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Klonopin is an anti-anxiety agent, similar in many respects to Valium. It belongs to a class of medications called benzodiazepines. This class of drugs were once called minor tranquilizers or sedatives, and many such drugs are prescribed to calm jittery nerves and relieve excessive tension. It is prescribed primarily to control certain types of seizures. It is a relatively long-acting drug.

Side Effects and Interactions of Klonopin

Side effects associated with this medication include sedation, dizziness, and unsteadiness. These may fade after a few days or weeks.

Do not drive, operate machinery or undertake any activity that requires close attention.

Klonopin may make acute narrow angle glaucoma worse and should not be taken by people diagnosed with this condition.

Other possible reactions include confusion, depression, amnesia, hallucinations, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, coated tongue, dry mouth, constipation, visual problems, rash, hair loss, increased sex drive, urinary difficulties and palpitations. Please report any symptoms are experiencing to your physician promptly.

Do not drink alcohol or use any other sedative while on this drug, as the combination may increase the risk of dizziness, drowsiness, lack of coordination or confusion. Klonopin can affect blood cell counts and may raise liver enzymes. Periodic tests should be conducted to monitor these.

Many medicines, including narcotics, barbiturates and other sleeping pills, drugs for schizophrenia, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and MAO inhibitors (EldeprylNardil, Parnate) can interact with Klonopin to increase sedation.

Other possible interactions involve asthma drugs such as theophylline, AIDS drugs like Crixivan and Norvir, beta blockers metoprolol and propranlolTagamet, oral contraceptives, Luvox, tuberculosis treatments isoniazid and rifampin, Prilosec and Serzone.

Check with your pharmacist and physician to make sure Klonopin is safe in combination with any other medicines you take.

Special Precautions

The effectiveness of Klonopin may decline after many months on the medication. Dependence is a possibility with any benzodiazepine. Sudden discontinuation of the drug could trigger status epilepticus in patients taking it as an anticonvulsant.

Other withdrawal symptoms may include nervousness, agitation, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, fatigue, headache and nerve twitching. Never stop taking Klonopin without medical supervision. This medication may have to be phased out gradually over a period of weeks or months.

Klonopin is not appropriate for those with liver disease. It should not be prescribed for anyone who has had an allergic reaction to another benzodiazepine.

Taking the Medicine

Klonopin is taken three times a day. It may be taken with food, especially if it upsets your stomach

Carry identification (Medic-Alert) if you are taking this medication as an anticonvulsant.

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You’re so awesome! I do not think I have read a single thing like this before. So great to find someone with a few original thoughts on this subject. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

A terrible drug, it has affected my memory so bad. Some days I feel like I have amnesia. I am working with a doctor now to get me off of this terrible drug. A psychiatrist I talked to said it can cause dementia.

When you see a dr, now days 15min, he prescribed some medicine that you saw it on a tv advertising, this is wrong and they should stop this fear game STOP. MEDICAL ADS AND DON’T GET SET UP. WAKE UP

Amen if used right there is no use of concern I see Dr’s who don’t understand and they try to put you on medications as in my case diabetes and brain disorder,family non support is not there, put you in low rent with people that live to knock on door want something free why why Virginia medicare is a insult to humanity. ..

I have been taking Klonopin for about 18 years. I need this to get through my day. I take 1 mg 2 times a day and a 2mg at night to sleep. I have no problem with it. So if you need it take it, don’t feel quilty. TO make you feel better in life. A Pschy. started me on it like I said 18 years ago.. Why go through life feeling bad.

I’m feeling so bad about my health I don’t know what to do I feel like if I am going to die sometimes my doctor is treating me for depression I feel more anxiety restless and sometimes imbalance one doctor gave me clonazepam once I feel the best but he doesn’t want to put me on it he is giving me different ones but it makes me feel worst I don’t know what to do.

I began taking Klonipin 10 days ago. I have developed vaginitis and very sore breasts. I’ve had neither since my hysterectomy a year ago. My doctor says there’s no way that this medication is the cause of these issues. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

I suffered from chronic insomnia that was diagnosed as “chronic fatigue” in 2005. I had a bout of shingles and it took every hormone in my body on a downward tailspin. I actually thought I was dying. I reached out to close friends about my health and many offered advice in seeing a chiropractor. It didn’t make much sense to me either, but I learned that ensuring the spine is in alignment is crucial for the brain to transmit healthy signals to all of the organs in the body. Chiropractors are considered to be holistic alternatives and have been around since biblical times. Most will educate you or direct you to holistic doctors regarding natural supplements and healthy lifestyle choices. After seeing a chiropractor twice weekly for the first month, I was finally able to get out of bed where I had been spending most of my days. I highly recommend starting here.

But some of us live in toxic environments and even meditation and yoga can’t fully heal us. I still suffered from chronic insomnia and went through a battery of tests only to realize it was due to stress. I’ve always been a health and wellness advocate, so I had a jump start on that area but finally decided to add medication for my problems. I was prescribed Clonazepam in 2009, initially .25 mg nightly for sleep and noticed a difference immediately. It has been necessary to increase my dosage gradually and I currently take 1 mg nightly which I don’t think is so bad. It has affected some cognitive ability but couples with an anti-depressant (Wellbutrin 300 mg daily in two 150 mg doses) I have gotten my life back. I am balanced (when I remember to take the proper dosages at the proper time), I enjoy life, family, friends and hobbies again. These drugs, combined with a healthy lifestyle, have literally saved my life. Sometimes I worry about the addiction, but at least I’m alive and am enjoying life!

I’ve been taking 0.5 mg of clonazopam since Dec. 2015. I’ve suffered from insomnia which eventually turned into insomnia with repetitive myoclonic jerks when trying to fall asleep and restless legs. Just recently I was sent for a sleep study and found that I have sleep apnea, severe while sleeping on my back, mild while on my side. Sleep doctor said the sleep apnea is causing my symptoms. Planning to start using c-pap machine next month. Hope it helps so I can eventually wean off clonazopam. Trying to do that right now and getting headaches. And I usually took it about 3-4 nites a week on avg.

Need help getting off klonopin now put on seroquol for insomnia

RLS and Sleeping problems.

Have you had a sleep study?

I have had anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. My doctor gave me anti-depressants for anxiety and panic attacks, they quit working, so my doctor gave my gabapentin that quit working so I was given Lyrica. They quit working. My doctor didn’t want to give me Clonazepam he started at .5mg twice a day. It started working within a week. I no longer have anxiety or panic attacks. I have been on it for three years and I haven’t built a tolerance. Clonazepam has given me my life back. Everyone is different. Some build a tolerance while others’ don’t.

My DO prescribed clonazepam for my chronic insomnia in 2009. I had been “diagnosed” with chronic fatigue a year before but am convinced my fatigue was from sleep deprivation. I finally am able to sleep. In fact, I become extremely drowsy 30-60 minutes after taking the med. My concern is that I believe my doc prescribed it as a temporary fix, and due to financial difficulty, she was forced to close her practice shortly afterward. I have continued usage now for seven years.

It has definitely affected my memory, cognitive skills and even IQ. I have difficulty with jobs as my employers get impatient with these problems. When I found another DO, he noticed my personality was “flat” so he prescribed Wellbutrin for a jump start on my day and to lift my spirits. This has helped tremendously but he has had to increase the dosage. So at this point, I’ve gradually gone from 0.25 mg to 1 mg clonazepam in the last seven years (and refuse to go any higher), along with 300 mg Wellbutrin taken in two 150 mg doses per day.

I have suffered with chronic depression all of my life, came from a dysfunctional family, and am married to a “dry drunk”–an alcoholic who quit drinking but never went through a 12-step program and still creates the dynamics of an alcoholic-centered family. After I had a sleep study seven years ago, no apnea was found so I was referred to a cognitive behavioral therapist. After extensive testing, I mentioned my family dynamic and he said THAT was the root of my insomnia and that I “had a ball and chain dragging me to my grave. I could choose to cut it off or to die.” He essentially was recommending I divorce my husband, but I choose to stay. So far anyway.

I have been taking it for about 2 years for Bipolar disorder (and anxiety/sleep issues associated with it). I built a slight tolerance to it in the first few months, but i haven’t become more tolerant to it since the initial (slight) tolerance was formed, which actually kind of surprised me.

Great medication.

Taking Clonazepam for three months but only on a need to take basis ..

I think it is important to note that a possible symptom of withdrawals from benzos is DEATH. There are only two substances that have withdrawals that can kill you. Alcohol and benzodiazepines. I realize this is a place for people to come to learn more about the medicines they’re taking and the goal isn’t to scare someone, but it’s important to note that you can die from benzo withdrawals. It’s not even a rare occurrence. It is important to never quit them cold turkey, but instead contact your doctor.

This is something I see as an error that needs correcting. It is misleading to readers and doesn’t portray the true danger behind trying to get off these drugs. Vomiting and diarrhea may be pretty bad, but I’d say death is much worse.

Thank you for your candidness. I agree, this needs to be shared and not tip-toed around. It could possibly save lives!

I started Klonopin 3 years ago, it was the worst thing I ever did to myself and family. Although I never increased over 1 mg per day, weaning off has been absolute torture.
My eyes twitch, extremely dizzy, angry, Depression, suicidal thoughts, aggravation from every little thing, hot flashes during the day and night sweats every night. I didn’t deserve this, no one does. It’s incredibly unfair for anyone to be put on this drug for any reason!!!

I have read and am a living testimony that these drugs should be combined with an effective anti-depressant. I take 1 mg Clonazepam nightly and 300 mg Wellbutrin in two 150 mg doses day. It lifts me out of that “flatness” and behaviors you describe above.

I have suffered from noticeable cognitive impairment, but with proper diet and exercise (I am a walker and practice yoga) I am a much more balanced and confident person. I hate the thought of taking drugs but feel this combination has saved my life as I have suffered from chronic depression all of my life. Hope this helps.

“It’s incredibly unfair for anyone to be put on this drug for any reason!!!”

Sorry but I can not agree with your statement about this drug.
I don’t take it for anxiety. I do take it with Cyclobenzaprine.
I take 2mg Clonazepam every morning and another 2mg Clonazepam in the evening along with 3, 10mg Cyclobenzaprine.
I take these drugs for muscle cramps. So there are days my muscle’s cramp so bad I take as many as 6 or more Clonazepam and a dozen or more Cyclobenzaprine that day.
Along with alcohol and some Hydrocodone.
I’m not bragging and I realize my drug needs are rather extreme. But do I need them.
I’ve been taking them for the past 15 years.
I sorry to read how badly you react to Clonazepam. Just remember that not all of us do.

After reading most of these posts on this site, I thought I’d add mine. I’ve been on Xanax, and still had panic attacks, so my doctor prescribed me Clonazepam…which is longer lasting. Having sleep disorders for many years as a child, in my 20’s I finally seeked help. He gave me 1 mg Clon, 3 times a day, plus Zolpiden (Ambien) 10 mgs…2 at night. I am NOT sluggish, I wake up refreshed. My eyes are not dried out, and have a normal sex drive, but not increased. I have not gained more weight, and feel pretty darn good about myself. The anxiety/panic disorder is under control and am happy I finally, I have a solution to having insomnia on top of everything. I have been on these meds for about 10 years now….without increasing them. Everyone is different, and they work for me. I also do not have dry mouth, or serious itching or rashes going on. All has been going well, in all these years. And if I am addicted, so be it, at least the anxiety has subsided, and the huge ugly panic attacks had almost diminished. I do not plan on increasing any doses, as this works. Being resheshed, without feeling sluggish, is very important to me. I hope many of you get the help you need, as I did. Am happy something finally works for the anxiety and insomnia. Panic attacks are seriously scary, thinking your heart will explode and die. But that hasn’t happened in a few years now. Xanax wore off on me too soon, Clonazepam works longer, without a Dopey feeling. You still can focus and get things done. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. This HAS helped me for many years.

Thank you for sharing. I’ve been on Clonazeplam for eight years, and with an anti-depressant taken during the day (Wellbutrin), I am also able to lead a healthy and balanced life. Sure, there are some side effects, but at least I’m alive!

I have taken clonasepam since 1989. Gradually tolerance developed and I reached 20 mg. and stayed there until 2009 when a gradual taper brought me down to 1 mg. but recently I had to go back up to 4 mg as I was in danger of losing my job due to anxiety. Does anyone know how long it will work at this level before tolerance starts again? Thanks!

I agree with you, Panic Attacks are NO Picnic. I have been taking for about 20 years with Paxil CR. I had my Dr. Decrease my dosage from 1 -2 mgs felt a little off which she told me I would.. it literally helped me to function again.

I’ve been on .5 mg of clonazepam for about a week and a half. I’ve had some serious problems with anxiety since I was 20 years old. These issues have made it very difficult to find success in school or work. I tried several different drugs over the years (lexapro, zoloft, cymbalta) and all of them either didn’t work at all or made me feel like a lifeless robot.

I noticed results with clonazepam the second day after use (and probably failed to notice them the first). I feel as though I can now attribute my failures to rational (human) things such as genuine confusion and laziness rather than irrational fear, a heart that beats out of my chest, and an inability to control my focus on the task at hand due to the aforementioned things. I see it as a powerful ally and tool that- when used in conjunction with routine and self confidence, will allow me to actually get some stuff done around here! I sleep through the night (instead of waking up for no reason at all). Perhaps the only negative side effect I’ve ‘noticed’ is that I now apparently snore loudly according to my girlfriend.

All that said, I did do some initial research (which brought me here) of the withdrawals and side effects and they have worried me a little. I’ve noticed that taking .25mg seems to currently be effective, and stays with me for at least 48 hours and only begins to fade after around 30 hours. I have a nagging feeling that I will fall in that 1 in 3 category that notices withdraw symptoms.

great drug for a mania add on to maintenance drug lamictal, which doesn’t have the best consistency with generics

Hi I was on clonazepam for about 8 years taking .05 two in the morning one at night. My panic attacks were gone and I felt great I was back to normal. I had to change doctor because of insurance and my new doctor took me off the medicine. I was taken off it slowly I had no problem coming off it the only problem is now that I have been off it for about 8 months the panic attacks are coming back. I am trying to get the doctor to put me back on it with no luck so far.

I started w/Xanax years ago and I’ve been on Clonazepam for quite awhile. Recently I have noticed a change in my eyes. They want me to take Restasis, I don’t want to go there – another medicine! I have had to stop wearing my contacts which is really depressing me and the Clonazepam is drying out my eyes to the point where I have no tears. I am now sick from even starting these drugs. Sometimes they work and other time don’t and sometimes I have extreme anxiety and other times its not there w/small am’ts of Clonazepam. I feel like I’m on a constant up and down. I really can’t stop taking them altogether which was for anxiety and panic but sometimes when I get the horrible can’t breathe I think it’s from the meds. Doctor’s don’t seem to know what to do.
If I could find a way to be stronger and more self confident more self worth I don’t think I’d need the drugs. But thank you for all your comments – after reading them and before I try and go off – which I am on a low dose I’m going to ask my Dr for Klonipin instead of the generic.

I really feel for you and everyone else who has suffered from disorders that land us on these meds. I’ve been on clonazepam for yrs now just 1mg at night for sleep it does work for me with no side effects, I suffered terribly from insomnia. I’ve not tried too wean off of it but do wish I didn’t need it for something that should come naturally. It’s awful too go thru life suffering from depression sleeplessness panic disorders ect.
I am currently trying too wean off of celexa very slowly, I would suggest too anyone try cutting ur meds too every other day for a month then cut out another day the following month instead of cutting pills in half.

Like so many people on here, I feel as though it MUST be klonopin that is causing me to have some weird reactions/sensitivities, etc. I started with .5mg as need in summer 2005. Crisis situation in spring 2007 left me begging for 1mg. My psychiatrist was reluctant, but did give it to me.
Then I changed doctors. Soon, 1mg because 2, 3 and 4mg. Realizing that I someday might want to get pregnant, I decided to taper down. In a 9 month period, I went from 4mg down to 2mg. I was very proud of myself. I went ever so S L O W L Y.
Then I had some issues with Prozac. And I decided I needed to focus on that before continuing my taper. There were some benefits of going from 4mg to 2mg. But I still have weird stuff that I cannot explain, and neither can anyone else! If I exercise, get a massage, do thing like EFT (tapping), take a new supplement (fish oil, for example), my body freaks out after a couple of days. I get chills, aches, flu-like feelings, a stuffy nose. I can only attribute it to klonopin. I thought maybe I had an autoimmune disorder. And maybe I do, although I tested negative for an autoimmune panel.
I’ve been off Prozac for 2 months. Longest I’ve gone in 15 years. Now I want to S L O W L Y get back on it. I tried 10mg per day for 3 days. Felt very strange. Rash/itchiness, weird “warm patches” on my skin. I’m at my wit’s end!
I emailed someone who wrote a well known books about the road to recovering from these drugs. This person suggested that some of my “adverse” reactions to reincorporating Prozac might’ve been because of the Klonopin and how it effects basic metabolic processes.
Has anyone else noticed that, aside from the wonderful calming effect it’s had in the beginning, that other things started becoming “off” the longer they were on the drug?
I’m just so scared and fed up. Like most of us here……:)

I have been on 0.5mg. of clonazepam for about 2 years now, since March of 2013 I started having pressure in the back of my head and neck and pain down my left side of my body, now my left hand has numbness, I have had MRI’s and no results, I wonder could this be from taking this medication for a long period of time causing this new onset of problems for me, has anyone else had these problems

I’ve been on k-pin for many years for insomnia. I hate being on it I went from .5 to 2.5 and have no energy. I won’t sleep without it. Someone told me to ride my bike like 25 miles everyday…..and I should sleep without Benzos. Yeah, that sounds fun in Florida. Sure would like to sleep naturally

Hi Gary, I was up to 3mg daily for almost 16 yrs and the way I did it was with the Ashton Manual [I believe there’s a link posted above or just google it] I basically reduced my dose by 1/10 every week or two depending if i felt ready to drop again. >But

Thank you everybody for your comments. I have been looking for some reason why I am so dry – terrible. My eyes are burning so bad, my throat is so dry, chapped lips…..and I don’t know what dr to go to. They don’t help and Im beginning to think they’ll give you anything in the form of medicine.
I had plugs put in my eye for dryness but it seems to make it worse. I try to take .5 Clonazepam once a day, broken up sometimes another 1/2. Who new so little could be so powerful. I’ve been on it for about 8 years, before that Xanax. I guess I learned from your comments why I feel so bad.
I try to not take any some days but then a few days later I get into the terrible anxiety. I used to take 3/ .5’s and I will suffer before I have to take anymore. I don’t know how I’d taper off when I take them so sporadic. ? Then the dr put me on Zolpidem to sleep. Love it but think its not good for you and adding to my dryness. It seems they don’t work if I’m not taking the Clonazepam.
I asked my dr to take me off them that they were causing my anxiety and he said no you have anxiety. I have a feeling I can’t be taken off them and because each day is different. My life is terrible and very lonely most times from not feeling good. I do have Zoloft and Im going to try and take it in place of the Cloazepam but I tried it last May and got so dizzy. I wish I could contact Dr Phil – I’m serious that’s how bad I feel. I’m sure he’d help. Maybe we should all get together and write to him?
Thanks everyone
Wishing you luck on feeling much better

I had a horrible incident in 1999, finding I had a sexual criminal and sociopath living in my house. Developed PTSD after getting him out immediately. Then mother died in Jan. 2000 of cancer. Tried many anti-depressive meds. Finally Pristiq worked with no side affect but still having panic attacks so I was put on .5mg of Clonazepam as needed for panic attacks. May not take any for a month and the next month I may need 4-5. These recommended by psy. because they act on me in 10 minutes. I am not addicted but is nice to have something when I really need it

I am taking clonazapam for sleep disorder, any other option for good sleep?

Was just prescribed 0.5mg of clonazepam for burning mouth. Already have dry eyes with plugs and dry mouth due to possible Sjogrens. Anyone else having these symptoms?

I was recently prescribed clonazapem (1mg) for an aid to get a good night’s sleep Zolpidem did nothing for me. Well, I now get drowsy and go to sleep easily, but I wake up after a couple of hours wit a banging headache in the temple area. Could it be the clonazapam?

I went to a doctor recently to find out I am bi polar and have severe anxiety attacks, as well as anxiety disorders. I am currently on clonazepam .5mg. The last couple of days have been a sense of weighing less and a severe change in my outlook of the world that I live in. I have suffered all my life with these disorders and am finally getting the help/relief from the pains I have been feeling.
I know that I can never go back to the way things were, but at least I now have a fighting chance to be happy. I have hurt a lot of people unintentionally with my problems, because I did not know that I had one. I suffer a lot of drowsiness, increased sex drive and sleeping. I have been advised that that will change in time, as I get used to taking it.
I needed to see the world as a better place and to make the pain go away. I was over medicating for various pains. I do not feel that pain now and my attitude has greatly improved. I am happier and the people I love are happier, these are what matter most in my life. If this is a sacrifice I have to make for my loved ones and myself to increase the quality of our lives, I pay it gladly.

I’ve taken Klonopin for 14 years or so for insomnia/anxiety. It stopped working many years ago, but every time I tried to stop taking it, I felt awful. I thought that was because I needed the drug as a medicine. I wasn’t told about “tolerance withdrawal,” meaning that my body was in withdrawal from the drug while I was taking the same dose. I came across this information by accident.
Apparently, I’d had to have kept increasing the dosage to get a therapeutic benefit. I’m grateful that I never went over 2 mg. But in the meantime, I gradually lost interest in virtually everything I ever cared about. My creativity disappeared. I had less and less energy. The smallest tasks became overwhelming. I gained 20 pounds.
So, I decided to wean myself off of it at what I thought was a reasonable rate. I got down to 1 mg in 2-1/2 months. I simply can’t believe how difficult this has been. I’m so hyper-sensitive that I can’t stand to leave the house. At times, I’ve had to wear sunglasses indoors because the light hurts my eyes so much. The slightest sound is like an explosion. Burning skin, itching all over, pain in my joints and muscles, the worst insomnia of my life, tinnitus, vertigo … the list goes on and on and on.
If I’d been anything close to fully informed about this drug, I would never have taken it.
I’m currently trying to get my doctor to cooperate with the Ashton method to wean off the last half of this drug that I’ve come to see as poison. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m determined to get through it somehow. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone. It’s a freaking nightmare.

For 20+ years I was periodically plagued with suddenly waking up about an hour after of falling asleep with the absolute certainty that I was in the process of swallowing something that was going to be imminently fatal. I would always try to spit out the phantom object [rarely the same object- nails, razor blades, etc.]. My screaming would wake me up me ….and my wife…. and the event would end. As you might expect, these events got old after time, periodically being convinced that death was imminent. It also became increasingly frequent. Finally, I worked my way through the medical system, eliminating possible causes like reflux, until I was referred to a sleep disorder specialist who diagnosed it as a parasomnia.
I was put on .5 mg of clonazapam. It cut the frequency of the occurrences of the events by over 90%. most of the other 10% are associate with throat irritations like a cold. So far, the drug has not caused me a problem in the 2 years that I have been taking it. So my choice is….. believe that I am dying several times a week or take the meds. My wife and I both sleep better with it. Seems like a Hobson’s choice to me!

I’m 26 I have been on 3 mg of clonazepam before bed for my SAD and chronic insomnia I’ve tried everything but I’m currently on 3mg clonazepam 2mg xanax xr 150mg of trazadone 15mg of mirtazapine and 25mg of seraquel. I’ve been treated since I was just 13 and doctors keep adding things and I still can’t sleep much. But I barely remember things which I think from the clonazepam.
Am I just going to fall over one day and die? I have rapid uncontrollable thoughts every night even with my meds after a few months I seem to build a tolerance. I weigh 200 but I’m 6’3 so about average. I feel sick a lot and have bad digestive problems if anyone can tell me anything I don’t already know about what I’m doing and what I need to do differently… I just don’t even know what to do and I am afraid to even withdraw from one since I still can’t get sleep with all. And does anyone know if any of the drugs I take are having a cancel out effect on the others… I just thought I didn’t need to know much since I see doctors but I know that is wrong now… it’s like they just want me drugged up so I shut up but that’s not even working.

The first time I took it (and we are all different), it was a slightly daunting but also delicious feeling-I mean the first time for me was strong. I felt like Hal being gently shut down in the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (but I was definitely not singing). Awesome. Slept like a baby.
My doctor said to take only as needed though, as he thought it might be more ideal if I did not get addicted.
I’ve stayed on 1mg forever and if I do not take it I usually cannot sleep. For me(and spouse) the real question is:
If I feel very tired, enough not to take it, then at what time of the night do I finally say, “Ok, I’m not sleeping.
I need to take this or I won’t get to sleep.” but not too late or you will be groggy the next day (for driving, work, etc).
As for the health effects, I’m not up on it but I do understand it can cause fuzzy math. Good Luck, everybody.
Seriously though, you know how people let their kids run around on a hill or exercise to tire them out? It is just like that with Klonopin. Work hard enough, exercise or do enough manual labor, travel: and then you don’t need it.

I just got this prescribed to me for sleepwalking. I am supposed to take 1 MG before bed.
Last night was the first night I took it, and while I generally wake up after 4 hours, go to the bathroom, struggle to fall back asleep, and then get up and walk… I took this pill and felt a bit “high” for 20 minutes, fell asleep, and woke up 10 hours later feeling completely rested and I did NOT walk in my sleep.
Maybe this pill will FINALLY help me to sleep again!!
I used to be on Celexa for 2 years for panic attacks, but they seemed to make me even MORE anxious, and I gained a lot of weight. I forced myself to get over my anxieties (by facing them), after stopping Celexa cold turkey.
Now I have no more anxiety problems.. just the sleepwalking problems.
But maybe this pill will change that!

I have taken clonazepam for 6 years, started with Teva, worked great, then my pharmacy switched it to activis (these are different generic forms of clonazepam) it was changed to some brand called ACCO ??? couldn’t find this on the web any where, I have been taking it for 2 weeks & have started to experience restless sleeping, nerve twitching mainly my eyelids, agitation & clumsiness. Teva & Mylan seem to the best generics of this drug my Dr puts a specification for either one of these brands on my prescription, your pharmacy may have to order it special for you. If they don’t, switch to another one… My doc is a firm believer of the fact that some generics don’t work the same as others, not all Drs are like that though, I hope this helps, & you start to feel better.
I know how miserable it can get, I take for bipolar disorder, When you don’t find the right combo of meds, this is horrible to deal with, you can be prescribed a drug that would otherwise work well for you, but you get a cheap generic & think it’s not right for you, this is a shame, and I feel your pain..smh..also, try to find out where your brand is manufactured & stay away from India, try to stick with Europe, it’s just the insurance companies using the cheapest generic available

I take clonazepam .5 once a day at night. My sex drive increased, but I don’t ejaculate as much.

Just started taken .5 Clonazepam and making my breast hurt.

I too was on Mirepx for rls, which worked great, then I got melanoma and found out that was one of the side effects if you have parkinson so even though I don’t have that I got off and searched everywhere to find a replacement, I found out that tramadol works great for me along with magnet ankle bracelets that I wear 24/7 after seeing them at a craft show, I know that sound crazy but all I know is that I can now take a nap in the afternoon where as before my rls wouldn’t allow me to at all.
Then the tramidol I take at night only and haven’t had any problem with my legs at all, my problem is I have rim sleep disorder so they put me on clonazepam .05mg at night to help me get into a sleep pattern but now the bigger problem is it has killed my sex life and I mean killed it. I need to find something else to help me get into my rem sleep without that side effect and get my sex drive back if anybody has any suggestions please let me knw

Tonic Water at bed time works wonders for RLS. The quinine in the water is what helps. I know that quinine can be prescribed for muscle cramps so you may want to ask your doctor, The bar of soap did nothing for me.

Started taking 1mg Ativan for sleep after having acute bronchitis the Jan. Tried to taper off myself and had terrible w/d so my doc switched me to Klonopin. Then this weird autoimmune syndrome kicked in – we think it’s Sjojern’s. Am getting checked out for that. Started with dry mouth then now dry eyes. Can’t sleep at night due to the symptoms so am up to .5 or .625mg Klonopin. Some nights are so bad I add in 5mg Ambien. Really want off but can’t due to terrible dryness. This is a known side effect!
Also am taking HRT, another source of dryness. Seems like I’m in the vicious cycle and can’t fight my way out. I want OFF the HRT but what should I take to counter the hot flashes? Every quack has herbal remedies galore but which ones work?

O have been taking closazepam for a while now it was 0.5 mg 4 months ago the Dr had to increase it to 1 and a half mg then went Thursday 2/16/2012 and he increased it again to 1 mg twice a day so far it is really helping and I hope it keeps on helping. I was having some panic when it got dark till I went to bed and the next day it would repeat itself so I am hoping that this increase helps.

Clonazepam…I’ve been on it for it for about 20 years and I am not addicted. I had an syncope episode and had so many tests with no real answers. The diagnosis postural orthostatic tachycardia was thrown at me and for a short period of time I was given Inderal and then clonazepam. After a few years, my PCP told me to stop taking the Inderal and continue the Clonazepam .5mg x2 daily. It was increased after many years to 1mg twice as needed and that’s exactly what I have been doing…. taking it as needed.
I get strange physical numbness or pain and as soon as I take one, within an hour it is gone. I understand many people are stating they are addicted to it, but it certainly surprises me. I know everyone is different but I have been on it for so long and I can go days without it. I hardly ever take my prescribed dosage but when I feel panic or anxiety or some of the weird numbness I get, they work like a charm. I say if you are addicted, either get help from a professional or slowing decrease your dose.
If they are for anxiety alone, I would gradually take less. I always try less first. If I feel anxious, I’ll take a .5 if it doesn’t work, I take another .5 and that almost always works. If I can go a day, two days without having to take one I do and then when you really need one, the less dose works. If you keep taking more and more then of course you will become addicted… just like any other medication or addiction. You’re the only one who can keep it under control.

Hi Angela,
Clonazepam, I guess, as well as other psyc drugs could have different effects for different people. For me, doctor told me “Instant calm…”. I guess I have believed that in addition to medication’s real effect, which might have made it more effective in my case.
If it does not work for you, I think you should consult your doctor and try the other combinations or try getting off of it. In addition, you could try exercise, yoga, religion, meditation, mantra, consulting, support groups, etc… they are all there and you should try them, whatever your problem maybe… I’m actually in a very bad states because I wasn’t successful in reducing 1mg to 0.5mg… Just awful and want to scream… thinking of going back to 1mg again and try again when I’m in a better states…

I’m 30yrs old I’ve been taking clozapam **since Sept2011-its now Dec 3-Rd 2011*I’m not sure bout this drug been having bad heart palpitations to the point where they think I have SvT…I’m scared I think its making me sick…plz someone help…..what should I do????

I have been taking it for 10 years. It was the medication that did the trick with my general, social anxiety and panic attack, a life saver! Have been taking 1 mg in the morning and 1 mg in the evening.
Now, I want to get off of it.
I have been hiding the fact that I’m taking this medication, from everyone including my wife, for 8 years…
I went cold turkey on evening 1 mg, and had difficult time, nevertheless successful. I’m having a bit of difficulty sleeping. But I could live with that since I’m not having any God forsaken horrible anxiety attacks.
Now I got a bit of courage and I only need to cut the morning 1 mg out, which seem tricky since the most of social interaction happens during the day.
Anyway, I should put a disclaimer that withdrawing should be consulted with doctor…(I haven’t discussed my resolution with doctor, but seem dangerous to go cold turkey like me from what I’m reading on the Internet).
Just want to say, drug definitely helped me. But I want to live free (including free from secret drug).

If he was taking it regularly, he should have been weaned off of it, not just taken off.

In all seriousness, for those who have trouble sleeping you may want to check out the painter Bob Ross. I watch him every night before bed and pass right out. His voice is real soothing and it really calms me down. I started taking clonazepam 0.5 mg a little over 4 years ago and currently cut that pill into 4 small pieces. Does anyone know if the side effects of withdrawal ever go away??

I agree with Mitchell’s comment. I’ve been taking Clonazepam 0.5 mg for about 3 months, and I do not recommend it. I was having dizzy feelings (work-related stress), insomnia, and was prescribed this medication by a neurologist. The medication worked initially, as I slept 3-5 hours of sleep (instead of nothing).
As time passed, I had to split the pill up as I was getting bad side effects. I’m 26 years old, and now I’m trying to get myself back to normal as I’m consistently confused, tired, feeling of hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and not wanting to do anything.
Now, after talking with my doctor and psychotherapist, it was decided to ween off this medication and try amitriptyline (which I’m reading similar feedback so we will see). The moral of the story, if you have anxiety go to a therapist first, then seek drug treatment. Also, on a side note it’s nice to have an outlet like this, as when you talk to people on how your feeling, many people have no idea what your going thru.

I was put on klonopin back in 1995 after an elective surgery that went bad. I was having severe panic attacks with generalized anxiety disorder. I have been on different types of benzo’s since I was 19 and never had a problem coming off of them. My psychiatrist at the time told me to look at it as if it were heart medication because I would probably be on it for the rest of my life. If I would run out, I would do fine up until the 4th day at that point I would have frequent clear urination with no pain. I would feel dizzy and have nausea. It was also as though I could smell the drug itself.
I have tried to wean myself off many times. I have not taken it in over a month now but suffered dearly and had to take xanax to get any sleep at all. I urinated so much that I lost over 15 pounds in the first two weeks of coming off of it. Looking back I gained over 60 pounds within the first three months of starting it. I figure the frequent and miserable urination had to be the poisons coming out of my system. I have had to go to the E.R. three times already because I feel like I am coming out of my skin.
I wonder if I will ever have a normal life again without it. The doctor’s that I have told about my experience have told me that the psychiatrist who told me I would be on it for the rest of my life had truly done me an injustice. Perhaps this medication helped me get through some tough times in my life but nothing that might have benefited me could have even compared to the hell that I am going through now and after taking it for 16 years I have no idea how long this agony will last.

I am curious what herbal supplements you have found helpful for coming off clonozepam. I take 5-htp, have tried valerian, L-tyrosine… none are that effective but I am extremely prone to anxiety, and advice is appreciated. Much thanks.

Please have your hormones checked!! If I had done this years ago, I would most likely have been spared a lot of pain and suffering.
Go to someone who can do saliva testing. It is the best way to go… ad get the bio-identical hormone replacement if they are out of whack.
If i knew then what I know now about hormones and Klonopin, I would never have taken the first Klonopin…
I would have most likely found relief with hormone replacement, like I and doing now.
Klonopin is highly addictive and can cause major problems.

Need help, started having palps in march and had a panic attack they gave me clonzapam and I tried several ssri couldn’t tolerate them. Now I’m stuck on 1.25 mg clonzapam and if I don’t take them I can’t breathe my anxiety out the roof. What can I do my dr wants me to try doxepine. I tried 10mg that’s as far as I could go. What do you suggest? Going through menopause too. Does taking ad’s help you get off clonzapam? I’m still having chest pains heart palps on 1.25 I just take the pain sometimes help please?

A sleep doctor put me on Mirapex for restless legs. It worked quite well, but I developed a terrible tremor quite suddenly. My primary care doctor prescribed clonazepam, 2 to 3 .5mg tablets at night. It works great for the RLS, and I have no side effects. My new primary care doctor doesn’t like it and wanted me to cut down to .5mg. I have tried, but at anything less than 2 tablets the RLS comes back with a vengeance. Too bad the soap thing didn’t work for me.

Wondering if anyone has suggestions on how they tapered off klopin.
Been on 1mg for about 2 yrs at night.
reduced down to 3/4 of a pill with two melatonin and slept so so.
After two weeks of that, tried going down to half a pill and now having major problems sleeping.
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Maybe i need to stay on the 3/4 of a pill longer before going down to a half?
Thanks, gary

Marshall, could you please contact me and let me know how you got off the klonopin. I have been trying to get off it a little at a time using Melatonin as I go. Problem is I’m now down to half a pill and having problems sleeping. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks, Gary

I sympathize with you, friend. I’m 54 and on disability, (I’m on oxygen; my lungs are extremely small and I struggle for air). Anyway, I understand the problem you have with the Clonazapam. I have to pay about $35 for the drug because NO Medicare Part D plan will cover it……WE’RE STUCK with it!!!!

I have spent the last 6 months of my life coming off of Klonopin. And it’s not over yet.
It has been by far the worst 6 months of my life. I never dreamed that life could be so dark and full of fear and danger.
I took it as prescribed – 1-2 mg. a day for 2 1/2 years for anxiety/panic attacks.
A psychiatrist gave me a prescription for Klonopin at the end of my first 45 minutes session with him in the spring of 2007.
In October of 2009 I decided to wean myself off. Not knowing the dangers of doing so, I proceeded with advice from my general doctor and my pharmacist. They advised me as best they could.
I was in for the most dreadful experience my life.
If I knew then what I know now after educating myself, I would have done things differently.
My advice for anyone trying to come off of Klonopin is to read “THE ASHTON MANUAL” by Heather Ashton of England (you can google it).
It is the benzodiazepine bible and should be read by anyone before they take their first benzodiazepine, of which Klonopin is one.
Klonopin should be taken for no longer than 4 weeks….at the very most…and only when desperately needed.
Otherwise I believe it should be banned. It is an extremely dangerous drug.

Michael – can I ask you more about your detox – I have tried so many tapers – sounds like you found a place that really specializes – do you mind sharing?

I was diagnosed with migraine with aura well over a year ago. A neurologist recommended I take Clonazepam to help with insomnia. After taking the medicine since I was diagnosed has helped with the migraines I suffer from. However, I have discovered within that time how addictive Clonazepam can be. I do not take a high dosage, just .5 MG before bedtime. With my personal experience being so terrible, I DO NOT want anyone to take this drug. It does more bad things than I ever thought it would do. If you are willing to take this drug, make sure it is only taken for a short amount of time.

I have been on Klonopin for approximately 10 years now. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and severe Panic Attacks with heart Palps and the the whole nine yards. I take 2 mg 4 times a day total of 8mg per day for almost the entire last 10 years. Prior to trying Klonopin I was on Xanax 1 mg 3 times a day.
The absolute only medication that helps my anxiety and keeps me on an even platform is Klonopin… I have tried tapering off in the past, however was unsuccessful, and landed me in the hospital for 3 days in the Coronary Care Unit. I developed a condition called (NMS) Neuroleptic Malignancy Syndrome. I was under careful care of an addiction specialist at Loma Linda University Hospital in Southern California at the time I went into the detox center to get off of the benzo’s altogether.
In order to prevent total shutdown of my organs I was given around the clock intraveneous IV drips and 2mg IV push of Ativan until my body stabilized. Needless to say I go to the Psychiatrist on a very regular basis sometimes every 2 to 3 months to monitor myself, especially being on such a high dose. I have pretty much been told based on my medical history at this point that I will be on this the rest of my life.
It would be great if there were an alternative to this, because the withdrawals are deadly, at least for me they can be, and I was medically detoxed inpatient when this all occurred. Needless to say I take it every day as prescribed, unfortunately there are also those out there who abuse the medication as well which only makes it harder for those of us who need it to live to keep on getting it prescribed.
Anyhow that’s my experience with it and as far as generics go I have noticed differences in my mood level and panic attacks on different brand generics Caraco being the worst and TEVA (USA) being the best. Just got my med refilled today with a new generic so am waiting to see if it is good, bad, or ugly.

I have been on clonapin for almost 6 yrs. Started on 1 mg at night and progressed up to 3.5 mg a day! Now, I am down to .5 mg and almost tapered off completely. Clonapin was initially approved in 1981 by Merck, w specific directions it should be taken on a short term basis, about 12 wks. I take it for anxiety an have been able to virtually eliminate anxiety from my life.
I meditate, use herbal supplements, and take melatonin to help sleep on restless nights. On a short term basis, it is effective. But if one explores its efficacy, it is almost too potent. My exper. involved a down regulation of the receptors involved in its action and I needed a larger dose. Weight gain, lose of libido and lethargy have been some effects.
Also, grinding my teeth has caused dental damage resulting in a dental bill in the 1000’s of dollars. The teeth grinding was a result of a prolonged withdrawal. Clonapin is effective for short term use, Merck intended for it to be utilized in this manner. Some countries, like Great Britain, have virtually banned clonapin-it is difficult to stop and is addictive. Clonapin is the last benzo. dev. and it really is too strong. I regret being on it for the time I have been on it.

I take the generic clonazepam made by Teva (CVS) and do not have any side effects.

My MD prescribed Clonazepam for panic attacks I was having daily for nearly three months. They would start in the late afternoon and last for about 2 or 3 hours as it got dark outside. Many nights I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours. Learning calming breaths helped quite a bit but I was still having a lot of discomfort much of the evening hours. I was very puzzled by the fact I was having these attacks since there was really nothing in my life that I thought warranted them.
I consulted a psychologist who thought that because I was having the panic attacks at dark it seemed my subconscious mind was aware of something my conscious mind was not yet aware of. Several weeks later I learned that I had a moderately high level of sleep apnea. Apparently, the psychologist was correct. My body was trying to warn me about a huge problem that I was not yet aware of.
Learning about the sleep apnea did not eliminate the panic attacks. After so many weeks a pattern had developed. That’s why my MD put me on the Clonazepam which completely eliminated the attacks as soon as I took the first pill. What a relief!!!!

Is there a natural herb or supplement that could substitute for clonazepam or it’s medication type?

I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for over 15 years, (started shortly after a construction accident) Md tried me on a whole host of meds, to no avail now I am taking 1/2 clonazapam in the morning and sometimes 1/2 in the afternoon(1/2 of .50mg tablet) My concern is the long term effects, I have been taking it for over 7 years and would like to get off of it. Any thoughts?

To GO. I too have to take Klonopin. I have neurological problems which respond well to this drug. When Medicare changed it’s drug coverage, it refused to cover any sedative type drugs. I wrote to my Congressman to no avail. Perhaps the new administration will listen?? Yes, it’s costly. I have tried taking the generic forms of it and often have had bad reactions to it or it does not work well and have had to return to the brand which is so expensive. I am looking for a generic form which most folks can take without problems..does anyone know of a few generic types which work and don’t cause too many reactions? These generic drugs are a big laugh!! I’ve had a bad time with most of them. I am very drug sensitive anyway.

I have been taking Clonozepam since I have had my first stroke 2003. The stroke left me RLS and also uncontrollable body movement. I was 52 when I started this medication. I had to go on disability due to my strokes. While I was on the Cobra plan I had no trouble getting this Medication. The medicine that usually is given for RLS make me sick. So my neurologist I go to put back on the Clonazepam.
Now that I am on Medicare they refuse to give me the medication. I can have but I have to purchased it myself doesn’t seem fair.

My son was prescribed Klonopin for anxiety. However, a new doctor (he recently moved from the west coast to the east coast) wants to take him off it, and prescribed seroquel, which makes him like a zombie and he sleeps all day.
It seems like he is going thru the withdrawal symptoms from Klonopin described in a recent newspaper article in the Hartford Courant in which you were referenced. What is the best way to go to get over the withdrawal of Klonopin and what is the best alternate drug to go to for his anxiety? He says this is the most effective drug, but then we read that you shouldn’t be on it long term. Looking for answers.

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