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Cefuroxime axetil


Ceftin is a highly effective, broad-spectrum antibiotic that works against bacteria that cause a wide range of common problems.

This drug is especially beneficial for skin, ear and lung infections. It can help cure pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis and cystitis.

Ceftin belongs to a class of medicines called cephalosporins, which were originally discovered in one of the world’s most unlikely locations. A fungus found close to a sewer outlet along the coast of Sardinia turned out to cure a number of nasty infections. From this chance observation many extraordinary antibiotics have been developed.

Side Effects and Interactions

Side effects from cephalosporin antibiotics are generally mild. Nevertheless, diarrhea can be troubling for some people and in rare instances may develop into colitis.

Other reactions that have occasionally been reported with Ceftin include nausea, vomiting, vaginitis, itching, rash, stomachache, dizziness and headache.

If this medicine has to be taken for long periods of time, your physician will probably want to order periodic blood tests. Remember to report any symptoms or suspected side effects of this medication to your physician promptly.

Oral blood-thinners like Coumadin interact with medications related to Ceftin. Prudence suggests careful monitoring of bleeding time if these drugs must be taken together.

Special Precautions

If you are allergic to penicillin-type antibiotics, alert your physician immediately. Some people who are sensitive to penicillin may also react to Ceftin.

Symptoms such as breathing difficulty, wheezing, sneezing, hives, itching, and skin rash require immediate emergency treatment.

Life-threatening anaphylactic shock may produce an inability to breathe and cardiovascular collapse and can occur within minutes of exposure.

People with kidney or liver disease may need special medical supervision when they take Ceftin. This medicine may also interfere with certain diabetes tests.

Prolonged use of an antibiotic like Ceftin sometimes leads to an overgrowth of fungus or resistant bacteria known as superinfection. If this occurs, the doctor may need to have you discontinue Ceftin and take a different medication.

Taking the Medicine

Unlike many antibiotics, this medicine is gets into the blood stream more efficiently when it is taken with food. Although it can be swallowed on an empty stomach, we recommend taking Ceftin at mealtime to reduce stomach upset and enhance drug absorption.

Be sure to finish the entire prescription unless your doctor directs you to stop.

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I’ve had great results with this. I had a chronic sinus, ear, and eye infection that was not going away after taking several types of antibiotics for about six months. I changed doctors and my new doctor prescribed me cefuroxime and clindamycin, and my infection is completely gone. It has been two months since I finished the antibiotics and there is no sign of infection. I am happy with it.

I was prescribed this medication to take for 6 weeks for sinus problems. After taking
for 4 weeks having a problem with being nauseated and the feeling that I am going to
pass out that only lasts a few seconds at a time, but continues over and over. Having
a lot of problem with gas. Noticing a few headaches. Going to call the Dr on Monday
and let them know I am stopping the medication. Going to see if some other medication
would be better for the sinus problems. Just can’t deal with feeling I am going to pass
out any moment.

I was given ceftin for bad tonsil infection (not Strep A, but, doctor believed it to be some form of strep)…I cannot take penicillin, amoxicillin, or the Z pak so he prescribed me ceftin. I was prescribed 250mgs twice a day for 10 days (though my doctor did say i could stop taking it after i felt better). I started taking it on sunday morning with probiotics. The first two days were ok, although my symptoms did not improve at all. The 3rd day my tonsils no longer had white patches anymore (though my throat was still swollen and sore) but I started getting very very naseated and dizzy, and extremely lethargic. I also got ulcers in my mouth and really bad sinus pressure and headaches. I stopped taking it and today is my second day without and I still feel awful….sinus pressure, lethargic, and naseas. UGH!

I took my Cefuroxime Axetil 500mg twice a day but at nights i can not sleep at all!!! before I had no sleep problem I’m very sleepy and tired and wish to sleep but my brain don’t want to sleep

My doctor prescribed cefuroxime tablets to treat Lyme Disease. I took them along with Doxycycline Hyclate tablets. About six weeks into taking them, I discovered that the cefuroxime tablets were being expelled whole. I dropped one into a glass of water. It took about 10 seconds to dissolve. However, I continued to expel them whole. Has anyone else had this happen?

I was prescribed this 500 mg twice a day, first pill last night. I could not sleep due to my feet cramping so bad. Today I can barely walk and my feet feel like they are still in constant state of cramping? Is this normal>

It might not be “normal,” Karen, but muscle cramps have been reported as a reaction.

I’m taking this medication for a combo of ear/sinus infection. I took the second pill a few hours ago. Woke up at midnight and almost choked to death in my sleep on saliva and bile. Ran to the bathroom and had an almost half hour cough/throw up fit. Finally stopped, was able to get my heart rate down. That was fucking terrifying. Not sure if just the drip from my nose unclogging mixed with the drug possibly disagreeing with my stomach is what set this off.
All I know for certain is that right now I just want to sleep (been up cause of this illness for almost three days straight) but I’m far to scared to do so.

prescribed cefuroxime axetil for acute bronchitis…took it for four days and had to stop. My mouth had a bad taste,headache and weakness…..having emphysema/bronchitis,the symptoms only got worse.

There are too many dangerous and serious effects that this pill leads to. I am 85 yrs old and little problems, so why look for more!

Has anyone else had foot after taking Certain? Thought I’ve been drinking enough water. Currently on day 1 with upper respiratory infection.

*Foot cramps

No issues with this drug or with taking it. No side effects at all. The Z-pak I had didn’t work and my conditioned worsened over that time. I got switched to this drug. It seems to be doing the job for removing bronchitis with two ear aches and a nasty sinus infection. I have 8 days left of it and any improvement is welcomed.

I visit the hospital today with my 6month year old kid and reported of phlegm/ sputum in faeces and chest area respectively and I was given cefuroxime axetil oral suspension but immediately he take it he vomits with much phlegm in the vomit please advise me

Ceftin helps my sinus infection but tastes bitter and gives me bad dreams but its not so bad. Some other drugs give me worse side effects so I will keep taking this for the ten days.

Cefuroxime (generic) 4th day, drained and fatigued. Upper chest and back areas (band) hurt from continued coughing. Decided to rub areas with Vicks for relief.

Lots of draining with lots of snot….three boxes Kleenex gone. Stomach upset and cramping. Constipation though, not loose as was told would be.

Have 5 more days of this hell. BTW….lost my voice after I stared this…still gone….

Have decided to gargle with salt water. Guess it’s why they call it a practice…victims.

I was given some of this antibiotic by a friend because of an illness I had that included symptoms of sore throat (at the beginning), fatigue, slight fever, and headaches. I thought because I had recently quit smoking, the bad breath (at least to myself) and smell and taste in my mouth that I started experiencing after a few days was from that coupled with the sickness. Or I thought maybe it was from the Master Cleanses I was doing, or from any other number of things. After going through the list of what I’d been doing differently recently, I finally thought of the antibiotic. I looked it up and sure enough, that’s a side effect some people have reported. I forgot to take it in the evening yesterday and this morning I noticed the taste/odor wasn’t as bad. I figured I should finish the course of antibiotics and started taking it again this morning. It’s night now and the taste/smell is strong and awful again. Seriously the last several days have sucked and I’m pretty sure it’s because of this stuff! I will say though that I feel fine besides that though! Just fatigued! But man that taste is rank. I kept telling people it tasted smelled like an infection.

Took my first dose last night for a really bad toothache. 500g twice daily. I can honestly say that was the worst night of my life. When I wasn’t throwing up uncontrollably, I was writhing in pain because of the stomach cramps or rushing to the bathroom. Oh, and when the pain was bareable enough to try and sleep, my devil toothache kicked in. I would NEVER recommend this drug to anyone. Called my doctor and she told me to stop taking it immediately and put me on something more mild.

Oh my. Your experience sounds exactly like mine. First pill taken last night. At 2:00AM I woke sipped some water, then seconds later I was scrambling for something in which to throw up. Had a quart ziplock bag. Heaved horribly, and eventually filled half full. Sweating so bad hair was soaked. Then diarrhea came same time as another round of vomiting returned.

I barely made it to the bathroom. Heaved and threw up a lot in trash can. I was in this state of throwing up, diarrhea, and sweat for hours. What amazed me also about your post was your tooth ache. Haven’t had one in years and today I have a horrible ache in bottom molar or wisdom tooth. Do you think the medicine could cause the tooth ache? And I haven’t vomited in years!

Also do you know how long it takes to get out of system? I am new to this state and Dr, pharmacist cannot answer how long it takes! I cannot find answer online. Any thoughts appreciated! I hope you are feeling better. I will never knowingly take this stuff again.

Hi u guys got me frighten, I was just given cefuroxime axetil 500mg and with your comments am scared to take it.

Did you take it? Did you have any side effects? I was just prescribed this also.

My doctor prescribed Cefuroxime Axetil for my bacterial throat infection. Within 3 days I began to experience stomach aches and intestinal cramping. My symptoms worsened to include a very bad taste in my mouth, bad breath, a few mouth sores, frequent gas having a very offensive odor, loose stool with frequent bathroom trips, horribly painful reflux, and headaches. I was instructed to stop taking this antibiotic immediately. Yet, the next day, I had no bladder control with excruciating pain and had to go to the ER where I was diagnosed with a very bad urinary tract infection. This antibiotic must have masked the UTI. This was the worst experience I have ever had with an antibiotic.

I was prescribed this medication a month ago for bronchitis. I had chest congestion some aching and just feeling bad. I’m anemic so we tried cefuro x-men axetil 500mg 2x daily for 7 days. When my message were I took 1 the first evening and the next day on schedule. That was on Thursday by Saturday I was feeling awesome. I had energy and felt good, which I hadn’t felt in so long. It worked along with the prednisone.

I’ve been taking this for 3 days for a UTI and just took my last dose. Feel lethargic, but no other side effects. My concern is my symptoms (burning frequent urination) are still occurring. So, it doesn’t appear to be working. Not sure why they gave me a 3- day Rx. Also wondering was it less effective taking it on an empty stomach which I did several times since I had to set an alarm to take the first dose.

I’ve been taking this for 2 days. 500 mg 2× day. I get s.o.b. , stuffy head, and severely itchy inside my throat. Have a transplanted organ, I am allergic to penicillin. Reading this I think my dr may have over looked the allergy. Not going to take anymore, calling dr in the morning. At least I’m alive!!! Life is pretty good. Thank you.

This had caused my body to flare up and swell. My body tingled from head to toe and random numbness. 4 months later it has left me with muscle and joint pain along with nerve damage. I am just starting to get feeling back in my hands as they were numb due to swelling . This was a life changing and devastating experience.

I’ve been taking 500 mg. twice a day. My issue is I’m pregnant and can’t eat for a few hours after waking up, and I have to take with food. It says to take every 12 hours. Basically I’m wondering if I can take it about every 10 hours since I am not awake by the time it has been 12 hours since my last dose. I’m afraid of overdose even though it’s only 2 hours earlier than when in supposed to.

I was given Ceftin for a pretty nasty cellulitis infection. Received my first dose intravenously in the ER. Today I took my first 2 pills (500mg) and have already had one hell of a night. I woke up at 2am to my nose gushing clear fluid. I could taste the bitterness of the ceftin in the back of my throat, leading me to believe this was the culprit. Then I awoke at 4am because I had crapped my pants! Now it’s 5 am and I’m scared to go back to sleep, in fear of what I might wake up to next. I don’t know if I could handle 9 more days of this.

I’ve been taking this since yesterday and I’m having a lot of pain and soreness in my back, right shoulder, neck and head. I also am having pain in my right arm and now my hands are swelling, especially my right hand. Also sick to my stomach tonight. I’m really concerned. Does this medicine contain any sulpha?

Your joints might be getting affected. Stop it and Inform
Your Doctor. Take lots of Probiotic.

I have been prescribed 500 mg twice daily for acute sinusitis. Started taking it two days ago and my head congestion improved. I no longer am in serious pain with my sinuses. However, the cold appears to have migrated into more of a cough. I do feel improvement however — and this would be the very first antibiotic I’ve ever taken that actually helped my sinus problems. I had given up on them for years because the old school ones made me sick to my stomach while my sinus problems did not improve. This is a step in the right direction, I think. Although I wonder if I am taking too much of this stuff.

I was prescribed 500 mg 2x/day for acute bronchitis. I have taken 2 days worth and am feeling a bit better (fever gone, cough less, more energy, tachycardia gone) but everywhere I read that you need 250 mg 2x/day for acute bronchitis. Can I cut my pills in half and continue taking 250 mg 2x/day for the remaining 8 days instead?
I am having slight side effects at the high dose that I’d rather not have – headache, dry mouth, a bit of nausea.

I think taking plenty of liquids, lot of Probiotic and taking the pill only after food and not on empty stomach might help. And some magnesium citrate to prevent muscle cramps might help.

Started taking Cefuroxime Axetil May 20,2015, 50 g 2x a day for chronic sinus infection. …while I have noticed some improvement… I had the worst vaginal yeast infection (itching, soreness) and I have 8 more days on this medication….it’s good to have something to help with sinus symptoms. ….but then the medication causes another problem. ….would I take again…NO!!!

I was prescribed this antibiotic plus another one for treatment of pneumonia. After receiving the drug for two days by infusion pump in a hospital, I took 500mg twice a day for 8 days.
I experienced no side effects from the medication, except for a slight stomach upset sometimes. I have GERD, and this medication did not exacerbate that condition. The pills are large and chalky, and immediately start dissolving in your mouth, so you’d better be prepared to swallow that sucker immediately, unless you want to experience the bitter taste for a long period of time. This medication tastes bitter, like kale, except more intense. A swig of cough medicine with codeine wipes out any aftertaste. I have to give this medicine 5 stars, because it did help me get rid of pneumonia (whereas a different antibiotic was ineffective).

I took my Cefuroxime Axetil 500mg twice a day with some food in
my mouth to swallow it with. Crackers, mashed potatoes, or any
food that you can chew and keep in your mouth then put the pill in your
mouth and it goes down with the taste of the food! I do that with all my

Oh my gosh, just took my 2nd pill, it was terrible. I eat my yogurt, then the pill I had wiped off and then more yogurt, lots of water. I still thought I would throw up, so glad I did not it must be terrible coming back up. I hope my doctor will give me a different pill today, I can’t take this for 10 days. What a taste, and why does it dissolve before it even goes down? So glad it was not just me that this happened to. Everyone be careful with this one.

I was diagnosed with blighted ovum so d& c was done. After 2 days, I had a fever and severe cramping and back pain. I was prescribed cefuroxime axetil 2 x day.
I went for an ultrasound and it was incomplete miscarriage. The performed another d & c and tubal ligation. I was given IV cefuroxime 750 mg for two doses. After 24 hours, I was discharged and was prescribed cefuroxime 500 mg 3 x a day.
At first I did not feel bad side effect ts but after 2 days I experience mild headache, neck pain and stomach discomfort. My question is , is 500 mg 3 x a day not an overdose?
People’s Pharmacy response: Please check with the prescriber. The usual dose is twice a day.

It should be 500 mg twice daily. Three times a day could be an overdose.

I’m on a 500 mg 2x a day for ten days prescription (due to a bacterial infection). I took the advice of someone here who suggested filling one’s mouth with liquid, then popping the pill in and swallowing and it worked perfectly. However, I am having various side effects: severe migraine, mild stomach pain (if I take the pill without food), insomnia and a nasty yeast infection.
It’s getting to the point where I’m taking seven or pills a day (the two cefuroxime, two or more advil for pain, a multivitamin and probiotics) – can’t wait for it to be over!

I have been taking two 250 mg of Cefuroxime Axetil for four days, and I have six more to go. I am very nauseous, and I don’t really want to eat. I don’t know if it is the Metaxalone that I take for my back pain interacting or not, but I am sleepy and very nauseous since taking the former. Good luck to everyone with meds. They seem to be a necessary evil in some cases. By the way, I haven’t noticed the taste.

I am taking cefuroxime because I had an ongoing UTI that just wouldn’t go away. I don’t think it has solved my problem, however, as I felt like I was getting another bladder infection just 6 days after I started taking them. The only after effect I have experienced is being sleepy all the time and sleeping till 10 am or later each day. My doctor wants me to take this as a prophylactic (for life!) & after reading all the above, I don’t think I’m going to do that!! My doctor did a scope on my bladder & it was covered with sites showing infection had been there, plus severe irritation. I will finish this dose (30 days) then contact him for something less scary sounding.
I guess I must have had a mild sinus infection, as well, because my nose started running really badly at first but has since (after 19 days) stopped. But all in all, this sounds like a very serious drug and I don’t want to take this the rest of my life! By the way, mine have no taste but if they did, I would buy the gelatin capsules and insert the cefuroxime in them, even if I had to split it in half to fit!!! My pharmacy DID stress to me that I need to take these with food and lots of water, so I do, which means I take them at night as I usually don’t eat in the mornings.

I am so glad to see that I am not the only one. I was just looking up this medicine to see what could do to be able to take them without having that really bad taste from it in my throat and mouth. I was prescribed these for resp. infection and kidney infection and I must say I tried putting it in my food even to eat and still got sick from it. I cannot just suck it up like I would anything else to get it over with, but this medication omg, it’s terrible and something should be done differently with it.
I feel so sad to hear little children was prescribed this and do hope they was prescribed something else. Also for the one person who couldn’t taste anything I’m happy you didn’t encounter the taste and not to sound mean or anything lol but your taste buds must be gone or something because these pills are just awful and you don’t just taste it in your mouth it feels like you have that taste all the way down your throat.
I have a hard time swallowing pills and they are big too so I have to break them in half in order to take them and once I got sick and tasted that taste it was enough for me. I won’t take them. I am going to see about getting a different prescription. The bad part is I spent money on these nasty things so that was a waste of money.

I know this is old. I have similar side effects after taking this medication. Joint pain and tightness is the main one. How long did your husband deal with the side effects?

I have been reading the comments-been on this for 4 days for sinus infection and can’t say results yet. However, the taste issue was new to me! I honestly put in mouth, swallow and never notice taste problems–may my taste buds are dead but this is news to me!

I have not experienced any bad taste with a generic version. It’s important to realize that multiple companies make this medication, including Apotex, Lupin, and others. Their formulations may differ from each other and may change over time.

After taking my first dose of this medication, even though after eating a large meal, my stomach and associated bloating started and have not stopped since. Continued with it, thinking I was getting the stomach flu. Took two more doses. My symptoms worsened after each dose. At this point (day 3), I called my Dr. He told me to stop taking it. That was Friday. It is now Tuesday evening and the symptoms continue, along with bouts of extreme tiredness and weakness. Have read that side effects from this medication can continue long after it is stopped. Hope they do soon, as can hardly stand it any more! By the way, originally took it for a sinus infection that hadn’t been completely cleared up by Amoxicillon. I’d rather deal with the sinus issues than the intestinal issues from this medication!

I have just been prescribed this med for 42 days…! I have seen 10-14 days as a max so far on here….but 42 days? Just took my first one this morning and before I seen this I did notice the pill got stuck and it did start dissolving quickly. I am taking it for sinus issues I am having. After 42 days of taking this I shouldn’t have germ 1 in me lol.

I’ve been taking this for 3 days now, the first day I was fine, then last night my mouth was so dry and my tongue felt really weird, & I was so sick in the stomach that I had to go to sleep it was just too intense! I woke up this morning and took my daily medications and a few minutes later I felt the stomach pains again, and I hadn’t even taken the ceftin yet! My tongue hurt all day today then around 5 I took the ceftin again and ever since my stomach has hurt to the point where it’s unbearable! And my tongue feels like its raw! Not finishing this prescription!! No way.

I started generic Cefuroxime Axetil 500 mg. twice a day (hard slick oblong tablet, no bad taste) 10 days ago for a probable sinus infection. No bad taste or side effects until day 8 when I was awakened in the wee hours by some itching on my ankles and calves.
Since it is extremely cold now, with no humidity, I assumed dry skin was the problem. Day 9 brought itching to the thighs and a little in the groin area, and by day 10 the itching had moved upward to include lower chest area, but the ankles and calves didn’t itch anymore… go figure… Day 10 I took final the final dose.
Today, which is day 11 my groin, chest armpits and lower and middle back all have a rash and itch quite a bit! I sincerely hope that this starts to get better now that I am no longer taking the medicine! I also have experienced sleeping problems in the past few days, but I don’t know whether to attribute them to the Cefuroxime Axetil or simply the itching.
I rarely slept over 40 minutes at a time for these past 3 nights; never slept enough to get to a dream state, so I am really tired all the time now.

Prescribed generic Ceftin for bronchitis. Didn’t notice any bad taste, but after day two, abdominal pain, gassiness and diarrhea. Dizziness, fast heart beat. Bronchitis has cleared for the most part after 3 weeks, off Ceftin for two days now, but side effects still linger.

Im having the same side effects like you (severe diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness). The side effects seems worse than the infection & i dont think I want to continue this pill for another 2 days more.

I took this for 10 days for a Respiratory Infection and Bronchitis. My side effects included confusion, irritability, vaginal itch, tiredness and not being hungry. However the pharmacist said to eat something when taking pill for better absorption, so I ate anyway. My throat was so sore from coughing, prior to starting this medication, I could barely eat, much less swallow my tiny allergy pill. The doctor prescribed Albuterol Sulfate-inhaler, which I used 10 minutes before swallowing my pill.
I swallowed these pills with pink lemonade (w/sugar) and did notice some bad taste, but nothing really bad. Dropping the pill down the back of the throat to swallow it (my usual technique for taking pills) helped too. Called my pharmacist for a list of side effects. There is also a fairly complete list of side effects on the WebMD website.

I was given ceftin for a sinus infection at first I thought it was working but after the 4th or 5th day I started developing chest pains and a headache. My body has been through a hell on this medication including dizziness and confusion. Never taking this shit again. The side effects are worse then the infection for me.

Horrible taste!! I put the large pill wrapped in peanut butter at the back of my tongue and drink water quickly to down it, works! My complaint is
pain in my chest and throat afterwards. I was given a 14 day course of treatment for sinus infection which possibly caused a 2 to 3 second bout of double vision which has not reoccurred. A cat scan is scheduled and then a doctor’s visit. I have 3 more days to go on the antibiotic, but am
calling tomorrow to see if I can stop. I have Gerd and think it has caused an attack. Taking a bit of banana has helped the chest pain. I don’t think I want to ever take this again!!

Thanks a lot I learned more about this drug here. Well, I am taking this medicine orally for 2 days now twice a day for 4 more days. Initially 4days ago in a hospital the iv version was injected to me twice a day which improved my gerd r/o cholecytitis. That was the doctor’s diagnosis. But taking this drug orally gave me problems like severe diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness. I am taking this med for 4 more days and I hope my condition improves including the side effects.

Took Ceftin for a really bad sinus infection caused ringing and buzzing in ears for 3 months. Getting really tired of it. Will not take this medication again due to ringing in the ears.

I’m taking the generic tablets made by Lupin. They slide right down with no bad taste because they seem to have a coated finish. Not dry and powdery.

Yes, Been on this now for 3 days. I also feel like I’m in a fog and lethargic. Timing is terrible because of work pressures this week. Weird, lucid dreams as well.

I have been on ceftin for a week now. does anyone else experience extreme tiredness?

See my previous comment for initial info.
I did intend on saying that after 2 days on the dosage aforementioned I have noticed the infection seems to be clearing up (the mucus is less discolored and thinner). I am also taking Mucinex (the blue box, listed as Expectorant) which helps get the infected mucus loosened up. I can only hope by the time the 10 day dosage is done I am completely better! Fortunately I am not having any side effects.

Started taking cefuroxime axetil 250mg 2x’s a day for a bad sinus infection. I am starting my third day dosage now. Pill is oval, white, and shiny with the word lupin on one side and the number 302 on the other. I have had no problem with flavor. One of the 4 pills I already took I left in my mouth too long and yes it was not tasty but it was tolerable. I know I should have swallowed it sooner, if I had had my drink ready, popped the pill and swallowed immediately it would have been fine.
Now, I just tasted the 5th pill, they do start dissolving quickly and even with a fizzy pill in my mouth the taste is not that horrible. I do expect different people have different tolerance levels. I know my taste buds work well, however I am 5 days into a bad sinus infection which may have temporarily impaired my sense of smell ‘hence my sense of taste may be impaired, too. After saying all this unless there is a side effect, taste shouldn’t be an issue, just make sure it is swallowed quickly and not allowed to stay in the mouth where it will start to dissolve! On the flip side if this is being given to a child you may want to do the gel capsule “trick” to cover the outside of the pill as children do not take to swallowing pills easily until they have had some practice (hopefully not).

I started this drug five days ago for a sinus infection. Not a normal sinus infection, but one that has affected my tubes for some time. I got a yeast infection the second day. It was mild so I ate yogurt. By day three my skin around my urethra was sore and seemed infected so I read that I should avoid perfumed soaps and body wash. I bought a otc vaginal yeast infection cream. DY seven of mh fourteen it hurts a little to pee. Going in soon. Sinuses have improved a little but nothing amazing.

Horrible, horrible taste! I can’t tell if I am actually getting any better yet, 2 days on 500 x2 a day. Vomiting seems to be the issue at this stage. Urine flow not good either. Sleep is non- existent, less than 4 hours. Tomorrow I will go back to the Dr.

Remedy to bad taste… First, get lukewarm water in your mouth and hold it there. Next, tilt your head back and be ready to open your throat to release the water as soon as you drop the pill into your mouth. You shouldn’t taste a thing. With this method I can swallow around 8 different pills without any problems. The water must be warmish or your throat will close down and keep your head back so that there is a straight shot down your throat.

@ 10:00 AM Thursday November 29, 2012 I received a fanny shot which I believe was penicillin, to take care of my post nasal drip and the spreading redness in my throat. I took my first pill @ 5:00. I do not remember any taste. I went off to my evening martial arts class.
About 7:45 it felt like someone had pulled my plug. I became woozy. My balance was shot. My vision became a muddy tan.
I felt drunk. I had a twelve mile drive home and managed to make it safely. Thank God.
In front of my computer I got chilled, so cold, in fact, it was nearly an hour before my bed felt even slightly warm.
Friday I took the morning pill and the evening pill. I ate nothing. No appetite at all. The same for Saturday.
Sunday I took the morning pill and decided “This is ridiculous.” Still feeling drunk I drove a whole quarter mile to get a Sunday paper. It is now Sunday evening. My nose is still streaming like a faucet. An occasional blob of mucus sends me into coughing spasms.
Tomorrow I plan to call the doctor who set this stuff loose on me. I plan to return the balance of the Rx to him with instructions.

I started out taking Tamiflu and azithromycin 5day pak because they thought I had the flu then had chest X-ray and found I have pneumonia. They gave me Ceftin but got generic because insurance automatically has you use generic unless you specific. Doctor called in.
My symptoms are severe headache after first dose, dizziness, nausea agitated and really moody. Also dreaming really weird dreams. I am not sure if I can keep taking this drug. I feel sicker in some ways than when I went to the doctor. My fever has broken but I have such a terrible neck ache and headache at times that it is unbearable, I have found that if I take the Emergen C 1-2 packets with water… it does help with the headache. Makes me wonder if this drug depletes your body of salts and potassium. That’s what is in emergen C and other vitamins and minerals. Also I have been taking 2 probiotics in morning like usual, but after reading this forum will probably double up on them so I don’t have a stomach problem on top of everything else,
This drug feels like it is drying up my brain and sinuses so I guess I need to drink tons of water or get off of it. My generic pill is a smooth and white and haven’t noticed any taste and feel for those who have… maybe that is the real drug…. I guess I would rather have a bad taste maybe than this severe headache. I may go get the non generic and see if the headache will cease if not will get doctor to prescribe a different drug or go to hospital.

My son took this drug for tonsilitis (he is 24). He has never been so sick in his life. His ear, nose, and throat specialist prescribed it for him two separate times in succession, taking it for almost a month. He has severe intestinal problems now due to taking this drug! It has been about three weeks since he has taken it (and he also had surgery to remove his tonsils) and he still has intestinal problems… it seems never ending. Please be wary of this drug!

Just took my first dose. Was apprehensive with all the comments on the horrible taste. I didn’t have any aftertaste… Perhaps they have made some changes since some of these posts were from as far back as 2010. Hope I don’t get this awful diarrhea and nausea so many are getting..

I have been on this for two days, I look like a blimp, and I think my kidneys are shutting down.. I am retaining all the fluid that I’m taking in !
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: A concern about the kidneys should be brought to the doctor’s attention right away!

I want to know if safe to take while nursing? I was Rx it for bronchitis, but after the comments it adds to my hesitation about taking it and it’s effects on my baby.

I have been taking cefuroxime axetil 250 for 8 days now for a bad sinus infection, I couldn’t get rid of. I feel a lot better, but just started with mouth blisters a few days ago. Had me worried until I checked into possible side effects! I’m glad I checked this out, only have 2 days left.

I started taking this today and, honestly, I can’t feel any bad taste or anything. There are some really small pills, I took one of them with tea and one with milk and had no after taste whatsoever. Maybe they make them different in other countries…

I have an ear infection and was prescribed Ceftin, but was given generic cefuroxime axetil 250mg tab. It is blue, oblong shaped, and has a 204 imprinted on it. I just took the third pill and I have not noticed a bad taste at all. I will say that I don’t have trouble taking pills, so I swallow them pretty quickly. I am taking the pill with food and water. Not sure if it is helping yet. I read elsewhere that this particular antibiotic actually absorbs better when taken with food. The Doctor also had me take MucinexD to help with the fluid buildup behind the ear drum.

I took 500mg for 10 days 2-day I have hep c and have stomach pain in liver area hope it goes away.

Went to MD thinking I had strep throat. I could hardly swallow and maybe this pill prescribed was stuck in my esophagus because the supposed ‘strep’ became more like esophagitis — VERY painful all the way to my gut. Couldn’t comfortably even drink liquids. Took 4 days to feel any relief so I wouldn’t say it is fast-acting. Didn’t taste anything but bitter. Seems like if it had been strep, some relief would have come sooner.

I just took this pill and I can’t swallow ANY pills I’m like a child when it comes to taking pills do my husband cut it up and it was HORRIBLE! But he gave me a spoon of peanut butter and that helped right away. The nasty taste is gone.

I am taking this drug 1tab/500mg every 6hours, in combination with Clindamycin 300mg every 12 hours, due to Right Lower Lobe Pneumonia for 7 days. After 7 days, tremendous progress with CBC, it lowers my white blood cell count and did hit to normal range. The taste is not so good but as for me I can tolerate it well, I guess every individual has different reaction on this meds.
I would prefer branded cefuroxime than generic ones coz I guess it has a lesser side effects than a generic one.
I was told to continue my meds for an additional 10 days to clear up my lungs with the infiltration. Hope it works well,,,…

I’ve been taking this tab for 2 days now and I feel terrible! It has this yucky aftertaste and it is causing severe nausea and appetite issues. I don’t think there’s any drug worse than this!

Husband has been on this for 8 days for a sinus infection. 2 days ago he developed severe diarrhea which is still going on. Today he has a high fever, chills, joint pain, sensitive skin and severe kidney pain. We might be going to the ER in the morning if he’s not better.

I started taking penicillin for strep throat and on the first day I felt great, yesterday I took 2 doses and started to get a wet cough, a runny nose, and body aches what dos this mean?

Whatever you do, don’t let the doctor give you this medicine in dissolvable powders!! Was like drinking a glass of bleach, went back today to ask them to change it to tablets, which taste pretty bad but with the taste still in my mouth from the chalky water yesterday, I’m happy with the tablets!!

Only side effect is ZERO sleep….and I usually sleep well. Not with this pill.

I started it today & I am having tingling in hands, arms & leg. I would like to know if this is normal.

I was having a blister in my right thigh and it got worse within 2 days. It became larger and hurt so much around it. So I had to go to see a doctor and he recommended me to take these pills for four days, with the time the pain went away, and the sore got cured. But now after 6 days, it means now, I’m having diarrhea for two days. I think that’s because of that. I want to know is it normal or not..

I was sure I had strep, but tested negative. Dr. wasn’t sure what this infection is and gave me ceftin to take. I felt better immediately. Don’t taste it, as the pharmacy stressed to take with food and plenty of water.

I started this medication (generic brand, Cefuroxime 500 mg) for a sinus infection and bronchitis. Feeling some better. I had an upset stomach yesterday after the first initial doses. I also haven’t had any issues with a bad taste either.

I was prescribed cefuroxime axetil for fluid behind my eardrums, I have had a buzzing, ringing in ears for 6 weeks with fullness in ears pain and sinus infection, I have 1 more day of meds to take, I do feel better, still have ringing and buzzing in ears but not as loud as before, Dr. said could take months before completely gone, I did not have any bad taste with this medicine, I took it twice a day with food and took it with a spoon of applesauce and it went right down, no side effects at all, I would recommend this medicine…

I started this medication (generic version) yesterday for a bad sinus infection and have taken 3 pills so far. NO problem whatsoever with a bad taste. I can’t understand how anyone could be bothered with a bad taste if you just swallow the pill down quickly with a big glass of water. The pill doesn’t even touch your mouth. It’s too soon to notice the positive results as antibiotics usually take 48 hours to have a noticeable effect. However, I have heard that this is an excellent antibiotic with very few side effects. That’s good enough for me.

this medicine is so bitter, I have a hard time giving it to my baby crying and closing her mouth it makes me taste it and till now I can still taste it… I hope the doc prescribe less bitter medicine for the kids I am not sure if she even know how it tastes!

I started this medicine 7 days ago and have begun having problem urinating (restricted flow & some pain). Has anyone else experienced this problem after taking this drug?

I started this medicine a few days ago. I’m in China and the pill here is polished and smooth. There is no after taste and so far no side effects.

Cefuroxime axetil. I have to say a dry mouth is not so bad as the nose being stuffed up for six weeks., tossing and turning not sleeping three days then sleeping eight hours then back to not sleeping. This drug made me feel sleepy and that was a great nite. Woke up nose running like a sink. About time! What a drug. I’ve been dealing with my nose sores and sinus problems for years. Over the counter drugs is like the bugs laugh at them. 2nd day and I am seeing some changes, mostly drainage, stuffyness off and on clear then stuffy again. Too early t tell but there are good signs so on with the days. Hope you all feel better. I can’t wait.

Okay, thought I was crazy. I have been taking this for a sinus infection for about 7 days. The pills I have are small and don’t have a terrible taste, but I have had headaches and stomach issues from these pills. I have had bad migraines for 3 days and the past two days I have had serious nausea, and stomach cramps that led to diarrhea. My sinus infection is a lot better, but not completely gone. I still have three days left of this pill, but I can’t take the stomach pain anymore. I am calling the doctor in the morning to see if there is something else I can take!

I love this medicine. It is my medicine of choice so far. It has always cured my sinus infections. This round I am taking for bronchitis. I hope it clears it out cause I am tired of being sick. Does have bitter taste. But I roll in peanut butter and take with water. Can’t taste it at all unless I burp. Bananas and yogurt are advised to take with this medicine cause it can cause muscle to cramp. I am use to taking white ceftin. But for some reason they are blue this time. Guess different company. Just my 2 cents.

Anyone taking this for skin issues?

I was placed on this for sinus infection and skin infection 7 days ago. Have had migraine type headache since day 2. I am stopping the medication. Yes, the pill dissolves too quickly and the taste is horrendous.

I have been taking this for ten days for an ear infection. Tastes bad but taken with food seems to go away quickly. My issue is a bad headache for the last four days and increased tinnitus and hypertension. Ear is better!!!

I took one pill last night for sinus infection. Didn’t notice any bad taste but about an hour after I took it had horrible headache and numbness in my sinus area on forehead felt really dry. I am not taking anymore of these pills.
October 2011

I have Uti and my ob told me to take this for 1 week, 3 times a day, this is my first day and the taste is so bad, no choice but to take it because I don’t want to have another Uti again… this is my 3rd attempt to treat my uti, first when I’m pregnant last year December 2010 and last month and again I have infection… hoping this time its gone for-ever..

I have been taking the medication for 4 days now. I do not have any bad taste with the pill but today I have had an unbearable pain in my right lower back. I have barely been able to move all day. Can anyone else tell me if this has been a problem for them?

I’m so sorry for those of you who suffered with the taste… I have a generic, made by “Lupin Pharmaceutical” and took it about 6 hours ago. I haven’t noticed any taste issue, when I took it as well as all evening…
Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

I just took my first dose – 500mg white tab twice a day. I have a double ear infection, sinus infection and strep throat.
I have the generic version from CVS, and there is no bitter taste at all. It went down easily, just like any other pill.
There is a warning on my bottle that says “Diarrhea may occur weeks to months after taking drug. Call DR or RPH.”

I was diagnosed with Lyme a week ago today. Dr. prescribed Cefuroxime Axetil but also suggested I take a probiotic in between the 2 pills I had to take daily. Pharmacist recommended probiotic with 10 billion CFU 2 hours after taking antibiotic. Still have painful joints, bullseye rash is gone. I do have muscle cramping and a dry mouth.

I have been diagnosed with lymes disease and have been on Cefuroxime axetil 500 mg 2x a day for the last week. I started to feel good for a few days and then began to get foggy headed. I feel a little out of it. When I don’t take it I feel better. I do have body aches. No yeast infections so far.

Oh my gosh! I’m so glad I found this site for this medication. I thought I was just being silly about how quickly this huge horse pill dissolved on your tongue before you could swallow it… and how bitter it is going down.. not to mention that it stays in your mouth ALL day. I usually can take anything with no problem and usually size doesn’t even matter but these pills (although I do feel much better!) are terrible to take! Yuck!

This medication not only tastes terrible, but I have lost my appetite, I feel dizzy and exhausted since I started taking it. Never again

I’ve taken Cefuroxime Axetil for 10 days and when I put some Sweet Tea in my Mouth and swallowed it together with the Pill I had no bad taste after-wards.

No aftertaste with the generic pill. I’ve had a sinus infection and taken several things but this is what actually worked for me. Second day and I am feeling so much better. No side effects.

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