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man suffering cluster headache emergency
Cluster Headaches

What Medicines Stop a Cluster Headache Emergency?

A person suffering a cluster headache emergency needs something that will work right away. Inhaling oxygen can help. One reader found Zomig worked.

Jennifer S. Kriegler, Director of Headache Medicine Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic

Show 1133: How Can You Overcome Migraine Headaches?

The FDA recently approved a new medication, erenumab (Aimovig), to prevent migraine headaches in people who experience them frequently. Treatments and lifestyle changes can also make a difference.

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Elderly upset man with terrible cluster headache
Cluster Headaches

Will Ice Stop a Killer Headache?

Can wrapping the head in ice put a halt to severe head pain? One reader says yes; others try causing brain freeze by drinking ice water.

man with his head in a vice
Cluster Headaches

How to Stop Cluster Headaches by Inhaling Lidocaine

Inhaling pure oxygen or lidocaine nasal spray at the first hint of one-sided headache pain can often stop cluster headaches.

Elderly upset man with terrible cluster headache
Cluster Headaches

Medicare’s Refusal to Pay for Oxygen Makes Man Suffer

Oxygen inhalation is an effective treatment for debilitating cluster headaches. Why does Medicare decline to pay for oxygen?

Close-up Of Young African Woman Using Oxygen Mask for cluster headache
Cluster Headaches

How to Treat Suicide Headaches with Oxygen

Cluster headaches, also known as suicide headaches, can be very difficult to treat. Most respond well to high-flow oxygen through a mask.

Elderly upset man with terrible cluster headache
Cluster Headaches

Suicide Headaches Stifled by Oxygen

Breathing high-flow oxygen can stop suicide headaches more quickly than medicine. There are even studies to support this treatment.