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Cornmeal Mush Soaks Cured Nail Fungus

Soaking the toes in cornmeal mush can sometimes clear away persistent nail fungus.
Cornmeal Mush Soaks Cured Nail Fungus
Toenail fungus foot

Q. I developed toenail fungus and tried using some herbal remedies. The daily soaks were working, but very slowly.

Then I did a cornmeal soak and almost immediately the nail fungus started to disappear from my big toe. I continued the soak about once a week and all the toes grew out clear of the fungus.

Making the Mush

I used organic cornmeal for purity. To make the cornmeal soak, put about an inch of cornmeal in a shallow container that will just fit the affected foot.

Carefully pour about an inch of warm (not hot) water on top of the cornmeal and let it sit for an hour, so the water and cornmeal can combine naturally. After an hour, add enough additional warm water to cover the foot and soak for an hour.

The mush must cover the whole area, not just the toenails, because fungus thrives everywhere on the toes, especially between them. After an hour, rinse the mush off with warm water and pat the foot dry with a clean towel. Soak the toenails once a week until the fungus clears up.

A. Thank you for sharing all the details on your successful nail fungus treatment. Other readers have also reported success in treating their toenail fungus with cornmeal.

Other Remedies

Not all nail fungus infections respond equally well to each home remedy. For readers who would like to learn about other approaches, we offer our Guide to Hair and Nail Care that offers details on many other remedies that can help eliminate fungus. These include soaks in Pau d’Arco tea, vinegar, Listerine or a combination of the two as well as topical treatment with vitamin E or tea tree oil.

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