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Coconut Oil For Personal Lubrication

Q. You had a reader who wanted to know what to do for vaginal dryness. I’d like to respond.

From my experience, coconut oil is best. It is inexpensive and widely available at health food stores. It comes in a glass jar. Even though it is a bit solid in the jar, when it is allowed to warm to room temperature it easily dissolves into the skin. It is harmless to the tender tissues of the vagina and has antiviral and antibacterial properties that are very helpful.

A. Thanks for the recommendation. We have heard from several women who use olive oil for vaginal lubrication. As coconut oil is edible, it seems it too should be safe. Do keep in mind that oil of any sort is incompatible with latex and should not be used with diaphragms or condoms.

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Start by calling to see who specializes in this area. I use clobetasol ointment twice a day for about a week to get it under control, Then once a day for a week. Then once at night twice a week. Double rinse your cotton underwear. Mix organic virgin coconut oil with vitamin E oil and use it often as you like. If coconut oil does help, use Vitamin E oil and olive oil. I am gonna try some eucerin cream an vitamin E. Use moisturizing oatmeal soap and rinse well. Use hypoallergenic pads, no latex condoms. My doc prescribed gabapentin for the pain. Helps tons. Get checked every six moths because we have 5% chance of getting vaginal cancer which is rare. Cut down on sweets. Make sure you aren’t allergic to something you are eating. Make sure you don’t need estrogen. If you have insurance estring works pretty good. It’s 80% as effective as the creams but less of a problem. If too expensive get something off walmart list. You are not alone. You will get thru this! God bless.

get refined organic coconut oil very soothing.

HELLO! I’m starting to feel the same way about sexual intercourse since I had a hysterectomy around 10 years ago due to large fibroids and excessive hemorrhaging. I opt to just have the uterus and cervix removed my tubes and ovaries were just fine Thank God! Now I’m starting to go through perimenopa use and my vagina has thinned out and we use lubrication and my vagina is starting to feel pressure and pain… Damn what’s a girl too do?
My husband say’s don’t worry about it, but I do…I know sex starts in the brain but damn it ain’t quite working in the body as it once did… I here it could be a combination of psychological and physical… I’m all for natural healing stuff!!! I started eating more omega 3 foods to see if that might thicken my vaginal tissues. Good luck with your situation….Pray!

Hi could you please tell me how the coconut oil is applied. Do you put it inside your vagina as a suppository? Or apply on the outside? Thank you

I use coconut oil for lots of things. I tried using it as lubricant and several time it has caused a yeast infection or heightened my already lurking candida issues. I wasn’t sure at first, but this is the 4th time my symptoms has occured within a coule days of using the cocnut oil.
I am using virgin, cold pressed, unrefined organic.. nothing cheap. I have an overactive immune system and believe to suffer from candida. I can have a few good months without issue, but using this.. for me… messes my bacteria up almost instantly.
It sucks cause I love coconut oil for other things and it’s great as a lubricant. Just not for me. It does have antibacterial and microbial properties, so it seems logical that it can mess with the harmony of your existing bacterias.

I’m not sure why u would take an anti-depressant for vaginal nerve pain. It certainly won’t prevent nerve pain. Have u talked to ur doc about this or seen a neurologist? The drug Neurontin is commonly used to suppress nerve pain. Valium or medical marijuana might also help. Don’t let the docs dissuade you from trying MM or Valium. Basically they are ignorant of what they themselves have not experienced…plus they all just want to cover their own behinds.

Just wanted to clear up the antidepressant for vaginal pain. I, too, took a low dose specific antidepressant for vaginal pain. My pain and irritation was extreme to the point that for several days after intercourse, my whole genital area would be painful and even throb at times. I had to take pain meds to keep it tolerable. I was eventually diagnosed with vulvodynia, and if I haven’t spelled that right I’m sorry, but you can find plenty of info online about it. Hence, the antidepressant (Amytriptaline), which works to reformat the mind out of thinking of pain when intercourse happens. It is used “off label” in this way, and was successful for the most part, in my case. I still suffer from irritation feelings and pain at times, but am on a changed HRT routine, and we use lubricant (as always, never stopped). I am very interested in using coconut oil, because perhaps it will take away that last bit of pain I feel and then we can enjoy our time together for a bit longer.

Not sure where you get your information from. I suspect it is purely anecdotal. Neurontin and Lyrica are used for nerve pain and have different levels of effectiveness for different people. Cymbalta, an antidepressant, IS used very successfully for some nerve pain. One of the older tricyclic antidepressants, imiprimine AKA Tofranil, was, and occassionally still is, used to treat nerve pain. I have used both for chronic pain related to back and neck injuries.

I have also worked with many people suffering from chronic nerve pain and the antidepressants are effective. Opiates are fine for muscle pain or surgical pain but have had little to no impact on my nerve pain. Valium, along with the other benzos, may help muscle pain but is ineffective with nerve pain except it may help you to relax thereby reducing tension in the area of the pain. The only other thing it will do is make you not care. Keep in mind there is the potential for abuse, dependence and addiction with any of the opiates and any of the benzos.

The jury is still out on medical marijuana although one of my brothers who had terminal brain cancer did rely on weed at the end of his life and it was the only thing that gave him relief. That, however, does not substantiate it’s medical effectiveness and the side effects can be, as with any drug, substantial, i.e., weed makes some people extremely paranoid. In any case, a person with any medical condition should seek the consult of their own physician and certainly not rely on the opinions of commenters in a forum like this. Even if you are a physician, you are not that person’s physician.

I had pelvic radiation for anal cancer which resulted in permanent skin damage throughout my entire rectal area, as well as early menopause and vaginal stenosis. I was using prescription hydrocortisone/pramoxyn creme for my rectum but at $90 even with insurance I decided to try coconut oil.
It’s doing a much better job and I can’t imagine going without it. I was also looking for a lubricant and vaginal moisturizer so I tried CO for that too, with great success and relief! While penetration is still very painful, I am enjoying sexual activity a whole lot more. I hadn’t thought of using it as a suppository but now I’m going to try it.
It’s great to combat vaginal dryness too. And it’s EDIBLE! I tried to find info on the safety of ingesting commercial lubes and – surprise – there is none. I love the taste and smell. My husband is happy too. I also use it to remove makeup and moisturize my entire body. My skin feels soft and looks great for my age. Can’t recommend coconut oil enough! :)

You may not see this reply since it’s more than a year after your post. At any rate, maybe it will help someone else that comes across this thread.
Your wife should seriously consider seeking a Lyme Literate MD to rule out Lyme Disease (or co-infections) as the cause of her Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a common misdiagnosis (as is MS, CFS, RA, and ALS) for many people suffering from Lyme Disease. Current testing for LD is pitiful at best, and a negative test does NOT rule it out. It is a clinical diagnosis, and it is best to seek a doctor that knows what to look for. Most regular practitioners are clueless about the prevalence of LD, and many times, tell their patients that LD is not in their area (it’s in ALL 50 states.
To locate a LLMD in your area, you should contact the nearest Lyme Association, as doctors that treat Lyme Disease, do not advertise this for a variety of reasons.
I was diagnosed in May 2012 after originally being diagnosed with RA in 2005, and then MS in January 2012. I am on a slow path to recovery, as the longer one has had the infection, the longer it takes to heal!

how did this work out?

Bottom line- over 2 years later – GREAT Lubricant and I swear my wife has less yeast infections. I know this for a fact, bc I am the one who has to go out and buy the medicine at night if she has one.
Virgin, organic, coco oil avalailable in any pharm and a lot of supermarkets.
The original topic/thread here is for dryness, and if you have not tried Virgin COCO oil -woman you are missing out!

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