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Cherry and Celery Extracts Banish Gout Pain

Taking black cherry and celery seed extract dramatically reduced foot pain due to gout.
Cherry cherries tart cherry

Q. I work as a correctional officer and have to go up and down flights of stairs 12 hours a day. My gout flared up so that I could barely walk. I could have sworn I had broken my feet.

My doctor prescribed allopurinol and eventually switched me to Uloric. The side effects were worse than the original problem. The pain went from just my feet and ankles to my whole body. With raging headaches, I felt like I was 100 years old.

I searched online and decided to try black cherry extract and celery seed extract. My pain disappeared almost totally after only two days.

I have been taking them daily for eight months and have not had one symptom return. My uric acid levels are now within normal range.

When I told my doctor, he said he knew these supplements could help with gout but he didn’t feel comfortable recommending them. People need to share supplement information with each other, since doctors are unlikely to do so.

A. A study in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism found that eating cherries or taking cherry extract lowered the likelihood of a gout attack (Dec., 2012). Luteolin, a major component of celery, blocks the enzyme that leads to uric acid formation (Food Chemistry, Dec. 15, 2013).

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I have a severe arthritic condition, to which my Orthopedic Doctor wants to do an ankle fusion procedure soon. Recently, I had an extremely painful gout attack in this same ankle after having eaten a lot of shrimp in a seafood restaurant. I had in the past tried a combination of Aleve pills and tart cherry juice that my druggist had suggested after my last gout attack and it relieved the pain considerably.

I have since added celery seed extract tablets and the gout pain seems to diminish within a day or two. I’m sold on this remedy for the future especially after spending 6 hours in the ER on one of my gout episodes and all they did was ice me down and then send me home again with an RX for some pills that really didn’t work.

Black cherry juice twice a day
And celery extract 3 times a day, works for me…
This realy does work, people!

I had a kidney removed in 1987 — a tumor was right in the middle and
they couldn’t just remove it because I was told if it was CANCER I would
be in trouble! THANKGOD it was begnine.

I am now having problems with gout. It is the most terrible pain anyone
can indure — worst that childbirth.

I don’t know why I am getting uric acid build up in my blood.

I wonder why a doctor would feel more comfortable recommending manmade chemicals than recommending something natural. My husband’s doctor recommended sour cherry concentrate. Now we are adding celery seed tea. He also takes a pill every day and we try to watch our diet. Gout is horrible.

I suffer from moderate gout and refuse to take any poison pharmaceuticals to make my body worse. Celery seed extract and black cheery juice taken everyday curb gout. Obviously, until they can find a cure, Certain high purine foods need to be watched carefully. Mine is usually in my ankles (one at a time) . Getting up to go to the bathroom is a challenge since my body knows how long it takes to get there. (:

I have been a gout sufferer for the last 15 years, the pain is indescribable, ranging from swollen toes and feet very tender it is like some one smashed your feet with a big sledge hammer, unable to stand or walk not even sleeping I had no idea back then I was not informed properly of the real cause of it, Fed up with my constant pain i turned to internet for answers, took note of all the food that causes gout flares. In my case , I found out that red meat was the main cause, any red meat, also tomatoes as a second worst cause, the any red sauces, beer of course, so I avoided all the kind of food that flares gout, and it did work for me no pain and no medicine, but
from time to time about every 6 to 8 month I crave for a stake or burger or shell fish, knowing fully that I will suffer from gout attack , yes you guest it it takes about 2/3 day and all pain attacks again, I take Naproxen when is bad as it works very fast. I would suggest to all gout sufferers to learn how to educate your self with the types of food that will cause gout flares and avoid them at all cost. if you are experiencing constant gout pain then you have to change your diet

I am reading all I can to find a solution to this gout it’s. Really freaking my very existence . I ve got no life . the doctor said it’s the exsess beer . so I quit . now I m still being attacked by this gout even though I quit. Now they saying it’s meets . but they don’t mention high fructose corn syrup witch is in everything and is unavoidable they also don’t mention monosodium glutimate witch is also unavoidable it’s in everything also used as a preservative to make food last longer and smell better and taste good or better and is linked to all kinds of other fisical problems claims the Harvard medical research journals and they re finding that the meats mite not be the culprit also ? So eneykind of advice is helpful??? Write now I’m fighting double gout in bought feet but not much pain unless I try to stand up its very strange? I’m am about to try urasel l found on the internet claiming it’s the best on a money back trial period . I will post result after personal trial on myself?

I just had a gouty tophi removed from my big toe – as well have been in a gout flare up for over 10 days – I’m trying the tart cherry juice and eating celery tonite – will post with results – anyone know how much cherry juice to drink each day??

I am 34 yrs. old and I feel that I’m still very young but when then the big toe in my right feet was getting red, hot, inflame and very painful. I went to the doctor and the finding was I had a gout. He prescribed me a medication to take 2 tablet for 4 days. After 3 days the pain was gone but in for days I ate tuna and my big toe became inflame again and very painful. Then, I started to search in the internet and I read the forum of the gout patients and they adviced to take the Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Celery and Cherries. Then, I tried to take 1 table spoon of ACV in 8 oz. glass of water in the morning when my stomach was empty, I ate 1 cup of cherry during my breakfast then in the evening and before I went to bed I drink 1 8 oz. glass of water with 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda. Within 3 days the pain totally gone without taking again the medicine given my doctor. Until now it’s already 3 months I’m still drinking the celery juice from stokes while the leaves I cooked them or sometimes I make a salad. Now, I am totally free from gout attacks. So, I can advice to take this alternative to those who suffer from gout. But please avoid to drink alcohol especially beer, eating meat from all source and seafoods and legumes because they contain too much purine which convert into uric acid.

Tart cherry juice did not work for me but eating whole cherries does. It’s been more than two years now that I’m gout free just by eating 10-15 cherries after meal. I eat it as my dessert, and if cherries are not in season buy the frozen ones. It works just like the fresh ones. I hope this will help you.

I had a massive flare up and fixed it in 1 day by not eating any meat, eating lots of celery and drinking water. Nature always has a solution.

My doctor prescribed me medication for sleeping but I was very reluctant to take it. Instead, someone told me about organic tart cherry juice. It takes about 7-10 days for it to kick in, but it really works. You need to take it about 2 hours before you go to sleep. My doctor thinks this is “all in my head” but if it works, then it is better than medication. When I don’t take the juice, I lay awake at night.

My doctor says he brews and drinks a cup of pu-ehr tea a day to control his gout.
Any thoughts on this?

While Luteolin blocks the production of uric acid which causes gout, those with kidney disease should not take the celery seed extract. I am always looking for something to help control gouty arthritis caused by low kidney function and thought this might help, but it’s not recommended.

The doctor doesn’t feel comfortable with recommending cherry extract but he does feel okay giving you a drug with worse side effects than the original problem? This sounds like modern medicine in a nutshell. Maybe doctors invest all their savings in pharmaceutical companies. They love to prescribe drugs and then more drugs to counteract the side effects.

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