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Cherry Juice for Knee Pain

Cherry cherries tart cherry

Q. Ten months ago, I started having knee pain. I was given Tylenol, steroid shots, heat, cold, rest, and got no relief. I finally had knee surgery but that didn’t help either.

The pain and stiffness traveled to my other knee, and eventually to my lower back. My doctor diagnosed moderate arthritis and prescribed Lyrica to no avail. A week’s treatment with prednisone helped only while I took the pills.

Out of options, I finally tried tart cherry juice, which I read about in your column. Within a week, I had almost no pain. Thanks!

A. Prednisone eases inflammation but long-term use can lead to serious side effects. We’re delighted that tart cherry juice eased your discomfort. A recent review confirms that cherries have anti-inflammatory activity (Medicine and Sport Science, online, Oct. 15, 2012).

A health professional reinforces the idea that home remedies may offer alternatives to prescription drugs:

“I am a Nurse Practitioner and have learned so much from you. I use the top 10 screwup lists from your book to help me avoid making serious mistakes. I like to suggest more natural remedies for common complaints instead of heavy-duty medications with the potential for serious side effects.”

The book she is referring to is Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them (in bookstores, libraries and online at

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tart cherry juice – I am starting to get a stomachache from it after about taking it for one month – any suggestions?

I am 44 years old, 4 years ago I had Crohn’s Surgery 7 inches intestine removed and 4 inches from Colon. I also have Arthritis Degenerative Disk Disease. I had Knee Surgery 4 weeks ago and my pain is worse both knees, I will try the Cherry juice I am desperate for pain relief my pain meds dont work anymore. Any advice on what’s best for Crohn’s would be appreciated I refuse to take Prednisone. Thank you, desperate in Mo

I get it at cub for 23 dollars. You take 2tablespoons a day. Good luck.

How much cherry juice to you drink a day?

I have had knee swelling and stiffness for three years in my left knee. I have been to several orthos and internalists with no luck getting a diagnosis. Within the last 6 months my right knee has been blown up like a water balloon. My wife had suggested to try eating cherries in case it was gout.
I finally took her advice last week out of desperation and I am nothing short of amazed at the results. 100% of the swelling eliminated in my right knee and 95% swelling eliminated in the left. I feel like a miracle has occurred! I have been eating about 10 cherries a day for the last week that I get from my local grocery store. My results happened overnight and have been unchanged. I wish everyone reading this the same success.

I take 2-4 tablespoons of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate before bed every day. It really works for me to prevent pain and stiffness in my hand, shoulder and knee.
I turn 70 on January 1 and used to be in a lot of pain. My shoulder was so bad a few years ago that they even took a MRI that showed tears and calcium deposits. After doubling my Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, the pain left and full range of motion came back in a week.
I only went to one physical therapy session because the therapist said it was not needed.
I get my supply directly from an orchard in Michigan, King Orchards, and order online.

Does anyone know whether Black Cherry (Dark Sweet) juice such as Lakewood brand’s Organic Fresh Pressed Pure Black Cherry juice have the same benefits as Tart Cherry juice?

I have found drinking a couple of glasses of cherry juice does wonders in relief of knee and heel pain. I use ordinary grocery store (Ocean Spray) cherry juice with excellent results.

I got a bottle of Tart Cherry Juice at my health food store, and I’m using it for Osteoarthritis. I’ve already started using it twice a day, and I think its great. I put it in a glass of water, and it tastes fine. I’d definitely recommend this to others before they try take all those pain killers, that rot your gut, and basically all these drugs are doing is destroying your liver and other things in general.

I take 1 oz. in the am and another 1 oz. one hr before bed. I swear by it. I buy it at Kroger or Meijers.

Try a health food store such as Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocer’s, or Sprouts. Try calling the store to see if they have it.

How much Tart Cherry juice a day do I take for knee pain?

I imagine you can get tart cherry juice in a number of places but one I know of for sure is Trader Joe’s.

I have been taking cherry juice for approximately 5 months, and have been having a marked decrease in my knee pain. I got to admit that when I first heard of this treatment, I was skeptical. I take two table spoons a day and mix it with 8 oz. of water.

I purchased some R.W. Knudson (organic) tart cherry juice after hearing about its effects on knees from my sister. I have had trouble with my right one after 5 surgeries (two alone for the removal of staph infection). How much do I need to drink each day for some relief. I love your naturalist remedies for so many ailments. Thanks for helping me.

I found tart cherry juice at Kroger’s in the aisle with organic/health food.

My favorite cherry juice that I have been drinking for 8 years is called Fruitfast. It’s made by Brownwood Acres in
Northern Michigan. I read about this in People’s Pharmacy and decided I needed to order some right away. An 80 year old lady wrote in and said she used the concentrate and was back dancing.That convinced me! I have been addicted ever since. My whole quality of life has changed. This company only uses cold filled bottles and not shelf stable bottles, so if you order make sure you have room in your freezer or your refrigerator. When I travel I use their softgel capsules called Cherryflex. This is so convenient and my sister who is diabetic takes this all the time since it doesn’t have any sugar. I LOVE MY CHERRY JUICE! Thank you People’s Pharmacy. As to ARF , yes you can sweeten it with anything and in the summer try it in Lemonade!

Black Cherry Concentrate, 16 oz, Bernard Jensen’s brand may be purchased at GNC stores.

I wonder why VIRTUALGUY made the statement “would it not make sense to go on-line and research for the stuff you need?” I guess he doesn’t understand when I am reading the Peoples Pharmacy I AM ON LINE. AND, I NEVER condemn the Peoples Pharmacy. They do a wonderful job. I was talking about the people who make suggestions and then don’t give any details. I thank all those who responded WITH details instead of criticism. As for educating myself, at least I KNOW when I am reading the Peoples Pharmacy I AM ON LINE. The Peoples Pharmacy may not put this on the listing and I will understand. BUT people who are writing to criticise ANYONE instead of helping do not understand why the Peoples Pharmacy exists.

There’s a tart cherry juice concentrate available at almost any quality healthfoods store (I got mine at SuperSupplements in WA State). I forget the name of it but there’s a girl’s name in the title, and it has little red cherries on it. I don’t think most cherry juice that comes as a JUICE is very tart. You have to have the really tart cherries, and I think that usually comes in a concentrate. Anyway, I think the dosage is 2T in a small amt of water or other juice (I even put it in smoothies) and drink it every day.
I don’t remember any more details, because the cherry juice worked so well that I was able to completely stop taking it after a month or so. I’d developed an extremely painful heel and it was really starting to throb. It was getting worse by the week. I couldn’t walk without limping half the time! WELL… the cherry juice put a very fast end to that! Case closed. And I’ve never looked back.

I don’t know if I can tell people or not about Swansonsvitamins or Vitacost or not, but those two are where I order most of my supplements from. A lot of these items can be purchased from or as well.

You can find tart cherry juice in most upscale grocery stores – Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Harris Teeter (on sale this week). Friends who drink this juice say 5-8 ounces a day has helped them tremendously.

Since you are a “virtual guy”, would it not make sense to go on-line and research for the stuff you need? Tart Cherry juice (also known as Montmorency cherry juice) is available in health stores and some health sections in the better supermarkets (often higher priced because they don’t sell as many health items). You can also get the concentrate which is really sour, and mix it with grape or apple juice and water.
Dr. Oz recommends 8oz of juice 1hr before bedtime for sleep or 1/4 cup dried tart cherries, or the concentrate in smaller amts, I forgot the exact amt. but it’s on
If the people submitting their experiences don’t give specific measurements, People’s
Pharmacy is not at fault!!!! In this day and age there is no excuse for not educating
oneself about nutrition and remedies that may help and not harm.

I agree with any comment that asks why people give an answer to a problem but leave out the details as to where to get what they suggest and just exactly how much to take. All who have any answer should give the details the reader needs or the comment just makes frustration to the reader.

I drink about 1/2 cup of tart cherry juice each morning for joint pain. I use the Lakewood organic brand found in Harris Tetter Grocery Store and Whole Foods Mart carries it also. It’s in the juice section. Works for me.

Where can you purchase it (Cherry juice) and how much do you use. I have arthritis in my knees, hands , back, arms etc. I’ve received injections and they only work for a short time. Should the juice be tart cherry juice?

How much unsweetened cherry juice do you drink daily for knee pain?

Is there a suggested amount of tart cherry juice that seems to be helpful to most people suggesting it? Also for those wondering where to find it, the Trader Joe’s grocery stores carry tart cherry juice that is the real stuff, NOT made from concentrates!

Oh, I so agree. Those that write about their successes seldom, if ever, state how much their taking or where it was purchased.

I would like very much to see answers to the above questions—jm

I have arthritis and would like to try Tart Cherry Juice.
But, I can’t find it in Tom Thumb or Kroger.
Where can I find it?

Can I sweeten the cherry juice with an artificial sweetner or sugar?

Two or three weeks ago I wrote and asked if tart cherry juice would help pseudogout. I’ve been drinking an ounce or two 3-4 times a day for the past couple of weeks and have had greatly diminished pain. My left knee and toe had been affected for a long time.

About five years ago I began to suffer with severe pain in my left hip and leg. It was agonizing when I would lie in bed. I had to crawl on hands and knees to climb stairs. Physical therapy did not work. Catscans showed no arthritis.. Taking cortisone shots helped some. After 2 years of this disability I found out that my body was deficient in vitamin D. Like many older people, I don’t get much sunlight on my skin to produce the vitamin naturally. I began to take enough supplimental vitamin D3 to raise my blood level to an optimum level.
Happily, I am now free of that terrible pain and can walk and climb stairs freely! I am 78 years old and no longer take pain-killer medicines. I am convinced that the vitamin D3 has done wonders for my mood and well-being.
I sing the praises of vitmain D3 to everyone who will listen. I wonder if learning about how to combat vitamin D deficiency would help many of your
PP listeners/readers as it did for me.

It is enlightening to know that tart cherry juice can have anti-inflammatory qualities and be helpful in reducing pain from inflammation. But, it’s not very helpful when there is no mention as to where one can obtain this stuff in a usable form. I don’t recall ever seeing tart cherry juice on the store shelf next to the other, more popular juices. Running all over town, from store to store, just hoping to get lucky will surely cause my inflamed knee joints a great deal of unnecessary discomfort.

Where does one purchase tart cherry juice, as described in letter, “Cherry Juice for Knee Pain”? Is it from a particular cherry?
I have osteoarthritis & have had knee pain for 6 mos. My doctor ordered PT(no relief) Lyrica, Neurontin (side effects made me feel as if I was going insane) Tylenol, no relief. All pain meds cause me to feel intoxicated, am unable to do ADLs if I take them.

2 questions…
1. What daily quantities of tart cherry juice are recommended?
2. Where does one get tart cherry juice?

I am a believer in Cherry concentrate syrup. I take it on a regular basis to prevent the gout. Cherries and cranberries have always done a good job of keeping my uric acid lower. Thus, whole cranberries and cherries are a regular addition to my diet. I suffered from the gout for many years before I learned about these two.

Do you drink the cherry juice or rub it on your knee?

How many ounces of tart cherry juice, per day, is recommended to get the desired relief from arthritis discomfort and pain?

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