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Dr. Marvin Singh describes how to care for your digestive health
Acid Reflux

How Can You Take Control of Your Digestive Health?

Dr. Marvin Singh takes an integrative approach to digestive health and precision medicine. How can you assess your biomarkers at home?

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Celiac Disease Leads To Smelly Poop and Gas

People with celiac disease may suffer from smelly poop and gas. Eliminating gluten may solve these problems.

kidney beans

Healthy Foods Foster Flatulence: How To Prevent Gas?

A healthy diet can cause excess flatulence, but there are effective solutions for managing this common problem.

shoot of green peppermint, plant
cut papaya
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Greek yogurt with fresh vegetables and fruits; dairy, combat constipation
a selection of different pastas and breads
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Lactose in Pills Caused Distress

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