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Clark Elliott, author, The Ghost in My Brain

Show 1012: What to Do About a Ghost in Your Brain

Clark Elliott knew the ghost of his former self could be retrieved, even after a severe head injury. Find out how he did it.

young man holds his hands to his head for dizziness or head pain
Traumatic Brain Injury

Teens with Concussions May Struggle in School

When adolescents suffer concussions, they may need assistance during recovery to overcome a negative impact on their studies.

football player catches a touchdown pass
Traumatic Brain Injury

Football Concussions Can Cause Lasting Brain Damage

Years after retiring from the NFL, ex-football players show signs of significant brain damage as a result of suffering concussions.

ambulance on street
Traumatic Brain Injury

Progesterone Fails to Prevent Brain Damage

Early administration of progesterone did not protect brain function after trauma as had been hoped.