told her it takes a minimum of 3 months for changes to show in hair growth, according to my dermatologist.
I researched for a long time, but never found an HBP drug that doesn’t list hair loss as a side effect. I am slender, have exercised regularly for 25 years, don’t smoke or drink, but have hereditary HBP. I tried just HCTZ but my BP skyrocketed. I now have only a few eyebrows left & have to draw them on, very few eyelashes, & I have only a third of my former thick, healthy, beautiful hair. It’s very depressing & it sure is sad to had the medical experts tell you it’s all in you’re head, you’re just getting old, & there is no alternative.

I am so happy to have found this website. I started taking metepropol in February of this year. I did notice after 3 months of taking this med my hair was starting to shed also this med gave me severe dizziness and I felt like a zombie. I talked to my doc and he switched me to benicar 20mg every other day. Let me say the hair shedding has not stopped!! I think that once you are on a bp med it doesn’t seem to stop. I hope for everyone who is experiencing hair loss can find an alternative for treating high blood pressure without all of the miserable side effects!!!

I posted earlier that I had stopped Micardis after being on Topral for 10 years. I have changed my diet drastically. No gluten and no dairy. I found thru a naturopath that I am allergic to both. After cutting them out for about a month my bp continues to drop. I didn’t tell my PCP that I had stopped yet, but at my next visit I will. She took my bp the other day and it was 129/72. Hopefully it will continue to drop and register around 110/70 like it use to. I am also exercising and have lost 24 pounds.

To BV and anyone else having this problem, after trying different meds and reading everyone else’s comments here and in other places, I have to believe there are no blood pressure lowering meds that don’t cause hair loss. It must be connected — artificially lowering blood pressure with drugs causes hair loss. I wish someone would research this, but the only people who seem to have the money are the drug companies who sell the meds.
A low carb diet has worked for me and many others at lowering blood pressure naturally. Please try it. There are lots of websites about it, some with audio podcasts and even videos, many with recipes. In the 4 months I’ve been eating this way, my hair hasn’t started growing back very much, only a bit, but at least it isn’t still falling out. I’ve lowered my meds to a bare minimum of a diuretic and my blood pressure is still dropping.
I really don’t think there is any other way of solving this problem. I don’t know if my hair will grow back, but I sure hope it does! I hope this helps someone.

I am with you 100% – I did not consider myself vain, I have other issues, and I have been able to move on – but this hair loss is a big thing as I told my Doctor. My heart doc was “get over it- happens to a lot of women.” But I must say my OBGYN has been open to suggestions and has made referrals – He also continues to check my iron levels, thyroid, hormones, (they were low this time and he gave me meds) He even checked me for lupus.

Hi all. I have been on Lisinopril and HCTZ for quite a few years. I believe I was having hair loss for a long time but it was gradual and I did not notice it at first. I had very thick curly hair. I started to notice that I could not seem to do anything with my hair on top and blamed the cut and anything else I could think of. Then one day I realized that the problem was thinner hair.
I had a very busy and hectic job so it took a while for me to really take time to realize what was going on. I talked to my Dr. and was sent for thyroid and other tests. They were normal except for a small problem with hormones. That was taken care of so I though the hair loss would go away. No so…. Now when I run my hand through it I get a handful of hair. It is so thin on top I can’t do anything with it and have very little left of my thick curly hair.
I am going back to the doctor to talk to him about the Lisinopril/HCTZ. I will have to find another med as my blood pressure really has to be under control or it will spike pretty quickly. Some of that is genetic as both my parents had high blood pressure. I do not care to admit that when it comes to my hair I am vain. It was always my best feature and I feel awful and depressed.
I know that sounds terrible but I can’t help it. Am I the only woman in the world who can feel really bad and then get my hair done and it makes me feel so much better. So I guess a lot of my comment is about the fact that doctors do not realize how important it is to women to look their best and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I refuse to feel guilty about wanting to feel good about myself. If I ever had to have Chemo or something that made me lose my hair I would wear a wig and wait for it to grow back.
With all of these BP meds you have to keep taking them so not sure what the answer is except to keep trying different ones until you find one that will work for you. AND GET DOCTORS TO BE A LITTLE MORE SYMPATHETIC TO THOSE OF US WHO HAVE THE PROBLEM. I actually had one doctor (unfortunately a younger woman doctor) tell me that it was part of aging and her words were that we just have to “suck it up”. I don’t have to tell you that I left there more depressed and angry than I have ever been. Going to try and get Dr. to change my meds to something else and give it a try. Good Luck to all of you.

I was using Topral for ten years with no problems. Then I developed a scalp disease called Lichen Planopilaris. This is a scarring alopecia. I had read that beta blockers could cause this so I switched to Micardis. After three months of using Micardis, my hair loss has increased to the point that I need a wig.
I am thinking about going back on the Topral, because I talked with a dermatologist that is researching Lichen Planopilaris and she doesn’t think that Topral causes it. Right now I am not on anything, but I worry about my blood pressure. I am currently dieting (60 lbs) overweight and exercising. Hopefully, I will be able to control it without meds, but I worry since I was on meds for so long even if I lose weight, will my bp be under control. My hair is see through. I wish I had never switched to Micardis. And I went on Micardis because it did not list hair loss as a side affect.

Nope. Lisinopril does also. I am on a very low dose (half a pill), and it is still falling out terribly. Sorry. I think all BP Meds do this. It’s unavoidable. I am going the diet and exercise route now. Hoping to get it down. I am fit and workout daily. No genetics. I found that being on birth control caused the onset of mine. Wish I never encountered this health problem, and didn’t have to be on this medicine. It’s depressing!

Do not feel bad. I am dealing with the exact same thing. Thyroid since 18, HBP since 41 (no genetics, and I am fit and workout daily), and perimenopause. So I know what you are going through. It stinks to be hit by so much. I am going to try going off the BP meds and control with diet and exercise. I don’t need the added stress of this hair loss or else the next stop is the psychiatrist’s office to control an anxiety disorder LOL!

I am 44, with young kids (9 and 10), and still have years left of school events, graduations, weddings to attend, and my hair is half gone. This is so sad that we have to go through this.
I can only dream of making it to 50 with some reasonable self esteem at this point.

I started on Atenolol in 2007 at 28. Unfortunately, my blood pressure problems are hereditary and no amount of exercise or diet changes will fix it. Around 2009ish I noticed that I was losing more hair than was the norm and it has gotten progressively worse. Mostly I’ve noticed that when I pull my hair back, I have little patches where hair should be. It’s gotten super thin. It’s also changed in texture – it’s constantly dry, very dull… basically feels like horse hair. I brought this to my doctor’s attention last year and had every blood test run to determine cause but everything came back negative. I’m convinced it’s the medicine.

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