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Coconut and Pineapple for Crohn’s

Q. I read your coconut macaroon article and asked my doctor about using coconut instead of my Crohn’s medicine. He said that he has seen it work for others and to give it a try. He said to add pineapple for anti-inflammatory properties.

I have been eating a large pinch of coconut morning and evening for five months and have no Crohn’s symptoms. I add the pineapple a couple of times a week.

A. We are pleased coconut has helped. Not everyone will benefit, however, and a physician should be involved in such decisions.

Donald Agar in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, first discovered that Archway Coconut Macaroon cookies stopped the chronic diarrhea associated with Crohn’s (inflammatory bowel disease). He shared his success with us 10 years ago in this column.

Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme with anti-inflammatory activity. Yours is the first report that pineapple might also be beneficial for Crohn’s.

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Thank you so very much.I have severe Crones .3 years ago it almost killed me I have Surgery, 7 inches small intestines, and part of Colon. Im on Pentasa and Imuran, now Dr wants me too take Humira, Im very afraid of the side affects and told him ill think about it. My knees sweel n knot up very painful n depressing, I want too try all the things u said on here too help make me better n avoid medicine that is very bad for you, side affects, I thank you n want too learn even more :)

Regarding the Coconut and Pineapple for Crohn’s Q&A. I was very, very pleased to see that a doctor gave his blessing to the person suggesting using coconut instead of their crohns medication. It has been my experience as a non professional researcher that commercial products like the cookies that the person spoke about (Archway) have a high sugar content, and is really counter productive in trying to rid the body of inflammation (crohns is a inflammatory bowel disease), sugar also can and does cause inflammation, the reason is it can attach itself to collagen in a process called “glycosylation,” or the Browning Reaction, increasing inflexible and inflammation.
If you’re looking to cut down on the inflammation I would also cut out the bread (cookies). There is an article in time mag called “The Secret Killer” that is an in depth investigation on inflammation.

I have also heard that macaroons are good for many things as is coconut oil, but being a former crohns sufferer, and having done research on the disease, I myself would have to stay away from the cookies especially those made by most commercial companies.
In my research I have found that some of the research done has found that many cases of ibd’s and other so called auto immune diseases may be caused by fungus/fungi= candida albicans and a few other fungi. Cookies are made of flour, wheat and so forth and fungi is commonly found in the wheat and much of our grain supply.
Fungi can and does cause inflammatory bowel diseases, which is really brought on by the over use of antibiotics. I know you might say I haven’t taken any antibiotics. Do you eat meat?
Did you know that 70% of all the antibiotics are fed to animals that we consume?
So all you crohns, uc, and autoimmune disease sufferers who had little success in a cure or remission from those things that ail you, you may want to like a an anti yeast diet,

Have had IBS for over 15 years. Macaroons really, really helped! Dumping Syndrome, after a too large meal, occurs sometimes and coconut, organic, unsweetened, a little bowl of it, works as well as the coconut cookies: less calories. Even a mounds candy bar works if the syndrome happens when traveling away from your frozen coconut or cookies. Thank you, thank you Joe and Terry for making my life so much more pleasant. So much of your advice and pass along information has really been beneficial for my family and me.

I have been drinking an 8 oz. glass of pineapple juice for a few years since reading on your site that it helps with arthritis pain. Before I added pineapple juice to my diet, I had mild arthritis pain in the joints of my hands and it went away after starting this regime.

This is really exciting to know. A young friend’s life was on hold due to Crohn’s. He was miserable.
It is an autoimmune condition, so I suggested he try Vitamin D3, 4000 mg a day for a few weeks. He did with excellent results, so he kept taking it at lower doses. Three years later he is completing an M.A. degree and getting married.

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