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Coconut Counters Chronic Colitis

Q. Thank you for writing about coconut for treating ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed with colitis in 1980, and had three feet of my colon removed. My condition was moderate to severe and I was taking eight tablets of sulfasalazine every day to control it, along with Rowasa enemas daily.

I started ingesting shredded coconut twice a day after reading your article, though I had no expectation it would help. Within a few weeks my symptoms had lessened and in about a month I had gone into complete remission. A year later I had a colonoscopy showing a healthy colon.

I gradually cut back my medication and have not taken anything for the condition for five years. I feel well and have had no GI problems. I read that coconut has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and think it must be true.

A. We have heard from others who suffered from severe diarrhea associated with inflammatory bowel disease that coconut macaroon cookies or shredded coconut alone can be helpful. We doubt that many people with ulcerative colitis would respond as dramatically as you have, but we certainly are delighted to learn that this remedy was beneficial for such a serious condition.

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I was diagnosed with colitis, and my gastroenterologist prescribed a steroid to take for the rest of my life. Within 2 weeks I was losing my hair, so I stopped taking it and never returned to him. I had mentioned to him that I was wondering if I should go on a dairy-free diet just to see if milk products had begun to make me sick. He blew that off with a wave of his hand and said to take the medicine. I went on the diet and am much improved but not 100%. I still have accidents, but I am better now. I would like to learn about any treatments that have helped other people. I will try coconut — I already drink coconut milk. I like coconut in any form. Sparkle Plenty

Regarding Ulcerative Colitus,
My farther was diagnosed after two years of pain and misery and being told he had IBS.
They told him he had to have the colon removed, I asked him to give me two months before he went ahead. I told him to take one double strength Aloe Vera capsule morning and night every day, three weeks later he was a changed man. He keeps up with the Aloe and has not had a major bleed out or mucus or pain for a year

Can someone please clarify what types of coconut and in what quantities. Would coconut oil be effective or really just flaked coconut? I was diagnosed with UC 3 years ago and I am very interested in managing this with the least amount of drugs possible. Thanks

I’ve had UC for quite a few years, taking sulfasalazine all the time, and I can’t see it has helped at all. A friend pointed me towards this website, and I’m very interested in trying any and all alternatives to the meds. Thanks for any into, in advance.

Do you know the approx. amount of shredded coconut someone used in successful treatment of ulcerative colitis?
Also, someone reported, on an ulcerative colitis website, having been cured of UC by using Aloe Vera tablets and Ginger tablets. Do you have any knowledge of the amount of Aloe Vera and Ginger one should use and if these herbs would conflict with the drug Asacol, currently being used to control UC?

I was told by a holistic doctor to take a couple of spoons daily of virgin coconut, so it does not have to be shredded (which you can buy many places) but I usually pick it up @ a Vitiam Shoppe.

I found this information this morning, I have always hated shredded coconut but love real coconut so I am going to try this. I am in the same situation and nothing seems to get me back remission. I am so thankful you shared this information.

My 86 year old mother takes Coreg for her heart. The sudden bouts of diarrhea which this medication brought on were so unpredictable that she had become home bound due to fear and embarrassment. When she finally shared this with me, I recalled having read in your column about Archway Coconut Macaroons.
When she eats two a day, the problem is kept under control. What would we have done without this information? We have found that it must be Archway Coconut Macaroons. Other brands or recipes made at home did not seem effective for her.

My niece recently had a C-section during which her intestines”popped” out and they were “shoved” back in, without consulting a GI Specialist. 2 days later she was given an MRI and had to undergo surgery to have her colon removed. Her intestines had been twisted cutting off the blood supply and causing her colon to “die”…
She is only 38 yrs old. At the end of the month they are going to go back in and try to reattach the small amount of colon to her intestines. Hopefully she will not have to wear a bag, as she is now. This has been devastating for my niece and our whole family. Has anyone had a similar experience that has any sort of normalcy as the outcome? We are still in shock over the whole mediacal fiasco. Thanks,D.G.

I had most of my colon removed 8 years ago. 16″ of colon left and I have no problems at all. Don’t worry. In my opinion she will be fine.

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