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Two hands holding a variety of pill supplements
cardiac arrestTerry Graedon - May 31, 2018

Will Vitamin Supplements Prevent Heart Problems?

An analysis of more than 150 studies found that most supplements don't prevent heart problems. The exception? Folic acid alone or in B-complex vitamin pills.

woman touching glass of red wine with both hands
cardiac arrestTerry Graedon - March 1, 2018

Is Wine Bad or Good for People with Diabetes?

An Israeli study suggests that a daily glass of wine might shrink plaque in the arteries of people with diabetes, answering the question is wine bad or good.

man with a heart attack receiving medical intervention
cardiac arrestTerry Graedon - March 23, 2017

Are NSAIDs Linked to the Ultimate Side Effect, Cardiac Arrest?

A Danish study shows that people taking an NSAID such as diclofenac or ibuprofen are at a greater risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.