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Barefoot hiker with blisters on his heels.

Can You Prevent Blisters Safely with Aluminum Antiperspirant?

If you have ever developed a blister while exercising you know how disruptive it can be. What can you do to prevent blisters? Is aluminum safe for feet?

Barefoot hiker with blisters on his heels.
Alternative Health

Do You Know About Soy Sauce for a Blister?

One reader tried soaking a blister in soy sauce. The condiment helped heal the hurt skin quickly!

poison ivy plants in the underbrush
Acne (pimples)

How Aysa, an AI App, Helped a Mother with her Child’s Rash

Aysa, a new app for your tablet or smart phone, can help you determine what is wrong so you'll know whether you need to see the doctor.

itchy eczema
Alternative Health

Will Listerine Soothe Your Itchy Eczema?

The herbal oils in amber Listerine appear to help ease itchy eczema. Could it be due to their effect on skin bacteria?

man and woman riding bicycles

Cyclists Use Noxzema for Saddle Sore Prevention

Noxzema applied under cycling shorts can prevent saddle sores on long bicycle rides.