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Articles categorized as Plantar Fasciitis

Article imageTerry Graedon - June 9, 2022
Article imageTerry Graedon - March 9, 2020
Article imageTerry Graedon - October 3, 2022 - 60 comments

How to Manage Plantar Fasciitis Pain Without Drugs

You could get relief from plantar fasciitis pain with physical therapy, orthotics or even home remedies. Will one of these get you moving again?

Terry Graedon - March 5, 2020

Show 1203: How Yoga Can Help You Age Gracefully

Terry Graedon - October 3, 2019

Show 1183: How to Manage Your Foot Problems

Terry Graedon - August 5, 2019

Can Hornet Stings Overcome Painful Plantar Fasciitis?

Terry Graedon - March 8, 2018

Show 1113: How to Keep Your Feet Happy and Healthy

Terry Graedon - January 7, 2018

What Is the Magic with Concord Grape Juice?

Article image
Terry Graedon - September 18, 2017

Will Grape Juice with Certo Make Feet Feel Better?

Drinking grape juice with Certo may help alleviate the persistent heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Don't forget stretching as well!

Article image
Terry Graedon - October 17, 2016

How to Ease Foot Pain with Purple Pectin

A combination of pectin (used by home canners to thicken jams and jellies) with grape juice may ease foot pain due to neuropathy or plantar fasciitis.