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Cherry Juice Eases Foot Pain

Q. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by one of the best foot doctors in my city. I was given pain medicines, many anti-inflammatory drugs and foot splints with no success. As a last resort, he recommended steroid injections for the intense pain.

A friend suggested I try cherry juice. In two days, I was nearly pain free. It was almost a religious experience. I am convinced this works, and I have since drunk more cherry juice when pain flared up a few weeks later. Once again I got great relief.

A. A number of studies in rats treated to develop arthritis have shown that cherry extract can reduce paw swelling and pain behaviors. The red compounds, anthocyanins, appear to have anti-inflammatory effects. We don’t know why cherry juice would have worked when anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin did not, but we’re glad to hear of it.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion, about which one, how much, how many times and so on. For the record, you can use either black cherry or tart red cherry juice. It just has to be the concentrated juice, not squeezed or fresh juice. The concentrated juice will give you the necessary things to ease and take the pain from nerve or gout problems away. This tart cherry concentrate is very good for many types of nerve and pain issues. It has worked wonders for me, for several different ailments.

My suggestion is just try using a couple of ounces of the juice, with about 12 to 14 ounces of water. Do this at least three times a day, or as many as you feel ok with. After all, it’s just cherry juice and water; it won’t harm you in any way. I would just make sure you actually purchase tart cherry juice concentrate, either black or red cherry. To take this by itself, is just something that’s way too tart for me. This is the reason I add it to water. You will spend close to $20 for most cherry juice concentrates, but they will make up at least two or three gallons of pain relieving drink.

I`m a seventy year old man, with diabetes foot pain and gout in both feet……My doctor has me taking the prescription meds. colchcine 0.6 mg, allopurinol 300mg and gabapentin 300mg…..The first to are for the gout, and the third for the nerve pain issues….These have been a bit of help, but the tart cherry juice I started using has really made a huge difference…..I`m able to walk as long as necessary, and be on my feet all day…..I use about 1 and a half ozs. of cherry just, then fill a 16OZ water bottle with water……Shake it up real good to mix it, and I drink at least 3 bottles a day……The more water you drink the better you feel, if you have the cherry juice in the water…….You can use either black or tart cherry juice, it doesn`t matter, they both work just fine……I believe the cherry juice has done more for me, than the prescriptions, but I am still taking them for now…….I had taken them for about 6 months without much change, but since starting the cherry juice I have at least 90% improvement……I`ve used the cherry juice about a month now, and plan to stay on it, it tastes good and the water is good for me as well……Hope anyone with these type foot trouble, will give this a try…….I get mine at GNC, or most large grocery stores carry it……I have got it one time at Kroger, just be sure to shake the bottle really good, it gets kinda thick in the bottom of the bottle…….Good luck to all with foot problems, I hope you have success the way I have……..

I am 53 and an aging old cowgirl, been beat up banged up and thrown off livestock since I was 8 now it comes home to roost. Got my first signs of gout last year went thru hell with doctors and decided to give this cherry juice thing a try, I sent someone in to town to fetch me back a bottle of black cherry juice. It was in quart size jug and it was twenty bucks and I took two tablespoons of it and soaked my feet in activated charcoal and felt like I was 35 again by the time I got up. This really works for me.

I was able to ride and rope again without pain in my feet and it is wonderful! I take two tablespoons every day, dang it’s tart and by the by I am staying away from anything that has high fructose syrup in it. Sorry stuff that is and I was hooked on dr pepper.

I am curious what the difference is between tart cherry and black cherry concentrate? Do both of these work the same way? I am trying to treat plantar fasciitis.

Peoples Pharmacy recommended starting with 8 oz of cherry juice. I assume it’s 8 oz of concentrate? On my bottle of cherry concentrate they recommend 4 tablespoons (2 oz) of concentrate a day. Please advise.
People’s Pharmacy response: 8 ounces of reconstituted or non-concentrated juice.

It’s the second day since I’ve started to drink cranberry and raspberry juice. I couldn’t find cherry juice where I live. I don’t know if I’m having a false improvement feeling but today and for testing reasons I walked in two shopping malls, that I started really to hate since I’ve had PF, and I think the improvement is up to 20-30%.
As I said earlier I might be living an illusion because I had the similar feeling when I bought some shoes recommended for PF and proved later to be not helping at all.
Wish me good luck and I’ll post a feedback in the next coming days. :)

I have has plantar faciitis for three years now and gone to 3 doctors. I tried some stretches, Mobic medicine, and cortisone shots; none worked. The funny part was that my father had the same pain a couple of years ago and always tells me to drink cranberry juice because it worked for him. Now after this article I will give the cherry juice a try. I will post a feedback.

For several years I have been suffering from painful swollen legs and feet. Doctors have done all sorts of tests and found no blockage but also don’t suggest anything to relieve the pain caused by walking.
I would like to try cherry juice. How much do you use, where to get it, what kind and how much is the cost?
Does anybody answer these questions a I see a lot of questions without answers.

I had the same problem and was told by specialist that surgery was the only answer…friend told me about vionic orthoheel sandals, tennis shoes and flip flops. After two weeks of break in period (cause you feet are aligned totally differently by any of these shoes) I have had NO foot pain for 4 years! I walked Disney World with NO foot pain! Just saying…

After reading the comments on cherry juice I too began drinking about a week ago. I have had problems with fasciitis for almost 2 years. I have seen my PCP, Podiatrist, Orthopedist, had physical therapy and have also seen my brothers chiropractor about it. After only a week of drinking tart cherry juice. I was not sure how much so I have a glass in am and one in pm. Well, guess what, my foot feels so much better. Probably around 90-95% better. It may be in my head, but I don’t care as long as I can live without it hurting.

I have been suffering with terrible heel pain since June, today is August 8. As a RN, I have not been able to go to work since July 5, b/c I could not even put my foot to the floor without crying with pain. I have been under a Podiatrist care, he has given me 1 injection that did absolutely nothing for it, had MRI, nerve testing, and now he has me on crutches and doing ultrasound therapy. Had PF before in other foot, but after I got up and walked a while the pain eased off, not with this foot…IT hurts even when not in use. MRI also showed some achilles bursitis, and fluid.. I bought tart cherry juice and black cherry jucie yesterday,,, I guess I will drink both.. not sure which does the trick, according to post. for your PF, which did you use???? how much did you drink..

What dosage of cherry juice and frequency works for plantar fasciitis?

After I read this about cherry juice, I too began to drink it. I have had plantar fasciitis for 3 years. The shots only worked for about a month, and it did not get rid of the pain. I had resolved that this was to be forever. After just one week my feet were almost pain free. I can go for walks again which I have not been able to do for 3 years. It has really changed my life. I am free to do things I have not been able to do and I am not waking up during the night with my feet throbbing. I now drink it every single day.

I have been a truck driver for 22 years. I was prescribed drugs by my doctor but they didn’t work. I was missing work due to my gout attacks.
One of my co-workers told me about Brownwood Acres cherry juice. I started drinking one ounce a day and my gout was gone in 3 days. I now drink it everyday and have been gout free for 2 years.
Thank you

My Dad had gout in his feet and I mixed straight black cherry juice and aloe vera, equal parts. 1/2 cup of each two times a day and it took care of his pain.

I have taken black cherry concentrate for the gout for several years. When I first feel it coming on I can always head it off this way.

As a gout sufferer for more than 20 years, i have used cherry juice concentrate for many years to relieve gout flares and to prevent reoccurance. Approxamately one to two ounces of the concentrate each day works wonders.

It is the red cherry juice that is good for the gout. The reason is the red fruits (sour cherry) have more anthocyanins and melatonin. I mix 1 oz of the Fruit Advantage tart cherry juice concentrate with water every morning. It has stopped my gout attacks.

I read the column on cherry juice and was wondering if black cherry juice contains the anthocyanins referred to in your article, or must it be red cherry juice?
How many teaspoons or ounces did this person drink daily for her foot problems? Was it condensed concentrate?

We read the column on cherry juice in the St. Petersburg Times this morning and are wondering if black cherry juice contains the anthocyanins referred to in your article, or must it be red cherry juice?
Thank you.

How many teaspoons or ounces did this person drink daily for her foot problems? Was it condensed concentrate?

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