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Could Biotin Relieve Tinnitus?

Could the B vitamin biotin relieve tinnitus? There are no studies, but one reader offers his testimonial.
Old man suffer from tinnitus, horizontal view

Tinnitus, often referred to as “ringing in the ears,” can be extremely intrusive. Many people tell us it has a serious impact on their quality of life.

That is why it makes sense to pay attention when tinnitus begins. Sometimes it is caused by an adverse reaction to medications. In such cases, discontinuing the drug may solve the problem. Of course, no one should stop a prescription drug except under medical supervision.

Sometimes tinnitus cannot be traced to any particular source. Finding a way to diminish it can be a challenge, but this reader has an intriguing suggestion.

Q. I wanted to share my experience with tinnitus. It’s not incapacitating, but it is annoying. I found something that helps by serendipity.

My wife has hair loss. She takes levothyroxine (Synthroid) and liothyronine (Cytomel) because her thyroid was removed via radiation. She also takes biotin to lessen her hair loss.

I’m bald on top, but I thought I’d see if biotin would help grow new hair. It didn’t.

Does Biotin Relieve Tinnitus?

What DID happen with the very first dose was total elimination of my tinnitus! A few hours after I take the biotin, the tinnitus returns, but at a much lower intensity.

A. Tinnitus is the perception of noise that no one else can hear: buzzing, whining, chirping or clicking noises. It becomes more common with age, as the nerves in the ear deteriorate, or it may be associated with noise-induced hearing loss.

Some people take biotin to improve nail strength. We were unable to find research linking biotin to tinnitus management, so you may have stumbled on something.

This water-soluble B vitamin is considered reasonably safe. We find it intriguing to consider the possibility that biotin might relieve tinnitus.

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    The exact moment my ears began the insidious sirens was in 1991 while swimming to the bottom of the pool. A very loud ‘POP’ occurred. Instant damage and sirens since. What physiological part broke?? ENT people were worthless.

    I have had Tinnitus for about 3 years. About 3 months ago, I began taking Hair, Skin and Nails OTC which I found at Kroger’s, trying it since my usually thick hair has started thinning a bit on the crown. I am 73+. Then about a month ago, I also bought the Biotin alone. I began taking both products: Nature Made adult gummies Hair+Skin+Nails and Sundown Naturals Women’s Multivitamin Gummies with Biotin and several weeks later now it suddenly occurred to me that the ringing in my ears had lessened. As to amount taken. Both products taken together add up to 3100 micrograms daily. It’s working for me, so I will continue.

    I bought a small bottle of Biotin, each softgel with 5000 mcg of B7, and am taking one every morning and (when I remember) one in the evening. I noticed some improvement after the first day. After two weeks, tinnitus is reduced but not gone. Will try to research the safety a bit, then try doubling that dose. I must have a mild case of it — if I stop and listen for it, I can always hear it, but when concentrating on other things I don’t notice it for hours at a time. Mine sounds like a distant chorus of extremely high pitched insect sounds, a little like outdoors on a summer evening, but perfectly constant, no clicking or rhythm to it at all.

    I am going crazy with this buzzing. I am going to try Biotin 10,000 for some relief. It wakes me up and makes me anxious 24/7.

    I took 1000 mcg around 3pm. Noticed no difference for a while, but just realized at 6:30 that I have no ringing, which is usually constant. I do have an slight, unusual, but not uncomfortable pressure, in my sinuses.

    I too would like to know dosage and brand. The doctor cleaned my ears and punctured my ear drum. I was deaf in that ear for several weeks. My hearing returned but with tinnitus in both ears.

    I have had this vibration type heart rate in my right ear. Doc found no issues with my ear. Advised me to go to ENT for a hearing test. I purchased zinc and biotin today. I have tried magnesium and ginkgo biloba no results yet. Please give me something that works?

    I’ve taken chromium and biotin (10,000 mcg) for months to lower glucose levels with zero reduction in tinnitus.

    Also checking on right dose for Biotin to treat Tinnitus.

    I, too, would like to know the dosage the person took. I tried 1,000 mcg per soft gel, and it’s doing nothing to help. They also had 5,000 mcg and 10,000 mcg but since the 1,000 mcg were over 300% of the daily value, I hesitated to use the higher strength. Would love to find some inexpensive solution!

    I have been taking Biotin for a different purpose for a long time. It has had no effect on my ears ringing at all.

    Again, could anyone tell us the recommended dosage?

    On the article for Biotin as a reduction of tinnitus, the person did not say what strength, amount or type of Biotin. There are a few very different.

    I also would like to know the dosage.

    I also would like to hear dosage. I know someone who this could help. She is on some
    kind of drug for thyroid. I do not know what kind.

    I have had great success in reducing my tinnitus by taking 800 mg of folic acid a day. It does not completely get rid of it, but there is a definite improvement.

    I have had tinnitus most of my life. I have been taking biotin (2.5 milligrams) for weak nails for three weeks and it has had no effect on my tinnitus.

    It would help to know *how much* biotin the fellow took.

    Else one can take much more than necessary…and it’s never good to take more of something than needed.

    Or take too little and conclude that biotin doesn’t work.

    I’ve seen recommendations for biotin that ranged over two orders of magnitude, and that is without actively looking for extremes.

    How much did he take?

    It may be due to a methylation problem. Not being able to methylate B-12. I would try taking a methylated B-12 sublingual or cream to see if that helps.

    Many years ago when I lived in Chicago I discovered this organization.At that time mainly on TV and I think a book or two..I was very happy to run across it again by accident..Much useful trusted info and in today’s medical care especially for seniors where one feels like a lab rat it is most helpful,,

    I have been taking a supplement called “Ring Stop” for years. Many of the ingredients are many homeopathic, but also vitamins including several B vitamins. It did not mention biotin. It does not eliminate the ringing which was caused by exposure to a loud chain saw many years ago. However if I forget to take it, I notice a sizable upward change in the intensity of the ringing.

    Have been taking biotin for three years – it helped my thinning hair and helps my nails – does absolutely nothing for the tinninitus – ear doctor and hearing aid professionals were no help – just learn to live with it (only prescription I take is Synthroid generic) – glad biotin is helping someone……

    I have been taking biotin for my hair for over a year and have not noticed any reduction in tinnitus. I wish it would help, I would be happy.

    I had Meniere’s some years ago, and was put on meclazine to stop the vertigo. A side benefit was that it cleared up my tinnitus!

    I’ve been taking Levothyroxine for many years but just in the last couple of years my hair has been thinning. I thought it was just the aging process. I can’t stop the Levo. Will the hair loss continue until I have a bald spot? Do all thyroid meds cause hair loss?

    To Sandi F from WV, if your doc finds no other reason for hair loss, it could be that your levo alone is not doing the job it should. Docs will tell you your (TSH) levels are ‘normal’ (based upon which scale?), even while you feel sub-par. I feel much better on T3&T4. Better yet, was finding a doc willing to prescribe the old-fashioned dessicated pig thyroid (Armour Thyroid, et al.), which turns out to be much cheaper than the two synthetic pills.
    Do your own homework while you search for a health professional who is willing to partner with you & hunt around for a solution for YOU. It is hard, but worthwhile. Biology is complex & has many interdependent variables. Check out Wiki’s entry about dessicated pig thyroid v. the website as a start.

    What dosage of Biotin?

    Is there a recommended dosage for the biotin to relieve tinnitus? It is driving me crazy, and I will run to the nearest store to buy some!!

    Great article, but what dosage did the reader take ?

    That is intriguing. I have had tinnitus for many years, usually in the right ear. It started after an infection busted my eardrum. I would like to try this method. What is the suggested dosage?

    What number Vitamin B is biotin?


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